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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  November 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"10news at noon" starts right now. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i am ian reitz. allison has the day off. a scam that made the rounds on social media last year, it's popping up on facebook feeds once again. you want to be warned. if you take part in this, you may be breaking the law. this is called the secret sister gift exchange. the message asks you to buy a gift card of $10 or more and add your name to a list and you
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why you don't want to fall for the scam. >> reporter: a quick search on facebook and you'll find thousands of posts. >> it's being placed online through social media, mostly facebook and instagram. >> reporter: friends and family members, even strangers asking you to join them for a secret sister gift exchange. >> people say, why not try it and see what happens? >> reporter: here's how it works. you post an invite on facebook asking at least six people to part first person on the list. in return you get up to 36 gifts. sounds too good to be true. that's because it is. >> by the 11th round everyone in the entire united states would have to be participating in order for it to work. >> reporter: emily reves says it's a hoax that has been around for years. >> a pyramid scheme is a person at the top, recruits two more
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more people and it keeps going and growing until you have a broader base of people participating. the person at the top is the one that is gonna get everything. >> reporter: not only is it impossible to sustain, she says it's dangerous, encouraging you to share your personal information with strangers. >> that opens you up for a delivery of items you don't want. it opens you up for a potential break-in. it opens you up for identity theft. >> reporter: while it may cheer, it's best to keep on scrolling. >> anything that requires just a little bit but you expect a lot, it's probably got a catch to it. >> that was laura monteverdi reporting. share the story we posted.
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facebook. lots of big announcements today when it comes to people who will make decisions that will impact your life. we will talk about two key appointments from president- elect donald trump. we will start with kenneth craig in new jersey. that's where mr. trump is holding today's transition meeting. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump has tapped congressman mike pompeo from kansas to be the next cia director. he is a fierce critic of the iran nuclear deal and was a member of the e benghazi committee that investigated the 2012 attack on a u.s. diplomatic compound in libya. >> it makes a difference in how you respond to an attack. >> reporter: earlier mr. trump offered the post of attorney general to alabama senator jeff sessions. sessions was the first senator to endorse the president-elect and was a close advisor during the campaign. before his two decades in the senate, sessions was nominated for a federal judgeship but was
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racial comments he made. vice president-elect mike pence says the transition is going smoothly. >> we have a great number of men and women, great qualifications coming forward to serve the new administration. >> reporter: the president- elect is moving his high- profile transition meetings from the trump tower in new york to the trump national golf club here in new jersey. tomorrow he is expected to sit down for a highly anticipated meeting with mitt romney. the former republican presidential nominee is despite his previous criticism of the president-elect. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. >> reporter: the trump transition team describes the meeting with romney as one to seek counsel. kenneth craig, cbs news, bedminster, new jersey. >> keep in mind the attorney general and cia director positions require senate confirmation. also lieutenant general michael flynn has been offered the
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advisor. florida governor rick scott says he will not be a part of president-elect donald trump's administration. he did meet with mr. trump on thursday. you can see he sent out this message on twitter after meeting. he did say he would help the president-elect during the transition process. you are taking a look at the lobby of trump tower. that's how it looked earlier today. there is a lot of talk about security at trump tower. new york city working with secret service service agents to figure out the best way to protect the penthouse and the folks who live there. michelle miller is on 5th avenue with more. >> reporter: new york's scenic 5th avenue is becoming an obstacle course. how many days have you been dealing with this? >> i guess since the election. >> reporter: the security effort to protect the president- elect trump tower home doesn't stop with the barricade. checkpoints and officers outside.
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with secret service agents as law enforcement officials come up with a long-term plan protect the building located on 5th avenue. according to a former secret service agent, the security will focus most heavily on the floor surrounding trump's 26th floor office and the penthouse he lives in with his family. penthouse windows will be replaced with bullet-proof glass. the elevators below the office and residence will be off and key coded. only certain agents an staff have access outside. parking will be heavily restricted. there is also the potential for a restricted traffic lane and delivery lane on 5th avenue. background checks will be run on building staff and potentially some residents. officers will face increased pressure with the approaching holidays. more than five million people will visit new york this year between thanksgiving and new year's. law enforcement is considering
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precaution in the garage level of trump tower, but of course the u.s. secret service keeping all of their options open on how to secure this building in the days, weeks, and months to come. michelle miller, cbs news new york. new york city officials are expected to address safety concerns later today surrounding trump tower. it's that time of year when we could use a little extra cash. picking up part-time holiday rk there are other jobs to talk about. 10news reporter jenny dean has three interesting ways to make extra money right now. >> reporter: hey, guys. >> brianna queen turned her passion into profits. i have written two books. two e-books on amazon. i also started a cosmetics line called queen skin cosmetics. i now do makeup as a profession.
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making her an average of five grand a year and her business is still growing. >> it's weird. you are like, nobody is going to pay me to do what i love. >> reporter: maybe youtube isn't for you. how about network marketing? there are dozens of businesses already set up for you to step in and start making money. >> this is our greens. it's a popular product. >> reporter: tammie was a loyal customer of it s for two years before she started selling it. >> within my first three months i made about $1,200. since then quite a bit more. it's grown a lot. >> reporter: so much so that tammie no longer has to work full time since that extra income now pays all of her bills. >> believing in what you are selling is important. i use everything that we sell. >> reporter: rochelle commented on facebook she is a ship shopper.
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she says as an independent contractor i have the ability to work when i want to work. there are many more ways to make extra money. look for the story on or the 10news app. jenny dean, 10news wtsp. a marching band from the tampa bay area is going to be making their way through the big apple. they are headed to new york city to perform in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. they have been practicing for months now. their hard work the students are the only ones from florida performing in the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. have you seen this picture? the turkeys blocked part of the highway in minnesota. the driver tweeted the photo thursday afternoon with the caption, turkeys protesting thanksgiving. traffic at a standstill. no cars were getting through until they were able to get the turkeys out of there.
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weekend. maybe you have some early visitors for thanksgiving. looks like we are in for a nice one? >> it is going to be gorgeous through the weekend. a little bit colder. it's warm right now, but changes are in store as we head into sunday and beginning of next work week. so if you want to head to the beach and you have time this afternoon, maybe tomorrow afternoon, perfect weather for that. we will talk about when the cold air arrives and just how low those temperatures will go. also ahead, a woman's anger leads to an extreme act inside a store, and now she is under arrest. a discovery shedding new light on the progression of alzheimer's disease. first, have you seen this? crews in california battling a
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welcome back. this morning we were watching this live feed right here from california earlier today. a big fire going on this morning. this was video from a helicopter capturing some of those flames. you see the silhouette of that firefighter. they were there for quite some time. this was a pellet yard fire in paris, california. despite how this looks, the
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take a look this fire. this was in the seattle area. investigators say that a 64- year-old woman was upset about the lack of shopping carts, so she went inside the dollar tree store and she went over to the party supply area. she told the store there was a fire. she walked out. prosecutors say that she then stayed on the scene taking photos and video of the fire as it burned. now, no one was hurt, but it took 75 firefighters 24 hours to put out a fire she started in afternoon of first degree arson. scientists are learning more about the secrets of alzheimer's disease. researchers say a brain protein that is lost as the disease progresses can have a protective effect if reintroduced. they say the study, which focused on mice, is a new way of understanding the disease. the next step is to develop a
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it's friday and it's time to feature another school. our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida is stewart middle magnet in tampa. this is video of their flight simulator lab. also known as space station stewart. classes here at stewart middle focus on s.t.e.m., which is science, technology, engineering, and math. they also study alternative energy. they even have a living laboratory. get this. that's where they analyze water quality, and that's just one of the many things they do. they are learning 2d, 3d drawing, construction graphics. you can build hot air balloons and rockets, meet astronauts and astrophysicists and engineers. >> now, the 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida also received a $1,000 check from duke energy. the principal says they will put that money to very good use. if you have a school you
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from you. 10news 10news schools at we would love to hear about it. so much fun to go out there. i was there yesterday. >> we didn't have those cool gadgets when we were in school. >> i know. >> really, really neat. >> lucky. they are taking advantage of every moment. >> they are. i hope er takes advantages of the gorgeous weather this afternoon. tomorrow, sunday, too, looking nice out there. in fact, it's a nice afternoon as we take a live look from our suntrust financial center camera, and there you can see some filtered sunshine. we are looking good out there. we are staying dry today and dry tomorrow, too. temperatures also very pleasant. right now 78 degrees. a dew point of 56. so that's relatively normal for this time of year. but we are going to see the dew
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one moment. current temperatures at 79 in clearwater. it's 75 at new port richey and crystal river right now is 74 degrees. but it's warmer inland. bartow already up to 83 degrees. now, here is the cooler weather we are tracking. it is across the northern tier of the country. right now 38 degrees in lincoln, nebraska. it's 29 degrees in international falls. so this cooler air will be moving southward as the cold front approaches our area moving through overnight into tomorrow. so high pressure right over georgia and a clockwise flow around the area of high pressure will bring us winds out of the east-northeast. that front eventually will push through our area. so high temps today ranging from the upper 70s into the low 80s. 83 davis island. brooksville 79 degrees for a high. really nice afternoon out there. no worries. no rain. hardly any clouds. so pleasant through the evening and just a few clouds overnight
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futurecast model. it shows increasing clouds for inland locations this evening, and it's showing maybe a teeny bit of moisture. i don't think that's going to hit the ground. for your friday evening plans, nice and dry. you can go out and enjoy. check out the dew points right now in the 50s, but look how low they drop as we head into beginning portions of next week and sunday down to 29 degrees for a dew point. that's really, really dry air, and we temperatures drop, too. so saturday nice and mild. wake-up temps 61 degrees. sunday cool and crisp. breezy, too, with a high temp of 68 degrees. that's it for a high temperature. so that strong cold front bringing us very cold temps by monday morning. look at crystal river. 40 degrees. brooksville 41. that is cold for anybody's standards, especially ours here in the bay area. st. pete a little more on the
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degrees. let's talk about your weekend. saturday and sunday looking good. in fact, basically dry from here on out all the way to thanksgiving. maybe a stray shower or two on thanksgiving day, but looking really beautiful. this is the time of year we just soak it in. ian. one of marilyn monroe's most famous dresses has a new owner. we will tell you about that after the break. plus, the world's most famous mouse has reason to celebrate today. we can't get enough of this video look at this. it's a puppy enjoying the first snowfall of the year. having a good time. that's coming up for you right after this. tonight on 10news at 8:00 "macgyver" followed by "hawaii 5-0", "blue bloods" atton,
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we have a birthday too talk about. happy birthday to mickey mouse.
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appeared on steamboat willie. disney parks around the world are celebrating number 88. >> he is looking good for 88. >> looking great. >> i aspire to look like that when i am 88. marilyn monroe's dress worn as she sang happy birthday to president kennedy has a new owner. it sold for under $5 million at an auction in los angeles. so monroe wore the dress may 19, 1962, for an early 45th birthday celebrat square garden. the rendition of the song has been rebroadcast several times. she was found dead four months later at the age of 36. again, that went for $4.8 million in los angeles. >> i could do a lot with $4.8 million. buying a dress is probably not on the top of the list. we want to end on this. we are talking about the cold front. check this out.
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this is loki, a red healer from colorado. his mom posted this video on facebook. this has been shared a number of times. loki is having a good time in the snow. >> he is loving it. >> first snow of the season. having some fun. denver went from record- breaking warmth on wednesday to the first snow of the season yesterday. >> you know, and that's more typical for a continental climate where you have the dramatic spikes in the temperature and then it drops quickly. we don't have that much here in florida, but if weekend into monday. it's going to be much cooler to start. low temperatures in the 40s for some areas in the bay area. >> that is cold. >> that is cold. get out those jackets. the good news, well, if you don't like it that cold, lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s, we are going to warm it right back up just in time for turkey day with a high of 80 degrees. >> wait a day or so and we are back into the mid-70s. >> absolutely. that does it for us on this friday. thank you for spending time
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