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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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largely, we are cool heading out the door. not too chilly. 56 the current reading in crystal river. 60s around the bay area. we will be warming up the temperatures a good bit throughout the first half of the day. into the mid-70s by 10:00. after 4 p.m. i start tracking light rain chances. i want to stress light, although we may see shower chances moving ahead into the weekend. i will talk about when we could see the return of more widespread showers back in the forecast good morning. here are your hot spots. i am your road warrior hilary zalla. southbound lanes of u.s. 41 closed from an injury crash south of universal drive. in pinellas county there is an accident blocking two northbound lanes of 34th street north right at 54th avenue north. coming up in less than ten minutes i have an accident in hernando county causing big issues along u.s. 41.
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drive times. your news, your community, and we are putting the news back in the morning. this is "10news this morning" at 6. good morning. welcome to "10news this morning." i am jenny dean in for allison. >> i am ian reitz. we have a lot to cover this morning. >> we are helping you sort through all those deals. >> and 'tis the season for package thieves as >> sarah hollenbeck is live in a tampa neighborhood. sarah, these porch pirates are getting more brazen? >> reporter: it's incredible how fast they work. they come up to your porch, steal your packages before you can get to them. even if they are caught on security camera like this, they are still getting away because it's very difficult for them to be seen on that camera and they can already make off with your presents before you ever get a chance to get them this holiday season.
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comes right up onto that porch seconds after the deliveryman leaves. some thieves can be so extremely bold that they back their car right up into your driveway, load up one package after another. amazon is one of several companies trying to curb the opportunities that thieves have to nab your goods. you may have noticed these bright yellow lockers in your neighborhood. instead of dropping off a package at your home, you can actually get a code to grab it from the locker. you simply enter the scan a barcode on your email to open the lockbox irene figueroa tried out the new lockers. she has one big concern. >> i would be careful. now that this is coming out, people are picking up their christmas packages there. let me help them out. >> reporter: tampa police recommend you request signatures to have the packages
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you can also ask a trustworthy neighbor watch for the deliveries, have the package sent to your office or leave special instructions for the delivery driver where the packages can be placed. this year more than ever more americans are going to be shopping online. that means that millions and millions and millions of gifts being delivered right to your front doorstep. >> sarah, these thieves are making off with quite a bit of money? >> reporter: get this. just last year reported that their packages were stolen, and a lot of them right on their front doorsteps. some while they were even home at the time. very scary. >> even if they are caught on surveillance video, it is hard to catch them and get your goods back. so, yeah, it's definitely something to watch out for. thanks. all right. ian. >> just about 6:04 on this monday. cubans are observing nine days
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streets. a number of folks are celebrating. hena daniels has more on how they are looking forward to better times in cuba. >> reporter: massive crowds are expected in revolution's plaza. a tribute to fidel castro. mourners will be allowed to sign a book of condolences. tuesday a public ceremony is planned in the square. the iron fisted former dictator had numerous critics nearly 50 years many people admired him. mr. manuel said he felt like he lost a patriarch, a father of our family. a father of the revolution, he said. castro's ashes will go on a four-day island-wide procession starting wednesday before being buried. but in miami's little havana where thousands of cuban exiles living more people are
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many considered him a brutal dictator who took freedom away from their families for decades. she is optimistic for the future. >> we love the culture and we fell in love with people without even going there. >> reporter: cuba remains a communist nation under fidel's brother raul castro. a rally is planned for wednesday to demand freedom and democratic reforms in cuba. hena >> castro's death will not affect flights to and from cuba. president-elect donald trump is back in new york after spending the thanksgiving weekend in palm beach, florida. he spent some of that time tweeting about the pending vote recounts in wisconsin. hillary clinton's counsel said they would participate in the recount where mr. trump won by 27,000 votes. the president-elect tweeted, hillary clinton conceded and he called it a scam.
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further. >> it's ridiculous. this is a fundraiser notoriety driven fraud by a person who won 33,000 votes in wisconsin to president-elect trump who won 1.4 million. >> the transition team will continue the debate over who should be secretary of state. mitt romney and rudy giuliani are both being considered. six minutes after the hour. delta air lines is apologizing after a pang caused a punches on board a allowed to stay on the plane. video of the man's tirade went viral all over social media. >> you can't hear me. go trump, baby! that's right. this man knows what's up. we got some hilary [ bleep ] on here? come on, man!
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>> delta said the man should have auto been removed from the flight. all right. so if you have to travel today you should be in pretty good shape. holiday travel is winding down. a record-breaking season caused problems for folks across the country, especially out lest at lax in los angeles where passengers did a lot of sitting and a lot of waiting. >> they were to clear out. it's thanksgiving traffic. you know, it would be like an extra 20 minutes. >> our alley was backed up. we ended up sitting for 30 minutes. >> we were in phoenix. they said we would have a 59- minute delay. the flight is only 53 minutes. >> you are just sitting on the runway waiting to taxi. not only busy at airport, but prices for uber and lyft were up as well. some places tripled prices because of demand. a popular tourist spot in
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over the weekend as a shooting killed one person and hurt nine others. it happened early sunday morning on bourbon street. police aren't sure what prompted the shooting, but they say two men were arguing and started shooting at one another. at last check four of the victims remain in the hospital but they are expected to be okay. >> when i got there the doctor said my daughter was shot five times. three times in the chest and twice in the arm, and my grandson was shot in thgr pelvis and broke his pelvis bone. >> new orleans mayor believes the suspects are from out of town. if you have to fill up this morning after the holiday weekend experts say gas prices have leveled off. here is what to expect. the national average for a gallon of unleaded is 2.13 this morning. the state average is 2.09. in the bay area even lower at two bucks a gallon. don't look now but the tampa bay bucs have a nice win streak going and they are back
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they beat the seattle seahawks 14-5 on sunday at ray jay. jameis winston, who has been on a roll, threw for two touchdowns. those touchdown passes went to mike evans. the bucs are now 6-5. they head to san diego to play the chargers this sunday. and congrats to usf. the bulls are back in college football's top 25 for the first time since 2011. in the coach's poll they are ranked number 23 and number 23 in the the bulls have won 17 of their last 21 games. this year is the first time in school history they have reached ten minutes. congrats to the bulls. >> very, very cool. >> yeah. very good for them. all right. this is cool. starting today you can to have a shot at going to the super bowl every year for free. >> this is interesting. so this has do with bud lite's campaign called strike cold. they are randomly putting 38,000 gold cans in cartons.
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can enter a contest to win super bowl tickets for the rest of your life or 51 years. the campaign ends on january 13. after the busy holiday rush. >> remember "charlie and the chocolate factory"? >> yeah, trying to get the golden ticket. we have a lot of stories on therapy dogs and horses. one animal sanctuary has a unique animal they are use nothing a new take on a candy, plus this. >> trying to push the false narrative that i was a supporter of the oppressive things that he did is not true. >> controversial quarterback colin kaepernick defends what he said about fidel castro before a game in miami. all right. 10news and the tampa bay lightning want to put you and your family in the stands for a game. join us tonight at 11 for the secret words to enter.
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lightning game on saturday, december 10. it is 6:11 on your monday morning and the bridges haven't picked up just yet. a great time to get out the door if you are starting early with us on your monday. this is a live look at the sunshine skyway bridge. 17 minutes across from pinellas point drive down to 75 in ellenton. let's go live to the howard frankland bridge. actually, the gandy bridge here. only five minutes is your drive time. really quiet. i have a couple of hot spots. i will get those for you in less than ten minutes. we are f if you are heading out the door this morning. no issues with visibility. no issues in the way of rain. i will be tracking sprinkles this afternoon with widespread rain chances possible this
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico.
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icious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ? this is an interesting story you have to see this morning. stop what you are doing and come look at the tv. at a california animal
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are swimming as a form of therapy. we hear about therapy dogs, horses, even cats, but this is something i have never heard of. >> i hadn't either. it caught our attention and we wanted to pass it along. therapy otters interact with children with severe or terminal illnesses. here is some of that video. anyone can swim with the otter at nurtured by nature for a price as the organization uses the money they raise to pay for swims to fund make a wish visits throughout the to give them a positive day where they are free of thinking about the pain or illness or treatment they are going through. super important to have -- treat the psyche and have a good outlook, especially when you are in pain or sick or scared. >> watch right here. you just look at this video, and you see the fun they are having. according to the website, the founders started this after wildfire spread to their home in 2003. they saw how much the community
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through the program as well. cool stuff when you see how they are doing this program. >> you know, you go to the florida aquarium and see the otters. oh, my gosh, they are so cute. you just want to play with them. now you can. >> now you can. and i don't know what the price tag is for this. they have a couple of other animal encounters there. they have kangaroos out there that you can get close with. those are 200 bucks. the otters were sold out for the rest of the year. if you want to check it out, that's a popular item. >> that doesn't surprise me. >> thanks. right now a no into a sinkhole. crews say that sinkhole formed after hurricane matthew swept through. you can see here just how big it actually is. the man somehow got stuck in the mud in the sinkhole. crews aren't sure how long he was there before they were able to get to him to help him out. all right. let's get a check of traffic with hilary. >> good morning. if you are about to head out the door, our interstates in hillsborough county and our
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much yet. we have several serious accidents. in hernando this is probably the biggest one. all lanes are shut down along u.s. 41 at county line road in springhill. this is an injury accident that happened about an hour ago. your detour is the suncoast parkway, which is a faster moving highway anyway, but i am not seeing major delays in the area just yet. also a crash in sarasota at venice. this has some s from emergency vehicles on hialeah road at alligator road west of u.s. 41. live to sky10 and checking out our morning commute cameras here. this is a live look at 275 through pinellas right at 38th avenue north. you can see that's the southbound lanes picking up a little bit here, and the accident along 38th street at 54th avenue has cleared. you're accident free in st. petersburg. let's go live to i-4 at
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city. along the i-4 corridor 15 minutes from polk parkway to 75. you can see you are picking up in this westbound direction. back to our maps in hillsborough county, i am also still on top of this crash. this happened over two hours ago through ruskin along u.s. 41. southbound lanes are now not totally blocked. you have two lanes blocked here right south of universal drive. you can take a detour if there is a delay. the detour would be old u.s. 41 or take i-75. ashley. all ri we are off to a nice quiet start heading out the door this morning. nothing going on on stormtracker 10 and we don't expect to see much heading through the morning. into the afternoon that could be a little bit of a different story, but as you're out and about this morning or maybe putting the finishing touches on some decorations you didn't quite get to this weekend, although most of you have your decorations up. well done. you are leaps and bounds beyond
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decorating. curious to see what you think on ashley batey on twitter. temperatures for many of us starting off in the upper 50s. a few 60s out there. most of that is right around the bay area. so 63 right now safety harbor, davis island and 64 degrees in tampa. we are looking great as you are heading out the door this morning. this is tampa international. right now looking quiet. that is going to be a busy spot later on today though, but not going to be any travel issues on this end as far as weather more than sprinkles, and even that is going to be a long shot for most of us. most of us stay dry straight through the morning. notice around midday we thicken up that cloud cover just a little bit. not far beyond that a little sprinkle or two. again, not expecting widespread showers. certainly no thunderstorms in the mix. but if you need to hit the windshield wipers a couple of times, yeah, this afternoon especially after 4 p.m. is going to be the most likely time when you need to do that.
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commute. beyond that we are nice and dry. you stay dry on the morning jogs, morning workouts this morning. we start off in the 60s and rapidly warm things up and we are expecting highs in the low 80s later today. one of those days, yeah, get out early if you like things just a little bit cooler. looking ahead to tomorrow, yeah, gradually seeing those temperatures creeping up. instead of 50s and 60s, pretty much 60s across the area. our next chance for some showers doesn't move i got to stress that is a low chance. most of us will stay dry from it. looking ahead to late sunday early monday, that's the better rain chance. dry during the daytime hours this weekend. sunday night and especially early next week we will be looking for higher shower chances. get 10weather updates on the road. duv on 105.5 fm, on sarasota talk-radio 106.9 fm and 10
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92.5. a big win for the bucs on sunday and an emotional one for one of the players. >> after the break, why ultron werner was in tears. we have that story in a couple of minutes. after the break, a minnesota pageant contestant makes history. what she is hoping that people see from this message.
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disney's animated movie mow lawn a beat out the box office this weekend. they raked in $81 million. it's the clear winner. it did fall short of "frozen's" record. j.k. rowling's "fantastic beasts and where to find them" was second
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a classic holiday tweet, a box of these candy canes goes for seven bucks. six candy canes for seven bucks. >> a novelty, i guess? >> yeah. >> if you have an office party. something different. >> i think it would be cool in a holiday drink. that's the only way i >> where it might. >> exactly. >> we were talking about the pickled-flavored ones. it was a strong flavor. you taste it a little bit and then -- >> it's pickle in something that's supposed to be peppermint. let us know. making history in minnesota. a teenager competing in the miss minnesota u.s.a. pageant is wearing her hijab throughout the entire competition. she is doing so to make history
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more modest clothing makes her feel more like herself. she wants to inspire others, letting them know they don't have to show skin to be beautiful. >> look at her. she looks so beautiful. >> yeah. >> just really positive message she wanted to send. >> what a milestone for this to be the first time that this has happened. >> good for her. i love that. we have several accidents in tampa bay this morning. it has been a busy monday morning. we are about to have sky10 go up in the air to show us so we are not adding weather issues to the mix. we are quiet. visibility is doing just fine this morning. a few sprinkles this afternoon. by and large, the evening commute looking okay as well. cyber monday. you are trying to find some of the best deals online. we are going to break down some of the best ones coming up. and downtown st. pete looking nice this morning.
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. aria ? check out the gorgeous sunrise across the bay area this morning. off to a great start. no issues with cloud cover. clear skies right now, although that will be thickening up a little bit. nothing in the way of fog will slow you down this morning. 64 right now in tampa. we will be climbing rapidly as we head throughout the morning. temperatures already into the 70s by 10:00. a warm day on tap.
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may see a few sprinkles returning to the forecast in ten minutes. good morning. here are your hot spots at 6:30 on your monday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. in hernando county u.s. 41 just reopened through springhill. it was closed for a couple of hours this morning right at county line road. and let's go live to sky10 along 275 through st. pete. this accident i just found in the northbound direction of 275 at 38th avenue north. you do have a lane blocked here. i will get you a drive time coming up in less than ten minutes. good morning. monday, november 28th. i am ian reitz. glad you are with us. >> thank you. i am jenny dean in for allison today. this is your eye opener a look at today's headlines. >> i am optimistic, excited and hoping for better things. >> mixed reaction following the death of fidel castro. in cuba, thousands of people are gathering this morning to mourn the former president. the idea that we are going to drag this out now where the
6:31 am
incredibly magnanamous to the clintons and obamas is pretty incredible. >> president-elect donald trump is criticizing green party candidate jill stein for pushing for a vote recount in wisconsin. you come out out of habit. >> bargains on tvs, clothes and toys. it's cyber monday. there will be thousands of sales online today. if you haven't yet had your fill of holiday shopping, it is cyber monday, which means another big day of and 10news reporter emerald morrow is live in the newsroom. people may not realize that cyber monday is great for travel deals as well. >> that's right. you can find cheap flights and good package deals if you get on it right away. let's start with southwest. they have some good deals that you should consider. the company is actually running a cyber special that goes all week long and you will want to
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code. cyber wk16. this unlocks the savings, including $250 to any destination the company offers. on top of that, there are daily deals. today you can get up to 30% an all-inclusive stay in rivera mya. you need to book now if you want the deal. there is also alaska airlines offering flights as cheap as $34 one way. there aren't a ton of options from tampa. you can still score a good deal from other locations around country. also expedia is offering hotels up to 90% off. there will be hourly deals from nine to three as well as $200 off a $300 coupon for activities on expedia starting at 9 a.m., but those are limited. now, if you need new clothes for your trip, experts say cyber monday is great for your wardrobe as well. >> i always look at cyber monday as an opportunity to take advantage of their store
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clothes. if those are on your gift list. a great time to take advantage of that. >> experts say you can get some of the best deals from clothing stores and these clowe old navy and banana republic, which are offering 50% off of deals online. now, if you really want the good deals, i would not take my time. you could miss them. but there is a chance that you could still get some good deals as some stores and some retailers will ff online deals all week. >> is this going to be a new trend for shoppers to look forward to in. >> it could be. a lot of experts are getting away from calling it black friday or cyber monday. they are calling it the black friday season because it does seem to go on and on forever. so could be a good thing for shoppers. >> all right. sounds good. thank you so much. i got some shopping to do. >> yeah, we found some of these
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the holiday season can full of fun and excitement, and it can be a source of major stress. dr. michael rosen says that sleep is often the first thing that people are willing to sacrifice in order to get more done. he says missing out on sleep just makes us age faster. >> we all say i can do more work and sleep less, right? it doesn't work that way. you have to plan sleep just like you plan exercise or plan sleep is something you should plan for. it's too important. >> i know sometimes that can be easier said than done. he says sleep not only makes us think more clearly, but removes toxins from our brain. and eating healthy is key. one way you can do is by bringing some of your own snacks when you go to parties or when you are going to be shopping at the mall. this is a story you will
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miracle that a 8-month-old infant thrown from a car in a crash survived. her family says they couldn't find her after the crash in arkansas. a good samaritan says he heard something in a drainage gate. he started looking around and that's when they made the amazing discovery. >> and the baby at the time, the 8-month-old, was actually sitting down in the grate sitting up. sitting up and looking at us, waiting for us to pull her out. she wasn't screaming. e she was just sitting there waiting for us. >> wasn't screaming or crying. just sitting there waiting. the little girl was checked out by paramedics. emts found a scratch on her forehead. otherwise, she is okay. >> incredible. great story that she was fine and okay. all right. this story was just an awful story from over the weekend. a tow truck operator helping a driver on the side of the road was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver.
6:36 am
and recovery. this was 1:30 monday morning. a woman was drunk and crashed into hand. this marks the third time this year a tow truck driver was killed on a bay area highway helping someone, and people in the towing community say enough is enough. >> we from the heartache you can't imagine. >> this is just something to keep in mind. an important reminder about florida's move over law. this is not just for police officers and ambulances. it's also for tow truck drivers and for utility vehicles as well. you have to move over. if for some reason you can't move over, you still have to slow down. preparations are underway for people to pay their
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died friday. thousands are expected to attend public ceremonies in cuba today. cubans are observing nine days of mourning and castro will be buried december 4th. after the san francisco 49ers lost to the miami dolphins in miami, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick was asked about his previous statements about fidel castro in the days leading up to the game that he approved of the oppression. >> i mean, what i said was i agree with education. i also agree with the investment in free universal healthcare as well as the involvement in him helping and apartheid in south africa. trying to push the false -- false narrative is not true.
6:38 am
it's picked off! it's picked off! >> what a moment sunday. alterraun verner said his father is his biggest fan. he played, and he provided a moment his family would never forget. 10news sports anchor justin granit was smiling, been very, very proud. and i just was thinking about how he was reacting. so, yeah, it's all good. >> reporter: is it conceivable to create a fairy tale in the face of tragedy? alterraun verner did that at raymond james stadium tonight. his first interception in over a year two days after the passing of his father robert. that moment will bring any man
6:39 am
every game was to play my hardest. he would love me the same. so, you know, it's a blessing how we get the win and everything. all he wanted was just me to play hard. that's what i did. >> reporter: alterraun's loss is a buc's loss. gerald mccoy, who lost his mother when he was in college, gave the pregame prayer and dedication of the verner family. >> go out does have family and when he is hurting, he can lean on us. guys went out and played like it. >> man, that was surreal. that moment, that was more than football. that had nothing to do with football. >> reporter: alterraun verner gave his biggest fan something to smile about. >> he meant everything to me. i am happy to continue to try to make him proud while he is looking down on me. >> justin granit reporting. you heard a reporter say this
6:40 am
football. still to come, a boy gets $25,000 for his 13th birthday. you are going to be surprised what he decided to do with all that money. and this story will have you talking today. people in japan are soon going to have their pizza delivered by dasher and dancer. coming up, starting at eight "the big bang theory" followed by "kevin can wait" at 8:30, at nine man with a plan,
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good morning. it is 6:43 on your monday morning. here is your bridge update. we really haven't picked up too much just yet across the bay along memorial highway as you head south towards 275, and that could affect traffic getting off the howard frankland. the howard frankland is still taking you six minutes to cross. that kennedy airport pit is backing up. the gandy is at five minutes and the courtney campbell is at seven minutes. you won't need the rain gear for your morning commute, but you will need the shades. a lot of sunshine in the forecast through the morning with warm temperatures 64 degrees right now, and we will
6:44 am
we head through the morning. expect 80s by this afternoon. still those gulf temperatures, they are getting pretty chilly even though we are pretty warm, and with higher winds today we will be a little bit on the choppy side with a moderate chop on the bay and two to three foot seas offshore. looking ahead to increased rain chances later in the week coming up. i will have the forecast for you in about five minutes. good morning. hope you had a wonderful weekend. i am ryan bass. here is what is coming up tonight on ten sports. the big bucs win over seattle seahawks. what went right? what went wrong? that's coming up tonight. the bulls turning to the ice on tuesday. which goalie should be the starter moving forward. and we will tell you why dalvin cook's chance of bringing on the heisman trophy is bigger than you expect. in the second quarter yesterday, a kickoff return 86 yards to the house. watch this. two players high-fiving it before he crosses the end zone.
6:45 am
there, all right? giving i couldn't guy a nice little high-five before you get to the end zone. hope i see you then. this is a moment where you go please don't try to do anything crazy. if you drop the ball, that would have been bad. >> yeah. all right. we wanted to show you the end that have same game. it really is just so unbelievable. >> so this was tied at 27 heading into the last few seconds of ot when this happened. >> for the win. to the uprights and in! and in! unbelievable game winner! kansas city, you've got to be kidding me. >> i mean, that's pretty incredible. the ball bounces off the upright and then goes in. kansas city goes on to win beating denver in the early monday morning hours. >> oh, boy. >> wow. that is wild.
6:46 am
of that. >> it makes me sad when they show the other team looking so disappointed. fun to watch, but it's like, aw. we got another story to share with you on this monday morning. we want to introduce you to a student out of el paso, texas, that is impressive. this is 13-year-old drew frank. had his bar mitzvah. instead of gifts he asked people for money. he said i really want some spending money. what he did with the spending money has a lot of talking. he got $25,000 and he did not keep a dime of it. instead he donated it all to charity to give to people in need shoes. 800 pairs of nikes, 800 pairs of socks, and 400 pairs of shoes were donated to a public elementary school in a lower income neighborhood. the other 400 pairs will go to a local orphanage and a living center that helps women and children in transition. drew said he wanted to give back.
6:47 am
other people. he wanted to give them something special, give back to kids who are less fortunate than he is. >> who gives the kid $25,000? >> i think it was a total overall. >> they know that he was going to be doing this charitable thing? >> it didn't say in the article if they knew he intended to do that. >> that's awesome. >> i mean, a lot of money there. it's cool to see he paid it forward. >> i love that. so great. all right. check this out. domino's pizza is now looking atne how about delivery by reindeer? according to the telegraph, domino's japan says it's training reindeer to make deliveries that they will use gps trackers for the animal. the winter-themed service is expected to begin next month you are probably asking why reindeer? the forecasters there are predicting a very cold winter along with some pretty severe snowfall. they think the reindeer will
6:48 am
cold resistant and it will ensure that customers will get their pizza despite the roads being blocked by snow. that's exactly why santa has to use the reindeer, because it could be snowy in places. >> they don't care. they are ready to go. let's get over to hilary. 6:48 is the time. >> as long as they are not using santa's reindeer. i don't want my presents to be delayed. 6:48 is the time. here is a look in hillsborough county at your hottest spots. i-4 actu downtown tampa interchange is down to 17 miles per hour. you are in the red there. you're about four minutes delayed from 75 to 275. so it's taking you about 15 minutes there. and 275 as you head south from the apex to i-4 is taking you 22 minutes. that's from right here down to the tampa interchange. and then 75 is also taking you about the same time from state road 56 to selman expressway. let's go live to sky10 in pinellas county. this is one of the biggest
6:49 am
so 275 north at 22nd avenue north there is an accident blocking the left shoulder. this is really slowing down traffic. so make sure you give yourself some time. of course, you have mlk and 4th street as an alternate route depending where you are going. in pasco county a disabled vehicle along 75 south. this is right near state road 54. i was seeing a delay from this earlier because the left lane is blocked, but they may just in the past couple minutes have moved this out o the main lane. and in polk county really no major incidents right now. the drive time is 15 minutes if you are heading into tampa for work from polk parkway over to 75. in sarasota and manatee counties pretty quiet. i-75 is not delayed through venice. you are in the green. ashley. all right. we are in great shape as you are heading out the door this morning. look at that pretty glow over the airport, and we are not seeing any cloud cover right now, which means this temperatures are going to warm
6:50 am
55 now in crystal river. these numbers warm up big time thanks to, again, no cloud cover. we are not seeing any issues with visibility in terms of fog out there either. we are off to a great start this morning. stormtracker 10 is nice and quiet. in fact, it will stay that way over the next several hours. we will get a little, and i want to stress, a little chance for a stray sprinkle or two to come back into the mix not so much in the morning, but especially as we head into 2, 3:00. we will start to see littl talking about thunderstorms but a quick little shower or two could be moving through for the evening commute. after that we wind things down later on today. no widespread rain chances. probably nothing more than you need to hit the wiper blades a couple of times, but you will need the sunglasses because especially this morning we are going to be starting off very sunny. we will continue that way, even though cloud cover increases through the afternoon. we are tracking this system
6:51 am
the southeast. not a lot there. notice that kind of lifts out and then we get another area of low pressure developing well to our north. but that one will bring us a slight chance for a few stray showers overnight wednesday into early thursday morning. but the better rain chances hold off until early next week. we may start seeing a little bit of that late in the weekend. so saturday you're dry. no issues whatsoever. if you are out late sunday night, heads up. there may be some showers, and that's likely to increase as we look ahead into monday of week. i think that's when we're going to get more widespread scattered showers back in the mix. up until then largely dry. a little bit of a dip in our temperatures. friday we will warm up into the 70s and near 80 both days this weekend. again, minimal rain chances, if any, for the next seven days. check out our forecast with our newspaper partners. you can see our forecast in the "tampa bay times" and in polk county it's in "the ledger." let's take you outside and see how things are looking from
6:52 am
monday morning. 6:51 is your time. we are sitting in the mid-60s. not a bad start to the week. hope you had a great holiday
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
when you think san francisco, you may think golden gate bridge, right? >> yeah. >> during the holiday season they are known for something else. >> yeah. try a giant gingerbread house in one of hotels. the culinary team at the fairmount built the victorian style house and they use thousands of gingerbread bricks and 1,200 pounds of icing. they claim the house is the largest of its kind in california. the gingerbread house stands at more than 22 feet high, 23 feet wide, and it has a railroad track. >> and 4 billion calories. >> yeah. [ laughter ]. this is cool, too. every year there is a crazy
6:56 am
friday. but this might top it all. >> some of these photos are ridiculous. this is the nike outlet store in seattle. people who worked there describe this as an earthquake or a zombie apocalypse. >> look at these shoeboxes. >> come on. oh. one person captioned this and said, people calm down. sheer just sneakers. >> agreed. >> you feel bad for the folks who have together. >> that's like your house is trashed after a party. where do you begin? >> people might have been buying mismatched pairs of shoes. >> you never know. >> definitely. you are just trying to find the one that goes with the other. >> online shopping is your friend. >> yeah. there is an accident just reported along curlew road at u.s. 19 in pinellas. also a crash on northbound 275 at 22nd avenue north. you have a delay here.
6:57 am
heading out the door this morning. it is going to be sunny. this afternoon a slight chance after few sprinkles. i don't think we will see widespread rain chances until early next week. all right. that does it for us. thanks for starting off the
6:58 am
carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella.
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, november 28th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect trump denounces plans to recount the hillary clinton's campaign is now backing the recount in wisconsin after conceding the election. >> cuba mourns the life of a leader while miami cheers the death of a dictator. charlie is in havana today and takes a look at how fidel castro death could change cuba and its relationship with the u.s. warning for shoppers who use their smartphones on cyber money. how opening your app could put your information in the eyes of criminals. we begin this morning with a


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