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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  August 5, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. fox 5 all over three big stories tonight. a crazed gunman goes on a shooting spree inside that gim. tonight the disturbing blog post predicting his rampage. two american journalists spending their first night at home. dramatic moments caught on camera. a fox 5 crew just steps away as this wreck unfolded and witnesses rush in to help. good evening. everyone. i'm brian bolter. i'm shawn yancy. the mayor and city leaders witnessed that horrific crash and took off to help. it happened late this afternoon at the intersection of pennsylvania avenue and alabama avenues in southeast. tisha thompson was on the scene from the beginning. >> reporter: we see a lot of nasty car crashes but this one was especially bad. it happened right as city leaders and the media were waiting for the mayor to start
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a news conference. [ siren blowing ] >> reporter: witnesses say the two cars hit so hard, the white suv t-boned the cadillac and then flew over it. dozens of people rushed to help. some witnesses say they could see flames and metal torn into metal. >> oh, my god. >> someone call 911. >> reporter: the woman in blue asking someone to call 911 is ward 7 council woman yvette alexander. the man in the blue shirt telling people not to move the injured is the director of d.c.'s health department. >> you don't know whether or not anybody has a neck injury or anything else. it's great for the help, people's natural instincts and i understand that but it's one of those things we have to be careful of. >> reporter: even the mayor was there because the accident happened right in front of the mayor's news conference. >> the first thing you notice is it'sa bad accident. i mean, the cars are crumpled up, people trapped inside. >> reporter: the d.c. fire department says five people were hurt, two were pulled out.
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two were trapd and needed the jaws of life. one was medevaced. the mayor says he actually talked to one man who managed to walk away from it all. >> we really do keep all of our energy focused on the five people who were hurt and hope that they pull through. >> reporter: the fire department says the one person who was medevaced was in fact dealing with life threatening injuries tonight. city leaders say the intersection of pennsylvania and alabama has become a serious problem and at 11:00 we'll tell what you city leaders had decided to do about it just hours before today's terrible accident. >> thank you. seven young students recovering tonight from minor injuries after their school bus collided with an suv today in vienna, virginia. the accident happened this morning here on maple avenue. the children all between the ages of 5 and 7 years old attend daniels run elementary school. they were going to a summer program field trip.
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we're following another big story. tonight we are learning more about the man who opened fire inside a pittsburgh area gym. investigators found george sow deanie's blog say -- sini's blog saying not one woman finds me attractive and talking vigly about his -- vaguely about his exit plan at his health club. laura evans is live with what else investigators have learned. >> there are was plenty of evidence on his progress that he was plan -- on his blog that he was planning something very horrible. the man people describe as antisocial talked about guns and the day he was going to die. if anybody read that blog, no one told police. that is the
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wrong story. authorities are trying to find out if anybody read the blog and if they did, why they did not tell police. there is an awful lot we have to learn about this guy. a first look at surveillance video that led to the conviction of a former u.s. congressman. the fbi just released this video showing louisiana congressman william jefferson taking $90,000 in cash from an f.b.i. informant. the cash was later discovered in his freezer. a jury today convicted jefferson on 11 counts of everything from bribery to racketeering to money laundering. the crimes stem from business deals in africa. the 62-year-old democrat now faces more than 20 years in prison. tonight the two journalists being held in north korea are back on u.s. soil. a happy homecoming. laura ling and euna lee back in the arms of their families after spending months as prisoners.
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>> reporter: it was the happy ending it a story that could have turned out much differently. >> at any moment we could be sent to a hard labor camp. >> reporter: the official story that journalists euna lee and laura ling captured by the korean government and sentenced to hard labor were released after bill clinton's visit. but the real story behind this mission is more complicated. in recent weeks clinton emerged as the one person that the korean leader would meet with. the fact that his wife is secretary of state was also key although hillary clinton today denied a north korean report that her husband apologized to win their release. >> that's not true. that did not occur. >> reporter: euna lee's families said -- [ inaudible ] clinton offered to go.
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president obama offered his thanks. >> not only is this white house obviously extraordinarily happy but all americans should be grateful. >> reporter: but critics li former bush administration u.n. ambassador john bolton says the administration has set a dangerous precedent which a trip that other rogue states may try to repeat. >> bringing a former president to north korea is a lifeline of legitimacy for kim jong il's regime. >> reporter: the political debate may just be starting but for laura ling and euna lee, their nightmare is over. >> the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. and now we stand here home and free. >> reporter: former president clinton is expected to brief the national security team about what went on during his meetings with kim jong il. u.s. officials are so thirsty for firsthand information about the reclusive leader, they're looking for particular details
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as to his health and well- being. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. there are conflicting reports about the fate of the three americans in iran. iran now says they cannot confirm the arrests until further investigation. yesterday a local security official told state tv three americans had been detained there. they were hiking near the iranian bored we are iraq and illegally entered the country over the weekend. iran is saying very little about what happens next disbldz the crackdown on illegal immigration in prince william county, virginia is still sparking controversy. tonight a report breaks down the success of the crackdown. the plan sparked a lot of tension in 2007 after the board of supervisors first approved it. a recent report shows there has been a 37% drop in violent crime but it's not exactly what it seems. >> only 3% of those who are arrested for serious crimes are illegal immigrants. that's because most illegal immigrants have either left prince william county or are keeping out of trouble because they don't want to be deported.
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>> opponents to the program say immigrants felt targeted. researchers asked residents if they felt the police treats everyone fairly. 82% of white respondents said yes. half of the hispanics and 61% of blacks agreed. we'll bring you to one of our top stories we tried to bring you earlier. laura evans filed this report. >> reporter: pennsylvania gunman george sodini was a member ever the suburban pittsburgh health club where a shot a dozen women killing three and then himself. the writings on his personal website reveal a man who felt he didn't belong at all. >> he had a lot of hatred in him. he was hell bent on committing this act. >> reporterinvestigats said sodini had a web blog which showed he longed to be with a woman but hadn't had a serious girlfriend in 25 years. he even listed his own death as august 4, 2009.
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investigators also believe the shootings were planned at least nine months in advance. >> we know that he targeted this aerobics class by the mere fact he had the schedule and had the aerobics class circled in his home. >> reporter: investigators say sodini was carrying a handgun and had three more weapons inside a duffel bag when he entered the aerobics class, turned off the lights and began shooting dozens of rounds. a witness says she noticed him when he walked in since there were only women in the class. >> i heard gunfire an i turned around and there he was holding up a gunpointing towards the front of the room. >> reporter: loretta called 911. she says she isn't sure she'll ever feel safe again. >> no, not angry. i'm just sad. i'm sad that there's people like that in this world. you know, what can you do besides pray for them? >> reporter: police say sodini had been to the health club earlier on the same day twice and when he went ba the third time in the evening, that is when he opened fire according to police. back to you.
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>> laura evans in the satellite center. it is a test no kid wants to take, no parent wants them to fail. the troubling trend that's causing a health alert. plus, you could call this a bad day. we're going to show you how this one ended coming up next. a weekend at camp. we may have a situation. why weekly sports magazine is itusing some issues with te ssstla i latest issue. we'll explain that. an explosion rocks a local apartment building. the simple device you could la have in your home right now that sparked all t trouble. we're watching radar. there are some showers and a few thunderstorms starting to show up to our west. i think they could be heading in our direction overnight. we'll let you know what to expect with that for the morning commute as well as your temperature prediction for tomorrow. you're watching fox 5 news at 10:0 o 90-minute power block is just getting started. there's something big happening at pizza hut.
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an occupation hazard turned into a heart wrenching situation. two window washers dangling 40 stories up. a witness heard the workers banging on the windows screaming for help. firefighters broke a couple of those windows on the 40-story building to get them down. one of them was taken to a hospital for minor injuries. they're both okay. back here at home an explosion rocked a hyattsville apartment building blowing out windows and sending shards of glass everywhere. it happened on the ground floor apartment on 55th avenue. investigators say bug bombs are to blame. >> reporter: the content of this little can will kill bugs dead if used improperly it can also cause a large explosion. >> i was sleeping and i heard a boom. it scared me out of my sleep
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and i woke up. >> reporter: it happened in this apartment. ore fficials say a hyattsville woman was injured by flying glass after setting off seven bug bombs in her home. neighbors heard the loud explosion. >> i looked out the window to see if everything was okay. you see shattered glass all over the grass and on the steps over there. so it was kind of scary. >> reporter: the windows on the apartment were blown out and sent shards of glass flying fly into the apartment parking lot. >> in a typical apartment no mo than one should ever be used. in a large house no more than two should ever be used. in today's incident she was using seven of these bug bombs and another problem was they did not shut off all forms of ignition. >> reporter: the owner did leave the apartment but by the time she got outside to the
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front entrance, it exploded. >> when they were on the step, the lady covered her child and she got cut. >> reporter: the shattered windows and broken glass is a harsh reminder of the dangers of the foggers. in hyattsville, roby chavez, fox 5 news. three teenagers now charged with setting a frederick county football field on fire. the reason? police say they were unhappy and just wanted to do some damage. the flames caused about $20,000 in damage to the artificial turf field at middletown high school early saturday. all three are charged as juveniles. every high school student in the d.c. public school system will be able to take a test for an std next year all because of a troubling trend. a smaller program at eight schools last year showed 13% of the students who were tested had an std. mostly chlamydia and gonorrhea. parents we talked to like the idea. >> i think it's actually a great idea because if they -- if you're aware of what they're carrying around, you won't spread it.
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i think it's a great idea actually. >> i'll give them -- [ inaudible ] -- i'll talk to them more about it every day. >> aids activists say teenagers who have stds like gonorrhea and chlamydia are more likely to be infected with h.i.v. week one of redskins training camp is in the books but the big news is what arrived on the people's doorstep today. >> fox 5 sports director dave feldman here now with details. we're talking s.i. >> i've been getting it for 15, 20 years. always had it. i know you have people in your house who get "sports illustrated" and it did play a factor. jason campbell went through a lot this seson and handled it like a champion. he didn't complain when the team attempted to trade and didn't whine when the team contemplated trading up in the draft. jason is still the team's starting quarterback. no doubt about it.
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chris cooley told me the other day jason has forgotten all about the off-season distractions, totally focused on leading this team into the post-season. two "sports illustrated." campbell graces the cover of this week's issue and in it speaks his mind for the first time about the off-season drama saying, quote, "i'm fine now but at times during the off- season i felt like a piece of tissue they were flushing down the toilet." today jason was asked if his comments were accurate. >> i was having fun with it when i quoted how i feel back whether it was all happening. for the most part it didn't bother me. just one day you see your name pop up on tv each and every second, you feel like a piece of tissue, you know. i was laughing afterwards. it was just something funny. >> i believe jason. i think at the time he was upset but i don't think he's dwelling on it now. coming up in 20 minutes we'll go under the gold post with big
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mike sellers. we're doing these off the felt questions. we'll ask what ladell and clinton got if anything. you know, you're supposed to get him a watch. we'll see if clinton orla dell was general -- or ladell was generous or neither was. you have heard? paula abdul calling it quits but she could be making the jump to "so you think you can dance." we'll show you how to get those back-to-school supplies tax free free. 
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summer is certainly fading fast which means it's time for back to school shopping. d.c. and maryland both canceled their tax free holidays but virginia didn't. we tell you when and where you can still find some savings. >> reporter: stores are stocking up on back-to-school supplies and shoppers are
10:24 pm
scouting out the bargains. the average family with k-12 students expect to spend $550 this year according to a national retail federation survey. sales tax holidays help consumers and businesses. >> they really drive traffic into the stores. in an economy like we have now where the consumer has really been holding back, we think it will be especially beneficial to drive people back into the stores. >> reporter: virginia's tax free shopping is this friday through sunday august 7 through 9. customers don't have to pay the 5% sales tax on each school supply item costing less than $20 and each clothing or footwear item costing less than $100. maryland and d.c. are not having tax holidays this year. d.c. abruptly canceled its event hoping to save $640,000 in tax revenue. the move might backfire. >> oh, i think they were penny wise and pound foolish,
10:25 pm
especially when you're in such a small jurisdiction like the district where virginia is so close. >> reporter: some d.c. merchants like roy rodman are upset about the missed opportunity. >> a lot of our customers are disappointed to have to give up something that they've had for a number of years and lose that. >> reporter: their loss could be virginia's gain. customers rarely stick just to their lists buying lots of little extras along the way. >> yes, ma'am, a whole lot of extra things, yes, ma'am. >> reporter: trina lives in temple hills, maryland. she's coming back to the alexandria target this weekend with her daughter and plans to do about two hours of shopping. she says even a 5% discount makes a difference. >> yes, it does. every little cent counts. yes, it does. >> reporter: there are some items that don't count for tax free status in virginia. that includes school pewter supplies and -- computer supplies and sports equipment. you can see the complete list on our website i'm melanie alnwick. you have gotten a phone call from somebody saying you
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defaulted on a payday loan? you know you're being scammed and the better business bureau issued a national alert about the phony calls. the caller will say you're a lawyer and you have to pay $1 thown right -- $1,000 right away. she's out but is she in somewhere else? we have the scoop on paula abdul's connection to "so you think you can dance." even a strict order not enough to keep this man away from one of hollywood's hottest stars. stress not just taking a toll on your mind. it's also taking a toll on your waistline. your kids' favorite songs could cause them years of pain down the road. there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stufd pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut.
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- woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. a new twist in the chris brown-rihanna saga. a judge has delayed sentencing chris brown on assault charges in the attack on his ex- girlfriend. back in february brown pleaded
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guilty to felony assault in june. he's expected to ve five years probation, six months community labor which he wants to do in his home state of virginia. the judge moved the sentencing to august 27 because she hasn't yet heard back from virginia. this 53-year-old man has been charged with trying to stalk miley cyrus. he told police he was secretly engaged to the teen star arrested after he returned to the set of her latest movie weeks after he was warned to stay away. police say he was picked up after disney security officers reported he was trying to find the actress who is filming a movie near savannah. an american idol shocker. paula abdul is o. she dropped the bombshell last night via twitter twittering with sadness in my heart i have decided not to return to idol. i will miss nurturing all the new talent but most of all i will miss the show i helped from day one become an international phenomenon. we have more on paula calling it quits. >> reporter: idol is the most
10:31 pm
popular successful show in american tv. so it's no surprise paula's tweeted resignation and all the buzz around it is the number five trending topic on the list of most tweeted subjects on twitter today. no big surprise at all, right? everyone is talking about it, the big water cooler story. now let's talk about the money because usually it does come down to the money. simon and his new contract gets about $36 million a year. ryan gets $15 million. she was offered reportedly a 30% raise. it would put her at about $2.6 million, a big difference from her cast mates so she decided to walk. now we are hearing she could join another hit fox tv show. >> with your unique way of -- >> reporter: what did she say? doesn't much matter. that's one of her many unique traits that fans really connect with. >> she feels slighted. she's a woman and she feels like she's not getting as much money. >> i think she and simon have good chemistry. >> reporter: for weeks her contract battles with producers
10:32 pm
became public. the manager released a statement in mid-july angry that production on a new season of idol was inching closer but paula was given no contract offer. he said, i find it kind of unconscionable and certainly rude and disrespectful that they haven't stepped up and said what they want to do. outside baltimore's first mariner arena where idol is touring, fans of all ages are stunned apartment the news that paula is calling it quits. what do you think about paula leave something. >> sad, devastating. >> we're going to miss her. >> horrible. >> terrible. >> reporter: paula's tweets tuesday night leave very little room for a return to the show that's turning newcomers into headliners. >> i get excited every night still. >> i like the party. >> i'm just kind of hanging on for the ride. i'm having a blast. >> no party for paula. she tweeted with sadness in my heart, i've decided not to return. >> she was the one that would always fight simon and had the courage to do so, even go to
10:33 pm
the point of physical contact with him. so, yeah, i think it's a little strange that she's twitted that she's not coming back. >> nigel, one of the judges and executive producer of "so y think yu can dance." we've been told and he said it in the media he's offered paula a new gig. she can be a guest judge, even a choreography on so you think -- choreographer on the show on fox 5. over on, emily, our web producer, has posted a link to ryan seacrest radio show, a popular national show. he talked about paula's decision to resign today. we have a link so you can hear that audio. live in the web center, i'm will thomas. back to you. a life changing reunion. two weeks after a record breaking transplant surgery in the district, the patients got to meet the total strangers who saved their lives by donating a kidney. fox 5's claudia coffey has more details. >> reporter: both of the 14 --
10:34 pm
most of the 14 paints in this history making procedure had never met until today. 14 very brave people, seven kidney donors and seven kidney recipients came together at georgetown university hospital. they were part of a historic swap that gave many a ew lease on life. >> i don't know what to say to larry who is my angel on earth. >> reporter: many of the seven recipients had no idea who their donor was, didn't know their name or anything about them. >> when we met on that stage, it was the first time ever seeing him in my life. >> reporter: 21-year-old dominick ray of maryland had his first kidney transplant at age two. that kidney started failing by the time he was 18. daily dialysis was the only thing keeping him alive. >> i really knew if i missed a day or two, i could literally be six featured the ground. >> reporter: 31 yeargd craig he
10:35 pm
he-year-old -- 31-year-old craig of d.c. wanted to donate to his friend. they were not a match. >> even though it couldn't go to my friend, i knew how important it was to help someone else out. >> reporter: they took part in a one of a kind kidney swap in which patients who not otherwise wouldn't abmatch became a perfect fit thanks to a procedure that removes antibodies and make it is easier for the recipient to receive the organ. >> we are going to totally change the field of organ transplantation. >> reporter: the result was life changing for both donor and recipient. for dominick and craig, it's a unique bond and the start of a new friendship. >> i've got to check on my organ once in a while. >> reporter: doctors hope this particular type of kidney exchange will make it easier for recipients to find compatible donors. claudia coffey, fox 5 news. >> there is more decided any disease in -- kidney disease in the d.c. area more than else in
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stop stressing. it can do more than hurt your mental health. a new study suggests social stress like poverty or job loss can contribute to obesity. during tough times a hormone is released that causes more fat deposits in the abdomen. it's dangerous because abdominal fat can lead to heart disease. you have to hear what happened on a base one day later. millions are out there and now fiery complaints are servicing about a hidden ipod danger. but first, a quick check of some of the stories we're working for fox 5 morning news starting at 4:55 a.m. there's something big happening at pizza hut.
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- woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the pone... anour personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. we're following a developing story from capitol hill. the senate announcing late tonight a deal has been reached on saving the cash for clunkers program. you saw it coming. lawmakers will vote tomorrow on a plan that will add $2 billion to the popular rebate program
10:40 pm
that will give car shoppers till labor day to trade in the gas guzzlers for a new ride. a terror plot down under exposed. five men in australia are now charged with plotting what some say could have been the worst terror attack in the country's history. prosecutors say the men were planning a shooting rampage at a military peace in -- base in sydney. six north carolina men accused of plotting a jihad are staying behind bars. all six men have access to cash and might flee the country if let out on bond. there is one other man currently in custody. his detention hearing was delayed because he want as new lawyer. investigators are still looking for one more suspect. music lovers beware. your ipod could be posing a health risk two different ways. we'll explain coming up. in minutes on the news edge at 11:00, metro seemingly hit from every angle these days,
10:41 pm
but now a reprieve. we're talking cold hard cash, millions. tonight the agency promises it's going to make your ride on the rails safer. here's one you don't hear too often. copper heads causing chaos on city streets. got the news edge on not one but two snake attacks coming up next at 11:00. but first, an august cooldown. um. sue says don't get too used to it. i thought she was talking near a hundred this weekend. >> that's what i heard. >> listen, what the producers tell us, right? we're just talking, outalk,talk talk. sue will explain it for us on the other side. 
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time now for tonight's installment of under the goal post. >> sports director dave feldman
10:45 pm
talked with mark sellers. >> he said he likes something better than scoring touchdowns. i'll tell what you it is. he told me he was listed last year at 284. he says he's lighter than that now but just as mean on the field. he also told me some other things in a nightly segment we like to call under the goal post. under the goal post with big mike sellers from wala wala community college. it's known for what? give me two things wala wala is known for. >> the world famous pen ten friday -- pen penitentiary. >> reporter: it's bad. stay away from t. ladell betts and clinton portis, you helped them both rush for over a thousand yards. did they get you a rolex, a car? what did they get you? >> as a matter of fact [ inaudible ] ladell is on the
10:46 pm
cheap side. >> reporter: you played for the edmonton eskimos and the winnipeg blue bombers in the cfl. what is the hardest thing about being an american playing professional football in canada? >> nothing. >> reporter: nothing hard? >> no. it was fun. i had a blast. >> reporter: you were 19 when you first went over there. >> my mom signed my first contract. >> reporter: two years ago in a lions game you pancaked -- indiscernible ] you remember the play i'm talking about? >> i know exactly. >> reporter: do you ever run over a guy and feel bad? >> no. i enjoy it. i enjoy it quite a bit. every chance i get i'll even let them no. hey, don't let it happen. it's my job. i relish that more than touchdowns. >> how would you like to be run over by that? the voting is in for the dave
10:47 pm
and dave. 58% to 42% in favor of yours truly. actually it speaks to the popularity of dave ross that he could go 0-3 in field goals and still catch 42% of the vote which included votes from shawn yancy and sue palka. join us tomorrow when we test our passing accuracy with colt brennan. he showed us the old throw the ball at the old goal post drill. >> you know what i like about mike sellers? he always seems soft spoken off the field. >> he's quiet. you can barely hear the guy but would you not want to challenge him. >> he could kill you. >> yeah. he is intense. he played in the cfl for a long time. people do not want to mess with that guy. >> you're getting to be somebody not to mess with because you're killing dave in this competition. >> i'm winning the dave on dave. i'm not playing mike sellers. i'm playing dave ross. no offense to dave ross. >> look forward to tomorrow.
10:48 pm
guess we're talking weather right about now. >> sound goods to me. >> it's been hot out there for the dave on dave contest. they've been sweating. >> i know. i feel bad for them. now they know what it's like to go through the redskins drills on these very warm days in gust. too bad they can't move camp till later in the year. a little bit of shower and thunderstorm activity showing up tonight. not in the district just yet but we do still think there will be a little bit coming. maybe just maybe you'll hit a shower during the day tomorrow. a couple of things have changed in our weather forecast. we'll start with max hd radar and show you what we're seeing out to our west. not much but there is a little bit of activity and one or two thunder boomers in the too far from the front royal area and on the other side of interste 81. we had a lot of cloud cover today so that limited a lot of heating although we still did get up to 90. let me show you where there's been lot of train. we'll tell you the story. down to our south we've had a lot of flash flooding. central virginia down to southern virgia, southeastern virginia. we have showers and storms on the lowest part of the delmarva
10:49 pm
and the light stuff that we are seeing here locally. as i widen out the picture and put it all in motion, some of this is coming north. so later tonight a few showers around. maybe a rumble of thunder but i'm going to say that the thunderstorms will be confined south of interstate 66. what has changed is our frontal system that we've been watching is stalled just up across pennsylvania. that's why we didn't see more widespread showers today. it is trying to sink south. it has not done so yet. but when it does, it is going to bring a dramatic change in our temperature. today we were near 90. if this front does pass on through tonight which is forecast to do, our temperature tomorrow may only be 82 degrees. so enjoy the cooldown. let's run our max hd future cast, though, because i do want you to see that at 11:00 tonight, watch the showers. they do try to come north for the morningush hour. west of town let's tall for a few showers around here and there. we can't totally eliminate them from the forecast tomorrow. the front will be on the move. south of town at noon maybe some scattered showers around. could even be a rumble of
10:50 pm
thunder and then everything begins to shift to the east. and definitely a cooler day as the day goes on it looks like it will get brighter and brighter. by 5:00 notice a lot of clearing going on as the showers continue to move out of the region. so that's really our best chance. maybe some isolated thunderstorms on saturday but we are about to enter into a hot and dry period. it does not begin tomorrow. today's high temperature 90 degrees. dulles and bwi were in the 80s. still 80 degrees now. it is much cooler up to our north, though. rochester 62. detroit 69. boston 78. cooler air is going to come in here on a northeast wind just as soon as that front gets on by. but it is a one or two-day special. i think thursday and friday looking cool. but then the floodgates open. a lot of heat that's been confined to the central and southwestern united states is going to be on the move. a setup we haven't seen all summer. high pressure down in the southeast is really going to set quite a blaze going here and we will likely see hot and humid days, the hottest stretch we've had so far this summer
10:51 pm
beginning sunday going into maybe the middle part of next week. and we're talking mid-90s. that comes later this week. here's the temperature trend. this looks pretty good in comparison. 82 degrees. not two a days. three a days for the redskins tomorrow. take advantage of the comfortable temperature. friday looks very nice. saturday we start to get hotter. isolated storm possible and sunday 94 degrees and that's when we begin our hot spell that should last for several days. so a couple of showers to chase around tomorrow as the front comes on through. enjoy that 82 degrees while you can. friday 86 degrees. i think friday looks like a great day. headed to the beaches this weekend? good plan. it's going to be hot. i don't think we'll be chasing any thunderstorms. in fact, it looks like this dry spell will be -- this hot spell will also be a dry spell. >> we'll see you down there, sue? >> i wish i could go. very company coming into town but maybe i'll take the company. can we come to your place, bolt senator. >> of course. >> i'll -- bolter? >> of course. >> i'll tweet you when we're
10:52 pm
about to arrive. wait, that's hard. this timid terrier protecting his turf in california over the weekend turning the tables on a coyote after it hopped a fence rht into his backyard. meet ronald the wire fox terrier that took on the intruder. the cote by e way took a bite of ronald but the terrier bit back sending the coyote back over the fence. ronald is expected to be just fine. over to brian now for a check of what's coming your way on the news edge at 11:00. >>talk about a minor fender bender, it's causing controversy tonight. at the center of it all, mayor fenty. this report going out against what the mayor's office says actually happened. you have to see what we dug up inside those documents. first he was tied up and sawpted by his four lovers -- assaulted by his four lovers in that hotel. why the y im ctis now facing charges himself at 11:00. there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food!
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- woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut.
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more people are reporting their music players are catching fire or exploding burning them a. british man complained when his daughter's blew up. ipod said wee get a refund only if he would not reveal the settlement. the louder you turn up the music in your ear buds, the greater your risk of hearing loss, especially for kids. keith yaskin explains how to protect young ears before it's too late. >> reporter: the speed of sound surrounds us. >> it get itself pretty loud. >> reporter: despite amplified levels drowning out our daily lives, stories about protecting our hearing continue to hone in on a familiar tune. >> now the ear buds, the sound is so close to the eardrum. >> reporter: a new study out of
10:57 pm
netherland concludes the music industry should take steps to protect young people from the dangers of listening to loud music on the mp3 players. michele michaels at the arizona commission for the deaf and hard of hearing. >> one of the boys had an mp3 player. took it off. i held it up to here and tested it and it was -- [ inaudible ] i moved it up louder and louder to where it showed a hundred decibels and he said that's what i normally listen to. a hundred decibels. when they're younger unless they've had a hearing test, they don't know that they have hearing loss. >> we've got a good look. what we have to do is put a little plug on your ear. >> reporter: so we asked audiologist dr. jordine ray to test the family's three kids who love listening to ipods. sam, trenton and bailey. >> you use the ear buds that
10:58 pm
come with it or a special headset? >> the ones that come with it. >> reporter: sam listens to her ipod a lot. loud noise can damage thousands of nerve endings in our ears. >> can you hear me, sam in. >> yeah. >> you're doing great. i know these are really soft sounds. >> reporter: sometimes that damage is temporary. >> you sure don't want it to get permanent because we can't do anything to fix that. >> reporter: sam shows a possible problem. >> we did picup a little bit of a sign of maybe some changes going on in her ear related to sound. i can't tell you for sure that's what it is but it probably is. there could be something going on that there is a little bit of damage of some sort on some of the nerve endings. the louder the music, the less time you better be listening to it. >> when you hear the beeping unds you'll let me know by pushing that. >> reporter: she tested sam's brother trenton. >> kind ever the same story with sam that everything wasn't exactly as normal as i would like to see. >> i ride dirt bikes a lot and shoot guns and stuff. >> if you're going to be doing activities on a real regular
10:59 pm
basis, i always recommend you consider getting custom molds. >> reporter: what do custom earplugs look like? she made some for me as an example. >> usually the best ones to get are the ones where the impressions are sent to a factory. it will show the angles that are necessary to make sure you get a good seal with your earplug n. about a week, you'll have your own earplugs. >> i don't think i'm surprised. maybe a little concerned. probably monitor a little bit better. >> reporter: amy is mom of the three young ipod listeners. >> they're both grounded now from their ipods. >> let's make sure everything looks good in here. >> reporter: six-year-old bailey listens to disney music on her ipod. >> all right. your ears are in good shape. they look nice and healthy. >> reporter: bailey finally brought mom some good news. >> gosh, it couldn't have been better. it was exactly what i would want to see. >> reporter: some ears are


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