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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  July 24, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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professor. the cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. >> that of course was two nights ago. today he had a different message, but his remarks have not killed off the conversation around town. fo5's roz plater in the newsroom to start us off. >> reporter: this really has been a firestorm for several days now. today the president tried to dampen the controversy but it hasn't stopped folks from talking and some of those conversations are rather heated. >> you don't want to divide the people. >> reporter: over chili dogs and half smokes two long-time friend december bait whether president obama -- debate whether president obama did the right thing by calling sergeant james crowley supid after he arrested professor henry louis gates for disorderly conduct. gates claimed he was in his own
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home. >> obama should have waited before he had all the facts before he went and said what he said. >> everybody is not going to like me. he's going to say things that somebody think he shouldn't have said. we all do it. >> reporter: two two days now it's -- for two days now it's been the talk of the town and the nation. the president tried to dial things back a bit at a news conference. >> in my choice of words i think i unfortunately gave an impression that i was maligning the cambridge police department or sergeant crowley specifically. and i could have calibrated those words differently. >> reporter: mr. obama stood by his original assertion that it seems both men overreacted. how did those words play out on main street? >> i think it diffused the situation quite well. i mean, i'm hopeful that other people are able to move on. >> reporter: for some who cat move on quickly enough.
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>> sometimes you have to be the referee. >> that man needed to be getting the health care bill passed. >> reporter: all this may be settled over a cold beer. mr. obama has invited both the professor and the police officer to the white house to try and iron out their differences. stay tuned. the hot topic on our twitter page tonight. scott jensen tweets, everyone is allowed an opinion but for the leader ever the free world to go i don't have all the facts and then judge like that, err. dolly world takes it a step further saying the gateses remark should never have happened. the president should never involve himself in personal disputes. i america has the other side. the prez can say what he wants. anyone turning his comments into a race issue should look at their own issues for race. thank you for the tweets. we read them all. a developing story that has police working right now through the night. a disturbing discovery at an
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annandale acupuncture clinic. a woman found dead. police got a call this afternoon for a stabbing on hummer road. when they arrived they found her body inside. authorities are interviewing people hoping to general rate leads so far no suspects no motive. a deadly chopper crash killing a pilot and his three passengers. the helicopter crash oning -- crashing on to i-70 in hagerstown andsting into -- and then bursting into flames. bob barnard hs this one. >> reporter: investigators say before crashing and burning around 10:30 last night, the helicopter was flying low over the eastbound lanes of interstate 70. was the pilot using the highway and taillights of traffic below to help guide the chopper and its three passengers from hagerstown back to frederick? the night sky was thick with fog. the flight delayed two hours because of bad wet disbler witnesses reported -- weather. >> witnesses reported that the aircraft was flying very low. that they saw sparks flying before the aircraft hit the
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ground. and then there was a post crash fire. >> reporter: ntsb investigators say they will be looking at the pilot's experience. he had more than 600 flight hours in both helicopters and airplanes. and considering when weather conditions -- considering weather conditions in determining the cause of last night's crash along the western slope of south mountain just outside hagerstown. the four people killed were pilot jeffrey nordaas just 24 years old from columbia, maryland, 48-year-old kim felix from new market and niall booth, 43, also from new market. >> there are prove proverbs that says the generous will prosper and those who refresh others will himself be refreshe >> reporter: all flee men killed -- three men killed in the crash worked for a flight school. they'd been in hagerstown giving rides in their chopper as part of a fund-raiser. their friend kim was along for
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the ride. we drove up to the crash site last night and the fog was dense to the point where we could see only about 50 feet in front of the news van. the driving was dicing so clearly the flying must have been difficult. the helicopter pilot was certified to fly by his instruments but they're not sure whether the chopper had that capability, brian. >> bob barnard tonight. more now on one of the four victims we just told you about. kim felix of new market was a mother of three girls. we spoke with a friend today. she described kim as a community activist with a big heart. >> she did a lot of work in the community like working -- she worked with a lot of charitable programs. it's just heartbreaking. >> we've got more on the victims on plus, you can learn more about advanced helicopter, see raw video and get the latest on the investigation all right there on our home page. a symbolic step for the
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ousted president in hon dower as -- honduras. >> reporter: one month he vowed to reclaim his post. he stepped across the border into honduras today but stayed less than 30 minutes before returning to nicaragua. he said the risk of bloodshed was too great. the interim government has insisted it will arrest him if he returns. anotr gitmo prisoner may be headed to the u.s. to face a trial despite strong concerns of congress. some suspected terrorists may come to the u.s. to face prosecution, others for incarceration although no prisoners would be released from custody within america's borders. the end of an era for this, the big bad wolf. after 25 years, the suspended roller coaster at busch gardens is closing. the ride has been very popular. more than 29 million people have ridden it. the park's general manager said it's reached the end of its service life. the last run on the ride will be september 7.
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if you think flying is a hassle now, get ready. experts say it's about to get worse and soon. find out how the airlines plan to cut back now. it is friday night. it looks like an empty studio but bob is still here. laura is hanging out with sue palka. i'll come in. just let you know look, it's friday night but we're all here, people. hang tight. we're working for you. 20 more minutes. we'll be back on the other side. 
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desperate for cash? major airlines are cutting back again. for one, they'll be offering fewer nonstop flights to this fall. others are cutting routes all together. experts say you could expect to pay more for that ticket. american airlines increasing its checked bag fee by five bucks. shawn yancy with your fox 5 top five. >> reporter: we begin with a good reason to get more sleep. it may be hard but the more sleep new moms get, the faster
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they will drop that baby weight. new moms should get at least five hours of shut eye every day and are more likely to shed their pregnancy weight. the sleep doesn't have to come all at once so feel free to nap. the swine flu could make up to 40% of americans ick the next two years unless the vaccine is successful. for manufacturers have promised 150 million doses ready possibly as early as october. meantime the virus continues to spread. number three a brand new way to save money on a new car. the government's cash for clunkers program is up and running. your old car must get 18 miles per gallon or less. number two will put a few extra dollars in a lot of pockets. the federal minimum wage increased today $7.25 an hour. that's nearly $120 extra dollars a month for full-time employees. the increase even means more money for d.c. workers who now
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get $8.25 an hour. number one tonight good and bad news for metro red line riders. first the bad news. fewer trains and slower service will continue. the good news? the red line will operate on normal hours this weekend. the ntsb will not be working on the tracks between the takoma and fort to then stations. you can check out the top five on experts call it a growing problem facing parents today. predators targeting children who have their own cell phones. tonight some of the warning signs you need to look out for. prepare for some steam heat on your saturday. we've got the weekend forecast and a few thunderstorms to keep an eye on over the weekend. we'll -- [ indiscernible ] justin timberlake is bringing in -- [ inaudible ] opening tomorrow the course is dubbed the country's greenest golfing destination. he added features like rainwater irrigation systems
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and golf carts powered by solar panels. the distance from the field to your table just got shorter.
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technology is helping predators go after your children. not just online. talking about the cell phones here. criminals getting eir hands on your child's information without you knowing it. >> reporter: five moms who meet for bible study talk about one
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of the latest challenges of modern parenting. >> i think i have a great kid too, but this stuff goes on. >> reporter: cell phones. >> we're getting kids cell phones way too soon. way too young. >> this guy got her phone number. doesn't know how. could have been through facebook and it's kind of creepy. my daughter told me he's a creepy guy. >> reporter: the creeps can be clever forcing parents to be the first line of cell phone defense. their children's ages range from grade school to college. >> they're predators getting them on the cell phone. >> when your kids are in activities after school, speaking of predators i like the fact they can have their phone to call you. >> reporter: we've heard about predators trying to catch kids at parks or through home computers, but the latest way children might be vulnerable is through this. the latest and greatest cell phones. >> with the technical advances in cell phones, predators that can go after our children, it has become an issue. >> reporter: john of the f.b.i.
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cybersquad in phoenix. cell phones exchange pictures and surf the web allowing predators to work from behind desks instead of taking to the streets. >> your kids are walking around with a computer on their belt. >> reporter: the f.b.i. finds young children generally do not tell their parents about th problem worrying they might get in trouble. >> teenagers typically feel that they can deal with the issue themselves. may not even be threatened by it. parents need to know good so many other things can happen from just one cell phone and one contact. >> reporter: stephanie anglo owns a company called kids wise helping families spot the strangers preying on kids. child predators find lots of ways to look up a kid's cell phone information and too many parents are not utilizing all the safety tools at their fingertips. >> there's a lot going on parents don't know is being said or a lot the child is receiving that the parent doesn't know the child is hearing from i think parents still believe he -- believe they can recognize the boogie man.
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so not true. i'm not a fan of the cell phones that are the end all and be all, can text and take pictures. >> reporter: these days predators not just kids are working with text savvy minds. crimes have migrated toward computers and with cell phones, kids may be staying in touch with more than simply parents and friends. >> you can get printou from your cell phone company. they need to be informed if they get a strange text or call to let us know. >> i just think you have to prepare them and tell them what's really out there in the world. >> reporter: a bible study group thinking about something parents have worried about from the beginning of time to texting today, their kids. i'm keith yaskin, fox news. >> to check out the company in that story and for more tips and advice, log on to look under web links. let's crank up the heat a little bit. >> that's right. ready for a party on saturday in the steam bath. 92 degrees i think we'll get to. a lot of other places will hit
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it too. big question is thorl activity -- thunderstorm activity. we're going to talk about that in detail in just a moment. tonight a sultry summer night but it's also storm free so that is very pleasant but it's not completely dry all across the region so we start with max hd trueview. you can see there's not much. we've had a cell in the baltimore area. we have a little bit of activity down 95 east of the fredricksburg area. this has weakened considerably south of culpeper we still have a little activity. everything move east at 15 miles an hour. this cell really kind of fell apart in the last little while. it was pounding in baltimore but they got a half-inch of rain out of that. that is now out of the picture. but max hd headlines, let's talk about the weekend and get it started around here. we do think there will be perhaps a few strong storms here and there on sunday but it will be a hot and humid weekend. those storms on sunday i think could get going any time after 2:00 in the afternoon. next week is definitely looking summer like for us. meanwhile your weekend forecast specifically 92 degrees
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tomorrow. and we do have a thunderstorm on there but it would be very isolated and very late if we do get it. sunday a much better chance for scattered afternoon thunderstorms but saturday will certainly feel every bit of that 92 degrees because the humidity will be chiming -- will be climbing up as well. this is our exclusive computer modeling to give you an idea what may happen. we're starting saturday at 1:00. looks like plenty of sunshine around the area for white a -- for quite pa while. by midnight maybe a line of showers could come through but nothing to spoil your day. check out what happens on sunday. as early as noon this is showing some showers beginning to develop. there is a front that will be coming. that's why we think we'll have a better chance of getting some activity on sunday afternoon. let's take this out to 6:00. perhaps you were planning a cookout. maybe better to do it on saturday if you can. will probably have some showers and maybe some thunderstorms to keep an eye on on sunday. so of the two days that looks a little bit busier. we even take this into very late sunday night and we're
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still dodging just a few showers here and there. not a big severe wet he event but definitely -- weather event but definitely more active than saturday will be. mostly sunny, 75 degrees in the morning. by noon up to 87 degrees. by 5:00 isolated storms around. we should get up to about 90 degrees by then coming down from our high of 92. but again if we do see thunder tomorrow, it looks very isolated. sunday a little better chance. put the odds at 40% to 50% in the afternoon of you seeing something. then monday, tuesday and wednesday each of those days near 90 degrees with a chance of some afternoon showers and thunderstorms, the pop up kind, the kind we see pretty much every july around d.c. at least we're making a little bit of that deficit. don't go anywhere. we have anthony amey coming upe with your sports edge. he's coming right back. 
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during times like these it seems like the world will never be the same. but there is a light beginning to shine again. the spark began where it always begins. at a restaurant downtown. in a shop on main street. a factory around the corner. entrepreneurs like these are the most powerful force in the economy. they drive change and they'll relentless push their businesses to innovate and connect. as we look to the future, they'll be there ahead of us, lights on, showing us the way forward. this is just the beginning of the reinvention of business. and while we're sure we don't know all the answers, we do know one thing for certain, we want to help.
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comeee what the beginning looks like at openforumom i everybody. in for dave ross i'm anthony amey. how many do you think will head out to see the to teams with the worst records in baseball? padres have lost five in a row. the nationals 12 out of 15. second batter of the game, lays down a sack bunt [ inaudible ] pops one foul. the catcher has a beat on it. maybe not. that would lead to this. next batter luis rodriguez,
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home run. 3-1 padres at that point. that led to the final run. hard to believe but the nationals are now 40 games under .500. congratulations, orioles. now you get to go to fenway. game tied at 1. we move to the 9th, boston up 3-1. luke scott, sit down. next batter melvin mora. the red sox snap a five-game losing streak with a win over the o's. when the wizards made the trade with minnesota, many noted their full complement of -- sm. indiscernible ] they'll add not only depth but championship experience. al perto is a member of the argentina olympic team and started with the spurs when
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they won the nba championship in 2007. the washington kastles riding and walking high. john mcenroe did not play for new york. mixed doubles play here [ inaudible ] in men's doubles, scott -- [ indiscernible ] kastles win the match. [ inaudible ] tied at one, second shot, the low shot from 19 yards out. finds the back of the net. that's your game winner.
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[ indiscernible ] second round ever the british open. fred funk, his approach, 18th hole from 174 yards out. using the 8 iron. his shot just rolls and rolls right to the side door entrance. captures a round of 65. you don't need this, freddy. scored 11 under par. he's the clubhouse leader. tomorrow night on geico sports xtra, what exactly is the relationship it jim zorn and clinton portis? find out straight from the coach's mouth how he feels about the franchise's second leading all time rusher tomorrow night after the news edge. rap thbrn is back tino wrap things right after this.  ♪
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here's a final friday night look at the five-day forecast. it is on the toasty side. saturday 92 degrees. it will be hot if we see any thunderstorms it will be very isolated. a better chance on sunday. have a great weekend, emily you, brian -- especially you, brian bolter. ever wonder what a 40-year- old pound cake tastes like? a desert he waited to eat. he got it as a marine pilot in '7


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