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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  July 14, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it is a french national holiday. holly morris will be live with us to celebrate the culture. >> stay with us. fox 5 morning news is just getting started. it is 5:00 on this tuesday morning as you take a look at traffic on the american legion bridge already picking up early this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. kind of heavy out there this morning for 5:00 on a tuesday. temperatures not bad though outside for july. tony is taking the day off. we'll tell you why coming up in just a little bit. very good reason why. tucker is in. >> i'm in. kind cool out there. >> it is kind of cool out. >> should be a great-looking day. we have sunrise here in about an hour. it should be sunny, bright and benytiful. this is wh we aiwt all eayr y for, this kind of weather. let's get start wade look at our satellite-radar. nothing going on. cloud off the souh t anased and if you are down at the
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beaches, you are probably looking if a little cloud cover. atths fe at, controldhe le fvers that continue ft pr ess off to the south. they kicked up a couple of showers down towards fredericksburg. here in washington, we're dry. we are expecting even more of the same today. we are down to 65 at rn gaea national. 52dimi huty. e s theezegawill be kicking up a little bit but it will be a nice one because it will be out of the north and west. it is nice, dry air. this is fine weather for washington for july. there is your forecast for today. 87 here in washington. ee 86 baltimore. edfrikdzburg will have a highed attemperure of 89. changes tomorrow in the form of humidity and eventually, we have to get the rain showers. -- fredericksburg will have a high temperature of 89. let's check in with julie
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wright. it looks a little heavy. >> the trip on 270 was uneventful for me. they are checking for a crash near the exit near river road. they we ccking for an accident. it is reported to be the on beltway at river road. this is the camera facing river road traffic and on river itself, all lane are open traveling to and from the d.c. line. if you are making that trip in virginia, you will find northbound i-95 in the clear with no accidents to report. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. southwest airlines is inspecting nearly 200 of its aircraft this morning of a hole in the fuselage of a plane bound for bwi forced that plane to make an emergency landing in west virginia. the 737 originated in nashville. it was headed to baltimore but landed safely instead at charleston. a spokesman there says passengers could see through
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the hole to the outside. the hole was about a foot wide and a foot long in the rear of the plane. the cabin lost pressure but nobody was hurt. investigators are trying to determine what caused that hole. things are fine at los anges international airport following a shawl earthquake. the 3.2 quake struck just after 9:00 last night. it was centered under the air pot runways. no flights were delayed. more red flags about metro and calls for urgent changes from the ntsb. less than a month now after metro's deadliest crash. one recommendation calls for metro to monitor its track circuits in real time. metro says this is a good idea. so good that the technology is not even invented to do that. >> sarah simmons joins us live with more details this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: the first congressional hearing since this crash and on this crash is
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scheduled to begin at 2:00 here on capitol hill. metro officials are expected to be there, members. the ntsb. also delegate eleanor holmes norton will be there as well ask questions. big thing right now is what is the update on the investigation. they want to take a look at the funding challenges that metro will have as they -- >> all right. we lost sarah there for a second. we will try to get her back shortly. we'll be able to find out more about those changes and proposals from metro. the search is on for the person who killed a female sailor in virginia. investigators found her body in the henderson hall barracks at fort mier. a man would works there says he saw other marines being interviewed. the trial could begin today for the d.c. mother accud of killing her four daughters. bonita jacks is expected to be in court if a been. iantrea ming a eaudjge will decide her fate without a jury. yesterday, the judge reviewed a
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videotaped interview of jacks talking to police shortly after her january 2008 arrest. she couldn't plain why the decomposed bodies of her daughterrer were found in her southeast d.c. apartment. if convicted, she could spend life in prison. supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor is making her case on capitol hill. she will be back in the hot seat before a senate panel. yesterday, trying to explain a speech she had given, she clarified that the law, not her personal and professional experience has driven her rulings as a judge. president obama names another nominee. the president tapped dr. regina benjamin for surgeon general. dr.benjamin is seen here on the left. she is a family physician from alabama who has a history of public health service. doctor would still have to be confirmed by the senate. there are new serious allegations against d.c. councilman marion barry.
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>> council grants recipient sharon wise is accusing the former mayor of fraud, forgery and misuse of funds. she claims money for a program she worked on was misappropriated and her signature on the documents was forged. >> barry says he hasn't done anything wrong. up next, why the supreme court is getting involved in a local capital murder case. there are more new developments in the murder of a couple down in florida. police say the investigation is far from closed. some kids who say they were kicked out of a swimming pool because of their race have been invited back but will they accept the invitation now? we have the answer next on fox 5 morning news. 
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let's get back out to sarah simmons live on capitol hill with the latest on the ntsb investigation. the first hearings will be held here at #:00. delegate eleanor holmes norton and ntsb officials and metro officials are expected to attend that today. they will be talking about the
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investigation as well as the funding challenges that they have. and really, overall, what can you done in order to make metro safer? now, this comes after you were talking about the national transportation safety board made some urgent recommendations for metro. that was just yesterday. they want the transit authority to upgrade its track circuit. you remember tests after the june # #nd crash showed the system designed to detect the train on the tracks malfunctioned. the ntsb says metro should now monitor the system in real time by installing technology that would immediately alert officials if there is some sort of trouble on the tracks. metro says it does want to comely but can't. they say there is not a real time alert system out there right now. >> what they are looking is for not something that we can go to a hardware store, buy off the shelf and moodily install it. it will take some time. we are looking at every possible resource in terms of using funding to maintain the system on a daily basis and
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that is the bottom line. >> reporter: there may be a little relief here when it comes to the money issue that they are having. subcommittee on transptation, housing and urban development just agreed to give $150 million to metro. that is just for safety-related issues. hopefully, a little relief there for metro. live here on capitol hill, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. >> thank you. checking headlines, there has been a stay of execution if a virginia man who was on death row. paul warner powell was scheduled to die by electrocution today for the murder of 16-year-old stacy reid but the supreme court wants to re-examine whether he was unconstitutional tried twice for the crime. this is video of powell at his sentencing back in 2003. powell was first convicted in 2000 for murdering reid and then rape and attempted murder of reid's 14-year-old sister. the investigation widens and police expect two more arrests in the murders of byrd
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and melanie bill go aad. surveillance shows more people entering the home in florida and it so captured their motives. police say one motive is robbery and there are multiple motives. the billings dedicated their lives if adopting special needs children. a group of minority day camp children kicked out of a philadelphia area swim club will accept an unviet to return but under two conditions. a lawyer representing the day camp says the children will return only if the swim club board resigns and the club expels the members who allegedly made racial comments when those children arrived there at the club to swim. the club revoked the rt with the group but later invited the club back. thereis an institution operating in our community right now which is raising the next generation of terrorists. >> up next, an ugly battle
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unfolding over one school's plans to expand. the jonas brothers rock the verizon center. if you missed it, stay with us because fox 5 has you covered. great-looking day yesterday. more of the same today. julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic.  [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet cleans so completely yoll never go back to your old mop again. ♪ don't you want me baby? ♪ don't you want me ohhhh! [ female announcer ] why go part of the way clean? swiffer wetjet antibacterial cleaner
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it was a big night for teens in wash. jonas brothers rocked the verizon center last night. the boy band is on a 44-city north american tour. they head to europe this fall. million mom march is your home for everything jonas brothers. we have post awed photo gallery and video from that concert. >> gurvir, who was your tween band growing up? >> i don't remember. i had a teen beat magazine.
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i remember that. i think my mother still has boxes full of them up in her attic. >> i know who gurvir loved. >> who did i like? >> the osmonds. >> i did like the osmonds, a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. >> tucker was back in the leif garrett days. >> i liked the eagles when i was like six years old. >> i was 1. >> there you go. >> good choice either way. >> looked like a fun concert last night. the weather cooperated and it will cooperate again today. we'll have a lot of sunshine. it should be quiet and we deserve it. why not. >> we deserve it. >> we do deserve it. >> we do. >> we put up with january andnd february around here so we deserve it. high temperatures were as norm normal as they could be.
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yesterday, 88 at reagan national. 87 at dulles and bwi. nice looking afternoon. we did have clouds around and a little bit of rain shower broke out to the south and east. it should be a great looking day with a nice breeze out of the north and west. we'll have quiet weather out there. 65 at reagan national. 63 in baltimore. gurvir mentioned it was cool at her house. 59 in hagerstown. 68 down in fredericksburg. temperatures all over the place but it is on the chilly side. let's take a look at the rest of the country. still an enormous heat wave across section of oklahoma and northern texas. another day expected to exceed 100 there in dallas. you see the rain showers off to the north and west. this is our next weather maker. it will get in here during the day on thursday. we could see a scattered thunderstorm late tomorrow but up ahead of it, nothing but high pressure. we'll have a left clear skies out there the next -- a lot of clear skies out there the next couple of days. as we get into thursday, that
5:19 am
will be the only chance for any thunderstorm activity this week. mostly sunny, it will be breezy at times. a mice breeze out of north and west. high temperature about 87 degrees with the wind out of the north and west at about five to 15 miles per hour. clear and comfortable tonight, overnight lows, 64. if you are off to the north and west, we understand will lighten up at about five miles per hour. this is a nice looking forecast. better chance on thursday of a thunderstorm but let's keep our fingers crossed for getting rain at all. friday and saturday, you can see we start to cool off with high temperatures only in the low 80s. let's get tojulie wright. she has the latest with our on- time traffic this morning. >> we're looking pretty good right now with no accidents reported if you are traveling down south at the wilson bridge. light volume between oxon hill and alexandria. if you are traveling up in montgomery county, we found the accident. it is at the end of the ramp from the outer loop of the beltway to exit onto river road.
5:20 am
that is what is behind me, the accident activity here. if you are coming off the ramp, it splits. can you come up to the second part of the ramp, make the right turn and continue inbound on river road which will lead you to the exits down at western and in towards the d.c. area. the traffic is using the other side of that ramp to get by. no accidents to report south off of 270. you guys are in the clear leaving germantown for the lane divide. eastbound 66, all lane are open traveling between the two 4 interchanges. outbound at 29 gainesville, that is where we had the car fire. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. an ugly battle is unfolding over a virginia school's plans to expanden the islamic saudi academy wants to go but community members have a list of why they are against it. some of their accusations are voicing. bob barnard has more. >> reporter: the fairfax county board of supervisors is being asked to approve plans by the
5:21 am
ivate islamic saudi academy to enlarge its campus south of george mason university. the 25-year-old school is onlied by the kingdom of saudi arabia and feared by some in the community. >> our concern, which mr. if you are if -- murphy of the planning commission has called a distraction that there is an institution operating in our community which is raising the next generation of terrorists. >> it is a startling accusation the principal denies. >> if you have statements like that, won it be better if you come to the school, verify it for yourself, look at the books. okay. come, look at the books. look at the teaching. visit the classroom. >> reporter: others would live near the school say they're concerned about more traffic on this narrow two-lane road. >> we went down and counted all the cars and the parents arriving to pick up students at the alexandria campus and for
5:22 am
that to be happening on this road is frightening. >> reporter: the academy has two campuses, this one for up to 200 children, pre-k through the third grade, another on leased property for the older students, 700 in all. >> i want the board to be ware that the applicant knows that this site, if approved, will be limbited to 500 students. >> reporter: acandidate my officials say their plans include adding a turn lane at the lone entrance to the campus and not allowing students to drive themselves to school. bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> the board of supervisors hasn't made a decision yet. it will wait until the next mooting next movement. big night for the big sluggers of baseball. highlights from the home run derby coming up next. who is the new king? we'll find out. manny acta is out. jim riggleman is in. we'll hear new comments about the new skipper. name of the g.
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there is to sent are field, the deepest part of the park. gone! and prince fielder is our state farm home run derby champion. >> there you go. milwaukee slugger prince fielder, the mlb home run terribly champ. he defeated nelson cruz in the
5:26 am
find round and hit # home republicans in the three rounds of competition. president obama will throw out the first pitch at tonigame and then head for the broadcast booth. president will join at nowpsers for the telecast from busch said yum. fox hasn't termed which inning the president will hit the air. so have you to watch it to catch it. >> we are hearing it might be between the third and fifth inning. the washington nationals enter the all-star break with a big break-up. after moderate success his first season, the nationals went from bad to worse. jim riggleman is the new manager. >> he is an old school manager with a left major league experience. he is more of a hard-nosed
5:27 am
disciplinarian type of manager but but a player's guy. >> this will be riggleman's fourth stint as a big league manager. >> some espn comments have some not so nice comments to say about the nats. we'll hear those coming up in the next half hour. go to for the latest on the big shake-up. can you watch the entire press conference from yesterday. a big day concerning metro on capitol hill. sarah? >> reporter: lawmakers push for answers today in the investigation of metro's deadly red line crash. we'll have an update coming up. >> thank you. supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor back on the hot seat today expecting another grilling from a senate committee. you are watching fox 5 morning news where it is 5:27.
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kobak. mr. miller (announcer) everyone's heading to arby's for the official $5 combo of summer. featuring arby's new bbq bacon cheddar roastburger with curly fries and a drink for only $5. big on bbq taste, it's the $5 combo done better. welcome back at 5:30 right now. look like another beautiful sunrise. hard to beat what we had yesterday. i guess more cloud cover yesterday is what did it, tucker j a fall more clouds. that nice little pink start to the day. still beautiful nonetheless. temperatures in the 60s right now. very comfortable start to the day. >> we could use some rain. could you bring us some rain? >> not today. maybe by thursday, we could get some shower activity. funny we are asking for rain after the deluge. >> we don't need a deluge, just
5:31 am
a few showers. >> that is called a sprinkler. a nice day. low humidity. nice breeze out of the north and west. very quiet conditions. we did see a fall thunderstorms fire up south of the city down south of fredericksburg. very quiet start to the day. we have high pressure off to the north and west. it will build in here today. the only thing you will notice other than a few puffy fair weather clouds during the course of the day is the breezes out of the north and northwest atabout five o t01, maybe gusting to 15. that will feel pretty good because it will albright nice dry air rkwoing woinom frpoints to the north and west. temperatures ghrit leiwe , at the 50s. dulles, 58. winchester, 57. and 59 in hagerstown i'm very cool start for this time of year. afternoon highs just like yesterday, back into the mid-
5:32 am
to upper 80s. 87, partly to mostly sunny. not as humid as yesterday. we'll have more detail on the forecast and let you know when the rain might get here. >> let's check in with julie wright. >> we have dry pavement around town and no accidents to report for those continuing to work their way across the wilson bridge. you have light traffic volume in each direction. here we are eastbound on 66. the problem on 66 is actually in the outbound direction. that is where we have the car fire. the westbound lanes remain closed as you approach the exit for 29 gainesville. eastbound, everything is open right now and you will find light traffic volume traveling the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda with no accidents to report. off the ramp from the outer loop of the beltway to exit river road, we have a crash there. but that ramp splits so just follow police direction, you make a right turn and continue inbound towards western avenue with no problems reported. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic.
5:33 am
back to you. southwest airlines inspecting nearly 2 hunch its aircraft this morning after a hole in the fuselage of a plane bound for bwi forced that plane to make an emergency landing. the 737 originated in nashville and was headed to baltimore but unstead had to land safely in charleston, west virginia. a spokesman at the airport there says passengers on the plane could see through the hole to the outside and there you go. there is a photo of the hole. it is about a foot long and a foot wide in the rear of of the plane. the cabin lost pressure but nobody was injured. investigators are now trying to determine what caused that hole. metro needs to make more improvemented to prevent another deadly crash, an order straight from the top. the national transportation safety board made urgent recommendations for the rail systems. they focus on computerized systems to detect other trains o the track. the ntsb says that metro should also monitor its rails in real time. metro says that is a good idea but right now, it is not possible. sarah simmons joins us live from capitol hill with more on
5:34 am
the recommendations. >> reporter: lawmaker are probably going to be talking about those recommendations too today. there is a first congressional hearing on this crash at #:00 this afternoon here on the hill -- at 2:00. they will be talking about the investigation as well as the funding challenges that metro is facing right now but overall, they trying to figure out what can be done to make metro safer. this comes after you said the ntsb made the urgent recommendations for metro yesterday. they want the transit authority to upgrade the track circuit. those tests came after the june 22nd crash. they showed that the system designed to detect a train on the tracks malfunged. the ntsb says metro should now monitor the system in real time, installing technology that it would immediately alert officials if there is trouble on the tracks. metro says it wants to comply but they say they can't, that there is not a real time alert
5:35 am
system out there. > what they're looking for is not something that we can go to a hardware store, buy off the shelf and immediately install it. it will take some time. >> maybe i'm just a little sip kal or could be built if there is money available. >> i work with technology and there is all kinds of solutions. >> reporter: metro's hope is thatthe money coming their way could help develop some type of real-time system. subcommittee on transportation, housing and urban development has just forked over $150 million for metro on safety- related issues. they are hoping to put some of that money towards that. back to you. >> thank you. supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor will be back on the hill making her case for the job as her confirmation hearing continues. in her openingstatements yesterday, she vowed to be impartial and said the law will always command the result. jennifer davis is following the
5:36 am
hearings. >> unless you have a complete meltdown, are going to get confirmed. >> reporter: even one of the most conservative republicans on the senate judiciary committee believes sonia sotomayor will easily become the nation's first hispanic supreme court justice although she has only made an opening statement. >> i now sk the honor of uphome depotting the constitution as a justice on the supreme court. >> reporter: this was the high court nominee's first chance to lay out her judicial philosophy if her own words. >> simple. fidelity to the law. the task of a judge is not to make law. it is to apply the law. >> reporter: but if most of the day, senators took center stage. supporter praise the the personal story and professional attributes of the 55-year-old judge, a child of the south bronx with 17 years experience on the federal bench. >> she understand there is not one law for one race or another. there is only one law.
5:37 am
>> reporter: critics expressed concern about her rulings on gun rights and discrimination cases. they took aim at her 2001 statement that a wise latina woman could make better judgements than a white man. >> many suggest that she may indeed allow or even embrace decision making based on her biases and prejudices. >> the president has said he would like judge sotomayor to be on the court in september. if confirmed, she is not expected to offer the court balance on controversial issues such as affirmative action. coming up, orange, yellow and red. the terror alert system could be about to change. the latest on he plan to possibly do away with that color-coded system. no humans allowed. your family pet can now fly into style. we'll show you a one of a kind airplane here in our area. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ♪
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liven up your afternoon with a small coolatta for only $1.99 today. there's the other stuff. ♪ and then there's kraft macaroni & cheese. ♪ kraft has more cheese than those other guys. no wonder they call it the cheesiest! checking headline this morning, it is a stay of execution fay virginia man on death row. paul warner powell was scheduled to die by electrocution today for the murder of 16-year-old stacy reed but the supreme court wants to re-examine whether he was unconstitutionally tried twice for that crime. this is video of poole at his sentencing back in 2003. he was first convicted in 000 for murdering reed and then rain and attempted murder of her 14-year-old sister. there was a scene ripped
5:41 am
straight out of a hollywood psychiatrist. prisoners on the loose after a brazen escape. people on in a mall vacation town are on letter it keep their doors and windows locked. two murders and one rapist broke out of the indiana state prison on sunday. a security guard for chicago mayor richard daley caught one of the prisoners near daley's vacation home in grand beach, michigan. >>bernie madoff apparently waking up in georgia. the disgraced financier says was moved to a federal prison in atlanta. yesterday, it was believed he was going to a facility in north carolina to bring serving his 150 year prison term. that may still be madoff's final destination. he was sentenced last month for swindling clients out of billions of dollars. a senior administration official says a panel will be appointed to re-evaluate the multicolored system. that panel will key decide whether to change it or
5:42 am
eliminatit altogether president obama is expected to announce that review later today. one of president obama's trusty sidekicks lets him down, literally. it helped him deliver ground breaking speeches. his teleprompter gave out at the start of an 11-minute speech. see how the president recovered. now, there is an airline just for pets. we'll let you knowwhat the price tag is. should be a pretty sunrise out there. i never thought it could happen to me...
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spar. >> oh, goodness. sorry about that, guys. >> that is about all you can say right there. >> i little bit of a slip-up during the speech at the white house. the teleprompter rashed to the ground and group he was speaking to. there was another one just to the right of president plus he had his notes handy so, as she say, the show went on. >> i hate it when the teleprompter goes out. >> fortunately, they don't crash to the ground. >> keep your notes handy. tucker doesn't need a teleprompter. i'm always impressed by the weather guy. >> they can't believe that it
5:46 am
just come out of our head. in my case, i guess can you believe it. some people are moreimpressive than others. i can stumble a little bit. the forecast today is going to be beautiful. >> okay. > e ou. ld bceni ce lohisu eteecxpd. w hutydi cktybn iathe forecast and check out hte erat. esinmpure ac f they are very comfortable. 65degrees here acatreagan national. dulles is 58 degrees. win chest res currently 57. and hagerstown, 59. so you have a nice start to the day. should be plenty of blue sky expecting a lot of sunshine out there today. so a nice looking day. no rain expected until we get into probably thursday will be our next best chan for a little bit of rain shower activity. cold fnt got through here saturday and sunday. still lingering here off the coast and a couple of showers associated with a little bit of energy associated with that fired up yesterday just to our south down towards fredericksburg and points south and east. there is a lot of clear sky
5:47 am
here and that will start to build in here today. today and tomorrow i think will be fairly quiet. our next chance of rain, that cold front out west of chicago. you can see the cloud cover and rain showers just starting to work that you are way into chicago. that will get in here. that is our next best chance for rain and even then, a 0, 0% chance we'll see rain showers by thursday actually very quiet weather pattern. today, high pressure will build in. it will be sunny and warm out there with a nice breeze out of the north an west and temperatures just like yesterday back into the upper 80s. nice quiet forecast here for another day. mostly sunny skies expected. it will be breezy at times. there will be a nice breeze oust north and west. high temperature about 87 degrees. that is just about where we should be this time of year and tonight, we'll be clear and comfortable overnight so turn off the air conditioner. 64 here in town. 50s off to the north and west. hard to believe it is the month of july. these temperatures very unusual. 89 tomorrow. a little warmer. maybe a 90 on thursday with a chance of some thunderstorms late in the day on thursday. friday, saturday, we'll cool it
5:48 am
down again. high temperatures by saturday back into the middle 80s. that will do it for your forecast. let's get to on-time traffic this morning and there she is, julie wright. >> peats staying cool. i thought you said cool it now as in new edition. >> that is what i was saying. you read my mind. >> if you know new edition, i know zeppelin. >> you know a little bit of everything. >> tow trucks on the scene of this crash and the ramp is partially blocked. but not to worry, this ramp divides and folks are just following police direction to make that right hand turn. very little delay so you will run up on it at speed. be careful exiting from the outer loop to head inbound along river road. if you are traveling northbound 395, lanes are open making your way north of duke street head up towards seminary road. light volume coming across the inbound 14th street bridge. outbound 66, 29 gainesville still dealing with a car fire at that location.
5:49 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. in financial news this morning, investors are hoping to better than expected earnings reports today. so far an influential banking analyst has had good things to say about goldman sachs which helped fuel optimism on all street. dow jumped 185 points yesterday. nasdaq rose 37. and overseas in tokyo, the nikkei saw a 211-point spike. today, goldman is expected to announce it made about $2 bil wrong last quarter. how about good news for pet lovers would want to fly. starting today, an airline specifically for pets is taking off from baltimore. fox 5 money porter melanie alnwick on the animals only arline. >> reporter: no one wants to leave their furry friends behind when they travel. >> this is going to be traumatic. >> reporter: until now, there have been limited options. the airlines that do take pets require them to ride in cargo if like boris here, they don't
5:50 am
fit under euro seat. >> they are treated just like luggage. >> reporter: that can be quite stressle. >> we might have one seat open but it is a very small cab. >> reporter: pet airways caters clifl to the four-legged flyer. >> going out of regional airports is less stressful, easier and they go right directly from our lounge to the planes which is really close. >> reporter: the company is launching flights in five locations, baltimore, new york, chicago, denver and los angeles. the average price is $250 each way. but.owners are willing to pay for the perks. >> their pet needs a potty break, we will take them out. >> reporter: planes are well lit and roled. >> we do take care of them and give them a lot of love. >> reporter: already flights are booked for two months. despite the challenging economy, this is a business that is going places.
5:51 am
>> interesting con zest. in case you are curious, all of the pet atendants are former veterinary technician. pet airways plans it expand to include florida in time for winter travel south. >> great idea. they fired their manager. they have the worst record in baseball and they are struggling to draw fans and now the nats have to deal with public bashing. coming up next, some not so nice words about the nats on national television. stay with us. you' wg reinchfox 5 morning news. there are moments in time
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it's tradition the night before the all-star game is the annual home run derby and the phillies ryan howard hit hitt some monster shots. 15 home runs in the first two rounds. that wasn't good enough to reach the finals. the brewers' prince fielder smashed the three longest home runs including this 503-foot bomb. he hit 17 home runs and that was enough to advance to the finals. this those finals, he slowed down a little bit. he sshed six home runs but that was enough to beat crews would had five. and president obama will they out the first pitch that at all-star game and then head for the broadcast booth. the president will join joe teck and tim kerr vair for the lecast from busch stadium in st. louis. fox hasn't determined yet which innings will hit the air.
5:55 am
the game begins at 8:00 tonight on fox 5. the nationals fired manager manny acta sunday night. when he was hired back in 2007, he was the youngest skipper in the big leagues at the age of 37. after moderate success that first season, things went from bad to worse and now acta is gone. he is replaced by husband bench coach, jim riggleman, a move that management says was paid simply oust necessity. >> we didn't want to have to do this. we are fans ever manny acta. i am personally. i think he has quality of a long-term successle manager but we weren't happy with the record so far this year. i think everyone who watches our team thought it should have been better and we weren't comfortable going the whole year this way. we weren't comfortable just wasting the whole rest of the year. >> the new guy isn't all that new at all. there he is in the middle. that is a good thing. jim riggleman acted as former bench coach. and now taking over as interim
5:56 am
manager. he has managed three other teams in the past, most notably in chicago with the cubs. and he has a fiery demeanor, something the stop brass hopes will light a bit of of a fire under this young team. >> more of a hard-nosed disciplinarian type of manager but a player's guy. he understand what it takes to be a successful major league player in a successle major league franchise. we being we have an experienced guy that can relate to the players in the clubhouse. >> we certainly hope so. not effect is in agreement. that would be an understatement. you take the fellows over at espn. they offered their critique on the firing of manny acta. >> this is one of the most ill conceived teams ever put together. they didn't have plays that could catch the ball. they couldn't defend. i think the biggest thing is that he just didn't have a
5:57 am
chance. it's bad team and they are exactly where they should be in terms of personnel. >> is there anyone who would have had a chance to sort of save the titanic here? >> god. >> and they probably would have had to fire him too. it is a bad team. >> see what happens with jim riggleman. you can go to for the latest on that shake-up. you can watch the entirepress conference. just click on sports. deer being mason calling it a career. he has told a sports web site he is retiring for the nfl. the played eight seasons with the titans and four years with the ravens. he became the # 1st player in nfl history to reach 10,000 career yards receiving. caps have re-signed boyd gord ton a one-year deal and tonight, serena williams makes her only home appearance with the washington castles. we are following new twists
5:58 am
in the murder of a belovely loved couple down in florida. investigators say as men as eight people may have been involved. we are checking your morning commute this morning and your forecast looks all right out there right now. sun peeking up too. looks real nice. fox 5 morning news continues at 6:00 in just two minutes. fiber one. i'm looking for some fiber. this bar is an excellent source of fiber. there's no fiber in this. tastes too good. there is fiber. [ chuckle ] no. i can't taste the fiber in this chocolate. they have 35% of your daily value. hmm. oh, samples. hmm. autobahn. wackenschdol. fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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