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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  November 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in thehappy thanksgiving need more ofrom publix.ther.
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good evening. i am courtney robinson. it is supposed to bring relief to the sickest of patients. the challenge is how to implement the medical marijuana law. >> 70% of voters passed amendment 2 and it needed 60%. it doesn't go into effect until january but school districts have the challenge of figuring out how marijuana can be given out at schools. >> we checked around the school districts across the bay area and pasco in polk county schools tell us they are in the early stages of discussing the legislation. sarasota schools tell us they are researching it but it is too early to talk about procedures right now. pinellas county are waiting on the state. it tonight's big story, we are taking a closer look at how other states have dealt with
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grady trimble shows you why this isn't just difficult for lawmakers but for school districts. >> reporter: medical marijuana is legal in 28 states. including florida. what you may not realize is even after voters approved it the lawmakers still have to meet to decide how to implement . that includes how schools will deal with the student who is certified to use medical marijuana. >> think of it like a skeleton outline of what the subject is about. that is the first age. the legislature gets together and puts muscle onto the skeleton. >> that isn't an easy process. let medical marijuana is legalized in 2000. more than 15 years ago. it took the state until may 2015 to make it legal in school. a first in the nation. it took another year for the
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bill forcing school districts to create their own policies. somewhere hesitant because medical marijuana is not legal at the federal level so they are afraid of losing money from the government.>> there is a definite tension that exists and that may come into play when the legislature decides to enacted statutes that will implement the amendment to law that was passed in november. florida has other states to look to like maine and new jersey were individual school districts have created medical marijuana policies and in many cases the district parent or guardian comes to the school to administer the drug to the student, if they are certified to use it. florida could do something like that but we will have to wait and see how it plays out. a lot of wait and see. we will stay on top of this. our legislature is expected to decide whether marijuana will be allowed in schools or banned from schools or if they leave it up to the district. listen up or start praying. one of the largest personal
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adult friend finder and have been hacked. 400 million accounts exposed in these networks. among them, 80,000 government workers were military members that must've used worked emails to sign up. the ones that and they were sloppy with security and hackers cracked almost every accoun could see user names and email addresses and passwords and last visits and site membership status. this also included accounts from i, strip, i never thought i would say those three in a sense. especially on tv. they even got info on 16
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were never purged. no matter if you were affected by this breach or you were you may have been compromised somewhere else you can keep tabs with your email addresses by going to i have been there you go. i have been type in your email. find out if you are in the clear. see if you could have been hacked by a bunch of different sites and it will show you if they have been breached. this year's election brought out the good, the bad and the mean. we're with how students into different schools are sharing feelings. someone put this goodbye card on a student's desk at a high school near dallas. it is derogatory to hispanics and talks about deportation and parents and students are disgusted. the card reads you all were a blessing when it came to building the new arena. we are very sad our school will
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>> everybody should be acknowledging there is an issue. >> hector floris is with latin american activist group. they're asking for a meeting over the matter. >> it was meant to hurt people and hurt their feelings and to make them less than they are. to not recognize them as people.>> they are trying to meet with the school district to talk about this hard. and that right there is the ugly. we are also seeing good. freshman at a colorado high school were inspired to spread love. it may not look like much but they posted hundreds of sticky note messages on 900 lockers. you can read the messages you are loved, love and winds, be nice to everyone and you see here, you got this, the list goes on.>> we wanted to keep it a little politically correct. it warmed my heart to see this. the whole atmosphere was loving
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>> the students want to remain anonymous because they plan to do this again to unite their school. >> criminals are turning to dogs to help them commit crimes. their training innocent animals to act as vicious weapons. many dogs and up neglected and abandoned. chris martinez introduces you to a man who is on a mission to get those dogs a second chance. >> reporter: cornelius austin scours the streets of days a week looking strays -- for strays or neglected animals. >> i love working with dogs. seeing dogs in a comfortable place. >> he is finding abandoned dogs that were trained by criminals to become vicious weapons. >> i have seen dogs that have come from the shelter and through my class and they have
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>> authorities said they had seen a surge of dogs used to help commit crimes. >> they have been using cases of robbery and rape and assault. attorney ken phillips works on cases involving dog bites. he says some felons are using dogs like these instead of guns. to avoid being sent back to jail. >> felons are not allowed to have weapons anywhere. they know the vicious dog can be used as successfully to commit a crime as a gun or a knife. >> turn to the left. >>ti training some of the animals received and he is helped rehabilitate hundreds of aggressive dogs like this pitbull named dolly. >> he had severe dog aggression. he has done a 180. >> while he admits not every animal can be saved he says he owes it to the dogs to try. >> they have a lot to tell you.>> it is the people. it is the people.
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a happy face on that one right there. a nonprofit fostered and rehabilitated abused and neglected dogs and you can look up rugged rescue and they taken pit bulls and mastiffs. get ready to pack your bags and actually check them in. we will show you how airlines are stepping up their game to keep tabs on your bags. three weddings, hair and nails. that's okay. this is incredible. today, two dozen kids are getting forever homes in tampa. holiday shopping kicks off in the next few days. you have to watch 10news this morning to cash in. this week 10news and golden diamond source giving away a
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a live look at the beautiful sunset over clearwater beach. it is picking through clouds and if you like it cool you will like bobby's forecast. it is national adoption month and we are bringing awareness to the need in our state. this morning 19 children in hillsborough county found forever homes in the arms of new parents. bobby lewis is on the road where families are growing in downtown tampa. >> reporter: you get where you can get emotional because it has been a long haul. >> rarely will you see a teddy bear in a courtroom.
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snuggle parties.>> it was cute. she is so tiny and the teddy bear is bigger than her. >> tuesday was a reason to celebrate with cheers and happy tears for the adams family. they can officially call to your world layla daughter. >> my older one does and i said layla will be your sister and she guys -- goes she always is. >> they will always love you and be there for you. >> eager families filled the courthouse on tuesday ready to adopt grow. >> it is a life-changing experience to see a child have that forever family be official and it's a special moment. >> a moment jennys golden knows all about. she is adopting a third little girl today. >> it is really special because days like today, there are children who are lovable and to our out there that need homes
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and homes to them. >> i have a new mom and i was really happy. >> the same way the atoms feels. even with a few challenges ahead. >> three weddings. three hairs and nails. times three. that's okay. they are our princesses. >> on the road, i am bobby lewis. >> one of the best days of the year. there are your girls. you think about children who are adopted from other countries but you can see there is need here. in hillsborough county alone, there are more than 60 children right now waiting to be adopted. hillsborough county alone.
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it is very drive. major drought and they will stay that way. no big relief. showers are coming through now but this is a view of south carolina into parts of north carolina and tennessee. let me zoom into the fire as we are seeing. that right there is what is causing the late fires. the party rock fire. metereologist bobby deskins on facebook you will see pictures of that and i included a link. it is terrible and a lot of folks vacation up here this time of year and if you are headed that way for thanksgiving keep in mind there is going to be smoke. it is better today but still a lot of smoke. i had a question about flying into asheville. it should be okay. the party rock fire is southeast of asheville.
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dry air has moved in or drier air has moved in because it's been comfortable. there is rain left over but that will stay to the south. i don't expect rain. i expect this guys to clear out like they had been doing and there is florida southern college. what a great sunset. clear skies and light went. dry cool air in place. we will drop down tonight into the mid-50s. dew points at 49. we won't get below that but we will have spots that will be 49 or 50 degrees first thing in the morning. 72 right now. humidity at 44%. in light northeasterly when. look at the 60s already. winter haven, mulberry, land o' lakes, all of the 60s. clearwater, most of pinellas county now, largo at 66. even st. pete which is a warm spot is now at 69. tampa has the low 70s. here's the forecast for
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70s by the afternoon and then wednesday night into thursday looks very similar. thursday up into the upper 70s to near 80. northeasterly went is a warmer wind and that will keep temperatures in the upper 70s so we will gradually warm over the next few days. by friday we will end up closer to 80 degrees. we will not after a chilly start. sunsets at 5:37 pm. you may need a jacket at the bus stop. 50s at most locations. 40s two crystal river. 51 dade city. this is the temperature matt. i had to dusted this off. but we are getting cool air coming in we will watch closer. anna maria 62. 52 bartow.
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a lot of sunshine around tomorrow and have the sunglasses ready. wash the car. take the convertible. take the top off the car. 73 for a daytime high. you have to be specific. northeast winds to the north at 15 to 5 knots. it will be breezy in the morning and it will come down in the afternoon. boating is not the best in the morning but it will be fine in th here comes the second shot of cold air and that will be dipping in here saturday into sunday and i think some 30s and 40s not only sunday morning but especially monday morning. highs in the upper 60s sunday and monday. coming up in half an hour we will talk tropics. the season is not over. thank you for clarifying, bobby. [ laughter ]. >> is it ever too early to get a good deal. we shared a few predictions for black friday which is nine days
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you start your holiday shopping? you have been weighing in on the interactive site, you can see the bottom of the screen. thanksgiving black friday and the week before christmas. you have been shopping around. 49% say they shop all year round. you can keep weighing in on now. also the 10news app. the next chance to weigh in on 10news at 6:00. a unique way to fight crime and it's all the buzz in st. pete. >> we're at a unique place. what are we doing here? >> we tagged along to see what the department is up against and what this man is doing to bridge the gap between police and the community. >> you can't get cash out of this atm. we will show you where you can
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cured 24/7.
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this is one of the busiest times of the year to fly and realizing you don't have your bags. >> there is something worse, having your baby stuff packed in the bag. and did not being there. there could be a solution. we're getting a new look at deltas baggage tracking system and that is supposed to be a
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to replace traditional tags with a radiofrequency identification chip. it is simple. more than 60 airports have a and that number will expand. the $50 million system allows real-time tracking of every checked bag. >> we believe this is already having a 10% reduction on the number of mishandled bags. >> let's break down how this works. once a bag is tagged the sensor tracks it during the tarmac and it is a red the back should not be on the flight. that is an alert to stop loading. you get an alert on your phone and you can track that bag on a map on your phone. >> that is nuts. >> it is expensive but it will also save delta cash. other airlines may follow suit. every time a bag is mishandled or lost it can cost an airline at least a $100. >> the other airlines trying to improve, american airlines.
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now. alaska airlines is testing a
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problems in your neighborhood? police chief is stepping out of his office and coming to you to help fix them. prescription drugs come
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imagine paying $1000 a month for medicine that could save your life. >> this atm dispenses calories. not cash. it is coming to the bay area. good evening. i am 10news political reporter mark rivera. >> i am courtney robinson. we are on top of a story. oklahoma city airport still closed after a deadly shooting. police are all over will rogers world airport. michael winchester was found wounded he was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. he was a southwest airlines employee who was working at the time. you see folks and police officers getting people out of there. winchester is the father of a kansas city chiefs player, james winchester. please do not think there is an active shooter situation right now. no flights are arriving or departing. updates on air and online.
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drugs, crimes go on and on. crimes could be happening where you live. one bay area police chief is tired and he is coming to you for help. he is reaching out to a place where he feel comfortable to speak your mind. jennifer titus takes you along with the st. pete police chief as he reaches out to the community. >> reporter: how is it going? >> great today. >> we are at a unique place. billy corners barbershop talking to the people there and asking what is going on and what can we do to make things better. it's a great way to have a conversation. you learn a lot.>> my barbershop two were so i am doing five a week. to figure out what we can do to make services better and talk to customers. >> their issues we should be taking care of for you. >> how are we doing.


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