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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  July 13, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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over northwest washington. the heat came back over the ekend but when you step outside, you will notice temperatures not so bad. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. let's check in with tucker barnes and get a look at that forecast. it was a little warm yesterday but plenty of sunshine to go around. >> the sunshine was nice and bright. yesterday was the first time this month we hit 90 degrees. >> oh, really? >> yeah. we had a party in the weather center. we didn't get much rain saturday night. we thought he would see more raet. in ic. e.hould be a little bit leooc r than less. payt ried inthe weather center. i partied by the pool. >> weather center is where it's at. there is the cloud cover ana e th showeactivity to our south. that is the cold front that came through and, as that continues mayus awh awfrom the wainfgton ree'a wa,ll notice -- to push away wfrom the washinon are a,we'llnotice drier and drier air moving in.
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just slightly cooler, temperatures in the upper 70s. it should be a dry and rather beautiful summer afternoon. let's take a look at temperatures. we are still kind of of mild here in the city, 72 degrees. 68 at dulles. bwi marshall, 65, most comfortable there. get outside and enjoy the day. high temperatures in the upper 80s. we'll go with 87 here in washington. a little warmer in washington. 88 in waldorf. 85 this afternoon in frederick. we should be dry for the remainder of the day. tony will be in in just a couple of minutes with more details on the workweek forecast in just a second. say good morning to julie wright and see how monday morning is going so far. >> it is busy over in the area of land jordan due to construct on the inner loop of the beltway south of 50. they are late to pick up the construction. that inner loop very slow right
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now head south of the john hanson highway. it is hardly moving and only one left lane getting through as you travel the inner loop of the beltway. the outer loop looks great, no accidents to report leaving landover. the construction has traffic squeezing by single file to the left. alternate route, stick with inner loop closer to the wilson bridge. you can cut through town, route 4, route 5. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we begin with breaking news this morning as the washington nationals have reportedly fired manager manny acta. >> dave ross is live it the
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nationals park with the late developments on this. i don't know if this comes as a surprise to too many people. >> i don't think it's big surprise. it has been no surprise, the nats entering major league baseball, the all star break with the worst record in all of the league at 21-66. that is an astounding 5 games below 500. not good. so hours ago, manny acta was told he is no longer the teen's manager. according to the multiple sources, the team president told manny acta that, after the team returned from houston following the 5-0 loss that he was out of a job. not a big surprise. he has been in the hot seat for quite some time and now it appears that time has come. historically speaking, here is an idea of how bad things have gotten. over last 40 years, only the 2003 tigers have been at the all a-star break with a worst record. manny acta did release a statement saying, and i quote, i thank the nationals for
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giving me this opportunity and i'm sorry things didn't work out as expected. it is normal for the manager to pay the whpre icen the team is not doing well. who is next? well, although it is not official, the nats bench coach is the le ae dingcandidate to take over as manager for the remainder of the season. one source says he has already been offered the job. we are expecting many more developments throughout the day. we are hoping that the team president will speak to us. we'll be here all morning long live at nationals park. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. the other big story that we're following, today, sonia sotomayor takes another step closer to possibly becoming the first latina and the third woman on the supreme court. the 55-year-old new yorker and veteran federal judge is expected to face some tough questions from republicans over her past rulings and her ability to judge cases fairly. president obama chose sotomayor
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in late may to replace justice david souter would retired last month. house democrats hoping to present their plan if health care overhaul today. it includes higher taxes for those making more than $250,000 a year. but republicans want to trim costs. the administration's sweeping health care proposals are moving forward. it is unclear whether it will make it through congress before the august target date of president obama. there are new reports that former vice president dick cheney kept congress in the dark about a counterterrorism program. sources say that mr. cheney ordered the cia not to inform congress about the still classified program eight years ago. they say at the time, cia directors didn't think there was enough information to hold a congressional briefing. the current cia director says he learned about the program last month and immediately canceled t. we are following a developing story this morning out of north korea. dictator kim jong il reportedly
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has pancreatic cancer. his health is a highly guarded secret in the communist state. his appearances have sparked fierce debate. the case gripped the metro area and nation. a mother found living with decaying corpses of her four daughters. today, we might learn what went wrong inside bone eat ajacks' home in southwest d.c. as she goes on trial today. marshals found her dead daughters in january of 2008. police said they were dead for at least seven months. jacks said demons possessed the girls and she did not kill them. police say they've made a breakthrough in the shooting of five people in washington, d.c. a teenager is now under arrest for the shooting in southeast last weekend. gunshots rang out last sunday night on 46th street and g street. last night, police arrested 18- year-old derek philip of southeast. he is facing five counts of aggravated assault while armed. in prince george's county, police are investigating a double murder. a man and woman were found dead in an apartment over the weekend on university boulevard in langley park.
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police think the suspected killer then committed suicide several miles away in d.c. authorities were initially called to the apartment complex for a report of smoke. investigators don't know how the two died. for now, they believe this is a case of domestic violence. there are stunning new allegations in the death of michael jackson. coming up, hear who thinks the king of pop was murdered and how his house was allegedly burglarized after his death. the slayings of a florida couple who adopted 1 children shocked the nation. late last night, there were some arrests in that cas a couple who adopted 12 children -- a couple who adopted 12 children. >> you are watching fox 5 morning news.
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. six people were killed in india when large concrete slabs on a brge fell on sever workers. three cranes crashed while trying to clear out some of the rubble from the accident injuring more people. nasa will try once again to blast off today after the
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launch of the shuttle endeavour was delayed once again. launch team came within minutes of sending the team to the international space station and then that happened. storms rolled in and it was called off. president obama has ordered his national security team to investigate reports that u.s. allies were responsible for the deaths of as many as 2,000 taliban prisoners of war in afghanistan. witnesses said the taliban members surrendered to the u.s. allied northern alliance in november of 2001 and were placed into sealed cargo containers. investigators in florida have arrested three people in connection to the murder of a wealthy couple. two people noface open murder charges. this is surveillance video of the home showing two men going inside. police say one man tried to
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paint and hide damage to a red van spotted on surveillance leaving the home. there are new allegation in the death of michael jackson. two british tabloids report that his sister la toya thinks her brother was murdered. she told the opinions she knows would killed the singer and wants him brought to justice. she claimed her brother's killers used prescription drugs to control him and keep him way from his family. she says $2 million in cash and scwiewl are you was stolen from his rented home after his death. allegations of racism at a swim club actually fox 5 follow- up. hear what the club is doing now to try to ease tensions. a potential health hazard that you may never have heard of. what you need to know before you hit the beach. another warm day in store for us today. and julie wright will be along with an early morning look at traffic. do stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. yeah, no it's great.
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its battle against the swine flu is apparently an expensive one. the federal government will spend another $1 billion in orders for vaccine components. medical experts are bracing for the fall through season keeping a close watch on the h1n1 strain that could be a pandemic. i think they are hoping to have the vaccine ready by september, october. tony perkins is here. did you survive the heat this weekend? >> i'm still hot though. it is hot in here. tucker probably mentioned this, the first day of this month that we hit 90 degrees. >> melted your tie right off. >> yes, it did. amazing. just went away. and today will be another warm one. don't think it wi llbe 90 but it will be another warm one. 90 finally kind of late in the
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arye- or late in the month for 90 degrees. we got there. it was 90 at reagan national, dulles international and bwi marshall all made it up to 90 degrees yesterday. let's look at the current temperature around the region. temperatures in town in the 70s. 72 now here in d.c. 57% humidity. the winds are calm. temperatures in the 60s elsewhere. 64 up in baltimore. 67 out at dulles airport. fredericksburg, 72 degrees. as far as precipitation goes today, we won't see any of that today. as far as moisture in the air goes, we'll see, i think, somewhat low are humidity levels today. we are starting with clouds across the region as you can see there. farther up to the north, you got clear skies. out to the west, wave got a lot of clear sky out there across
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portions of illinois, indiana and ohio. we'll see relatively calm conditions for the next couple of days. forecast for today looks like this. becoming mostly sunny. another warm afternoon, not quite as warm, not quite as humid. 87degrees for your high for today. your five-day forecast tomorrow, 88 degrees, a day similar to today. then for wednesday and thursday, we bring back the chance of showers and thunderstorms and the warmer and more humid air, 90 degrees again on wednesday and thursday the way it looks right now. friday, 87 for your high. now, let's get an update on the morning rush hour traffic. here is julie wright. >> and a very happy girl. i wait all year for something hike this. >> for the 90s? >> yeah, the high 80s, the low humidity. >> i know you love the weekend. >> i do love the weekend. we've all got to get to work on monday morning and that is not easy to do when they have lingering construction on the inner loop south of 50. they've got roadwork set up and only the left lane is able to
5:19 am
get through. we still have lingering delays traveling south of 50, the john hanson highway headed out towards andrews air force base and continuing down toward the wilson bridge. inbound new york avenue is in the clear, no incidents to report leaving northeast to northwest. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a fox 5 follow-up regarding allegation of racial discrimination at a swim club. the valley club of huntington valley is inviting a group of minority day campers to come back after revoking the swimming out of safety concerns. severle the children reported hearing racial comments from other club members but the club insists it was an issue of overcrowding. summer is here and the weather is warm and that means a lot of you are off to the
5:20 am
beach. all of you know about the dangers of sun but what about the sand. we have a report on how that could make your children sick. >> reporter: if your child come down with a belly ache after a day at the beach, it could be the sand making them stick. a study by the epa says building castles in the sand builds the chances of gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses, rashes, eye and ear ailments. 1% of sand digs had upset stomachs. 2% of those who buried themselves in the sand got sick. >> kids are more prone to ingesting things, you putting things in their mouth, to drinking the water, putting sand in their mouth. they are at more of a risk and that is what this study showed. >> i'm a little worried about that. >> reporter: doctors say take the study with a grain of sand. millions play at the beach and few get sick. >> you see the showers outside of the beaches. kids should water down after being at the beaches.
5:21 am
>> the illnesses apparently comerom waste with the beaches closest to sewage discharge pipes. >> i'm just always cautious because there is garbage underneath it, glass and a lot of yucky stuff. >> i think it is a fact of life. >> i carry my pu rest ll with me everywhere i go. this might do the trick. >> reporter: health officials say they don't test the sand the way they test the water so there are no standards for clean sand and doctors recommend that you teach your kids to watch their hands after playing in the sand the way they would after playing on any other dirty surface. at least 0 thaw people were interviewed for that study which was the first of its kind. how often do you update your facebook status? how about your tweets? your updates could be an open invitation for criminals. we have a warning for list. a d.c. landmark serving its
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5:25 am
he don't follow suit. matt ackland was there last night for the last call. >> the section of wisconsin and m, nathan's corner. >> i'm the only person in here that was in here in 1969. >> reporter: the place first opened back when richard nixon was in office. over the years, countless cocktails and nathan's famous chips have been served to the who's who of washington. >> and i hope you are not too jet lagged to have a drink. >> reporter: networkelevision reporter ann compton hates to see it go. >> there is a place that represents the essence of washington to those of us who lived in georgetown, who covered politics and nathan's was always there. >> reporter: nathan's is not the only casualtyive of the recession here in georgetown. other businesses like chico's and now smith and hawken are closing up shop. >> it affected georgetown probably not as greatly as the outer suburbs but it hurts everybody. on this last day, the owner
5:26 am
of nation appear's was showered with love from her customers who she calls friends. even nats general manager stan kasten stopped by to wish her well. >> hi, stan. this is your last chance to have a drink at nathan's. >> we came to wish you well. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: the business might be lost but the memories for carol and her customers will live on every time they pass by. >> this is nathan's corner. it is wisconsin and m but it is nathan's corner. it will be a tremendous gap. >> sad to see it go. we are told the rent alone for that building was $60,000 a year. no word what will replace it but the neighborhood commissioner says he hopes it is another privately owned establishment and not a big retail chain. straight ahead, we're following developing news. the nats have reportedly fired
5:27 am
manny acta. dave ross is on this one. >> reporter: manny acta is out as the skipper of your washington nationals? who is scene of the accident? stick around, we will delve deeper. and the first hispanic supreme court nominee faces the ultimate test on capitol hill this week. i'm sarah simmons. i'll have the latest on sonia sotomayor's confirmation hearings when fox 5 morning news returns. ♪
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capitol this morning with the sun just coming up behind the clouds. it sets it off. you can't paint a prettier picture than that, can you. >> it almost doesn't look real gentleman you notice when sarah simmons' live shot came up, we went wow! >> some lucky folks down on capitol hill get to see that right now. >> we had a viewer saying that the sunset was beautiful as well. >> i thought it looked just like this. it just illuminates all the monuments downtown. >> that is i postcard right there. >> let's just stay on that. >> let's keep it at 72. >> that would be great as well. it will be warm today. our temperatures will be what should fob this time of year. 88 is our average high. yesterday, we got up to 90. and the good thing is not quite as humid as it was yesterday so that is a big factor. take a look at the satellite- radar picture for the eastern united states. you can he see we'vegot some clouds. it is a good mix of clouds and
5:31 am
the rising sun. the clouds are pushing to the east and somewhat southeast as well. so, as the day progresses, indeed, thrnas e g inmo l ss'lmoweese sere e su hins. hi 72 up ynew nork city. ra igewh,north carolina is at 73 degrees as well. your forecast for today, not a bad one. a lot of sunshine, another warm afternoon. high downtown about 87 degrees. we'll have more on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. stick with us. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic out there this monday morning. good morning. >> good morning. they tell me they hope to have the roadwork picked up off the inner loop of the beltway headed south. the work zone should have been cleared by 5:00 a.m. we don't know why it is still out there at this point but we do know it is really causing some problems for those traveling the inner loop of the beltway headed south of 50 trying to work your way out towards 202. only the left lane is getting
5:32 am
through. we just spoke to m-d.o.t. they say give them about another 10 minutes, they should have everything picked up. outer loop of the beltway headed northbound 95-495, all your lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. >> thank you. we are following developing news about the washington nationals. they've reportedly fired their manager, many acta. >> let's find out more from dave ross down at nationals park with the latest. dave, you guess when you are on pace to lose 113 games, a change is needed at some point. >> reporter: at some point you become the face of losing. i guess that face had become that manny acta n two and a half years, they had won 158 games and lost 252. that is a lot too many. let's put it that way. early today, right here at
5:33 am
nationals park, manny acta was told he was no longer the manager. that came from stan kasten when the team returned from houston following a 5-0 loss to the astros. he had been on the hot seat for quite some time. this is an idea of just how bad things had gotten. over last 40 years, only the 2003 tigers had entered the all- star break with the worst record than the nats, 35 games under .500 as we speak. manny acta did release a statement saying, and i quote, i thank the nationals for giving me this opportunity and i'm he very sorry that things didn't work out as expected. it is norl for the manager to pay the price when the team is not doing well. and now, the question is who is next? it could be this guy, jim riggleman. he has been a manager four times over in the major leagues and right now, he is the leader in the clubhouse because he is
5:34 am
the nats bench coach. much more coming up today. we expect a statement from stan kasten but for now, we are live from nationals park. >> thank you. we are also just a few hours away from the start of confirmation hearings for supreme court justice nominee sonia sotomayor. tempt hope fig quick confirmation but that might not happen. sarah simmons live on capitol hill this morning with a preview for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is unclear how quickly these con furthermoration hearings will go through. anything can happen. but there are a lot of questions that are expected to be surrounding her past judicial rulings and also her ability to judge fairly. the hearing are expected to get under way at 10:00 a.m. this morning before the senate judiciary committee. the hearing will start with opening remarks from the panel which is made up of 12 democrats and seven republicans. then sonia sotomayor will make her own statement. she is expected to speak about her background, growing up in
5:35 am
poverty in new york city and her successful rise from there. she is expected to receive a lot of questions too, mainly from republicans, on the subject of race and ethnicity. specifically her comment that i wise latina may reach better conclusion than a white male without the same life experience, a statement made back in 2001. now, republicans are expected not to attack sotomayor too harshly for fear of offending hispanic voters. one of the committee members talked about the importance of towing the line during these hearings. >> i think she ill be given a fair hearing. i personally and all of my colleagues have made the commitment to give her a fair hearing, treat her with the dignity we would expect every nominee to be treated. i think she will have an up or down vote. >> reporter: sotomayor is also expected to receive a lot of questions about her ruling made in the case with the
5:36 am
connecticut firefighters who said they were denied promotions based on their race. sotomayor sided with city officials on that and as you know just last mark the supreme court overturned that decision in a 5-4 vote. a lot of that being questions for her coming up tomorrow. today is more of an introduction with the hearing but the white house is hoping to get this through pretty quickly hoping to have her confirmed by august. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> thank you. over the weekend, a group called operation rescue protested the president's supreme court pick marching in the district calling for pro- life lawmakers to filibuster her nomination. their mission, to overturn roe vs. wade, the case that legalized abortion. the crime sent shock waves throughout the country an shed a negative light on d.c. child and family services. today, bone eat ajacks will stand trial to the deaths of her four daughters. marshals found the girl while serving an eviction notice. police say jacks lived with the
5:37 am
dead bodies for at least seven months. two mother-daughter murderses in largo earlier this year and both of those cases have investigators at a dead end. an fbi profiler says they're not connected. police found karen lofton and her daughter carissa shot to death in hair home in january. two months later, a similar case in the same neighborhood. the bodies of delakeshore he is dewitt and her daughter ebony were found in a burning car. detectives say the similarities were just that, weird coincidences. we'll have the latest on an explosion in iraq. beware of what you write on your twitter or facebook pages. what you type kind welcome mat for criminals. you are watching fox 5 morning news. (mom) i'm not going to be able to see her every day.
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nasa has an eye to the skies watching and waiting to see some mother nature will provide the correct conditions for blastoff. over the weekend, the launch the shuttlen did he have your was delayed again. yesterday's countdown made it all the way to the nine-minute mark before this happened. this to be called off because of thunderstorms. the u.s. ambassador to iraq, christopher hill, was among a group of american personnel that managed to escape without being injured when an explosive device detonated noor their convoy in
5:41 am
southern iraq. bomb exploded as the convoy was traveling sunday through dakar province. an investigation into that incident is now under way. new this morning, german prosecutors have formally charged john decemberian yuck with nearly 27,000 counts of being an accessory to murder. prosecutors accused the 89 engineered retired auto worker as serving as a guard at the camp in nazi occupied poland during world war ii. he was deported from the u.s. in may. he says of his a red army soldier who spent world war ii as a nazi price prisoner of war and never hurt anyone. with three people under, police say the vehicle of a murder of a couple in florida has turned into something bigger. somebody not melanie and bird billings to death while saturday of their adopted special needs children were sleeping. wayne calderon and leonard gonzalez face open murder charges. a third man is charged with
5:42 am
evidence tampering and police say more arrests are expected. there is a warning this morning if you have a facebook or twitter account. straight ahead, your status updates could be providing more information than you think. have you had a good hug lately? why thousands in our area went home feeling warm and happy. a beautiful sunrise this morning for the beginning of the workweek. tony will join us in just a minute. fox 5 morning news will be right back. movie night can get pretty crazy when all us chameleons
5:43 am
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so you don't just feel better, you feel better knowing doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever. ♪ > we could all use a little love every once in a while. how about a hug in this woman was giving them out. thousand of his people came out to get one. she is known as the hugging saint. she is known worldwide as the spiritual leader and for her devotion to charity. she was born into the hindu faith but she says she supports all religions and she says her religion is love. >> looks like a lot of people welcoming that as well. >> steve, did you that during college, didn't you? >> they called me something different though. >> didn't work out quit as
5:46 am
well. >> not on the path to sainthood. >> that is what he told the girls. >> that is what the problem was, you were exshrewding so opinion people. >> you lilee ann. ard ri>> ts t'gh s let's take a look at what is going on with the weather around heregion. let's start with our current temperatures. 72degrees in shwaington. 64 up at baltimore. 67at es poduir a. rtll warmer air out to the south. ocean city, 76 degrees right n . erhisoka erlo atthe elatslite- radar. it is not completely freeport- free. there is a little bit of precipitation across central and southern portions of virginia and even some showing up not too far from us. that is on this rataid are. our other radar is not showing that. there is some moisture out there in the ground and some cloud cover too. here is your surface map for today. here is what is we think will be happening. there is a cold front. it is washing out as we speak. but still the focal point for some shower activity across southern and south central virginia continues to push off
5:47 am
down to the south and wash out. for us for today, we'll see a good a of sunshine despite some morning clouds. more sun building in today. another warm one. high today about 87 degrees. one degree below normal for this time of year. fohttigon, we'll see a few ig clouds here a nder the. but it will be mainly clear with seasonal temperatures again. lows overnight in town in the yid-60s. r ouve-day forecast tomorrow, another warm one, upper 80s once again and then a hot and humid day again wednesday and thursday. highs around 90. that heat, humidity brings with it a chance of showers and thunderstorms both wednesday and thursday and then friday will be similar to today. so there you go. lots of high temperatures appear sunshine. just made for you, julie wright. >> we'll just bottle this up and third week in december, we'll let it all hang out once again. >> don't you wish we could do that? >> i do. i'm working on that as we speak. we are on the inner loop of the beltway and since about 5:00,
5:48 am
we had as a huge delay on the inner loop of the beltway south of 50 working your way out towards 202. the roadwork is gone and delays have eased as you travel south of 50 working out towards andrews air force base. nobody complaining on the outer loop. you are still at speed. this is the liveshot of northbound i-95 as you travel north of 7100 leaving newington headed up towards the beltway. all of your lanes are open with no accidents to report. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. investors are hoping to break the losing streak today. the dow has fallen four straight weeks. we saw 37-point loss on friday. the nasdaq sioux a moderate 3.5 point gain. the nikkei fail 237 points. on wednesday, the labor department will release the consumer price indexor june. that will tell us how much we're paying for serb items
5:49 am
compared to the previous months. and that same day, the federal reserve board will release june's industrial production numbers. also, this week, investment giant goldman sachs is expected to announce that it made a $2 billion profit last quarter. that is according to the "new york times." bank recently paid back bailout money it received from the federal government. from facebook to twitter, we all use it. the rise of popularity of social networking sites is posing a new threat. thieves can target you by simply signing on-line. fox's casey citigroup el has more on the twitter trouble. with the few key strokes and click of a mouse, user of social net working sites can send out instant updates about where they are in the world and what they're doing. >> i think we probably let our guard down a little bit. >> reporter: it was all fun and games for jerry's sonntile posted on twitter that he was out of town with his wife. when he they got back to their home, it had been burglarized.
5:50 am
>> i think they just jimmied it. that panel there, you can see where the doggie door is. >> reporter: his son isn't alone. police around the country say they are seeing a new internet phenomenon. people opening themselves up to crime by posting too much personal information on the worldwide web. >> you wouldn't stand in the middle of time square and tell everybody you would be away for two weeks owe you don't postening openly or tweet about it on twitter where anyone can would wants to can see it. >> while some police departments are spending time terrificking crime on the internet, others are using the information superhighway to prevent them. >> if there is a major incident, we can put the information out as it's happening. >> reporter: police in hawthorne, california near l.a. have joined a long list of other departments around the country now using twitter and facebook as a way to keep people in the loop.
5:51 am
authorities say, if you use these social networking sites, make sure only your friends and family can see your personal information. it is also never a good idea to talk about your valuables on- line or when you are away from home. in los angeles, casey stiegel, fox news. with do have breaking sports news. the nationals have fired manny acta. who is up scene of the accident? we'll have the update for you. coming up at 6:00, a major new claim about the health of north korean dictator kim jong il. what he is reportedly dealing with when we come back. 
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5:54 am
the nationals have reportedly fire manager manny acta. >> he tells multiple sources he was fired last night after the team got back from the 5-0 loss from the houston astros. the newts go into the all-star break with the worst record. nats bench coach jim rig el machine the leading candidate to take over for the remainder of the season. much more this morning. the nats with a hans in this one, base is loaded in the sixth. grounds out, inning is over. adam down with the big bat, a chance to do some damage but he
5:55 am
grounds out. the nats with 11 hits but stranded 13 runners. jordan zimmerman on the mound. but matsui will win this match- up. is it going make it? yeah, barely but it counts, three-run home run, nats shut out by astross 5-0. here is an idea how b things are. over the last 40 years, only the twoaght tigers have entered the all-star break with a worse word than your nationals. the nats have company at 35 mes below 500 with the '79 blue jays. in baltimore, the o's hosting toronto, top of the fourth. o'lead 2-0. adam joan with a great catch. he times his leap perfectly. take away a home run. worth another look. there you go. the o's win the battle of the birds beating the jays 4-2. training camp for your
5:56 am
washington wizards doesn't take place until sippet but there is something called summer league ball which some of the wiz kids will take part in tomorrow. >> crittenden's spot could be in jeopardy. while the numbers may not be in his favor, he is certainly for the letting the trade put a damper on his spirit. >> it will motivate me. you have to go into everything in my position working hard and ready for fight for a position. nothing is handed to me. that was already my mentality before any trade went down. >> we don't have a lot of players that are the same type of player. what i mean about that, they are not duplicate players. they each have their own niche so at some point, who knows when, but every player will have an opportunity to contribute to the team. to a court after did i have report kind now. topspin there whooping and hollering as the capitals welcome the new york buzz
5:57 am
featuring teenaged star sloan stevens. the castles coach doing his best to incite the home crowd. the castles got off to a quick start. washington swept the doubles competition on its way to a close 19-15 victory to improve to three and four on the season. serena williams makes her only home appearance on tuesday. >> this is fun. it is just a great environment. everybody out here dancing around. nice cool evening and just watching a lot of great athletes out there do what they do best. >> good to see. straight ahead at 6:00, families of hundreds of d.c. children are fighting the federal government over schools and it has to do with vouch everys. >> hear why some parments say kids are not being put first. we are checking your morning commute and your forecast as fox 5 morning news comes back in just two minutes. there are moments in time
5:58 am
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