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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning, coming up on 6:00. one thing you should look out for and that is patchy dense fog. especially along the i-75 and i for corridor. visibility down to a quarter of a mile. it is reduced in places like brooksville and plant city and that sliver of northeastern hillsborough. look out for that. temperatures are chilly in many locations as you head out the door north of in brooksville. a little bit warmer around the tampa bay area. we're heading for 70s later today. i am tracking the frontal boundary moving in a little bit sooner than we were looking at yesterday and that means a chilly second half of the weekend. i will have the sunday numbers coming up. good morning. hotspots at 6:00 on wednesday. i am road warrior hilary zalla.
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this is spring hill. you will see it on broad street at county line road. i'm not sure if there are lane blocks. florida highway patrol just reported this. i will keep an eye on this. coming up i will have a bridge update for you. police a hippity on the gandy bridge. -- police activity on the gandy bridge. good wednesday morning to you. welcome to 10news morning anchor ian reitz. going digital, a push to put drivers licenses on your phone instead of in your wallet. >> a crime alert you need to know about before you head to the grocery store. the search is underway for a group of thieves who are targeting shoppers. emerald morrow is live and plant city. this could happen to anyone. >> reporter: it could. i am sure that many of us have
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wallet in the front area where you put a child and walk away for a 2nd to pick up something off of the shelf but the thing about that is it is that type of carelessness that could end up costing you a lot of distress as well as a lot of money. some elderly people who stopped at publix here learned that lesson the hard way. police say this group of thieves targeted three elderly women and to locations and plant city. this is how they got away their dirt. one of the criminal and -- criminals would strike up a conversation. that would get the victim distracted to allow one of the other crooks to steal the woman's wallet from her purse and by the time the victim realized what happened it was too late. >> nine times out of 10 those types of people are opportunists and they will look for a hard target and they want
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our advice is always to try to make yourself as hard of a target as possible. >> police suggested not ever leaving your purse or wallet unattended even for a second because that is all it took for the crooks in this case and also where a cross body purse that stays on you all the time or carry your wallet with you in your pocket and nothing else. one more thing to add about this case. in addition to targeting the women at this publix, the thieves after they got the wallets went to a nearby cbs and purchased more than $1000 worth of through some of those tips about keeping your wallet say. police say that you have a responsibility when protecting the elderly people in your life.>> that's right, it can be difficult for the elderly or any of us for that matter to keep up with all of these ways that these try to target as but if you do hear about something particularly like this and you have elderly loved ones in your life it's a good idea to let them know so they can be alert and aware.>> a good reminder to
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emerald morrow live. president-elect president- elect donald trump continues to put together his administration with the help of vice president elect governor mike pence. trump broke with tradition by leaving trump tower without his press pool to have dinner with his family. later he tweeted that his transition is not disorganized instead saying it organized. among those seen in the building, ted cruz and alabama senator jeff senate and steve nguyen.>> we are working on the economic plan of transition. making sure we have the bill passed in the biggest in place. pence will get his first presidential intelligence briefing today a day after president-elect received his. president obama authorized mister trump to receive the same briefings he received to
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police looking for meant that rob the student tuesday night in the center of campus. the student said she was approached by the suspects and they took her jewelry. thankfully she was not hurt. a west virginia mayor steps down after commenting on a racist facebook post about first lady michelle obama. beverly willing commented on the post saying just made my day pam. the woman behind her post, a worker, has been removed. the post has been taken down. town council met to accept willing's resignation. they want people to understand that the comments do not reflect the views of everyone in their town. >> coming here and showing my support is stating i refuse to tolerate any type of hateful
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of miles to get to that council meeting. whalen issued a written apology saying her comment was not intended to be racist. rogers world airport is back open in oklahoma after an airline employee wish fatally shot. this was a premeditated act against michael winchester. the victim was a southwest airlines employee and the father of nfl player james winchester. people in the airport were told to shelter in place while police went car by car looking for the gunman.>> we used some resources and tactical robots to determine there was an individual inside the vehicle who was deceased of a self- inflicted gunshot wound. >> police shut down the airport during the search for safety reasons and it's not clear how or even if the victim and shooter what new one another. before you plan your next trip, united airlines is hoping new cheaper fares will boost profit. the airline will sell seats called basic economy at a lower cost. you will be able to take your seat and you will be limited to one carry-on bag. delta says something similar to this is happening. as you start holiday shopping season the list of the
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here are a few. body bumper which has no protection for children's head or legs. the nerf gun and the slingshot both have warnings for eye injuries. nonprofit world against toys causing harm released to the list. see the full list at nonprofit world against toys causing harm released to the list. see the full a lot of folks getting excited for three sisters wildlife refuge can check out those guys again. the restoration work is done. crews have been working to restore habitats including the visited manatee habitat. it is where manatees go every year during the winter months and crystal river is the only place in the world where you can legally swim with the manatee.>> this is a story that will make you feel good on this wednesday morning. 19 children in hillsborough county now have forever homes. they were all adopted on tuesday. you may not know this but november is national adoption
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kids organization whose goal is to place children in forever homes helped host of the adoption at the courthouse. there were 60 more children awaiting adoption in hillsborough county alone. 41 are between 13 and 17. 6:08 am. let's see if it gets easier to get a suite in hyde park. >> tomorrow, sprinkles, that cupcake shop opens that cupcake atm. we have been telling you about this for a few months. 10news was given a look behind the scenes. inside the atm is a robotic arm. after you choose the cupcake you want you swipe your card -- and the arm pulls the cupcake and puts it in the bin. the atm opens. >> we thought this atm continuously throughout the day so this cake is the exact hit same cake you will buy in the store behind the counter.>> it will cost a little more, $.50
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it covers the atm packaging fee. people are talking about this one. it got quite the response on social media. molly says, absolutely positively, would you use it? a small piece of cake and you don't have to buy an entire cake.>> don is not sold with this. she rights probably not, not good. then you will eat the wh need and it's 11:00 at night and you don't have what you need or you have a sweet tooth or you don't feel like cooking we've got you covered now. go to the atm. you or someone you know has tried the manikin challenge by now. >> we will take a look on who started the viral craze. that's coming up. we all know how irritating this is. you forget your wallet at home along with your
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lose it all together and have to go to the dmv. digital driver's licenses are coming. when you will see them in florida. 6:10 am. this is the bridge update. the gandy bridge is looking clearer than it was earlier. police activity for a few hours in the eastbound direction into tampa. now you can see it is minutes. let's go to sky 10 across the howard frankland. this is where we are picking up northbound on 275 into tampa. the drive time is six minutes. behind our next frontal boundary we take a big drop in temperatures and we are looking for 40s as you get out the door and for some of us as early as sunday morning. no rain chances expected with this one and we are in a nice dry stretch but again big temperature swing headed our way.
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just about 6:14 am. this is interesting. denver is the first city in the country to pass a law allowing people to use marijuana in bars and restaurants. people can use pot inside places as long as they do not smoke it. eight other states including florida legalized marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. by now you've heard the latest viral the manikin challenge. facebook has been flooded with these videos. >> if you don't -- we are having issues with the audio. people strike that pose and they stay very sell -- still. we've got you now. >> it's all good. >> as you were saying you freeze and you don't mope and
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the scene as everybody strikes that pose. it's like walking through a picture. it started around halloween with these two out of jacksonville high school. they used a hashtag minute tank -- manikin challenge. many are set to the song black beetle. then this challenge just exploded. even one of the beatles, paul mccartney did his own version. from sports teams to the white house, everybody is doing this craze. even look at this. some young kids preschoolers joined the challenge. jersey, they did a good job moving just a little bit that they pulled it off. they definitely get the challenges most adorable. you get -- you have seen celebrities and other organizations do this. we did our own on 10news. if you haven't seen hours i just put it on my facebook page. search for allison kropff and you will find it at the top of the page and watch it.
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it took two text.>> i forget why we had to do it again. >> we got it the first time around. friday we did it live on the air. it's incredible when you have the whole gymnasium and they're all standing still waiting for it. >> there so much fun to watch. people do a good job with that.>> 16 minutes after the hour. it is not thanksgiving yet but we're talking by getting ready for christmas and the it christmas tree. out of all the trees in the us one from whispering pines tree farm will be the official white house tree. staffers chose the rare for mix in september but this was cut done yesterday. a tree farmer is excited about having one of his trees in the white house. >> it is a dream. it is like the super bowl or a gold medal. it doesn't get any better.
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capital. this will be the president and first families final holiday in the white house. president-elect donald trump takes over in january. 17 minutes after 6:00. let's check in with hillary. good morning. it has been a quiet morning so far. no major accidents. if you are traveling in zephyrhills, watch out for fog on us 301. i'm not seeing a slowdown from that. get the low beams on and take it slower if you can. the i-4 corridor is seeing fog but normal dr between 75 and 275 on i-4 westbound, taking eight minutes. let's go live to sky 10. you can see visibility looks pretty good and the eastbound and westbound lanes are both picking up and the westbound lane a little more as you head towards downtown. if you are traveling on the i-4 corridor between pull parkway
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minutes. in polk county, state road 60 is in the green. you can see drive time between bartow and lake wales is 18 minutes. between 90 and us 27 at 55 miles per hour. in sarasota county now, not dealing with major issues. we had early morning construction on i 75 at fruitvale road but you can see you are at 68 miles per hour. us 301 and 41 are looking quiet and the bridges between palmetto and bradington on us 41, still in the green. a great time to get out the door. ashley, the door, are we still seeing fog and other areas? those of the main trouble spots. over into the brooksville area but not so low that it's going to cause significant problems. it is zephyrhills and eastern pasco county. even extreme northeastern hillsborough where you will be encountering that. overall the trend is that we
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just starting to light up the sky the temperatures will climb shortly. we're still at 57 in tampa and 43 in brooksville. you have been running consistently cool over the last several mornings and that is not likely to change in the coming days. as we look over lakeland we're starting to get the first glimpses of sunlight so it is not long now before the temperatures do start to come up and you can get out and enjoy a well lit morning run. 50s by 7:00. it's cold so dress accordingly but if you like a little bit and the temperatures will come up quickly through the morning. then we will continue to rise through the afternoon. by 9:00 a lot of mid-60s for the bay area. at lunch, gorgeous, mid-70s for the nature coast in mid to upper 70s around the bay. we are looking great and as you are picking up the kids from school today and fantastic shape there as well. we hit the peak temperatures
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as you are on the roads for the evening commute you're looking great as well. still warm at that point but notice by 8:00 temperatures back down in the 60s and they will continue to fall rapidly through the overnight. as you wake up tomorrow morning it is going to be chilly out there. we will see a lot more low 50s around the area. for today's 78 this afternoon in tampa that it will be a gorgeous 78 sunshine. don't get to use to it although the next few days will be nice and warm the temperatures are going to take a nosedive with the next front moving through late on saturday. by sunday the cool dry air is solidified in here and out the door monday morning. we will see temperatures in the 40s around the bay area. wouldn't be shocked if we get a couple of folks in rural areas that you get down to around 39 degrees but no one will get near freezing this time. out ahead of it if you prefer it warmer you will love friday through saturday.
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monday. you can get 10 weather updates on the road with the radio partners and tampa bay. magic 94 point i. sarasota, 106.9. and 92.5 maxima. first home win. now the bucs hit the road. i am ryan bass. the home team huddle fresh off the home win head to kansas city to take on the first-place chiefs. head out to baton rouge. the hurricane matthew gain. seven starters have already been rolled out and three offense of lineman. the gators win would clinch them the nfc east title. syracuse saturday facing off with the orange. 19 yards for the rushing record. quenching flowers looks to follow up five touchdown
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smu. the mustangs are a tough matchup. i am ryan bass and that was the home team huddle. is not even black friday
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m afraid you're suffering from fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. when it comes to picking a yogurt there are hundreds of choices. there is greek yogurt and fruit on the bottom. a long list. >> it goes on and on but should you avoid yogurt because it has sugar or more fat. ellen bryant has the truth. >> reporter: scoop it, mix it or pour it. catherine talmadge tells her clients -- >> you should eat a cup of yogurt every day.
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like is higher than sugar that treat it like dessert. >> yogurt is so good for people and an extra 10 g of sugar is fine. you will get the beneficial probiotic bacteria and you will get protein. you will get potassium. calcium. compounds that lower blood pressure. compounds that keep us lean. >> it is better to get the nutrients from yogurt that none at all -- than none at all. i am ellen bryant. nutritionist says there is yogurt needs. they recommend clients each greek yogurt to get more protein. were added fiber. >> i didn't need one cup a day but now i do. >> they really are good for you. >> choose frozen yogurt over ice cream. there is an accident in hernando county. it is along broad street through the downtown area of springhill. i will get that for you coming up. tracking heavy fog this
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as you get east of i-75 starting to see that they can up. that is the only issue. lots of sunshine in the forecast and the cool down on the way for those of us ready to break out the boots and sweaters and scarves. a few days for it.>>
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good morning. coming up on 6:30 am. in good shape out the door. there are pretty sunrise shots. look at the one on the top left, pretty shot over tampa. what we are not seeing is cloud cover and that is why we're off to a cool start. 43 now in brooksville. 57 tampa. st. pete as always running on the warmer side. looking ahead to the 10:00 hour, back in the is where we will park for the day. we're still talking about that cool cold front headed our way over the weekend. i will let you know how chilly it will get coming up. good morning, here are the hotspots on your wednesday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. an accident in hernando county in springhill on broad street. you will see it at countyline
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bridge now. there was police activity blocking the lanes eastbound near the hump and it is all clear. the drive time is five minutes. coming up i will have more bridge drive times and take a look at the hottest spots right now for morning rush. it is wednesday, november 16. i am allison kropff growth i am 10news morning anchor ian reitz. this is your eye-opener. >> is used to firing but now donald trump is being challenged by ng amid reports of turmoil tuesday night trump tweeted that the process is organized. >> try to make yourself as part of a target as possible. >> plant city police say this man and this woman is shopping for people's wallets in grocery stores. it happened to 3 women at publix. the battle continues against wildfires in the southeast. the smoke is so bad near the georgia north carolina border people there are being asked to wear protective masks when they go outside. have you ever forgotten
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changing because you could use your phone to show drivers license. if you lose track of your id you have a backup. sarah hollenbeck is live at the dmv. they are checking these licenses in several states but are they worried about this? >> that is always the thing we worried about when we take something like a drivers license and put it on an app but if you have the wallet on your phone which i am using for my credit card, different than that. now your driver's license is going to be on there as well. we are moving closer and closer to a day and age when you no longer need things like your wallet and instead everything is going to be stored on your phone. here is how it works. the digital driver's licenses are stored in an app on your phone and you can use it if you are ever pulled over by police officer or to get through a security line at tsa or proof
6:33 am
or theater. it will be convenient for sure but not all drivers are convinced that they can trust the system.>> if the phone get stolen and your driver's licenses on the app than anyone has that information and anyone has your driver's license number and your home address. anything they could ever want.>> in colorado the program is being tested. the drivers will also get to keep their physical driver licenses. in not but they will be able to use it. if they feel unsure about this new technology they will still have their physical one as well. this is being tested in several different states and they rolled it out in colorado and it's being used in idaho, iowa and massachusetts. quite a few states working on this. >> it seems easy and convenient. when can we use it here in florida?>> they haven't set a specific date but two years ago
6:34 am
has to figure out a way to get this thing up and running and start it and so we can all be using it soon. hopefully when they see the others states florida will be anxious to try this as well. >> sarah, live in tampa. a pilots warning to passengers goes viral after an onboard battle over the president-elect . on the message, 35,000 feet is the place for a political fight.>> if there's anybody that happens a problem with this with these ran or rates there is another flight tomorrow. you will not be on this one. [ applause ]. >> you can hear the passengers react. the captain made that announcement. this got us looking to other output -- outbursts on plains. we discovered that air rages on the rise. airlines reporting 10,000 problems of unruly passengers last year.
6:35 am
attendant handle the issues. >> never put themselves at risk. never insert yourself into an escalating situation but cell phone video is great because people catch others in the act. >> keep in mind as well except the pilot it is up to them to decide whether the plane should be grounded or whether police should be getting involved and the troublemaking travelers can face federal fines and $25,000. this video is scary. a truck overturned next to a gas station in phoenix. all. there it goes. the truck tipped over after making a left turn and almost hit that guy. then it comes to a rest on its side. the truck rolled over because the weight of the load shifted and caused it to turn. >> the guy was right next to it.>> before you think about dessert check your freezer. an important consumer alert. right now there is a massive
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the fda says 100,000 cases of weight watchers smart once chocolate chip cookie dough sunday could be contaminated with listeria. it can cause serious or even fatal infections. it includes four packs of the present desert and the affected boxes have best buy dates between december 28 of 2016 and july 28, 2017. the products are sold all across the country. with the holiday season approaches it can be easy to spend money. before you check your list attention to this story. the national federation of retail says on average you will spend $935 this season. that is the second highest on record. if you are worried about breaking the bank on shopping a few things to keep in mind. experts say first things first, be honest before you start shopping. if you are having a difficult time paying bills don't spend so much and make a plan and stick to a budget. you can figure out what you want to spend and stay on top of it.
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for gifts but that can hurt you in the end if you delay paying off the bills. you can get your hands on apple's newest product but it is not a gadget. it is a book filled with photos. it is called designs by apple in california. the book is available in two sizes, the small is 199 and the large version is 299. it chronicles the company's products. it is dedicated to steve jobs, apple's late founder. it will be sold in several stores and if you like adding a kick your morning ce kellogg's is launching a new take on an old favorite. cinnamon frosted flakes. serial levers made that request on social media and the company listened and they did something. kellogg's cinnamon frosted flakes will debut this month and they will be available next year. >> readers look forward to this issue every year. people's sexiest man alive. this year the magazine shows dwayne the rock johnson and people called the former
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you may have seen him in films like central intelligence and g.i. joe. he also voices in disney's new film alana. you will see him in the remake of jumanji and with -- and baywatch. we had a conversation on our facebook page. letting us know what you think about people's choice. michelle is a big fan writing yes, not only is he good- looking but he is a wonderful role model and the hardest working man in hollywood. carol would've preferred someone else. she righ >> we talked about it on my facebook page and people were giving other suggestions. >> but every year you get the title for a year and they choose one and there's a new one next year. if you don't like this year's choice you have to wait. 364 days and you have a brand- new one. an exciting day for a lot of us at 10news. the great american toy drive begins this morning.
6:39 am
past. this was last year. we are all over the bay area talking with kids about what we do at 10news and i will be in palm harbor today talking. >> i will be at madeira beach elementary talking to a few classes. they have some of the best questions. some of them are very creative and you are like i can't believe you thought of that and other ones are like we are not going to answer that. we always get the questions how much money do you make and you got a question before about some things. >> a lot of fun. a lot of people from different industries go and do this. >> you get out there and talk with kids and you give them an idea of what you do and other people do the same. it gets them thinking about what they want to do. 40 minutes after 6:00. we have a story that may make you squeamish. you won't believe what one woman claims she found sewn into her dress.
6:40 am
i had to read this twice. it gives me the creeps. this video, look at these moves. a father and daughter decided to switch things up with a traditional wedding. coming up. let's go outside life and show you the moon this morning. it is a gorgeous moon. amazing video we have seen across the world because of the super moon. it is foggy and cloudy so we couldn't see everything but now the last few days we are send your pictures and as well. tonight, we will start with
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good morning. it is 6:43 am. all bridges have been accident free and we're not seeing delays. a great time to cross the bay. howard frankland bridge is delayed when you get off the bridge at the kennedy airport exit.
6:44 am
cross. gandy bridge at five minutes and the corning campbell and seven minutes. a really bad accident in st. petersburg on 275. i will have that for you in 10 minutes. no rain out the door. leave the umbrellas at home today. storm tracker 2 is quiet. a heads up east of i 75 north of i-4 you may encounter visibility issues thanks to some fog reported. slow it down. take it easy there around zephyrhills. 1 to 2 foot seas today. we're looking to a great day of the water with a lot of sunshine in the mix. you can over the next few days because we will see when picking up. no rain for allergy levels staying high. good wednesday morning. i am ryan bass. tonight we will give you the latest on steven stamkos's injury. he suffered a right leg injury last night. what we are hearing tonight coming up at 6:00. we will bring you the life story of usf star quarterback
6:45 am
dream. the bulls match up with smu and why they can't get caught looking ahead to ucs.>> i don't know what will move your heart. a soldier and his mom reunited. mom in tennessee. when you think of the protest, this guy is why so many were outraged. this is what it's all about. >> you see the look on that kids face. >> the kid is jumping so sweet. >> i love seeing those. incredible. they never get old. >> the families sacrifice so much. >> great story as well. you won't believe this story. a woman in new york says she found a dead rat sewn into her
6:46 am
and she hung them up in her closet and decided she would wear them in a few weeks. so then she the -- were it to work. she started to smell something gross. she then says that she noticed a string brushing up against black so she reaches down to grab it and she says she notices there was a strange bulge in the side of her dress. she says it is the dead rat. she is seeking money for damages and emotional distress. she sets she got a rash that was diagnosed as a rodent borne disease from this rat. allegedly. >> weight, she puts on the dress and notice it -- and notices it. >> she took a picture of it of this foot sticking out of the
6:47 am
>> azara acknowledged it and they said they take good care of their clothing and customers and obviously it is ongoing and there is a lawsuit. they are not saying much else. i posted this on my facebook page and i want to know what you would do if you found a rat sewn into your dress. some people are saying it's not true. but the rodent borne disease gets you. >> you think about what happened there. >> gross. i'm so sorry i did this. >> we ld on the morning show. from that this will put a smile on your face. a bride and her father decided to change things up for their traditional wedding and -- bands. they had some moves. different than what you normally see. this is interesting to learn about. this had 6 million views.
6:48 am
the first dance but she said we had been dancing since i was little and always had so much fun so we decided we will have more fun at the wedding. look at these moves. these guys are awesome. she said she is glad everybody had a good time with this and glad the internet is the dance. 6:48 am. let's go to hillary. impressed. >> you don't have a good of moves. sorry dan. if you are traveling through 275 through downtown st. petersburg there is an accident from sky 10. here it is and you can see that the left and center lanes are blocked and only the right lane is getting by and that is the merge lane as you get on 22nd avenue north. this is an injury accident and you have all services on scene. sky 10 is also flying over this.
6:49 am
going on. you can see the two cars involved and there is a third one on the shoulder. as you zoom out there is your delay. 275 south, look at that. that looks like it is backed up to at least gandy if not before that. if you are heading south the best option would be to take fourth street or mlk and get onto 275 to the downtown st. pete exit. 375 and 175 and had south if you have to ge way. avoid this. north and is not too bad. a crash in clearwater. in hillsborough county, we are in rush hour, 275 south at 33 minutes from 75 to i-4. i-4 is taking 13 minutes from 75 to 275. sarasota and manatee county, no
6:50 am
we are seeing a lot of bright sunshine as the sun gets bit higher out there. this is lakeland right now in great shape. it is why we're so chilly this morning especially after the nature coast were temperatures have dropped to the 40s. 43 right now in brooksville. a lot more 50s around the bay and even 60s in st. pete close to that in clearwater. back up to 59 degrees. temperatures will warm-up during the day today because wall-to-wall sunshine out there once again in the forecast. we do have a northwest breeze and that will help keep temperatures in check a little bit and it does lighten up tomorrow, 80s make a return. for this afternoon we expect temperatures in the upper 70s just shy of that 80 degree mark and will rapidly warm-up over the next few hours. the first few hours after sunrise we see rapid warming and we are going to get that as we take you to the day today
6:51 am
degrees. mid-70s for the nature coast and everyone gets a lot of really nice sunshine back in the mix. 78 today in tampa. overnight temperatures will be dropping. remember with clear skies we warm-up a lot but we see temperatures drop quickly after sunset and they will drop even more behind the next frontal boundary which is still scheduled to arrive late saturday are solidly under the influence of the cooler and drier air. both that in combination, we see 40s in the forecast as you get out the door as early as sunday morning. monday was good to be the day we had 40 but we are backing that up thanks to the early arrival of the front. low 40s for the nature coast and upper 40s for the bay area.
6:52 am
that stay in the 50s but not by much. it will be a chilly start to the day behind that front. in fact we will warm up to around 60 degrees as your high temperature on sunday. get the 10 weather forecast with the newspaper partners, check it out on your copy of the tampa bay times and you -- and the polk county ledger. stick around.>> we will
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tampa bay is amazing. here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages.
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good morning. 6:55 am. it is time to review which school is the 10news school of the week. >> if you are a fan on facebook you saw this picture hint from inside the gym at the school. pretty easy to see in this blurry photo. we know it's not. that is what it is a hint. the school is stuart middle
6:56 am
the yellowjackets. we are excited to be spending time on campus to learn more about their stem program. >> we will be live in the flight simulator lab on campus. >> join us friday morning. we start this at 5:35 am. make sure you set that alarm earlier. >> it is a middle school. they have a flight simulator? >> yes. >> i'm really jealous. >> a nasa explorer school. >> let's go to the county in north tampa. along westbound fowler avenue and nebraska. you have a lane blocked. five from sky 10, 275 through st. pete is still a mess from this crash at 22nd north southbound to 75. avoid it and take fourth street. out the door we are issue free around tampa bay but if you are traveling on i 75 be aware of patchy fog and that won't be around for longer and we will see sunshine in the next part of the week but big changes from 80 on saturday to 68 on sunday.
6:57 am
is down monday morning. back in the 40s. thank you for joining us. hope you today, technology is changing... homes are changing.... lives are changing. and all those changes take energy. at duke energy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know...
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 16th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect trump's transition is descri stalled and scrambling after more top officials leave. but mr. trump calls the process very organized after dodging reporters to go out to dinner. plus, an undercover investigation into office depot. technicians urge customers to make expensive repairs for computer problems that don't even exist. and fox news host megyn kelly is here today in studio 57 and she will talk about being attacked online by the president-elect and accusing her


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