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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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dynamics. he was in an environment where the vehicles were there and he took advantage of it. >> reporter: the first place deputies looked for him, the neighborhood where he lived, worrying neighbors. >> you get scared automatically. >> reporter: fortunately, deputies found him the next day about 30 miles from the garage in bartow. even though flanagin wasn't found in this neighborhood, it makes neighbors worry about how supervised. >> i agree with the program. >> reporter: the sheriff's office defends the program saying it saves tax payers money and let's non-violent inmates contribute to society. they say escapes aren't common. how do you assure people that no changes are required? >> look at the history of the program and show the good the program has done throughout the community. we have inmates who have worked under direct supervision by the sheriff's office for years and
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this is the first time in my recollection that we have had to talk about this on camera. >> reporter: flanagin had less than 250 days left in his sentence. now that one night of freedom could cost him 15 years in jail. in lakeland, grady trimble. >> you heard him referring to that guy as a trustee inmate. that means he didn't have a violent criminal history and he could be assigned jobs outside of the jail. there are programs similar to work release that the state. inmates have to have a clean record and they have to be in custody at least 60 days. the florida department of corrections also makes it very clear who cannot take part. anyone convicted of sexual battery, murder, attempted murder, or using destructive devices. [ technical difficulties ] this little girl was hit by a stray bullet inside her home.
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take police long to find this scumbag responsible. tonight they have done that. 17-year-old jovaris lundy is behind bars. we made an exception to our crime guidelines by identifying the teenager because of the. [ technical difficulties ] it is video that's hard to watch. flagstaff police say the recording shows the officer striking the woman in as he trued to arrest her. >> reporter: cell phone video captured wednesday shows flagstaff police officer jeff bonner striking melissa morris outside her boyfriend's home in arizona while attempting an arrest. >> hey! hey, you can't hit a girl like that. >> reporter: bonner, who has been with the department for
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morris on the property. >> he yelled at me that i had a warrant. i said, no, i do not. he attacked me pretty much. >> reporter: morris did hold two failure to appear warrants for dui and resisting arrest, but they were resolved before wednesday's incident. officer bonner was wearing a body camera, but according to it off before approaching morris. >> we owe the flagstaff community, the officer and the department the full and complete investigation. >> reporter: also in his report bonner says morris appeared to be on a stimulant drug and resisted arrest kneeing him in the groin and leg several times. in the report bonner acknowledged striking morris in the head several times. >> i know what happened. i live with it every day.
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pretty embarrassing, actually. it makes me feel like nothing. >> reporter: carter evans, cbs news lay-up. >> the woman's boy and his three and nine-year-old children watched as the officer hit they are. talk about a tough situation for any kid to witness? you are watching two acres burning. these are pallets. those shipping pallets. this is a pallet yard in california. dozens of firefighters battled these flames overnight and this forced a nearby wa down. making matters worse, on this property there were propane tanks that exploded. it took firefighters eight hours to get this under control. president-elect donald trump's team is starting to take shape. we know you were slammed with alerts probably on your phone this morning about mr. trump's selections. so let's break down all of it starting with the most controversial selection, attorney general. mr. trump offered the post to
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he has a reputation as a budget hawk with a tough illegal immigration stance. sessions was also the alabama attorney general for part of the '90s. now, in 1985, he was nominated to the u.s. district court in alabama, but he wasn't confirmed after former colleagues accused him of making racist comments. a black assistant u.s. attorney even accused sessions of having addressed him as boy, and that he had condemned the ncaap's un- amer inspired. when asked for comments by cbs news and on this and other accusations, sessions' spokesperson said the senator was unavailable. other selections. president-elect trump tapped congressman mike pompeo from to be the next sky 10 director. the tea party republican a fierce critic of the iran nuclear deal. mr. trump offered the job of national security advisor to retired three star general
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transition is going smoothly. >> a great number of men and women, great qualifications coming forward to serve this new administration. >> both attorney general and cia director positions need senate confirmation tomorrow. mr. trump is expected to sit down for a highly anticipated meeting with mitt romney. you can be the first to know about any new selections at also get the alerts through our tonight new york city officials are taking and talking about safety concerns surrounding mr. trump's penthouse. right now security concerns making it a traffic nightmare right here in manhattan. now we are getting a look at the trump penthouse protection plan. >> new york's 5th avenue is becoming an obstacle course. >> how many days have you been dealing with this? >> since the election. >> reporter: the security
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elect trump tower home doesn't stop with the barricades. checkpoints and officers outside. the entire skyscraper is posted with secret service agents as law enforcement officials come up with a long-term plan to protect the building. according to a former secret service agent, the security will focus most heavily on the floor surrounding trump's 26th floor office and the penthouse he lives in with his family. peus replaced with bullet proof glass. the elevators below the office and residence will be locked off and key coded. only certain agents and staff will have access outside. parking along the perimeter of trump tower will be heavily restricted. there is the potential for a restricted traffic lane and delivery lane on 5th avenue. background checks will be run on building staff and potentially some residents. officers will also face increased pressure with the
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will visit new york this year between thanksgiving and new year's. law enforcement is considering using bomb-sniffing dogs as a precaution in the garage level of trump tower, but of course the u.s. secret service keeping all of their options open on how to secure this building in the days, weeks, and months to come. michelle miller, cbs news new york. tonight minneapolis police are investigating an attempted hanging of a toddler daycare. you are asking a lot of questions about this seriously disturbing story. here is what happened. officers were called about daycare worker hanging a 16- month-old boy. a parent saw it happening and saved that boy. right now doctors are taking care of him. he is expected to be okay. as for that worker, she hopped in a minivan and drove off but she hit someone at an intersection, dragged this person down the road and
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people watching this didn't just stand there. they jumped into action. they tackled her. officers arrested her. she is also in the hospital tonight for a mental evaluation. you are weighing in on facebook. katarina writes, don't worry, she will get a slap on the wrist and therapy. marcy says america needs to go back to an eye for an eye sentencing. right now a live look at your friday evening commute. the vantage point from the sunshine skyway bridge. everything moving along quite nicely on you can be breaking the law and not even know it. the facebook trend that could get you in a lot of trouble. and we have all taken part in one, but how often does that fire drill change your life? up next you will meet a
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we are on top of breaking news. a pinellas deputy fired after being accused of excessive force and faking a police report. i want to take you to the pinellas county sheriff. let's listen in. >> almost to invite her to take the driver's license. so the driver's license wasn't here. it wasn't down he was holding it out in front of her. so when she gets out of the truck she takes -- he is holding it with two fingers. she takes the driver's license out of his hand and then moves to turn away. at that point deputy wagner slammed taylor up against the sued of the vehicle and then took her to the ground and he used improper force against taylor. as a result of that, and again
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in a minute, but as a result of that, he arrested her on a felony charge of battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence. he authored a report, and the report that he authored said that taylor shoved him. about 30 days later he authored a supplemental report after additional video was obtained, and again indicates that he was pushed by ta investigation, he made numerous statements that are inconsistent with the evidence, that he had been pushed, shoved, that there had been some form of contact by taylor. the video clearly shows that taylor did not touch deputy wagner at all. there is absolutely no contact. it's on equivocal that there is no contact. we slowed it down and looked at it. we show you video and provide you copies of the video.
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that deputy wagner -- >> you are hearing from pinellas county sheriff. he is showing you that video that led to this investigation of one of his deputies who, as you saw, used excessive force during a traffic stop in march. he said that the woman in that video had assaulted him. he then filed a police -- or an incident report about that. in the end, the dash cam video, as well as video from the gas stn happening, showed that the deputy was the one using improper force, and then filed a false report to clarify that. hearing from the pinellas county sheriff who is talking about deputy wagner's firing today as well. talking about something more lighthearted, take fire drill, a firefighter, a math teacher and a ring and you get pure magic. >> a north carolina firefighter pops the question to his girlfriend. it happened in the high school
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event all started with a fire drill. check it out. >> it's a good feeling. >> reporter: two and a half years ago eric saw a picture of jessica smith. >> if you can fall in love with a picture, i did. she is very striking. >> reporter: estep a firefighter and smith a math teacher dated, fell in love, and soon estep began planning his proposal. >> go big or go home, i mean a lot to her. >> i had a feeling it might happen, but not like this. >> reporter: he made a plan. called a mock fire drill at her school with the help from the principal. >> go into the parking lot. we are going to pull in front of the walkway. >> reporter: the students. >> eric called me on i think monday night and he was like thursday is going to be a day for me and miss smith. would you like to help out? i was like of course. >> reporter: and the fire department across the street from the high school armed with
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approached. >> one, two. >> reporter: the fire alarm sounds and 500 students pile in the parking lot. smith and her class the last to arrive. >> i felt like something was up with the cameras. then when i saw the fire truck, i knew that it was them. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> i see her every time i close my eyes, when i wake up. i think about her at work all the time. you know, even on duty, you know, if i situation, it crosses my mind about being smart about what i do. she is always in the forefront of my mind. [ cheers and applause ] >> taking that next step and knowing that we actually will be together forever is really exciting.
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like how do you go back in the school? >> no. maybe she didn't. >> i loved how the students were cheering in the background. >> it was amazing. it was very elaborate. you have to ask, is the wedding going to be elaborate? they said baby steps, folks. tracking storms. alerting you. protecting your family. it's time for 10weather. >> all right. friday afternoon. good afternoon everybody. we made it through the work week. atas friday work week. we did it on a dry note and we will continue through the weekend for most of us on a dry note. stormtracker 10 is pretty dry out there. this is tampa bay. this is our suntrust financial building center camera downtown. davis island is gorgeous. you see the extra orange in the sky? that is actually some smoke from the fires in georgia and north carolina, and that's going to make for a really orange sunset tonight. the fires are all up in here.
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the smoke came down and then a little bit -- that's the wrong thing here. came here and the northeast winds dragged it towards us. that's why you may have noticed had afternoon it looked a little bit hazy at times and it will continue to do so tonight. most of this is aloft. if you do have very bad troubles with breathing, if that kind of air quality affects you, you may want to stay in a little bit for tonight because it will be blowing through this evening. we are in the upper 70s. mid-to-upper 70s right now. 73 in crystal river. 75 in 77 in sarasota. bradenton you are at 79 degrees. it's about 77 in riverview. new tampa in the mid-70s. 74 in clearwater and 75 in plant city. so we go from those numbers to these numbers tomorrow morning. that's not bad. it's cold just like it's been, but we're talking mid-to-upper 50s, close to 60 degrees first thing for your saturday morning. so the weekend starts off beautiful. it will be sunny. it will be dry. then it will be continuous sunny through midday, and then
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this is 5:30 around sunset or so. look at this. a small shower chance. very, very small. if it comes through 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, look at this. one sprinkle. that is towards winter haven. it's going to be a small chance for rain. we will see a few clouds. the winds pick up. see those arrows get bigger and longer? that means it's getting windier. that is sunday. saturday is a beautiful day. a lot of sunshine. a little bit cooler than today because we have the wind coming off the water. saturday night outdoor plans look great. no issues. friday night football fine. no problem. then as we get into sunday morning we are in the upper 40s to low 50s. sunday with sunshine stays in the 60s for highs. yeah. and then we slowly get back to 70 degrees by monday. the bucs are headed out to kansas city. that game at 4:00 is going to be in the 40s. lots of sunshine and dry, but
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for them. and then this is the coldest air that we have seen so far this season. this is monday morning at 7 a.m. mid-and-upper 30s hernando, citrus, eastern pasco county. that's going to be a chilly tee time first thing in the morning. push it back to 10, 10:30. you will be all right. seven-day forecast. this brings thanksgiving into the mix. look what happens. after that cold start on monday, we start a warm-up. mid-70s tuesday, wednesday. close to 80 for thanksgiving with sunshine. i don't in the forecast all the way through next week. it is the batful first place deems in cowboys welcome the ravens. here is what to look out for. it is da x's team in dallas. tony romo said so himself. now that debate is settled. dak prescott won't have to look over his shoulder, giving him more confidence.
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elliott is. the cowboys running back will have his work cut out against the toughest run defense in the league. that's a major reason why the ravens are in first place. if history tells us anything, it will stay that way after sunday because baltimore 4-0 all time against those boys. i am justin granite. that is your toyota sunday spotlight. cowboys-ra afraid you're suffering from fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options.
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if you have not seen this this friday, you will love
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here. this was probably in your facebook feed. this is loki, a red healer from colorado. his mom posted this on facebook and it's been shared thousands of times. you see her catching the snow in her mouth. i actually looked up breed information about the red healer. i have never heard of this type of dog. they are high energy, very intelligent, as you can see, and they need lots and lots of exercise. >> you know something? at least this dog is excited to the snow as opposed to a lot of dogs, inclin don't like it. >> not touching it. here we go again. another one of those stories that will make you say, really? okay. a woman was so upset over the lack of shopping carts at a dollar tree she set the place on fire. >> what? >> a 64-year-old woman at that. she is now charged with first degree arson. seattle prosecutors say the lady told store employees she was going to burn down the store because of a cart outage.
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employees the store was on fire. turns out the entire strip mall went up in flames. the good news here, nobody was hurt. now, as you can imagine, a lot of people sounding off on this. laura writes, well, lordy! i hate to think what would have happened if they were out of her favorite candy. laura, we probably would hate to find out what would happen
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met.
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in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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10news 5:30 starts right now. >> just in time for the weekend, a good way to check to see if your restaurant is meeting your standards, and you can do it right here with the iphone. >> merry christmas. >> thank you. >> if you are wondering what the boxes are about, we are getting to the bottom of something you may have seen on facebook. mulberry you have shared it.


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