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tv   Fox 5 News at Midday  FOX  August 11, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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on any playing field, you ive earned >>t. e t rith ghstudy in any school, you havedirnea rnit. the right to hold a job, iyou have earned it. the right to be anyone's neighbor, you have earned it. l words from an inspir>>ionaat man.wo now a world changed by her mour
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yunis kennedy shriver. >> the 88-year-old was part of a powerful political family but she chose a different path to try to change the world. we have more on how the world is remembering eunice this river. >> reporter: -- shriver. >> reporter: she was an advocate for the mentally disabled. she changed the lives for them. they changed policies worldwide, and she changed how people viewed the mentally disabled. even now she was not contempt with the status quo and believed that they could accomplish more than anyone believed possible. >> thank you, all the citizens of canada for honoring the special olympians. >> reporter: through the special olympic, eunice kennedy shriver championed the rights of the mentally disabled on the field and off. when her health turned for the worst followed by her debt,
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condell lenses poured in -- condolences poured in from more than 40 heads of state including the pope. >> the pope sent his prayers on behalf of thefamily before she passed. >> reporter: shriver founded the special olympics in 1968 inspiraled by her sister rosemary who was mentally disabled. started as a camp in her home in potomac, maryland it grew into a worldwide movement. >> she's a civil rights pioneer. she started this movement of accepting and including people with intellectual disabilities. that transcended the playing field. >> reporter: in a statement the shriver family said she was light of our lives, a grandmother, mother, sister, awntses who -- aunt who taught us by example. her work transformed the lives of hundreds of millions of people across the globe and they in turn are her living legacy. at special olympics washington headquarter, a photo gallery honors her memory and on the website her words continue to
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inspire. >> you are the stars and the world is watching you. >> reporter: even as her health faltered, her strength never waved. it's her vision the special lick picks carries on. -- special lick picks carries -- olympics carries on. people are stopping by to sign condolences books in northwest to honor shriver. the organization now has more than three million athletes worldwide from more than 150 countries. today her son tim sent a statement to the special olympics family saying, quote, "it was her unconditional love for the athletes of the speb olympics that so -- special olympics that so fulfilled her life." and that really sums up what she meant to this organization and what she leaves behind. >> we have put more information about mrs. shriver on our website >> a lot of pictures. just beautiful words. be sure to check that out. we have a live look outside
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for you this morning. it's a little bit hot out there but i don't think it feels as bad as it did yesterday. >> definitely not. a few degrees definitely makes a difference. ; isn't that right, tucker barnes? >> a few degrees always makes a difference. not bad. winds out of the north and west. good morning. a decent afternoon. we have the possibility of shattered -- scattered showers and thunderstorms returning as we get into the mid- to late afternoon. 48 degrees at ray dan national. humidity -- reagan national. humidity a little better. our winds, we've got a breeze so that's not too bad out of the north and west at 13 miles an wahour. there's your pssure, 2.294 inches, down a little bit from p where it was yesterday. satellite radar, you can see lo cloudover scattered to thh e rtweand nost and a couple of green ae ree inra wesho rs starting to break out into western maryland and eastern portions sof west virginial ilwgett ha gein here later today. that will serve as a nice ed gger mechanism for aresc showers and thuer storms
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across the washington area. and with a little bit of cloud cover out there, our temperatures will stilbe oron the hot side. we're expected to be touch out -- top out in the low 90s. yesterday we were in the upper 90s and set some records at some of the airports. 29 in washington. partial sunshine. again the arrive of a scattered shower or thunderstorm. a little more widespread than they were last night. 93 in lplata. 90 in hagerstown. i'll back -- i'll be back in a fter b qnguiftcs qeieruinget for a couple months is shongwi some signs of life. i'll have more on that coming up. back to you. >> thanks so much. a virginia man who was mauled to death by two pit bulls is being remembered by family and friends this morning. police found the 20-year-old inside a home on plaza street in leesburg yesterday afternoon. friends think he was trying to break up a fight between the family dogs when the dogs attacked and killed him. officers found a small dog that had been killed and also a cocker spaniel inside a cage.
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the news is heartbreaking to people who knew the victim. >> we played peewee baseball together and grew up through high school and remained close friends with the family. it hits home. >> dogs fight l the time. i guess he was trying to get in between them because they got a little too serious. next thing you know, they turned on him. >> loudoun county animal control is holding those pit bulls. the victim's name has not yet been released. the search is on this morning for the person who killed a woman in gi nia. the 32-year-old woman claims she was targeted by two men last friday on guns spring road in loudoun county. she says one man held her down while the other one sexually assaulted her. there were no weapons used. the woman was in a familiar area but didn't know her attackers. police are working with that victim and they plan to release a sketch of the suspect sometime in the next few days. if you have any information, you're being asked to call loudoun county police. a fourth person now charged in the d.c. technology scandal. a herndon virginia native worked for the owner ever the
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consulting firm who had millions of dollars in business with the d.c. government. contractors lied on time sheets and invoices and obtained contracts for ghost employees who did not work. the scheme reportedly cost the city at least $500,000. indictments have been anded down in a deadly attack in virginia. 18-year-old jamie alia is charged as an adult with murder. he was initially charged as a juvenile back in march. wim and cynthia -- william and cynthia bennett were beaten in a lansdowne neighborhood. it was a random attack. a woman whose home was burglarized found her items for sale in a neighborhood yard sale. they charged this manual. they say -- this manual. they say they stole the victims -- items from the victim and put them up for sale. investigators say a search of his home turned up more than
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$25,000 worth of the victim's property. property. a safety standdown in effect in light of metro's latest trouble on the track. a man was killed on the tracks sunday night while working on line near vienna station. most track maintenance has been stopped till all employees have been retrained. metro is reviewing all of its safety policies. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. yet another headache for metro to deal w. the transit agency confirms it recently had a train with two too many cars on it. the ten-car train was running on the green line july 31. a passenger alerted the operator to the additional cars which don't fit the platform. the extra cars did not have any passengers on them. the workers in charge of putting that train together went through the standard drug and alcohol testing. one did test positive.
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metro says that person is now in rehab and is not getting paid. i've got news for you. take you and your cronies in the government do this kind of stuff all the time. well, i don't care -- [ applause ] >> it's playing out all across the country. heated town hall meetings on health care reform. this one happened this morning in pennsylvania as senator arlen specter addressed the topic of health care reform. it was more of the same for a local congressman and it could be again when president obama tries to sell his plan at a town hall meeting in new hampshire today. democrats are on a full court press to push health care reform during the summer break. doug luzader break it is down from capitol hill. >> reporter: the white house says the participants today are not going to be prescened. if that's true, the. may get a taste of what many members of congress are already going through. >> why is it tort reform -- why
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isn't tort reform a part of -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: another town hall meeting, another rough night for a member of congress. this was maryland democratic senator ben cardin and the event both inside and out was not pretty. and this is the kind of reception president obama would face today as he travels to picturesque portsmouth, new hampshire for a town hall meeting. the president had to talk about the growing discontent. >> with respect to the health care debate, we are having a vigorous debate in the united states and i think that's a healthy thing. >> reporter: healthy but just to a point for the white house which has launch add new web campaign to count wear it calls misinformation about the health care debate -- counter what it calls misinformation about the health care debate. supporters of government engineered health care are starting to show up as well. >> i just wanted to show my support in light of some of the angry protests that have been happening, some of the orchestrated protests that have
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been happening. >> reporter: but are they really orchestrated? this town hall -- crowd showed up at a town hall event in missouri [ inaudible ] >> reporter: all of this anger could be enough to at least slow down a president who is determined to sell health care reform to a very skeptical public. today's event in new hampshire is just the first of three town hall meetings over the next week as the white house hopes to regain control of the health care debate. in washington, doug lieu luzader, fox news. earlier we talked with katie connolly on fox 5 morning news. she says there's a lot of misinformation being tossed around at these town hall meetings. if you'd like to hear the interview, you can go to our website and click the morning show tab. general motors is banking on the chevrolet volt. in an on-line press conference this morning, g.m. announced the rechargeable electric car is expected to get a whopping 230 miles per gallon
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in city driving. the volt is powered by an electric motor and battery pack with a 40-mile range. after that a small gasoline engine kicks in. the volt is due in showrooms in november of 2010. news this morning july turned out to be a booming month for sales of fuel efficient cars and that's all thanks to the cash for clunkers program. a study by the university of michigan finds the average mileage for a new vehicle went up seven-tenths of a mile to -- [ indiscernible ] it's a familiar story, pretty hard to imagine. dozens ever passengers forced to -- of passengers forced to spend the night on a regional jet and the plane was sitting at an airport. the frustrating reason why. an elephant trapped in a manhole. where this all happened and how this little guy got out. forget about leaping lizards. some flying frogs have been discovered in one remote area. head to to find out
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where. just click on the off beat io sectn. we have a whole lot more ahead this morning. se
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divers are back on the scene ever a deadly plane crash over the hudson river. they're battling high tides and low visibility as they try to recover two bodies and also the wreckage of a small plane. that plane collided with a helicopter saturday killing nine people. neither pilot could see the danger that they faced but the people on the ground could. police have released the frantic 911 calls. >> a helicopters just went down. >> anybody injured? >> oh, my god, they're probably totally injured. >> landed or crashed? >> crashed. >> i would hurry. i really -- i saw the last of it and i saw something explode and then something fall after that. so i would hurry. >> meantime politicians and aviation experts are beginning to brainstorm now ways to patrol the narrow high traffic
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hudson corridor. we were on the runway. it was no longer a weather thing. it was how do we take care of these people for the next six, eight and ten hours and that was not a weather issue. that was a logistic issue about getting us off the plane into some place where we could breathe and eat and be comfortable. >> you're so exhausted so you kind of doze off but you can't really sleep because babies are crying and the smells are getting worse. so it's hard to sleep and you're almost jus numb like what's going to happen next. >> wow that is a firsthand account of a travel nightmare. passengers stuck on board on continental regional jet for almost nine hours. the 47 passengers have now reached their destinations but the houston to minneapolis flight should have lasted just two and a half hours. so what happened? fox's paul bloom has more.
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>> reporter: [ no audio ] >> that's a report there we're having a little bit of trouble getting audio for but we'll try to get that for you a little later. everyone finally got to their destinations. it appeared to be a scheduling mixup trying to get another crew so that area. regardless th were stuck there. the flight was operated by express jets and continental has offered apologies. they did finally get to their final destination. the public will have to wait longer to find out what killed michael jackson. the l.a. county coroner has completed the autopsy but police asked the coroner's office to keep the results sealed while detectives investigate the events leading up to his death. they're also trying to figure out what role prescription drugs may have played. a wilmington, delaware man is faces charge -- facing charges this morning after stealing a purse from a three- year-old girl waiting in line with her aunt. it only had a few dollars in loose change inside. the 23-year-old suspect was
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caught after police reviewed surveillance tape of the incident. checking headlines around the world now. taiwan's military has rescued about 300 people after a mud slide consumed their village but scores remain missing and 41 people are dead. those mud slides were touched off by typhoon morakot which inundated the remote mountain on sunday. a relief helicopter trying to deliver food crashed with three people on board. we don't have any word right now about whether there were any casualties as a result of that crash. two powerful quakes rocked asian. the 7.6 magnitude hit first triggering a tsunami warning. ten minutes later a 6.5 magnitude hit the japanese capital. falling debris killed one woman. 63 other people were injured. it's unlikely both quakes are related. in taiwan it took a matt moth rescue effort to -- matt mouth rescue effort to save a gentle giant. the elephant's handlers were
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walking it to work when it fell interest a drainage ditch and couldn't get out. it took rescuers three hours and the help of some heavy herght moving equipment to get the elephant loose. the elephant we are happy to report was not hurt. you might call this lost in translation. during a town hall meeting in congo, secretary of state hilry clinton got a question that she didn't like. a reporter asked her what her husband bill clinton thought about the world bank's concerns about a chinese loan offer to that country. here's her response. >> you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state. i am. [ inaudible ] >> you asked my opinion. i will tell you my opinion. i'm not going to be channeling my husband's. >> well, turns out the translator apparently got the question wrong. the student reporter actually wanted president obama's opinion on the matter. once the confusion was clarified, secretary cnton and student shook hands and told him not to worry about it.
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it's heartbreaking and heart warming story that has both of these elements combined. >> tossing out the trash turns into a rescue. this pup left for dead in a ofory viuri sl va her story of survival is coming up next. mi fox 5's job shop continues to highlight job opportunities are ur a. het day stylist, barber and massage therapist positions at thouch ch lalon in laurel, ndalary. to contact the employer or find more jobs or post an opening, all you have to do is go oo wee and look for the link to the job shop. we'll be right back. it
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welcome back. we're in studio b tooking things up. joining us is carver. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> a couple of things. it's hot outside and you have red hot chili to go with a red
11:24 am
hot forecast. what will we be making? >> a most addictive snack. these are buffalo wing crackers that are unbelievable. >> unbelievable. are these kind of a staple at the inn? >> they're one of the many snacks we start the meal out with. >> very good. what are they made of? is it like a potato chip almost? >> like a puffy, crispy cracker. like the crispy shrimp crackers but they taste like hot wing, buffalo wings. >> it's perfect for that as we're wrapping up that summer kind of party before everybody heads back to school. we'll also talk about what else is going on toward middleburg. >> very good. we'll try these out a little bit later on and cook them up and maybe cool things down a little for us. >> we like it already. it snded like something we weren't familiar with. >> i thought it wa a potato chip but it's different. >> and i'm probably definitely
11:25 am
not localery or low fat and -- low calorie and low fat and we love it. forecast okay this 's i hitt d ume.ikou th's humitd out there. once again we have temperatures in the mid-80s but then gain it's not 97 like yesterday so that's a little better. you know, from here we'll get cooler. details coming up. >> there's some hope in sight. we like that. plus, holly morris heads to the rodeo but it's not what you may think. hey there, holly. >> hey, claudia. look at these cowboys. these are the southeast renegades. it's just one of the washington gas teams that will be competing in the natural gas rodeo demonstration. no bucking broncos here. we have a mini excavator with our cowboy on board. what is a natural gas rodeo? why do they have it? how does it all work? and what's the importance of it? we'll show you live next. fox 5 morning news. stay with us. er
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you are the stars and the world is watching you. by your presence you send a message every village, every city, every nation, a message of hope, a message of victory. >> that's what you first hear when you go to the special olympics website. eunice shriver passed away this morning. president obama is remembering mrs. shriver as an extraordinary woman who as much as anyone taught our nation and the world that no physical or mental barrier can restrain he power of the human spirit. she was 88 years old. we want to turn our attention now to the district and a disturbing case of animal cruelty. a dog left for dead in a dumpster in southeast washington. >> a woman tossing out her trash noticed the pup alive but badly injured. investigators say an apparent
11:30 am
victim of dogfighting. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: three days after being rescued from the dumpster, trooper as she's now being called is still a little bit cautious standing silent with her tail between her legs. >> she's probably one of the worst i've personally ever seen. >> reporter: bitten about the head and neck, stitches now holding her face together. >> she was in a lot of pain. we immediately started her on some i.v. fluids to help support her and we got her some pain medication. >> reporter: last friday afternoon a woman disposing of some garbage first saw the pup inside this dumpster on 9th street southeast. lee roy robinson went to see if he could help. >> he was in a bag at first. he came out the bag. he stuck his head out the door like he was trying to get out of the trash can door but he couldn't get out. >> reporter: there were no yell:s, no -- yelps no cries for help. >> what they were describing is what "fiewfndz. >> reporter: eve russ -- what i found. >> reporter: eve russell happened to be nearby when the call came in. one look told her this dog
11:31 am
needed help fast. >> it was one of the most disturbing things i've ever seen. she was covered in flies. i was just -- i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe nyone would do that. >> reporter: officer russell thinks whoever threw the dog in the dumpster may have thought she was already dead, stuffed inside a black plastic trash bag. >> that's why we named her trooper. >> reporter: she wanted to get out of there. >> she wanted to get out. she did not want to be in that bag anymore. >> reporter: now officer russell is hoping to find the people responsible for disposing of the dog like a piece of trash. she'posted reward flyers in the neighborhood where it happened. a thousand bucks in return for a name. the veterinarians at friendship imalospital think trooper will pull through. she's now eating and showing signs of improving health. as for dogfighting, officer reeve russell says it's decreased considerably in recent years but it still goes on in alleys and garages. the people behind it hard to cash. -- hard to catch. in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm paul wagner. >> stories like this always make me so mad but i'm always
11:32 am
happy when there's an end wrg the dog is going to be -- ending where the dog is going to be okay. tucker, tell us something good. >> sunshine across thearea. we have warmer temperatures. but they're not as warm as yesterday. >> i know. i stepped outside the humidity is not as bad. >> humidity is not as bad. winds out of the north and west. the bottom line is will be a little more comfortable than yesterday. h treinfo e stcastorm in the forecast but that's typical of thunderstorm here in washington. >> yes, indeed. >> currently 86 degrees. there's the humidity, 55%. winds out of the north and west at 14 miles per hour. actually it's the breezes out of the west and north at about 14 miles per hour that is making things feel just a little bit more comfortable. winds are expected to shift to the west a little later oday. pressure 29.95 inches. here we go. warm. 86 in washington. 84 in baltimore. frederick has a temperature of 86 degrees. already 89 in fredricksburg. so again we'll -- we're off to a very, very warm spot. not as bad as yesterday. we're expecting temperatures to
11:33 am
top out in the low for mid-90s. already 92 degrees in ocean city. they're off to a warm start. dulles was 97 degrees. we were 97 here in washington as well. a little cooler than yesterday. we have more clouds in the forecast as we get into the afternoon. you're going to see them here on our satellite radar. waking up with sunshine across the area. watch the clouds start to move in from the north and west. it's a cold frnt. you can see it here generally gliding into the general direction of the washington area. clouds will be on the increase. they're just off to our west. i think most of the afternoon will feature partly to mostly cloudy conditions. there's just a couple of showers starting to break out into western maryland and west virginia. we'll see some scattered showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast this afternoon as this slightly cooler and drier air starts to make its presence felt in the washington area. want to shift gears. let's go down to the tropics. the last couple of months tony and i have been talking about how quiet it is. finally we have a little action down here. this is our newest tropical depression. number two not yet a tropical storm. our first one of the season
11:34 am
will be called anna but nevertheless winds 30 miles per hour. and it is well out to sea. still days away from any land areas. the forecast slowly intensifies. it's likely to become the first tropical storm of the season in the next few days. here's your forecast for the remainder of today. partly cloudy skies out there. a few afternoon showers and storms. a little cooler than yesterday. 92 for an afternoon high. winds will be out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. and then tonight we're going to definitely be humid overnight. could be a few early showers or thunderstorms. notice we don't cool off overnight. 47 for an overnight low. very much on the mild side. better tomorrow. the cooler and slightly drier air will try to move in. 88 for an afternoon high. then thursday, friday and saturday, you know, kind of typical summertime weather with an afternoon shower or thunderstorm in the forecast every day although it won't be raining every minute. it just will, you know -- each afternoon we'll have the opportunity for a little water for our gardens. >> okay. we need that, that's for sure.
11:35 am
we need it to be clear tonight. is it going to be clear? >> parts of the area i think will have some 88clear skies. >> okay. >> it's important it's clear because if the skies are clear, you'll see quite a show tonight. >> we saw it last night. >> that's what tony was telling us this morning. there will be about 80 meteors an hour that will shoot across the sky tonight and early tomorrow morning courtesy of the perseid meteor shower. so if you have clear skies, get on out there away from the city. >> will the music accompany the shower? >> i don't think so >> it is here. come on out to the country and check them out. from that we're headed to the rodeo but leave your cowboy boots and hats at home. this rodeo is a little bit different. holly has all the details coming up next. first you have musical talent? fox rock is back ifyou have a band, hit up our website. go to the entertainment page and upload your original song
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and let our viewers vote. the top six bands get to perform live at arlington's clarendon grill. if you win that contest, you're also going to play on the fox 5 morning news and get a three- minute video made. there are a few rules that you have to check out, though. you have to go to the website to check out those. we'll be bk after n. be back after this.
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welcome back. whether you think ever rodeo, you probably think of horses, bulls and cowboy, right? >> usually but this morning holly is previewing a different type of rodeo event that features natural gas safety. >> reporter: no cowboy boots needed for this rodeo. instead a hard-hat and steel post shoes. that's what you hear when -- what you wear when you compete in this. thank you for having us out here today. we've had the best time. for people that are just joining us now for the first
11:40 am
time, give an idea of an overview of what a natural gas rodeo is. >> there are several events that the employees compete n. it's based on the tanks that they do every day in the field and working on our pipelines. each of the events, the employees compete and they're competing with time but ore importantly it's that they're working safely, as a team and following procedures. >> reporter: this morning we went through a couple of events. the first was the pipe cutting one. kind of tell me what that is and how that works. >> it is an event where the employees are trying to cut a coupon or section of pipe off that is four inches wide. it is a type of task that they do in the field, just not as quickly as they are doing it in the competition. >> reporter: and then they did the hand dig. >> that is right, the hand dig. there are times where they have to excavate by hand over at ou facilities to gain access. that is the event that is highlighted there. basically hand digging and working together as a team because they're working in close proximity. >> reporter: they're going to have their own rodeo competition here this weekend, right?
11:41 am
but then the top team will go to nationals in st. louis. another one of the big events that is always really popular is the relay event. and this is my man paul johnson who is with the northwest substation team better known as the hot pleasure all-stars -- hot pressure all-stars. your segment of the relay was the backhoe. we have a tape of you doing it this morning. so kind of tell me what you have to do and how it all works. >> you have to turn the machine on first. then you pick the egg up. you place it in the yellow container right there. >> reporter: i hope you're understanding. he's picking an egg up with a spoon that's on the bucket of a backhoe and then placing it into that small circle. deit in about 27 seconds. i'm going to try to do it in maybe a little more than that. let's try. turn her on. okay.
11:42 am
up, over. okay. and it's all about this being slow and easy, right? and smooth. and now? >> move it back out. >> reporter: this one. that's the hardest thing knowing which controls go where. >> bring it down. >> report: oh, oops. these are not hard boiled eggs, folks. these are the real deal. >> go out some more. there you go. bring it on down. >> reporter: down this way? >> yes. >> reporter: how long have you been operating a machine like this? >> about 18 years. >> reporter: oh, 18 years. a little out, right? >> there you go. >> reporter: down. >> bring it on down. there you go. bring it on in slow. >> reporter: like this? that one is going to become an egg sandwich. is our website. we have a link to washington gas.
11:43 am
they have more than a million customers in our area. these guys, the guys that make it happen. so next time you see one working in your neighborhood, thank them. i've got to get this egg. back to you guys. >> the next time i have an egg in the dirt that i need picked up, i'll just call that fella. bring the backhoe to take care of it. well, coming up next, man love and lies. those are some of the topics of this week's new dvd releases. tony sup next with a rundown of -- is up next with a rundown of what's available. i'm going to head over to studio b to see what our chef is cooking up. we'll be back right after this explain.
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that must be your music. >> i don't know why. >> did you pick that out?
11:47 am
i'm not sure why we use that. >> happy music. >> it's very happy. tuesday means new dvds hitting store shelves today. tony joins us to give us a rundown. >> well start with the dvds. an interesting assortment of dvds out today including one that was a big hit movie that i can't wait to pick up. take a look. >> reporter: take on a little romance as they say "i love you, man." kicking off this week's new dvd. then a 37-year-old turns 17 again to relive his glory days. >> girlfriends and beer palms don't mix. >> reporter: college roommates pack up the car for another round of misadventure in "road trip, beer palms." love blooms for a salesman
11:48 am
during store hours in "gigantic." there's more reason to brush up on your french as oscar nominated foreign language film "the class" follows the year in the life of a french schoolteacher. while will and grace's eric mccormack goes retrowith the 1950's sci-fi inspired "alien trespass." >> this old twn, you're stock raving -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: if you're in the mood for some hit tv, get toed truth with -- to the truth with tim as he leads his team through lie detectors through season one of "lie to me." it includes your own lesson in microexpression training. that's how they tell us someone is lying or not. that's going to be cool to have your lesson in how they do it.
11:49 am
you can do it too. let's talk about music. one of the big top releases, jesse james is releasing her self-title album today. it was required in los angeles, new york, nashvie and london. it takes off with the song called "wanted" it's a full throttle dance scorcher we're told. there's also -- [ indiscernible ] this is probably the big music news today. george strait releases his 38th studio effort. it is called appropriately "twang." it's a follow-up to the platinum selling album of the year "troubadour ." it's desitined to go to number one and destined to spawn a couple of number one hits. check out woodstock 40 years on. it marks the 40th anniversary of the festival. it contains a 77-song, 6-cd box set. it's by far the most
11:50 am
comprehensive collection made so far of the artists that performed at the original festival. they've also reissued a lot of the original live at woodstock albums by individual artists now in longer versions so you get more complete perform manualses. >> that will be on your -- performances. >> that will be on your buy list. >> maybe. another music note to pass along to you. some fans will be upset about this. after 20 years of making music together, brooks and dunn are calling it quits. the two told fans on their website not to believe any rumors about why they were breaking up. they just said it's time for them to part. they're going to launch a farewell tour next year. so it's not immediate and it would seem to me to be amicable if they're planning a tour next year [ inaudible ] >> sad to see tm break up, though. what cd are you going to get? >> i don't know if i'm going to
11:51 am
buy anything this week. george strait is -- i know gurvir loves george strait. this man has had hit after hit. he's one of the most successful of all time. 38 albums. >> amazing and still making hits. you mentioned gurvir. george strait. now she's adding chili to the mix iveght eight all -- mix. it's all coming together. >> absolutely. i love george strait. we are over in studio b with goodstone inn and estate in middleburg. thanks for being here today. you fried one of these up for me a little bit ago to give me an example. it's spicy good. what you're cooking for us or making for us today is one of the big hits at goodstone. >> yes, it is. when dining at goodstone, it's a multicourse sensory experience and we start the diners out with banch of snacks. when you -- bunch of snacks. when you first sit down, you're hungry, when your eyes, as they
11:52 am
say, are bigger than your stomach. these are one of the most popular ones. these are buffalo wing crackers disbl. they're very, very versatile. you can do it a bunch of different ways. but this is local chicken, tap yolk came starch which you can find at asian markets. a little bit of salt. >> did you measure all this out? >> this is all measured out. >> how much would you say is in there? >> 200 grams of starch, 100 grams of meat, 70 grams of frank's hot sauce. a big debate on which hot sauce is the best. >> the hot sauce is the key. >> i'm a frank's fan. we're going to pulse it together. kind of push it a little bit like that. >> how long do you do that? because i have to tell you, i have a wonderful food processor at home but i'm a little intimidated by it. i only use it once or twice a year. >> you have one that's clear? you want one that's clear so you can see what's happening in there.
11:53 am
it's the best. you run it till it looks like that. until it comes together. >> is it sort of like you would be making biscuits? >> yes. >> that i do know. >> we're going to do -- spread it out on plastic. i'll just do a little bit. and then we're going to roll it. >> while you're doing that, tell us some of the other cool things you have going on. >> we've got some big things coming up in the future. we have a dinner with a town house restaurant which is an awesome restaurant. they're coming out to do a dinner with us which should be really interesting. we twist it up into a nice tight little cylinder like that. and then i have here a little steamer. and then put it in the steamer. we let it steam for about two hours. >> if someone doesn't have a steamer at home, can they use -- whaelse would you do? >> you could put a pot with a rack and put the water under the rack and put it on top and cover it. just so long it's not submerged
11:54 am
in liquid. >> so that itself is not labor intensive but this just takes long time. >> it takes a while. >> do it and leave it alone. >> what happens is you end up with a dough that looks like this very firm. it looks kind of weird. and then from here you can slice it like so. >> almost like a little potato chip. >> exactly. just like a potato chip or something like that. >> so you've got the dinner coming up. >> we've got the dinner coming up. >> you're taking reservations for people to come out and stay, that sort of thing, right? >> we have 18 rooms. that's the best way to experience goodstone to drive out and eat and stay the night. >>it's such a beautiful setting. >> 300 acres. we have pig, chickens and cows we use in the restaurant and a huge garden. you end up with slices like this and let them dry for about a day. it's actually a two-day process. once they get dry, they look like this, these little chips and you heat some oil to 350
11:55 am
degrees. >> and drop it in. >> this is the coolest part. >> love it. while that is doing its thing, we're going to take a break and we will be back right after this to let claudia and tony and tucker try this out, too. don't forget if you want to send us a recipe, you can do that at and we put this recipe on our website 'll be right back. be
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
welcome back. this could have been the scene here yesterday but this is actually in finland. some of the sweatiest people taking the heat in the world sauna championships. we love to show you these
11:59 am
championships here on the midday show. men and women battled it out in an endurance test of first ration and perseverance -- first ration and percent sears. -- perseverance. the top female sweated it out for three minutes 9 seconds. the men's winner finished in 3 minutes 46 seconds. they have a contest for everything. >> they do. >> what a sport hat is. >> if you want to do some sweating today, you should have no problem. 92 for an afternoon high. could be a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. better tomorrow, 88. the rest of the week we're in the 80s with typical summertime afternoon thunderstorms. >> the miewmdty is a little bit better. you want hot? try this. this is the specialty out at goodstone inn&estate. we're cooking up buffalo wing crackers. >> thee are spicy


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