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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  August 12, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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230 miles per gallon. we'll learn more about this ne car in our business beat. at 7:00, we'll have more about the life of eunice kennedy shriver. we'll talk live with someone from the special olympics international organization which she helped found. looking ahead to 8:00, holly is live at union station where she could witness a world record this morning. we'll give you a include t involves denim jeans and other clothing and it is for a good cause. good wednesday morning. it is 5:00. there with two. it is august 12th. as tucker mentioned, it is warm outside and the humidity will be really out there. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm steve chenevey. it seems to me, tony, we are feeling that humidity in here as well. >> warm inside of our studios. i think they keep the heat on overnight. >> must be a man-woman thing
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pause it feels pretty good to me. >> we'll see how you feel later. >> yeah, humid here and outside as well. run showers off to the west. i won't rowle utah rain shower -- i won't rule out rain shower inisg. y us r thus this rn elative humidity reis # #% and is # #% and the temperature is 77. --th -reatreand and wee temperature is 77. couple of of showers here and there during the course of the morning hours and another chance of that later on today. your forecast for today, a lot of clouds around, scattered showers and thunderstorms, humid, high about # 7 degrees. that is where we should be.
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that is our normal high for the date -- high about 77 degrees. >> heat, that's j-u-l -- >> yeah, yeah, yeah. how are the roads on this early wednesday j not so bad. we had overnight construction on 95 and they are in the process of clearing that up for you guys. overnight cotruction cleared at the 14th street bridge. traveling on the beltway between an an del and merrifield -- between annandale and merrifield, the lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. this is not about putting the government in charge of your health insurance.
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we are not talking about cutting medicare benefits. i am not promoting a single payer plan. >> that is president obama who is on the road defending his health care plan after days of town hall tensions. the president held a meeting of his own to try to set program. the president told the largely friendly cloud that he won't sign a bill that adds to the federal did he have si. he fired back at republican critics complaining the president's plan is too expensive. 42% of people support the plan. the president will hold two mother meetings on friday. senator ben car done will host another town hall meeting today, this one in hagerstown. fox 5 will be there to bring you the latest developments. a wave of deadly violence in southeast d.c. as two people were shot in the 3000 block of
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24th place. one victim died. the other is? table condition. two other shootings overnight, one on bernie place and another on stanton road. three people were shot there. all are expected to live. no word on a suspect or motive in any of these cases. police have released a crucial peace of evidence in a case in annandale. this is near a business on hummer road. a woman was found dead in her business last month. police are looking for the black infinity suv. a man gets out and walk up the driveway. if you know anything about this vehicle, this man or this situation, investigators would like to hear from you. homicide detectives head out to fort washington hoping to find the remains of shaquita bell. brian dickerson is serving a 15- year sentence for her murder. in fairfax county, police have made an arrest in a break-
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in and attack on a 14-year-old girl. police say sill verter bu left na broke in and attacked the teenager while she was sleeping earlier this movement the girl screamed and the suspect ran. he is charged with burglary and abduction. police have released the timothy mcveigh a man killed by two pit bulls on monday. he is 20-year-old carter delaney. autopsy volts show the dogs bit him repeatedly including a fatal bite to the neck. -- autopsy results show the dogs bit him repeatedly including a fatal bite to the neck. check out this video. a hiker fell and broke his ankle near shenandoah national park yesterday. he was alone but did have a
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cell phone and called for help. a rescue team came to help him. this morning, the world is remembering the life and legacy of eunice kennedy shriver. >> the sister of president john f. knedy and senator ted kennedy passed away yesterday morning at a hospital in cape c. statements have been pouring inc from around the world in remembrance including from president obama. shriver's legacy goes far beyond a life of pricks. she changed the lives of generations of disabled people by creating the special olympics. >> she opened doors for us. if it weren't for sure, a lot of us might be in institutions and we might not even be able to have jobs. >> she is the perfect example of the public service ethic beyond political office and the know built of that, the best of that. >> eunice kennedy shriver is
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survived by her husband sargent and five children. up next, we'll check world headlines scientist road rage incident at a busy bridge leaves a toll booth worker dead. we'll have details on that. stay with us. you are watching fox 5 morning news. (mom) he needeeverything for college:
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soy a california toll booth worker is dead, shot by a driver while inside her booth. it happened just north of span. police are now working to identify the gunman. american marines have mount awed helicopter assault to seize a taliban-held town in southern afgha stn-n.a troops are fighting to gain control of the area ahead of next week's presidential elections. the assault began before dawn today. marines have captured several suspects and also seized about 66 pounds of opium. a world lead we are a case of the swine flu. costa rican president is quarantined at home confirmed that he has the swine flu. the 69-year-old nobel peace prize winner says he has a fever and sore throat and is
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being treated with an anti-flu medicine. he suffers from asthma and is at heighter risk than most. new evidence this morning that former whowtion advisor karl rove had a significant role in the firing of at least one u.s. attorney. e-mails released yesterday show extensionive changes between rove and harriet mayers about david iglesias. he was one of nine u.s. attorneys fired for not being loyal enough to the bush administration. connecticut senator chris dodd is resting following surgery to remove a cancerous prostate. a spokesperson in new york says the surgery was successful and the senator is comfortae. the senator expects to stay in the hospital for a few more days and return home to connecticut. more trouble for metro this morning. coming up next, a train operator tested positive for drugs on the job and may have put passengers in danger. purchasing a home in foreclosure may seem luke a
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pretty good idea but buyer beware. some hidden damage could gut your bank account and also harm your health. we'll have details on today's weather forecast. i think you should take an umbrella with you just to be safe. julie wright will be along it tell us what is happening on the roads this morning. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. it is 5:11. what is it to lead?
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we want to check in with tony. we are losing some of the heat but we are gaining some of the humidity apparently. >> there is always a trade-off, you know. >> that's it for today. the other trade-off is that some raishowers are going to move thrgh. we had rain showers yesterday, some thunderstorm activity, an i think we'll have more towh it sthwit hd radar because i want to show you the o toofw f the sutittof othe south look at the thunder d lightning. you can't see the thunder but look at the lightning with
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these storms off to the south and east out there out to sea right now. that has pushed off it our east. we are not concerned about that. what we are seeing is some precipitation off to the west in the form some of rain, some spots of heavy rain across portions of west virginia now. this system continues to push to the east and northeast wi an area of low pressure and we could see the showers move in here. let's go it our graphics. can we flip the prommer there so we can see was going on? here is what we're looking at out to the west. a pretty good amount of moisture out there. with it getting closer to the region, can't rule out a shower or two during the course of the early-morning hours. i'm not sure about a thunderstorm but i do think we'll see showers moving here. likely some of the showers are not hitting the ground at this point. current temperatures across the region, 7degree here in
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washington. also at dull always airport and fredericksburg. baltimore at 72 degrees. winchester at 71 degrees. today, a lot of clouds around mentd scattered showers and thunderstorms not just this morning but this afternoon as well. just a lot of moisture out there today. remaining humid tonight. overnight low around 70 degrees. your five-day forecast, thursday, we'll see the cooler temperatures i told you about. by cooler, i mean mid-80s as opposed to mid-90s. 85 for thursday and friday. continuing chance of showers and thunderstorms. that continues through the weekend with our temperatures again in the mid-80s. now, let's get an update on this morning's rush hour traffic. we go for julie wright for that. >> all right. not looking so bad right now. it is kind of quiet. not a lot of people are out and about just yet so it is working in your favor, the unbound commute off of 95 and 295 heaving laurel headed down towards the capital beltway. your land are open if you are
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conning to work your way along the northbound side of 395. this is a hiv shot the 66 and for those head eastbound coming in, you'veot light traffic volume in towards 495. the beltway itself runs with ease leaving annandale headed out towards more you field. this is a live shot of 270. all lane are open with no incidents to report. no accidents continuing down toward the truck scales and headed out towards clarksburg. no incidents to report headed out towards germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. metro has had had rough week following the deadly crash in june, doors opening while trains are moving, awe worker killed on the track over the weekend, operators reading and driving and now a train with too many cars. most are six or eight-car trains but last month, one had ten. it maded through five stations before a passenger nose itsed. an extra car would mean the doors would open once outside the station. >> there are checks and balances that are followed and
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should have been in place on the afternoon of july # 1st. for some reason, that it in the occur and that is why we're following up with all the individuals that were involved on that afternoon. >> now, one metro worker response wrubl for the movement of the 10-car train has tested positive for drugs and is suspended without pay -- response responsible for the movement. while a fore hosed home may seem like a pretty good idea, mold is a problem and you may be bargaining with your health. >> reporter: enter the world of foreclosed homes an there is a pretty good chance you will run into this. mold. >> when i came into this room for the first time and saw what was developing on the wall, i knew it was a serious problem. >> reporter: renow the try wall would have to be removed. outside you see the likely
5:20 am
tuurce of the . is >> water is clearly getting in around the windows. >> r eporter>>it can take months for the foreclosure to run its course. with the power turned off, air conditioning isn't there to combat the mold. look at the ceiling tiles at ith nse rtir nrockville. >> it is probably one of the worst cases you've seen. >> paul ramsey is a licensed inspector who sees mold in foreclosed es> hereweek. >> there are people would have flooded their op homes an walked out. >> ramsey says the mole is not always obvious. here is an example where tearing ahua a baseboard reveals a lot. this is hidden. you wouldn't see this unless you were looking and studdying and perhaps being more invasive. >> reporter: here is another example. this house is in hyattsville. this place in foreclosure and it had five feet of standing water in the basement. the water was probably there for months. >> make sure you're doing your due diligence and realize the bank probably doesn't even know the history of the property.
5:21 am
so it is up to you to investigate. >> reporter: paul ramsey offers this advice to buyers. check the gutters. if they are full of water, water may be pooling around the foundation. he says pay attention on smell. other than a little musty odor can be a sign of big trouble. imagine being able to drive your car for an entire year without use august drop of gasoline. coming up income, this is the new car that could make that possible. we'll let you know how much gas mime yag this one gets. car deal ares reaping the benefit of the cash for clunkers program but is it working too well. >> they also sell mazdas, the volkswagens. fuel-efficient, consumer reported recommended cars, people are coming in and grabbing them. myth. the fact is, ad & shouldersoes re
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i can't taste the fiber in this chocate. they have 35% of your daily lue. hmm. oh, samples. hmm. autobahn. wackenschdol. fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. licious yes. how does 230 miles for the gallon sound in that could soon be a reality. general motors says the new chevy vote volt will get that kind of mileage. the volt's fuel efficiency will be four times more than the toyota preus. >> 80% of americans drive less
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than 40 miles a day to and from work and this vehicle, if you drive less than 40 miles a day, you are probably able to operate the whole year without use august drop of grass. >> that volt rolls into showrooms in 2010. the cash for chunkers program might be running out of gas. the popular rebate program started with a bg on july 27th. demand for cars peaked just two days later. now, experts are predicting the number people planning to buy cars could be back to preclunker levels by next week. that is not what we're seeing or hearing on local car lots. roz plater has the story. >> reporter: this used to be the lot lake forest toyota used to store its new car inventory. now, it is jam packed with clunkers. the government's cash for clunker as program such a hit the new car stockpile is way, way down. >> a year ago, we had over # hundred, almost 700 cars in stock. we are currently under a
5:26 am
hundred cars. >> reporter: the dealership's fuel efficient cars like corolla, camry and scion flying off the lot. it is not just the company's toyotas. >> fuel efficient well-made consumer reported recommend cars, people are coming in and grabbing them. >> reporter: that is something they found out the hard way. >> we came last wednesday and there was no money. we had to wait and come back friday afternoon and then there was no cars. >> they di't have any cars. they finally were able to transfer a car here. >> reporter: the silver spring couple is reluctant to part with their 15-year-old van. it is in pretty good shape and holds so man fond memories. they just can't say no to the good deal. >> if it weren't for the clunk irprogram, we wouldn't get rid of it. we couldn't get $4,500 for it if we sold it. >> reporter: neither can thousands of others.
5:27 am
this dealership says as soon as a new shipment comes in, customers are waiting. >> we are selling them off the truck. i will tell you, for $4,500, if a customer came in looking for a red car, they may be okay with a white one. >> the dealers will tell you they are thrilled with how this is going so far. they would like to see the promised money roll in from the government. a legendary basketball coach admits his role in a sex scandal. that the still ahead on fox 5 morning news. if you're going to burgle your neighbor's house, don't hold a yard sale on the same street. i'm john-rehand. we'll have hadunusual story coming up -- i'm john henrehan. we'll have this unusual story coming up. to start the year for just $9 total. nine dollars. considering at you get...
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welcome back. there is a look at traffic early on this day over by the pentagon. not too bad. and temperatures not terrible. >> not after what we saw. 80-degree or so this time of the y. >> yeah, aoy. >> yeah, our humidity is up there. let's take a look. the current temperature is 75 degrees. our dimiuty as gone up as ou temperatures have gone down. 76% humidity.
5:31 am
here is a look at the satellite- radar. it in pu motion, you will see some of the couds in over us. lot of clouds today and some moisture. it is off to the west. that is what y making its wa in our direction. i think that leading edge there is -- se of that is not quite hutting the ground. out to the west, more of that is and that will be making its ntle fohere during the next few tor py,dy ntof clouds, scattered showe and thunderstorms this morning and then again lr ateon this afternoon. highs today biclyal in the mid-80s. winchester, 85 degrees. la plata, 88 degrees. in wash, 87 for your high today. more details on the forecast coming up? just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright and look at what is happening out on the roads. >> not a lot shaking right now. we have lanes open as you continue to work your way around the capital beltway leaving oxon hill headed to and from the wilson brim. you are at speed between college park and the exits for 270 on the beltway. no incidents to report on 66. it is still an easy ride for
5:32 am
you guys conning inbound from nutley street headed er towards the capital beltway. beltway runs without incident leaving annandale headed up towards merrifield. we have light traffic volume if you are traveling along 95 leaving dale city headed up towards the capital beltway. 355 at bradley head southbound from the capital beltway. the lane are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. here, hey, hey, hey! i can't across the country, town hall meetings on health care have been eruptininto various levels of chaos. this is senator clair mccaskill's meeting in hillsboro, missouri. recent polls show support is dropping and nationwide those town hall meetings continue to heat up. protesters took aim at senator arlen spector in pennsylvania. and president obama is hold ago series of health care town
5:33 am
halls of his own. his first yesterday in new hampshire where the crowd was relatively calm. >> if you don't have health insurance, you will finally have quality affordable options once we pass reform. if you do have health insurance, we will make sure that no insurance company or government bureaucrat gets between awened the r you need. >> you can expect more firework at another meeting in maryland. this one is happening in hagerstown. senator ben car done will host the town hall meeting at 1:00 and fox 5 will be there to brung you the latest. a small piece of evidence could prove crucial in crack august murder case in annandale. look at this video. police wtot iu yo look at that black infinity suv on your screen. it was caught on camera near the business of chang auh on
5:34 am
hummer road. she was killed there last month. that truck pulled into the driveway of the business and a man got out. police think it is a 2003 to 2008 ininfiniti sx 5 or 45. you drive by a rummage sale and a lot of the stuff out there looks familiar to you. you tax a closer look and you realize it is your own stuff. it happened inu evern, maryland and the story gets even more weird. the man who sold the items admits he stole them too and he can explain it all. or 46-year-old david perticone held the yard sale just three houses away from the home that had been broken into and emptied of furnishings. >> it was a significant amount of property estimated about $25,000 in value. something as big as kitchen appliances was taken from the residence. >> reporter: when the woman saw her furnishings at her neighbor's yard sale, she called police who arrived, questioned everyone briefly and arrested david perticone who
5:35 am
admits he took the merchandise. here is the story as he told it. >> the house is more or less abandoned. it looked like it was abandoned. >> tongue her -- >> i thought it would go to the dump or whatever. i thought it was going to go to waste. i'm-- i wasn't thinking right. i'm thinking i'm going to get these things before they go to the trash heap i know it don't make sense but i wasn't thinking right. >> reporter: he says his 0-year- old girlfriend got him hooked on drugs. >> i was using cocaine and heroin with her. >> reporter: he has now lost his federal job as a heating plant operator and is likely facing jail time for burglary. >> next thing you know, i'm doing drugs every day. i lost all my money. now, i'm going to lose my house. i'm on the edge of losing my
5:36 am
house now. >> that was john-rehand reporting. that was john henrehan reporting. the nation and the world continue to remember a kennedy who never ran for office but was better known for her achievements outside of politics. eunice kennedy shriver passed away at the age of 88. we have learned the funeral . l be held on frid life in d a privileged a family people paid attention to you but all the time devoting herself though shows whose voices were not often heard. eunice kennedy shriver was the fifth of nine kennedy children including political giants john, bobby and ted kennedy. but shriver is best known as founder of the special olympics. >> thank you all the citizens of canada for hon ouring the special olympians. >> reporter: at special olympics d.c. headquarters, s viitors signed a condolence
5:37 am
book. >> you've done track, skiing sailing. >> reporter: special olympics athletes like gary barnes say eunice kennedy shriver's legacy goes well beyond just creating a sporting event. >> she opened doors for us. if it wasn't for her, a left us might be in institutions and we might not even be able to have jobs. >> reporter: special olympics president recalls telling shriver one time that he wished he could have even the organization's early days. >> she looked at me stern in the face and said brady, special olympics is owned thy r st. e >> but the genesis of special olympics as rooted in condition did i family history. her older sister, rosemy was born with brain damage and her life led to a lifetime commitment by eunice to improve the lives of disabled gepeople. >> she was one of the most compassionate members of the family. >> reporter: while her brothers entered the world of politics, she found another way to serve.
5:38 am
>> he is some the perfect example of this public service ethic beyond political office and the know built of that, the best of that. >> reporter: eunice kennedy shriver died at a massachusetts hospital. she is survived by her husband, former vice presidential candidate sargent shriver and five children. >> the public memorial an wake will happen on thursday. the funeral mass will most likely be private friday morning in high hyannis, massachusetts. up next, awe drive-through stick-up caught on camera. see how the victim was helped to make a bold escape. ♪
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coted we are back now with a look at stories making headlines. an armed robbery at a drive- through in ohio. surveillance video shows the gunman sneaking up from behind pushing cashiers to the ground and demanding money. a customer drove up and the cashier was able to run outside. police think the same man robbed that store back in june. the controversy surrounding a college football icon has taken another bizarre twist. louisville men's basketball coach rick pitino admitted he had sex with a woman and paid
5:42 am
for an abortion for her. he says she tried tox tort $10 million from him. she claims pitino raped her back if 2003. a compliant was filed last month but police decide not to prosecute for lack of evidence. she has pleaded not guilty to federal extortion charges. investigators continue to sharpen their focus on jackson's doctor. paula abdul didn't get the cash she want the but will simon cowell get what he is looking for. simon is talking big numbers for his contract with idol. web when back to school shopping meant no books and pens? now laptops are becoming standard equipment in middle and high school. how to look for the best deals coming up. we'll be checking out your morning commute for you and we'll take a look at the
5:43 am
weather coming up right after the come on. [ kissing ]
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it look like simon cowell is close to inking a deal on another three seasons. the reports out of the holiday say that cowell would pull in
5:46 am
$45 million a ar on the deal. that is $9 million more than he currently make and more than three times what paula asked for in negotiations. >> and a former idol finalist is now a mother. jennifer hudson never confirmed she was pregnant though suspicion certainly grew along with her belly. she delivered a seven found, 14 ants bay late monday night -- a seven pound 14-ounce boy late monday night named david daniel otunde. it will be a muggy day. not as hot temperature-wise as it was yesterday. i think we got up to 9 # yesterday officially. today will be in the 80s but again muggy so still rather steamy. let's take a look. here are your weather headlines for the foreseeable future. first of all, finally a little bit cooler and by that, we mean
5:47 am
-- these headlines going pretty fast. humid the next couple of days. tropical activity is on the increase, boys and girls. i'll show that to you in few minutes. 75degrees here at washington, d.c. 75 at dulles. patuxent naval air station is 75 degrees. winchester, virginia is at 71 degrees. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for our part of the world. you have some rain showers out there. this is moving slowly to the east-northeast. you can't rule out a shower or two popping up in our region during the course of the morning hours. later on today, we could see some redevelopment of the precipitation. there is washington. here is the latest radar image. i don't think some of that is hiing the ground. there is more out there. let's take a look at the tropics. yesterday being i told you about this little number here.
5:48 am
this rains a tropical depression. however, maximum sustained winds are now 35 miles per hour so it is on the threshold of becoming a tropical storm. if it does, whicit could later this morning or later today, it would be the first tropical storm of of the atlantic hurricane season. it will be tropical storm anna depending on who you talk to. forecast for washington for today, a lot of showers and thunderstorms, 87 degrees for your high today. that is our normal high for this date. five-day forecast, our highs for the next few days will be in the mid-80s so there you go. about where we should fob this time of year, every day, there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms. today's chance about a 40% chance. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. want to remind you that fox 5 is always there to help you beat the heat on air and on- line. check out our live radar plus your extended forecast. you can also see a list of all the pools offering free swimming and find cooling center locations all on our web site. just go to for that. that is a look at the weather. now, let's get a look at
5:49 am
traffic with julie wright. >> did somebody say pool? >> pool! i know that perks your ears up. >> between pool and food, i'm not sure. >> ideally, you have both. >> well, yeah and i have more of one than the other. >> what about a pool boy? is that important? >> honey, that is a different show. that's for after the kids go to bed. here we are live southbound along 270 coming out of my neighborhood as you travel southbound into rockville. no accidents to report leaving gaithersburg headed out towards the split. lanes are open now top side of the beltway leaving college park headed around towards the exit for 270. the pace is good across the 14th stret bridge and now no incidents to report in southeast working your way across the anacostia bridges headed up towards the freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. forget about the crayons and pencils, laptops are on the back to school list identify lot of people. we are talking as yuck as
5:50 am
middle school students but the computer doesn't have to bust your budget. fox 5's money reporter medical andy alnwick has more on how to score a laptop for less. at microcenter in rockville, maryland, little netbooks are a big hit with customers. >> they are the hottest thing on the market. >> weighing in at under three pounds, netbooks are popular for their port built and price. most start at about $350. >> it's great choice for high school and middle school students as a primary computer. >> chet says because they tone va a lot of moment are you, they are best suited to basic internet surf is, e-mail and note taking. >> you are sacrificing a number of things. >> reporter: a tiny keyboard can be hard to type on and they ru>> i wouldn't play any games with them. >> reporter: but that is the trade you make for port built. the top three models under $400 according to consumer reports
5:51 am
are the samsung nc-10, acer aspire one and the acer aspire. boston says adding memory also must. >> you put the new one in, push it until it clicks and you were a done. >> reporter: most people also want software, a carrying case an perhaps a dv dr. drift and that drives up the price. >> you are into the computer for under $500. >> reporter: for college students, netbooks can be a good second computer and with washington, with the integrated web cam, a good way to keep in touch. >> some of those netbooks sell as low as # 50 in you tonight need the wind windows operating system -- as le as $250 if you don't need the windows operating system. south red sox are getting ready to invade baltimore tomorrow but will clinton portis take the field? up next, some interesting comments from number 26. the boys of summer with some hot tempeawrsfuawful brawl
5:52 am
the diamond. -- the boys of summer with some hot tempers. a brawl on the time and. we'll find out how this turned out. >> reminds you of the billy martin days.
5:53 am
5:54 am
we start you off with football news. michael vick's agent visited redskins park yesterday but he says there is though chance vick will lay for the redskins. he was at the park looking out for jason campbell and his other clients. he did say he is hopeful that vick will object somebody's opening day roster. the redskins open preseason
5:55 am
play tomorrow against baltimore and one guy who has come lean with his dislike for playing minister preseason many times, running back clinton portis. not a fan of training camp either. the question becomes will he play tomorrow night? >> i do want have a choice. if the washington redskins are taking the field, i'm part of the washington redskins. >> he will be ready to go in. he will give you his best effort so i'm he not concerned about how much he plays or how much he doesn't play especially in the first game. but just like last year, i didn't play him in the first game. i probably will do the same in this. >> guard randy thomas and tackle albert haynesworth are not going to play versus the ravens tomorrow. here is a identify that really does want to play, second year tight end fred davis. he is starting to make significant strides after a forgettable rookie season. last year, made an awful first
5:56 am
impression when he overslept at mini camp. this year, he is getting positive feedback and is expected to play a much bigger roll. >> the hard work you are trying to do. i'm still not there. that is my whole focus is getting better every day. >> coming into training camp, is he is the guy that looks like he is in great shape. he is understanding what he is doing. >> two streaking teams colliding in atlanta. the nats and the atlanta braves. ryan zimmerman way base hit to left. morgan coming around to score which he will easily. but controversy with morgan ensued in the third. he appears to steal third base right here. watch closely. yep,' in easy. third base ump larry vanover disagrees and so does the nats hitting instructeddor. things would get a bit heated.
5:57 am
the braves would get on to end the nats eight-game winning streak. a little by different in boston. the fight began when cabrera was hit by a pitch in the hand. the tying arers try to retaliate. >> he drove and fight night is on. both benches clear. take another look with the helmet tonight and down on the ground we go. boston though perhaps inspired ended up winning the game after a ght rain delay. final score, 7-5. the mystics lose last night to detroit. the final score 81-77. straight ahead at 6:00, the new car that has the auto world buzzing today. chevy volt. folks claim it will get 235 miles per gallon. >> : we are also checking weather and traffic as fox 5 morning news continues at 6:00 in just two minutes
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