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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  November 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. i am allison kropff. we will start with the story out of st. pete. members of a predominately lgbtq community feeling uneasy after they found this. you see a swastika and the words make america great again drawn in chalk on a driveway of king of the metropolitan church. members found the words scribbled on monday and they
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>> we immediately scrubbed it off and it's not the kind of thing i wanted on the sidewalk. it looks like it makes people uneasy. not quite sure what to make of it. i do think we were targeted because we are predominately lgbtq congregation. in the atmosphere the country now it leaves you uneasy. added the line love one another outside of the church after the election results. she never thought her church would be targeted. new york city cruise removing president elect donald trump's name off three luxury apartment buildings. the removal comes after hundreds of tenants signed a petition saying they were embarrassed to live in a place associated with the president- elect. in 600 people living in the three rental towers and trump place signed an online petition.
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are making progress after major changes. in the latest move governor mike pence ordered the removal of all registered lobbyist. kenneth greg reports from outside trump tower in manhattan. >> reporter: president elect donald trump's children and members of his transition team return to trump tower this morning to fill key cabinet positions and craft an agenda. former goldman sachs partner steve nguyen will be the front runner for treasury secretary. >> there's do and my numb -- taxes, regulatory trades and infrastructure our priorities. >> he tweeted this morning totally wrong on transition, it is going so smoothly. the tweet comes after governor mike pence removed all lobbyist for the team. >> he is putting together his team and is never easy to do
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so let's give them some space to do that. >> the president-elect is raising eyebrows after his team to the press -- to the press he was in for the night and instead trump went to dinner tuesday at a nearby restaurant. >> the white house correspondent association responded to the incident with the statement thing reporters are in place to cover the president-elect and it is critical they be allowed to do their job. kenneth greg, cbs news. a 24-year-old ohio man is facing charges for posting threatening messages about mister trump on social media. a criminal complaint show zachary benton tweeted the threat after 1 am on election night. he tweeted quote, my life goal is to a assassinate trump. i don't care if i serve infinite sentences. the man deserves to decease. diplomacy and then an expletive . i hate you all and i want to bomb everyone of your voting booths and areas.
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moment and he deleted the tweet when he woke up the next morning. he will face serious charges. we will take you live now to sky 10 over this house fire. this is on aerosmith road in wimauma. the fire is out but there is a lot of damage to this home and it is still smoking now. we don't have reports of injuries and we don't know what started the fire. hillsborough county fire rescue is on the scene and we if you want to see more you can go to have you ever forgot your wallet with your id in it and it ruined your plans? you could use your phone to show your drivers license. sarah hollenbeck shows us which dates are testing digital drivers licenses and when we can see that program in florida. >> this will definitely be more convenient. we can relate to this. you are busy in the morning and you hop in your car and you
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my drivers license with that. then and oster -- officer pulls you over. and then as long as you have your phone soon you will be able to use this to provide to the officer as an id. we are inching closer to a day when we will no longer need anything but our smart phones. here is how it works. the digital are stored in an app on your phone. you can use it if you get pulled over by an officer to get through a security line at tsa or proof of your identity to get into a bar or theater. it will be convenient for sure but not all drivers are convinced they can trust the system. >> if the phone gets stolen in the drivers license is on the app than anyone has that information and anyone has your drivers license number or home address. anything they could ever want. >> in colorado where the program is being tested drivers will also keep their physical drivers licenses as well so they can choose whichever one is more convenient.
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florida? it could be anytime now. two years ago the dmv was told to look into the program here and see if they can roll it out. there is still a development of the app to make sure it is safe and that it is something that florida will have to consider. we're hearing from folks about this one. ashley chastain said i don't think so when she's talking about these licenses. it's making it easier for people to get personal information. larry said as a regular goer it's a great idea but guy, false ids for everyone. he said i've used my phone to show proof of registration and insurance and we will keep you posted as more people talk about this. less than 12 hours now. jetblue flash sale will be up in 12 hours. you can book round-trip tickets for less than $100 to a number
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tonight at 11:59 pm. travel is good into the new year until march 9. we have the blackout dates on our website. great american teach in is underway in schools across the country. i got to spend the morning at the vero beach fundamental with third through fifth graders. they're all taller than me. so much fun. they had great questions. this class, they were so much fun. great energy and they asked about how the media issues in our country. it was one of the things they were interested in talking about. it was great to have that conversation with them and to get their feedback and how they are being taught about this. the entire time i have worked here i have gone there many times. thank you for having me. a great school. great questions. let's check in with beau zimmer who is at sexton elementary in saint pete.>> reporter: we're here at sexton elementary
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the students about careers in broadcast journalism. there is a fifth-grader running the camera for me now and this is hannah. let her do some of the interviews today.>> hi victoria. what was your favorite crew today and what would you like to see? >> i liked two of them. a police officer at a news reporter. i may want to >> thank you victoria. david, what has been the coolest thing you have seen so far. >> probably the microwave on top of the 10news truck. that was cool. >> my whole class wants to say hi. >> hello. >> i am hannah for 10news. back to you. she did so good. [ laughter ]. >> that whole class was great. that was fine. >> we have our other team
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brooker creek in tarpon springs. he spoke about his job and he says one kid asked if he had been to mexico for a story and another student wanted to know what it's like to ride busch gardens rides for work. bobby said it was awesome. tonight at 5:00 we will tell you more about what these young minds think of tv news. dirt flowers spoke with a journalist at john hopkins elementary. these kids range from 11 to 13 to ask questions about favorite stories and if there have been bloopers. >> never, [ laughter ]. >> i will be in palm harbor this afternoon. if the school looks familiar we were out there a few weeks ago. phenomenal journalism program. >> so much fun. >> it's great to get out there and visit with folks and the questions are fine.
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is a treat. so much sunshine out there. we have so much more in the forecast. even with the next frontal
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the group madison is spreading don't drink and drive message for 30 years and progress has been made. the number of people killed in drunk driving crashes has gone down but there is still work to be done. according to mad 27 people die every day as a result of drunk driving. one of those people in august was this pinellas ty catherine birch tells us about a walk this saturday in her honor. >> reporter: joining me today our largo police chief jeff understand and john hankins here to talk about walk like mad. this is coming up on saturday in largo central park. chief, what can people expect a this is more than just a walk and a run. this is an awareness message you want to get out. >> i think partnering with mats
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have done this, have a great opportunity to put on a great event. the walk itself will help bring the awareness to the importance of med madd and having fun activities to bring people together and most importantly help support and promote the awareness for madd and the importance of the services they provide. the funding for the walk will help go towards the youth education and and community outreach. great cause and we are happy to support it. >> unfortunately that message still needs to get out there. this year's walk is dedicated to a music teacher, caroline stein , who was killed in august in a crash. police say a drunk driver ran a red light and crashed into her car. sean, you were in that vehicle as well and seriously injured.
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and why is this message so important to get out?>> the message of madd is one that needs to be out because madd provide so much support are not only survivors of crashes but also the families as well. they provided counseling. they provided assistance with getting in touch with other people that have been through this. and they provide health through the legal process and that's important. you are not aware of how much they do and tell unfortunately you have been through this. and that is the main thing we're trying to get out with a walk and it is humbling and that it is dedicated to caroline. >> she was a local music teacher we mentioned and touched so many young lives. and a crash like this, someone's actions can impact so many more people because the
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that is the other thing we're trying to get out. people really need to be aware of what they're doing because it is not just taking a chance of destroying somebody else's life but they are taking a chance of destroying their own life. >> this message is still needs to get out there. thank you both for sharing your time today. come out and join us and walk like madd on saturday so folks from 10news will be there as well. find out more inform our website, and if you would like a tour of 10news call 727 and if you would like a tour of 10news call 727-577-1010 or email community, i am kathryn bursch with 10 community. it is another picture- perfect day. >> it is great out there even for a few minutes. take a longer walk to your park . so much sunshine and temperatures in the 70s.
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the next several days. we have to talk about cooler weather so if you're looking to rock the boots you will get that opportunity. i have you covered on all bases here guys. i'm trying to help you out and i'm doing a good job. 77 now in tampa. we won't warm up a lot more but there is still a lot of sunshine in the mix so we will tack on another degree at 79. most of us won't hit 80 although a few will get there. notice nothing going on on st heading out the door. or for the next several days. we will braydon future cast although it will be on the boring side but that is not a bad thing when you are talking about sunshine and gorgeous temperatures. we will warm up to the mid to upper 70s through the afternoon. here is the 5:00 hour. light northwest winds.
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able to cool off more efficiently overnight. it will get chilly and we will spend the night in the 60s as you are heading out the door tomorrow morning though my jacket because we are expecting another round of 50s as you are heading out early but from there we will warm up again quickly. by 8:00 again back in the 60s once again. a little bit of a roller coaster from the day-to-day and a big roller coaster, at the big drop comes with the next front. 77 after 79 in between hourly observations. that will be a thing of the past when the front moves through. you can see the cooler air forcing itself and here as we head into late saturday and early sunday. already by sunday morning the cold air is here and we will start feeling chilly temperatures as you get out the door. not nearly as cold as it's going to be as we look ahead to monday morning when we will get temperatures in the 40s. saturday, pretty much in line
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when the front moves through doing nothing more than bringing cloud cover. the winds pick up and we see temperatures drop and highs climb to the upper 60s on sunday. then we draw from there once again. we will see a lot of 40s in the bay area behind that front coming up this weekend. it will get chilly and not warm up much during the day on monday. although by tuesday air starts to make a comeback once again and back of the upper 70s. if you like it warm today through saturday, we are flirting with 80 and a few cool days for those that want to break out the scarves. coming up, college football playoff announces an event surrounding the national championship game including free concerts with big names. a nontraditional father daughter dance will put a smile on your face. the story behind this viral video is next. tonight on 10news and cbs, survivor followed by criminal
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10news at 11:00 than the late
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college football playoff announced events will take place leading up to the college football playoffs national championship. among them, a three day free concert. this is waterfront park. >> pretty cool. it's not even great they are doing that but they are good performers. >> they have the shadow boxers performing with flo rida on january 7. an additional performance by cold war kids. i sure taking center stage is one of the headliners. >> i sure. that is a big-name.>> it will be packed -- packed.>> it is not just a game, there is so
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shared this morning. it is leaves you smiling. >> a bride and her father changed things up for their traditional wedding dance. check it out. [ music ]. this is different than what you would normally see any wedding. their epic song matchup has million views on youtube so far. the bride says she didn't want to do it at first but she says they both love to dance and they have danced together since she was little. they did a good job. in the and she says she is glad she did it and happy everyone at their wedding had fun and she's got the internet liked it as well. >> it's fun to watch. >> they have some good moves. one of the better ones i've seen.>> her dad has better moves than mine. sorry dad.>> they are having a
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>> nikki: well, very soon, you are going to have almost your entire family under one roof. how pleased does that make you? >> victor: i'm very happy about that. you know, people keep on saying that all i'm concerned about is making money. well, i make money and i run my business to be able to afford all of this, to have all my family under one roof here. >> nikki: i know you do. >> victor: yeah, i just wish that victoria would let us do something for her, as well. >> nikki: well, she didn't want it that way.


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