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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  August 14, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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several minutes, that will dissipate. not much happening out there. we won't see much happening as far as any precipitation or anything like that goes. we will find a couple areas of fog here and there this morning. mostly clear skies. no real precipitation showing up. there is a little bit of a shower across the southern chesapeake bay. we'll see a bit of a drying trend for the bulk of the region for today and for the weekend as well. right now, reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 73 degrees. relative humidity is up there, 87% again. i mention you could encount are some fog here and there. winds are out of the northeast at six miles per hour. check out that barometric pressure on the rise, 30.16. your day planner for today look like this. we'll call for mostly sunny skies today. warm, summery, highs later on this afternoon into the upper 80s. upper 80s the way we're thinking right now. and just the slight of the chance of a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. most people, 95% of the people
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will not see a shower or thunderstorm. there you go. >> very good. thank you. let's say good morning to julie wright and get a look at traffic out there. >> early morning commute is stacked up already. inbound suitland parkway between branch and naylor. that is due to an accident. bill utterly at branch, you can pick up pennsylvania avenue and take you into the anacostia at this time. 395 northbound at the 14th street bridge, lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we have breaking news right off the top at 5:00 this morning. in southeast washington wre dpolice are searching for a car involved in a deadly hit and run crash. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. on the suitland parkway near stanton road. it is still an active scene with part of the parkway still closed. tom fitzgerald joins us with the late. >> reporter: tragic start to the day hear in southeast.
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this scene still going on. let pee get out of the the way and give you a better look at what is going on here. the call came in at approximately 2:36 a.m. that was when a man was apparently crossing suitland parkway from south to north and was struck by a car in the inbound lanes of of the suitland parkway. now, police have not identified the victim. however, we can tell you that he is an african-american male. police are on the lookout right now for what they believe is the striking vehicle, and that within a small dark blue or black vehicle with what we are told would be extensive front end damage to the wind windshield and possibly missing the right front side mirror. as you heard briefly in that traffic report just a minute
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ago with julie wright, traffic is being diverted on the outbound intersection. we're live some southeast, tom fitzgerald. michael fell p was involved in an accident last night. driver of the other car was shaken up and taken to a local hospital as a precaution. police say alcohol was not involved and no citations were issued. authorities are looking for the person would plant ad bomb inside a u.s. postal service mailbox. it exploded last night near brown middle school in northeast washington. that explosion took place about 10:00 last night. nobody was hurt and no arrests were made. damaging or destroying a mailbox is a federal offense. the u.s. postal inspection
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serve i has taken over this -- service has taken over this investigation. the battle of the blaze was more like a beltway beatdown as the ravens within last night. the ravens dominated the game compiling nearly 500 net yards. the redskins moved the ball early but they couldn't get in the end zone. >> we had a whole bunch of plays but i thought for the plays that we were in, we about the positive yards. for the most part, we moved the ball. we took what was there. what wasn't there, they made a good play also. i thought the offensive line held up real well. >> the other major news in the nfl this more than, michael vick is back. he signed with the philadelphia eagles. that news comes just weeks after vick's release from
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serving 18 months in federal ison for a dogfighting conviction. we talked with fans at the redskins ravens game about vick's comeback. >> i was shocked when i saw that but they have to do what they have to do. i think it the fits the eagles real well. >> i'm a just waiting for don haven't macnab's momo talk more on her blog. it doesn't affect me too much. the size of the city in philadelphia, they don't have a lot of dogs running around. they have a leash law. >> i have no problem with it. he served his time. i don't know if he still has any gas in the tank. >> if the commissioner makes him sit out the first week of the rowing season, that means his first chance to play would come some week seven against the redskins. president obama tacks his fight for health care reform
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out west now as the president holds a town hall meeting today in montana and one tomorrow in colorado. it appears the president will face off with angry protesters and the first stop is planned in bozeman, montana. this meeting will folkous a provision to prevent insurance companies from dropping or limiting coverage for those who become seriously ill. a picture is worth a thousand words but some say metro acted too quickly without the facts after this picture surfaced showing a metrobus driver on a cell phone while driving. the eunice kennedy shriver driver's union says the two-way radio was broken and the woman had to use the cell phone to call in a malfunction. the union denies the bus was actually moving. metro went confirm the radio issue and the driver is on paid leave. judgment day in a crime spree that terrorized montgomery county for months. elderly women tied up, robbed and taxed inside their home. a judge sentenced jose garcia
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polara to life without parole followed by three consecutive life sentences. one of his victims died after the attack. today, police will continue their search for shook eat abell. yesterday, a possible break in the case as police unearthed a shoe. bell's family thinks that may belong to shaquita. authorities are looking in ina bell's ex-boyfriend confessed to murdering her and pointed police to the area where he says the body was buried. the swine flu scare hits the sports world. coming up next, the star agent least who has come down with the h1n1 viewer us. wildfires raging out west as thousands race to save ground. anng11-year-old got an interview with the president. what with you ask mr. obama. you're watching fox 5 morning news.
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firefighters facing an uphill battle against the wildfire in northern california. a fire in the mountains of santa cruz is growing forcing more than 2,000 people for evacuate their homes. so far, there have been no reports of injuries or homes destroyed. this is just one of several wildfires burning in the state.
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turning now to the tragedy on the hudson. an air traffic controller and supervisor have been placed on administrative leave in connection with last weekd's deadly midair collision between a small plane and helicopter. the faye says the air traffic controller who was handling the small plane was having what they call apparently inappropriate conversations at the time of the accident and the supervisor was not in the building as required. the faa says the employee's actions do not appear to have contributedded to the accident itself. the crash killed nine people. a u.s. soccer star has tested positive for swine flu. landon donovan of the l.a. gal asky believes he contracted the virus from two team staff members. the team's general manager says he is not contagious and has the mild strain of the flu and is at the tail end of it. the cdc is expected to relouis new numbers today on the swine flu. a private funeral will take police today for eunice kennedy shriver. yesterday, a steady stream of
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people filled the church. she founded the special olympics and is the sister of president john f. kennedy and senator ted kennedy. eunice kennedy shriver passed away on tuesday. she was 88. chances are you are going to run into a few rod projects on the way to work as construction signs seem to be popping up all over the play. it is about to get woser. . stimulus money worked. i think it would be cool to ray president -- >> hear what questions this young man asked the president. we've had a couple of problems in the rush hour. julie wright will be along to
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a boy in south florida who became an internet accept indication during the 2008 presidential campaign finally landed a coveted interview with president barack obama. >> that is 11-year-old damon weaver with the president. in the interview which was posted on youtube late last night, he ask the president about education funding, how parents can improve their children's education and if the president could make school lunchs better. >> what are you going to do about violence and to keep me safe? >> well, i think we have to make sure that all schools have the resources to keep kids safe but it is also important that parments and community members participate in training their young people to resolve arguments and dagreements
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without resorting to violence. and too many of our young people, when they get frustrated or angry at each other, they start -- >> as you just heard, he also asked the president about keep are our schools safe. he already has a full scholar asian-pacific to albany state university in georgia and he created a buzz last year when he interviewed vice president joe biden. >> that is fantastic. >> meanwhile, i'm northing to interview screech from saved by the bell next weeithw d luck uc >> thanks. t > let's take awh hwhat is happening around the region. i want to start with our radar. here is a look at the radar. the areas with the dark is la t that has showed up well out on the -- well i won't say well out. out to the west and to the north and a little bit down to our south as well. because of that, there is a dense fog advisory for portions of southern pennsylvania. we are not really seeing it
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here in our area. then down to the south as well where some of that fog is showing up there. we also see a few clouds streaming across southeastern portions of virginia and the lower end of the chesapeake bay as well. current temperatures around the region, 7 # degrees here in the district. # 8 up in baltimore. 72 in fredericksburg, hagerstown, maryland is at 72 degrees at this hour p so temperatures pretty consistent in where we thought they would be. your satellite-radar composite for the region. there wasn't a cloud that we showed you on the other radar a moment ago. there is a little it of precipitation but nothing in around us and we don't really expect to see anything for today. maybe a lone shower or thunderstorm late today but i'm telling you, these would be just a couple of showers here and there widely scattered. most people will not see that. for today, here what is we're looking at. mostly sunny skies. an isolated thunderstorm possible. high about 86 degrees. right about where we should fob this time of year.
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for tonight, similar to last night. we'll see our lows in the upper 60s outside of town. and some patchy late night fog is possible. your five-day forecast, here is your look at the weekend. some improving conditions. for saturday, the slightest chance of a shower or thunderstorm just like today. most of you will be dry saturday. i wldn't worry about it. 88degrees. it will be warm and humid. same if sunday, 90 degrees. we are into warm temperatures as we head into the beginning of the next workweek. now, let's get more on the morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> we were talking about an incident which occurred earlier this morning along the suitland parkway between stanton road and branch avenue and alabama avenue really. tom fitzgerald has been reporting live from the screen. we are receiving calls that the road has been reopened. tom fitzgerald can confirm that in his report. we are receiving calls that the road has been reopened along the suitland parkway. we'll keep you posted. no accidents to report right now if you are traveling the
5:20 am
top stretch of the beltway between clege pk and bethesda. eastbound 66, they're checking for a crash as you work your way in from manassas approaching 28 in centreville. keep your eyes peeled for that as you continue to work your way in towards 50 fair oak and out towards 123. southbound 270, no incidents to report for those continuing southbound leaving clarkburg headed out towards the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. if you are irritated by all the road construction happening around here, would it make you feel better if you knew itas your stimulus dollars at work. d.c., maryland and virginia are all getting a combined $1 # 7 million for transportation projects. we have a report. >> reporter: summertime is prime time for road projects. it seems you can't go anywhere without getting stuck in a
5:21 am
construction-related backup. >> it is slowing everything down. the making everybody frustrated. for drivers on 495, it is about to get worse. >> oh, boy. we're going to have a horrible time trying to get to work and school and everything. >> reporter: 11.9 mull wrop dollars from the american recovery and reinvestment act will be used to resurface four miles of the highway in both directions as well as the river road and clara barton parkway ramps. for the next year, there will be shoulder and lane closures. >> certainly, this is all in line with making sure we have a well maintained highway system. >> reporter: the maryland department of transportation is getting $62 million for projects throughout the state, mainly maintenance work like improving sidewalks and drainage. resurfacing roads, upgrading traffic signals and beautication projects. >> it does appear it many drivers if they see a barrel at every turn but that is always a positive thing if we have crews out there working. >> reporter: the projects are
5:22 am
supporting 17,000 jobs from state workers to contractors. drivers aren't happy about the delays. >> if it is stimulus upony that is for the right reasons, it is putting people to work, then i guess i'm all for it. >> reporter: sitting in traffic is the trade-off for helping some workers ride out the recession. >> it is hard to say if the money is actually creating jobs. m-d.o.t. as a the majority of the work is system preservation. trouble at sea was caught on camera. still ahead, a pilot makes an emergency landing in the middle of the water and then holds on for de live. >> we're staying loyal. we are staying loyal to the redskins. >> i'm pushing playoffs. i don't see why not. >> fans are also talking cash. when fox 5 morning news returns.
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gives you 100% of the daily value of 12 essential vitamins and minerals. us the bold new taste of blueberries and pomegranate with crispy whole grain flak and crunchy oat clusters. total, a truly delicious way getitamins and minerals. how are you getting 100%? visit and get a free sample. near mid field. this is not what you normally expect to see from this club. finally out of bounds. >> it was a battle of the blaze. the redskins versus the ravens. it didn't quite go the way skins fans had hoped it would. >> football wasn't the only thing on the minds of fans last night.
5:26 am
bob barnard headed up i-95 to talk to them about dollars and cent instead of x's and o's. >> we know they're excited for football. and the new nfl season. >> i am so psyched. you cannot believe how psyched i am. >> i am a ravens fan. >> how are you going to do? >> we're going to super bowl. >> or burgundy and gold. >> we are staying loyal to the redskins. >> i'm pushing playoffs. i don't see why not. >> reporter: but football can't be the only thing on their minds. how about the economy? >> fresh roasted peanuts! >> the economy? i think it's looking up. we can only go up. >> i'm feeling like it is a disast. employment is hard. job are hard. everything is not doing well. >> reporter: especially if you just finished college. >> i worked my butt off for four years and here i come into
5:27 am
the real world and i can't get a real job. m waiting tables. >> reporter: why not just give up the football? >> i can't. i do a lot of fantasy football and football pools. i can't cut back on that. >> if you are adie hard football fan, you will found a way to get here. >> reporter: others tell us there are ways for enjoy the out t outings out -- enjoy the outings and see the football too. >> we told the kids to drink as much as they can. if we go inside, it costs a little bit more. what about the debate over our nation's health care system? >> this is a big change they are aproposing. people naturally fear change but i think that america has the health care system model of the world. >> reporter: is that so? >> you think we have an insurance problem. i don't think we have a health care problem. >> reporter: something to chew
5:28 am
on as we embark on another pro football season. bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> we'll are game highlights coming up in just a little bit. we are following developing news in the district. tom fitzgerald is on that this morning. >> reporter: itland parkway the scene of a fatal hit and run accident. coming up on fox 5 morning news, why police are asking for the public's help.
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welcome back. it is temperature-wise, not so bad out there. 7 # degrees. good news is it is a friday morning. >> absolutely. good way to start off the weekend. >> you know what? think about ysterday. today is going to be almost a carbon copy of yesterday. highs in the mid-80s, about the same level of humidity. couple of sprinkles or showers here or there. mostly we won't see that activity so more of the same for today. we'll start with the satellite- the south cansho wey we and east. don't for bet some fog in place to our north and to our south and west. so some of you will be encountering that. current temperatures at the area airports, reagan national down to 72 degrees. dulles international is at 70
5:32 am
degrees. bwi marshall is at 68. plenty of sunshine. could be an isolated thunderstorm and by isolated i mean isolated. most of you will not see that. don't worry about it. more is coming up in a bit. >> i like it when you call it that lone shower. >> yeah. >> let's check in with julie wright and see how traffic is moving at 5:30. >> good morning to you all. we just spoke with tom fitzgerald. he has been reporting le from an incident which occued at the suitland parkway and alabama avenue. he does confirm the road has been reopened in each direction. suitland parkway reopened betweealabama avenue and stanton road. good news for you there. right now, on the roads, you will find lanes are open if you are traveling eastbound on 66 head in towards 7100 working your way out towards the capital beltway. now, outbound 66, they are checking for a crash near 1 with only the two left lanes getting by. we'll keep you posted on what
5:33 am
they find there in the next report. southbound 270, no accidents to report leaving clarksburg. lanes are open as you continue down towards rockville. top side of the beltway rolling at speed between college park and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. let's get back it our develo ing news ove of the district. suitland parkway reopened after a deadly hit and run crash that happened just about three hours ago near stanton road. police do have information on the vehicle involved. let's get that from tom fitzgerald on the scene. >> reporter: good morning. a sad start to the morning here in suitland parkway. a victim was found at about 3:26 this morning along the northern side of suitland parkway. police have not identified the victim but we do know he is an african-american male. we have some video of the scene earlier this morning. police said what they found when they arrived was the
5:34 am
victim lying on the side of the road. now, there were traffic cameras in the general intersection of where the hit and run took place. the police department tells us they do for the believe the cameras were recording. they were merely for traffic monitoring. it is not clear whether or not police have any video information on the actual occurrence of this accident. this is what they do know. police say they are on the lookout for a small, dark blue or possibly black car. now, this car would have extensive damage to its wind windshield and it is possibly missing the right front mirror off of the vehicle. metropolitan police department cleared the scene about 45 minutes ago, reopened traffic on the suitland parkway. they are still on the lookout for that small vehicle apparently invlved in the fatal hit and run on suitland parkway. >> thank you. there was a crash much less
5:35 am
severe involving olympic gold medicine medal swimmer michael phelps. police say he was driving an suv that collided with another car at an intersection near downtown baltimore. nobody in phelps' car was injured. the driver of the other car was shaken up and taken to a local hospital as a precaution. police say alcohol was not involved in the crash. a search is on if a mailbox bomber. somebody plant the an explosive device inside a blue mailbox. it happened about 10 last night. damaging or destroying a mailbox is a federal offense. the battle of the plays wasn't much of a battle last night. it was more like a blowout. ed redskins fell to the ravens 2-0. the ravens pulled out to a 6-0 lead and scored a touchdown just before half time. the ravens dominated the game. we'll hear from had of the
5:36 am
players coming up a bit later. the beltway battle perhaps overshadowed a little bit by news further up 95 as michael vick has signed a contract with the philadelphia eagles. they gave him a one-year deal with an option if a second year. vick has not played since 2006. he was convicted in 2007 of conspiring and running a dogfighting operation. he can play in the final two pre-season games but could sit anywhere from one to six weeks once the regular season starts. eagles quarterback donovan macnab is talking about his newest teammates. >> i peroty much lobbied to get him here because i believe everyone deserves a second chance and what a better place to come than here. i think for a guy who has spoken the truth in front of the nation, has served his time and for a guy who is just looking for an opportunity to kind of get his feet back on the ground, i think he deseres it.
5:37 am
i look forward on to him joining us in the next couple of days. >> if the nfl commissioner makes him sit out the first six weeks of the rowing season, that would mean his first chance to play would come in week seven against the redskins. health care reform it is starting to look a lot like the presidential campaign not long ago and president obama can expect the same outburst is when he takes his message to montana today. a big opposition rally is planned nearby. meantime, drug manufacturers, unions, hospitals and other medical groups have launched a $12 million ad campaign in support of the overhaul. did metro jump the gun over a picture of a bus driver on a phone, a cell phone? a blogger snapped it last month and claim the bus was moving but the driver's union says there is a story bwsind this picture. right now, the driver is on leave. her union says the bus was not moving at the time and the driver as won't using her cell
5:38 am
phone to call in a malfunction on the two-way radio because the radio was broken. a recording of the phone call does exist. >> if the radio was broken and shused the cell phone, i think that is okay. get the first first. >> : i think if you are driving the bus on the cell phone, that is wrong. she should have stopped, gotten off, road for bhelp and just pu the cell phone away. >> metro's zero tolerance policies comes after a series of embarrassing photos of drivers that appear to be teching, even reading a book on the job. yesterday there was a possible break in the case of shaquita bell. authorities are looking in ad withed area in fort washington for her body. bell's former boyfriend has con full court pressed to murdering her and pointed police to the area where he says the body was buried. an armed robbery is caught
5:39 am
on camera in loud occupy county. a man walked into the mini mart on james monroe highway and pulled out a gun and asked for cash. he kept his weapon aimed at the store clerk the entire time. if you recognize the man in the video, police would like to hear from you. there is a new push clean up a northwest d.c. neighborhood where dangerous chemicals were discovered. the chemical agent muse started turned up in the spring valley neighborhood. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton met with the army corps of engineers again. she says since the clean-up began, the army has left the site twice without consulting congress. it was a tense situation at sea with a familiar look to it. a man clinging to a crashed plane in the middle of the water. how all of this ded coming up income. take a look at the tmz video of the stage fall that
5:40 am
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a pilot crash-landed in the sea and his rescue is caught on camera. a road crew called the coast guard which sent in a team to
5:43 am
rescue the man from the waters. now to afghanistan where u.s. forces continue a heavy assault on the taliban to secure the country for upcoming elections. at last check, allied forces had about half the town under their control. u.s. aircraft and missiles took aim in the southern town. 18 years after his navy fighter jet was shot down in iraq, captain scott speicher will be buried today. his remains arrived in jacksonville, florida yesterday. he was shot down on the first night of the girts fufl war in 1991. his remains were just recovered. -- on the first night of the first gulf war in 19916789. get ready to face some new airport security rules beginning tomorrow. we'll run down everything you need to know. you're watching fox 5 morning news.
5:44 am
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♪ till now - ♪ i always got by on my own - ( audience cheering )
5:46 am
♪ iever really cared ♪ until i met you... a1 makes the burger king steakhouse burger sing. the music world is saying good-bye to a guitar legend. les paul died yesterday in new york. he pioneered the solid body electric guitar later used by legends like peter townsend and jimmy paige. he first introduce the the les paul broadcaster in 1940. he tied from complications of pneumonia.
5:47 am
he was 94 years old. let's take a look at some video from last week. that is aerosmith front man steven tyler and his unfortunate stage fall during a show in south dakota. the band announced yesterday it is now canceling the rest of its summer tour. tyler needs to recover from a broken shoulder and 20 stitches in his head that he got when he fell. in his statement, he said he was doing the tyler shuffle when he fell. >> wow! >> and les paul even back in 2006 was still playing. >> oh, les paul? yeah. he played rite up to the end. >> springsteen would go play with him in new york a little bit. >> when he said his guitar played by such legends and we named a couple of people. almost effect at some point played a les paul guitar. a big loss. >> what is going on in the
5:48 am
weather world today? >> well, let's talk about the weekend first since everyone is focused on the weekend. you want to know what the weather look like and what kind of pans can you make. you can make outside plans. it will be hot but i think it will be primarily dry. saturday, warm and humid. high about 88 degrees. sunday, sunny, hot and mid-90s it looks like in some locations but around 90 degrees here in town. i think both days remain mostly dry. on saturday, there is a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm late in the day for some locations. current temperatures, we are at 72 degrees here. 68 up in baltimore. fredericksburg at 72 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar composi for the eastern united states and again, we've got clouds to our south and east. we've been showing you the stalled out frontal system and that is pretty much where the clouds or and where that moisture continues to ride up. we even see a little shower activity along the southern portions of the chesapeake bay
5:49 am
and the potomac river potomac river as well. a couple of showers have popped up there during the early- morning hours. here is a look at the surface map for today. high pressure to our north, we still have this frontal system although it is gradually pushing away and fading away. but it still has enough presence to have some cloud cover associated with it and any energy that moves along could bring some shower activity. so can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm here and there but for the most part, we'll be dry for today. forecast for washington for today, mostly sunny and an isolated afternoon thunderstorm is possible. we showed you the weekend and again, monday, tuesday, rights now look to be dry with temperatures back into the low 90s. that is it for the weather. now, let's get more on the morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> i can't believe it. you want from aerosmith to lover boy talking about ody wor weekend. >> that's okay. that is not a bad transition gentleman well make you a top
5:50 am
40 jock yet. >> i would love it. that would be fun. if you are traveling out on 66 eastbound, lane are open from manassas all the way in towards the capital beltway. where we ve some trouble is outbound as you work your way from the beltway headed out towards 123. that is where we had the accident. only the twoleft lanes were automobile to get through. not a big backup on the westbound side. again, that is against the rush hour flow. do keep that in mind. eastbound, everything is open. it is outbound 66 closer to 123 where we have the wreck. only the two left lanes are able to get through. top stret of the beltway here at colesville road running smoothly as you work your way around from 95 college park headed around towards georgia avenue. southbound 95 and # 95 behaving nicely out of laurel. -- southbound 95 and 295 behaving nicely out of laurel. >> thank you. wall street hoping to improve on its last session. yesterday, the dow gained 6 points. the nasdaq finished up 10. in tokyo, the nikkei closed with an 80-point gain.
5:51 am
travel anywhere any time for one month and it will only cost you $599. that is the offer from jetblue. but you have to buy the pass by next friday and it is good between september 8th and october 8th. watch out for the fees. it will cost you $100 to make changes to your flight less than three days out. if you don't take the flight, that is not $100. they will suspend your pass until you pay. you have to pay extra for international flights. that includes puerto rico. that could cost up up to $200 per flight in international fees. flying the friendly skies is about to get more personal. starting tomorrow, the tsa is rolling out new rules for flying. those rules may help you avoid intense questioning for homeland security. >> reporter: get ready to get personal with your airline. for the first time under a federal program, travelers will be required to disclose hair burght date and sex before even
5:52 am
buying their ticket. the change comes as the transportation security administering takes over responsibility for check airline passenger names against government watch lists. tsa says government control will uncrease security while reducing the number of mes innocent people are mistakenly confused with possible terrorists having similar or identical names. >> there are multiple layers of security, secure flights being the late one. i think tsa has done a great job in identifying the layers and implementing the layers. >> reporter: the new change will require passengers to provide thee pieces of information. first, their full name as it appears on the government- issued identification and their birth date and gender. they will send the information to the tsa to compare it. >> as far as the personal information, all of the testing suggests that this is all the information we need in order to somebody to bet a boarding pass. >> tsa says it plans to screen
5:53 am
all passengers on all domestic commercial flights by early next year and all passengers on international commercial ?riets by the end of 2010 -- flights by the end of 2010. we'll hare what one redskins player has to say about michael vick. we are coming back.  cash for clunkers is available at your alevdey er de
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in sports news this morning, redskins fans are already saying, you know what? there is the next game. the redskinsly the pittsburgh steelers saturday at fedex field. >> the battle of the blaze more like a blowout. redskins fell to the ravens 23- 0. the ravens pulled out a 6-0 lead to two field goals and scored this touch downjust before half time. the ravens compiled nearly 500 net yards to the skins 200 yards. >> we had a whole bunch of plays but i thought for the plays we were in, we get positive yards. we got to play more and more to get the rhythm. we moved the ball. we took what what was there. they made a good play also. i thought the offensive line held up real well. >> of course, the big story coming out of the nfl is that
5:57 am
michael vick -- g i didn't aninthoiyg g going offensively. they played tough, they blitze and they got me a couple of times. that is all football. i'll be back next week. >> now, the big story. michael vick signing with the eagles. redskins cornerback deangelo hall is a friend of vick's and that is what hall had to say following the announcement that vick had signed. >> he got a job but to see him twice a year in our division is something that the team will ve to adjust top of the hopefully, don't et to play as much as he would like to and we'll be all right. >> they're friends. they just don't want to face each other. nationals having trouble facing anybody after the nice winning streak. it seemed to turn south again. they fell to the reds 7-0.
5:58 am
straight ahead at 6:00. >> we are coming to the from the entrance of district nine, the reef gee scamp set up to separate aliens from the general population. district nine hits theaters this weekend along with a few other new movies. kevin mccarthy will be here live to preview the new flick. get schooled in style,
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