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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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home. florida is one of the worst places for identity theft. a new study ranks as third in the country after washington dc and california. for the places most vulnerable to id theft and fraud. eric glasser is looking into what other states are doing to help id theft victims and what you can do to protect yourself.>> it is a big hassle. >> it happened to robert when someone stole his several months ago and headaches later. he finally got his good name back. >> i got it taken off my credit report. >> a new study from the financial website wallet found florida one of the worst in the nation when it comes to id theft. number one in the key category of id fraud claims per capita. >> the fact that it is an annex and we have people from everywhere. >> lots of gullible or elderly
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credit may be bad enough, in one out of a cases the person who steals the idea goes on to commit a crime. now the person who is already victimized may have a warrant out for their arrest. >> it's terrible. strike against florida is that it is not one of the 11 states where victims can apply for an id theft passport, a document letting cops and creditors know you are the victim. >> anything you can do to help prove who you are, that helps us. >> hillsborough county sheriff says the passport is an okay idea but if a drivers license or social security card can be to located so can an id theft passport. >> it's a tough spot for us. we will make sure you are who you are. >> no solutions but solid advice. secure your email accounts by changing passwords and sign up for credit monitoring. don't share too much information on social media. as people you know not to share
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people do. >> it is not safe behind these walls. it is there for the taking. yeah, it is scary. >> eric glasser. the state of florida doesn't offer an id theft passport per se but the eternal -- but the attorney general's office has a passport kit. go to devastating a tennessee spot. seven people have died. it appears the fire was started by a person and not by natural causes. a couple on vacation had to quickly evacuate a gatlinburg condo. there were no alerts or warnings in the wirral area where they were. there -- they are crediting god for their escape. >> i'm grateful to get up and
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i don't know what prompted me. the holy spirit. >> it was a fight for their lives. >> the moment i got in the car the flames rolled up. it was crazy. >> rushing to get to safety through ash and smoke. >> and the senate and the war. >> locked in certain overnight. >> intense hours letting their fear not prevail. >> the scripture say you would go through the fire and it would not harm you. >> when they returned this morning they found their building standing and special items still inside.
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forever.>> it is a step back. it's amazing how god works. it's amazing how you watch how he takes care of all of us. >> you may be seeing video from the fires and feeling helpless. there are ways you can help out right now. american red cross is providing shelter for 1200 people. they say the money you donate will help those who've had to evacuate and also the >> there is more work to come in the next few days as well once we realize the extent of the damage and how many people are affected and how many cannot return back to their homes. we will have one-on-one conversations with those folks to determine needs. >> if you want to know where your money is going you can mail a check to the pigeon forge fire department to help them out. that is their address right
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many of you vacation there in the summer time. we posted that address along with links to ways to donate on our website, you can also download our free 10news app for more information. for some families it can feel like buying diapers cost as much as sending a child to college. low incomes families struggle. that is why the white house is gap. obama administration is connecting private companies and nonprofits to help provide millions of diapers to families in need. clara gayton spent $75 a month on diapers stretching her budget. >> my husband makes good money. i make pretty good money.
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>> it adds that. the white house estimates low income families suspended 14% of their salary on diapers alone. there is no federal aid for buying them. in florida there are more than 20 organizations part of the network. one of them is baby cycle in pinellas county. connect with them through 211 tampa bay. they need your help for donations. the biggest fundraiser of the year is this sunday and courtney robinson will be there and you can join in as well. we have information you need at we have information you hurricane season. next year noah will be tracking storms from a new airport. but not far away. the weather squadron is moving the staff of 100 and the fleet of nine aircraft fromm deal air force base from lakeland regional airport. the airport chose not to continue the arrangement. >> obviously they are good friends with noaa.
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we jumped all over and said we would love to have them. >> it would be ideally suited for us. we couldn't do this and do what we do without the one we have here. >> not only will lakeland get a major boost in annual revenue, the airport will become a major center for high skilled and high wage jobs in the county. the armed forces history museum is closing its doors and museums board of announced they are operating in the red. they will close the museum january 29. it has been the home of military memorabilia collected by the late john jay piazza. the state is working with the board about what will happen with those collections and whether there are opportunities for another organization to try and take over the museum. >> the phone is blowing him
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>> why smishing is the next big game to get your money. she had a birthday party and invited her friends and asked for toys for the hospital rather than herself. >> sending smiles. how you can help this bay area girl collect toys for those who need a left. -- lift. it's crowded out there but some showers overnight. a few more tomorrow morning. that is coming up. 10news and tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands. these are good seats folks. watch 10news at 11:00 for the secret word to enter to win two lower-level tickets. tampa bay lightning and the pittsburgh
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it's that time of year again. so many stories of people who make so little making a huge difference. sometimes those difference makers even realize the power of giving until it takes on a life of its own. phil buck introduces you to one girl just nine years old who seems to think about everyone else but herself. >> reporter: did you think it would get this big? >> no. >> that is addison capozzi act who lives with a disease.
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children's hospital every week for infusions and noticed the price closet where kids pick out a toy when the treatment is finished and it was down to nothing. >> what did you see? >> having no toys. baby toys and stuff that i don't like. >> it made her sad for the other kids that they were gonna have anything to pick from. so she went for her birthday, e invited her friends and asked for toys for the hospital rather than for herself. >> this project has gotten bigger than addison ever imagined and it looks like it's going to go beyond the holiday giving season. to run into a girl with a big heart and big dream, it made me want to be a part of it. i am here to get some toys to contribute. >> we have some stuff for older girls. some baby toys and puzzles. and we took to lloyd's -- to loads over.
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what started as an idea in your head has turned into something that so many people are latching onto. >> awesome.>> as for smiles project continues to grow, addison gives more people a chance to feel awesome.>> i am proud of you. >> 10news. starr what a sweetheart. >> if you want to help you will find a link to addison's sending smiles facebook page, and the free 10news app. addison, that is very very giving. >> the weather outside is not frightening. >> it could be a lot worse. it is going to be good the next several days. >> we have been in the low 80s. different license plate tax
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weather. it has been humid and warm. closer to normal as we get going into tomorrow. there is a live look from florida southern college, home of the pope newsroom. we are looking at the se and you see the line of clouds in the distance. that was a few sprinkles that world through. look at this. this is jim pepper. he used to work here. every night he is in fantastic video. what a gorgeous sunset with a few high clouds coming in. those are going to thicken from the north of the west overnight tonight and that will keep temperatures up. that water there now is about 69 to 70 degrees. it is on the cool side. we've had showers today. it moved across parts of manatee and hillsborough into polk county. now a few showers left over in
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just about done with that. frostproof, that is it. one batch will come through and it will be done in a half hour. not all of this over arcadia is making it to the ground. there's enough moisture that it can't rule out a sprinkle between now and 6:15 pm. here are the high clouds we're tracking. nice for the next several hours. this is part of the cold front that will push through the area and severe weather threat on the southern end of that. that is a severe thunderstorm watch fox. this will be a thin line left over by the time he gets here tomorrow and it will be thinner than what it is now. not expecting a lot of rain. mid-70s to low 70s and polk county. 72 lakeland. 75 tampa. 74 st. pete. 75 safety harbor. we are going to stay mild tonight. upper 60s to near 74 low with the clouds increasing and a
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overnight. tomorrow morning at 9:00, this is 6:30 am, we could see a few showers coming through ahead of the frontal boundary and that goes out to 3:00. that is a decent chance for rain. it won't be heavy. bump it up to 30% chance and the cooler air will filter in tomorrow evening. the clouds will picking up overnight tonight cloudy the first half of the day and clearing late in the day. we make 78 or 79 before the front comes through in the afternoon. a warmer day out there but look at the lows. tomorrow morning upper 60s. friday morning there were 60s to upper 50s and the coolest air filters and by saturday morning. mid-50s and upper 40s in the cold spot. the winds will come down a little bit but bumpy tonight and tomorrow. southwinds will turn to the north that 15 knots.
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there is the water temperature around 71. drier air. watch the dew points. now the upper 60s with sticky temperatures. lower 60s tomorrow and into friday afternoon, dry air. that six around for saturday and sunday but it does rebound. weekend looks fantastic. lots of sunshine. mid-70s on saturday. slightly warmer on sunday. the rain chance pushing it back a little bit into tuesday. i am saying 10 to 20% on now. the next cold front pushes through. let me put these on for you. [ laughter ]. is a problem for anyone with a cell phone. you get texts from numbers that you don't even know. it's frustrating to see the unwanted text popping up on your screen. there like this. you one $100, congrats. we are sending you a gift card. these are examples of smishing.
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messages. like any kind they are trying to get your information. the best bet is to delete them. we've all seen them overgrown weeds and potholes. reporting to the city means more trouble than it's worth. apps are making it easier. tampa, st. pete and sarasota county have them and the city of norfolk does as well. isabel mascare?as shows you how it works. >> reporter: next time you see overgrown weeds, click on to the port apps and they will fix it. it is called north report lets you cut through the red tape. >> it looks like it should be fairly simple and easy for anybody to use. >> lori filed this and downloaded the app. >> i saw it on social media and i thought it was a great idea so this way things could get to the city and get reported in a timely manner and get fixed.
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>> i am told the app is easy to use so i found this pothole off center boulevard. and you pull up the app and hit report and take a picture. selected location. then issue a title. there are dozens. we are looking for potholes. login your email and password and submit the problem. this will allow the city to let you know when and how the problem is fixed. the person who complains about this overgrown tree learned that day the city created a work order and yesterday issued this update. the problem will be fixed by december 21. >> this is great because it makes the city accountable for things that need to get done. >> we wanted to be right and we want to live in a community that takes pride in ownership.
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>> nothing an app can do nowadays. >> the app also allows you to look at all of the complaints look at all of the complaints in your city and down to z26pzz zy6z
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against seattle. not even mike evans to touchdown day. the real mbps sunday, it was you, the fans. ask jameis winston. >> i want to get the game ball to the fans. they did an amazing job and they helped us out. this game ball goes to the fans who did an amazing job. they invest in our future sunday. >> the acc player of the year honors in 2013. that is a title clinton flowers has now earned. he is the conference best offense of player and there is no doubt he earned the label. he is the only aac player to pass for 2000 yards and rush for 1000 in the same season. flowers head coach could be on the move.
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willie taggart makes sense. another guy that's in the running, jim mackel wayne. bruce feldman saying jim mackel wayne potentially a good candidate. mackel wayne responded to those with oregon rumors saying no, i haven't heard from oregon. i have a heckuva job. >> that is it for 10news at
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glaim can deadly disasters in the deep south. >> we took off running. the wind picked us up and threw us glaim tornadoes and flee. also tonight, a charlotte police officer is cleared in the fatal shootingave black man that led to days of arrest. >> officer vincent saw mr. scott holding up a semiautomatic handgun. >> mason: hunt for a killer mountain lion. and the wake-up call about the high cost of sleep deprivation


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