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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  November 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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around the bay area. we warm up very quickly through out the day so we're forecasting highs actually in the mid to upper 70s great looking afternoon and even warmer air arrives before thanksgiving. i'll have that thanksgiving day forecast for you coming up in about 10 minutes. good morning it is 6:00 on your tuesday, i'm road warrior hillary z ala. there's an accident in sarasota county just reported along river road at u.s. 41. you may have a lane blocked there but i'm not seeing delays and let's go polk county along i4 near the rest area through auburn dale. you can see the right lane and shoulder is blocked from this crash. police on scene there. but your drive time really isn't affected coming up in less than 10 minutes i'll have drive times for you and a look at your bridges. good tuesday morning
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morning. >> the two days before thanksgiving this morning, 10 news meteorologist is sharing one of her family favorite recipes. and iphone problems apple is scrambling to fix a glitch that may have happened to your phone. we'll start with a story out of tennessee where a school bus crash killed at least five children which is. it happened monday afternoon about 3:30 in chattanooga and the bus had 35 children from a local elementary school on board. >> 10 news reporter is live in the news room and emerald this is obviously a horrible day for families who it's going to be really tough to explain all this to their classmates. >> reporter: allison i can't even imagine what the families, friends and loved ones are going through but it's one reason why there will be grief counselors around to help the kids who are having a hard type coping with his if you look at how terrible this crash is you'll see why this might be so hard for these kids. this crash stole the lives of at least five of their classmates and right now officials are placing the blame
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charges among others and officials say they are looking to see if alcohol had anything to do with this crash. now the observant children who survived were called the scary moments leading up to the crash backing up officials belief that speed might have been part of the cause. >> he was going real fast, and we hit a mailbox and then flipped over and hit a tree to rescue these children. cbs news reports it took about two hours to get all of them free. now the story ha a lot of you all thinking about your own children's safety and some of you had taken the time to share your stories about school buses here in the area. one person said she saw a speeding school bus in pasco county two days in a row and stories like this make her glad her son rides with her every single day. >> it's just a difficult story for those families for all those individuals affected it brings up those questions about
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how concerned do parents need to be about their childs ride to school this morning? >> it's always good to have is some level of concern and a critical eye when your child is in someone else's care and we've had our own scares here in this area but our partners at usa today do report that school buses are still a pretty safe way to get your kids around as less than 1% of all crashes nationwide are related to school transportation. >> live in the news room, emerald thank you. president-elect donald trump is laying out his plans for the first 100 days of administration. in a video posted to the president-elect's transition page on youtube, donald trump vowed to bring jobs back to the u.s. by backing out of the largest global trade deal in history on day one. he also detailed his plan for immigration reform. >> i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> president-elect trump hasn't held a formal news conference since he was elected but did hold an off the record reset
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executives and anchors on monday including cbs's charlie rose, gail king and nora o'donnell. mr. trump is expected to head to florida to his home later today where he will celebrated thanksgiving happening today new rules aimed at loosening the powerful bond between state lawmakers and lobbyists . land o lakes representative wants to make sure the men and women you elect aren't being swayed by like it'ses when they vote. now some of the rules voted on today, banning lawmakers are flying on like it'ses plan lobbyists and lawmakers during committee meetings and making representatives disclose if they work or vol unfear for organizations that receive hours. so japan continues to recover from a powerful earthquake, they are now trying to figure out if the quake was an aftershock from a massive quake that happened five years ago. here is what we know this morning officials lifted all tsunami warnings and all advisories. we haven't heard of anyone getting hurt or the serious damage from the 7.3 quake.
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region a powerful earthquake hit in 2011 and you may recall that quake caused a tsunami to kill 18,000 people and also destroyed a nuclear plant. 6:05 just as millions of americans are hitting the road for thanksgiving a snowstorm hit the northeast and look what it did. it brought a ton of snow and that brought roads to a stand still. parts of new york are buried under two feet of lake effect snow and they are expect today get more today. thousands are already without power and the weather is being blamed for a lot of accidents. law enforcement have been out there trying to do whatever c >> when you see the weather report showing snow, what goes through your mind. >> cars in the ditch, here we go. >> the good news here those conditions are expected to improve just in time for thanksgiving. skiers and snowboarders on sugar mountain in north carolina wish that snow would fall farther south for them. the fresh powder they have here is man made. it's working though. the long dry summer and fall has been taking its toll on ski resorts in the area. a snow machine has allowed some
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and that's a good thing for all those restaurants resorts and shops that count on the tourists through the spring. >> still looks like a good time. >> yeah. they are getting their runs in. so if you have the iphone 6, have you ever noticed the phone may shut off unexpect edly? well apple acknowledged that glitch and they are doing something to fix it. you want to bring your iphone 6 to an apple store for a replacement battery. phone company says there may have been a glitch in phones made in september and october of 2015 and causing to randomly shut off. apple wants to reassure sure everyone it's not a safety hazard. make sure your phone is backed up before you have the battery replaced. this is pretty cool especially as you do shopping at international plaza on black friday. you may notice a new store and not be able to shop from merchandise from your favorite bay area sports team. tampa bay sports and entertainment says the store will be like the one you may have seen at tampa international airport and buy all the gear you want from the
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and usf. on the first floor of the mall. today is giving tuesday. it's a day to help cake off the charitable season in honor of the special day triple a wants to make sure your children stay safe in the car. it's traffic safety foundation is giving out booster seats. you can pay a $10 suggested donation to the foundation. you can pick them up any time between 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. at the triple a on west shore boulevard in tampa. your child must be at least four years old and weigh 40 pounds to get a booster seat. before you get ready to heut 10 news your first stop. >> coming up we have got a look at some of the deals that you want to look forward to this holiday season plus the hottest toys. ashley beaty is cooking up a family favorite recipe in the kitchen here in just a couple minutes with the details we're looking forward to that. looks awesome can't wait. 6:07 is the time and if you are about to head out the door, the bridges are still pretty quiet but i do want to give you drive times because they are about to pick up this is the howard
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10275 northbound as you come into tampa here drive time is just six minutes and another 30 minutes that could get up to seven or eight minutes and live to the sunshine skyway bridge very quiet here dark and early drive time is 17 minutes. ashley? >> as you head out the door this morning make sure you've got jackets and sweaters handy it is cold in some spots we've got 30s out there whole lot of 40s and a big warm up is on the way so layers are going to be key and talking about big warm up just in time for the holiday. and we'll have that hoy right up first here is the
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every day this week we are featuring a family recipe and this morning 10 news meteorologist ashley beaty is treating us to one of her family favorites. >> she's going back and forth
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what are cooking this morning? >> this is a recipe that everyone has had their thanksgiving turkey you've got to feed them breakfast the next morning turns out they want to eat more than just one meal. this is a really great recipe if you're hosting a big group and you want one thing you can throw together so we're prepping up a little beaty family breakfast casserole and the great thing i love about this is it's really versatile so if you are a vegetarian or you aren't a big fan of one particular meat you can substitute a lot so the fit and on the bottom layer, nice and easy get a farring of frozen potatoes. so you don't need to use the whole bag it's probably about three quarters make sure that nicely coats the bottom, we'll add this little bit more there. spread those out real nice. i like the diced ones i think you can use the shredded ones my mom has done that a few
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like to pop in, the green chile's big believer in the brand name when it comes to this one so we'll spread those out and do i have a fork? i do. spread that out real nice. just add the little kick. they is have a mild as well as hot version and there is my pre heated oven so get that going at about 350. spread those out. don't make it too clumpy, otherwise someone will get a big mouth full and then, we are going got half a red, half a green bell pepper as well as one small onion or if you've got an onion about this size, use about half of it but finally dice that up and we'll just want to throw that in there. don't mind getting our hands a little messy spread all of that around and then in goes the ham and as i mentioned you can totally substitute something else, if you want to just leave it out entirely add an extra
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of bell peppers i've done chopped up broccoli with tomatoes you can really put just about anything that you want in here and then we add in a mixture six eggs i've already beaten. add one can of the evaporated milk, i'm making a little bit of a mess sorry and then here is the ashley kick to this. add a little sriricha in here but don't add too much and make sure you mix so when that's all combined we pore this over the top here and make sure we get that in kind of evenly. and yes i do sing to myself when i cook it's just a standard beaty thing and then we top it off with a whole lot of cheese. just add the whole thing in
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cheese in there and pop this into our pre heated oven. this will go in for 60-70 minutes so just give that a good check there, throw that in. and that will be ready to go so i told you it's going to take an hour but i've already made one so we do get to taste one in about 30 minutes. >> you like it spicy ha, the family likes it spicy? >> got to have a little kick. >> i like it and the whole bag of cheese. >> the whole >> that's the way to go. >> never too much cheese. >> pretty smart making a breakfast casserole. >> it is good because the day after thanksgiving you're done with the turkey left overs maybe you want to pause from that, that pleases everybody. >> so turkey sandwiches will be there at lunch. >> looking forward to it. let's get over to our road warrior hillary now keeping at eye at 6:15 on the roads. >> not too bad now i'm really hungry. it is 6:15 and we do have a couple accidents but none are causing huge delays so the
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hillsboro county along 275. let's go live to sky 10 so this is 275 at hillsboro avenue. this is in the southbound direction of 275 but you can see the crash is completely moved into that left shoulder. now we're seeing a little bit of a slowdown as you pass this but right now you aren't heavily backed up because rush hour is just beginning so your drive time is still just 15 minutes from the apex down to i4. let's go to i4 in polk county right now as you travel through auburn dale along westbound i4 near the rest area have this crash in that right shoulder here in polk county but it's not causing you any delays as you can see traffic is basically just slowing down a little bit passing that one. back to our maps if traveling pinellas county in the next couple minutes we are starting to see delays. our slowest spots mlk, as you go north towards 275 and roosevelt boulevard, so you're in the yellow and you can see
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slow there. in sarasota county, the accident that i'm on top of is along river road at u.s. 41; however i am learning no lanes are blocked from this so you are still in the green and i75 notice behind that it's actually looking great if traveling all the way north into manatee county. if you have any problems on the roads be sure to send me an e- mail i'm your road warrior and can help you with any traffic questions that you have e-mail me at road and ashley >> i'm pretty pumped about that and it's good thing we don't have smell-a vision, but we are off to a great start so far this morning, clear skies and as long as you don't mind a little bit of a chill in the air we're off to a really perfect start for a nice fall day. 50 right now still in tampa this is likely to dip into the upper 40s before our next check. sunrise still about 30 minutes away. 44 right now newport richie with colder numbers 34 in
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right around freezing for deafer hills here are the first glimpse of sun light, nothing in the way of cloud cover and that's what we are going to see all through out the morning and into most of the afternoon as well. by this evening a little bit starts working its way in from the east thanks to easterly winds so as we get those we'll be able to warm things up just a little bit more so instead of around 70 we'll be about 77 this afternoon still comfortable and very dry air still in are red flag warnings meaning that brush fires definitely a danger over the next couple days since we aren't seeing rain in the forecast. 62 overnight so a big difference in st. pete and all around the area notice no 30s. really no 40s we may get a couple upper 40s into rural areas of the nature coast that's going to be about it. big travel week so there are two areas kind of three that i really want to watch if traveling or have folks coming in from northern areas where we
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first up, up into new england they are still seeing that wrap around moisture and looking ahead to tomorrow and thursday it's the great lakes region we're very concerned about so all along the lakes there chicago, cleveland back into up state new york pay attention in those areas and looking ahead to the pacific northwest getting rain over the next couple of days. on the other hand we have just about perfect weather here in tampa bay for thanksgiving high of 81 degrees, everything looking fantastic. straight on through the weekend tracking a notice those temperatures come down just a little bit as we head into saturday and sunday no big changes to that forecast still upper 70s for the second half of the weekend and overnight lows after this morning we are much much warmer for the next six days where we drop back to around 60 degrees state through early next week. get 10 weather updates on the road with our 10 weather radio partners and tampa bay catch us on magic 94.9 on sarasota talk
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so we'll continue to offer some home remedies for aches and pains. >> coming up what you might want to try in your pantry right now before you head to the doctor. and then later, the show will not go on, kanye west cancelled his tour, checks into a hospital after a week of ranting. i'll take you outside this morning we are in the 50s this morning in st. for you on a cold tuesday morning, glad you're waking up with us more weather and traffic coming up in about
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doctors will tell you it seems more and more people are looking less at prescription drugs and hoping for more natural solutions especially when it comes to pain management. >> so a lot of times ku find
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we were getting really bad headaches for years plus she had to have hip surgery so she decided to get off aft prescribed medication and use natural products to release the tension. doctors say that taking your health into your own hands can come down to what you do every single day when you're at home. >> want to start at the foundations of health and that can be things like are you sleeping, are you exercising, what are you eating, are you drinking water what do you do for fun and the next step remedy can fall into that area. >> if the doctors say you want to consider things like what you eat, possible food allergies just taking a look at your day-to-day routine and walking through that to start. >> try a couple things out and if it gets to be too much go see your doctor. so we do have a couple of accidents on our interstates there's one in polk county along i4 and another one along 275 in tampa. i'm really staying on top of those as we head into morning
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morning but also making the breakfast casserole. >> so we've got what about 30 minutes left? >> we've got 30 minutes until we taste the one that i made last night but the one we just popped in the oven that needs to go for about another hour pop this in at 350 and let it sit for about 30 minutes and this guy right here is going to be ready to eat that cheese already melting looking real real nice so we'll do the big taste test for you goes i non is getting hungry in about 30 minutes. >> ashley is like a show. >> perfect. >> i love it with the entire bag of cheese. >> you can't go wrong with a whole bag of cheese. >> spicy and cheese we like it. monday night football takes over mexico city. one player believes he was
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happy tuesday it's just about 6:30 as you head out the door jackets and sweaters defily up really quickly. starting to get those little glimpse of sunshine in there, and once that sun starts working its magic these temperatures are going to come up very very quickly and by 10 we'll be well into the 60s. so make sure you're doing layers as opposed to one big heavy coat you'll want to ditch that later on with temperatures in the upper 70s for today even warmer tomorrow, talk about that wednesday forecast and have a look ahead to thanksgiving in just about 10
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hotspots at just about 6:30 on tuesday. there's an accident along 275 in tampa near hillsboro avenue. let's go live to sky 10 and check it out so as you are traveling south on 275, it's in this left shoulder and you do have police on scene there, so seeing a slight delay on 275 from this. i'll get you your drive time here and take you to the bridges coming up in less than 10 minutes. good morning it's tuesday, november 22. i'm allison cross. >> i'm ian rice at todays top stories at 6:30. >> a bus crash involving school children is every public safety professionals worst nightmare. >> at least five children were killed and dozens more hurt after a school bus crashed in tennessee. the driver of that bus is now facing several change. this morning all tsunami warnings have been lifted following a powerful earth quake in japan. my agenda will be based on
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putting america first. >> president-elect donald trump posted a video outlining his plans for the first hundred days of his administration. christmas is just around the corner and some of the hottest toys on the market are already sold out. 10 news is live outside the toys r us in clearwater and sarah this is pretty crazy but you're finding some of these toys are double or triple the price? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. it's because people scoop them up in stores like toys r us and then they posted them online. the tw seeing right now is take a look. those little chickens that you'll see there and then classic nintendo, very difficult for parents to find. now we know every parent wants to be able to get their kids exactly what they ask for and that's why it's so difficult to be able to get them what they need by christmas so what can you do to better your chances of finding out if these hot toys could be found on store shelves? well first, get online and
6:31 am
toys that you'll want to buy. that way, when the item comes in, you'll get an e-mail. next, friend the store manager who has the scoop on shipments, your best and most aggressive approach is to come in and try to find that toy first thing when the store opens in the morning. that is the easiest way to try and now it's by far the hottest toy, the little chicken will hatch, grow and as she grows up, learn to play games and talk to your child, robotic pets star wars toys and drones are also very hot this year and some drones will even fly through your childs voice activation which is absolutely very cool so you might be thinking do you know what? it's only 32 days until christmas, of course we're going to see toys that are sold out but you might be surprised
6:32 am
toys actually started selling outback in october. really incredible and difficult for these parents to try and find what their kids are asking for this year. back to you guys. >> it's incredible when you look at the toys what they have now days. >> so expensive too. >> pricey because people try to sell them if they bought them online already. so we're a couple days away from black friday so we're all looking for a bargain. experts warn some of the hot deals may not be as good as advertised so we'll ch of the best and worst black friday buys. >> 3-2-1. >> reporter: the holiday shopping rush is here, many are checking apps and ads scouting out that amazing black friday deal. >> i was just looking for a tv to get a good deal. >> ut marketing professor jennifer putteron says there's definitely deals on the nice list.
6:33 am
furniture will get you the most bang for your buck. the worst deals? high end apparel, accessories and jewelry. >> jewelry you'll see is last with .4%. >> putteron warns 17% of items will be more expensive on black friday than they currently are on amazon. some stores mark up prices only to slash them for black friday shoppers. >> you've got to be savvy, you have to do your research. >> store websites. >> signing up for their e-mail lists and following them on social media also using apps like shop savvy, black friday 2016 and flip to compare the major deals. >> it takes some homework and a lot of planning and takes going to fight those crowds. >> it's best to split up the hunt between your family and friends or skip the chaos and surf from the couch. >> so i'll be there on friday trying to get the best deals in line not fighting crowds.
6:34 am
for the black friday i always get better deals. >> time to make that list and check it twice. >> i want a cat. >> i hope i get a phone. >> merry christmas. >> in tampa, 10 news, wtsp. >> a couple other things to keep in mind. be prepared also means knowing the quantity the store may sell of a hot item you want and check back with retailers to see if they will price match so wallet hub breaks down deals and stores with the deepest discount and we put that information for you in one place. the 10 news app and a pinellas teacher is suing the city of tarpon springs after one of the toilets at her school exploded. anne burson was hurt when a piece of porcelain tore into her leg at tarpon springs elementary school. it happened in 2012 but details weren't make public until a lawsuit was filed this month in pinellas county. she was sent to the hospital and her leg later got infected.
6:35 am
working on water lines outside the school for not warning district administrators of the potential problem. >> kind of lost a year of my life because of it and it was a very important year for me because the last year i taught. >> a second toilet at the school exploded earlier in the day and nobody else was hurt. she since retired as the schools media specialist and suing the city for $15,000 and the city wouldn't comment on the case. so when you're out and about this thanksgiving holiday weekend stay safe on the ros other folks heading out of town. triple a is teaming up again to offer their tow to go service and these start tomorrow morning at 6:00 running through sunday so triple a will take you home and your car home within 10 miles for free just have to call the number 855-2 tow 2 go. so this is pretty cool here. you and your family can tryout a new skydiving experience in the bay area. this is called i fly tampa and now officially open. but skydive indoors, according
6:36 am
look at this right here. trying to get that free fall as you float on the air. i fly is located next to the top golf on palm river road in tampa and you've done this. it's cool right? >> yeah it's really cool and you don't have the fear of jumping out of a plane. >> this is my option. so in case you missed it a different kind of football took center stage in mexico. two nfl teams played monday night football south of the border in mexico city. and this is what everyone is talking about this morning somebody in the stands pointed gr quarterback. look at this do you see it? it was particularly noticeable in the second quarter. the oakland raiders went on to win 27-20 and he says he hated to blame one thing for the loss, but said the laser really did make it tough for him to throw passes that could have gone for touchdowns. also a lot of people are talking about some of the concessions stole at the game. lock at this one person took a photo of something getting sold
6:37 am
pesos which is just about $1.50. we have a story coming up going viral. a college student goes into labor before one of her final exams and you won't believe what she does to pass that test. she's been the face of a brand for nearly a century. coming up the original gerber baby celebrates a milestone. let's take you live outside right now checking out the sunrise on this tuesday morning. as sky 10 flies over tampa bay hopefully you'll have a great start to traffic for you in just a few minutes. coming up tonight on cbs 10 news at 8:00 ncis, followed by bull at 9:00, ncis new orleans at 10 and 10 news at 11 and stay up for the late show with steven colbert, his guests john
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good morning it's 6:40 on your tuesday, and here is your bridge update so we are getting into morning rush hour a little bit but the gandy bridge hasn't been affected it's still only taking you about five minutes to cross. let's look at the courtney campbell causeway as you need tampa. this is state road 60 and you can see this is where we are
6:41 am
taking you seven minutes in both directions to howard frankland bridge is definitely picking up into tampa at that kennedy airport exit your drive time is seven minutes ashley? well we are nice and quiet as you get out the door but also nice and chilly 50 degrees right now in tampa, but we've got a lot of areas in the 40s and even a few 30s couple spots near the freezing mark as you head outside but with all that sunshine we warm up a lot during the day today. winds out of the north northeast turning this afternoon and that helps to warm our numbers a good bit more but not pumping in enough moisture to bring rain chances so our grass levels stay in that moderate range for the next several days and do get a little bit warmer though have to talk about 80s for thanksgiving and i'll have the rest of your weekend forecast
6:42 am
that was kanye west's rant that's now gone viral from a concert over the weekend where the rapper played a couple songs and then he ended the show and that upset a lot of fans. he's also cancelled the rest of his st. pablo tour including a stop in orlando. we've learned this morning that west has now checked himself into a hospital after something that happened in los angeles on monday. >> a lot of people concerned about him just wanting to get an update on his condition and also starting to hear from celebrities just expressing their well wi media. we have seen a couple tweets over the past couple hours, praying for kanye, praying he has the right energy surrounding him during this time sending peace and love. >> also tweets kanye west get better, man. people are making jokes but having been there myself i hope he gets the help he needs. and john legend weighed in on monday. here is part of what he had to say. >> we were with kim actually right before all of that and he
6:43 am
concerned about what i saw so hopefully he's getting some best and time to figure things out. >> so lots of speculation this morning a number of questions about the rapper ultimately people just wanting him to get better and get help if he needs that. some radio stations in california also refusing to play his music at this point as well. >> and its been a tough couple months what happened to kim kardashian west when he was robbed at gunpoint so we really don't know what's going on but we do hope he's okay. >> we know she was in new angeles to be with him but the family hasn't talked much but said the two has been a long process and he needs rest right now. you may not recognize her today but her picture as a baby is known all over the world. the original gerber baby ann cook is celebrating her 90th birthday this week. she won the contest in 1928 after an artist made a charcoal sketch of her, a baby. she is a retired english
6:44 am
big bust. this morning a man is in jail after a canine officer from colorado sniffed out cocaine during a traffic stop. canine officer widget detected the drugs while doing an open air sniff around the car. the car was search and investigators found 10 hidden packages of cocaine worth over a million dollars. the man was traveling from mexico to denver. check your headlines now let's get a look at morning sports with ryan bass. >> good morning i'm ryan bass hope you stay up late sports. at 6:00 we'll be live at one buck place for turkey time with the bucs online as bucs players and staff members serve thanksgiving kneel 1000 families in need it's such a cool event you won't want to miss it also rivalry week in college football take a closer look at fsu florida and the war on i4. you'll hear from bulls coach as his team prepares for the ucf night. allison sorry i had to do this to you of course the gate ons won the sec east saturday, but
6:45 am
seniors won the championship of livest internet had a little fun with that statement players holding up the game of life board and then there's the championship of life ring, that was pretty awesome i like that and then the life champions banner. you have to admit italy son the twittersphere got butch jones good here. >> definitely did. he has such a good sense of humor too. that's pretty cool. >> i like the one where they holdup the board game. >> that's ve so think back to studying for finals and all of the stress that goes with it especially when you're nearing the end of your degree right? well a first time mom from georgia finished a recent college exam and the reason that this is news is because she did it in 90 minutes while she was in labor. >> what? >> let me tell you this story because it's pretty interesting. she got a b on the exam by the way. the atlanta journal constitution reports she just wanted to make sure she did what she had to do because she wanted to take care of her
6:46 am
deal her water broke seven hours before that exam was scheduled to begin on november 12th. it was a week before she was set to go into labor so she was nearing the due date but thought she would get this exam done. she started having contractions and let the professor know what was going on and the professor put it in her hands like look we can hold off on this. >> which you would think you would do. >> but she said no, you see the one picture this went viral. she's studying for the exam early on in labor 20 hours girl, and also passed that last exam. >> that's dedication. >> how wild is that? she was focused and she said she just wanted to get there she was finishing the degree in december so this is like one of the last tests and she just wanted to finish that up with a criminal justice degree she's graduating next month with. >> you have a newborn it's not like ku take the test next week. >> that's true. >> get it done. >> might as well because i'm
6:47 am
>> i just think it's awesome. so let's get over to our road warrior hillary this morning getting closer to 7:00. >> we're in the red along 275 allison as you head south in hillsboro county passing fletcher and bush boulevard. the drive times getting up there 26 minutes from the apex in wesley chapel south to i4 at the downtown interchange so let's go live here. some of this is because of an accident in the southbound direction of 275 at hillsboro avenue. but this is all pulled over can see and really traffic isn't slowing down too much here so i would attribute that slowdown to mainly morning rush hour but a heads up you'll have to slowdown a bit passing this one and also go live to sky 10 as we flow over i75 at gibsonton drive in hillsboro county so 75 is definitely picking up especially in that northbound direction, wow there is the helicopter. kind of crazy as you travel out the door you really aren't seeing huge delays along i75
6:48 am
you about 17 minutes. back to our maps in pinellas county through downtown st. pete, 275 is still in the green and your drive time is nine minutes from pinellas point drive north to gandy boulevard and in manatee and sarasota counties i75 hasn't picked up just yet passing university and fruitville road and in polk county things are still very quiet no reports of zens in lakeland. you can see polk parkway at 57 miles per hour right in your bartow road. ashley? we are looking so nice this morning as yo the door not a cloud in the sky look at the beach, nice calm conditions out in the gulf out to a really great start so you'll want to take a jacket because we are starting off very chilly 45 clear cater wand 44 crystal river sarasota warmer at 49 and our warm spot 59 for st. pete. overall, we're going to warm things up very significantly thanks to nothing. nothing going on in storm tracker 10 this morning so wall
6:49 am
the afternoon. that will really help boost our temperatures as we head through the day today and what's going to help a little bit more why we nudge those numbers up just a little bit more from yesterday, our easterly winds that make a return to our for cat. they have been out of the north the last couple days and they stay that way through the morning and then around midday, notice they start to turn just a little bit. now they are still very light not talking about much of a breeze today but also going to help to warm things up and all- in all we're calling for temperatures in the mid upper 70s later on today and then overnight since we start to work in more moisture we're sunny through the afternoon but then overnight start to see more cloud cover coming in from the east also going to help to trap in a little bit of that heat and start you off tomorrow in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. if you are traveling there's a few spots you'll want to look out for if heading especially well north so for today we're starting to see that system that dumped so much snow yesterday in parts of upstate new york that starts to move
6:50 am
issues and as we look ahead to late tomorrow into early thursday, that system really starts to impact the great lakes region, so up near chicago, minneapolis, over towards northeast ohio and then up into pennsylvania, new york, these spots you'll want to watch out for if you have travel plans in those areas and we're also going to see moisture coming onshore in the pacific northwest and that will lead to snow up in the cascades. we're a little cooler for the weekend saturday looking almost identical to our daytime fore just a hair cooler, but that's after a little bit of a warm up so for thanksgiving day, we're up near 81 degrees in tampa so if you don't have to go anywhere everyone else should be really jealous and you may have a lot of relatives knocking on your door to come visit for the holidays looking gorgeous black friday looking good as well and again slightly cooler temperatures that continue into the weekend with a slight warm up early next week. make sure you check on our 10 weather forecast with our newspaper partners see that in your copy of the tampa bay
6:51 am
county check out your copy of the ledger. >> good forecast. folks won't want to leave. >> good. now she's got to go check out the oven. >> oh, yeah, we have the taste test coming up. we're excited about this so we've been doing something different. sharing our favorite thanksgiving recipes and 10 news meteorologist ashley beaty is cooking a breakfast casserole. >> yes we'll check it out when
6:52 am
? we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ? now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income...
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6:54 am
so all this week we are sharing our favorite family recipes and if you guys are standing in the kitchen right now, it smells so good. >> it's just awesome. we're ready so we can finally do the taste test right this your breakfast casserole. >> so this will serve anywhere from 8-10 depending on how hungry everyone is and i warm this up in the oven for you guys so it should be nice and
6:55 am
hungry i could eat the whole thing. >> so does your family like spicy because you add a lot of spicy stuff. >> we do. now you can modify this a little bit so i use for this one i used the mild chiles, and you can omit the sriricha, i like that little extra kick and i'm always putting it on the top so figured why not beat it in with the eggs and it worked out really well. >> do you know what's really good about this recipe is if do you have people that come with a diet you can do seeing an cheese, omit the meat and then the egg and the potatoes. >> yeah, you can really leave out the meat entirely, do different vegetables i've done like if you chop up broccoli really small and then do that with like some sun dried tomatoes kind of play around with it if you get the base in there and i always do a little avocado on the top. >> super food. >> fancy. >> awesome. >> look at you cut that. >> it looks pretty with a spoon
6:56 am
>> i'll try not to cut myself on live tv. >> so the full recipe of ashley's breakfast casserole on the website so if you didn't see her start to make it in the beginning of the show she will put all of the ingredients and recipe up on the website to make it for your family. >> the preparation, i mean-- >> and do you know what i realized it's really easy to make it and the oven is probably the longest part right? >> the chopping and then the oven, blow on it really hot. [laughter] >> wow. >> good at least? >> good. >> did you burn yourself? >> this is really good. >> it's perfect. >> okay good and i did get a picture so this is my moms recipe so i've got to put up a good one of her there that was, they live in charleston so that was the beach there. obviously we're warm weather people in the beaty family. >> yes i'd say so. >> so we did the country corn bread yesterday with that recipe online and tomorrow we try pumpkin bread. >> will sweet in the mix.
6:57 am
thanksgiving turkey. >> we're covered. >> thanks for joining us this morning hope you have a great day. weather and traffic coming up at 7:26 and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. >> you guys have to try this.
6:58 am
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? good morning. if is tuesday, november 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a into trees, killing five children, injuring more than 20 others. the driver faces multiple charges. more than three feet of snow buries parts of the northeast. another storm is brewing, with tens of millions set to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. and jon stewart reflects on the evolution of "the daily show." walking away from it all. what brings him joy right now. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90


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