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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  July 8, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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out world says good-bye to a kick. ♪ smile though your heart is aching &&. >> the most emotional remembrance of the day coming from someone who had never been heard from before actually. >> here at home, an unexpected guest crashes a late night news conference from former d.c. mayor marion barry's camp about his latest legal troubles. fox 5 morning news continues right now.
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the sun is up and temperatures pretty nice out there. the humidity low too which makes it even better. i'm gurvir dhindsa gentleman i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us. here is a great way to start your day with free gas. it is happening right now at the shirley duke shell in alexandria. the pumps are open being folks. this is on duke street right across from the fox chase shopping center. it is a giveaway by allstate who say alexandria is the most improved city for safe driving. there is a 10-gallon limit but it beats paying for it, right? >> ten gallons is ten gallons especially when gas is where it is. >> you can't leave. >> why not? >> free gas and as nice as it is outside this morning. >> i think the view ares will understand. >> if air not here. >> yeah. r just send somebody with y ca r.
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>> i could do your forecast. what is it? >> i could do it but then you and tucker would gheive me a hard time for the rest of my life. >> 68-degree he in . waon gt a 68degrees here in washington. jut of sunshine this morning. sta few clouds out there here and there. we are under the influence of high pressure so it will be a nice day today, comfortable day, quiet day. mostly sunny. here is your forecast. mostly sunny skies today. humidity, low. temperatures lower than they were yesterday when we got into the upper 80s today. we are looking if a high in the mid-80s. 83 up in germantown. columbia, 83. warrenton, 84. fredericksburg, 86 for your high. we'll have more on the weather coming up in just a little bit. stick with us. >> it has been a busy morning for traffic. let's check in with julie wright and get the latest. >> yes, it has been busy. we've had police activity inbound new york avenue between west virginia, montana and the exit there for fenwick street. all of that has been cleared
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owe the lanes are open once again. we'll take a live shot for those traveling over towards the wilson bridge. lanes are open out of oxon hill headed out towards alexandria. traffic volume on the outer loop looks good right now. no accidents to report as you continue to work your way past eisenhower avenue. live shot at the wilson bridge. beautiful start to our wednesday morning commute with no delays to speak of at this time. if you are traveling on the other side of town, this is a lymph shot of southbound 270 out of germantown headed for the lane divide. we are at speed out towards the split. no incidents to report across the american legion bridge. northbound i-95, here comes the sun. delays are starting to stack up out of woodbridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. police still on the scene of a deadly hit and run accident as two cars crashed late last night on the outer loop in the cabin john area. one of those vehicle went over the guard rail near clara barton parkway. another driver took off but crashed into a ditch across the american legion bridge that. drive was arrested. police say she was under the
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influence alcohol. with the memorial now behind us, the world is still waiting to hear exactly what killed michael jackson. his death certificate still does not list a cause of death and autopsy results have not yet been released. jackson suffered cardiac arrest and died on june 25th. it is still not clear yet where michael jackson will be buried. the jackson family held a private memoal yesterday morning at forest lawn cetery in hollywood. jackson's casket thane traveled in a motorcade along with the family to the staples center for that public memorial. jackson's brother jermaine says the family wants to bury jackson at neverland ranch but that will take legal wrangling with california lawmakers. thousands of people packed the staples crentder in los angeles and mill i don't understand watched around the world as the king of pop was honored by those who knew best. & i'll find that life is still
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worth while ♪ ♪ if you just smile. & note. & though your heart it is breaking. >> that was michael's brother jermaine singing smile. brooke shields also spoke about michael and said that was his favorite song. no doubt, throughout the two- hour memorial, one of the most heart righhand wrenching moments came from michael's 11- year-old daughter paris. >> ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine and i just want to say i lo him so much. >> i expect there are very few dry eyes in the house as paris fell into the arms of her aunts and uncles. >> interesting tech making used by the city of los angeles asking fans it help pay into security costs for the event yesterday. it cost the city which is currently facing a budget
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shortfall, some $4 million for all the security. city set autopsy web site asking fans to leave donation the. we have a whole lot more on we have more clips from yesterday's memorial service and you can even read what jahason d to say about his own faith in his own words. all of it there on million -- on check out the entertainment tab. fresh off his twoay visit to russia to improve relations there, president obama now in italy for the g-8 summit. it will be a busy day. first couple landed in rome a little more than an hour ago. president then met with his italian counterpart. he then made a few brief remarks. today, the president will hold talks with the italian prime minister. here at home, two new lawsuits have been filed in the
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deadly metro train crash. the latest say the operator was negligent in the crash. the investigation found mcmillan did nothing wrong and did rye to stop before the crash. the suits ask for $400,000 fords and $500,000 for neck and back injuries. south a metro operate or who was caught text messaging on the job has been suspended for a week without pay. officials were made aware of the video after last some's deadly red line crash. denise mcmillan was not texting at the time of that crash. a new twist in the drama surrounding former mayor and d.c. councilman marion barry. late last night, a spokesperson how old a press conference. the woman he was arrested for stalking showed up. barry's spokeswoman said a city
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contract he warded to watts back in 2008 was perfectly legal and she also said that watts in her words is mentally unstable, something that watts denies and we'll hear from her coming up later this hour. he is one of the world's most notorious leaders but kim jong il has been laying low fueling speculation about the state of s sohith . we'reack with more after this. 
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some serious security concern as the government accountability office says investigators were able to smuggle bomb-making materials into 10 high security federal buildings around the country this past year. once inside, they constructed the bombs and walked around the building undetected. the obama administering plans to reorganize the federal
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protective service in the coming weeks. a cyberattack has knocked out several federal web sites including some response wrubl for fighting cybercrime. that attack started on july 4th. the treasury department, secret service, federal trade commission an transportation departments have all been hit. a thin-looking kim jong il making a rare appearance paying respects to his father on the 15th anniversary of his death. this, however, file video of the korean leader. this is the second major event he has attended in person suns reportedly suffer -- suffered a stroke last summer. find out where our area ranks on a new list of metro areas with the worst congestion. 
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look for splenda® sweetener with fiber. great sweet taste with one gram... of fiber per packet. sweet! you can chalk it up to more people having less money to pay for gas. for the first time in 5 years, rush hour traffic congestion nationwide is dropping. still, our area managing to make it to the top of the list once again as metro area is deal with the worst of it. for all you people if atlanta being houston and san
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francisco, stop your complaining because the d.c. area ranks above all of you. second overall on the texas transportation institute's annual list, outdown only by los angeles. drivers in d.c., maryland and virginia wasted an average of 62 hours in traffic in 2007. >> here is something to take a little bit of the spring sting out of that commute. how about 10 gallons of free gas? you can fill up for free at the shirley duke. the is 10-gallon limit. all-state says alexandria is the most improved city for safe trying. >> if we could make the rush hour less, make the gas free. than we'd all be in a better place. >> that would be great. in an ideal world. i would add a few raindrops to this forecast in an ideal world. >> well, we're in the going to get those. >> in my ideal world, they would all happen in about a five-minute period. >> that is iepd of what
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happened yesterday. we had 0% of a shower or thunderstorm and only a few folks saw it but it did develop. it moved across southern maryland rather quickly yesterday afternoon into the evening hours but most people remain dry and we will again today. >> the gardens need it though. >> they do. i want to start with a radar satellite of was happeningn the eastern u.s. and in the ffmico md and the tropics. essentially nothing. we are -- here we are, july 8th. no tropical system. we have not had a named tropical storm yet. our first storm of the season will be anna. look how quiet it is in the gulf of mexico. we have rain showers off the coast of the crimes but not tropical in nature. so nothing going on as far as the tropics go at this point. temperatures across the region, we've dropped off a bit more. 66degrees now here in washington.
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64 at dulles airport. baltimore is at 62 degrees. and we do again this morning have temperatures in the 50s. 55 in frederick and in winchester. 59 in harrisonburg. here is a look at the local satellite-radar. there is that little brief shower activity. bang, there it goes. moved rather quickly, took some clouds with it and the rest of the situation, clear skies and that is what we have for the most part this morning although reagan national is actually reporting a couple of clouds out there. out to the west, that is where you will find some precipitation in the form of rain showers in a couple of spots of heavier rain on the illinois-indiana border. back into the midwest in iowa, we do see some storms and areas of heavy rain this morning. surface map for today, high pressure. that is the theme. it will keep us calm. it will give us some very comfortable conditions today. we'll be in the 80s but humidity bill be relatively low. so the forecast for today looks like this. lots of sunshine. come on, man, let's go. lots of sunshine today. we will see a very nice afternoon, high about 84
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degrees. your five-day forecast, another great one tomorrow. these are good days. you want to be outside as much as you can. kids are out of school. playground time. great. friday, 85. saturday and sunday, hot and huge you had. highs around 90 degrees especially on saturday. chance of showers and thunderstorms late in each day. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, we go to julie wright for an update on traffic. >> playground time. all i'm hearing is marco, polo. you don't play that game in the water, tony? >> no. >> isn't it a kid's game. >> yeah. they close their eyes and try to find each other in the water. >> do you play that game in the water? >> no, i don't get in the water. >> you can bet in the water, girl. >> then all the water gets out of the pool. southbound 270 leaving 109 out of high atstown. lanes are open but this is the
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slowest stretch right now for those south on 270. kenilworth avenue at eastern avenue, natural problems there. be careful with the civic is road trying to get through that intersection. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it is hard to tell by looking at this scene but pollution in the chesapeake is becoming more and more dangerous according to a new report. the chesapeake bay foundation says global warming and nutrient pollution are causing dangers bacteria to spread in the bay. one type of bacteria can cause life-threatening skin, blood and intestinal illnesses. more money is on the way to clean up another area waterway. yesterday, d.c. mayor adrian fenty signs a bill that tacks on a five cent fee for each disposable bag from grocery, drug, convenience and liquor stores. that money will go to clean up the anacostia. r business beat is coming up next. we'll take a closer look at the
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the debate over health care reform tops our business beat. let's head up to new york and chris cotter with the fox business network. chris, a really bad day for the dow yesterday. 1 # 1 points, the worst sie april, right, in terms of where it is? >> yeah, we are at a spot where we haven't been since late april and thatis pretty amazing when you think about it. we just enjoyed -- the month of may was so great and june was so terrible and the beginning of july hasn't been much
6:25 am
better. there you see, down 161 points on the dow and the s&p closing about low 885. that is an important support level. # 200 on the dow is an important support level too. so we are getting into areas technically where people are going to want to start selling off because they feel like the -- that there is still worse yet to come and now we have earnings tod and it starts with alcoa after the bell. first dow component to report. that is the unofficial beginning of earnings season. hopefully, second quarter earnings will come in strong although there isn't a whole lot of optimism about that. >> and oil stocks like exxon mobil and chevron got hammered yesterday too. on the other hand, health care stocks, up a little bit in large part because of swat obama administering has to say about a nationwide health care plan. >> that's right. they said open up the door for
6:26 am
an option other than a completely government-run public option on health care and so basically, incident vestors heard that and said this is the first piece of good news we've heard involving these stockn a long time so insurers especially yesterday, the only sexer in the s&p that should be up on the day. aetna, tenet health care, those types had a pretty good day yesterday comparatively and that is the reason why. there is the possibility now that maybe some other options will be out there other than just the pure public option. >> all right. we'll leave it there. thank you so much. appreciate it. we'll see you tomorrow. coming up next, even saving a few dollars make a difference now and we'll tell you where you can fill up for free this morning. also ahead, marion barry's camp hold a late night news conference regarding his latest legal troubles when an unexpected guest turns up in the crowd. and saying good-bye to the king of pop. more from michael jackson's emotioname sl alriervice when fox 5 morning news returns.
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here is a good way to start your day and a very popular one. free gas. this is right now the shirley took shell station in alexandria. tony, there is your car. somebody took it down for you. >> yeah, thank you. >> right across from the fox chase shopping center. >> this is a giveaway by allstate. they say alexandria is america's most improved city for safe driving. this is happening again at the shell on duke street in alexandria. there is a 10-gallon limit though. >> and you probably just said this. how long are they doing it? >> we're still trying to find that out. >> it is nice to have a good upbeat story. >> can you talk if i second i don't yeah, go ahead.
6:31 am
it is a nice day outside after a pretty day yesterday. >> here is what is happening with the satellite-radar picture. it looks great, feels good. es. s now 66 deg by later today, it will be 4 #. >> no! >> no, kidding. 80 thd-mis.fine e d-th er youe o ycouple of clouds here and there but for the most part, clear skies. at the area airports, temperatures generally come down as we look at the next graphic at reagan national right now. 66degrees, dulles international, 64 degrees. bw incident marshall, 62 degrees. here your forecast for today, bright sunshine as opposed to dark sunshine. >> bright is better bwi marshall, 62 degrees. coming up in about 15 minutes, ask the weather guy. today today, it is actually a weather question. and it takes some science to answer it and everything so
6:32 am
tucker will do it. >> so we'll hear from tucker. >> yeah. >> we did get our answer about how much gas is going to be given away. i can't yes, how much. >> 7,000 gallons so they are give ago away 10 gallons per car. >> that is 700 cars. >> i'm going to have tuck are come do the traffic so i can be one of the 700 cars. >> you better get there quickly. >> i'll be back. >> do this one first. >> kenilworth avenue, this is route # 95 over at eastern avenue. we've had problems with the signal lights at the service road. that is causing headaches for you guys trying to work your way through that intersection. kenilworth avenue looks good. no accidents to report out from pep pen avenue. coming in from the west, this is 66 into the bright sunshine that tony is talking about. not only do we have delays between the two 4 interchains in manassas. traffic will slow after nutley street headed inbound towards
6:33 am
the capital beltway. all lanes are open if you are traveling south on 270 out of hyattstown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. so there were fireworks outside the wilson building a spokesperson speaking on behalf of marion barry. they were having the news con france when the woman that also good barry of stalking her showed up. >> our cameras were there. sarah simmons with more details on what happened. >> reporter: councilman barry's spokesperson says the stalking allegations forced them to disclose what they say is the truth about donna watts. natalie williams told a crowd of reporters that watts was under psychiatric care and diagnosed with a compulsive disorder. watts even showedp at the late night press conference and this all stems from an incident saturday night. marion barry was arrested by u.s. park police for allegedly
6:34 am
stalking watts at anacostia park. barry has denied those allegations and called watts unstable. she admitted early on that her and barry used to date and actually had dinner together earlier on saturday. since the incident, she told reporters she never flagged down a park police officer and never accused barry of stalking her. barry's spokesperson says the controversy that has developed since forced them to come forward with the statements about watts and watts told reporters barry's people were not telling the truth. >> ms. watts should not be believed. her allegation against mr. barry are simply not true. they are lies. according to ms. watts herself, she is currently under the care of a local psychiatrist and has been diagnosed with compulsive behavior disorder and clinical depression. >> it looks like they're scerd of something, report they? i haven't said anything.
6:35 am
they still got to do this? i must be bad. >> document show watts was hiredo work for barry in october and was paid at least $10,000. she was a political consultant on barry's 2008 re-election campaign and had started dating him last august. barry is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow to face those stalking charges. the u.s. attorney will decide if formal charges will be filed. >> thank you. in the meantime a sterling woman fights off an atcker and now police are putting women on alert. this happened monday at the sterling park mall near a big lots store. the 18-year-old woman says somebody tried to drag her into his suv in the middle of the afternoon. she was able to get away. area not a very busy one but does have many hidden areas and police say the taxer may have injuries to his face -- the attacker may have injuries to his face. the search is on for a woman from maryland who van underred from her upper marlboro home. it has been almost two weeks
6:36 am
since anybody saw or heard from 45-year-old maris wilkerson. neighbors do suspect foul play. she was last soon wearing a black and white flowered shirt and blue jeans. ♪ mile though your heart is aching &&. emotions ran high as the world said good-bye to the king of pop. thousands packed los angeles' staples center and mill yond around the world tuned into michael jackson's star-studded memorial. the. >> the suching tribute show that underneath all the glitz lived a human being whose legacy will forever live on. >> i stand here trying to find words of comfort, solace, trying to understand why the lord has taken our brother. >> the words may be tough to find but the jackson family
6:37 am
stood strong facing the world at his mitt romney. michael's children, normally so protected from the spotlight, front and center. >> ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> from tearful good-byes to somber memories of the pop icon who transcended generations, inspiring countless artists. & just cull my name, i'll be there &&. >> it was an all-star line-up i thinking the hit. & hold me like the river jordan &&. >> michael's friends spoke about how he touched their
6:38 am
lives and many were inspired. >> he let me know that, as an african-american, you could travel the world p. there was a world outside of america. other people, all you people would came here to pay respects to someone would you felt was one of you. >> others knew michael more internationally. brooke shields first met him at the age of 13 and she said michael's favorites song was smile. >>there is a line in the song that says mile though your heart is aching. today, although our hearts are aching, we need to look up where he is undoubtedly perched in a crescent moon and we need
6:39 am
to smile. & if you just smile && >> with put an entire section on our web site dedicated to the death of michael jackson. can you watch clips from yesterday's tribute. there are photo galleries and there are videos from all of his number one hits. can you mind it all in one place on and new that the memorial service is over, the city of los angeles is asking fans to help pay for security costs. it cost the city $4 million. the city has set up a web site asking fans to make donations. coming up next, we may never know their names. >> but were it not for them, the capitol as we know it wouldn't exist. soon the slaves who built this national symbol from the ground up are going to get an honor that is long in coming. find out who is more
6:40 am
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president obama has wrapped up his visit to russia to improve relations between the united states and russia and he is now in italy for the g-8 summit. the first couple landed in rome about 4:30 our time. the president first met with his counterpart georgio napolitano. while the president is overseas, there are new setbacks here at home for his top domestic priorities. health care reform, senate democratic leaders yesterday rebuffed a proposed tax as a way to pay for health care for the up unassured. vice president biden is set to announce the nation's hospitals have agreed to give up $155 billion in future medicare and
6:44 am
medicaid payments in order to pay for health care reform. meantime, lawmakers on the hill are nearly all in agreement about a different matter acknowledging the role that slaves played to build a u.s. capitol. the houseover wellingly approved legislation to place a marker inside the new capitol visitors center. the senate is considering a similar bill. historians say the federal government rented slaves from local slave owns are for $5 per person per month. the slaves weren't paid. a lot of people might use the gps for the morning commute. a lot of people rely it but you could be at risk. >> tisha thompson as a preview air story we're following here on fox 5. >> reporter: do you ever wonder how we got around before gps? no fussy maps, no confusing directions. >> the gas station, atm, even a restaurant address.
6:45 am
>> reporter: as sales have jumped, so have break-ins. >> they broke my passenger side window out and took my gps. >> reporter: now police are concerned about savvy cooks going one step further. robbing you blind with just one simple touch on your gps. >> we all program our gpss to get us home from wherever we are so we hit home. >> reporter: coming up tonight, we'll show you how easy it is to find where you live. >> she is 8.4 miles from here. >> reporter: how police are jumping into action. >> if the got a gps here, another one here. >> reporter: the four easy steps can you take to make sure you are not a victim of this new crime. >> got some great advice. i admit the first gps, i had, you put in my home address and realized that is not a good idea. just kind of put in the neighborhood. >> all this new technology but it all comes with advantages and disadvantages.
6:46 am
>> and a lot of the disadvantages are the new technology makes our lives easier but make it easier for criminals to do the things they want to do. >> not much secrecy anymore. >> let's get back to simpler times. >> good luck. can't do it. once the gates are open, we can't do it. >> we just plant a garden, growing a little bit of our own food. >> that will protect you. >> they don't have the home garden on most gpss these days. found out what gurvir is growing these days. >> kiworng irthachbun of cynics around here. >> well, yeah. i bterotecd myself n omy gps. instead of my home address, i have steve's address. >> 66 degrees right now in
6:47 am
washingn. 64degrees at dulles airport. 62 now in baltimore. check it out. once again, temperatures in the 50s in parts of the region, a cool, comfortable start to the day. 55 up in frederick and at winchester. harrisonburg at 59 degrees at this hour. let's take a look at that satellite-radar. want to show you there is not much happening out there. we have high pressure in place across our region. look at the clear skies. you will see a cloud or two here or there but for the most part, skies are clear. any precipitation that is occurring is well to the north. so light precipitation across new england. some precipitation out across the my west and then well down to the south. now, your surface map for today, show that to you later, bright sunshine and a nice afternoon. high about 84 degrees and then your five-day forecast, we're looking at highs tomorrow, clear skies tonight. comfortable temperatures.
6:48 am
64degrees. than your five-day forecast, tomorrow, anothenice day. thursday, 83. friday, 85. how about that? that looks good. saturday and sunday, however, warm and humid. highs will be up around 90 degrees. i think saturday, most of saturday will be dry. but humid and then sunday, 88 and chance of showers and thunderstorms. all right. where did it go? time for ask the weather guy. tucker barnes and i put our big geeky weather heads together to answer your most preeing questions. today, wednesday, is the first weather question we've had this week. this one is from hannah who wants to know why and how does it get humid. hannah, that is a good question. since humidity will be making a return this weekend, it is timely. tucker barnes will way in on that one. ill ahe -- i'll tell you the simple thing. essentially, humidity is trees sweating. >> you can't just throw it out
6:49 am
there like that. >> i know that. that is why you're here to explain. >> i like that though. >> it is not completely the story. >> is it even close? >> sit down being settle in around the tv. i'll explain. this is weather 101. the warmer the air, the more water vapor it can hold. that is why we experience railroad high relative humidity in the spring and summer months. the temperatures are much warmer and it can hold more water vapor. plants do sweat. the water erap rates from the plant leaves and it doesn't sound like much. when you think out the vegetation across the washington area, how green it is here in the summer a big tree can sweat several hundred gallons of water in a single day. >> and explain why in the tess earth, it is not hot but not humid because you don't have the vegetation. >> another process going on is typically we get our winds out
6:50 am
of the southeast and southwest this time of year in the upper months and it is very humid acss the tropics and our air comes from that direction. it comes off the water, off the atlantic and very humid, very tropical, muggy air gets pushed in the washington area. it hasn't been the case so much this year. our humidity has been comfortable because our winds have been out of the north an northwest for the past couple weeks. that is the real short simple answer to a complicated question. y so when you say the huge is 85%, could it be more humid at steve's house if he has lots of trees and vegetation. >> absolutely. timically more humid in the rural areas than in the urban areas. >> steve does have pore plant life in his house and -- >> they tonight sweat so much. >> the more humid it is, harder it is for the sweat you generate to erap rate because there is already that moisture in the air.
6:51 am
that is why you are miserable when the ge is 90, 95%. you can't get the sweat off of you. doesn't dry off. good question, hannah. tucker actually taught a broadcast meteorologist course at american university and by all accounts, did a great job. nice work, tucker. if you have a we you want answered -- a we you want answered, go to >> that smainz why julie wright goes to the beach. more sand, less humidity. >> i never feel the humidity when i'm at the pool. just saying. just putting it out there. >> i know. >> the chopper is over a live shot of an accident involving a motorcyclist. thioccurred along braddock road eastbound. that is headed in towards the capital beltway at wakefield chapel. that is where we have the accident activity. tveling eastbound towards the capital beltway, it looks like they have all lanes locked on the eastbound side headed towards 495.
6:52 am
westbound, some traffic is able to squeeze by single file to the right. a number of vehicle involved in this incident and if you are continuing inbound, you will hit the brake from at least beginy road ads you try to work your way past 495. we'll update your rides elsewhere around town. lanes are open kenilworth avenue. we do have problems with the signal lights not working properly along kenilworth avenue at eastern and the sink us road. that is what is tying up your commute there. lane are open with no accidents to report if you are continuing along the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. 395 at seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> let's take a look at what is coming up. doctors will be the ones to
6:53 am
make health care reform work. a group headed to the hill in hope of speeding up reform. someone from that group will join us to talk about that changes the group is hoping to he soo. billions pumped into boosting the nation's economy. is it working yet? more on a special commemmoration take is place that marks 50 years sin the war's first combat casualty. -- since the war's first combat casualty. on call, the fda has decided that popular painkillers carve set, darvon and their generic forms will stay on the market. now, patients can expect to receive pamphlets with every bottle warning them about the danger of a deadly overdose. stressing out could make you gain weight. a harvard researcher found that stress does affect women's waist lines more than men. and overweight people are more susceptible so what is he connection? people tend to change what and
6:54 am
when they eat when they're stressed out. coming up next, it is a fun way to spend the weekend. most of us don't have the money to shell out. holidayy will show us where to get a e tasof the boating life and here is the good part, for free. coming up right after the break.  when it feels like a bazillion degrees, i just take a sip of my coffee coolatta from dunkin' donuts. and suddenly i'm invigorated with a burst of icy refreshment. chill yourself with a coolatta for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ the art of getting dirty.
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good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and what a beautiful morning it is. a perfect morning to be on the water. and that's where we are, live
6:58 am
in annapolis. no more picturesque water spot in my opinion. you and i are going to learn to sail for free. it sounds too good to be true but not if you know about annapolis boating community and the free sail program which they do out of the national sailing hall of fame docks. they're getting the boat ready. this looks like a job i can do. i know it's going to get tougher. nonetheless, we're going to start with safety and learn the parts of the boat, learn sailing terms, how to do knots and hopefully go out on the water this morning, do a little sailing ourselves. but most importantly, we'll find out how you can come out here and sign up for your own free sailing lessons. gurvir. >> beautiful outside today too, holly. a little bit of a breeze, so thanks so much for that. it's not that he's just smart, he's well trained too. one missouri man says his dog
6:59 am
is gifty. cowboy can help water the lawn, fetch tools and he even plays basketball. his owner has health problems and that makes walking difficult and cowboy often comes to the rescue. david letterman's representatives have taken notice and he might even appear on letterman. that's a pretty cool dog. >> thanks, gurvir. coming up on fox 5 morning news. an emotional star-studded memorial for the king of pop. but a day after the world came together toremember michael jackson. we're learnindetails in the investigation into his death just ahead. what was left off ofhis death certificate. plus an unexpected guest crashing a late night news conference from marion barry's camp about his latest legal troubles. and headlines about our economic troubles seems to have faded away. so are things getting better or worse?


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