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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"10news at noon" starts right knew. >> good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i am ian reitz. >> i am jenny dean in for allison. breaking now, police have lifted the shelter in place order at ohio state university. this after an active shooter was reported and campus this morning. there is still a heavy police presence. dozens of officers and s.w.a.t. team members. right now here's what we know. nine people were taken to the hospital. one is in critical condition.
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police have also confirmed that they have shot and killed a suspect. >> we are told this started about 9:30 when someone called to support a red suv crashed into the chemical engineering building. the caller said a person jumped out with a knife and started stabbing people. another person had a gun. students heard fire alarms go off and that was followed by gunshots. an hour ago the s.w.a.t. team pulled two people ou nearby parking garage in handcuffs. >> here is the breakdown of what we do know. the shelter in place order has been lifted for all of the students, but classes have been canceled for the day. this comes after nine people were taken to the hospital. one of those people in critical condition. four of them, we are told, has gunshot wounds. one suspect has been shot and killed by police. two others taken away in handcuffs by s.w.a.t. team members. the police are still searching
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campus is secure. we got word that the university president is expected to speak in 15 minutes. we will bring that live to you when it starts. facebook has activated the safety features to students can mark themselves as safe. we are stay on top of this breaking story. we will have it on as well as on our 10news app. all right. we have got a warning today if have you kicked off your holiday shopping on this cyber monday. we want to porch pirates. thieves follow delivery trucks into your neighborhood and take your packages off the doorstep. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck shows you what you can do to protect your presents. >> reporter: some of these thieves, within seconds, they see the packages left on your doorstep, they follow the deliveryman. once he puts it down, within less than a minute they rush up and snag it. >> no more than 30 seconds after the delivery driver drops
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>> reporter: some porch pirates like this one can be brazen, too, backing their car up into your driveway and then loading up one package after another. others using children to grab the packages for them. >> i cannot believe that even the neighbors are scouting their neighbors to see, oh, they got a package and i need a christmas present. it's totally wrong. >> reporter: today it the biggest online shopping day of the year of the national retail federation says more than half of us will be doing our holiday shopping online. that means mins millions and millions of packages delivered between now and new year's eve. amazon is trying to curb the opportunity that thieves have to nab your goods. you may have noticed bright yellow lockers in your neighborhood. there is now 40 of them across tampa. just scan a barcode or use a secret number to open the lockbox here is our package. everybody thinks, well, this will never happen to me. last year 23 million americans
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from their homes. several of them while they were inside and the thief was on their porch taking them. back to you. >> amazon customers are ordering 630 items every single second today. amazon's fulfillment center in ruskin is slammed. bins are filled with items that will be sorted, boxed, shipped, and sent out this afternoon. workers will ship out 54 million items woid for cyber monday. >> i think it's a modern version of santa's workshop really. i mean, the associates are so excited to be a part of this. you can feel the buzzing in the air. this fulfillment center is the size of 28 football fields, and all the conveyor belts are up to 14 miles of conveyor belts. it helps the associates with the sorting and the organization. so we can help get customers their packages as fast as
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any other year in the past. amazon has more than 75,000 deals on their website today for cyber monday. >> if you haven't had your fill of holiday shopping, it is cyber monday, which means another big day. emerald morrow explains how you can get the most for your money when you shop online. >> reporter: when this comes to holiday shopping it can sometimes be hard to know when to buy what, especially when you are bombarded with emails and different sales ads telling you to buy now. well, we did for you, and this is what we found out if. you missed out on electronics on black friday, it is not too late. you might not get the same deals, but there are plenty. check out this lenovo mini notebook for 180 bucks. for those of you needing wardrobe, it's great for getting clothes and shoes. gap, banana republic, old navy are offering half off of everything. >> i look at cyber monday as an
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the branded clothing stores might have up to 50% off clothes. so if those are on the gift list, this is a great time to take advantage of that. >> reporter: it's also a great time to book a vacation. if you use the code cyber wk16 you can get up to $250 off just about any flight and hotel packages. if you use expedia's app, you can get up to 90% off of hotels and hourly deals until three i know that was a lot of information. we put all of it on our website. of course, that is now, do not waste your time getting to these deals. you are going to miss out on the new outfit you will need to wear on the new trip that you are going to book later today. back to you. the death of former cuban leader fidel castro is met with different reactions from different generations of cubans. manuel bojorquez talked to two different generations with
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soccer game might seem like any other sunday in havana. that is until halftime when both teams stop to hold a moment of silence for fidel castro. alejandro says he admires fidel. for us cubans, it's a great loss, says alejandro. like many young people here, it's an image molded less by firsthand experience and more a tradition and family. >> your grandparents have cried about this? >> they were pa revolution. so they feel it much more heavily. >> reporter: clearly, they feel this a lot more than we do, he says. that was apparent away from the field in church pews across the island where many older cubans mourned. >> we loved fidel. i see tears streaming down your
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castro. >> reporter: your revolution? >> yes. >> reporter: there is no mention here at least publicly about the abuses and oppression of the castro regime. in fact, the effort here is to make sure the revolution does not fade into history for young people. nearly a third of the island's population is under 25, and they are increasingly drawn to american pop culture as wi-fi hot spots pop in the decade since fidel castro gave up power, dissident groups have supported opportunities like access to wi- fi as a way to expose young cubans to new ideas. but there is a concern here that the nation's youth is becoming too distracted during a defining time in the island's history. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, havana. after the break, seatbelts are meant to keep you safe. for older drivers they could be harmful.
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causing falls among the elderly? find out which drugs researchers believe could be cause this problem. we are quiet for now. a few sprinkles possible in the forecast this afternoon, and i am tracking more widespread rain chances as early as this weekend. i will break down the timing of our next round of rain for you coming right up. 10news and the tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands for the game. watch "10news at 11" for a secret word to win two lower-
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we wouldn't update you on breaking news that we are on top of out of ohio state university. a shelter in place has been lifted after situation was reported on campus. nine people have been taken to the hospital. one in critical condition. we just heard according to the "associated press" hospital officials saying the individuals they received from the scene of the attack have non-life-threatening injuries. we are working to get more information on that. we also know one suspect was shot and killed and two other people were taken away in handcuffs. this started about 9:30 this morning. someone called to report that a red suv crashed into the chemical engineering building on campus. the caller said a person jumped
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another person had a gun. we will hear from the university president here in just a couple of minutes. once he gives his remarks, speaks about this, we are gonna try to bring that to you live. in health news, a new study suggestion there could be a link between high-risk medications used to treat anxiety and falls among the elderly. doctors say electronically prescribed default dosages were too high for elderly patients in about 57% seat belts are meant to protect you. how researchers at ohio state university are learning why one- size seat belts don't fit all. >> i remember sitting there and my body was flipping back and forth. >> reporter: she ended up in a neck brace after a jeep backed into her car. her seat belt kept her in her seat but researchers believe it
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concussions and back injuries. >> yeah. didn't do what i thought it would. >> reporter: the seat belt pam and the rest of us use wasn't designed for the 64-year-old 5'4" frame. >> a car can drive without a person controlling it. why contact we have a safety system that could respond to better save one? >> reporter: he is using crashes tests to study the amount of force needed to protect those with more fragile frames like smaller and older drivers. the goal is to have seat belts that automatically adjust to the person they are protecting. >> it will take more force to stop me from going into the steering wheel than it would a grandfather or grandmother. so that force against my thorax, you know, is not going to cause rib fractures in me, but it is perhaps too much force for someone older. >> reporter: crash tests show how seat belts save lives. the driver at the top of the screen without a belt is launched forward. when it comes to older drivers
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deadly chest injuries as older drivers tend to be more easily injured in a crash. seat belts are credited with saving nearby 14,000 lives last year. researchers say everyone should wear your seat belt regardless of age or size, but you want to make sure the seat belt rests on your shoulder. this area is stronger than your ribs and have 10 to 12 inches between you and the airbag. kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. >> here is something that might have caught your eye on social media. you can have a shot at going to the super bowl every year for free. >> this has to do with a new campaign by bud lite called strike gold. they are randomly putting 38,000 gold cans in cartons. if you find a can, you can enter a contest to win super bowl tickets for the rest of your life up to 51 years. it ends january 13th. >> like a golden ticket like buddy wonka. >> yeah. >> yeah. interesting to see how that
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>> for 51 years? that's pretty cool. >> not bad at all. all right. how we doing this afternoon outside? >> off to a great start this afternoon. a lot of sunshine across the area. that's going to stick with us for a little bit longer. then we are gonna start to move in a little bit in the way of cloud cover and then rain chances. around tampa bay we haven't seen the clouds starting to thicken up just yet. as a result, we have warmed up a lot. we are at 80 in carrollwood and shy of that at tampa international at 79. also 79 degrees in riverview. inland, just a degree or two, but we are starting to see a little bit more cloud cover there, whereas we have 77 in largo and 80 degrees already in seminole. 82 davis island. this is what it looks like over the airport. not much in the way of cloud cover. a lot of blue sky out there. but as we head through the day, we are going to see more of those clouds starting to work their way in. in fact, over the next couple of hours i think it's safe to say we will see more clouds than sun at least from time to time, and with that maybe a
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as we head through about 7:30 we will start to see that beginning to wind on down and then we will start to clear things out once again as we head into the overnight timeframe. so 80 this afternoon at 4:00. probably 82 before the temperatures start to back off once again and then overnight more moisture comes back in. we will see those temperatures again on the warmer side. minimal rain chance over the next few days and minimal with the next front. watch how that kind of lifts out of here, and the best rain chance as well to the north. there is an area across the southeast in the carolinas that really could use that, but our better rain chances are actually going to be coming in late this weekend. so sunday overnight into early monday morning, that's when we are going to get a front in here that will bring more widespread rain chances back into the mix. saturday we're clear. and most of the activity is going to be after 9 p.m., but don't be surprised if there are
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going. up until the first front arrives, which again that's overnight wednesday into thursday morning, there is not going to be any big changes with the rain totals. we will look at a 20% coverage there. our temperatures do go down. we will slide back into the mid- 70s by friday. overnight saturday morning that's when we see temperatures dropping back into the 50s. a little bit of a cooldown there, and then more moisture rapidly heads back. the rain chances the most widespread overnight sunday into monday jenny and ian. all right. coming up for you tonight on 10news and cbs, "big bang theory" at 8:00 followed by "kevin can wait" at 8:30, "man with a plan" at 9 followed by "the odd couple" at 9:30, "scorpian" at 10 and "1"1ews at
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today, we talk differently.... work differently... relax differently. l the differences take energy. at duke energy, we're doing things differently too. like new ways to generate power and even store it...
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welcome back. online sales on cyber monday
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$3 billion. but cybersecurity experts warn shoppers could be at risk because of counterfeit apps. some of the biggest threats to smartphone users. >> i would say most of my purchases, i used my iphone. >> reporter: nicole barker likes shopping through her app. she didn't realize it could put her identity at risk. >> it's really scary. if you track the brands. >> reporter: a company that creates those apps for major retailers found some shopping pay less, christian weren't real. >> if you take those apps down and you get rid of that provider, you will find them show up in a different name, new credentials. >> a lot of data. >> reporter: gary says it's all about criminals getting a hold of your private information. >> some of these apps, these counterfeit apps, are so good, they give you a complete shopping cart experience.
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congratulations, here's your order number, it's on its way, and you never get the goods. >> reporter: super popular emoji keyboard apps, they replace the one on your phone giving you an endless supply of emoticons for every occasion. many can gain access to your contacts, text messages, possibly even passwords. google scans apps for potentially malicious codes and they ha android devices to verify apps. apple told us they provide notice on all keyboard apps about the fact that these apps can have access to what you type. except for passwords, which can only be typed in using the regular keyboard. >> all right. as you head out, a couple possible sprinkles. >> right. sprinkles. not heavy summertime downpours or anything like that, although we got some springtime temperatures out there.
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this afternoon. again a slight chance of a few stray showers popping up from time to mainly a-- time to time mainly along the corridor. early next week they make a comeback. check back for updates on timing. a week out, the timing is going to change a little bit. at this point we are in a mainly dry pattern even with the next front that rolls through overnight wednesday into early thursday morning. we are staying on top state university where an active shooter was on campus. everything is under control now. we are waiting though for the university president to speak. eight students injured. >> taken to the hospital. it sounds like they do not have life-threatening injuries according to the ap report. one suspect was shot. once that news conference happens with the university president, we will bring that to you live on the 10news app,
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