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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 25, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. a murder mystery in a quiet northern virginia community. a woman killed at her home- based business. tonight friends share more about her life as we learn new information about her death. president obama trying to put his comment over a racial controversy behind him and put the focus back on health care. his new push to get the overhaul passed coming up. we begin with summertime storms powering through our rlg right now. thanks for joining us on a saturday night. i'm will thomas. i'm sarah simmons in for maureen tonight. some of you are under a thunderstorm warning and tomorrow it could be even worse. gwen tolbart is in the weather center to get us started. >> we do have some storms that have moved through the area. 'llshow you radar. g picture of what's happening. earlier we had a thunderstorm warning for howard, montgomery county, prince georgs oucnty and anne arundel. that ended at 8:00.
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we still have a fair amount of e orms that are movingcirth y through. you can see on radar. we had a strong squall line h'snow moving ts way across delmarva. his is our mpose itwe.raer getoe g m inoo d a we're getting to doom in a little closer and put on geour fox 5 live deropoop radar for you. you can see tores ato the east over delmarva, they're e.tting hit with h some pretty asst hat erhe. that has been the pattern roughout most of the day. we have a trough as well as tem ahead of it yssltemal ahead of it alwhl. that's atwh we've been seeing. a fair amount of rainfall as th as e wketae wa take a ve got go gos i-t' to our id. ae eeast e let's go to heewr atpmas r maat then. the storms errorring through the course of tonight. --ng roari through the oacourse of tonight. suained winds at 16 miles an
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hour in the district. 13 at dulles. temperatures still up there. unstable mass throughout the area and that's helping kick off these storms but we'll see improvement in the overnight hours. i'll have the details for tomorrow coming up. >> thanks so much. you can stay ahead of the storms just by going to our website then la for max h -- then look for max hd radar on the right of the home page. we're following a developing story, this one out of fairfax county. it is a murder mystery. a woman well known in her . rean community found de or e than 24 hours later police are on the scene looking for clues to catch her killer t. all happened on hummer road in annandale. matt ackland joins us live from the newsroom. >> reporter: police tell me tonight they are taking their time. they don't have a suspect yet so they are carefully going through every inch of the hse and the large backyard. they say their search is so detailed, it could take till
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tomorrow to release the crime scene. it is clear fairfax county police need help solving this crime, a sign erecked out in front of the crime scene asking for tips from the public. detectives wanting to speak with any patients or others who have been inside the building in the days leading up to the murder. >> it's a tedious process. in order to be collected properly, we want to make sure we get it right so the evidence can be used in court when the time comes. >> reporter: a 53-year-old licensed acupuncturist was known and loved by so many in the korean community. her body was found not long after a call came in telling authorities there had been a stabbing. >> she's a very good doctor. >> reporter: we're told she was -- her door was always open. she welcomed anyone who needed
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her assistance. her patients say she'd often think of those less fortunate. she'd even leave her office to treat the poor and elderly. >> once a week they go help the old people, free. don't charge money. >> reporter: much of today's investigation seemed to focus on the backyard, a large space with several vehicles parked there. technicians could be seen wearing gloves and shoe covers making every effort not to contaminate the scene. police say don't read too much into the amount of time spent at this crime scene. a few days collecting evidence is not uncommon. >> we would be in the home a day, two day, three days. depends on what they need to collect and how they have decided is the best method to collect that evidence. >> we just received some new information from fairfax county police via an e-mail. i'll read it to you. something about the cause of death. it says the victim suffered trauma to her upper body. the exact cause of death won't be known until an autopsy is
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conducted. also when it comes to hummer road, the traffic has been closed down as you know since about 4:00 yesterday. traffic will be open along hummer road at midnight tonight. police also looking at surveillance video from a neighboring restaurant which may have captured the people coming and going from what is now a crime scene. will, once again no suspect in custody. >> matt ackland live in the newsroom. as matt said in his piece, police really need your help on this one. here is the tip number. 1-866-411-8477. again 1-866-411-8477. new tonight the search has been suspended for an 11-year- old girl who disappeared after a boating accident. the coast coast guard had been searching for the girl who was last seen yesterday in kennedyville, maryland. crews from several other police and fire units assisted in that search.
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the girl's identity is not being released. protests against iran sending thousands into the streets. more than 80 cities worldwide, including a passionate demonstration in washington. from paris to moscow, berlin to tokyo, demonstrators are demanding the release of hundreds of opposition protesters detained during demonstrations against iran's june presidential election. roz plater attended the demonstration in d.c. some really passionate voice the out there. >> reporter: passionate and dedicated. they're trying to spark global outrage over conditions in iran. everyone we encountered wants change but there are at least two different views on how to go about getting it. >> one, two, three, four. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters make their way from the streets of d.c. tothe national mall joining others around the globe giving voice to iranians who had been silenced. back in june thousands protested the reelection of
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mahmoud ahmadinejad claiming the election was rigged. the green opposition movement galvanized around a young woman shot dead during a protest march but then the government clamped down. now the so-called green supporters are taking up their cause demanding a new vote. civil rights and an accounting for the hundreds, maybe even thousands of iranian protesters believed missing. >> there are many people who have no clue where their son or daughter is, whether they're dead, whether they're in prison. that's one of the first demands we have. that the names of those who have been held or killed are released. their bodies should be returned to their familie >> reporter: they're also asking for other countries to put more pressure on the iranian government. >> they import 90% of the petroleum from the rest. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: at one point a group of counterprotesters moved in claiming the green movement just doesn't go far enough. >> we want to have a country
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with democracy. not an islamic republic. they just want to tweak it. >> reporter: a few minor skirmishes broke out. >> please, have your own protest. please, have your own protest. >> reporter: but in the end they all seemed to settle down to try and support a common cause, change in iran no matter how you spell it. protest organizers tell us there's still an underground movement in iran. one tactic they're using? organized brownouts forcing massive power outages. local organizers are vowing to keep up the pressure. this was itself first of many protests to come and theris a candlelight vigil planned for this coming thursday. tonight investigators continue combing through the wreckage of a helicopter crash in maryland looking for what may have caused t. all four people aboard the aircraft died. the pilot and two others were employees of a flight instruction company called advanced helicopter concepts. the fourth person on board was a mutual friend. the crash happened thursday
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night near hagerstown, maryland. witnesses say they saw the chopper flying over the interstate when it hit power lines. metro opens doors but one of its operators apparently opened the wrong one. the operator opened the dos on the wrong side of the platform. metro responded and put the employee on paid administrative leave. the incident happened on thursday at the water frn station on the green -- waterfront station on the green line. it's the third incident this year. president obama trying to downplay comments he made about a racial controversy. also coming up, sarah palin moving out. this time tomorrow she won't be governor of alaska. what is palin doing next? minimum wage workers are celebrating a raise. but their employers are not. how red star workers say the hike is hurtding them -- hurting them and maybe even you. forced to pay big bucks for parking that is usually free?
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who is ripping drivers off? we're just getting started.
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the black harvard professor arrested by a white police officer will reportedly meet with him again this time at the white house. the two have formally accepted president obama's offer to visit him at the white house. henry gates says the officer arrested him based on skin color and hopes his arrest will lead to greater sensitivity on racial profiling. president obama extended the invitation friday in phone calls to professor gates and the police officer. the president playing peacemaker. his proposed health care reform bill may or may not make it to his desk this year. >> as you know democrats are pushing for universal coverage while republicans want to streamline the proposal. the debate continues and president obama is leading the
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charge. >> reporter: president obama isn't letting up in his push for a massive health care reform. he says without it small businesses will fold as they struggle to provide medical coverage for employees. >> i'm concerned about hard- working folks would want nothing more than the security that comes with knowing they can get the care they need when they need it. >> reporter: the president citing a new study by the white house council of economic advisors says america's small businesses are hit hard by the cost ever health insurance and need some relief. >> because they lack the bargaining power that large businesses have d face higher administrative costs per person, small businesses pay up to 18% more for the very same health insurance plans, costs th eat into their profits and get passed on to their employees. >> reporter: republicans say the health care proposal currently on the table increases taxes on small businesses and overall is too costly. the house democrats' plan also will add $239 billion to our
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deficit. critics ever the proposal also say it could mean less coverage for seniors and fewer options for americans making decisions about their health care. >> as a mother i want to maybe those decisions for my son with a doctor we choose. anything else is unacceptable. >> reporter: on friday house majority leader steny hoyer said the house might not make the july 31 deadline of voting on health care legislation. but he did not rule out the possibility of lawmakers staying in washington during part of the august recess to try to pass the bill. in washington, fox news. come tuesday republican lawmakers will hold a round table discussion with small business owners from all across the country to talk about the struggles they now face. the two candidates vying to become the next governor of virginia went head to head today. they sparred mostly over job creation in the commonwealth. both believe job development
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will come by way of developing a new road improvement. alaska governor sarah palin is spending her last weekend as governor in the great outdoors. the former vice presidential candidate helped -- held her annual picnic in wasilla on friday. a spokeswoman is dismissing rumors that palin has some media deal lined up or gearing up for a presidential run but palin did hint she is planning on one thing. >> looking forward to spending more time with my -- in my hometown come monday. it's going -- [ indiscernible ] >> palin leaves office tomorrow, a year and a half before her term ends. turning to the economy and good ns for minimum wage
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workers. friday the minimum wage increased to $7.25 an hour but d not everyone is applauding the 70-cent pay hike. we explain why some restaurant owners are worried about their bottom line. >> reporter: at joe's garage in minneapolis, waitress kim is on her feet 60 hours a week to pay the bills. >> bigger paycheck. that's great to think about. >> reporter: as of today she'll make 70 cents more an hour thanks to a new federal minimum wageincrease but her boss restaurant owner joe kaplan worries about how it will affect his bottom line. >> we're going to have to somehow come up with an extra $15,000 to $20,000 because that's what we're paying extra. >> reporter: the full-time employee will earn $1500 more a year before taxes. the restaurant industry as a whole is afraid what that means for business predicting hundreds of thousands of restaurants are -- who are
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already struggling through the recession will have to close their doors. >> doors. a few states will have to increase pourly pay by $4 or more. >> this is onele small step toward improving consumer demand and perhaps helping move the economy out of the recession. >> reporter: at the same time workers may be reluctant to spend their extra cash. kim meek says she's going to have to use it to buy gas and pay off bills. one think tank estimates the minimum wage increase will general rate $5.5 billion in consumer spending over the next year. in nneapolis, minnesota, fox news. the increase means an even bigger bump for d.c. workers who get at least $8.25 an hour. going once, going twice. hundreds of local homes up for auction at unbelievable deals. how one person's loss is
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becoming another's gain. severe storms ripping up trees, downing power lines. we're surveying all the destruction coming up. proportion sizes out of control. before you take the next bite, hear would experts say is the real risk to your health. 
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more than 400 items belonging to famed psychic jane dixon are up for grabs. she's most notable for predicting the assassination of john kennedy. the items range from furniture to clothes. the auction will be held at noon tomorrow in chevy chase. a celebrity psychic's belongings not the only items on the auction block. so are foreclosed homes in the area.
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more than 300 local properties went on the auction block in the district. john henrehan was there. >> reporter: more than 300 properties in maryland, virginia and d.c. were on the auction block. previous owners just could not make their monthly mortgage payments and the lenders have taken back the properties. dave lee of the real estate disposition corporation says foreclosure auctions are opportunities for buyers. >> people here are purchasing properties at literally 50, 60 cents on the dollar from its previous mark in alue. the value is definitely here. >> reporter: buyers checklistings on-line and over the past couple of weekends, many of them visited the homes rey ad ready for auction. retired army sergeant charles bid on a home in suitland for $80,000. >> it was in good shape except for a leak in the basement but that's not problem. i know how to pair that.
10:25 pm
>> so what do you think? >> had a good deal. >> reporter: the catalogue lists the previous value of these auction properties but cord to one observer who's handled hundreds of real estate transactions, the previous values listed here were actually set at the market high from several years ago. smart bidders like 27-year-old erin little -- aaron little of alexandria did his research, visited the brick row house that was going to be auctioned and jumped in on the bidding. they list it at being worth $155,000. is that correct? >> that's probably the highest it's been. i would say it's right aund 130. >> reporter: what was your bid? >> $60,000. >> reporter: pane of the bids are still subject to approval by the banks that now own these properties so mr. fairwell and mr. little will have to wait about three weeks before they learn if they are now homeowners at bargain basement
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d.c. police hoping to fight crime with an all hands on deck ia it tinvetihis weekend. but just hours veinto the program, gunfire erupted. first on howard road in southeast a man aswfou ndshot. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. then early this morning a man found shot to ead thon m street in northeast. despite the violence, police officers say their efforts are working. so far police have arrested someone for murder, armed robbery and they arrested six
10:30 pm
people on drug-related charges. here's a question for you. how much are you willing to pay to park on the street? 25 cents for a few minutes. a dollar for an hour? how about 40 bucks. that's right $40 to park in a free space. it's happening all over d.c. at some of the city's hottest spots. tisha thompson explains who is to blame in our undercover investigation. >> reporter: hundreds are packing it in at the trendiest nightclubs. >> all of the parking right here is $40. >> reporter: but before you get in, you need to park. >> the public street. >> reporter: police say what you're seeing is illegal. aggressive pan handling. they claim it's nothing more than extortion. >> you'll come down this road right here. >> reporter: he tries to get street parking whenever he goes to a d.c. club. >> you're paying for the -- the parking garage is $30 right
10:31 pm
there. that could be close to $40, $50 before you step in the club. >> reporter: nearly everywhere he's gone this year? >> anywhere along this street. >> reporter: the same thing has happened. >> they're waiting there for you to try to park there. >> reporter: we rig a car with hidden cameras and watch at ollie tried to get a space next to a fight club in northeast. he gets hit up by this guy in front of a nearby methadone clinic. >> $10 to park. you want to park? >> i want to park. it's a public street though, bro. >> that's $20 parking up there. >> you're only charging $10? >> that's what i'm trying to tell you. >> reporter: ollie moves on towards the visa nightclub where this man offers to protect our car for a price. >> $5? >> yeah. i got you. >> that's public parking.
10:32 pm
>> i know. you it park on the public street but we take care of you. >> reporter: we move down new york avenue towards love nightclub. where we're approached by this guy. >> don't park [ bleep ] [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: we did ask. >> let me make it clear. denot work or the club definitely. it's always a problem. i do know him actually from the neighborhood. he's a homeless guy. >> reporter: he says he's concerned that panhandlers are scaring away clients. >> we encourage all our customers to come and use the parking services right here next to the club. it's a secured area where we
10:33 pm
really urge individuals to go to these parking lots rather than to save maybe $5 and park it on the street. >> reporter: some of the panhandlers are brazen hocking spotright in front of legitimate parking attendants disbldz 10. >> reporter: and our cameras caught a clash between the two. >> how much yocharging? >> i'm not doing anything. >> reporter: he says he employs as many as 20 police officers. >> the way the law is formed, the officer has to observe it before they can do anything about it. so if i ge to an officer and say hey, look, in the neighborhood someone just did this to me, they can't do anything about it. >> $5 is a spall price to pay -- small price to pay i guess compared to the $200 you would pay for a smashed window. >> reporter: in northeast, tisha thompson, fox 5 news.
10:34 pm
>> if you have lived in d.c. for any length of time, that's probably happened to you. i know it sure has to me. police have launched a new sting operation and they say they've already arrested 15 people this month alone. their advice for all of us if you're approached call 911. now to an investigation into a plane crash near oklahoma city. all five people on board were seriously injured when the single engeneral plane went down. it -- engine plane went down. it landed up side down on the road. a spokesperson for the faa says the pilot reported engine problems shortly before crashing. scary moments for passengers headed from boston to puerto rico. about an hour after takeoff, the american airlines flight turned around after a smell of smoke came pouring through the rear bathroom. no one on board was hurt but the flight was canceled. a phony cop in oakland, california near san francisco picked the wrong person to pull
10:35 pm
over. police say the 21-year-old convicted car thief pulled over an actual undercover cop. when the real officer figured out the guy was lying, he turned around and arrested the guy. the police impersonator apparently had an impressive ride to bolster his claim. a crown victor ya with the works. >> i was wondering what was he going to do once he pulled the guy over? they think he was trying to lure them into his fake squad car and assault them. americans are losing the battle with the bulge. >> portion expose and the secret to keep your appetite under control. the octumom's babies bringing home the big bucks. the reality tv deal. wait till you hear how much they'll get per episode sfwlz forget the sunday circular. fox 5 reveals the on-line coupon sites to save you big
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the nats are facing one of its toughest opponents when it comes to home games. >> er with' talking about the rain. anthony -- we're talking about the rain. anthony amey is here to talk about that. >> the nationals now have more hours worth of rain delays this season than they have wins. not a good sign. at least when you're more than halfway through your season. a season full of lows for the nationals. they play host to the san diego padres. bottom of the first, ryan zimmerman takes it out. that ball goes into the seats in left center. two-run jack, his 17th of the year. that fan and everybody else will be wet out there. we've reached three hours in
10:40 pm
terms of a rain delay. second inning, they were about to start things up again at nationals park. to boston where the orioles hope to snap out of a funk. big poppy takes jeremy guffry to deep left center. that's all the home team would need. the apparent cure for the red sox was a visit from the o's who have dropped seven of eight. caron butler finished 13th if the nba in steals per game but because of someone's stealing his cousin's bicycle years ago, he has made it his mission to give thousands of bikes to children. he held his bike brigade at the kenny rec center in d.c. this he have distributed over 2500 bicycles in the hometown of racine, wisconsin. >> this is the first time i've
10:41 pm
brought the event here to washington. to see the turnout, to see the kids, to see the smiles on everyone's faces, it's truly special. the turnout is unbelvable. i felt like the president. >> butler also distributed helmets along with each bike. sarah and will, coming up in geico sports xtra, we'll have something that you probably have never seen before. a hole in one. you've seen that before but the way this hole in one actually took place, you probably have never seen it before. also, you'll hear from redskins head coach jim zorn about his relationship with clinton portis. make sure you stay tuned for that. >> you've got me. what a long night it's going to be at nats ballpark. thank you. we'll see you on the news edge. busy night in sports and
10:42 pm
for the fox 5 storm force, too. it's the summertime storms. some of them actually pretty strong. over to gwen tolbart now. she's checking radar for us. >> we've had a busy night in the weather center. if you are heading over to the stadium, grab an umbrella. we'll let you know what to expect for your sunday. it could be a little rough. we'll have the details just ahead.  ah! that's fiber oncereal.
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the astronauts aboard the space shuttle endeavour enjoying a little break. they enjoyed their first day off in more than a week and what a week it was. this is video of friday's grueling space walk. during this mission they completed critical battery changes. one more space walk is planned for monday to perform additional station work. a massive piece of history tells an even bigger story of the spa program. this week people will gather
10:46 pm
around the u.s.s. hornet. walking on this ship is like traveling back in time. >> reporter: you don't have to abhistory buff to appreciate what's going on behind me. the u.s.s. hornet docked here in the san francisco bay, it is a 19-story floating aircraft carrier. fox news got inside for a sneak peek. the history incredible as you walk the halls. the ship fought in nine major battles in world war ii, the ld war and then vietnam. but she is perhaps most famous for her mission in july of 1969. the splashdown as it's called 40 years ago. that is when the u.s.s. hornet plucked the astronauts and the space capsule from the apollo 11 mission from the waters of the pacific ocean. the world watched as the helicopter brought neil armstrong and the rest of crew crew on board. now some 40 years later folks
10:47 pm
can tour the monstrous ship and see replicas of the space capsule, the helicopter and the quarantine unit where armstrong and the other astronauts had to stay for 21 days so make sure they didn't bring back any new germs to eah. >> i can stand exactly where neil armstrong put his feet firsafter having walked on the moon. it's an amazing piece of history for us to preserve. >> reporter: there's a lot of activity planned this weekend to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the apollo 11 splashdown but the u.s.s. hornet is a floating museum that is open year round for folks to come check out a piece of floating history. on the san francisco bay, casey stegall, fox news. mother nature unleashed her furry on florida.
10:48 pm
strong storms -- furry on florida. strong storms ripped through the area. there are a few minor injuries but nothing too serious we're talking about here. it's believed that a tornado tore through the area. the storms also sparked dangerous lightning. a lyleening bolt hit -- a lightning bolt hit a car driving down the highway in ft. lauderdale. you can see the damage a little bit right there on the windshield. thankfully the driver and her son walked away unhurt. >> good old florida. >> it just gives you an idea how dangerous the storms can be, even, you know-- >> that's why homeowners insurance is so expensive in florida because it's so unpredictable. if you think our weather is unpredictable, florida-- >> definitely. here's a shot of the tower cam from the capitol. not a whole lot happening there now but most of the storms have moved to areas of the east of us. we still have to keep an eye to the skies as far as tonight is
10:49 pm
concerned. to tomorrow will be a whole other day. let's show you our radar here. what we did have was a very, very organized line of storms that we call a squall line that moved through lower southern maryland earlier. it broke up a little bit as it crossed the bay. there is a lot of lightning in these storms as well. a fair amount of heavy pockets of rainfall. here's the big picture. we have a trough as well as a frontal stem. humid air mass. really unstable. all of that caused the ingreedends -- ingredients to fire up these storms. this is the big picture for you. let's take a look at max radar. we'll show you our fox 5 doppler radar here. here to the west we have another batch west of front royal. it will start to move its way to the east in the course of the overnight hour. here's the li of strong storms. the one thing about these storms tonight is the
10:50 pm
lightning. plenty of lightning in t. you can see that here right along this line. this is where they also have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. for us as far as the d.c. metro area is concerned, we're still going to see light showers off and on. still could see a thunderstorm or two popping up in the overnight hours from the patch we saw well to the west of us. so definitely still have to keep an eye to the sky. let's go to our weather maps then. today was a hot, humid, stiky day. temperatures very close to seasonal. 91 degrees officially at national. the same at baltimore. 930 degrees at dulles today. so temperatures were up there where they should be. we did have a day last week where temperatures were a bit cooler but not so for today. look at the humidity. 87%. the winds had picked up a little earlier. they've now subsided. temperatures are still very warm. 71 degrees in the district. 72 at frederick. the atmosphere very unstable. we're dealing with a trough that's across the area as well
10:51 pm
as an approaching cold front so the hot, humid air mass as i mentioned caused a lot of instability. the storms firing up ahead of it. what's going to happen is the front will move across the area ino the course of tomorrow. in the late afternoon it will stall out and it will set us up for another round of storms. so tomorrow afternoon we'll be back once again with a threat of somscatteredthunderstorms across the area. if you're planning anything outside, make sure you keep an eye to the sky and pay very close attention to what's going on because we don't want you to get caught out there in this weather. my map is not moving for some reason here. let's jump to the five-day. itsnoe 'tanw tot dsnoe't want t t me grab another clicker and see get nt geat t n'thcado at fif ve-day. ghrit u o right now. i guess we'll have to look at it a little later. storms in the forecast as we oouhrhe tm tgh course of the
10:52 pm
next few days. we'll have an unsettled weather pattern through the entire week. there it is, the five-day forecast. temperatures will be up there but every single day we have a chance of seeing storms pop up. the humid air mass and instability not going anywhere. like an unwanted housuest, we'll have to deal with it but do be careful with this kind of weather. >> i like your soft shoe tap dancing. in tonight's buzz, the big paychecks for a new group of reality stars. nod ya suleman's okay octuplets aren't even a year old but already bringing home the bacon. they'll reportedly make about $250 a day for a new reality show. the show is said to begin taping september 1 and will pay the children a total $250,000 over the next three years. sounds like college fund to me. >> i think she's not loving the passengers maybe. you saw her dodging through photographers there but loving the money i think. >> i think she's going to need
10:53 pm
it. those are a lot of kids to feed. coming up next at 10:00, time to play the size game on your plate. be right back. t fiber one. i'm looking for some fiber.
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10:57 pm
can sabotage your plan. >> it drives me nuts. we go out to dinner and you look at the food on your plate and you think, you know, this is obscene. how can i eat all this. >> reporter: it wasn't like that 20 years ago. then a standard blueberry muffin was 1.5 ounces with 210 calories. today it's 4 ounces packing 500 calories. a large popcorn used to be a five-cup bag serving 270 calories. now it's more than twice that, 11 cups with 630 calories. >> the average fast food hamburger 40 years ago was one ounce and now it's six ounces. >> reporter: dr. arthur frank, director of george washington's weight management clinic says these oversize portions are contricking to an oversize america -- contributing to an oversize america. a portion is the amount of food
10:58 pm
you're given to eat while a serving is the amount you need according to the usda. that's why one bottle of soda can be two and a half servings and today's typical bagel, four savings. bigger portions are attractive to consumers who always like getting more for their money. >> people appreciate that. they value that. it's important. unfortunately it is dangerous. >> reporter: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, all size effects of being overwait. the pounds can add up if you don't ask the for all the -- don't account for all the extra calories sneaking into your diet. one strategy kelly uses is sharing a restaurant order or splitting her plate before she starts to eat. >> i'll ask for a to go box. >> reporter: she wasn't always this good. eight years ago kelly hit her
10:59 pm
breaking point. >> i was busy, working on the career track. a lot of fast food, a lot of take caught and you gave what they gave you. >> reporter: now she's lost 180 pounds. she exercises five days a week and keeps a tight control on her portions. >> that is a serving of pasta. >> reporter: even a piece of fruit can't be taken for granted. >> this is a normal size apple. this is actually a double size apple. this would be two servings of fruit. >> reporter: kelly learned to play the size game. a baseball is about one serving of cereal. a deck of cards is one serving of meat or fish. >> its enot easy. heaven knows i don't always make great choices. i'm humid. >> it's very difficult to do that because the brain dine us us to eat more. >> reporter: it


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