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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> parts of gatlinburg tennessee look like a scorched ghost town. with smoldering homes burned to the ground. >> we are still having because of the wind trees that are falling and they are taking down power lines. that is limiting access into some of the areas. >> the flames hollowed out homes and buildings. many people forced to evacuate sought refuge in shelters like this one run by the red cross. greg lanham and his family spent the night here. >> you are looking out of every window you can and watching for a glow in the distance. from mississippi a month and a half ago. they only had time to grab their 14-month-old son william. and his diaper bag. >> we don't know what to do or what we're going to do. we don't have anywhere to go. >> officials say more than 400 emergency workers from multiple departments are working on putting out the fire and clearing debris. >> we got calls from the
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warner is trying to aid his community while dealing with his own devastation. >> i had an opportunity to drive through town and my house was gone and my business of 31 years is gone. >> a strong storm and heavy rain moved throughout the night possibly helping firefighters fight what is left and forecasters are predicting even more rain before the day is over. still so many people have yet to make it place has survived. demarco morgan. cbs news. so many feeling helpless tonight. those fires are spreading heartache across the country. many of you have a connection to gatlinburg. chris told us this, my parents took me there is a child and i still go there every september. grady trimble shares his own connection to the area and how
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>> if you're like me you may have a personal connection to the smoky mountains. i've been going on vacations there since i was a little kid. it's where i learned how to mountain bike and where i learned how to whitewater kayak and more recently i visited some of the same tourist attractions that are now being threatened by wildfires. if you are like me you may feel helpless but there are some ways you can help. donated to the red cross is one of them. >> hundreds of volunteers came from tennessee to help us and we want to do the same. >> the red cross has proven florida on standby ready to go to tennessee. around 1200 people are staying in their shelters. >> once we can go back into the area and the wildfires have settled down, we will do an assessment of the damage. we lost homes and what needs are still out there.
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another option. mail a check to the fire department in pigeon forge at this address. we may not be able to do much from states way but it is something. grady trimble, 10news. as grady beautifully showed you do not feel helpless. we have a list of other ways you can help the people of tennessee. you will find those on our website and the 10news app. have you seen this photo. you are looking at a burned torn passage from the bible. this picture being shared all over social media and this is from the book of joel. itad cry when the fire half devoured the wilderness and the flame half burned all the trains -- trees. someone found this page in a puddle around dollywood. hearing this and seeing this probably gave me goosebumps and it's the same feeling that man who founded experienced. no charge a -- charges for pete lamont scott. this video was taken in september were officer bentley
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both men are african-american. today prosecutors said despite previous debate scott was armed at the time and the officer's actions were justified.>> their recommendation. none of the video recordings, the dashcam, the body cameras, even scott's cell phone video captured mister scott's hands. >> even so surveillance video of scott from the convenience core caed shooting showed a bulge consistent with an ankle holster. a gun was also laid -- recovered at the apartment complex. the prosecutor said scott's dna was found on the weapon. this shooting spark days of sometimes violent protests. the family urged anyone thinking about protesting now to do so peacefully and to do it lawfully.
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three people and left a dozen others her. this right here is the destruction left behind, some of it. across the border in tennessee a possible tornado killed two people. the storms caused damage across louisiana, mississippi and alabama. there focuses on cleaning up and rebuilding. new information about the plane crash that killed members of a brazilian soccer team. the plane may have lo in a tape obtained by colombian media a pilot is her telling air traffic controllers he has no fuel before crashing into the andes. so far the investigators haven't held anyone responsible. if you are looking at the soccer team just before they took off right here this video, 71 people died. pope francis has asked for prayers mentioning tragedy while leading pilgrims at the vatican. donald trump is whittling down his pattern it -- cabinet
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mister trump appointed former goldman sachs executive steven mnuchin for treasury secretary. for comments, investor wilbur roth. for president-elect, it will take longer deciding who will serve as his secretary of state. top contenders are mitt romney, david petraeus, rudy giuliani, and senator bob corker. this will warm your heart amenity rescue caught on video. crews had to pull it from a storm drain in jacksonville. this has been trending all day. thousands of you watched this live on facebook. crews dug around the storm drain until they finally could lift that manatee and free it. he almost went unnoticed. pavement workers spotted the sea cow and he had been there for seven hours. we did find out he has bruises but other than that he will be okay.
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its way to seaworld to recover. take a look. this is what coachman park looks like right now. at the corner of osceola andrew street in clearwater. imagine having more room in the concert area. sarah hollenbeck shows you what clearwater could become. >> reporter: they want to lot with this water because it is so gorgeous here like walking paths and ways to get people to come down to the concerts. the problem is a getting people across this bridge to the beach but keeping them here in downtown and making them want to come here as their primary destination. and waterfront restaurant, a garden and picnic areas, trails for biking, a splash pad for the kids. and a massive area for concerts that can host crowd three times bigger than the one the city can at coachman park. those are some of the main ideas that the city had, all for meeting with you. one thing they won't have room
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they want to tear it down to make room for all of these big improvements so we went online and asked you what would you like to see in downtown clearwater. we heard more parking, we heard a skate park, basketball and tennis parks, the city is considering. but by far the biggest feedback we got was about the number of buildings owned by the church of scientology. the city has had trouble in the past working with church leaders and buying the private land but recently the the church and said he is also all for the development of downtown clearwater. and overhead gondola could still be in the works to move people between the beach and downtown and the big question we all have is how will the city pay for it. they said they still haven't figured out the financing until they get this part of the plan worked out. a meeting to get your opinion is tonight at 6:30 pm at the downtown clearwater
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howard frankland bridge. you can see a car to the side of the shoulder. that traffic is slow going heading into tampa. another view from the sky 10 network camera, this, a beautiful scene, fowler at 275. just ahead, what happened to this jogger. she disappeared and then reappeared in weeks. now her husband is sharing his story. better late than ever. why these wedding photos are even better right now for one couple. 10 a lightning want to take you to a game. make sure to watch 10news at 11:00 for the secret word to enter to win two lower-level
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taking a live look outside, checking out the scene from florida southern college in lakeland. maybe you saw a shower earlier today. metereologist bobby deskins is standing by saying the rain chance sticks around for tomorrow. he will give you an idea of when in mysteries. this is sherry pacini. she disappeared from her home in california as she went for a jog and she reappeared on the side of a highway in california on thanksgiving waving down drivers. she had been beaten and her body was covered in bruises. since the story broke a lot of you have asked did she really get abducted. you are skeptical and sharing
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saying i don't want to discount a victims experience if it happened but i feel like perhaps this story from the ground up did not happen at all. for all of you skeptics, questioning if she was really abducted, her husband and police have words for you.>> investigators are analyzing the close she was wearing when she found on this -- when she was found on this highway. >> she was in different clothing that she had been reported missing in. and the evidence that was recovered evidence. >> detectives are reviewing private security cameras that may have caught her abduction. they served 20 search warrants on cell phones and cell towers and computers. >> the biggest piece of evidence is literally sherry. >> cody feldman is a private investigator that she hired to try to find his wife.>> all sorts of forensic aspects that have to be investigated and that includes the restraints she was found in. and things like that.
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been revealed his wife's body was covered in multicolored bruises. severe burns, read rashes and chain markings. she had been branded and weighed 87 pounds. he also pushed back against those who had questioned her story accusing them of malicious subhuman behavior. >> for the naysayers or those people that think this is a hoax, we don't have that information has there ever been a point where her story has changed? >> not to my knowledge.>> that is essential. >> deputies are looking for two hispanic females as a suspect and considered armed and dangerous. the sheriff tells me they're looking to get more information about the physical descriptions. regardless of the skepticism we do know the subduction has some of you worried. they said jogging or walking alone may not be say.
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mind. we saw the scene from lakeland, showers out there earlier today. >> we needed. and we did get some in the roads and grasp it didn't last long and there's not a lot of it. more coming tonight and tomorrow. rain chance 30% and then it shuts off for we get the weekend plans and they're pretty good. beautiful out there now. you have to say, it is almost december. we are in the 80s. tomorrow will be close and it will be a quiet evening as far as the rain. the stormtracker 10, there are a few showers left over in eastern manatee but most of it now is east of bartow and lakeland. lake wales have seen a few showers. let's start there.
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winter haven is drying up. lake wales to frostproof, a few showers coming through. further south into wauchula and arcadia, not all of it is rain but some of it is. this will have mac -- will have to move back through wauchula and sebring. 45 minutes at least before this batch gets there. you will have another sprinkle. everybody else on the coast is another beautiful sunset. high clouds to the north and, that is what the cold front is. this is moved through. gatlinburg is right there. the rain is cut off. a tornado warning for pigeon forge overnight last night as well. all of that weather is moving to the east and still watch strong storms now south and east of atlanta. if you are flying there you will have to go over the storms. 76 in tampa. 80 land o' lakes.
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muggy because dew points are in the 60s. 80 in thonotosassa. this will be the case tomorrow because the wind will blow on sure. it will do that all day tomorrow. we will stay mainly in the upper 70s for daytime highs. we could get plant city to lakeland at 80 degrees tomorrow but to look for the warmth that we've had over the last few days. this evening through the 70s. the clouds will pick it up after midnight and we could see an isolated shower. most areas once he had but there will be one or two of the radar and tomorrow morning as you had to work there will be a few on the radar. ashley will track those in the morning. i don't think it's a lot of rain so it's not anything you would want to cancel outdoor plans. this is 9:00 a.m. that is it. the bulk is to the north and and that is falling apart. citrus in hernando and pasco county.
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almost all gone. this is 10:30 pm tomorrow. all the way down towards northport. the wind is turning in the air is drying out. we're cooling down a little bit. one more warm and muggy day tomorrow and 79 to 80 degrees and then we will knock five degrees off of those temperatures as we get going for highs. mid-70s friday and saturday. look at the lows. tomorrow morning we wake up upper 60s to near 70 degrees. 69pa lakeland 66. but by friday morning the cool air starts to move in and we are in the upper 50s to low 60s. by saturday morning, plenty of 50s and a few 40s in hernando and citrus county's. cooler air in here and it looks like it will stay dry for the weekend. we will keep some wind tonight and tomorrow as the front comes through. 2 to 4 foot seas with a
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will have it in a half hour. today, hurricane season will wrap up. a live look right now at the sky to network traffic camera, a little bit of a slowdown on i-75. the backups still happening, a parking lot of stalled cars. keep that on mind -- in mind on the howard frankland. our 10news app. search wtsp in your app store. three straight wins for the bucks on sunday. this week buick come team huddle plus they won't catch the league sleeping on them. seattle put them back on the map and out west to take on a chargers team despite the record. tampa bay has a revitalized defense and they have to stop darrell rivers. in college football, fsu and usf
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they will face unbeaten alabama saturday on 10news. they've won the last five over the gators including three in the sec championship. the gators are 24 point underdogs. i am ryan bass. that was the buick come team huddle, your team all the time. this just in, mark your calendars. grammy award winner and rock and roll hall of diamond celebrating his 50 year career with a world to her.
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a cool classic treat is hot. the wendy's frosty. the chain's new promotion gets you unlimited frosty treats for a one-time payment of two dollars. what a deal.>> is a great offer . starting next year you can buy the keypad which guarantees you a treat with each purchase. >> two dollars and you get unlimited frosty's. junior frosty. >> still a lot of os foundation. he does this every year. a great reminder for a stocking staffer. it was created by the founder and finds forever homes for children in foster care. now is where i rain on your parade. you do get a junior frosty as many times as you want. i have to let you know this. one classic junior frosty
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5 g of sugar. if you eat them all day every day, that is not good for you. >> practically a chicken breast. 0 g of fiber. >> here's a story you don't want to miss. high school sweethearts finally got the wedding photos 70 years after their wedding. >> on that day in 1996 ferris and margaret didn't have any photos taken. there wasn't a t this year they got those photos. their granddaughter planned this one. a photo shoot in october where they reenacted the wedding pictures that they missed out on in 1946. you see 90-year-old sarah's -- ferris sporting a tax. margaret looking beautiful. she wore a lavender gown and a veil.>> the secret to a lasting marriage is respect.
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the case of the california weeks is still raising questions tonight. her husband said she was grabbed while jogging on the side of the road similar to a jogging path like this one on gandy boulevard. she had her smart phone with her. that got us wondering, there is an app for just about everything. what about an apt to keep you say. jennifer titus tested out to that just hit the market.>> for these three college students there are times when they find themselves walking alone.


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