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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he thinks he can make a profit from a new design. he can't. >> why can't he? the county says no. despite the fact that his neighbor just a few miles away is doing the same thing. this is a letter to a friend authorizing the same thing he wants to do. it says home-based business for manufacturer and sale of firearms in polk county and it is preempted by relevant statute authority to regulate that activity. therefore his friend is unable to manufacture of firearms and sell them from his home. double standard pack >> a little discouraging that some people are being allowed to do it and i'm being excluded. >> this issue went to the state attorney general. florida attorney general pam bondi said the county has the powder -- power to allow mondale to make silencers but since the county aarti denied
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>> it seems strange that if you meet the federal criteria but yet the county can say you can do this but you can't. that is the part i don't understand. >> i contacted bondi's office in the polk county attorney and none of them wanted to talk to me on the record. mondale is taking the fight back to the county to do exactly what his friend already can. manufacture and sell guns from his own home. i want to know what you ha say. go to our facebook page now and tell me. how far do you think your second amendment right goes? in polk county, 10news political reporter mark rivera. 10news. to a crime alert that has people furious and will have you upset. a 21 month old girl is recovering from a thigh gunshot wound. this is in broad daylight. after 12:30 pm tampa police
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suspects fired a dozen shots at 24-year-old eduardo a vela. he ducked into his house but one of the bullets enter the home and ricocheted striking a vela's young daughter in the leg. she was taken to a hospital and will be okay but neighbors are furious. >> our baby has been shot. and innocent baby in broad daylight. this cannot continue. >> with this. it is crazy. >> they spent several hours collecting evidence and speaking with witnesses. if you know anything about the case please contact tampa police. members of a predominantly lgbtq church in st. petersburg are feeling uneasy tonight. that's after a swastika and the word make america great again were drawn in chalk on the
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words and quickly called police. they tell us after 40 years at the can i would -- kenwood community it is disturbing. >> we scrubbed it off. it's not the thing i want to have left on the sidewalk. it left people uneasy. and not quite sure what to make of it. i do think we were targeted. because we are predominately and lgbt congregation. in country and mean -- it leaves you uneasy. >> she added the line love one another please with a marquee outside the church. she never thought her church would ever be targeted. >> your something that this has you talking. states are using these digital drivers licenses. the idea has you weighing in on facebook. larry rights as regular joe i
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a security background false ids for everyone. robin says you are not making me give my phone to law enforcement with grants -- which grants them the right to go through the phone. we want to hear what you think. what do you think? would you do use a digital license? grab your phone and take part in the poll. tell us if you are unsure because while you are voting e karina's takes a look at privacy . >> reporter: renewing your drivers license, there is the weight. and the often dreaded photo. and then you can never forget it if you are driving. >> sometimes you forget it. it is not that convenient. >> conveniences a click away on your cell phone and it after digital drivers licenses is
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while it may be more convenient to carry your drivers license here instead of the old- fashioned way how safe is it?>> there is a security issue here. >> susceptibility of my information. >> you would need a fingerprint for verification to use it and if your phone is lost or stolen you can remotely deactivate the app but there is that gaap time and when a police officer pulls you over digital drivers license, what other rights are you handing over?>> if they do their job right they won't go through the photos that is personal. >> a search warrant is needed in florida for an officer to search your phone. >> forfeit consent and if so, how much. >> andrea logan says technology like ddl has created many privacy and constitutional right issues. >> email prompts, pantex
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come in. you could be giving data to law enforcement without intending to but you are not required to. >> in the end people we spoke with say given the choice -- >> i would still stick with the plastic. >> in sarasota, isabel mascare?as, 10news. >> we should mention the pilot program does allow you to continue using the hard version of your license and in some cases just like buying liquor it is required. we have been asking for you to take part in the online poll. would you use a digital license? look at the screen. you can see the results. overwhelming, three fourths of the you say no way. a few of you are unsure. >> i can see it as a backup. just in case. >> seven minutes. the clock is ticking. most women need this time to take a shower.
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fall asleep. many of us spend that time eating breakfast and every seven minutes a child will be bullied. there is a teen author who is working to rewrite that statistic. casey cumley shows you why his crusade against bullying has and being honored around the world. >> reporter: have you had any bullying issues and pasco county? >> i have not. >> that wasn't the case for levi when he was just 11 in >> a kid brought a gun to school and threatened to shoot me. >> he was fearful of his peers. >> i told my parents everything because i was serious. >> he wrote the first of two anti-bullying books called the good, the bad and the bullies. complete with illustrations and lessons for kids. >> i had book signings and kids would come out and share their stories with me talking about how they were victims of
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>> his book signings got the attention of arizona politicians. >> ron barber was told. gabrielle giffords learned about this. >> he received congressional recognition. he wrote his next book called to be courageous. sharing the bullying stories of other kids.>> they could be hearing other people's stories and realize they are not alone. >> levi moved to the uk where he won award for outstanding contributions to the community for being courageous. >> i knew when i was going through this kind of situation that there wasn't a lot of material for me to go to. >> now a junior at mitchell high school, he plans to keep spreading the word so anyone facing bullies knows they have somewhere to turn. casey cumley, 10news. >> what a great story. his books are available on amazon and he says he hopes to
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the next first lady who has promised to take a stance against bullying. i hope she will help him expand his vision. >> we have a bright future.>> 2016 but 40 million people still smoke cigarettes. smoking is the single largest preventable cause of disease and even death. tomorrow could be your chance to quit. the great american smokeout and it is a time to nip the habit. tobacco free florida you resources to quit. get a free two-week starter kit with nicotine replacement patches and also get support with text on your phone. go to to see how you can quit your way. a grocery sets up shop in the bay area. the first time to get a sample of this. we try to take all of the guesswork out of making
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some students are trying to perfect your toast. >> is that chewbacca? all right guys, here comes the cold air in the pacific northwest now. we topped out at 80. it is warmer right now in denver than it is here in tampa. that will change for them and change for us and i will talk about that coming up. another year and injury for steven stamkos.
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts
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starr you never know when the next great invention will happen. the samsung refrigerator has technology so you can use your smart phone at the grocery store to see if you are out of milk. there is a built in tablet we you can look up recipes. >> i wanted to be cold.>> speaking of appliances with cameras, a group of florida polytechnic university students made this >> they had 24 hours to come up with an idea and invented for a competition. they created a toaster that makes perfect test every time. >> grady trimble introduces you to the creative minds behind it. >> reporter: it is out there as the outfits they chose to wear today. a toaster that gets it right 100% of the time. no more burnt toast.
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guesswork out of making breakfast. >> it may not be the best since sliced bread but it's impressive. a webcam takes pictures as the bread gets darker.>> it's hard to see but the computer understands. >> when it reaches the perfect color brown the toast pops up automatically and you get a text message sent to your phone. >> the moment between perfect test and not perfect toast is a short ti the technology behind it can be used in a lot of different fields. let's say we have a camera watching engines waiting for failure. the servicing for a car. you can learn the same skills you would use it something larger. it would matter. we can set the fire alarm off. >> these college juniors have time to figure out what they want to do after the graduate. >> i have a phd and toast. >> there waiting for the next
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>> you know how brilliant these kids must be because i don't know how to operate that. >> the stuff they can develop now is incredible.>> the weekend is looking chilly.>> sunday morning. i told reggie sunday morning. play golf on saturday. it will be chilly. we've had chilly mornings and we will continue that with the afternoon. that it gets cold saturday night and into sunday night will be the coldest. not really cold but cold for florida. stormtracker 10 is still very dry. you notice the grass on the sides of the road where it doesn't get watered. that is browning up and that should continue. no rain in the forecast. lots of sunshine today and clear skies tonight. it will be beautiful and that will give us a great sunset.
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see's guys are darkening up and beautiful out there. polk newsroom is out there. there is the hooters of clearwater beach. a few low stratus clouds in the distance. 70 in tampa in lakeland. those of the warm spots along with st. pete. sarasota at 73. all of these numbers are dropping down through the 60s for this evening and will continue into the 50s and i think mid-50s for most areas overnight tonight. that is where we were this morning, 57 is similar tomorrow morning. you need a sweater or jacket first thing in the morning. you want needed in the afternoon. we stay dry with a few patches of fog. it will be over the farmlands and fields and you will notice coming up off the warmer lakes. look at the numbers tomorrow morning in brooksville and crystal river, upper 40s. most of us low to mid 50s. forecast model.
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friday as well. high pressure will dominate the weather so lots of sunshine. as we get into the afternoon on friday, same thing. and a lot of sunshine. even saturday this is friday into saturday, saturday looks beautiful. look at the north and. here comes the front saturday morning midday on saturday, 2:00 in the afternoon. you don't see green on the map. that why are the clouds there? winds will pick up and that is the leading edge of the cooler air. before we get there we are going to near 82 through saturday. sunday we will be lucky to get out of the 60s. here comes the cold air so denver, they will get cold but notice the core of the cold will be to the north and it's not diving down like this but like this. that means we will not get as
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that affects the numbers in the forecast. sunday morning we were thinking 40s and the 50s and now it may be a few 40s and mainly low 50s. i still think as we get into monday morning that will be the coldest and we will watch for 30s here in brooksville and crystal river. 49 degrees monday morning in tampa. widespread 40s but low to mid 50s on the coast. once we get past monday morning we will be start each day next week but a gradual warm-up by wednesday. grocery store geeks listen. sprouts farmers market plans to open its first florida location in tampa. they are known for healthy living for less is building a store in the carrollwood shopping center on dale maybe. that means there are 100 part- time job opportunities from
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february. benjamin franklin said how do i forget. teach me and i remember. involve me and i learned. >> how 10news is going to the classroom to help inspire the great minds of tomorrow. >> watch 10news this morning this week for a cool giveaway. all this week
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happening now, huge breaking news in the 10 sports arena. out with a torn meniscus with steven stamkos. he went down last night with detroit and flew back to tampa for for -- for further evaluation. he had a torn meniscus. the team is in the process of evaluating options for repair and rehabilitation. a.k.a. surgery could be on the table. not the first time stamkos has suffered an injury. three years to the day when he suffered this broken -- a broken tibia. last season out 21 games with a blood clot. >> looking back i would've done
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but it is done. it won't happen again. >> you heard the man. the and the protest is over. mike evans met with the media today following his refusal to stand for the anthem in protest of president-elect donald trump. he was the center of attention.>> the city of tampa being in the military and i know i heard a lot of people by doing what i did so i want i want people to understand you can't just hate somebody because they have different beliefs or views and that is the problem and that is why i did what i did. >> i talked to him about it. i respect his beliefs. >> is an amazing dude and has respect for everyone. >> protests are changing but i will still be fighting for what i just said, the minority. >> go to our facebook page and search 10news wtsp.
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children's eyes light up with ideas. >> they are enthusiastic and reporters partner with the great american teach-in today. i got to spend time with three different classes at north shore elementary in st. pete. they were so excited to be on tv and asked tough questions like who is your favorite sports team and what is your favorite flavor of ice cream.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the word comes down from the tower. the president-elect tweets the transition is organized and smooth. even his opponents say so. >> i'm confident on day one everything will be in good hands. in in his first interview since the election of donald trump. >> i don't believe we are a fundamentally different country today than we were two weeks ago. >> pelley: government safety experts give pilots a visual lesson in midair collisions. and the library of congress honors the motown sound of smokey robinson, calling his


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