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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  November 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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paying it forward. before you eat any leftovers, we have the one item that was on your plate that is most likely to make you sick.. and it's not the turkey! the days of waiting are over! the black friday melee is underway! good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm jenny dean. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist ric
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thousands of people got a jump thousands of people got a jump start on their holiday shopping..last night! there are lines out the doors in places like virginia, california, new .. of people are hunting for deals inside. 10news reporter beau zimmer was at tampa premium outlets. in wesley chapel. 00-10 tampa premium outlets wesley chapel 24-29 rudy esquivel sunglass hut regional manager 38-43 beau zimmer wesley chapel 48-33 erin altier thanksgiving night shopper 102-107 sarah zhang visiting from china 40 percent... 50 percent. 70 percent off. or even more!!! black friday again jumping the gun. with great deals the night before. on thanksgiving thursday. 23:08 its exciting!!! this is our super bowl. 23:15 this is what you work for all year. and today is the day.
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sunglass hut trying to outdo the competition. offering the biggest and best discounts. of the year. 23:41 so you're finding deals you normally wouldn't see? absolutely. this is the first time as a company we've ever put raybans 30 percent off. 28:55 this is definitely the biggest deal. ever. awesome. 9:18 michael kors is one of the stores offering deep discounts this black friday. there's so many people insdie. there's a line of people outside waiting to get in. 28:28 this is originally a 400 dollar purse. and it was 80 percent off. so i got it for 8- bucks. is that pretty good? um. michael kors we found another long line across the hall at coach. shoppers flocking from not just across the bay area. but from around the world!!! 58:24 everyone knows that us has a black friday. going on. even in china a lot of people know that. sarah zhang is visiting all the way from ching na., china. and says the prices here. are about half what she'd pay back home. 57:47 we don't really celebrate thanksgiving in china. and when we come to the us. we get to celebrate the shopping
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south american brazilia. equador. yeah. mexico!!! even those working this thanksgiving. say the excitement is contagious. 2:42 its very much a fun fun day. where we're all very much in this holiday spirit and taking advantage of all the holiday sales. but the atmosphere is so much fun and a lot of family traditions are started on this day. 24:45 its black friday. it's thanksgiving day. this is what you work for all year. if you're in retail you love it. its in your blood. 137-million people are expected shop this weekend-- either on their feet shop this weekend-- either on their feet or "with their fingertips" -- online. last night, many made the frenzy a fun family affair! 10news reporter kendra conlon's spent thanksgiving night "store hopping" in brandon the countdown to christmas is on... for six year old kaiden burnett... being a part of the thanksgiving shopping spree at toys r us is just about as exciting... as christmas morning.... but shopping with
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and the lows... when reality sets in that it's not christmas yet. after the big find... there's the checkout line... worth it for the family too... who lined up to get into target - at 5:30 wednesday night - for a very special annual family tradition. a developing
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are searching for suspects who shot and killed two people...and hurt four others. the shooting happened just yards away from a football tournament. kids' games had just ended and two women's teams were in the mi game when someone opened fire. several hundred people attend the event each year. thursday's deaths push the total number of murders in louisville this year to 112 -- a record. a northern california woman .. missing for 3 weeks .. has been reunited with her husband. sherri papini disappeared november 2nd while out on a jog. this morning, she was apparently released by her captors along a highway and is now being checked out in
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authorities are looking for 2 hispanic women in this ongoing investigation. this morning -- we have an inspiring story for you -- one about lending a helping hand-- giving thanks-- and paying it forward. it all starts with these two people -- ernes-tina nu?ez -- who lost her son to p-t-s-d.. and richard newberry, a good samaritan. we told you months ago -- he gave her a car so she wouldn't have to walk to . well this morning-- as garin flowers reports-- the acts of kindness for both -- continue. three months after ernestina nunez met the man who changed her life nat.with a free car.she now has a new smile.nat and a new place to call her own. thanks to richard newberry.and the kindness of strangers. her house in largo is fully equipped with
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and accessories. sot i'm thankful to everybody, they had thrown a hand to me and helped me out. but, even her new life is painful without her best friend. sot i would give everything, everything back to have my son back but i know this is god's will and i'm supposed to move on but every day i miss him more and more and i don't know how to compensate. even so everybody keep saying you got blessing and i'm thankful but at the same time would like to have him back in my life. no material can heal the wounds of losing a child. but, love from others can help patch it. nat on this
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thankful for richard but also another friend becoming family. sot she makes an impact on everybody she comes across and she's just so loving. wanted her to be a part of a family, her families not here. ernestina still has a lot of healing to do.but, she won't be alone with many watching over her. in largo, garin flowers 10 news wtsp. thanksgiving can be lonely when u' thanksgiving can be lonely when you're away from loved ones... and right now, six thousand american service
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thanksgiving in iraq. but thanks to the army's cooks, they're still getting a taste of home. troops at a base near the islamic- state held city of to enjoy a game of american football. and the cooks whipped up a traditional thanksgiving feast...with turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pies, and make it feel more like home. one of the cooks says she's thankful for her grandfather - who was also a military cook...and inspired her to enlist. a passion to serve their many different ways...has led them half way across the world, and into the battle to defeat isis extremists. we're thankful for their service. we have a lot to get to coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning.. allison is in the newsroom with a
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we told you the story about a grandma that accidentally sent the wrong text and ended up inviting a stranger for thanksgiving. remember that? well, thanks to that text, the unexpected happened and they actually shared a meal. and if you are already thinking about those thanksgiving dinner leftovers, we'll run down what food is safe to reheat. we are working on all those stories, plus we are taking a look at your weekend forecast and hilary is checking on your roads. that's all coming up in 20 minutes. on 10 news early morning, of everything you ate for thanksgiving, do you know which is the longest lasting leftover? we'll have the answer
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at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation.
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florence henderson has died. she passed away overnight at the age of 82. you of course know her as carol brady from "the brady bunch." her manager says she was surrounded by friends and family. toss to 10 weather xxx
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just now over...and the black friday shopping has begun. now the big question -- when do you put up your tree? the day after thanksgiving or later? or -- did you already put one up? we posed that question on facebook, here are some of your tammy writes "i have my kids decorate the tree while i cook thanksgiving dinner. put the lights up outside the week before thanksgiving so after we finish the turkey flip the switch and walla christmas." linda says "i'm at the age where i don't feel like wasting the time or energy putting one up at all because i know full well i won't have time to take it down till easter" you may look forward to that thanksgiving meal all year long...but how long can you safely eat those leftovers? danielle leigh put
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rack: welcome to staple and fancy -- a restaurant home to ethan stowell -- a man we knew we could trust to create a killer thanksgiving test meal nats danielle: ethan what's on the menu today? 2:20 ethan: traditional turkey dinner 2:40 danielle: alright do i get an apron 5:21 ethan: so im going to start off by making a bit of cranberry sauce takes a little bit of time 5:50 ethan: you wanna start cleaning the brussel sprouts 11:17 chopping celery 13:23 sizzling stirring 22:09 peeling nats 22:58 more nats peeling 21:58 ethan: i don't love those peelers either danielle: no 26:29 chopping potato 27:06 filling potatoes with water nats ethan: now this goes back in the oven 40:56 putting turkey in oven "okay" closing oven 59:06 danielle: ive never done this before 59:31 danielle: uhoh, i think i broke it. ethan: i don't think you did. danielle: it came apart it's no spinning ethan: ah you
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ethan: man 1:06:17 pulling out turkey track: once we had our thanksgiving spread.... turkey, stuffing, mushrooms with kale, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, yukon potatoes, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes... 1:17:18 mmm this is good track: we had to package it all up into tupperwares and send it off with our new friend rob. he's a food safety tech at a local lab. 1:21:23 stand up: so the goal here today is to answer two questions... 1. how many hours can you leave those leftovers out for grazing? and 2. just how many days after thanksgiving are those left overs safe? 1:30:45 snapping tupperware 1:31:52 so we hand it over to you know? yes please 1:37:03 rob leaving with food 1:37:12 opening trunk 1:37:22 closing trunk 0:08 nats rob starting car and pulling away 01:13 rob arriving at lab and pulling out food nats 1:32 walking into lab 33:30 nats rob testing track: ieh laboratories and consulting tested two sets of tupperware... logging the changes in the food's appearance... over 12 days... track: that involved, mixing with liquid concoctions, with names, we couldn't
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presence of anything harmful in the food. 48:58 so it is day 12 and we are back at the lab to see how this food is doing lets go inside and check it out. 1:36 nats pulling out food 2:38 oh my gosh the mashed potatoes are no bueno, laugh 3:50 nats tupperware 10:03 opening tupperware 18:58 pouring mixture and you can see mixture 19:09 tighter on bag and shaking track: one week later we got the the final results from food safety expert sam myoda. 2:15 dan: so sam tell me the dirty details. sam: oh we got some interesting results. track: first we examined the amount of bacteria in our meal at 3, 6 and 9 hours. 2:46 sam: the one that really jumps out is the mashed potatoes. 3:05 sam: at 9 hours it was over 16 million bacteria in a single serving of mashed potatoes. track: in other words: at 9 hours there was enough bacteria in the mashed potatoes to cause illness -- diarrhea and stomach cramps. outside the potato family -- surprisingly the bacteria stayed pretty low and level with the rest of the food -- even sitting out 9 hours. meaning you could eat it -- although sam wouldn't recommend it. but what frigerated food -- how long did it last? 8:20 sam: so 3-4 days you know everything seems fine. but then it really starts to go. track: one catch, even at 3 days the mashed potatoes expontentially higher than everything else. what was equally shocking -- the brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce were potentially still edible at 12 days!!! nats: danielle wow 8:50 sam: again, well from a microbial standpoint absolutely. from a flavor, taste. dan: we don't know. i didn't taste them. sam: oh no! laugh are a lot of t don't make you siwn newsome hco tampa bay's very own newsome high school band and color guard-- marched proudly through the streets of new york city -- for the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade! we recently introduced you to william tucker, who's mother and grandmother performed in the parade.
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yesterday and she said despite the cold...william was "thrilled" and would never forget this the rest of his life! coming up on 10 news a cat that went viral is back remember grumpy cat? what she's up to now! coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s. starting at 8:00, frosty the snowman, followed by frosty returns at 8:30. at 9:00, macgyver. at 10:00, blue bloods. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his gu t elijah wood and jorge ramos. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10
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and she doesn't care how you feel about it. the adorable little feline-- has started her own blog! it's called "paw culture dot com"-- and she's just posted her "top 10 pet peeves"-- because people always ask: what makes her so grumpy! her top pet peeve: people asking her to smile. of course, she doesn't like when her food bowl is empty...and she can't stand selfie sticks! is it still black friday or is it considered black thursday? we're asking shoppers what they expected this year and to hear about their experience. coming up on 10 news this morning.. getting the best deals on grocery just got a little bit easier. all you need is a smartphone. thanksgiving holiday maybe a difficult time for those who are watching their diet. but experts say that overindulging for a day will not hurt you we'll be back with another look at your weather and traffic, in three
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good morning
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news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm jenny dean. in for ian. today marks one of the biggest shopping days of the year. but as the season gets longer, and more people take advantage of online sales, it seems like black friday is losing its luster. but retailers are still pushing to get you in their doors. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at tampa premium outlets in lutz. emerald, the black friday rush used to be right around this hour. but that mall has been open since yesterday. yeah, they've got some of the longest holiday hours in the area here. they've been open since six


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