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tv   Fox 5 News at Midday  FOX  July 30, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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we are following a developing story out of the district. firefighters want to know what caused a multimillion dollar home to go up in flames. . do, goayod m . 'odholly morr i'>m allison seymour. it was a devastating blast. a fire in northwest and the home filled with expensi artwork. sarah simmons picks up the story. >> reporter: firefighters are still here this morning trying to put out the hot spots. if you look behind me, you can see the hose is still strung for five blocks to try to put the fire out. neighbors say this three-story mansion in the palisades burst into flames quickly. >> i came outside and the flame was raging. >> reporter: the multimillion dollar home is owned by community activist and former
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d.c. school president peggy cooper. the home was filled with her extensive collection of paintings and other pieces. when firefighters got the call at about 8:15 last night, the flames were so widespread they had to call for backup. eventually 100 firefighters were on the scene. but they ran into problems trying to put the fire out. >> it was about two hours before we had a sustained continuous adequate water flow. >> reporter: firefighters are still pumping water blocks away from the scene just to put out hot spots. neighbors reported low water pressure in the area in recent weeks. fire officials say they weren't aware of the problem when they arrived. it's unclear if that information would have helped firefighters save the home. >> this fire was already in advanced stages when we got there. so, it was a real fight from the beginning. and then it's complicated by the fact that we appeared to
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have inadequate pressure. that puts us behind the eight ball. >> reporter: john lives a few doors down from the home. he says low water pressure has been a problem for years. >> what i had to do was put on a booster pump. so, i think this is a problem that was ongoing. i spoke to one of the firemen and he was telling me that the water mains just weren't big enough. plus, this is the highest point in the city. >> reporter: now, just two years ago low water pressure was an issue during the georgetown library fire. they are in the middle of a $26 million overhaul of the system but at this point we are trying to hear from them this morning to explain what the problem was on this road. sarah simmons, fox 5 news, back to you. >> thank you. >> the home and the artwork was once featured in oprah winfrey's magazine o. she said she had a lot of art done by people of color. we were so absent from the major art scene for so long,
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not just of a friday karyn can americans. i have been involved in trying to change that all my life. major movement on the health care reform front. house leaders reached and agreement with conservative democrats that could set up a vote as early as today. plus, the senate finance committee is closer to a bipartisan compromise. the pr not all good. his former physician is not on board with the current plans with white house and congress. >> the message hasn't gotten through. as long as his prom has private health insurance, it will not work. the majority of it will be private health insurance. all the extra work on the paperwork will be just constant. >> he went on to say the sger payer system like the federal government is the only way to go. fox's doug luzader is live to break it down. given the latest developments,
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where do we stand now? >> reporter: they got blue dog democrats on board, some of them in the house -- [ inaudible ] running into from the house democrats perspective is that they are losing some more liberal democrats upset about the concessions that were made to bring the conservative democrats on board. this is a fight going on within the house as the senate goes about their business to get their own plan passed. the fact that they did get some of those conservatives on board with a scaled down proposal is significant. they will still falwell short of meeting president obama's august 7th deadline to get a house to pass a version and senate. they won't even approach a vote like that until probably september. and that means that all the members of congress are going to go back to their home district during the summer recess and get an earful about the pros and counts of the overall. >> how much does it hurt the president with his former physician coming out saying
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what he had to say? >> reporter: i'm not sure that plays that big of a role. there are plenty of people on the fringes expressing opinions one way or the other. the real trick is to get members of congress on board and particularly in the senate that will be tough to override a filibuster. there is a lot of arm twisting going on in a lot of different corners of the capitol to get p they have to unify the various plans into one single one that the president will sign and that may take a while. >> we understand that nancy pelosi i speaking on the topic right now as we speak? >> i think she is doing her weekly update. that is probably going to be -- going to largely focus on the health care reform effort, yeah. >> very good. thank you, doug, appreciate it. >> thanks, holly. >> and the president has invited cambridge police sergeant james crowley and henry louis gates to the white house for a beer today.
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they hope to move past the racially decharged debate. the woman that made the call is speaking out. she said she was unfairly targeted for something she never said. >> i was frankly afraid to say anything. people called me racist and said i caused all the turmoil that followed and some even said threatening things. >> the 911 tapes proved she never said the men were black. she hopes the truth of the tapes will help the community heal. new this morning, word of a custody deal for michael jackson's kids. tmz reporting the kids will stay with their mother -- his mother, their grandmother, katherine jackson pending a judge's approval and that debbie rowe will get visitation rights. she is the biological mother of
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the two older kids. rose said the kids. rowe will not get any money but did request that a psychologist visit the children and help them adjust to her being in their lives. i want to give you a live look outside. i don't know if you can tell by the picture but it's heavy out there today. hot and steamy. tucker joins us to talk more about the same old thing, humidity. >> yeah. the summertime heat and humidity is here to stay. i think it feels a little better than yesterday. yesterday you could feel it would rain all day. finally we had the showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon. today for the rtpartpa a nnsuy day with an isolated thunderstorm during the course of the afternoon. a mix of sun and loc ud s. has gton, r ofthe most part sunshine. out to the east and south we o had a few clouds passing through the last couple of hos. ero t reth e the south andwest into southwest
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virginia. i think for the most part those will stay to the south today. an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the forecast today unlike during the day yesterday when we had the widespread showers and thunderstorms. 81 at reagan national. it will be hot. many will touch the 90-degree mark. out and about during the course of the afternoon, be ready for heat and humidity. partly sunny. hot and humid. isolated afternoon shower or thunderstorm in the forecast. high temperature, 90 degrees. i will be back in a couple minutes with more details on the forecast and look forward to thweekend. that is coming up. to the district now. i'm sorry, germantown, maryland, where montgomery county police say it doesn't appear one of their own did anything wrong when a shooting happened and man was shot outside a germantown apartment yesterday. the victim's body was found next to a carving knife and bb
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gun that was a replicas of a handgun. to the district now, bonita jacks has been convicted of killing her four daughters. she lived with the bodies for months. yesterday a judge found jacks guilty of four counts of felony murder and child cruelty and three counts of premeditated murder. jacks was found not guilty on won one count of premeditated murder in the death of her older daughter brittney. sentencing is scheduled for october 16th. she faces life in prison. turning to the economy now, with a look at wall street, the dow is up 172 points. this is after the release of mixed earnings reports today. exxon mobile, waste management and eastman kodak are among companies that saw a fall in profit. the labor department reports new jobless claims rose more
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than expected to 584,000 while continuing claims dropped. a number of states are having a hard time making ends meet. that includes maryland. it's looking at a budget shortfall of $780 million. governor martin o'malley joins with us a look at the state of the state and where the cuts will come from. >> we are going to feel the pain. the first round of cuts, $280 million. the second roundabout $400 million. we have to look at everything that our state government does. judge as every family is hurting, we have to be mindful that we cannot undermine that safety net that so many families through no fault of their own has to turn to when someone in the family becomes unemployed in that's times. >> governor o'malley said k through 12 education will not face cuts but it's possible more state workers will face another round of unpaid leave known as furloughs. get ready for a possible tax hike in the district.
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d.c. council tentatively agreed to increase the sales of gas and cigarette taxes to curb a budget shortfall within the next three years. the proposal would increase the sales tax one quarter percent to 6%. gas 3 1/2 cents to 20 cents a gallon and cigarettes 50 cents to 2.50 a pack. a final vote is slade for tomorrow. emergency dispatchers leaving potentially life or death calls on hold. nd
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911 operators caught on tape talking about police officers potentially putting
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their lives in danger. fox 5 has gotten recordings of the 911 dispatchers behaving badly. tricia has more. >> reporter: she is in charge of the agency meant to protect you. 911. we want to talk to you about the problems with ouc. she does not want to talk to us about what is really going on behind these gates. you are listening to a recording obtained by fox 5 of a 911 dispatcher on the job interrupting an officer in the middle of a traffic stop. >> before you complete the traffic stop, i need to call you. that vehicle belongs to a worker here at this time, sir. >> that's irrelevant. >> he's nasty. i don't like him. >> determined, the dispatcher
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calls the 7th district police supervisor. at the same time, another police officer in the field who goes by the call sign 1105 calls in to 911 for backup. >> [ inaudible ] is he being arrested. that's all she wanted to know to go out to the scene. >> they don't need to come out to the scene if anybody is being arrested. >> she wants to know. she said her son called and they told her to hang up the phone. >> the dispatcher finally respond to 1105 trying to put him on hold. >> on stand by unls you have a -- >> give me another unit. >> you are on stand by. >> give me another unit. >> reporter: the dispatcher continues to talk on a separate line about the ticket. >> i don't like this officer because. [ inaudible ] i don't like him. >> reporter: police union spokesman says incidents like this one from last summer
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continue to happen every day. >> the amount of time that it happs on a daily basis is astounding to us. >> reporter: the dc firefighters union is especially frustrated about dispatchers giving wrong information. >> then you get there late and as you know, in our profession, every second counts. >> reporter: the recording fox 5 obtained has plenty of exams. >> 3027 street southeast. >> repeat the address. >> 320 seventh street southeast. >> are you saying 320 or 3020. >> 3020. >> the union filed formal complaints. in this case cited a lack of professionalism, out right hostility from the dispatchers. ouc responded saying although radio etiquette is open for discussion, at no time was the dispatcher negligent in her
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response. we tried several times to talk to janice about the concerns. finally meeting up with her at her office where security guards wouldn't let us get near her. >> we want to talk to you about the problems with ouc? we have been trying to talk to you about the problems. police officers say your dispatchers are putting them in danger. >> shutting the media out. when you shut the city council out, shutting the police out, people should be alarmed. this means there is no way to change anything and it means someone is hiding from it. >> tisha thompson reporting. the officer that called in for help was okay but the union says it's a matter of time before someone gets hurt. we asked mayor fenty about our investigation on fox 5 morning news. >> it's my understanding that at the time there was a review done, investigation done and the office of unified
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communication took action in response to the tapes that you are now playing. whether or not it deserves a fresh review is a good question. i think we will look at it and see if the actions that were taken were appropriate enough for the problems that happened. >> tonight on fox 5 news at 5:00 we will hear a response from the city council. we posted the complete recording along with our investigations on our web site, click on special reports under the news tab. making headlines, memorial services are planned for two of the four victims of the deadly helicopter crash in maryland. it chopper went down on interstate 70. three of the victims worked for advanced helicopter concepts. there is a service for george
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tudor today. e hunt is on for a bold and brazen robber. a man armed with a knife climbed through the drive through window and robbed a burger king on prom nan nad lane tuesday morning. he went from register to register grabbing cash then jumped back and left. police have stepped up patrols. olympic champ michael phelps bounced back from a stunning loss and set a world record in the butterfly in rome. he surpasses mark spitz with 34 record in his career. it comes one day after phelps was beaten in the 200 free. a big day for redskins fans. training camp opened this morning. we will take you live coming up.
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you can almost feel it in the air, the day that all skins fans wait for. >> training camp opened this morning. dave roth is live. how is it happening. >> reporter: first day in the book, at least the first morning practice. that is the one the fans and media like to play. practice. edia can stick around we will try to see what secret stuff they are trying to pass by without the public. kevin barns, the rookie cornerback out of the university of maryland is live and in the flesh. first pick by the skins is not signed yet. you are the top prized rookie. how does it feel to be the top
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dog. >> feels good. i still have to come out here and practice. once he's back. he is the man. it's all good. i have to soak up the attention while i can. >> how fun is it to be a one time maryland star and now hopefully star for the washington redskins. cool dynamic there. >> definitely. i feel more comfortable that most rookies do. i feel less pressure because my family and close unit is already here. >> now, as a third round pick, you are coming in -- that's a high pick. do you feel like they will haze you higher than a sixth or seventh pick. >> they have the rookie night where we have to take everybody out to dinner. >> you have to have the checkbook ready. >> definitely. >> did they make you carry the helmets or get water. >> not yet. i had to go in the locker room and grab somebody's play book when they left it on purpose. >> that's it?
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>> this is only the first day. >> tell me about the first day. any serves for the first putting on the burgundy and gold. >> it was kind of hot. i guess when came out here, all the fans out here. i ate a big breakfast. i had butterflies in my stomach. >> what about the crowd. anything comparable to college park. >> i guess. not really. college fans weren't too vocal at practice. they weren't allowed to. fans here are supportive. they are on your butt and they expect to you do good. >> you had one of the most famed hits in the history. i believe the last 10 years in college football when you laid out the guy from california. it's all over the internet. did that make you an internet sensation worldwide. >> i don't know. i guess you could say that. i don't think that much about it. >> you do know you made the man
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lose his lunch after your hit. >> i understand that. the chance of that happening again, i don't think it will happen again. >> lay out tony romo. gun for him. >> i may get a flag, get find. >> we wish you about the he is of luck -- wish you the best of luck. we expect big things out of him and he expects big things out of himself. dave field man will take over the reins this afternoon. >> we want to know, are the redskins going to the super bowl. >> i can't answer that. kevin, are you gueing to the super bowl. >> that's the plan. we are out here for no reason if not. >> that's the answer we want. >> straight from kevin barns. they are going to the super bowl. >> we appreciatit. bless the irheir heartssting u
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a problem slows down firefighters in the district. flames ravaged a multimillion dollar home last night. firefighters ran into problems. some hydrants were out of service. others had no water pressure. the cause of the fire is under investigation. federal investigators are trying to figure out if adjustments metro made to track circuit bonds caused last month's deadly crash. those bonds help detect trains and communicate data between the track and operation control
11:31 am
center. the ntsb says metro replaced an impedance bond five days before the crash. they veiled that metro removed two electronic mowed duels near fort totten showing inconsistencies. a bus driver faces kidnapping charges stemming from an argument on the d 14 line saturday. metro says the driver refused to let a woman off the bus. when she did, she tried to take a picture of his bus number to file a complaint. metro says that upset the driver. transit police arrested him at the southern avenue station in southeast. in the wake of this economic crisis we are in, president obama ordered his cabinet secretaries to find $100 million in budget cuts. mission accomplished. there are 77 items on the list but some are head scratchers. the army will save $18 million the next few months by increasing the number of soldiers traveling on each plane chartered for r and r
11:32 am
leave. the navy will save 5 million a year by deleting inactive internet accounts. fema is going to save nearly 4 million by refurbishing or selling the emergency trailers instead of ditching them. the department of justice is doing its part by ordering double sided photocopies. the move will save $573,000. the forest service will no long erie paint the white vehicles green immediately after buying them. overall the cuts amount to $102 million that. >> is unbelievable. i mean really unbelievable. >> $500,000 to couple on both sides. >> ant the painting of the advance. >> and the trees. >> that's a lot of copies. >> this weather is a copy. >> it is. >> day before, day before. >>it's slightly different. >> it is? >> year not featuring showers and thunderstorms today. a slight chance but for the
11:33 am
most part it's quieter today than it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. >> that's good. >> so there you go. a little different. still a summertime pattern. ut otysten, snd utof the north and west 5 to 10 miles per hour. that is making it feel a little better. here is max hd radar. a search for showers and thunderstorms. again, today should be quieter than yesterday. we don't have the dynamics in the atmosphere we had yesterday. you can see out to the west and into virginia, not much happening. well out to the society and west a little bit of shower activity in southwest virginia and west virginia. i don't think it will make it in here. we could see an isolated thunderstorm in the washington region during the course of the afternoon but for the most part, it should be quiet around here today. we are getting a bit of a break. temperatures, it's hot. 81 at reagan national. humidity 56%.
11:34 am
notice the winds, a little bit cooler than it was yesterday, at least humidity wise. dew point temperatures have fallen back to the middle 60s. take a look at temperatures across the area, we have fallen back to 81 at reagan national. 83 in fredricksburg. temperatures expected to be in the upper 80s, near 90 in washington. maybe a 92 or 93 for an afternoon high with a mix of sun and clouds in fredricksburg. we have talked about the heat and humidity around here. i want to go to a tape and talk about what is happening across the pacific northwest. that sun looks innocent. take my word, temperatures yesterday in seattle washington 103 degrees. that is the warmest temperature ever recorded in seattle, washington. yesterday portland oregon was 106. that is one degree shy of their record of 107. unbelievable heat. here is what is the most interesting part of this story. the record heat reaches up to the arctic circle where
11:35 am
temperatures are about 30 degrees above average out to the west. aren't we lucky we aren't in on that heat. switch gears back to washington, you can see the cloud cover that has been developing the last couple of hours. mix of sun and clouds out there. most of the shower activity will remain to the south and west. we will see if we can put a ower or thunderstorm bubbling up. out to chicago, thunderstorm activity that will move in tomorrow. that is a cold front and it will press in tomorrow. outdoor plans tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, be ready for more showers and thunderstorms. partly cloudy. we know this routine, hot and humid. isolated shower or thunderstorm. wind out of the west 5 to 10. tonight getting cloudy. overnight warm and humid. could be an early shower or thunderstorm. 72 for an overnight low. that will feel muggy. five-day forecast, 88 tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast tomorrow. right now most of the weekend should be dry. i know there is a big concert that tony is going to saturday
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night -- >> ringo star. >> i can't remember his name. >> or someone once associated with ringo star. >> maybe an owi shower or thunderstorm late saturday then sunday and monday unsettled, upper 80s. you may or may not be going to the concert but don't commit to anything yet. before you make the weekend plans you want to check out the fo5 freebies. up next, a run down on the events in our area that won't cost you a dime.
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before you make the weekend plans, there are plenty of activities around town that won't break the bank. >> gwen toliver joins us with the freebies. key word is free.
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we love that word. head to the 2009 asian festival. see ltosur cs tumealand enjoy plenty of fun. see the many dance groups and hear li tumusic. activities for hcdrildr, many vendors plus great ethnic food. we always like that. your asian experience is at lake newport tennis park. let me get it right. obama-billia, 100 documents of the president's journey from photographs even beer labels. see it at the library of congress. the rest didn't of the district have fun tuesday night with national night out. the washington metropolitan police force will partner with neighborhood for block parties, barbecues and parades and more. you are invited. for more details on these and other fox 5 freebies go to our
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web site, and don't forget to send us your tips for what is happening for free in your neighborhood. we like to get it three weeks in advance. coming up in water cooler, when "american idol" returns for season 9, will we still have four judges? we will address the latest rumors.
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we were having a hard time booking what is cooking today. we thought who really needs to get some press? no, i'm just kidding. mel is back with us, one of our favorite guests on what is cooking. i see you brought out the bling. >> i got a deal going with
11:45 am
christian otige. so, i'm wearing it every show i go on. >> if you are pairing a dish with that, this is going to be quite a bish. >> what are we cooking up today. >> today in honor of the lakers, i'm moving to la soon, i'm making a kobe beef burger. >> get it. >> i always have something for you. >> i'm doing a kobe beef burger. it's stuffed with cheddar, blue and bacon and top it with imported brie cheese and a lobster tail. >> wow. kobe will be the only one that can afford this dish. >> it's not economical but this is like my farewell show with you guys. >> you went big. >> look at the placemats, purple and yellow. >> you are laker crazy.
11:46 am
they don't have enough fans. >> i'm trying. >> we have these in here now. hopefully they will be ready to go by the time we can taste them. then i have these little lobsters. you can get them anywhere, wegmans, whole foods. >> maybe this is a silly question. do you buy these fresh or do they come frozen. these are fresh. >> we are breaking the bank here. >> you can leave this on there. drop it in the water. what you want to do is do these on a grill. always on a grill. we don't have a grill. you can boil them for a minute or two, something like that. >> if we did it on the grill, would you still take the shell off. >> cover it with butter, garlic salt, about two minutes on each side and flip it. that's a little better. we are improvising here. >> all we can do.
11:47 am
>> then i got sliced fresh imported brie cheese. that will go on top of the loaded cheeseburger that i have here. >> does it come with a side of lipitor. >> liposuction guy is outside. >> you want to put the brie on late? >> yeah, lit melt fast. >> why do the flavors come together so well. >> it's one of those things. >> an explosion in your mouth. >> i stay home all day and make crazy stuff. somehow this came to my mind and i was eating kobe burger at the time for some strange reason. >> you must be doing well. just sitting one night eating kobe because kobe beef is expensive. >> but lobster is coming down in price. >> shoot your wad on the kobe beef. no sauce on this.
11:48 am
>> no sauce. >> no mustard, a one steak sauce. >> it has balsalmic vinegar in there. all these flavors, you don't need anything. >> the recipe is online at myfoxdcom if you are interested in whipping this concoction up yourself. if there is a chef, recipe you want to see featured, drop us a line. we have this little guy down here spinning his wheels cranking the burners. so, hopefully by the end of the show, it will be hot enough and it will be done. >> i'm hoping so. >> very good. back to you. >> all right. nice to see you. thank youholly. makg headlines today, new york city mayor michael bloomberg defended his get out of town program. the city offers a homeless folks one way ticket out of town. there are no limits on where they can go or be sent. all it takes is a friend or relative to agree to take them
11:49 am
in. the mayor admits he doesn't know what they do once they leave but it's cheaper than placing them in shelters. since 2007, more than 550 home less families have left. in one case the city spent $6,000 flying a family to paris. the families choose to go, they are not forced. officials say none of them have returned to new york city shelters. a home less man in kentucky is finding inspiration from an unlikely source, his pet tortoise. he is the talk of the town. his owner is a recovering alcoholic who got cleaned through a recovery program and says spike helps keep him going. >> most of the time when an alcoholic or drug addict gets in the dumps he nets somebody to pick him up or push him in the right direction. he inspires me every day to keep taking care of him. >> he takes him for a daily walk out. he will grow to be about 150
11:50 am
pounds. >> wow. >> there you go. everybody needs a spike. >> everybody does need a spike. >> he can be the life long inspiration because nobody will live to be 150 years old. >> all right. well, switching gears a bit because it's water cooler time and tabloid thursday. first up from star magazine, it's official, grab the hankie, hulk hog bhiahis wife splitsville, divorce, done. they have been married 23 years. the divorce battle has been going on since november of 2007. it ended, this is encouraging in a sweet way. hulk kissed linda owned the cheek and she said the war is over, i still love him. he is the father of our children but in bad times there were the allegations of drug use and multiple affairs. their net worth is around $32 million on the high end but the terms of the divorce weren't made public. linda is still dating her eye
11:51 am
candy 20-year-old charley hill. >> is he eye candy. >> he went to school with one of her -- >> aren't they both dating someone younger. >> would we be surpriseed if they get back together in a couple of years. >> i wouldn't. >> their reality show tower them apart. they were fine together but then they got a reality show. >> all of you, everybody out there now wants to be famous and wants a reality show. it can ruin your life. >> don't do it. >> don't sign up for it. >> you had to deal with that, all your fans. >> we remember my reality fan in the early part of the decade. >> was that one episode, pilot. >> didn't go well. >> before reality tv was known of. okay. this is the world's most unlikely couple. are you ready? this is frhaom star as well.
11:52 am
jessica simpson, renee zellweger's ex. >> here is what star said. they may be one reason for the sudden break up with tony romo. but supposedly jessica was openingly flirting with kenny during a get away that all three of them were on, whoever they is that report these things. they say that they were on the beach and they were talking close, like foreheads together they were so close talking about stuff. then tony romo reportedly stormed off the beach because he couldn't stand it. >> she could get as close as she wants. i don't think tony romo will be thatened with that. >> i was thinking the same thing. did he take the cowboy hat off with the forehead's touching. >> she wants to be a country
11:53 am
artist. maybe shhe was getting advice. >> but they listed it as a beach romance. >> the whole kenny chesney and renee thing was odd. they were married five minutes. >> i think she needs to take it easy for a couple of weeks, don't te anybody. >> take a break, rest then get back with nick lachey >> what. >> he still loves her. >> they were a good couple. >> what is the threat here, the reality show. remember the reality show. >> tower them apart. >> stand away -- stay away from john maher. >> he is a one bleep. >> your more than idol update. the last news was that -- keep the prompter there. paula abdul was upset because ryan seacrest and simon made so much money. anyway, the question was, how many judges will there be when season 9 kicks off.
11:54 am
kara degawr do will be back. her deal is done. no ifs, and, or buts about it is what a source said close to car ra. but they say that that money doesn't come close to even what paula was making which is much less than simon and -- >> the bottom line is they will all probably be back for the show. >> do they need all four. >> no. >> she should have to pay to be on. >> i don't think her expectations would have been to get the kind of money that they we getting. >> no talk of randy, is he flying under the radar. >> me a be in the middle of contract. maybe his wasn't up. >> that is weird. let me ask you this: if they did not bring paula back, if simon, randy and kara, would you like that. would you miss paula. >> i would miss paula? >> you would. >> i wouldn't mind. >> she does bring a degree of
11:55 am
unpredictability. >> kara is credible, chatty. >> i would miss her outfits and her state of mind whatever it might be. >> okay. we digress. >> that's it? >> that's it. we will be right back. >> it's a wrap. >> we should have talked about bloomberg and the homeless. >> we should have. >> do we have more time? >> no. >> just joking. 5
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this morning i was at the
11:59 am
show place arena where they have the invention convention. it's creativity at its finest. they come up with different inventions. they can spend no more than $20 and they have to use recyclable products. >> fun activities for kids. you guys said it best. two those kids will be multimillionaires coming up with ideas. >> and milt is cooking for us for perhaps the last time. >> say it isn't so. >> going to the big time. >> who got you there. >> holly. holly got me there. >> i get at least a shout out. >> this is one of those burgers that is too big. >> is this good for us. >> this is what it comes out thbun on top, switch it a bit. >> then your bun will be big


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