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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  July 16, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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care of issues with their driver's licenses as a dmv center is closing in the district. mayor adrian fenty will join us live to talk about that. it is one small ten for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> coming up at 8:00, today is the 40th anniversary of one of nasa's greatest accomplishments, the landing on the moon. the pilot of apollo 11 crew buzz aldrin will be joining us to talk about that historic moment. fox 5 morning news is just getting started. good morning. thank you for being here on this thursday morning. there is a live look at traffic going across the american legion bridge. it is pretty warm outside this morning compared it the mornings we've had the rest of this week. >> you wl feel it as soon as you walk out the door this morning. thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey.
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>> and i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i believe today is actually the 40th anniversary of the launch. >> not the landing. >> as i was reading that, i had a perplexed look on my face like what did i just say there. but it is exciting. buzz aldrin will be joining us live. >> very excited about that. that is cool. let's look at our weather conditions around the region. we'll start with hd radar. why, you ask? >> wplllseit tee m is becse e we are expecting rain. >> there are couple of howers re nd the o there. tivi, little bit oftyac eastlan rymandesrythournth la lisb y.fsoryuth sura but there ar e a couple of little pockets of heavy rain. i wouldn't rule out especially to the sta a shower or two popping up during the course of the morning hours. let's look at the local satellite-radar. there you see and there we go.
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here is that shower activi tothe east and out to the west beyond the mountains. right rw,oeagan national, w,it is warmer than it was this time yesterday. 75degrees right now. humidity, 62%. as long as the wind ai t ououf o the south, ty will be ingthe warmer imore d hr.umiai nca ai cofcae hasttered showers and thunderstorms through the day today, particularly this afternoon and tonight. high around 90 degrees. we'll ve more details on the forecast coming up sin just a little bit. >> thank you. we are following some developing news before we get to julie this morning about a situation that may cause you some problems out on the roads today. a sinkhole will cause traffic snarls in annandale. you can expect delay if ou are on the 236 or little river turnpike. impacted area is in the vicinity of conwell drive where
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little river turnpike will be closed. if there is heavy congestion. there will be signs posted to let you know about those delays. let's check in with julie wright. >> we are starting off talking about outbound route 50 as you travel past route 2 and head out towards baydale drive. that is where we have the accident activity. outbound on route 50, we are told several vehicles were involved in this accident including a boat. you will find the etbound lanes blocked heading towards the chesapeake bay bridge. if you are traveling westbound, the lanes here are open. no accidents to report right now 66 eastbound coming in from 50 fair oaks towards 123. lane are open continuing in towards the capital beltway. ably itself looks pretty good between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. really freaked out because this is my first time in washington, tease and it started scaring me a little bit. >> understandable. our top story, some scary moments not just for tourists
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but anybody would witnessed a why would seen on capitol hill yesterday. a police chase ended with officers shooting and killing a gunman in broad daylight. >> it started with a routine traffic stop near union station. sarah simmons joins us live with more our top story. >> reporter: good morning. police still have not identified the 35-year-old suspect this morning. they still don't know why he ran from police. capital police are telling us they demanded the man put down his weapon. they say he fired at police. police fired back shooting and killing him. it all started when u.s. capitol police stopped a white mercedes for a routine traffic stop near union station. witnesses say police were talking with the man when he sped away. they say police then started chasing and people ducked for cover as the mercedes barrels away. the car at times drove the wrong way down louisiana avenue
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even hit hitting an officer on foot and kept on going. bystanders described hearing what sounded like firecrackers. >> i heard the gunshots and they just sounded like firecrackers. there was a little pause and a whole bunch more. >> the officers were in fear for their life, felt threatened, fired at the suspect, ended up killing the suspect. we have since recovered a weapon that belonged to the suspect that was in their vehicle. >> reporter: the car slammed into a cruiser as you heard but it also slammed into an officer on a motorcycle. both of those officers just received minor injuries from that. but we do know all the officers involve in this shooting are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investation. live near the capitol, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. things have started to settle done and return to normal at a neighborhood in falls church this morning i'm tense standoff ended when police say the shooting
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suspect, john valenti, turned the gun on himself. valenti kept police at bay if nearly 4 hours inside a hem on lisle avenue. police say he shot his son's mother. inside the home, his son and another woman. a friend of valenti spoke exclusively with fox 5. >> his given name was john. he went by hank valentini. a very troubled young man for many, many years. >> the man and woman he iis accused of shooting are still alive. police say his son and his friend got out of the home without any harm. a virginia community is on alert after a man attacked a woman on a popular jogging trail in vienna. the victim says a man approached her, exposed himself and started shouting at her. she says he ushed her to the ground but she was able to get away and run for help.
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the suspect got away. nominee sonia sotomayor will return to capitol hill for what is expected to be her final day of questioning before the senate judiciary committee. yesterday, president obama's pick to replace retired justice david souter managed to sidestep questions on abortion and gun control but she defended her controversial remarks on race, gender and the law against republicans concerned that she could bring bias and a political agenda to the bench gentleman what i'm confused about, are you standing by that statement or are you saying that it was a bad idea. >> from the attention that my words have gotten and the manner in which it has been understood by some people that my words failed. >> the full senate will likely confirm sotomayor early next month. following terrible scene on a major interstate this morning, straight ahead, an explosion sends flames high in the air and even causes part of an overpass to collapse. more questions surrounding
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the death of michael jackson. the case being investigated as a homicide. you are watching fox 5 morning news. it is now seven minutes after 5:00. medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act. the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
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this is awe wall of flames on a highway in suburban trie. gas tanker expled beneath an overpass on i-75 last night. flame were so intense they melted part of the bridge causing that bridge to collapse. the driver of the tanker only had minor injuries. flames also scorched nearby cars. the two drivers all had minor injuries. investigators looking into the deadly plane crash in iran are now examining one of the jet's three black boxes. officials say two boxes were recovered but one was damaged pretty severely. the russian-made airplane nose dived shortly after taking off from tehran yesterday and officials say all 168 people on board died. witnesses say the plane's stale was on fire before the plane crashed. never before seen video of michael jackson has been released. video rom u.s. weekly shows
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the pop star's head catching fire during the filming of the 1984 pepsi commercial. the king of pop's death is being investigated as a homicide and the anesthetic propofol could be the primary cause of death. no official word from the medical examiner. some doctors are now pushing for federal horst to make propofol a controlled substance. a murder mystery in the florida panhandle continues to unravel as police have charged another person in connection with the murders of byrd and melanie billing. police have arrested eight people so far. detectives will hold a news conference later to release more details. you better make other plans if you use a certain metro station. we'll tell you which one will be closed for most of today. get out your best business suit and have your resume handy because thousands of jobs could up for grabs today. we'll tell you where you need to go in hopes of landing one
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of them. coming up in just a few moamentsd, we'll update you on today's weather forecast. it will be a warmer one. why don't you take the umbrella with you just in case. we'll have the details on that. julie wright will be along with rnthmotre g c.inaffi stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. there are moments in time
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and more secure... well, that's our business. at&t... your world... delivered.
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booster ignition and liftoff of endeavour. >> so apparently it was the sixth time that was the charm finally for nasa. the space shuttle endeavour now on its way to the international space station as the crew will spend nearly two weeks there. there is concern that several pieces of foam insulation came off the external fuel tank during liftoff hitting the shuttle. cameras will be used tomorrow to take a closer look at that.
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it's one maul step for man, one giant leap for mankind -- it's one small step for man, one giant leave for mankind. today marks the 40th anniversary of the lawn of of apollo 11, the mission that put man on the moon for the first time. if you would like to mark the anniversary, you can head on down to the mall. air and space museum is opening a special exhibit today. later on this morning, aapproximately owe 11 pilot buzz aldrin who himself took some steps on the lunar surface joins us live from the kennedy space center to talk about it. >> i remember as a kid, you've seen neil armstrong stepping on the moon. i remember climbing down from the bunk bed and pretending to
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do that. that was the first thing i ever wanted to be was an astronaut. had all the model rockets and awe big map. the solar system in my bedroom. >> pretty cool. >> great days. fascinating stuff. let's take a look at -- sorry. in my head, i'm thinking i wanted to be an astronaut and i'm a weather man. oh, well. let's take a look at what is helping with the weather conditions. >> kind of tid in some ways. >> i'm doing what i can. you know. yesterday, up to 88 degrees as predicted right here on this broadcast. 88 at reagan national. 88 at bwi marshal and that as right where we should fob this time of year. our average high for yesterday, 8degrees. today, our average high goes up to 89 degrees. we officially enter the warmest time of year for washington. 74degrees in washington today. big difference this morning and
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all the other mornings this week. 72 up in baltimore. much warmer this morning. it is more humid as well. 75 down in fredericksburg. a look at the satellite-radar composite for the region, we have more clouds in across the skies. you can seat clouds a little bit thick out to the west but i think we'll see a pretty decent sunrise and then, as the day progresses, we'll get more clouds moving in here. out to the west, the system we were looking at yesterday, we do see some heavy rains across the mountains of north carolina and places like that. we've seen a few scattered showers here and there this morning particularly to the east so that will be one of the features today. partly sunny skies. those scattered afternoon showers and some thunderstorms could develop across the region as well. a had the and humid died, high about 90 degrees. for tonight, another warm night, rather muggy. plenty of clouds, an early storm possible during the evening an early nighttime hours.
5:20 am
72 for your low in town. five-day forecast, we become unsettled as a frontal system stalls out ares the region. so tomorrow, another day where we'll be about 89 degrees with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. same for saturday but cooler air, mid-80s on saturday, low 80s on sunday and monday. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's find out what is happening with traffic. we go to julie wright. >> the big talk right now is what is happening outbound on route 50 as you travel past route 2 headed out towards baydale drive. if you are headed for the chesapeake bay bridge, the accident activity involving a couple of cars ain't boat. you will find the activity was blocking the eastbound lanes of 50. now, we have traffic getting by in each direction after route 2 but before you reach baydale drive. a left activity out there the on roads. the morning commute already slowed there. other side of town, not so bad. 395 looks good traveling north
5:21 am
of duke street headed up to the 14th street bridge. light volume here. no accidents to report on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the investigation into last month's metro crash will mean more changes for commuters this mornings athe tacoma metro station will be closed today from 10:00 a.m. and #:00 p.m. and pretty much all day saturday. the ntsb will be back out investigating testing the tracks of the tacoma and fort totten stations. there will be shuttle buses available. uncle sam wants to you find work. that is good news for job seekers. largest federal government career fair is being held today at the national building museum in northwest. it will takeplace from 3:00 this afternoon until 7:00 this evening. feds need to fill about 600,000 jobs in the next four years. that is a third of them that are entry level positions and there are positions available in practically every interest and skill area. if you would like to
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increase your chances of landing a job, you want to attend another job fair just for d.c. residents though. it is at the washington convention center and it kicks off with a workshop from 9:30 to 11:00 this morning. the job fair itself runs from 11:00 to 3:00. jim riggleman is ready for his first game as the new man in charge. he has come face to face with some of the most dangerous and notorious criminals in our country. and he has the sketches to prove it. john hen reman will introduce us to the man with the front row seat in court coming up income on fox 5 morning news. coming up next on fox -- coming up next on fox 5 morning news.
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while the resolve power gets rid of stains. trust spray n' wash bright and white. . a new era under way for the washington nationals. >> jim riggleman was officially introduce as the interim manager of the nats yesterday. he takes over for manny acta. va riggleman has been described as a disciplinarian. so is that description accurate? we asked the new skipper. >> i think i'm easy in the sense that, if players not playing well, i understand that. it is a tough game. but if they're not playing hard, then that irks me. if they are not respectful of the game, respectful of the uniform and the fans. >> we'll see how that works. from the baseball dial and to the court, as in a court of
5:26 am
law. if you've burn around washington enough to remember the trials of marion barry, lorena bob its and zacarias moussaoui, of a probably seen the courtroom stretches. >> john henrehan has a report. >> reporter: bill hennessey as made a living by hustling from one d.c. courthouse to another. he is a court artist and his work allows people to see what happens inside the courtroom where cameras are generally forbidden. sotime it is the defendant who is famous. sometimes it is the conduct in the courtroom. >> he started put t putting hi hands back to be cuffed all the while planning his move. so just as the deputies were
5:27 am
receiving to cuff his hand, he turned and hit his attorney. reporter: during the federal trial, zacarias moussaoui gestures show me what you're drawing. hennessey declines. the artist remembers how chilling he found moussaoui's testimony about the attacks in new york. >> the actions on 9-11 were justified and his dream two to be see more americans die. that wasn't some lunatic talking. >> he meant it. >> he meant it. >> reporter: bill hennessey has collected artwork from some of the more memorable trials and published it in a book called all rise. he argues tat they are art even though they are quick art. he hopes through i book they will get a wider audience. >> stop and look at the artwork i have here. not to blow my own horn, i think it is pretty good. >> he will continue to scurry
5:28 am
from courthouse to courthouse to show the world what american justice looks like. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> i have a seen bill in a number of courtrooms p i ask him how hegets it done that quickly. he says you just got to do it. >> i agree with him. it is pretty darned good. straight ahead, a traffic stop turns into a serious scene on capitol hill. >> i heard the gunshot and it just sounded like firecrackers. >> reporter: this more than, the scene is still blocked off and one man is dead. up next, hear how it all unfolded in front of a june of tourists. i'm sarah simmons with a live report. sonia sotomayor facing more questions on capitol hill. how would you like to make money while you're shopping on the internet. we'll show you how just ahead on fox 5 morning news. cause fa. washed out? not pretty... so keep your clothes looking like new!
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welcome back. nice start to the day outside. it is warm, more humid than we've had throughout the week but nonetheless, still off if a pretty good start. no complaints here. thank you for being with us. it is thursday morning. the week goes quickly gentleman of a been asking for rain all week for my garden and hopefully we'll get it today. >> i think you'll get some. i think during the course of the next couple of days, many of us will see some rain showers and some thunderstorms as . lle let's take a look at llhdadrar
5:32 am
show you who is seeing rain rni. anhis rngmo agd n, it is all off to the east. across the eastern and southern portions of maryland, we are seeing just a couple of little pockets of heavyraagin but usjt j a fe lile os here and ele htendn awelar we seeing some shower activity as well. so can't rule out a few showers here and artere particularly of to the east. as we go back to the graphics, current conditions being reported. 74degrees here in washington. relative humidity is 64%. that is high are than it has been. winds are out of the south at eight miles per hour and the barometric pressure has fallen off a bit. here is a look at your radar. we can see some of the rain showers moving across portions of kentucky, tennessee into n weerstportions of the carolinas. another little band erof rain ni west virginia. forecast for today looks like
5:33 am
this. partly sunny. some scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. highs will be right around 90 degrees and definitely humid. you will feel the difference today. >> all right. very good. >> of course, i just washed the car so i expected this kind of forecast. >> there you go. >> we'll check in with julie wright in just a minute. first, we have some news. you might need a little bit of extra time to get around if your commute takes you around little river turnpike. the problem there has closed the area around conwell drive. there are heavy congestion, signs will be placed along 395 and 495 to let you know. >> let's go to another commuter alert. the tacoma metro station will be closed today from 10:00 until 3:00 this afternoon and on saturday from 7:00 to 7:00 in the evening. the ntsb is investigating last month's deadly metro crash. it is testing the tracks at the tacoma and fort totten stations. service will be suspended between the two stations and
5:34 am
there will be shuttle buses available to take you to your location. right now, let's check in with julie wright. >> we'll talk about that sinkhole for just a second at 236. it is should down in each directioat conwell drive. the good news is at this time, traffic volume is light enough that there are no delays to get past the scene. you do get past using the service road. as the morning progresses and volume will increase, we'll see delays in that area and v- d.o.t. will warn you ahead of time by playing some variable message signs out there. that is 23 # at conwell drive right now, the service road is able to handle the traffic that is getting through the area at this point. so we'll keep an eye on that for you. if you are outbound on route 50 headed out towards the bay bridge, the problem is an accident after route 2 but before you reach baydale drive. this one involve eggcupful vehicles, one of which was towing a boat. you will find traffic is able
5:35 am
to squeeze by using the two left lanes only and this is the direction of outbound 50 head for the bridge. coming inbound being lane are open headed over towards annapolis. northbound i-95, no accidents to report leaving newington headed up towards the capital beltway. you're at speed all the way. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story, police have taped off this area near the capitol after officers opened fire on the m in broad daylight. >> sarah similar monday is on the scene this morning. she joins us live from capitol hill with the district attorney tails. >> reporter: steve, the scene is still blocked off here even this morning at nudge avenue near c street about a block away from the capitol. this all unfolded about 5:00 last thiet just in the peak time of rush hour and when there were a lot of touristed around. capitol police say they are still trying to figure out why they say a 5-year-old man ran
5:36 am
and fired a gun at police. tourists near the capitol watched as a routine traffic stop quickly turned into a chase. visitors right in the path of the runaway suspect. >> he was seeding right towards us and my dad told me and my mom to get out of the way. >> i yelled for my wife and daughter to get behind the big stone potted planters that are on the east side there. as soon as i said that, he did another u-turn in the median and sped off. >> rporterpolice y it started on columbus circle near union station. driver fled and injured two officers during the pursuit. u.s. capitol police say the suspect drove erratically and at high rates of speed towards the capitol until the mercedes crashed into a cruiser. >> the officers were in fear for their life, felt threatened, fired at the suspect, ended up killing the suspect an we have since recovered a weapon that belonged to the suspect that was in their vehicle. >> reporter: tourists heard more than a half dozen shots
5:37 am
and had little time to take cover. >> it sounded like fire crackers. there was a little pause and then there was a whole bunch more. >> reporter: now, that white mercedes also had temporary tags. capitol police are not saying at this point if that car was stolen. the two officers that were injured in all of this, they had minor injuries but capitol police are also tling us that all officers involved in this shooting are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. live near capitol hill, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. >> thank you. high tension comes to a dramatic end as police moved in on a shooting suspect in falls church. john valentini in critical condition. it all started tuesday when police say he shot his son's mother and ran into a home with his son and another woman. the police got the son out safely. the friend left the home in handcuffs. >> he wasn't going to talk to
5:38 am
the police on his own and she wasn't going to leave the little boy in there. that is just her nature. she is a great person. >> the ittle boy's mir is in grave condition. police say an argument over the little by led to the shooting and then the standoff. the confirmation hearing for supreme court justice nominee judge sonia sotomayor continues today. senators have spent the past few days grilling judge sotomayor on hot button issues. yesterday, she addressed abortion, gun rights and her controversial statements about race and gender. tom first gerald has details. >> reporter: right from the start, texas senator john cornin returned to judge sotomayor's now famous wise latina remark. >> are you standing by that statement or are you saying it was a bad idea. >> from the attention that my words have gotten and the
5:39 am
machiner in which it has been understood by some people, that my words failed. >> reporter: sotomayor also faced tough questions on abortion from republican tom coburn would pressed the judge on late term abortions. >> would it be legal in this country to terminate that child's life? >> i can't answer that question in the abstract. >> reporter: coburn caused some raised eyebrows when he seemed to mimic latino comedian desi arnaz responding to the nominee. >> you'll have lots of splainin' to do. >> reporter: senator arrest len spector on how the court should desaid what cases it takes. >> if i say something today, is that going to make a statement about how i'm going to prejudge someone else's -- >> i'm not going to ask to you prejudge. i would like to know your standards for taking the case. >> most democrats are downright woking.
5:40 am
>> he we just want to invite you as a baseball fan to an orioles game and we promise it will not be when the yankees are playing so you can root for the baltimore orioles. >> reporter: in the end, it was the newest senator, al franken of manhunt minute who scored the most memorable exchange. sotomar said the tv show perry mason inspired her career. i know he should remember the name of it. >> didn't the white house prepare you? >> tom first gerald, fox 5 news. 55-year-old veteran federal judge was nominated by president obama to replace justice david souter would retired last month. a vote by the full senate to confirm her is expected early next month. we are following a devastating highway scene in detroit where a tanker explosion sent flames high into the air and caused part of a bridge to collapse. we have an update. and the owner of the
5:41 am
cemetery at the center of the grave digging scandal is now speaking out. we'll hear what he has to say. do you want to make money while you shop on the internet? who doesn't, right? we'll show you how you might be able to do that. you are watching fox 5 morning news.
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there's the other stuff. ♪ and then there's kraft macaroni & chees ♪ kraft has more cheese than those other guys. no wonder they call it the cheesiest! spectator slowdown. a gas tanker in suburban detroit exploded beneath an overpass and now that stretch of interstate 75 is closed
5:44 am
indefinitely. flames shot up to 2 had you been feet in the air and caused the bridge to crumble. the flames jumped from the tanker to nearby cars. the amazing part of the story is that the driver of the tanker and other cars only had minor injuries. there are new clues following a deadly plane crash in iran. the investigators are examining one of the three black boxes. two were recovered but one was damaged. 16 # people were killed yesterday when the plane crashed shortly after it took off from teheran. witnesses say the plane's tail was on fire before it went down. the owner of the the illinois cemetery at the center of the grave digging established scandal says he has nothing to do with it. he says some of his own relatives are buried there. last week, four people are arrested and aused of digging up bodies. the woman known as the world's olst mother has died.
5:45 am
the 69-year-old spanish native gave birth three years ago lying about her age to a los angeles fertility clinic. she told reporters at the time the clinic didn't ask for her identification. the spanish newspaper had been reporting that the woman was diagnosed with a tumor shortly after she gave birth to twunz. we found a web site that would give you cash for shopping on their site. we'll show you next on fox 5 morning news.
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tony is back with another check on our weather. we'll start by take a look at >>rrent ouperetemratu s. tp mahil ifooks dsofent d than it has over the last couple of days. wahe h ytad greens. loel age olonras nbecause we are in the 70s early this morning. 74degrees at reagan national airport. 72 in baltimore. dulles airport at 73 degrees. in one chester, it is 72. ocean city, 80 degrees this morning. now, let's take a look at the satellite-radar composite for the region. there are rain showers across interior portions of the northeast. a pretty gd pocket of rain into eastern tennessee pushing into the mountains ever north carolina. for us, we've seen a few
5:49 am
scattered showers primarily off to the east but there is more shower activity in eastern portions of west virginia. keep our eyes on that. could see a couple of sprink alts or showers here or there. but the bulk of the shower activity will be during the afternoon and evening. here is your surface map. here is what we've got at play for today. there is your cold front. that comes through here and then it just kind of hangs out a couple of days just to our south and east. as it comes through, we get the warm air building in before it so it will be warmer today, more humid. as the front comes through t will trigger some scattered showers and thunderstorms primarily during the afternoon and evening hours. forecast then for today looks like this. partly sunny, scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. hot and humid. high about 90 degrees. for tonight, another night where we'll see our temperatures in the 70s. and awe lot of clouds around. some early showers and storms are possible during the evening and early nighttime hours. your five-day forecast, tomorrow, friday, more of the same. i think tomorrow will be very
5:50 am
similar to today. hot and humid. high around 90. saturday, another chance of rain but temperatures begin to drop off. our high only 84. sunday i think will be the better day of the weekend, 82 and a good amount of sunshine. now, let's got more on the morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> well, police tell us that there is some traffic that is able to get through along 236, the little river turnpike west of old columbia pike. we do have some traffic that is able to get by. the sinkhole we've been talking about this morning. traffic able to get by both east an westbound so be careful in that area. the traffic volume is light enough. that is working in your favor so there is very little delay to deal with. the lane are open, no accidents to report as you continue to work your way in towards the beltway. here we are live southbound 270 at father hurley boulevard. pace still if the clear as you continue from germantown headed out towards the split. outbound route 50 as you work your way out towards the bay bridge. that's a check of your fox 5
5:51 am
on-time traffic. another commuter alert as the tacoma metro station will be closed today from 10:00 until #:00 this afrnoon. it will also be closed on saturday from 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. the ntsb is investigating last month's metro crash and they need to do some more testing of the track at tacoma and fort totten. service will be suspend between the two stations. there will be shuttle buses available. let's check the world markets now. great day on the street yesterday. dow gained 256 points. the nasdaq gained 63 and overseas, it continued in tokyo today where the nikkei is up 74 points. here is some good news. can you actually make money while you are shopping on the internet. the web site lets you buy anything from trash bags to televisions and you get cash back from your purchases, usually between # to 10% of what you spent. more than 1,000 stores pay to
5:52 am
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. the jim riggleman era is now officially under way for the washington nationals. his first game will be tonight when the nat host the cubs and that is at 7:00 tonight. >> riggleman was officially intruced as the new interim manager yesterday. he takes over for the fired manny acta who brought the rockville, maryland native back to washington to serve as hi bench coast. riggleman has been described as a dispalestinian arian. is that accurate? we asked the new skipper. >> i heard that in the last day or two. i feel like i'm a bit of a softie. i think i'm pretty easy. i think i'm he easy in the sense that, if players not playing well, i ntsdz that. it is tough game. but if they're in the playing hard, then that irks me. if they're not respectful of the game, respectful of the
5:56 am
uniform, respectful of the fans and the organization, if they do that then there is a problem. >> let's take a look at riggleman's resume. he managed the padres from 1992 to 1994. the cub from 1995 to 1999ened the mariners for part of 2008. his overall record 5 # 2 and 652. after that new conference being riggleman wasted very little time getting to work. he called the plays in for a late afternoon workout. while most of the play ares think it is too early to know his manage earial style, they do know they better pick up the pace or they may not be around much longer. >> if you don't perform, they've shown they'll send you out. i think that is pretty much the best wake-up call you can have. >> he is not best friends with anybody. that is not his job. his job is to go out and help us win ball games as the bench coach. his job is to lead us in the manager's ball club.
5:57 am
am i good friends with jim? we have a pretty good relationship. but i'm not going to call him when i get home tonight. >> you remember this. president obama attending the wizards-bulls game back in february that. seat where hsat, he autographed the back rest of that seat and yesterday, the woodward held an auction for the one of a kind item. it did not take long to find a bidder. and it is somebody pretty close to the wizards. agent zero gilbert arenas scooped up that seat into a cool $25,000. auction over. all the proceeds went to benefit the wizards care program. straight head, some expecting parents are turning to the 3-d ultrasounds for a sneak peek at their unborn children. >> are those scans given at some private businesses as safe as the ones at the doctor's offices. we'll hear why some people are ng no. we'll check your commute and your forecast for this thursday morning. ♪
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