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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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drugs, crimes go on and on. crimes could be happening where you live. one bay area police chief is tired and he is coming to you for help. he is reaching out to a place where he feel comfortable to speak your mind. jennifer titus takes you along with the st. pete police chief as he reaches out to the community. >> reporter: how is it going? >> great today. >> we are at a unique place. billy corners barbershop talking to the people there and asking what is going on and what can we do to make things better. it's a great way to have a conversation. you learn a lot.>> my barbershop two were so i am doing five a week. to figure out what we can do to make services better and talk to customers. >> their issues we should be taking care of for you. >> how are we doing.
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-- every day we may contact the people and ask them if they need help. >> do you deal with mental illness?>> it has going down. since you took over it seems like it has quieted down. >> you are hearing concerns here.>> i give them my staff and i say what let's pick a location. what do we do and then have the officer follow-up. nine times out of 10 when people call the police they try to solve a problem.>> this is a friendly place. we want to get to know you and be a part of the team. i think you are doing a great job. >> thank you guys. i will come by here later and get it tightened up a little bit. [ laughter ]. >> use all right there the
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officers with them. he says this is a way to speak to young men who otherwise would not be willing to share with an officer of the street. the chief plans to visit three barbershops a week and you ask how can i get him to come to yours. he said just ask. following trumps win a week of protests and perhaps one of the most high profile ones, mike evans deciding to sit this out to the national anthem on sunday. today evans doing that again. in a statement he says i have very strong emotions regarding some of the many issues that exist today. i choose to stick as an expression of my frustration to the selection. it was personal for me as it was for so many americans. with that being said he says i will not sit again during the national anthem and he commented -- and you comment on facebook. exercise that right to vote.
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sunday. a north port mother turned to facebook to show our gratitude for helping find her son. the same site that help to bring them home. i want you look at what she wrote on the police department page. thank you so much to everyone who shared this and to everyone who helped look for him. 9-year-old cody was reunited with his mother less than an hour after posting to facebook or it only takes a button to share the alert and let your facebook friends know about this. isabel mascare?as true power of social media. >> reporter: when 9-year-old cody phillips it disappeared from his northport home monday night -- >> people were looking everywhere. >> police quickly turned to facebook just before a pm and posted his photo and description . >> it had been shared at 1200 times within 30 minutes.
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from church. the couple are members from a wiccan church used social media to help police find cody creating a virtual map. >> north port police facebook follow is a shared the search area and there were dozens. these are a few a north port and beyond. including benice, port charlotte as well.>> there really active in social media. >> we are being as transparent as possible. we are not sitting on it are asking the community to partner with us. it is working. >> cody and his family had just moved so they loaded their family in the car and they were headed to this old neighborhood. within minutes they spotted cody on price boulevard, 6 miles from home. >> amy called out to cody. >> he wasn't talking so rob walked with him until police arrived. >> his family loves him and his
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happy to find him. >> in less than an hour of the facebook posting cody was reunited with his family. >> it would've been that fast if facebook had not been involved. >> isabel mascare?as. 10news. >> bringing a good ending to that as well. when you share these types of things. amber alerts get thousands of shares and you may have shared the amber alert for rebecca lewis in october. a man from her home and drove her across the south before officers found her. this post about rebecca being spotted in georgia got 2500 shares and plenty of use and abuse on facebook. your share could be that one that leads to a case closed. a problem that can make it
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live comfortably. the rising cost of prescription drugs. we are digging deeper with a series we're calling side effect. we want to know why you were shelling out so much money. tonight we begin a look into the problem so many americans are feeling. phil buck introduces you to one of them. >> reporter: if it doesn't affect you it does. there people out there -- it affects everyone. i can imagine, i could not survive without this she takes medication every day for a seizure disorder. she has tried the generic brand but it didn't work so now she is stuck paying $600 a month just to live her life. she is one of dozens who reached out on facebook to share their stories. one of thousands of americans struggling to make it because of crippling drug prices. >> i've tried everything else. i tried doctors and i tried talking to the pharmacies. there is no leeway with the
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is $1700 for three months and if you have insurance you can do it with the thousand dollars a month. >> have you broken down the mouth like >> $19 a pill. i can't imagine. people that can't even come up with money for groceries. how will they do medication? this isn't about politics. this is about greed. from the drug companies. this is about so they do. >> i can tell you are angry. >> i am hurt more than anything. i was angry to start with and now i am what we do. where do we go. >> we are trying to figure that out and we are looking out for you. we want to thank all of you for taking time to share your stories with us. side effects is continuing tonight with noah pransky and we will show you what is leading up to dramatic price hikes.
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11:00. more to come on 10news. a different kind of police sting. how visa scared off suspicious people. >> late-night munchies? your sweet tooth goes high-tech. a favorite cut -- cupcake flavor and swipe your card and the atm delivers. hello from tampa, the site of the sports hall of fame class of 2016. tonight's members will join the florida sports hall of fame including coach jon gruden. clouds are clearing and the area sees more clear skies tonight. clouds are building in the tropics.
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you rely on atms to get cash in a hurry but what happens if you apply the concept to food. >> meet the cupcake atm. look at that.>> can i get one in my house. this is hitting across the country and is opening in tampa . >> this isn't your typical vending machine. they are made in advance and put into the device fresh. would you eat a cupcake from an atm or would you go and get one
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>> as you decide, eric glasser is taking you behind the scenes of sprinkles cupcakes in hyde park. >> reporter: >> i will click on that. >> a high-tech answer to a basic craving. sprinkles, the enormously popular cupcake shop in hyde park village. it is about to fire up the cupcake atm. >> a 24 hour cupcakes throughout the day. >> a dream come true for late- night partiers. a romantic date novelty or a middle of the night pregnancy craving which is what sprinkles founder was having which you came up with the idea. fashioned after the automat vending machines. >> it is easy and fast and fresh. >> here is a look behind the scenes of how it works. inside the atm is a robotic arm and after you choose the cupcake you want it pulls it
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the been. >> the cupcakes, same flavors and same freshness. >> we have stocked at this throughout the day. this is the same cake you will buy in the store.>> if you think it is something new to tampa, it is not. how popular do they expect the cupcake atm will be? the first of 12 machines sell as many a day outside as they serve up inside. $.50 more for the packaging but considering the convenience is a pretty sweet deal. in tampa, eric glasser. okay, you voted. i am shocked that 83% of you say you would rather get one from inside a store.>> we're talking about cupcakes with a frowny face. >> thanks to you for taking part in the poll. we had 100
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shop inside. guys, look at that shot out there this evening. it is gorgeous and we are looking at the sunset. look at the colors. this is the south side of clearwater pass and that as -- is as pretty as it gets. send me your pictures. show them on air tonight at 11:00 good color this evening. the sprinkles we had yesterday argon. we do have showers over south florida moving southward with the front. clouds are clearing. we're seeing right there, that is coming through. that is a good-looking shot right there. downtown tampa, this is from the suntrust financial center building. ev -- even the building life
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you see bayshore boulevard. it is winding around. it is gorgeous out there. the water temperature is 72 degrees. it is going downhill. right now temperatures are widespread in the 60s. tampa is a warm spot at 68 with riverview. bradenton 69. widespread lower 60s in lakeland. 62 in safety harbor. 61 tarpon springs. if you're headed out this evening you will need a will continue to fall as the clouds get out of here. radiation of cooling will put most areas into the low mid 50s. tampa will be 58 and the same thing with sarasota and st. pete. it is the proximity to the water that keeps you warm or. sarasota tomorrow, 58. tampa 55. almost in the 40s. there will be a few spots especially easterbrook spell
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first thing on wednesday morning. >> here is the forecast. you can see this guys are clearing out tonight north to northwest winds turning northeast. tomorrow is beautiful and sunny and mid-70s. below average for this time of year. very close to average. we will turn to the northeast on thursday so that will be the upper 70s. a lot of sunshine. that is average and we hit 80 for many locations into friday and saturday. day. 78 and sunny all the way. just chilly first thing in the morning. sweatshirt or a jacket for the kids at the bus stop in the morning. allergy forecast is staying in the red. the grass category is moderate through the work week. we have another cool shot coming our way with a cold front saturday late in the day. 10% chance for a shower with the cool air coming in. the core is headed to the mid-
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80 on saturday but we wake up sunday morning in the 40s and 50s and the upper 60s to near 70 and the upper 60s to near 74 high. let's talk tropics. 80% chance. next to today's 20% chance. the next five days, 80% that system develops. this is invest 90 l, the name that is tagged. that is what the models are running on. it is sitting out here. initially it was taken out blocked and it may end up going back out to the east. we will track it for you and i will alert you to anything that develops. don't worry, just focus on the chilly air that will make it feel like thanksgiving week in the upper 30s and the cold spots. a story that is creating a
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there is good reason. check this out. there is a saint heat police officer underneath that be hood . he is dusting for fingerprints because there will probably sue jumped the fence and knocked over a box. it was a beehive with a $25,000 bee population.>> these in general, they did the trick. the prowler's ran of the homeowners saw the damage to they called police. the st. pete police ask if you see anything -- anyone with red bee stings call them. >> kudos to the officer who is out there dusting under a be hood. your reaction on facebook. tim said unbelievable. the punks better behave from
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i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now.
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welcome to the 10 sports. sports hall of fame will induct the 2016 hall of fame class and five members inducted tonight at the dinner.
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congratulations on getting inducted into the hall of fame. that improbable super bowl run in 2002 was a great memory. describe how great that was for you. >> it was unbelievable. it is something that i wish i could go over and over again. i wish i could do it over and over again. time flies and i'm on two different things but it's a great honor to be inducted this hall of fame. i never thought i could be considered for this. >> the guys you are joining, lee roy selmon and former buccanner derrick brooks to be in this building tonight and phil esposito and johnny damon. what does that mean? >> it's an honor and i got to meet jeremy foley again. it's been a while since i've seen him. it's a great honor. uses sports and meant a lot to me growing up. high school football and my coaches and players i was able to coach and the memories i had in sports is unbelievable.
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tonight. >> the city of tampa, you spent seven years here as a coach. what does the city mean to you for your career? >> my wife and i will continue to try to help at moffitt cancer center and try to enhance opportunities for young people in sports around the community here. we love it here and go box. let's get going. >> thank you for everything. monday night football and former coach of the tampa bay buccaneers. they go buccaneers. you can watch 10news this morning for a chance to win at $500 gold and diamond store gift card. good luck. this is dominating social media. people magazine pick first sexiest man alive. there is dwayne the rock johnson. he is 44 and he is the world's
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i like his movies as well. >> a special double issue because you have to put the thread in with the selection. you can do that in one inning. >> the rock is 6'5" and weighs 245 pounds. the reaction is overwhelmingly positive. i love this comment. he is funny, fitness and great father. that is 10news at 6:00.
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how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: transition trouble. the president-elect and a team divided trying to put together an administration. another top adviser is out. who will be secretary of state? choice. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me, i don't know. >> pelley: also tonight, the battle in the south against wildfires fed by autumn leaves. >> you fear that you're going to lose everything you have. >> pelley: the u.s. military puts its faith in a mustard seed to fuel this aircraft. and will the world hold still for the latest online fad?


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