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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  August 17, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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m gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm stoash. >> bill just became a hurricane evstchenevey. >> bill just became a hurricane. we are very the the tropics. this is a look at tropical cl deemattde audette made landfall at cl about 1:00 this morning near fort walton, florida. . ohas maximum sustained winds h we t l an ur. o we'll get an update in a couple of moments. bringing heavy rain to florida, parts of louisiana, parts othe see two to five inches of rain croughly speaking during the next day or so. we'll keep you posted on that as well. take a look at what is happening here at home. 74degrees is the current temperature at reagan national airport. we have a few clouds tht uere,
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no precipitation. you will find fog here and ther some misty conditions as the humidity levels are up there and a few clouds but that t about t a cafor today, we'll esa e good amount of sunshine today. i s ghd humid again iw s thghhi raiinm gro fe thlow to the mid- 90s. 91 in frederick. 95 in fredericksburg. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. more is coming up in just a little bit. let's check in with julie wright and say good morning to her on a monday morning. >> good weekend but back to work and now a little busy out there. no accidents to report along the top stretch of the beltway for those working their way around college park headed towards 270. overinstitute construction on the inner loop as you work your way from tyson's headed up towards the mean. no accidents to report right now at van dorn street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. trouble in the tropics now
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as one storm has made landfall and another one lurking. first, tropical storm claudette made landfall in the florida panhandle a few hours ago with maximum sustained wind near 50 miles per hour. this storm not really a worry for many. residents are urged to use caution. >> the reality is that a tropical storm can be just as devastating than a small hurricane if the community cannot handle the level of flooding in that community. >> forecasters say claudette is not expected to cause significant flooding and right now tropical storm bill is the one they are keeping an eye on. it became our first hurricane of the season just minutes ago as we had sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. now to the health care overhaul. there has been a shift in strategy. president obama's press identify government-run plan and now there is word that optiomay not be necessary after all. sarah simmons joins us live on capitol hill with the latest on this development. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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it really and over the weekend as though the obama administering is really starting to back down from the idea of a government-run plan and starting to embrace the idea of insurance cooperatives that has really been talked about. the secretary of health and human services was saying over the weekend during theson morning talk shows that government-run health care is not really an essential element to the idea of overhauling health care at this point. this comes after president obama suggested at his town hall meeting in colorado just on saturday that a public option once touted as a critical piece of this planis now up in the air. house committees have already passed a bill that includes the public option and some liberal departments say they will back way from the bill if a public option is not part of it. but it shows that these angry townal meetings may be starting to have an impact on the health care package w insurance cooperatives they are starting to lean more towards it sounds
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like, the government would still get involved at the beginning. >> the idea is the government would front end some of the money and we have yet to discuss whether all of that or some of that gets paid back but there would thatamount of involvement but then it would be member-run, membership- controlled. the government wouldn't have any ongoing obligation or control. >> reporter: the bills that have gone through the house, the full house would still have to weigh in on this and vote on this. butt white house, as you know, has said all along it breferz a government-run option. senators are saying they believe there will be the vote minister senate if a type of cooperative plan. we're live here on capitol hill. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. now, to the successful mission to myanmar for virginia senator jim webb. he secured the release of an
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american prisoner. he met with the country's top leaders who agreed to hand over missouri native john yettaw. he was sentenced to seven years of hard labor. his crime, swimming to the lakeside house of a pro democracy leader who was on house arrest. senator webb and yettaw arrived in bank coke yesterday. >> the most important part of this i believe is that this was a gesture from the government of myanmar that we should be grateful for and hopefully build upon j after arriving in bangkok, yettaw was taken to the hose pil fotar bsatero iov n. rescue mission closely follows the release of two hostages in north korea secured by president clinton. new this morning, there has been a disturbing discovery in prince george's county. main was found tadeadin upper marlboro. police found his eabody in a wooded area on oak grove road.
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the victim appears it be a latino man. his identity is still not known. if you have any information about this, you should call police. a mother senseed a teacher was too close to his daughter. mark jackson is accused of taking a minor across state lines for sex. he is an rotc instructor in springdale, maryland. he lives in alexandria. last year, the 16-year-old's mother suspected something was going on and she called jackson from a recorded police line. detectives say he admitted having sex with the girl once. michael vick is back on the football field and he is talking about his time behind bars. coming up next. >> the day i walked into prison and they slammed that door, i knew the magnitude of this decision that i made. >> vick speaks out on national television about his dogfighting conviction. the mayor of a major
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developing story off the southern coast of japan where a tsunami warning wads underred in the wake of an earthquake. it struck near the southern island of okinawa. there are no reports of death or major damage. the tsunami warning has since been lifted but people are still being told to stay away from the beaches. a raging wildfire chased them out and now hundreds have been allowed to return home to santa cruz, california. wind have helped crews beat back the flames so that fire officials lifted the mandatory evacuation order. that fire is one of 11 burning in california right now. officials think marijuana growers started a campfire that turned into a wildfire. police in milwaukee have arrested a man accused of attacking the city's mayor with a metal pipe. he heard a woman screaming saturday as he left the town's fair. he went and tried to help her and he said a 20-year-old man attacked him. the mayor is in stable condition with a fractured hand and other injuries. nfl star michael vick is opening up about his time
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behind bars. he served 18 months in federal prison. he says he cried many nights while in custody. in an interview on 60 minutes, he said the day he walked into prison, he realized the magnitude of the decisions he had made. gentleman you cried a number of nights? >> yeah. >> about? >> what i did, being away from my family, letting so many people down, let myself down, you know, not being out on the football field, being in a prison bed in a prison bunk, writing letters home. thatwasn't my life. that wasn't the way that things were supposed to be. >> vick was reinstate last month by the nfl after being out of action since 2006 and gned with the philadelphia eagles last week. the swine flu worries could mean a change in your child's school this year. that is coming up next. protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. your sunscreen may not be
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delivering what it promises. we'll look into that. we'll look into latest nd give you a tropical update and julie wright willing here to tell us about this morning's drive into work. fox 5 morning news will be right back. a
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we've got some stuff going on out in the tropics. >> we've been saying for weeks, nothing going on. and all of a sudden, bang, bang, of, things go ds onthings going on. let's start with the one that is impacting the u.s. inright now. that is tropical m orst claudette. this is in the gulf of mexico. you can see it made landfall acrropos tionssof florida, northern tiflorida, western florida, we'll call it, early this morning about 1:00 this
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morning near fort walton. wind are now at about 40 miles per hour but it is not so much the win but the heavy rain that will cause problems here. this will lead to flooding in some areas. rainfall amounts will vary depending on how fast the system moves. you can see right now are pence coal as dry. panama city and elsewhere, even in tallahassee being they are seeing some rainfall right now. the bulk of the rain has yet to move onshore. i'll show you the rest of the tropics in a moment. first, let'stake a look at what is happening close to home. our temperature says 74 degrees here. we have some readings saying 7 # degrees at this hour. 69 up in baltimore. winchester, virginia is at 65 degrees. here is a look at the tropical map. tropical depression ana is closest to us but we are not expecting much because of winds at 35 miles per hour. what we are looking at is bill.
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bill no longer a tropical storm. bill is a hurricane now, just became a hurricane a short time ago. maximum sustained winds are now 75 miles per hour. we'll update this for you. the national hurricane center believed that bill, which is way out to sea, will likely become a major hurricane. it is the first hurricane of the season and we'll change that for you as that is outdated information. here is a look at the satellite-radar composite for the region. here, we have a little bit of cloud cover over us. we don't have precipitation but you might encounter some fog or mist with the huge levels high. there are the clouds we see so officially partly cloudy skies at reagan national airport. forecast for washington for today looks like this. partly sunny skies, another hot one, high about 95 degrees. hot and huge you had. then, for your five-day forecast tomorrow, more of the same. slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm late in the day. i won't seen say slight. chance of a shower or thunderstorm late in the day on tuesday an on wednesday and on thursday and on friday.
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now, let's get more on julie wright. >> you're note going to say and with traffic? >> and with traffic. >> all right, we're in the looking so bad out on the roads. 270 up to speed. no incidents reported on 29. this is a live shot of 66 close in. right now, the lane are open as you continue to work your wa east of nutley street. the ramp from the inner loop of the the beltway to exit at 13 and tyson's, that ramp still blocked from both loops of the beltway to exit onto 123 and head north into tyson's. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. swine flu fears are growing again now that the school year is about to begin. public health officials and think indicators in the washington area are making swine flu preparations for the coming academic year including
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possibly administering vaccinations to students. school administrators and health department officials say they are waiting on guidance from the centers for disease control and prevention. d.c. health officials say they haven't finalized any vaccination plans just yet. the vaccine is expected to be available by mid-october. as most of us soak up the sun this summer, beware, your antibiotic bottle of sunscreen may be full of empty promises. david lee millers on call to explain why. >> reporter: an estimated 69,000 americans this year will be diagnosed with skin cancer. that is why sunscreen is so important. the problem, choosing the right product. for two years, the fda has proposed improvements to labeling on sunscreen and now, another summer has gone by without any changes. the agency says the process takes time. critics accused fda of dragging its feet. >> the delay and indecision on the part of the fda is absolutely inexcusable and unconscionable. >> reporter: chances are, if
5:20 am
you ever bought sunscreen, you didn't know what type of protection you were purchasing. for example, experts say despite claims, there is such thing as all-day protection. the proposed fda labeling changes would put a cap on claims by manufacturers. currently, sunscreens can claim an spf of 80, 90, even 100. experts say a rating of 50 is about the most protection consumercan expect. the new rating system would also inform sunscreen users about the specific type of protection they are purchasing. current spf ratings are only for uvb protection. those are the rays that cause us to burn. but under the proposed changes, sun serena labeling would have a star system to reveal the level of protection against uva. those are the rays that cause tanning but experts believe could be most dangerous. the next time you take a dip in the pool, consider this. >> the new fda rulings will eliminate the word waterproof and only allow for water
5:21 am
resistant or highly water resistant. >> reporter: the best pe fo the chains is by the end of the year. that means new sun serena labeling just in time for winter. in now, david lee miller, fox news. >> time now, 5:21. the inner harbor in baltimore is always a fun place to hang out. there are concerns about your safety. why the mayor of charm city says she won't tolerate what recently happened. some local teenages are doing some work to help the thousands. you are watching fox 5 morning news. yeah, no it's great.
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especially during the summer months, a lot of folks love to stop by some of those vegetable and fruit stands along the side of road and now there could be a permanent break for those fans in montgomery county. officials are going to ask state lawmaker to change an existing law. that law allows food stands to president-elect on state roadways. the county wants that to expand to include produce sales. certainly for a lot of people, feeting your family can be pretty tough in these economic times. the manna food center says demand has spiking 4 #% this year come pardon to last. gentleman a group of teenagers and farmers have evening magazined up to feed thousands of people. tisha thompson has more. >> reporter: his friends wanted him to go to the county fair
5:25 am
but we caught eric hauling the corn. >> the hardest part is the heat. >> reporter: joey bird is a seventh grader at rosa parks middle school but we found him hauling loads fit for i full- sized farmer. you have on go around and lift like 08-pound winds full of food. >> reporter: both le long to project change, a group of kids who collect food at the ol ne. y farmers market. >> the you feel really good. >> reporter: the farm he's put unsold produce into bins for the kids to collect when the market ends. >> they sort it and give it all to manna. >> they've made such a difference n last six weeks, they've collected over 2,000- pound of fresh produce. that goes directly to families in need that are hungry in montgomery county. >> reporter: that is enough food to feed 8,000 people. the kids say no one gives away as much food as mike edelin.
5:26 am
this shy guy at the very popular homestead farms stall. >> we don't have market until next week. the eggplants don't hold. we don't put nothing in cold storage. >> reporter: the kids say this modest farmer lets them take hundreds of pounds of zucchini, tomatoes, watermelons. >> it goes to a good cause. other people could use it. >> reporter: the kids say he is so generous, they need two or three people to carry his bins away. >> what is really amazing is fresh produce is really a luxury to families in need. their budgets just don't stretch far enough. >> reporter: manna says hundreds of families will get boxes overflowing with precious cargo all because of a few gracious farmers and a pack of hardworking kids. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> possible changes to the health care overhaul plan coming up. sarah is on that story this morning. >> reporter: those angry town hall meeting may be forcing
5:27 am
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especially, they're getting slammed by tropical weather. as a matter of fact, tropical storm claudette hit the fort walton beach, florida area about 1:00 this morning with heavy rain and 50-mile per hour winds that made landfall near fort walton beach. some people with gulf-front condo did his b balcony furniture and low lying roads were closed but something even stronger is still out there. bill officially became a hurricane just a short while ago. so we're keeping an eye on that one today as well. >> let's check in with tony. he is tracking that plus he is keeping an eye on conditions here as we get started on the workweek. >> yeah, much quieter conditions here. 73degrees at reagan national airport. dulles international only at 8 6 degrees at this hour. b wait a minute marshall iport --porting 70 degrees. b rsha, llreporting 70
5:31 am
deees. for us, it is quiet. just a few declouds out there. youen windows 2000 count se omfe fog somsome spots and that is about it. we are not expecting precipitation this morning nor are we expecting it today. lots of sunshine. another hot an humid day with a high again in the 90s. looking for a high downtown of about 9deees. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> we could use the rain. the grass is pretty dry. >> we need a nice period of rain. >> soaking rain. we do. >> we're in the going to get that. >> okay. let's see what we're getting out on the roads. >> we're in the getting anywhere to be excited honest with you. there is a new accident to report. it just popped up on us about 10 minutes ago, outer loop of the beltway as you try to work your way around towards georgia avenue. we have a couple of lanes
5:32 am
blocked. a slow start early this morning westbound 495 as you try to work your way into silver spring. outer loop of the beltway to exit to go northbound 13 in tyson's, that ramp is going to be shut down for the next sick weeks according to authorities. it is all part of that hot lane work that is being done over in the tyson's area. so again, outer loop. beltway to go northbound 123 taking you over towards tysons corner. that is where we've got the ramp blocked. no need to worry. they have detours set up to take you off at the outer loop of the beltway at 66. this is a live shot of eastbound 66 here at gal hoes road. lanes are open east of nutley street with no incidents to report all the way in towards 495. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a possible change happening in the battle over health care reform as the obama administration is signaling that it is ready to come myspace on a key element of the health care reform push. sarah simmons joins us from capitol hill with the latest on
5:33 am
the imron going debate and what this new development could mean. >> reporter: good morning t really looks like the obama ministering is starting to back down from the idea of a government-run health care option and it appears as though they are starting to embrace the idea of these insurance cooperatives. just yesterday on the sunday morning talk show circuit, the health and human services secretary said that government health care was not an essential element to this plan. this comes after president obama suggested at his own town hall meeting in colorado saturday that a public option once touted as a critical piece of the plan is now really up in the air. house committees have already passed a bill that includes the public option and some democrats say they will back way from awe bill if a public option isn't part of it. it shows that the angry town hall meetings may be having an impact on the health care package as it stands now. the insurance cooperatives, they may seen swarepublicans who strongly oppose democratic reform plans. >> i think that is something we
5:34 am
should look at. we already have a left those or something like them. nonprofit basically that seem to work. i don't know if it will do everything people want but we ought to look at it. i think it's a far cry from the original proposals. >> reporter: the full house will still have to weigh in on the public option in the bill that they have currently been looking at and in the committees. the white house has said all along it prefers a government- run plan but senators are starting to say now they think they have the votes in the full senate for this idea of an insurance cooperative. we're live here on capitol hill. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> thank you. virginia senator jim webb has helped free an american being held prisoner in myanmar. he met with the country's top leaders. they agreed to hand over john yettaw. he was sentenced to seven years hard labor for vimming to the lakeside home of a pro-
5:35 am
democracy leader who has been held on house arrest for nearly two decades. they arrived in bangkok yesterday. >> the most important part i believe is that this was a gesture from the government of myanmar that we should be grateful for and hopefully build upon. >> with the timing of the mig so close president clinton helping free two people from north korea, some worry about the message it may send. john bolton says that he is concerned rogue nations will be encouraged to use american hostages as pawns. president obama has advocated more contacts with less friendly nations in hopes of opening the door to more diplomatic relations. after a double shooting on saturday night, mayor sheila diction n says she won't tolerate violence in the uner harbor. it end bhaind shot in the leg
5:36 am
and a 17-year-old shot in the arm. mayor dixon says baltimore's police commission are is working to improve security at the harbor. a shooting in the district has the community worried that this is more vilence to come as witnesses say they heard as many as 15 shots fired around 6:00 saturday night into the 4100 block of minnesota avenue southeast. two of the seven people hit are as young as 14 years old. the rest are 18. so far, police don't have any suspects. antiviolence community organizers say budget short falls are keeping them out on troubled neighborhoods. >> we have come a long way but for us and other people who have been in the schools, it is a recipe for disaster. i am predicting that something will happen within the first two weeks. >> witnesses blame the vile ones a feud between neighborhood groups. north korea's military is on special alert this morning because of something the united states is doing. the u.s. responds to some serious claims from the ousted
5:37 am
president of honduras. and international headlines are made in one of golf's majors. a thrilling end to the p fw. a championship which mark a first for the game -- end to the pga championship which mashs a -- marks a first for
5:38 am
5:39 am
officials are looking to crack down on carbon monoxide regulation in one part of maryland. they want to weak the law requiring carbon monoxide detectors in hotels in ocean city.
5:40 am
mayor says some measures could be added to help inen sure business owners comply. last week, three people were hospitalized and many others sickened after a carbon monoxide leak at the americana hotel. it did not have carbon monoxide detectors. making headlines this more than, north korea says its military is on special alert because of south korea's joint military drills with the united states. the north's army says its troops went on a special alert starting today when south korean and u.s. militarys planned to start annual computer simulated war games. statement says the north would retaliate mercilessly at the slightest military provocation from south korea and the u.s. officials in mexico are beefing up border control. the nation is doubling the size of its custom inspection force remacing 700 agents with 1400 better educated employees who have undergone background
5:41 am
checks and months of training. they are adding new technology. the united states military is defending itself against almost a from the ousted president of honduras. he claims the united states may have played a role in the coup that forced him from office. he says the military plane that flew him to costa rica stopped to refuel at an airfield where american troops were based but a u.s. military spoke person says the troop didn't even know the plane was coming through. also, more violence in fawjs afghanistan as officials prepare for the presidential elects. robiskie ain't announced three of -- britain announced three of its troops were killed on sunday. there are signs tt the u.s. economy is improving. how you shop over the income few weeks could play a major role in our recovery. what did do you this
5:42 am
weekend? the first family visited one of the country's most historic landmas. you are watching fox 5 morning news. h0c
5:43 am
5:44 am
we're back now at 15
5:45 am
minutes until 6:00. you might call this a working vacation for the first family. president obama took a break from touting his health care plan take in the sights at the grand canyon. >> the president along with the first lady and daughters visited the historic landmark stopping occasionally to take in the breathtaking views. today, the president will speak to the national vfw convention in phoenix before returning to the white house tonight. next week, the first family is vacationing in on martha's vineyard. >> trying to get some vacation time in before the girls start cool again. we've already got activity in the tropics. tony has that plus our own forecast. >> we finally have some activity in the drop ukes. it has all happened over the course of this weekend. we turn our anticipation to tropical storm claudette. this ithe one that is impacting the u.s. right now. it made landfall over fort walton, florida early this morning about 1:00 a.m. central time. as can you see, we've got that heavy rainfall moving wrong shore now. we can expect to see with
5:46 am
respect dated numbers now, three to six inches of rain across portions of florida into alabama as well before this all wrapdz up. it is moving about 12 miles per it will ht now it will likely speed up a bit once it make landfall. let's take a look at the possible track of claudette and again, maximum sustained winds are now 40 miles per hour but the main concern is the rainfall. this is a projected trk that it will make its way northward bringing significant rainfall to portions of alabama, mississippi, tennessee and portions of the midwest as well. some of that energy could break off and move into our direction. we'll talk about that more later on in the morning. meanwhile, let's take a look at what is happening out in the atlantic. this is ana. ana is a tropical depression. we are not too concerned with ana right now. this is hurricane bill. first hurricane of the atlantic season. this is the first time since 1984 we have he had the a, b and c named storms all occurring at the same time. bill has mx miami sustained wind of 75 miles per hour. the proswreked path keeps it
5:47 am
over the warm waters of the atlantic which means it will intense identify. how strong it becomes remains to be seen. here at home, we are looking at current temperatures of 73 here in d.c.0 up in baltimore. we'll see partly sunny skies during the course of the day today. clouds will continue finance a feature during the day. your forecast for washington, another hot one. partly sunny skies, a hot afternoon. high about 93-degree. hot, humid tomorrow. chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. wednesday, before a better chance, 90 degrees, hot and humid. a better chance thursday and friday. we'll have to wait to see where claudette goes to see if that
5:48 am
impacts our weather later in the week. let's get more on the traffic from julie wright. >> i'mso bummed i missed lunch with you on saturday. >> i know and i'm going to say -- i don't know if you should say hundreds, but many, many people asked for you and were looking for you. >> they were? >> yeah. >> i didn't know my family was in town. >> you have a lot of fans out there. >> any of them above the age of 1? me and 19-year-olds, we're about the same height. >> they can relate to you eye to eye. here we go. out on the roads this morning, we've got the lanes open if you are trarling the outer loop of the beltway. the crash is before georgia avenue tying up at least two lanes. we've got traffic that is squeezing by queen, outer loop of the beltway -- squeezing by the scene, outer loop of the
5:49 am
beltway. 66 eastbound right here at gallows road overpass cease of nutley street, the lane are open headed in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. transportation officials in maryland say construction on the icc has kicked into high gear now. according to the post, the western sections of the $2.6 billion highway should open on schedule by fall of next year when the entire road is complete, the intercounty connector will link i-95 in bridge county with 270 some montgomery county. it's cruiser's dream rolling slowly down the main drag so everybody can check you out. we are talking about cruisers with just about every model from 1910 through 2010. this was in detroit's neighborhood this weekend. about a million people turned out giving the motor see a big confidence and economic boost.
5:50 am
>> a lot of people. this is just one little city. how many cities, four cities, five cities? that is a lot of people. >> it is better than last year. i'm enjoying it more than last year. i have aonly been here three years. >> i cannot thank them and the fox from here enough from the bottom of my heart. >> this was one big difference this year. former sponsors general motors, ford and chrysler all poled out of the cruise this year. >> today, there are new signs of hope for the global economy. japan announced it has emerged from its year-long recession. the world's second largest economy grew 3.7% in the second quarter. analysts are cautious saying much of of the growth came from exports, not consumer spending. and now to the economy in this country. the president is being cautiously optimistic saying there are signs that our economy might be stabilizing butt fate of the economy lies in con psalmer spending habits
5:51 am
here as well. fox's jane metzler has a report. >> reporter: call it at first test of the school year and a test of the economy. retailers are watching to see what moms and dads will spend on back to school supplies. >> as of the middle of august, the average family had only completed about a third of their back to school shopping. the retailers know there is still a lot of shopping left to do for families across the country. >> reporter: the experts say the recession will cause parents to spend less getting kids back to school. the national research federation and a research group called shopper track predicts shopping will be down between 8 and 10% from last year. >> meaning the average family will spend about $50 less on clothing, shoes, school splays -- supplies than they did a year ago. >> reporter: president obama took time away from health care to address the economy saying without the stimulus package, people would be hurting worse.
5:52 am
>> if we had not had some of that money in, colorado would have had to macmuch more painful job cuts. >> reporter: many expressed economic frustration to the president. >> i is when i do not now enough? >> reporter: economic hardships affect families, businesses and cities like chicago. the windy city closing down many offices on monday in order to reduce the budget deficit so emergency services such as police, fire and paramedics will still be on the job. there will be no garbage pickup, no library, no city-run health clinic and no pay for those city workers in an effort to avoid job cuts. in new york, jane metzler, fox news. straig ahead, previously uncharted territory for golfer tiger woods. tiger doing something he has never done in his career and i'm guessing he is not real thrilled about it. the long grueling practices, the heat. are the red red skins complaining? no way. we'll check some on training camp coming up ince on fox 5
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and just announced! if you fuafyhelior tlunkeror rebate, u aper a $3500 government re ateo ba n pndwndoayment. go to for details. tiger woods entered the final round of the pga championship with a two-today in new york lead but lost. >> it is the first time he has lost a major championship when leading after three rounds. he had won all 14 before. this is y. e. yang.
5:56 am
he is from seoul, south korea. he was nursing a one-shot leader over the best player in the world. yang looking to bkt first asian player ever to win a major. woods has to nail t he is on 18 now. tiger woods in the rough with the approach. needs the hole. it doesn't like it from the start. knows it won't drop. woods with a final round 75 on a day he said he couldn't do anything on the greens. yang now needs a two-putt to win. he puts it in on one. the 7-year-old finishes with a 270 for a three-shot victory over tiger woods. >> i did not putt well enough to win the championship today. i didn't get it done on the greens and consequently, i didn't win the golf tournament. >> that is just the way it goes. football now, the redskins battling the heat. they are gearing up for the next pre-season game saturday. >> the redskins were back on the field for two practices yesterday for the first time since tuesday. morning practice featured
5:57 am
higher humidity. the afternoon practice all very hot. high temperature of the day, 92. either way, it was sweltering to be out there in those pads >> even though it is hot an muggy and at imes you don't want to be out here but you know that every man out there is counting on you. so it is like a chain. as long as every link in the chain is strong, than team is strong. the nats a strong team lately. top of of the eighth, ryan zimmerman his hits a blooper but it drops in and it does the job. josh willingham, heads up lay. heads home and make it. scores the winning run and the nat take the last three games of the four-game series with the reds. the nationals have until midnight tonight to come to terms with pitching phenom steven strasbourg, the number one draft pick. the nats have a $17 million
5:58 am
deal on the table. it would be the most money ever for a rookie. still, his agent is reportedly asking for more money and the nats president says there is a very real possibility that the team might not sign that number one pick by midnight. >> it all comes down to dollars and cents. the bad economy is being felt in more than just the united states. fewer jobs here is turning a number of villages in mexico into ghost towns. we'll look at that. >> we'll take a look at the growing concerns. that is coming up at 6:00.
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