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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  August 21, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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there is a live look at our nation's capitol way off in the distance. off to a muggy start. it is like 80 degrees outside. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us. >> have to say thank goodness for the little bit of a breeze we have out there. 80-degree at 5:00 in the morning. we want to dobetter than that. satellite-radar, there areome clouds out there but not too bad citnd gosour sk ionsconditions go. we'll see a decent sunrise today. i think it will be a mix of clouds and sun during the day, i think da iy, t ink ou dshiclou build in duri trsheoue cof the affect. teeratures around the region, here in d.c., it 0 8isddop grf grma ofw ffopa few degrees during the early- morning hours. let's hope so before it starts to go on the rise again today. here is your day planner for
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today. partly sunny skies this morning. more clouds later on today. a hot, humid day a high around 90-degree or into the lower 90s in some areas and a better chance of showers and thunderstorms today and some of those thunderstorms could have some heavy downpours. we'll tell you more about that coming up in just a little bit. stick with us for that. >> thank you. let's welcome julie wright and see how her friday is going so far. >> in the so bad. we have the lane open if you are traveling along the wilson bridge. we've got light traffic volume for those working their way along 95 and 295 out of laurel. you will find an easy ride coming across the american legion bridge. close in 66 east of 50 fair oaks, incident pulled over to the right shoulder but the lanes are open as you continue eastbound working in towards nutley street. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. >> thank you the government has pumped brakes on the cash for clunkers program. it ends monday at 8:00. you have to hurry a little bit if you want the rebate of up to $4,500. white house officials praised the program as a lifeline to the automobile industry. dealers agree but say the government is taking too long to fork over the rebates and they've had to front the cash for the deal. school starts monday in d.c. an we can expect a mad dash to get kids vaccinated this weekend. there is controversy over a vaccine that pro cervical cancer. >> sherrily has more on this story. >> reporter: good morning. students can get their school shots at this immunization clinic by the department of health today. one them the hpv vaccine gardisil which is now required.
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d.c. was one. first to mandate this. some parents are saying no thanks. at several d.c. schools, health officials began vaccinating students yesterday. some parents don't want their daughters to have the hpv vaccine. it links against the virus linked to cervical cancer but it also has serious side effects. this week, the cdc says it is inked to 32 unrelated deaths, dizziness and broad clots although it still considers it safe. d.c. city council all girls must be mandated but parents can opt out without explanation. >> there are some women that would refer to from v. this. it should be their choice. it shouldn't be a mandate that sixth grade girls have to have this. >> we have a counseling station if a parent has a concern about any vaccine, we'll able to address that there. >> here are the evacuation nation clinics. the department of health
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immunization clinic is open from 9:00 tonight until 7:00 on georgia avenue. tomorrow, they will open up temporary clinics at four schools again. those are at kelly miller, ballou high, kramer middle and coolidge high school. those will be open from 8:00 until 4:00. that is tomorrow. the c dc says despite the side effects, the risks are no greater than any vaccine. one doctor actually said the biggest concern for his patients and the parents haven't been the side effects but worries since this drug protects against a sexually transmitted disease, giving to to such young girls could lead to sexual activity and that seems to be one of the big concerns for parents. we're live in northwest. sherry ly, fox 5 news. d.c. police are ask for your help in locating a missing
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1-year-old. his name is justin tibbs. he does need medication and may be disoriented. justin is vied a medium complexion male, about fou feet tall and weighing about 95 pounds. a prince george's county fire chief is recovering from a three-car crash on the beltway. he had to undergo hours a of su ery following that accident early yesterday morning. the impact of the crash was so violent that crews had to extricate him from his suv. the accident happened on 495 near central avenue. the chief is expected to survive. the search is on for three people would police say stole from a liquor store atm. this happened in the 1700 block of kenilworth avenue in capitol heights. surveillance cameras captured two men rushing into the store with a crowbar t took about a minute to get the machine open and the men took the cash from
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the drawer before taking off. >> it scared me. it is daytime. she's screaming. >> the men got away in an aqua colored pickup truck. anybody with information is asked to call prince george's county police. a bit of controversy here as it was a hero's welcome if a man convicted in an attack that killed 270 people. he returned to libya last night as a free man. he was accompanied by the son of libyan leader moammar khadafy. it was a different scene in the united states. tears and anger flowed as outraged family members of victims heard the news. the man has terminal cancer and scottish officials released him on come pathate grounds. >> i am a writer and there aren't enough adjectives in the
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english language to tell you how horrified and dismayed i was that they came to this conclusion. >> in libya, he seen as an innocent scapegoat. the west seduced to turn libya into a pariah. thousands more people could be walking the streets in california. the state approved a plan that would allow 27,000 inmates to be released early from prison are avoid prison time altogether. republican lawmakers said it would be a threat to public safety. bill now goes to the state assembly. does politics play a role in raising the terror alert level? a new tell-all book is raising that question. we'll have more on the question from tom ridge. a nasty fight between a bunch of kids in d.c. and it was caught on camera. see wt sparked the fighting and how it ended
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friends and family will say a final farewell to a respected news man today. the funeral mass for robert novak. of his a syndicated columnist and conservative political commentator. you might remember him from cnn's crossfire. he was 78. stunning accusations again the george w. bush admistration in a new tom ridge tell-all book. he claims top aides to then president bush pressured him to raise the terror alert level to sway the 2004 election. ridge said he refused to do that. that is when he knew he had to leave the government for the private sector. a manhunt to find a reality television star has stretched into canada. ryan jenkins is charged with murdering his ex-wife. police say he removed her teeth an fingers, stuffed her into a
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suitcase and dumped her body into a dumpster in california. former new york joins wide receiver plaxico burris heading to prison. he will have two years behind bars and two years of viewpoint supervised release. vacation time for a lot of people including the president. they head to martha's vineyard this weekend and they are not the only ones on vacation. the clintons are headed to bermuda. >> sounds good until you look at the weather radar. >> bermuda might not be the place you want to vacation right now. there is hurricane billout there. we will get you the latest information on that. the clintons may want to see that before they head out to bermuda. we'll tell you what is happening on the roadways. things look busy on the american legion bridge already this morning. julie wright is here. stellll tell us about traffic. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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welcome back. the heat was just a little bit too much to bear for some people in queen anne's county. a dozen students and a coach of kent island high school had to leave football practice and head to the hospital. emergency crews administered intravenous solutions to a lot of people. officials think the blazing sub and high humidity got to them. >> no players were passed out. most of them were ill in a way, vomiting, nausea. some slight trouble breathing. >> nobody drank enough before they came out to practice. it is hard to say. >> police did comb the field to see whether paint on the fwras or maybe a pesticide was to blame but officials say it was the heat. the battle of the bills and one could get soak gad hurricane bill is growing in
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the atlantic and could pass by bermuda and that is where president bill clinton is with secretary of state hillary clinton for a weekend getaway. and another president could have a soggy getaway too. president obama heads to maha's vineyard for a mini vacation with his family and forecasters expect hurricane bill to pass by the united states' east coast making a weekend at the beach pretty risky. >> not the best time to go. >> not for this weekend. they will be fine for martha's vineyard. >> which forecasters? apparently not you and tucker. >> yes, tucker? the islands. but we're talking about -- are you talking about martha's vineyard or bermuda? >> both. >> for this weekend. >> that update just in. >> so it will impact them. >> it will start impacting our east coast as well with some high surf so -- some rough surf.
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you want to be aware of that. the latest information came out just a few minutes ago. bill is now -- remains a category three hurricane. you see it is quite a ways away. it is currently about 4 # 5 miles south of bermuda. so it is still a ways away from the bermuda but the first people to feel the impact will be in bermuda. you look at the storm. you remember yesterday. it is looking a little more rag he had than it did yesterday. it is getting beat up by some strong winds. as this continues to move, it could reintensify. there could be some strengthening that occurs right now. the maximum sustained winds are 120 miles per hour. look how far away it is from martha's vineyard and coastal regions at this point but it is continuing to move to the north- northwest. we'll keep watching. satellite-radar picture for the eastern u.s. looks like this. we've got a lot of activity for a change in the eastern u.s. we have clouds in over us but we'll see a good mix of clouds and sun during the day today. out to the west, we have some
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rainfall associated with a cold front. that is eventually going to make its way through here. as it does, it will trigger some showers and thunderstorms in advance of that front and then along the front once it comes through tomorrow. for today, we have a better chance of rain. of a been saying this pretty much every day this week as our chance of rain has increased a little bit each day. today is our best chance so far of rain showers and thunderstorms, about a 70% chance according to the national weather service and we're at a slight risk for severe weather here in the washington area. so the forecast for d.c. for today looks like this. after we give you the current temperatures. 79 now in d.c. 78 in baltimore. 75 in frederick. 79 at patuxent naval air station. your photographed for today, partly cloudy skies. scattered afternoon showers and thundersrms. some of the rain could be heavy. 92degrees for your high. another warm one today. your five-day forecast, tomorrow, still warm but not as warm as it has been actually good chance of some scattered
5:20 am
showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. than we get drier air and somewhat cooler air working its way in here for sunday, monday and tuesday. highs in the low to mid-80s and lower humidity. so that will be good. that is a look the what is happening with the weather. let's fete more on the morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> not a lot happening right now. we have the lanes open as you travel the top stretch of the beltway making your way between college park and bethesda. lanes are open out of hyattstown headed down towards the truck scales. you will find 395 in good shape north of duke street headed out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. south a possible u. missile strike in pakistan. and in afghanistan, vote counting is under way. more on today's international headlines coming up next on fox 5 morning news. hundreds of items with designer labels were confiscated in a raid inside a local mall. we'll let you know why police targeted this virginia store. fox 5 morning news will be right back. we are just seconds away from
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cash for clunkers is available at your chevy dealer. with more eligible models to choose from than anyone. if your clunker qualifies to be recycled, you can get a $3500 or $4500 government rebate. us t nd jd!anuncean if you qualify for the clunker rebate, you may also qualify for 0% apr fo72r onths. 72 that means you can buy a ' co flt16baor $ 8 a month after a $3500 government te bare and no down payment. go to for details.
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a u.s. missile strike in killed at illed at least a dozen people. the officials say the strike hit a stronghold of an insurgent leader blamed for attacks in afghanistan. the united states has launched more than 40 missile taxes on al-qaeda targets close to the border since lastier. election officials are counting ballots in afghanistan. preliminary results are
5:24 am
expected to be announced in kabul tomorrow. officials estimate that 40 to 50% oflingible voters took part in elections. election-related violent is being blamed for at least 26 deaths. officials in iraq are asking for the u.s. military for help investigating a wave of deadly bombings there. more than 100 people were killed and 500 more injured in yesterday's coordinated attacks in baghdad. an iraqi military spokesperson says 11 of the nation's police an army commanders have been detained on suspicion of negligence and the violence continued onearly this morning. two more people were killed when a truck bomb exploded in southern baghdad. now to a counterfeit raid here in our area. hundreds of purses and sunglasses bearing designer labels all confiscated from a local mall. police raided the prince william count way store selling the handbags. it seized about $53,000 worth of stuff and arrested the le owner. this happened at the luxury fashion accessory store in
5:25 am
manassas mall. the store had a sign saying that merchandise was not the real thing. roz plater has more. >> reporter: this store is shut down now but police say it operated in the manassas mall for two years. a month ago, prince william county police began getting complaints about possible counterfeit merchandise. soon after, investigators decided to did a little shopping. >> a week ago, one of our detectives working undercover went into the store and purchased four bags, four counterfeit bags. >> reporter: thursday morning, armed with a search warrant, investigators raided the store taking hundreds of items, most of it purses. investigators say the bags had coppies of designer logos like coach and louis vuitton, all marked much less than the price of an actual designer piece. shoppers said if the allegation are true, the whole thing is pretty shocking. >> it is unreal right now with
5:26 am
the economy and everything that somebody would actually try to do that. >> reporter: and they say the prices should have raiseed a red flag. >> that would have been a good clue to a red zone right there that there was something going on, something fishy. >> if you expect to buy a coach purse in the milef of the mall, you are get what you pay for. you got to go to a coach store. >> reporter: police arrested one man charged with one count of felony count of infringement. court documents show the 5-year- old manassas man had a sign that read in part, we did not claim our products to be originals or exact coppies. therefore, do not violate any copyright laws. brand names are used solely for comparison purposes. we couldn't track down that owner for an explanation but the law he is accused of violating says you can't use a company's logo without permission and you can't use it in a way that might confuse the buyer. he is due in court in october. in the newsroom, i'm roz plater, fox 5 news. >> thank you. if you wanted to cash in on the cash for clunkers program,
5:27 am
your time is running out. >> a lot of people who already turned in the cars are pretty frustrated right now. we'll get more details now. for the first time, d.c. immunization clinics are giving girltha controversial vaccine required for school. why some parents are opting out. (mom) he needed everything for college: towels, sheets and then there was the stuff he wanted... liwa. spars
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just one dollar will get you into tonight's nats game against the brewers. they are celebrating signing steven strasburg and you .can purchase the discounted takettes from nationals park main box office from noon until 2:00. >> hard to find a better deal than that. >> that is a great promotion. one thing about the nationals, they are very customer friendly. they treat the fans well. >> this is a good way to get people into the ballpark and get them excited about the team and the game. >> good stuff. >> hopefully, the weather will cooperate. >> it is muggy being hot and humid. the good thing, you've been asking for rain and you've got a better chance of betting it today than we've had for most of the rest of the week. let's takea and sa sw hoyou e itsaw datellrae-r. not so much happening. we have clouds this morning mixed in with the clearer skies u.nual p rait in motion for o can you see we talk about the scattered nature of the precipitation. yok atlothe radar. yesterday, as predicted, some
5:31 am
folks got showers. others did not. widely scattered showers all across the mid-atlantic. it is a perfect picture right there. this more than, nothing happening in our area. we do have humid conditions across the area. reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 79 degrees. the relative humidity, 79%. winds are out of the south at 1 miles per hour. that is our saving grace, you have a little bit of a breeze out there. here aslk ooat ook at the forecast for today. partly sunny this morning. more clouds later. about a 70% chance of some hi wers and thunderstor t afteanoo n d this evening. rone of those storms could be and maybe with heavy downpours here and there. 92degrees for your high in d.c. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic out there on a friday morning. >> good morning, you guys. we've got lanes open if you are traveling along 95 leaving dale city headed out wards the springfield interchain and northbound on 395 between the beltway and the 14th street
5:32 am
bridge. 270 in great shape with no indents to report working down towards the truck scales. light traffic volume traveling eastbound on 66. this is a live shot of traffic coming eastbound approaching 7100. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. and we are following some breaking news in silver spring right now. a fire at an apartment building on featherwood street. it apparently began on a deck and spread to the building. there are no reports of any injuries at this time. we do have a crew on the scene. we'll bring you pictures as soon as we get them back here to the station. the government is ready for park the cash for clunkers program for good. >> dealers say the white house istaking too long to fork over the rebate they had to front. bob barnard has the details. >> reporter: mike mcfarland is getting a big break on his new car purchase. unloading this 92 rode wroa in the proces >> it is a -- it was a good
5:33 am
deal. $4,500 for what i traded in. i don't think i could get $45 for it. >> the folk at fitzgerald auto mail say they've made about 700 cash for clunker deals so far. >> i think it's helped. sure, it's helped some. >> reporter: the government says there have been more than 457,000 dealer tran actions so far worth $1.9 billion in rebates but getting gas guzzlers off the road and consumers into more fuel efficient cars has not been thout its hiccups. >> they've had to do this very quickly and they subcontracted it to city bank and ore askle. they are rushing around hiring people and trying to get them trained. but any start-up has problems and this is a start-up that is under a blizzard of paper. >> reporter: forcing many dealers to hold onto their newly acquired clunkers until they get their money. >> we've been paid about 10% of what we've got out there. but it is speeding up. >> reporter: still, the
5:34 am
government is refusing to reimburse dealers whose paperwork has flaws. danielle white bought this 2010 toyota corolla late last month trading in a car her family owned for 10 years. >> two weeks later, they start calling, we want the car back. we feed the car back or we feed the money. >> reporter: all because congress requires trade-ins have 1 months of continue with us insurance and there was a brief lapse in danielle's coverage when her mom changed insurance companies last october. >> they have stipulatings which is fine but four days? in10 years? i think that is not fair. not fair at all. >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 news. asked about these kinds of snags, an administering official said it is the dealer's responsibility to get it right before the customer leaves the lot with the new car and the rebate. congress made $3 billion available for the rebate program. the other big stories we're following, president obama is taking some pre-vacation jabs at his health care critics.
5:35 am
at a forum in washington, he listed several falsehoods about reform and took on the media saying there is no question where the lies are being spread. he said one way to counter the misinformation is by having an honest debate. the president said everybody is stuck on the public option but that is only one part of the entire plan and that part is voluntary. and house peeker nancy pelossoy says there is no way the house can pass a health care reform bill without a new public insurance plan. her comments came as the white house faces a liberal backlash for indicating that it is open to leave that public plan out. liberals insist a new public plan is essential but republicans almost uniformly oppose it. kids in the district are getting ready to head back to school on monday but a controversial vaccine has parents headed into a last- minute vaccination clinic with questions. let's check in with sherry ly who joins us live in northwest. >> reporter: we are talking about the hpv vaccine, greed sill, which protects against the sexually transmitted disease linked to cerve kal
5:36 am
cancer that the vaccine is being given out at immunization clinics like this one to girl as young as 11 years old in the district who are required to have it for school. but parents can opt out. students can get the vaccinations including gardisil at the department of health between 9:00 to 7:00 and tomorrow from 8:00 until 4:00 being temporary clinics at four schools. students lined up at temporary vaccination clinics around the district to get their school shots. but there is one controversial vaccine some parents don't want their young daughters to have. the h vaccine to prevent cervical cancer also has serious side effects. >> one of the common side effects is feigning and seizures. there have been young girl was can't form words hours after
5:37 am
they've had the vaccine. >> reporter: this week, the cdc says the vaccine is linked to 32 unrelated deaths, dizziness and blood clots although it still considers the vaccine safe. starting this year, d.c. city councilman dated all girls in the sixth grade or above be vaccinated but parents are informed they can opt out without explanation. >> all of our forms have information about the vaccine. >> reporter: here at this clinic, the department of health is also taking extra steps to educate parents. gentleman we all have a counseling station that, if a parent has a concern about any vaccine, we'll be able to address that with them there. >> reporter: dr. david downing says the risks are no greater than other vaccines. his 14-year-old daughter got it. >> it is a individual choice. if somebody looks at it, on the medical grounds, the benefits far outweigh the risks. >> it is a decision some say rest with doctors and parents,
5:38 am
not politician and schools. >> there are some women that would really prefer to have had vaccine. that should be their choice. it shouldn't be a mandate from the d.c. government that sixth grade girls have so have this vaccine. >> efforts to mandate the hpv vaccine in virginia and maryland failed. opponents in d.c. tried to get the council to did he lay this year's mandate but without success. live in northwest, sherry ly, fox 5 news. back to you. >> thank you. so your kids' shots are up to date. what about their vision and hear. can you get those tested for free at the arlington and montgomery county fairs. volunteers with the pre's united we serve initiative are teaming up with the lions clubs to offer the free serenaings. it is a cool reaction from massachusetts lawmaker to a request from senator ted kennedy. he sent a letter asks those lawmakers to reate a law that would allow for an appointed interim senator until his seat could be filled.
5:39 am
the boston globe reports the state republican leaders are calling it hypocritical and they say it is a partisan move. insiders say the senate president has expressed serious reservations about chaining the law. senator kennedy suffering from a brain tumor. if you are stopping off at starbucks, you can expect some changes as the price on some of your favorites are different. find out what prices went up and which ones may have come down. the redskin get getting a little bit goofy on the last y of training camp. we'll have more when fox 5 morning news comes back. >> sorry about that. >> are you okay?
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wall street hoping to wrap up the week with more gains. yesterday, the dow jones closed up 70 points. knack was up almost 0. in tokyo today, the nikkei plummeted 145 points. early look at dow futures look to be flat. other money news this morning, new red its card laws are now in effect. creditors now have to mail out bills 21 days before the due date. customers have to be given at least 45 days notice about big changes to contracts ch as raising interest rates or fees. customers have the right to reject the changes and close the act and pay off the existing balance in knife years if he existing rate. look for you out for changes coming to your starbucks nearby. the price of the blended iced
5:43 am
frappucinos will jump as much as 30 cents. other drinks will climb 10 to 15 cen. the reason for the hike is higher labor and material costs. now, there is some good news if you are just in for the regular cup of joe, starbucks is knocking five to 15 cents off the price of its regular coffee. we'll have a check on our forecast and also what is happening out there on the highways coming up next. a nasty camera on the streets of d.c -- a nasty fight caught on camera and posted on- line for the world to see. we'll see what sparked this fight and how it ended. fox 5 morning news is back in just a minute. (announcer) it's time to raise the bar
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you see us every morning. but we'd love to see new person. steve, allison and i will be out at eastern market from 10:00 to 1:00 tomorrow. we would love it if you would come on s ay being say hi and just visit with us for a week. >> tony was out there last week and set the bar very high. 100,000 people. >> we had 100,000 people. it was very good. i assume you guys will do what we did, which was buy everyone lunch. >> i heard that you it was nice that you got the government stimulus to help pay for that. i wish. >> there were not 100,000 people. >> what are we supposed to wear tomorrow. will it be hot? >> it will be warm and muggy.
5:47 am
yes, you need to know that. the good thing is -- >> a custom forecast. >> well, for all those other people would will be out enjoying saturday whether it will beat eastern market -- >> overall, i don't think it will be as warm ait has been. >> a the bit of a break. take a look. here we go with the current conditions being reported across the area. here you go. for the weekend being here is what we're looking at. tomorrow, 87 degrees for your high with a chance of some scattered showers and storms. mostly cloudy skies but there is that 87 degrees. it won't be the prettiest rain we've seen but we could use the rain. sunday will feel better because it won't be as muggy as tomorrow and as the rest of this week has been. we don't think it will rain on sunday. right now, it look pretty good. we start with our temperatures, 79-degree here in washington.
5:48 am
78 in baltimore. dulles at 79 degrees. hagerstown, 79. that is all i'm saying here. patuxent naval air station, 79 degrees. clouds, we've got pretty good cloud cover across much of the region. you can see those up to the north an west. it will be a mixed bag during the course of the morning hours and i think more clouds will build in here later on today. there is where the precipitation is. it is moving to the north- northeast. a frontal system gets closer in here. let me show you the surface map. that aids the development of showers and thunderstorms across the region. the cold fronts to the east. the cold front comes through tomorrow. enough moisture in the atmosphere that we could see some thunderstorms pop up. later today, a couple of those could be strong with some heavy downpours. here is the forecast for today. partly cloudy skies. scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. some, as i said w heavy rain. highs again ranging from the
5:49 am
upper 80s into the low 90s. then for your five-day forecast, we'll take a look at that coming up in a little bit. you will see cooler temperatures, sundays, monday and tuesday. that is a look at the weather. let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> all right. not a lot happening right now. we have the lanes open as you travel the top stretch of the beltway leaving college park and continuing around towards 270. light volume here. we are in good shape southbound 270 leaving hyattstown into germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. an all-out brawl on a d.c. street and all caught on camera. the five-minute home video posted on youtube showing two groups of girls armed with rocks, stick and even a knife. two of those girls have now been taken into custody and police say there are more arrests coming. paul wagner has more details on the disturbing video. >> reporter: the tape begins in what appears to be the common area of an apartment complex in the 3700 block of jay street
5:50 am
northeast. we turned off the audio because of the language. person operating the camera can be heard laughing and then alerting others someone has a knife. at one point, you can see an adult with a belt. other girls have rocks and sticks. d.c. police don't know would shot the video or who put it on- line but they are happy to have it. >> i think this video is just outstanding evidence for us to help us proceed in our case. >> reporter: in this new age of social networking sites where all kinds of pictures and videos are posted, it is not uncommon for police to not only find them but use them as well. >> you can google or youtube fights, any type. fights and can you come across various incidents like the one that occurred here. >> reporter: in this case, the evidence there is for all to see. at one point be several girls chase another down the street, surround her and begin hitting her. at least one can be seen kicking the girl on the ground and then screams as the car comes into the picture driving
5:51 am
the wrong way on a one-with -- w on a one-way street. >> she was placed under arrest on the scene by one of our officers and she was presented before the u.s. attorney's office for prosecution. >> reporter: according to court papers filed in the case, la toya twymam was involved in the fight and had three juvenile girls in the car with her. the juveniles have been charged with slashing twyman's tires so she couldn't leave the scene. this is an investigation made somewhat simpler with the existence of youtube and the person who decided to post it there. i'm paul wagner. >> the youtube video has since been removed from the web site. whea sports mascot offers you a piggyback, it may not be the best idea. we'll show you w one scenscene
5:52 am
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a $3500 government tereband no down payment. go to r details. the two a days are over and the skin have officially put training camp behind them. >> today just a walk through as the team prepares for tomorrow's home preseason game again the steelers. three week of camp will do some things to to you make you a
5:55 am
little bit batty. our sports director was trying to talk to chris cooley after practice. >> what was the best part of the end of camp? >> i think not having two adays is awesome. >> whoa! >> what just happened? >> sorry about that. >> are you okay? >> excuse him. >> i thought you handled it well. hover been taxed like that by a teammate? >> only him. >> god -- >> i wear to god i'm going to punch him square in the face when i walk inside. >> they're just kidding. keep in mind that cooley didn't practice yesterday because of a bad back and not really sure if all that roughhousing is a good idea for eating of of those guys. >> haps worth watering down the rookies to see if they would go
5:56 am
and made sure they wouldn't go anyby taping the ankles together and watered them some mo. some body taping and the sit up- /water in the face drill. haynesworth is expected to make his redskins debut this week. the nationals will be nicing their new rookies. take the interim take off of mike rizzo. he was named the team's general manager yesterday. he was also given the general manager's duty after jim boden resigned as washington's gm on march 1st. that is when the interim tag was applied. that is now gone. he traded for motheringen that center field and sigificantly upgraded that position. he also retool the nats bullpen and was the point man on the steven strasburg negotiation. the franchise picture is coming and rizzo is staying. >> i always thought i would be the choice. i didn't know if they knew it
5:57 am
yet. i felt i was the choice. i have a confidence level in myself and i thought i was well prepared for the job. >> mike ritz owe and stan kasten all smiles in the stands of the rockies games. top of five, nats trailing 1-0. a wild pitch here. that allows this to be the game- winning run. washington has won just 10 of 36 against colorado. usain bolt broke his own record to win. berly. no the mascot taking walker for a piggy back ride. he runs into the hurdle cart. both of them tax a tumble. big hugs. everybody is okay. no injuries so it is all right. >> not graceful. straight ahead.
5:58 am
at 6:0 our business beat, we'll talk about he price changes that affect starbucks. >> the latest quentin tarantino film takes liberties with the fact and we'll see if it lives up to the hype. we'll find out what kevin mccarthy has to say when he joins us live. get schooled in style at the jcpenney biggest bonus sale.
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