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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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one of four shot nationwide over the weekend in a 24 hour period. there were shootings in st. louis, glad stone, missouri outside of kansas city and also in florida on sanibel island, the other officers survived. today the suspect in the sanibel shooting is being held on $2 million bond. police say he drove past an officer conducting a traffic stop and then started shooting. officers eventually tracked him to a nearby neighborhood the officer was treated for a gun shot wound to his shoulder. there is a rush and push to expand hate crime laws to include first responders including police officers. our 10 news sarasota newsroom reporter takes a closer look to see if this bill would help protect those who protect us. >> a texas legislator filed a bill making any attack on a police officer or first
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a florida legislator from lakeland plans on doing the same. how does this make the crime worse? we presented three scenarios to a sarasota attorney. phoenix police say a man deliberately drove his car into three police officers at a gas station. one suffered a concussion, the other a broken leg and the third scrapes and bruises. >> if that same event occurred in florida, there would be three charges of aggravated battery on a those are very serious charges, first degree felonies for life in prison. i am not sure how much more adding hate crime designation would do to it. >> reporter: a man called 911 to lure officers to his home. when they showed up he shot at 12 of them and hurt two. >> this is probably attempted first degree murder on police officers. i would imagine the penalties
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life sentences available to the prosecutor. i guess if you added hate crime designation maybe you could get 24 life sentences. who knows? >> after the first 12. >> a designated attorney says florida already has tougher penalties for crimes against police officers verses civilians. >> they'll have to prove it was a hate crime. >> you would have to prove that the crime was motivated by hatred of that particular grou case of a chicago police officer earlier this year. she was beaten by a man police say was on pcp. >> was the the violence a result of some part of the pcp experience, or was it motivated by hatred of the police officer? >> reporter: the texas hate crime bill won't deter crime, he says. >> it is essentially a knee jerk reaction by legislators to a problem that's already dealt
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currently. >> a florida representative of lakeland plans to sponsor blue lives matter bill for the 2017 session. it begins in january. president elect donald trump continued working to fill his cabinet today. the real news to come out is that he does not plan to prosecute his former rival hillary clinton. while no announcements have staffing administration, he says that his aids say mr. trump does not want to pursue charges against clinton for her use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. the former new york city mayor rudie giuliani says it is time to put the election behind us. >> that's the decision he reached and that's perfectly consistent with the historical pattern of things come up, you say a lot of things, even bad
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to unite the nation. >> mr. trump will be spending thanksgiving holiday in florida. check out the new thing opening its doors in brandon. it is an indoor sky diving experience packing winds of 160 miles an hour keeping you afloat in the air. our 10 news reporter takes you inside for a look at the latest edition to the booming hot spot off of >> welcome to the latest addition to the entertainment district in the brandon area, what has for so long been a bedroom community in tampa is now taking off. it's coming together just the way folks in brandon hoped after a down turn in the economy. they're, well, flying high. >> nice to see it expanding and getting closer so we don't have to drive so far. >> i fly is the latest piece of
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location just west of i-75. you can smack golf balls off a three story super range at top golf or spend hours wandering inside bass pro shop. there is a dave and busters on the way for more fun and games. >> they're very excited. even outside areas the word is spreading. >> brandon had plenty shopping and restaurants but local hotels are seeing dollar signs with the prospects of becoming a destination, people spending days here, not just hours. >> i would visit br try this out because it's really fun but just a little scary. >> i think there is an overnight market for sure. i think people may come to visit family and find out there is more to do here than i thought there was. >> it may not be orlando just yet but with the addition of i fly and all the other things still coming to the brandon area, they hope it will no longer be just a destination
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perhaps even overnight. >> that looks like fun. i fly recommends making reservations since space is limited. the first package starts at $60. if you haven't already started holiday shopping, dangerous toys still being sold in stores and online and might be in your child's toy box right now. a consumer safety group is out with the annual trouble in toy land toys, a remote control flying toy with a charging cord that can over heat, a pencil case that has magnets that can detach and be swallowed. >> online anybody can buy anything from anybody. say ebay, i can sell you something without you knowing me or ever encountering me in your life. we urge parents to be vigilant about tracking for recalls.
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recalled toys online. she went to local consignment stores to investigate if they're still on store shelves. >> how scary is it knowing you can find the toys online? >> very scary. i had no idea that once an item is recalled that you can find other ways to purchase it. i assumed it would be off the market. >> reporter: these toys may be off of shelves at major retailers but what about thrift shops like salvation army or goodwill? i went to several. good news, recalled toys. online it's a different story. i was able to find several recalled toys including this green tone monkey, found it on several websites ranging from $30 to $40. another one i was able to find online on various websites was this gadget pencil case. >> what's one of the most shocking toys that you saw on the recall list? >> i think some of the bean bags are shocking.
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be dangerous. >> reporter: she's talking about ace bayou bean bag which is recalled but you can still find it online. amazon and target are still selling them. it's important to note that a lot of the recalled toys i was not able to find online. experts tell me the best thing to do is search online for that specific toy you want to buy and see if it is being recalled. another thing they say to do is to go on and you can find a >> we reached out to amazon and tagger to ask if they still have the recalled products online but still no response. >> for more information head to coming up, president obama sets a record with a little help from people like tom hanks, bill gates.
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the attention and almost didn't want us to tag along. once you hear his story, you will be glad he agreed. >> travel weather could cause a problem for some of us, especially in the central part of the country.
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this is truly a blessing. it really is. >> i never dreamed of anything like this. >> absolute pure emotion from families right here in the bay area. >> our 10 news reporter shows you why a bay area police officer is using his own money
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this thanksgiving. >> hopefully we'll get the electricity turned on today. i got food. >> reporter: this st. pete police officer shopped until he dropped. >> we have frozen turkeys, some green beans, mashed potatoes. >> none of this will be dropped on his dining room table. >> i serve the community and then i serve the community. >> reporter: instead he is dropping it off to three families in need. the show one. >> i started thawing the turkey. >> reporter: alicia is getting more than food. her electricity has been shut off and her kids have had to stay at her grandparents' home. >> we heard you were in need of help. we have gotten together $500 which we understand to be the start up cost to getting your power turned on. >> i never dreamed of anything like this. >> reporter: next stop, a family with five children. >> it's truly a blessing.
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good people out there. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: then there was the bright family, a single mom whose daughter suffers from epilepsy. >> i am thankful. i thank office early for bringing it. >> reporter: why do this? >> it's the christmas season. there are a lot of families i have come across working this job. they're really trying to get out of whatever rut they're in. cost that much to really help these families out. >> chicken broth. >> reporter: he says this is the reason for the season. >> thank you guys so much. >> i told you i would make things work. >> jennifer titus, 10 news, wtsp. >> our kind of officer. he's been doing this for three
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a local elementary school and asking for 90 children whose parents are in need of help. he's also got a christmas list from those children and plans to work to get them the gifts they want. many of you have reached out on our facebook page with messages to officer santiago. one wrote thank you so much for your contribution to the community. you are an angel. wendy adds thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and putting a beautiful on this beautiful girl's face. i know she and her mom will remember it for the rest of their lives. we should point out once again, he didn't want to be followed, didn't want recognition. >> we thank him for letting us follow him. >> great story. >> so much heart. >> perfect timing, thanksgiving week. we've got really good weather.
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the cold. a lot of folks liked it. >> who is complaining? >> it's florida. you know what i mean? 30s and 40s are cold but we are bringing the 80s back. not necessarily at the beach because that water has dropped to about 68 or 70. it will come back up slowly through the weekend and next week. i think next week is warm. it is on the cool side right now. the dew point is 41. that continues to creep up a little bit. it will but it will not be oppressive. next week, you are going to feel it. it's going to feel different than it is out there now. a northeast wind around 3 miles per hour, how about 34% humidity? that's nice and dry. 68 st. pete, clearwater is 66, 62 newport ritchie, lakeland 66 with mulberry, bar toe is about 70. we have 72 in sarasota, it is
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60s. we are on our way to the mid 50s by tomorrow morning. it is still quiet out there. temperatures tomorrow finally will warm up. we are talking most areas in the low to mid 50s, upper 40s for her ananias dough and -- hernando and citrus county. we are starting warmer and we will see sunshine with a few clouds in the afternoon. i think we reach 78 or 80 fo above average. if you are traveling most of the nation is looking good. minneapolis has weather delays. that's what that is for. there are not as many in new york. that's pretty nice weather. but it's the traffic this time of year. there is the storm system causing the problem in minneapolis. it is mainly rain south of minneapolis. i think it will stay mostly rain for chicago as well and even minneapolis may change to rain. this is lifting north.
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initially. the snow from the great lakes from the lake effect in up state new york, that's calmed down. things will improve. tomorrow morning first thing, there will be snow on the roads and it's going to be cold. here is the forecast model for your wednesday. there is the rain crossing the mississippi up the ohio river valley. you see chicago is 40s with rain tomorrow afternoon. then by thanksgiving day it does move towards the northeast and mid atlantic, showers in dc and towards new england. it's falling apart and will be anything else. for us here, 80 to 82 degrees for thanksgiving with sunshine and just a few clouds in the afternoon. it's going to be a gorgeous one. i did want to show you our 7th named hurricane, 15th name storm of the year. this is otto, 75-mile per hour winds. it's moving into nicaragua and costa rica. costa rica has a hurricane watch in effect. they rarely see that.
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flooding and mudslides especially in nicaragua. it will be cool over the weekend, a weak front with no rain. we only cool off a few degrees. >> nice weather. >> we'll take it. what do robert redford, diana ross, bill gates have in common? >> besides being people everyone knows they are all presidential medal of freedom recipients, the na's there were other famous names, 21 in all, at the east room of the white house. names like tom hanks, michael jordan, bruce springstein among many others. we cheer for them every weekend. >> there is another reason to celebrate our buccaneers. right? >> absolutely. this is one of the best events you will find in tampa bay.
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welcome into 10 sports on this gorgeous night in tampa bay. i am ryan bass. we have one of the best events you will see in the tampa area.
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o line. we have families and cars lined up outside of the facilities as players, offensive line men, staff members, they're giving away 1000 meals to families in need. it's such a cool event. one of the starting o line men is here. you have been doing this eight years. how cool is this? >> every year gets better and better. you don't realize -- we don't realize how fortunate to see the smiles on their faces, they come through, and it's exciting. these o line men take their time on an off day to do this. these guys love what they're doing. i am appreciative for them starting in 2007. >> reporter: you have your little ones out here too running around. it's a family event for you as well. what's the reaction to the families when you hand them the 12-pound turkey, the pie.
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daughter out, i want them to be able to learn to give. that's what it is about, always giving. i believe it is better to give than to receive. for him to give to the families, saying happy thanksgiving, it's a great thing. just to see the smiles on their faces. you never realize what folks might be going through. we all go through something but for this moment they're happy and smiling and having a good time. that's a great thing. >> thank you so much. we appreciate . eight years he's been at this event. after today, 6500 meals will be given out to families. so awesome. back to you guys. holiday shopping season is kicking into high gear friday. police want to be sure your gifts make it home with you. tampa police kicked off the annual operation secret santa. officers will be patrolling parking lots and shopping areas on foot, motorcycles, unmarked
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catch and deter thieves. one shopper knows the safety tips. >> i don't leave my purse or valuables in there ever. i always lock the door. i try not to shop at night either, when it's dark. >> officers will patrol international plaza also. >> that is it for 10 news at 6:00.
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where shopping is a pleasure.


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