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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  August 18, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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two storms with winds reaching 100 miles per hour. >> it could possibly move near bermuda by the end of the week. it will like steer clear of florida. >> what about our forecast here? tucker barnes joins us with a quick look this morning. >> thank you. back to bill very quickly. just want to show everybody what is happinobill. it continues to intensify. thwind are up to 100 miles per hour and -- okay, i guess we're in the going to look at t still forecast to become maor jhurricane over the next 4 hours. h, nt too bad -- over the next 24 hours. with a cold front starting to shtretclo osetor e urarea, and the possibility of a little nesunshi out there during the morning hours,nse'll see some
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showeruras th develop up aheahead of that fro latr today and some d of the storms could contain gusty winds and very heavy rain. we'll see what happens. temperatures right now, we never really cooled off overnight. we are at 77-degree at reagan national. humidity back up, 74%. i think the best chance of showers and thunderstorms will be any 2 00 : d an2:00 and anusee aft00yoeru c noon temperatures later today in the low 90s. 91 here in washington. 90 in baltimore. >> we'll talk mother about bill in just a little bit. let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic. >> it is not so bad right now. a little sticky, humid, but on the roads, all lane are open. we've got light traffic volume as you continue to work your way in both directions. no incidents to report right now continuing up towards landmark. if you are traveling north of 395 trying to get past duke street up towards the 14th
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street bridge. the lanes here are open and wave got light traffic volume top stretch of the beltway leaving new hampshire avenue headed into silver spring. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are following breaking news in southeast washington this morning where a shooting s ntse a nt1-year-old girl to the hospital. it happened in the 1800 block of frederick douglas place southeast. sarah similar monday is joining us live from the scene with an update. >> reporter: the neighbor is pretty quiet right now but that certainly was not the case earlier this morning. police are telling us that shots rang out here on frederick douglas place southeast a little after 12:30 this morning actually going through the rear of a house, a window and hitting a 13-year- old girl in the back. we understand at this point that police are telling us the good hereis that she has been treated and released. this all unfolded at about 1:30 this morning. we are not sure at this point the motive behind the shooting
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but detectives were here on the scene earlier looking for whoever may have been behind the shooting here. police say several shots were fired into the rear of the house hitting that 13-year-old girl at least once. at this point, police are not sure if she was a target, if this was another shooting that was going on in the neighborhood and she happened to be in the mind of fire. at this point, police have no word on a suspect, a description or anything. the good news here is that 13- year-old girl who was shot has been since treated and released. if we get any more details,we'll bring that to you. fredericksburg police are searchintoif a man who got that a teen's room and taxed her. the 15-year-old said she woke up to find the man's hands covering her mouth. she managed to fight him off and scream for help.
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an .chn rua n a fairfax county wrestling coach is under arrest charged with soliciting sex from a child. authorities say i crossed the line when the conversation turned sexual. school officials say he had been a part-time assistant wrestling could have at woodson high school for the last two years -- wrestling coach at woodson high school for the last two years. this morning. president obama will talk one on one with the president of egypt in the oval office. that will be followed by a meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton. later this afternoon, mr. obama will meet with her husband, former president bill clinton in the situation room. he is expected to brief president obama on his meeting with the north korean leader. u.s. health officials are anticipating a delay in millions of doses of the swine flu vaccine. a spokesperson for the health and human services department says the agency is now expecting only 45 million doses
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instead of 120 million as first predicted. about 20 million more doses will be shipped every week after that until the government gets the full order which is 195 million doses altogether. the anticipated delay is being blamed on manufacturing issues. officials in virginia are working to calm concerns. the state has set up a swine flu hotline. people who have questions can call the toll-free number. it is 877-275-8343 or you can send an e-mail to the health department web site. the washington nationals have agreed to a contract with number one overall draft pick steven strasburg. it is a record deal over four
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soaps. stratburg is a right-handed pitcher from san diego state. -- strasburg is a right-handed pitcher from staying state. this is being called the largest case of identity theft in our nation's history. hear how the suspect used to be on the good side of the law. we finally know when the late king of pop will be laid to rest and where it will be. you're watching fox 5 morning news. sweet. well, hello there. that's what i'm talking about.
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rockets have hit the presidential palace in afghanistan. no one was hurt t comes two days before the afghans go to the polls to elect the current president. it was the country's largest theft of credit and debit card information and now the feds have their man. albert gonzales known on-line as soup nazi as excused of putting credit card accounts into jeopardy. authorities say the hacker used to be an inform and for the
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secret service. he is already in custody on another hacking charge. he is facing up to an additional 20 years if convicted on the new charges. michael jackson will finally be laid to rest. the burial comes on what would have been his 51st birthday. the daily news reports the final resting place will be forest lawn cemetery. his father says he will be buried on august 29th. he's say he ports the l.a. police demeanor's probe fa his son's death. >> the coroner wrapped up the autopsy and has yet to say what killed michael jackson but that is not stopping his mother, katherine jackson. her lawyer says she is considering file august wrongful death suit and dr. conrad murray could be the target of that lawsuit. investigation has focused mainly on dr. murray and if he improperly administered a powerful anesthetic to jackson. the ongoing battle over health care continues.
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up next, reaction to the president's latest proposele for health care co-ops. a key beltway exit is shut down this morning. a journalist documenting a deadly identify find backs part of the story. >> we'll bring you the latest on today's weather forecast. we'll see some sunshine. we could see some rain showers later on if we're lucky and julie wright will be along to tell us about th morning's rush hour traffic. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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take a look at. this incredible videos. a lot of trouble for the photographer documenting the deadly identify find disafter ther in taiwan. he became part of the story when he was nearly swept away in a raging swollen creek before locals helped him to safety. rescue crews were still working to reach more than 1,000 people still reportedly stranded.
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the united states along with dozens of other countries senting relief to the area where an estimated 500 people were killed in that storm. the florida coast recovering from tropical storm claudette which quickly weakened after it made landfall yesterday. one man did drown if the high surf off the florida panhandle. no other deaths or major damage was reported. places like alabama and georgia also saw quite a bit of rain. fox 5 will be keeping track of the weather on air and on-line on click on the hurricane tab to find the updated information. >> bill is a big concern out there. >> hurricane bill, a category two hurricane now. you will see images of that if you go on-line and check out our weather pages. let's folkous that since claudette has done her damage. there is still parts of rain falling because of claudette but we'll tarn tur attention to bill. we'll show you hurricane bill
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still well out to sea. it has intensified to a category two hurricane. very well organized. nice looking storm there. you can see it continuing to move to the west-northwest. it is moving at about 17 miles per hour. right now, wind speeds, maximum sustained winds are 100 miles per hour. but we see stronger gusts with the system as well. everyone is wondering where is bill going to go. here is the best guess according to the national hurricane center. we go to the graphic. we'll show you the projected path of bill. this could change. here is a projected path. it takes a turn toward the north still well out to sea. but, if it makes landfall, it could make landfall in new england or nova scotia. but because of its proximity to the united states and by the end of the week into the weekend, we will see heavy surf conditions along the beaches of the atlantic coast so you want to be aware of that. it does not like like it will make a bee line for the u.s.
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unless it hits in new england. that would for the happen until late in the weekend or the beginning of next week the way things look now. as if our local weather, 75 degrees right now. not pleasant out there, warm and muggy. a look at the local satellite- radar, wave got some clouds with us this morning and we'll see a mix of sun and clouds today similar to what we saw yesterday. the difference is today we have a better shot of precipitation as we were telling you yesterday. we could see some of the clouds throughout around us this morning. more clouds out to the west. forecast for washington for today looks like this. we'll call it partly sunny. if you get a thunderstorm, you could have a little bit of a downpour. your five-day forecast, tomorrow, wednesday, high about 90 degrees. again, a chance of showers and thunderstorms. no big changes to this forecast and as we head into the weekend being more of the same. that is a look at what is
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happening with the weather. now, let's got an update on the morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> hot and muggy, of a got it. it is hot an muggy in here this morning too. we've got lanes open with no accidents to report along the top stretch of the beltway. outbound on 50, we had a stalled car there approaching the seven river bridge. traveling along 66 coming inbound east of nutley strait headed for the beltway, awful your lanes are open with no incidents to report. you will find southbound 270 an easy ride out of clarkburg. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. just a quick reminder about the traffic alerts for the beltway in virginia. it is part of the hot lane construction project into the tysons corner area. v-d.o.t. has shut down exit 46 b of course the ramp from the outer loop to 123 north. it will be closed for nearly six weeks. you have to use exit 45 b
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instead which is the dulles access road. look for the exit on the left side of the interstate. detour signs are posted. since there has been so much misinformation out there about health insurance reform, let me say this. one thing that reform won't change is rhett vans health care. no one is going to take away your benefits. that is the plain and simple truth. >> a new poll suggests consumers appear to be losing confidence about health care access and affordability. at one point, a government-run option. now proposals for nonprofit cooperatives have emerged as an alternative but so far, no one appears to be biting. we have more on the health care reaction. >> reporter: as president obama was giving a speech on health care reform inside the phoenix convention center monday, outside, emotions were running high. shouting matches erted over the health care overhaul mirroring the heating exchanged
5:20 am
at recent town hall meetings all prompted by the government- run proposal. >> when it comes to their health care, the people have drawn a line. >> reporter: the white house is now touting health care continuatives. patients tired of dealing with health insurance mpanies could band together to get their own. together, their buying power would reduce costs and provide health care to millions of americans. that is the premise behind co- ops. >> the idea is the government would front end some of the money and we have yet to discuss whether all of that or some of that gets paid back. >> they're successful but they're not large so they are not successful. >> reporter: al winers on the board of the national association of socially responsible organizations which operates health care co-ops. they tried to form a co-off in virginia but failed. nationally, supporters of a public insurance plan say co- ops simply can't compete. >> what is being proposed is 50 different state co-ops with a little get of government seed money to get them started.
5:21 am
they are doomed to failure. >> reporter: co-ops have just thousands of customers, too few, some say, to hold insurance companies accountable and drive costs down. >> the public option, whether we have it or don't have it, is not the entire at this of health care reform. this is just one sliver of it. jet public option, if it is not dead, it is on life support. >> reporter: laura evans, fox 5 news. >> the white house insists it has not shifted its position. administering officials say the president still favors a feral option for the sale of health insurance dreams of opening a home are now just a financial nightmare for several local families. they are swindled out of tens of thousands of dollars. man responsible is now in jail but that doesn't ease the pain. >> every time i go past the development, i say that could have been our house. i say that is the house that we ain't going to get. r chevy dea with more elible models to choose from than anyone. iyour clunker qualifies toe edrecycl , you can get a $3500 or $4500 government rebate.
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. it was handshakes an funnel cakes for republican gubernatorial candidate bob mcdonnell. he visited northern virginia stopping by the print william county fair. he talked with stitch wins ads the virginia governor's race continues to heat up. right now, 47% would vte for mcdonnell. that is near will you a 10- point lead over creigh deeds
5:25 am
who grabbed 38%. now to a real estate scam in prince george's county. a dwoikt heights developer took his victims' money being their good credit and their dreams of owning a new home and now his sentence has been handed down. >> while he sits in prison for many years to come, his victims are still living through a financial nightmare. before a report. >> i really trusted and believed t il d buiths build this us. >> reporter: they're d.c. parents of one and two-year-old girls and 0-year-old twins. karl and raina johnson were chase august dream of a larger home with big yards if their growing family. >> it was something we really wanted and to have this gentleman come by and just steal where you are dream, you know. there is so much anger. >> reporter: back in 2004, they met a self-described home developer named leon coleman. he sold the johnsons and nearly a dozen others individual lots
5:26 am
along lighthouse road in upper marlboro with the promise of eventually building their homes. after they purchased their lots from coleman, the smooth talker never built the houses he promised and pocketed the money. he even printed someone else's plans off the internet. the law finally caught up with coleman. the scammer just received a 12- year prison sentence and he finally offered his victims an apology in court. >> i can't accept it. i can't. it doesn't do anything. >> reporter: you can understand the pain. the johnsons took out a $100,000 bank loan for the land alone. now, they are ain foreclosure on that loan, forced to declare bankruptcy. their credit and their dreams shattered. >> for the next seven to eight years, we have to literally and maybe longer we have to literally start over. >> every time i go past the development, i say man, that could have been our house.
5:27 am
you know, i say that is the house we ain't gonna get. >> the victims collectively won a civil judgement against leon coleman but haven't seen a dime yet. he was convicted of 1 counts of theft and other violation. when he is released, he will be forced to pay restitution from future earnings. we're following developing news in the district. >> reporter: a 1-year-old girl is shot in the back inside a southeast d.c. home. i'm sarah simmons. i'll have the latest on the investigation coming up when fox 5 morning news returns. hc mom vo: i can't start the first grade with her.
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welcome back. we are taking a look from our tower cam down at the washington monument this morning. right now, we're taking a look it the atlantic. take a look at the tropics and see what bill is up to. there is hurricane bill, now a category two storm. winds are up to 100 miles per hour. >> the storm that was hitting this time yesterday is now just a soggy memory. claudette dropped as much as 4 1/2 inches of rain in parts of the florida panhandle though most of the area got less than that. all watches and warnings from claudette were canceled by late monday. she left rain in georgia, alabama, mississippi too. >> are we going to see any of that? >> we could actually. it is not headed that way but there is a cold front that will come through here from the west and some of that moisture is
5:31 am
likely to get caught one that cold front. >> good, good. we need it. >> i don't know yet how much rain we'll get and how long of a period but we could see some of that. >> what about bill? >> bill remains well out to sea. right now, it look like the main impact we will feel in our area is rough surf. but we'll see. it depends on exactly where that goes. looks like it won't make landfall anywhere near us. let's look ak the thtellite images for the eastern united states and our region and show you what is ingog oon out there there you go. we have agot clouds in over us this morning. it is similar to yesterday rnmo ag, a mixed balance with some clouds an sunshine once the sun comes up. there is some scattered precipitation across portions of the midwest, the great lakes region and down to our south as well. currently, reagan national airport rapting a temperature of 75 degrees. relative humidity, 76% p wind are out of the south at eight miles per hour. here is your day planner for today.
5:32 am
a mix of clouds and sun. chance some of scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms and this evening as well. high today, again, 91 degrees. we'll have pore details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. stick with us for that. >> thank you. let's say good morning to julie wright and look at traffic out there. >> a lot not going on right now with the exception of the seven river bridge. that is where we had a broken- down tractor-trailer tying up the right side of the road. outbound route 50 on the seven river bridge. things are pretty quiet out on the roads. no accidents to report down south at the wilson bridge coming eastbound off of 66. quiet trip for those working their way inbound leaving nutley street headed for the beltway. you will find yourself at speed if you are continuing your stretch along the american legion bridge. both the out are and inner loop of the beltway run without incident. -- both the outer and inner loop of the beltway run without
5:33 am
incident. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are on top of developing news n iisoutheast washington a bullets pierce a home hitting a 1-year-old girl inside. this happened early this morning on frederick douglas place and police have been there all night picking up evidence. sarah similar monday is also on the scene and join us live with the update. >> the police have nce left the scene. the neighbor is very quiet at this point but it was not the case earlier this morning. police say shots rang out here on fredeck douglas place southeast and a 1-year-old girl was shot in the back inside this home here through what they described as a rear window. the good news, she has since been treated and released this morning. this all unfolded at about 1:30 this morning. police are telling us they are not sure of motive behind the shooting. detectives were out here with k- 9s trying to look if a suspect. police say that several shots were fired into the rear of the
5:34 am
home hitting that 13-year-old girl at least once. police are telling us it is unclear if she was a target or if there was some other beef going on in the neighborhood that she just accidentally happened to be in the line of fire. police say again no word on a suspect, not evening a description at this point or a motive behind the shooting. but again, steve, some good news is the 1-year-old girl has since been treated and released from the hospital. back to you. >> that is good news. thank you so much. a mother is looking for answers after soin heson died a hail of bullets. it happened on first street northwest just one block away from ryan collins' home. he was one of 11 shooting victims in d.c. over the weekend. family members say detectives are retracing his last steps and even circulating his picture from the neighborhood. president obama has a busy day ahead of him with a series of meetings lined up at the white house. president-elect president will talk one on one with the president of egypt inside the oval office. that will be followed by a
5:35 am
meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton and later on, mr. obama will meet with former president bill clinton in the situation room. when the swine flu vaccine become available in october, health officials say the u.s. will not be getting anywhere near the amount doses originally expected. we are talking about 45 million doses instead of anticipated 120 million. a spokesman says about 0 million more doses will be shipped every week after that until the government gets its full order which is 195 million doses in all. the anticipated delay is being blamed on manufacturing issues. virginia has now set up a swine flu hotline. governor tim kaine says the health department is expanding its call center to handle questions about the hub vire is during state business hours. people would have questions can call the toll-free number you see there.
5:36 am
to handle questions about the h1n1 virus. a local questionsling coach is behind bars accused of an on-line shot with a teenaged girl too far. police busted the coach at woodson high school. he never set i'm meeting with the girl but authorities say the conversation did turn sexual. he has been charged with soliciting sex from a child an is now being held without bond at the rappahannock regional gil. police were a bit confused as they tried to track down a cross-dressing crook. investigators say now they have their man. jonathan bradley was dressed like a woman. police say he stole an expensive chanel dress last month and pepper sprayed a security guard on the way out. detectives caught him last thursday during a traffic stop. frederick county investigators are looking for a woman would ripped off a bank walkerville. she went into the bank on friday about 5:00, demanded
5:37 am
money and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. if you recognize her, call the number you see on your screen. we are also following developing news from the washington nationals this morning as the team hs agreed for a contract with number one draft pick steven strasburg. the two sides came to terms just before the midnight deadline. it is a record $15.1 million deal over four seasons plus incentives. he is a right-handed pitch ferreira staying state. he went 13-1 last season and led all division pitchers in strikeouts and earned run average. moren just a few minutes. a russian ship went missing after being raided by armed men wearing masks. crew was tied up and beaten. >> now, more than two week later being an update. where the ship was found and how the crew is doing. a day without pay. did it pay off? we'll have more on the city- wide shut down in chicago when
5:38 am
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montgomery county fire officials want to know what sparked a fire at a vacant apartment building. flame ripped through the third floor and attic of the building last night. that is near gaithersburg elementary school. it is not clear how long the building has been empty. the cost of fighting wildfires in california over the past few weeks is reaching $60 million. it is a price tag that cannot be avoided. nearly one dozen fires have
5:41 am
been blazing as rt state. investigate ours now say he now know what sparked a massive wildfire in santa barbara county. a cooking fire from an illegal marijuana operation. authorities confirm that that fire started at a camp in a remote rugged area and they think a mexican national drug ganization runs that operation. the suspect is still on the loose. back to business today in chicago where the city shut down yesterday due to budge out cets. city workers had to take the day off without pay to help the windy city get back in the black. that meant no court no, trash collection, no health clinic services. it is mayst of estimated the one-day furlough saved chicago million. eight men under arrest accused of hijacking a russian freighter on the high seas. the suspected hijackers are were estonia, latvia and russia and were detained without incident by the russian navy. the ship was found safe off the
5:42 am
west cst of africa. earlier, the crew had reported that the ship was raided by armed men. are you ready to start your christmas shopping? two big retailers want to help with a new twist to a holiday shopping tradition. some new rules for credit card companies go into effect this week. we'll run down what you need to know. >> we'll check out your morning commute and your local weather as well as an update on the tropics. we're keeping a close watch on wurricane bill today. e're coming right back after of the break. ca
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the next celebrity guest judge for the american idol upcoming season could be shania twain. >> she may take paula abdul's seat at the auditions. >> they wouldn't have to do that if they had signed paula. >> paula will land on her feet. >> yes, she is. >> what is going on? >> let's see. we'll start by talk about what is happening with our local weather. let's take a look at the current conditions being reported around the region. we go back to yesterday. reagan national, 91 degrees was your high at reagan national. tull less, 9 # degrees.
5:46 am
bwi marshall made it up to 89 degrees yesterday. so right about where we thought we would be into the low and mid-90s. bwi only in the upper 80s. 7 # in baltimore. 73 at dulles airport. -- 72 in baltimore. patuxent naval air station is at3 deges. here also look at the satellite- radar composite for our part -- oh, wait a minute. this is your satellite-radar for the lf coast and it shows you the remnants of claudette. we move up to the north and you can see where some of that precipitation is now. you see some of the rainfall across portions of the great lakes region and the heavier rain well out to the west so, wade cold front that will gradually make its way through here. not really going to drop our temperatures but it could bring some rain showers to us later. here is a look at the surface map for today. hazy, hot and humid once again as we see our highs again in the 90s with a mix of clouds
5:47 am
and sun. so the forecast for washington for today, we could see some scattered storms as the cold front gets closer to us. again, it will be a mix of clouds and sun but the scattered storms will occur in the afternoon and the evening with a high of about 91 degrees. then for tonight, and your five- day forecast, tonight, 72 degrees. maybe a shower or two in the evening hours. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, every day, a chance of showers and thunderstorms. highs, upper 80s to the low 90s. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. let's get an update on this morning's rush hour traffic with julie wright. >> outer loop of the beltway is what we're talking about again this morning, just reminding folks about that ramp to northbound 123 in tyson's. that remains closed for the next several weeks. as you can see, big sign across there, overhead sign saying exit closed from the outer loop of the beltway, southbound 495
5:48 am
to exit onto northbound 123. we did not see a big backup on the beltway as a result of this. a lot of folksare being detoured off to the left hand exit for 66 riding the ramps there to work their way around. this will be shut down for the next couple of weeks and that is all part of that hot lane work being done. the lanes are open on 66 right now with no accidents to report leaving manassas continuing in towards fair oaks. 395 across the 14th street bridge, an easy compute there as you continue to the southeast-southwest freeway. no accidents to report but southbound 270 a slow go for those continuing south of hyattstown working your way out towards the truck scales. the pace improves clarkburg through germantown headed out towards the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. economic worries caused a big sell offon wall city yesterday as stocks tumbled to the biggest drop in six weeks. the dow was down nearly #
5:49 am
hundred points. the nasdaq down more than 50. asian markets mixed today. nikkei was slightly higher. with a still moody economy, it is never too early to start thinking about your christmas shopping and sears and kmart are giving the old christmas club a modern twist. it's new card you can use like a debit card. you can put money on the card nenovember and being ready to shop in december. go to if you would like more information sow. new rules for credit card companies go into effect this week and many of you may have noticed the changes. we are talking about interest rate hikes, shrinking lines of credit and some cards being canceled. we have a report. >> reporter: consumers are finding credit less available and more expensive. matt ellis got a letter from american express saying interest rates and late penalties are going up. >> the letter explained they are a business too and they have to make money but so i
5:50 am
guess i'll have to deal with it. >> reporter: it is not just one card. consumer web site looked at cards offered by 1 companies and found interest rates on purchases are up nearly 20 from this january. >> they are trying to amass cash and make as much money as they can before they can't. >> reporter: keeping credit card reforms were signed into law in may. the first wave of new rules begins thursday. card issuers will have to give 21 days notice before a bill is due and 45 days note toys change an interest rate. consumes are will have the right to cancel before the new rate goes into effect. eleven more restriction take effect in february 010 including no fees to pay by mail, phone or electronic transfer, limits on overdraft fees and limits on cards to underaged consumers. the new rules have fundamentally changed the credit card business says the american bankers association. that plus the tanking economy
5:51 am
has caused some card issues to reduce credit limits and reward programs. >> loosing some fixed rate card offers but on the other hand, gaining an enormous number of consumer protects is i think a net win-win for consumers. >> the aba says consumer can expect a lot of changes as lenders experiment with new formulas. >> it is not ads hard as some people may think it is. if you know how to budget, you'll be fine. so what can you do if you get an interest rate hike notice. if it comes after thursday, can you decline the rate hike and pay your balance at the old interest rate but you have to cancel the card in 45 days. says already still good credit carted offers out there but they are not as abundant as they used to be and you do need great credit to qualify. all work and no play makes
5:52 am
for a dull training camp. reokies help ts herookies feel right at home. you are watching fox 5 morning news. fe
5:53 am
5:54 am
this is the news that nats fans have been waiting for and it came right down to the wire. >> the team has agreed to a contract with number one overall draft pick steven strasburg. according to the "washington post," the two came to terms
5:55 am
just before the midnight deadline. it's record $15.1 million deal. we'll have more coming up in next hour. angels and os at camden yards. sixth inning, one on. adam jones gives it a look and it is gone. two on for guerrero. no one bothers to give this one a look. two homes on the night. angels win 8-5. ed the redskins will resume two a day workouts. yesterday, they had one workout. albert haynesworth will probably only practice once today. he did for the play in thursday's pre-season loss to the rav an but he is expected to play saturday fight when the steelers come to fedex field. with talked to haynesworth, asked him if he disliked the proseason games like so many of his peers. >> no, i kind of like the proseason.
5:56 am
i like to to get -- no, i kind of like the preseason. i like to get the game speed and see what i need to work on before the season. some plays are can say it is not right about the salary and stuff like that but, you know, i don't really worry about that. >> the redskins managed only 196 net yards against the rav an. they had trouble moving the ball the entire game. they were taking on one of the best defenses if the nfl in the ravens. next week, the steelers will be here. jason campbell said he thought it was a good test to take on such a good defense. -to-which jim zorn said: >> really? >> bit looks of it, you don't share that. >> i'm trying to find the blessing in that. i think that is probably a good point. we are facing four and then the fifth, problfive of the toughest defenses in our first
5:57 am
five games and i'm counting the new york giants in that. >> check out the initiation for draft picks kevin bars and robert hanson. it is the old tie the rookie for the goal post trick. they had to hang around until veterans came to their rescue. the skins will open their regular seen in less than a month. only seconds remaining. the panthers hunter cantwell gets hit. 18yards for the game winning such down. the giants win. more wordies about the swine flu. the government says there will be a delay in getting the vaccine out it the public. should you be worried? we'll take a look at that. fox 5 morning news is back in two minutes. when i was seventeen i was not good to my skin.
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we are following a developing sry. a 13-year-old girl struck by vile oants streets of d.c. >> she wasn't on the street


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