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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  November 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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and went by tamiflu. $144 for tamiflu. medication is off the chain right now and a lot of you are paying for it out of your pocket for medication. you are already putting some of the -- footing the bill for other people. one day you may rely on those same life-saving medications. it will get worse and worse if we don't do something about it. right now. here at 10news we are g part in a project we are calling side effects. >> we know you are feeling the impact of skyrocketing drug prices because you have been sharing your frustrations with us. i could spend the next hour going over the hundreds of comments we are getting but for now let's look at a couple. tom says i am fighting lymphoma and i have insurance but my co- pay for chemo drugs is $3500.
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life. kathy says my husband needs a drug to treat hepatic encephalopathy. the cost is $800 a month. full retail is $2000 a month. and he will die without it. it is hard to hear your neighbor going through something like that. if it makes you angry, you are not alone. james said after picking up his prescription. >> walgreens. to get a prescription for my daughter. they told me $934. are you kidding me? have you lost your mind? $934? >> $934. are you ready for change yet? >> unbelievable.
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and interact with us at 10news, grab your phone or tablet or laptop and log on to now in the section of your free 10news app. we are asking you on a scale of 1 to 5, five being the worst, how much have you felt the pinch. we've been weighing in the and the average reaction is about one fourth. clearly it is something that is not going to go away. 10 investigates is working to like you, noah pransky is playing sick of it all. >> we are focusing on the soaring cost of drugs. after the makers of epipen mistakenly assumed americans susceptible to anaphylactic stocks would be okay to sticker
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we worked with investigator partners all over the country to identify 100 other common drugs that have skyrocketed over the past four years. in the include generic such as naproxen and tetracycline and countless others. among those, a generic steroid cream for an itchy scalp used by a viewer who contacted us after his $23 prescription for that scalp inched up a little bit in price recently. >> it was like $130. and i said that can't be right. can you double check that and they said no, i checked ag that is outrageous. >> he knows how outrageous prices for drugs are. he toured with bands in the 70s. at 60 years old the biggest money he pays is his prescription bill. >> healthcare is based on can you afford to live.>> that is frightening.
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believe everyone should have access to affordable healthcare. that isn't the case right now. we looked at the prices of prescription drugs across the country and the average cost of the drugs has doubled in the last four years. one drug tetracycline a common acne drug for teenagers used to cost seven cents a pill in 2012 and now is it popping $8.54 a pill. how steep is that? more than 12,000%. >> afford medication anymore. they are not alone. >> soaring drug prices without justification have affected americans ability to get the life-saving drugs they need from insulin to epipens into cancer drugs. listen to the story from an oncologist in texas.>> last week i was talking to a patient who needs a drug that can offer her significant benefit but she was making real decisions about do i pay the light bill or get
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an oncologist is hard enough fighting cancer but they should be making it harder by forcing over expensive drugs. >> which takes us back to our friend john. an itchy scalp wasn't his only had scratcher. sorry if you don't like the joe. blame the joke writer. we want to find out why the generic drug he has been using in the same forsi suddenly spiked. drug companies point to cost of research and development are it makes sense when they continue innovation of life-saving drugs. this is big pharma. we found the big surge in price is correlated with big surges in advertising and marketing budget. our friend john didn't like that. >> research and development, we have to -- we spent billions for this drug. know you did it. you acquired this from another company and you are just reproducing it at a very small minuscule cost and jacking up the price of hundreds of
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don't get their adrenaline from an epipen. they get it from your misery. congress can grill them all they want. the problem is that mega mergers create monopolies and the fda can't stop it and shocker, little support to curb price gouging in washington. senator john mccain sponsored a bipartisan bill to force drug companies to justify price hikes. as we learned in schoolhouse rock, that bill is nothing more but a sad scrap of paper nobody is paying attention capitol hill. we will be digging deeper into these issues over the next few days. who is choosing pharma over you and who is getting rich. knowing how much your medical care is going to cost you shouldn't be a game of price is right. >> it is enough to make you angry. >> one thing -- the viewer that sent in that video. when you feel so helpless because you can't buy medicine for your child, as a parent that is heart wrenching because what will you do?
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eating for my kids but that is heartbreaking. >> we have been weighing in for half an hour letting us know how much the rising price of prescriptions has been affecting your. >> 300 of you have voted on the interactive site, on a scale of 1 to 5 the average response is a 4. still time to weigh in. go to forecast a vote now section in the 10news app. while the results were led phil family crippled by the high cost of medicine. >> reporter: it seems like the more we put the stories out there on facebook the more we are hearing from people about their own experiences and that is how we got. tell me what you have been through. >> leah has been sick since birth. we didn't realize how sick at
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then with silent reflects. and then we got a letter from the insurance company saying that her medication was now excluded so they covered it for two months and then they weren't going to cover it anymore. >> what is the cost? >> $700 out-of-pocket. for how much? >> it lasts about a month. >> you've had to make tough decisions. tell me about that? >> we had a car repossessed because of this. and we are ha the next few months. we've had to turn to family who don't have it to help. i break down all the time. all of the time. i feel helpless. i feel like it is -- you can't wrap your head around why it is like this. it makes you angry. as a parent you are not going to stop. it doesn't matter. if anything the anger motivates you.
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solution. there has to be something that can be done. >> it is just not right. >> something has to be done. it cannot continue. >> because of stories like that little girls we are not letting this issue go. >> mike deeson is also on the case and he is following the money from big pharma to your representatives in congress. >> you may have noticed that the prices on certain prescription drugs have skyrocketed marco rubio says he doesn't believe it has anything to do with the millions of dollars big pharma gives to congress for campaign contributions. >> you are in the top 10 receiving campaign donations from big pharmacy companies. how does that influence? >> people buy into mine and i
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thousands of dollars but he says it is influenced by the money. it that outrages you check out our investigation as we follow the money with big pharma and big congress. that is thursday night at 11:00 that should be interesting. i'm curious about that. let's look at the final results of the poll. how much have you felt the effects of rising drug prices? you have been weighing in on the interactivsi average boat is at a 4. >> we know it's hard to a sign a number to an issue like this so we want to hear your story. good to our facebook page. wtsp. keep leaving your comments and we
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today, tomorrow, area schools will host the great american teach-in. we can tell the wonderful students out there what it is like to work in tv land. >> bobby lewis is invite school in tarpon springs. he met third graders are eager to take his job some day.>> good morning. >> reporter: you never really know what to expect when you are surrounded by third- graders. the great american teach-in, gives professionals a chance to visit kids. and share experiences from their job. >> does anybody want to be on tv one day? oh my gosh, all of you. >> eight and nine-year-olds
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experience. >> put it on your sure. all tv reporters have to make sure they have the microphone on at the right time. >> you like reporting? >> do i like being the camera man? >> i have to do both every day. >> i explained i write, shoot and edit all of the on the road stories they see on tv.>> then i showed them how it all comes together. >> it will take me to 335 feet >> i never thought i would be in the pizza business. >> lots and lots of lemonade. >> what is it feel like to be a news reporter? it is fun. >> it to be career was irresistible, who knows. did they leave thinking it was fun? no doubt. is >> if you get to do something new and meet new people every
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the people who said i want to be a reporter that would be something cool to look forward to. i am bobby lewis, nice to meet you. you want to be me? bu. that is more fun. >> 10news, wtsp. >> they are enthusiastic. >> there ones that are always making faces. that was me. always making basis. at least several today and tomorrow the teaching days but we go out all year round. if your school doesn't have this, contact us and we will do a presentation. >> we want to show you other people we had out today because bobby isn't the only one. if we could show you video of 10news this morning. anchors out there. allison kropff visited madeira
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she fits right in with that class. 10news morning anchor ian reitz with a first grade class at st. george elementary and paul palmer -- paul harper. >> many p locke elementary in ellsworth. >> i will be at booker t. washington tomorrow to talk to students. >> mary brian elementary, first graders. very special for me because one of the first graders happens to be my daughter. >> she will be so have to impress all of them. [ laughter ]. >> i was out early today guys in bradington talking to the wisconsin club. most of them just got back. we are enjoying this weather. >> that is right, go badgers. i want to thank them for having me out there. we talk about whether all over the place. metereologist bobby deskins weather, catch me on my facebook page. let's talk about the weather.
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through october. we are halfway through november now and it stays very quiet. i don't see any rain in the forecast for the next week at least which means will go two months without rainfall. for most areas. we still have to get into the beginning of december to make it two months but it will be close. sunshine and nothing but blue skies out there today. the sun is setting and that is the shot from the performing hearts -- are tall. it is quite on the bay with a gorgeous day. we were up about 80 degrees. we are now down to 74 for tampa. dew points are popular in the mid-40s. that is the moisture in the atmosphere so that gives us 38% humidity. not too hard to complain about the dry weather when you think summertime with dew points in
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78 sarasota. polk county, 72. 68 now in crystal river. look at the 60s in tarpon springs and safety harbor. 69 in seminole. riverview, 72. 70 degrees even in the new tampa area. the numbers are coming down and we will be going to the 60s tonight. this is tonight into tomorrow. noticed the wind out of the northeast. the sunshine heats the land up in the air rises and gets warm. the northeast wind drags it across the state so we get warm and that is why we will be close to 80 degrees. it is weird it is when from the north. that is a warmer wind for us. that is your friday, and saturday looks the same. mostly sunny skies and a few clouds on saturday. after starting chilly tonight into tomorrow, mid-50s in most areas. need a light jacket or sweater in the morning. 40s for hernando and should citrus
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then a nice warm-up. it is something even longsleeve shirts. something kids can take off in the afternoon. we will go up to 80 with sunshine. sunshine and 80 on the playground. there is the forecast for boating. northeast winds at 10 knots. 1 to 2 foot seas. temperature change, it is getting here. it will give her saturday night into sunday and we will be lucky to get to 70 and then sunday night into monday will be the coldest with widespread 40s and potentially a chance for upper 30s and parts of the nature coast for
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38 days until christmas and another holiday toy list is out. >> this is one the toy companies do not want to be on because it is a list of the 10 most dangerous toys.>> it was put together by a group called watch, world employees. some of the toys don't look like they can cause that much harm.>> let's take a few out. first this is called peppy pop why did he make the list? >> he sku. i don't know. i don't see anything. >> he has a big long pull string. it is a strangulation hazard. 2 1/2 feet long. they need to be careful.>> next, look at this one. inflatable bump and bounce body bumpers. >> it looks like fun. what in the world could be dangerous?
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okay. >> i guess if a four-year-old fell down it could be bad. the last one. this is called, step elephant like a blanket. it doubles as a pillow and a blanket and you have to wonder what could be dangerous. >> good suffocate. -- it could suffocate. toys before you buy them for your kids.>> what happened to the toys we use to buy? the big wheel. we would get scratches from falling off but you know. >> go get boxes and let them color. they are happy with that. >> something to think about before you go out and do holiday shopping. >> we have a complete list of the dangerous toys on our
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your right to own a gun but this man says he's up against a double standard when it comes to making and selling his own design. >> drivers license in the palm of your hand. convenient or way too much access. >> this victim of bullying has another title.
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experiences and he will spread the word. good evening. i am dion lim. the fifth amendment right to bear arms but how far does ago. >> a lakeland man is learning the hard way that it is not just that cut and dry. he can on guns and sell them but has been told by the county he can't bill them for a profit. but here's the thing. a man wh from him is allowed to. 10news political reporter mark rivera is finding out what gives. >> reporter: i have to have this license so i can't even begin seeing if my ideas will work until i can legally have the ability to do so. 10,000 i -- $10,000 fine per silencer is not tagged. charlie mondale likes his guns
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he thinks he can make a profit from a new design. he can't. >> why can't he? the county says no. despite the fact that his neighbor just a few miles away is doing the same thing. this is a letter to a friend authorizing the same thing he wants to do. it says home-based business for manufacturer and sale of firearms in polk county and it is preempted by relevant statute authority to regulate that activity. therefore his friend is unable to manufacture of firearms and sell them from his home. double standard pack >> a little discouraging that some people are being allowed to do it and i'm being excluded. >> this issue went to the state attorney general. florida attorney general pam bondi said the county has the powder -- power to allow mondale to make silencers but since the county aarti denied


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