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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  November 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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slight rain chance. we will talk about that in a couple of minutes. good morning. here are your hot spots at 6:00 on your friday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. along i-75 in hillsborough county just north of sun city boulevard there is a crash partially blocking the left lane. in injuries reported. because we have more people out on the roads early when it's dark out, just make sure you take it slow. i will get you drive time interstates in less than ten minutes. your news, your community, and we are putting the news back in the morning. this is "10news this morning" at 6. welcome to "10news this morning." i am allison kropff. >> i am jenny dean in for ian. hollywood mourning a legend. florence henderson known to many as carol brady died
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millions of shoppers all over the country out in full force hoping to score the black friday december. >> emerald morrow is live. shoppers have been out all night to get these good deals? >> reporter: yeah. hundreds and hundreds of shoppers have made their way to the tampa premium outlet mall in loop 2. get a good score on the deals out here. people are pretty festive coming right this way in some holiday gear over of their bags trying to make sure that they get the best deals. we found some shoppers who have been out here pretty much all night. we will melinda and brianna. you guys got a lot of bags. how long have you been out here? >> since eight. we have been at the strip mall since two. >> reporter: and tell me what you have going on here. i want to know. >> we have some bear bradley,
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a little bit of everything. >> reporter: definitely sounds like it. my goodness. did you get everything you came out for? did you cross everybody off your list? >> almost. we are almost done. >> reporter: almost finished. has it been worth it to come out for the deals? >> yes. it has been fun shopping with friends and family. >> reporter: has it been worth it. >> most definitely. >> reporter: in terms of the deals, speak a little more sp because people want to know is it worth going to an outlet mall. you see 50%, 60% off. does that translate into good savings? do you feel like it was a good deal? >> it does. even though you have half off, you have an additional off when you get to the register. you have like 80% off when you get to the register. >> reporter: you are from out of town? >> correct. >> reporter: from where? >> north carolina. >> reporter: north carolina. so they got a lot of bags to take back with them.
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to have to pay extra baggage fee. they drove, so they don't have to check any additional bags. they will have a really stuffed car. thank you, ladies, so much for talking with us this morning. we enjoyed it. we hope that you get everything done. are you going to do any more shopping? >> no, we are going home and going to bed. >> reporter: 8:00? >> yeah. so we're done. >> reporter: long time. all right. thank you again so much. all right. so the outlet mall is going to be open until 10:00 tonight. so you have all day and the evening to come out and score some deals. back to you. >> retailers are cashing in on black friday. for the first time in its history amtrak is offering track friday sales on winter and spring trips. customers can save up to 30% on select one-way coach tickets purchased now through cyber monday. >> and also on this black friday many of you are going to be looking for more holiday
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groceries? how you can get cash back at the grocery store with a few minutes and your smartphone. >> reporter: finding good deals at the grocery store is a must for kate. >> i do everything to try to save money. >> reporter: that means putting some work before heading to the store. >> i cut coupons, print them out online, i shop the sales. >> reporter: and she uses apps like check-out 51 and i bought them. both offer cash rewards. >> it has everything from dairy it even has alcohol on it. >> reporter: discounts range from 25 cents to a couple of dollars each, but the savingsover a year can add up quickly. just ask kate. >> 200 bucks is not something to sneeze at. >> reporter: with check-out 51 shoppers star items. they claim rewards and upload a photo of their receipt.
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survey. >> we will share our advertising revenues back with you in the form of a cash reward. >> reporter: ibotta users, too. >> there is so many offers we want to put the ten best or 15 best in front of each consumer based on what they like. >> reporter: these 79-cent carrots kate saved 50 cents by doubling up on the apps. time well spent for this busy mom. >> all in all, it takes five minutes out of your day. >> reporter: you need 20 bucks in your account to cash out. customers can get an online payment, a gift card or a simple check in the mail.
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after thanksgiving. studies show you may not want to reheat some of those meals. don't save the rice. when it cools at room temperature, bacteria can grow rapidly. another staple, potatoes cooked in aluminum foil. >> letting it cool into the temperature danger zone. putting the foil on it, you created a bacteria breeding ground. you may not heat it sufficiently to kill the >> doctors say the very young, old, and those with compromised immune systems are more vulnerable to food-borne illnesses. america's tv mom florence henderson has passed away. you know her at carol brady from "the brady bunch." she was surrounded by friends and family. she as 28 years old. 6:06.
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morning where president-elect donald trump beat out hillary clinton. jill stein will investigate voting fraud. she says because of the hacking of the dnc has been linked to russia, she wants to make sure that every vote is counted. >> let me be very clear. we do not have evidence of fraud. we do not have smoking guns. what we do have is an election that was surrounded by hacking. >> voting rights attorneys say it likely won't change the outcome, but it is part of healthy process of democracy. a huge weekend for college football across the state of florida. you have two huge rivalry teams to watch. ucf comes to tampa to take on the ucf bulls. then florida and florida state, they play at tallahassee at 8:00 tomorrow night. we do have a poll on our facebook page on which rivalry
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right now the seminole and the gators rivalry has a few more hundred likes than the bulls and the knights. all right. do you stream your favorite tv shows and movies from netflix? if you do, you may soon have to pay nor use that service. and this has been our favorite thing this week. jenny dean is helping us finish off those leftovers. cookies with >> yeah. >> 10news and the tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands for the game. watch 10news all next week to win two lower level lightning tickets to the pittsburgh penguins hockey game. if you are about to head across the bay on the sunshine skyway bridge maybe heading
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so it's clear at the tower. let's go live to the howard frankland bridge. so traffic is picking up a lot earlier than it normally would on a regular day. your drive time is six minutes into tampa and into prime minister. weather-wise it's a great morning outside this morning. just a few clouds. we will see a lot of sunshine. temperatures off to a great start. most of us in the mid-to-upper 60s and we are heading into the low 80s this afternoon. we will take a look at your minutes. a live look right now at
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ? every morning this week we have been sharing one of our favorite family recipes with you. this morning we have an idea for all of those leftovers in your fridge. jenny dean has been going back and forth between the kitchen and desk getting ready. when you told me about this recipe, we were all hooked.
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a few months ago, actually, because you always have left over mashed potatoes. i like to make big pots of mashed potatoes. i came up with in because i love potato skins and anything potatoes. it's called a loaded mashed potato cookie. to prepare preheat the oven to 400. this is the key. spray the cookie sheet with a lot of pam because these things will stick if you don't. that's the key. get that all you need to do is open up your cheese and you can add as much or as little as you want. you can change this up a little bit. i just do cheese and bacon. you can do jalape?os if you want them spicier. you know, just about anything you can add that you want to. i have scallions i will be adding at the end as a topping. you can put them in right now. i am going to mix a little bit of bacon in here.
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for the topping, too. you do this just like a cookie. the mashed potato is like a dough and then you add in other things. this is where you want to keep these fairly thin. they don't spread out too much. the cheese kind of burns. if you are a fan of burnt cheese like i am, that's the cool part. you flatten it out a little bit and put it on the cookie sheet. so make a few of these. we have another one brewing. i can show you what it looks like as it get a couple of these on here. and like i said, you can keep them kind of close together because they don't spread out much. even if they do, it's not going to be a really pretty cookie by the time it's done. and i haven't tried the jalape?os yet. i want to add it to make it sort of a spicy cookie. again you can do any variation of this that you want to.
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people love them. all right. so let me show you what they will look like after they have been cooking. these have been in the oven for about a half an hour. is there a potholedder anywhere else. we will try these in a little bit. you can get an idea how we top them with the onions and sour cream. we will be bac for like 30 minutes. >> yes, you do. >> it smells really good. >> great. >> we are looking forward to it. i love that they are called cookies. >> i know. well, you know. >> all right. we will check in with you in just a little bit in the kitchen. hilary zalla is keeping an eye on the roads. for all of you heading out to black friday shopping, you know you will be stuck in traffic. >> especially near the malls and downtown areas.
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county along ulmerton road. you're down to 24 miles per hour in the westbound direction. your drive time is 19 minutes from 275 to gulf boulevard. if you are heading to downtown st. pete no delays along 275 or central avenue if you are heading up to any of the local shops. i-4 in polk county the same thing. quiet. premium outlet shoppers, things are great on the sunshine skyway bridge. i-75 is clear at the 301 exit. sarasota north 13 minutes from university parkway to 275. i-4 in polk county, very quiet if you are traveling through plant city over into tampa. your drive time is still 15
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you can see here polk parkway as well as state road 60 through bartow and lake wales is in the green. the only accident in tampa bay is in hillsborough county along i-75 just north of sun city center boulevard in the northbound direction. the left lane is partially blocked. if you have any problems, any questions email me at road warrior at hey, beautiful outside this mog. of course not. we have been dry forever. we are dry here again this morning. we scan the skies. we look. there is a little rain off the east coast of florida, but it's not going to make it too far to the west. it will have a hard time making it onshore. we are dry. a few morning clouds. sunshine pretty much rules the day. a beautiful day today. temperatures making it to the lower 80s later this afternoon. right now most of us are in the 60s. some of us in the upper 60s. the cool spot is in the 50s in
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where it's 54 degrees. across the bay area davis island 70 right now. 68 in tampa. along the coast 66 in clearwater. seminole 68 degrees. beautiful outside right now and the winds pretty light. for the most part that's what we'll see all day. a great friday on the way. it is a mainly clear sky. we will see a few clouds from time to time today. fairly light winds, as i said, blowing from the east- northeast. temperatures quickly rise into the mid-70s later this morning and low 80s here 82, maybe 83 for a high today, and then for tonight we will see a few more clouds. could be some fog here overnight tonight. that's a possibility. so some patchy fog will be a possibility. our model trying to dot us with a few rain showers. we expect to stay dry through the weekend. saturday and sunday looking nice. 38 -- 83 for the afternoon. and then overnight down into the upper 60s in tampa. some will be a little bit cooler tonight. some of us will drop back down
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fall into the low and mid-60s for a low temperature. your seven-day forecast. take a look at this weekend. 79 on saturday. 78 for the high temperature on sunday. that is your weekend. monday and tuesday temperatures warming. 81 monday, 84 tuesday, wednesday and thursday temperatures still looking pretty good, and thursday cools off just a little. very, very slight rain chances wednesday and thursday. you can get 10weather updates on the road with partners in tampa bay. duv on 105.5 fm, on sarasota talk-radio 106.9 fm and 10 weather in span ish on maxima 92.5. and we have a bitter rivalry this sunday on 10news. it's the ravens hosting the bengals at 1:00. here is the headlines leading up to this game.
6:20 am
them material, downplaying their first game. fined 50k last season. the bengals are banged up. it's on andy dalton if the bengals are going to knock off the first place ravens. three touchdowns, four picks over his last four games. i am justin granit. that's your toyota ay bengals-ravens at 1:00 on 10news. a small business owner's random act of kindness goes viral. >> stay tuned to this update of two people paying it forward.
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during pregnancy there are a lot of changes that happen to a woman's body.
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sometimes those changes can be debilitating, but to protect the growing baby there is not a whole lot that a woman can do to make herself feel better. that's where home remedies can provide some relief. >> nausea was definitely the worst with both pregnancies. >> nicollet mills has been battling more than just morning sickness her entire pregnancy. >> wake up, feel like awful and it just stays all day long. >> reporter: while pregnant with her first child she turned >> with my first daughter, i took zofran, which now they are finding there are some birth defects that are linked with that, so i was really hesitant my second go round to go on anything. >> reporter: homeopathic doctor jennifer november says if you are concerned about side effects you can find a cure for symptoms outside the drugstore in nature. >> ginger has been well
6:25 am
and vomiting. you can make a tea fresh from the root. there are a number of ginger products that are available that are even easier to use than brewing a cup of tea. >> reporter: aches and pains, frequent in the third trimester, dr. november suggests putting salt if your bath. >> epsom salts contain magnesium. >> reporter: and for irritability and insomnia, get a massage. >> it's great for lm pregnant busy mind or helping with any anxiety that is occurring. they have helped greatly with feeling irritable. they have helped with sleep, helped with a lot of stuff. >> reporter: nicollet eventually had to take prescription medication. she was losing too much weight but feels better knowing she tried her home remedies first. >> i think you should try to do everything possible before you do go to more, you know, take
6:26 am
like that. >> reporter: in seattle. >> totally different. we are seeing the slower spots in different areas this morning. the areas near the mall. we do have sky10 going up in the air. you can see the parking lot of cars. we will have that for you. weather-wise we will see sunshine, low 80s. what a great friday it's going to be. >> ah coming up we are introducing you to a 96-year- old man who holds a world record. and we are testing a leftover recipe that i'm sharing with you all.
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happy friday morning. you are gonna love this day topping out in the low 80s. if you are heading out to do early morning shopping, great temperatures. look at that. most of us in the 60s already and there is your out the door planner. we will look for temperatures to make it into the 70s later this morning. as i said, a warm afternoon. a look at your weekend and maybe when the next rain chance could arrive coming up. here are your hot spots on your friday at 6:30. i am road warrior hilary zalla. in hillsborough county an accident along u.s. 301 just
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live to sky10, we are flying over i-75 at brandon boulevard right near brandon town center. look at that. the interstate is absolutely clear. brandon town center's parking lot a little busy, but not too bad here. if you are heading to the tampa premium outlet i will get you a drive time. good morning. friday, november 25. i am allison kropff. >> i am jenny dean in for ian. a look at today's li 6:30. the countdown to christmas is officially underway. black friday begins with a bang as shoppers all over the country hit the stores and the mall in search of the best deals. >> i am so excited. jamal's come to have thanksgiving dinner with us. >> i love just being here. feel like we could connect more and wond. >> it's a thanksgiving dinner we have all been waiting for. two people caught in a story gone viral sit down to break bread and the internet. this is a money grabber.
6:31 am
i am proud to be a part of this. >> and a television icon dies overnight. florence henderson passes away at 82 surrounded by friend and family. we are a month away from christmas and shoppers did get a jump on black friday bargains at the tampa premium outlet overnight. the discount shopping center is celebrating their second black friday after opening last october, and this year it attracted international visitors from as far away china and the middle east looking to cash in on big discounts. >> germany. china. so everybody's here. >> we don't really celebrate thanksgiving in china. you know, when we come to the u.s. we get to celebrate the shopping experience. >> michael kors and coach stores drew some of the longest lines overnight with some shoppers reporting they scored high-end handbags for more than 80% off. there is still time to take
6:32 am
tonight. >> a lot of you make black friday frenzy a family affair. a family lined up at target thursday night as part of an annual thanksgiving day tradition. they start their christmas shopping, but they also have a charity on their list. they couldn't wait to pick out the present his parents had been promising. >> i am getting it like i wanted. >> he asked if he could see the dirt bike we ve >> i want this one. >> we do black friday. we get a doorbuster and donate it to charity. >> before you head out go to wtsp our or 10news app and we will give you a peek of the sale ads. the holidays can be a difficult time for those of you watching your waistline. the day after big thanksgiving meal can leave many feeling a little bit of remorse. but according to experts, overindulging on one day is not a make it or break it moment
6:33 am
too many goodies after the holiday is over. don't beat yourself up because it's not something that happens every day. >> food is obviously the energy that it provides your body. the other side of the coin is it's going to be the connectivity, the relationship, the culture, the tradition. it's important to embrace that and not feel the guilt and enjoy the time and the next day you will be back on k. yourself out during holiday meals by remembering to eat until you are about 80% full. don't wait until you are completely stuffed. if you are feeling sluggish from that over indulging yesterday, you might look forward to a day rentalling out on -- veging out on the couch. but did you know that some of those on tv are thinking about
6:34 am
watching netflix. this is not good news for when you want to just sit down, watch tv, and relax. and you might be wondering, how the heck could they possibly tax me on this? actually, it might not even be in federal law, but here's the really interesting thing. they are using a loophole because of what voters signed on to back in 2008 to make this happen. now, this is a debate that's happening all around the country. in chicago, netflix users are suing the city over their 9% video streaming tax. in pennsylvania the state charges 6% tax on anything from apps to downloads. and now pasadena, california is trying to hop on board, too. while a federal law says government agencies can't tax the internet, cities are using this loophole. back in 2008 voters modernized a law allowing the government to tax cell phones since hardly anyone has a land line.
6:35 am
backfire. voters never expected their local leaders could apply the same law to video streaming. >> folks are going to wake up and see tax line items on their netflix and hulu bills. >> where do we stop? hulu? is it netflix? pandora? every time you stream music in your car? where do we actually stop? >> cities across the country are desperate to make up for budget shortfalls. that could mean pouncing on your checkbook just of your home to make up the difference. here is the one little tiny good piece of news. i found out that no local cities here in florida currently are trying to tax netflix. of course, all that could change as we watch this happen across the country. who is to say our local communities couldn't do this next? back to you. >> let's not give them any ideas. this morning an inspiring
6:36 am
people. ernestine nunez who lost her son to ptsd and richard newberry. he gave her a car so she wouldn't have to walk to work. as garin flowers reports, the acts of kindness for both continues. >> i have been seeing you walk by every day. >> reporter: three months after ernestina nunez met the man who changed her life with a new car, she now has a new smile and a new place thanks to richard newberry and the kindness of strangers. her house is equipped with furniture and accessories. >> i am thankful to everybody. they helped me out. >> reporter: but even her now life a painful without her best friend. >> i would give everything back to have my son back.
6:37 am
and i'm supposed to move on. but every day i miss him more and more, and i don't know how to compensate. even so, everybody keeps saying you got blessings. at the same time i would like to have him back inin my life. >> reporter: no material can child, but maybe love from mothers can help patch it. >> he's smiling down on you. >> reporter: on this thanksgiving ernestina is thankful. >> she comes across, she is so loving. wanted her to be a part of a family. her family is not here. >> reporter: now she has
6:38 am
it and donate the money to help her, but instead she was able to keep it and pass her blessing on to another. >> i am paying it forward. richard said why didn't you sell the car when you needed the money? i said no because the car was given to me and now i will give it to somebody who needs it, too. >> reporter: ernestina has a lot of healing do, but she won't be alone with many watching over this morning a colorado man is celebrating after breaking a world record. >> bob mcadam was in a retirement community. at 96 years young, he stays very active. he finished the highlands ranch turkey day 5k in 48 minutes and 19 seconds. >> feels great. great. i will try to remember it. i told my mother i would never be 55. that was when i was 19 and
6:39 am
he is crazy. that's awesome. he beat the previous record for a runner in his age group by almost two minutes. he thanked the crowd for cheering on the entire way. >> i love it. great. so one of the most talked about moments during a thanksgiving football game was the national anthem. why aretha franklin is trending this morning. and a wrong number text that went viral ends up with two people sitting down for thanksgiving together. we will have tonight starting at 8 frosty the snowman followed by frosty returns at 8:30, at 9 "macgyver," "blue bloods," and "10news at 11". and then "the late show with
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happy black friday. it is 6:42. if you are about to head across the bay, maybe heading to international plaza or the mall, the howard frankland bridge is down to 39 miles an hour in the northbound direction at that kennedy airport exit. that's no surprise. that is a hotspot for all the shoppers. and gandy bridge is only taking
6:43 am
there. the courtney campbell causeway is at seven minutes to cross. rick. all right. outside this morning, look at that sunrise taking place. some mid-level clouds there, but they won't last that long. for the most part, we will see a lot of sunshine. it is a beautiful sunrise this morning. look at the temperatures. most of us are in the 60s right now. very comfortable air. we have a few 50s here and there. your planner for today becoming mostly sunny. temperatures very nice this upper 60s. look at that. rising into the mid-70s by 10:00 a.m. low 80s later today. a look at your entire weekend coming up. good morning. i am justin granit. in 10sports tonight the lightning going for their sixth win in seven games with the blue jackets visiting amalie. the bucs preparing for a battled seahawks team. could be primed for an upset. high school regionals are tonight.
6:44 am
dez bryant and josh are not thankful for one another. getting into it moments after the boys beat the skins on thanksgiving. norman told reporters it started when bryant told him, quote, where i come from we unload the clip. afterwards, norman said, quote, i think he is extremely soft all of the time. those two not in the holiday spirit. we hope you are when we see you tonight in 10sports. aretha franklin sang the national anthem vikings-lions game for thanksgiving. she took her time to sing this. twitter had some fun with it. i have been laughing outloud at some of the tweets. so she sang for four minutes and 35 seconds. >> we were placing gets on how long it was. >> a lot of people were. here are some of the tweets that people have been saying. they are hilarious. the first one says aretha trying to sing the anthem for three games.
6:45 am
and this one is pretty funny. i got married and had a child and aretha franklin still isn't done. [ laughter ] there are some really good ones. i cooked my turkey, ate, and did the dishes during aretha franklin's national anthem performance. these are hilarious. apparently they put up a graphic, cbs did, and it said time of possession aretha 4:35. >> that is funny. you know, i do the anthem. i sing it at a lot lightning game. they want you to keep it under 90 seconds. they tell you that right away. apparently, nobody tells aretha how long to sing. >> they say under 90 seconds and she went 4 minutes and 35 seconds? >> i don't think they told aretha what to do. >> you are right. i tweeted this out. if you want to see more of the tweets people have been talking about, go to my twitter page. what started out as a text message to the wrong person ended with strangers coming
6:46 am
holiday. the story of jamal hinton and wanda dench began last week in arizona when dench sent a text to hinton trying to confirm thanksgiving plans not realizing the phone number was wrong. she said, you're not my grandmother, but jokingly asked for a plate anyway. they met, break bread, and broke the internet. >> touched my heart from all the people out there that said the kindest things i never expected this to happen to me. >> i loved being here. felt like we could connect and bond. >> hinton almost didn't make it. he figured two turkey dinners are better than one, especially because grandma was so welcoming. >> this is the best story. it was just funny that the text message got messed up like it did. then it turned into this great story that they have this new relationship. >> and i bet that's going to be a friendship for a lifetime. for them to actually meet and
6:47 am
that is very touching. >> yeah. such a good story. road warrior hilary zalla is watching black friday shoppers on the roadways. >> exactly. we just checked out a lot of the malls in the area from sky10. westfield and brandon, that mall is not busy as well. the bass pro shop nearby, that's busier. we checked out wiregrass mall. that is not too bad. about 200 or so cars in the international plaza and west shore mall, we haven't taken a live look from the sky, but your interstate along 275 and memorial not looking too bad. you are down to 26 miles per hour though along kennedy right there. so now we are going to show you the tampa premium outlet live from sky10. this definitely is most likely going to be one of the busiest spots. i think that our chopper just went out there. but if you are heading that
6:48 am
apex is not looking bad. you have some free spaces right there. it's not jam packed this year. we talked to a lot of owners of stores and even we have one of our directors, their child works at walmart. the owner of that store said this year was one of the quietest they have seen in a long time. so not too bad. back to the maps. along u.s. 301 north of fowler avenue there is an accident here but no lanes are bl in pinellas county the slowest spot is ulmerton road past the roosevelt. if you are heading to alan ton premium outlets it's quiet. polk parkway and i-4 in the green. if you have any trouble heading out the door today, if you encounter a hotspot, an accident, a delay, let me know about it.
6:49 am
we have been dry forever it seems. there is a little bit of rain off east coast of florida. that's trying to make it to the west. it's not gonna make it here. we are dry today. we see mostly sunny skies. after morning clouds this morning really helping to create a beautiful sunrise this morning. making some beautiful colors. there are the clouds right now around the tampa bay region. these are mid-level clouds. they push out of here allowing more and more sunshine throughout the day today. temperat there are some 50s. 55 crystal river. 54 brooksville. but most of us are in the 60s. low, mid, and even upper 60s. st. pete is at 67. tampa 68 degrees. 64 clearwater. we will zoom into the bay area and we have 55 in zephyrhills right now. patchy fog around zephyrhills as well. look out for that. 59 in tarpon springs. 70 in seminole right now. again it is a great start to your day this morning. pretty light winds.
6:50 am
morning. as we look at our live shot, you can see some of those clouds right now as we look at the bay. bayshore boulevard there, it's a great morning this morning. again just a few clouds. winds out of the east light today. warming here into the mid-70s by 10:00 for most of us into the low 80s this afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. we will cool back into the 70s tonight and 60s for most of us tonight. this sets up a really nice weekend. here is your planner for to morning clouds. otherwise sunshine. 83 for the afternoon high. there you see it. temperatures in the 70s later this evening. overnight tonight some of us will drop down into the 50s. the rest of us low, mid, and upper 60s. a pretty warm night tonight setting up for saturday morning. the seven-day forecast. the weekend just a little bit cooler, but wall-to-wall sunshine. it's going to be great. upper 70s to around 80 degrees. low-to-mid 80s next week. warm tuesday and wednesday.
6:51 am
slight rain chances. not overlie excited about this. the best chance of rain probably will come on thursday. hey, don't forget you can get our forecast, 10news weather forecast anytime at our newspaper partners the "tampa bay times" and "the ledger." you have a fridge full of leftovers this morning, so we have an idea for you. >> yeah. if you have mashed potatoes, i have been cooking up a treat that everyone in your family will love. we are going to do the taste test finally right ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ?
6:52 am
? put a little love in your heart. ? ?puli yr heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
6:53 am
? i want a hippopotamus for christmas ? ? only a hippopotamus will do ? at the united states postal service,
6:54 am
and more hippopotamuses, too. all this week we have been sharing our favorite family recipes but. we know you have leftovers, which are really good to seat. but jenny has a super good idea that smells amazing. >> i adopted this from a recipe i found.
6:55 am
quote-unquote cookie. take mashed potatoes, cheese, bacon, bake them, put a little bit of cheese on top of it, and then you can garnish it with -- >> you kind of describe this as a baked potato -- i can't think -- a potato skin >> if you like chives, you can put a few chives on it. >> of course. >> i think baked potatoes definitely the dish that is always left over. it seems like that's the one you always have a little extra of. >> yeah. so the mashed potatoes, if they are too won't work. they need to be thick. ready to give it a try? >> wow. we have been waiting all morning to try this. >> it's like a real cookie. >> it's like an enhanced friday. >> like a potato pancake a little bit. >> sometimes in cooking segments they are polite and say this is amazing, but this amazing. >> i found you can make mashed
6:56 am
little bit thick. i used potato marker. when you use them using a blender, it makes it starchy. so use a regular marker when you do it. a lot of butter, a little bit of milk, then these, bacon, mix it up. what really tastes good, what i like about it because i love burnt cheese -- >> when you said that the first time i was like, really? when you taste it, the edges get crispy. that's the best part, i think, is the crispy edges >> i love that. yeah. >> do traffic. if you are about to head out to the malls, our hottest spot really is probably the area of the tampa premium outlets. but we are heading to citrus park mall. this shot is a little blue. that's not what the world looks like. that's right off of gunn highway and the veterans expressway. not too busy. weather-wise we are looking at temperatures this morning in the 60s and we are going to make it into the low 80s this
6:57 am
some morning clouds. so a great day today. your weekend looking nice, as well. a little cooler, but upper 70s. that's great. >> a beautiful weekend. >> yeah. >> thanks for joining us this morning. hope you have a great day.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, november 25th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? one of the most famous television moms of all time hasi we will remember florence henderson, whose long career spanned far beyond "the brady bunch." >> millions of shoppers are looking early for black friday bargains and how online shopping is creating an opportunity for cyber threat. >> a mom has been found and police are trying to figure out what happened to her. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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