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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  November 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"10news at noon" starts gh good afternoon. i am ian reitz. >> i am allison kropff. thank you for joining us. a touching follow-up to a story that you saw first here on 10news. a st. pete family is spreading love today after someone drew swastikas and the words make america great again on the driveway of the metropolitan church in st. pete. >> sarah hollenbeck shows you how the family is now turning that message around. >> reporter: how security is this? after seeing our story this family decided to come out and
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church sidewalk. the reverand says her congregation needed exactly this to start to heal. >> it was a great feeling. when parents teach their children to love and to demonstrate that love in positive ways, that's what it's all about. >> reporter: reverend candace says the kids made her smile for the first time since monday when she discovered hateful messages scribbled on the driveway. the congregation is predominantly made up members, and she thinks that's why they were targeted. she quickly called police. unlike these swastikas that were left and scrubbed away by the church right away, they plan to keep the nice messages around for as long as possible. they have a message on the church marquee that says love
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with many leaders today. they continue to work on filling out cabinet and senior staff positions. sources tell cbs news that mr. trump has begun offering key administration positions to some candidates. the president-elect will also meet with japan's prime minister. and right now president obama is meeting with german chancellor angela merkel. it comes after mr. obama made his sixth and final visit to germany. germany is a during his visit the president stressed solidarity with the nation. we have seen protests blocking roads and major highways. now a republican state senator from washington says he plans to propose a bill for the upcoming legislative session that would take what he calls a firm stand against illegal protests. senator doug ericksen says it would create a crime of economictism. it would allow felony prosecution of people involved
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transportation and commerce, cause property damage, threaten jobs and put public safety at risk. the senator says he respects the right to protest, but it goes too far when it endangers lives and property. tampa is now the forever home to five of these guys right here. five rescued tigers. they were saved from an animal sanctuary in colorado. 10news reporter emerald morrow shows us the tigers' transition. >> reporter: it is a very, very special day here at the big cat rescue. this is the la cats that this animal sanctuary is bringing in from a facility in colorado that was no longer able to keep up with all of the animals that they had. there were about 110 big cats as well as bears that they had to donate to other animal sanctuaries. this being one of them. you can see the workers here are taking every safety precaution possible to make sure that this operation goes
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into the wild because they have never been there. the cats that we rescue have been in captivity their whole life. these cats don't have the necessary skills that they would need to survive in the wild. they will get to live the rest of their lives in a nice sanctuary where they don't have to breed, don't have to worry about their next meal. we will take good care of them the rest of their lives. >> reporter: here is extra information to share with you. these tigers eat about 10 pounds of food 10 pounds of meat a day. it can cost up to $10,000 a year to feed these animals. so if you are interested at all in making sure these animals stay fed by making a donation and making sure this organization stays running, head to our website at back to you. we have an update to share with you about the cross-bay ferry. it's going to offer half off passes to frequent commuters this weekend. >> and beer, wine, and cocktail
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the first three days of thanksgiving week are free as part after ride free promotion. get tickets at the docks near the st. petersburg museum of history and convention center of tampa. they are on a first come, first serve basis. what some say is a eyesore is on its way to becoming magnificent again. the historic belleview-biltmore hotel is moved 320 feet to a new foundation next month. today was the ground breaking. it will hotel. >> we felt it extremely important to put it front and center. to put it as the centerpiece of the community to to really highlight the legacy and the remarkable history of that hotel. >> so again they have a ground breaking for this entire project. they are also going to be adding condos and two-story townhomes. those are part of the larger project. people who got their
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stories than real ones. buzzfeed analyzed the last three months of campaign coverage. >> they studied how facebook users engaged in bogus news stories compared to authentic one. terriek a duncan looks at the findings and what that means for voters. >> reporter: you might have seen this article on your facebook feedback in september. a headline blaring, pope francis shocks world, endorses donald trump for president. you may have shared the article or just clicked made a comment. the problem is the story was false. joining the ranks of other fake highly shared or liked articles. wikileaks confirms hilary sold weapons to isis or hilary is disqualified from holding any federal office. buzzfeed news says during the last three months of the presidential campaign, of the top 20 fake election-related articles on facebook all but
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trump, and facebook users engaged with them using a share, a like, or a comment more than 8.7 million times. but they engaged with the top 20 election-related stories from legitimate news outlets both pro and con for each candidate fewer than 7.4 million times. according to pew research, 66% of facebook users say they get their news from the site. but at a tech conference last week facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg dismissed the issue. >> i think the idea that fake news on facebook influenced the election in any way, i think it's a pretty crazy idea. >> reporter: a few days later in a post he acknowledged facebook had begun to look into ways for the online community to flag hoaxes and fake news. experts say it's difficult to filter out fake news, but facebook and google have each
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restricting advertisements with websites that spread fake content. tericka duncan, cbs news new york. a bunch of us here from 10news are out at bay area schools today for the great american teach-in. mike is at in south tampa this morning. he visited the fourth graders. their teachers tell us that the children enjoyed when he showed them a video where the bad guys, as they called them, attacked the harbor at lake st. george elementary school talking with a couple of first graders there. two classes of first graders. they had great questions. it was fun. they get to hear from folks in all different careers and learn a little bit about what we do and others do as they start to figure out what they want to do. >> so much fun being out in the school and talking with the kids. new test results just released on car booster seats shows the industry has come a
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>> we have that story coming up. we will show you the test. also coming up on "10news at noon. >> [ clip playing ] >> opening weekend for "fantastic beasts and where to find them." where this fits into the harry potter series and the actors share the art of waiting alone. do we have it backwards on giving kids low-fat milk a new study could change the way you shop in the dairy aisle. the weekend around the corner. the temperatures, it's just beautiful outside. >> can't say enough nice things about the forecast over the next several days. if you like it cool, i have that covered with the next cold front. if you are not enjoying the warm air, we have cool air right down the road. i will talk about what sort of temperatures we can expect behind it coming up. 10news and the gold diamond source have teamed up to give away a $500 gift card to the gold diamond source.
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you may want to trade in the low-fat milk for the whole milk. research suggests children who drink whole milk have a lower body fat. the study suggests it's because kids feel more full from whole milk so they're less likely to eat other high-calorie foods. parents or grandparent? maybe you have a car seat like this. maybe a booster seat in the back of your car. we have news about booster seats. they appear it safer. the institute of highway safety tested 53 models. 48 got high marks. that's significant because about eight years ago when the insurance institute for highway safety started looking at seats, a quarter got high marks. if you want to check to see if yours got those high marks, we have that information at and again on the 10news app. prequel sequel extension.
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theaters this weekend. they talk about where this movie stands in the world of harry potter to the proper way to use a wand. >> reporter: hard to believe that j.k. rowling, the scribe behind the harry potter books, decided to set her first solo screenplay state side. find them" stars eddie redmayne as in the big apple where a secret wizarding world is under siege and magical country user are running amok. we are in the wool worth building in downtown new york. in the fillk. magical congress meets. it's like a u.n. for anyone who carries a wand. now, speaking of wands and the
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the proper way to do it? how does that work? >> it depends on the spell. on occasion underarm. then you can do sort of like a double -- >> like an act, yeah. it's not just the hand. >> not as easy as it looks. >> reporter: there has to be a kick back like a gun, right? >> that's a good one. >> actually, it's very true. yeah. i was having a bit of a -- >>ia. >> i have never been to a press junket in my they give wands out. >> seems like a shame, doesn't it? >> hopefully, after this there will be more. >> welcome to new york. [ clip playing ]. >> reporter: so the big question is, where exactly does this lie in harry potter's universe? >> it would be incorrect to call it a prequel or a sequel. what would you call it? >> an extension?
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i don't know. we haven't -- >> that's a good question >> this is darker than the first harry potter film. the potter films got darker as the kids grew up. >> i would say it's a prequel, but not a direct prequel. it has the elements of the harry potter wizarding world and some of the characters and history, but taken into the roaring jazz age. >> reporter: for 10news i sam hallenbeck. >> so we got to talk about the weekend. folks are trying to make plans. it looks awesome. >> okay. so the breakdown is going to be if you like warmer weather, saturday is your day. go to the beach. get outside. if you like it crisp and cool and a fall feel, it's sunday, monday. we split it right down the middle. we have something for everybody. >> very nice. >> everybody wins. >> everybody wins. exactly. nobody is losing out on this forecast. gorgeous out there. we are going to keep it to 80
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all of this. a whole lot of sunshine looking out over lakeland, wesley chapel. we are all seeing the same thing. a couple of high cirrus clouds out there. that's about it all day today. with all that sun, we have warmed up to around 79 in tampa. 76 in tampa. 69 carrollwood. 72 st. pete. that's where we're going to stay for most of the afternoon. briefly tapping into 80 degrees in many location, and again stormtracker 10, oh, it's nice and quiet and 's stay that way through the day today. your futurecast does not bring anything in in the way of detectable clouds. the only thing you might see, a little wisp of the cirrus clouds. that's it. our temperatures are going to keep right on warming up. by the time you are out and about this afternoon, upper 70s to near 80. your evening drive looking great as well with those temperatures falling back into the low 70s by your dinner hour. lo and behold, nothing in the way of cloud cover. one thing that does is allows
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we have lighter ones. should be breezier the next couple of days. we will limit that a bit. along and east of i-75, especially north of i-4, we are seeing that the last couple of mornings. be aware you will probably encounter a little bit of that as well. 78 degrees coming up for most of the afternoon. that's where we're gonna sit. right about where we are now. comfortably cool during the overnight hours. a light jacket tomorrow morning and then you will be able to ditch that. a similar forecast to what we're seeing out there this aften. front now. for those of us that like a little bit of fall in our forecast, sunday i am with you. especially monday morning. you will be able to break out the boots and sweaters. we will see a lot of readings that are going to be in the 40s. here is a look at the weekend. around 80 degrees. ahead of that front dropping 10 degrees behind. it most of us are not going to climb out of the 60s as we look ahead to sunday afternoon. it's going to be breezier. here you go. the beach day is right here.
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hot cup of coffee. having a nice brunch. that's sunday. looking ahead to monday, we get the chilly temperatures in the forecast. so at your 8:00 hour we will see a lot of temperatures in the upper 40s. i think in the nature coast we will see a lot of readings in the upper 30s, especially in more rural areas there. our inland spots will be dipping in the low-to-mid 40s once again as well. it's going to be a quick little cold snap. those temperatures already returning to the upper 70s on tuesday and we will see highs already back near 80 by next witness. ian and allison. a massive christmas light display is up and running in tampa. >> we will tell you how to see it in person and get a meal to go. plus. [ music playing ] >> something to think about, right? [ laughter ] >> all right. so sprinkles, cupcake, atm. it is now in business.
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tasty treats. "the big bang theory" tonight followed by "the great indoors" at 8:30, "mom" at 9, "life in pieces" at 9:30, "pure genius" at 10 and "10news at
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[ music playing ] [ laughter ] >> this cupcake atm is open. sprinkles opened it this morning. >> this is 9:30 this morning. pretty good kraut crowd out there. >> they were excited. >> the machine sings while you wait, as well. helps pass the time. they stock this thing every day. if you want to hear the sprinkle song, we have the video on the website.
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ccatchy. >> it had like a disco feel. >> i was over here doing my john travolta moves. [ laughter ]. >> someplace is going to be busy. cooler weather, and this has many of you getting into the holiday spirit. sky10 flew over the chick-fil-a on the veterans expressway this morning. every year they go all out with lights and music. you probably have been there before. if not, it's going to be a place to check out as we go into the holiday seon sky10. you are getting a different view and seeing -- >> everything that they have. >> i was gonna say, i wonder when they started setting it up. >> it was cool to see this morning. this was live during the morning show. >> i wonder if those elaborate displays, i wonder if they take everything down. the big stuff can stay? >> all righty. that does it for us noon. thank you for spending time
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>> phyllis: traci? >> traci: oh. hello, phyllis. were in town. >> traci: yes. i'm actually here to add my congratulations to all the praise for the new jabot makeup app! and spend the holidays with my family, of course. >> phyllis: of course. yeah. so. >> traci: so? >> phyllis: i assume this is where you're gonna let me have it. for driving a wedge between your


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