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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  August 25, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and how to talk to your children about these swigs. representative jim moran will join us. he is getting set to host a big health care town hall meeting with a special guest speaker. and at 8:00, a lot of stay at home moms are re-entering the paid work force. we'll have tips to help ou ease the transition. >> fox 5 morning news is just getting started now at 5:00. good tuesday morning. it is august 25th. there is a live look at the washington monument this morning to get you started at 5:00. the temperatures feeling from the question good out there this morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say good morning to tucker barnes and hopefully a nice comfortable day today. >> very comfortable out there now. my air conditioners was not turned on when i woke up this morning. the huge is in check.
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we have sunshine throughout the day and high temperatures later in the upper 80s. isodon't know w iatheratthonih things can i say about the forecast but i'll try to refo out a way the next 19 say it. yo d our clveco hed ancloud cover shower activity is well off the co . thmorni this is high pressure building in. ghhi actually a n ea f o pressure that will stick around for a couple of days. today in the upper 80s. tomorrow, a little warmer. t will be hot tomorrow in the 0 it t will be avery quiet day for geeoraf n iwlue ef rain we ha ouraarnd here. 71 at reagan national. you can see the c aloo iris lurking not too far off the north and west. very comfortable day. we are expecting high temperatures in the mid- to 8ro0s acuss the ts obright sun humidity eaonl wly't be too d so this will be ne.aon we on n 8888in washington.
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90 down in fredericksburg and onolest in the mountnsr, ft royal, high temperature about 85 degrees. you know the nice weather can't last forever. i will talk about changes and when they might arrive coming up in a minute. >> let's say good morning to julie wright and find out what is happening out on the roads. >> i say we just bottle up that forecast we had for the day an give them the rest of the day off and we won't have to hare the bad news. >> sounds like a booed deal. >> nice easy ride, no accidents to report traveling northbound 395 across the 14th 14th street bridgehood 14th street bridgehood -- the 14th street bridge headed to of the southeast-southwest freeway. traveling south on 270, clear sailing for you. no accidents to report on 355 headed into rockville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, maryland budget officials have outlineed
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a furlough plan to state employees to help address a big budget shortfall. under that plan, state employees who make less than $40,000 a year will take three furlough days and they will have the option to use earned personal or compensatory leave in addition to the three furlough days. employees who make $4,000 or more will take five days. car dealers have at the least a few more hours to get reimbursed for their cash for clunkers sale. many of the dealers are still filling out the paperwork. government pushed back the filing deadline until noon today. now, federal officials say the dealers may have more time to submit claims because of problems with the transportation department's web site. president obama is expected to officially announce today that he is nominating ben bernanke to serve a second term as chairman of the federal
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reserve. sources say president obama considers bernanke key to preventing anotherred if rail meltdown. there were some frightening moments for a little boy inside a bathroom after fairfax county store. police say a stranger held that boy against his will. investigators say the man followed the 9-year-old into a rest room at dick's sporting goods in bailey's crossroads saturday. the boy told his father the man tried to keep him in the rest room. the police reviewed surveillance tapes and arrested the man. >> it is not that much of an inconvenience to go in with him. if you're not going to go all the way in, make sure roe room is empty and then stand by the door. >> liggin is a registered sex offender. anybody would thinks their child may have had contact is
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asked to call police. an 87-year-old man is accused of committing the first murder in howard county and he killed a 91-year-old. investigators say earl wilder started hitting james brown in the head as the pair sat outside. the pair police believe killed brown and now wilder is in jail. parents of a 5-year-old girl in beltsville are hoping her second day of school turns out better than her first. she board the wrong bus and was dropped off at the wrong day care sparking a five-hour search. the school called the day care but the director thought the little girl was enrolled there. wal-mart has been given a green light to build a store near a famed civil war battlefield. the county commission approved building the super sized store in a partially developed commercial zone between fredericksburg and culpeper. that is striking a chord with
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hisser to wraps and preservation groups would say the battlefield where 0,000 soldiers were killed is sacred ground. >> orange county can have a wal- mart but also protect the battlefield. there is a compromise. it is relatively simple. just move the wal-mart a few miles up the road. >> we think there needs to be a balance between the two. it is good to preserve land but they made jobs out there. >> wal-mart says the 133,000 square-foot retail store will not be seen from the battle fooled and it will bring much- needed job to a rural community. the first day of school is out of the way and some students hope the second day is more successle after a scheduling mix-up in prince george's county. some students had two classes in the same time and some had no schedule at all. sarah simmons joins us from suitland high school where students need to show up on
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time to try to iron the mess out. what happened? >> reporter: prince george's county school officials are not making any excuses here. they say this is a matter that will be resolved today. to get you up to speed, this was a scheduling snafu that occurred yesterday and affected hundreds, possibly even thousands of students including here at suitland high school. the students who did show up for class were directed, most of them, to the auditorium where they spent nearly the entire school day because there weren't proper schedules for them. some had them going to two places at once. so it was quite a mess here yesterday. and the superintendent of schools, dr. william heidt, even confirmed that the scheduling problem was widespread and blamed it on a new compute irprogram they are using this year to schedule students. he says it was a problem of an it problem and people trying to learn the new system. >> we want to correct this
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problem as quickly as we possibly can. my message to parents is that it is unacceptable for any child not to have a schedule. >> reporter: now, dr. heidt is saying that today will be an all hands on approach and students do indeed need to show up for school and that the staff will be here to manually create the proper schedules until this whole thing gets worked out. now, another thing, the superintendent wants to put in this perspective saying there are about 40,000 high school students across prince george's county, steve, and he says the vast majority of those students did have proper schedules. we'll see what happens when school starts today. back to you y thank you. we are following developing news in the death of many. his death has been ruled a homicide. a drr dr at the center of the investigation says police have twisted his words. space shuttle stouffery is loaded with supplies and ready to launch. but the crew will have to wait
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a little bit. we are checking national headlines coming up. 
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making headlines, nasa will
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try again tomorrow to launch the shuttle discovery. blastoff was delayed because of a thunderstorm. the obama administration will investigate interrogation tactics used in the bush era and it is sparking heated remarks from former vice president dick cheney. during the bush years, cia interrogators are accused ever harsh methods including threatening to kill a terror suspect's family. that violates antitorture laws. cheney says there is a reminder about why so many people have doubts about this administration's ability to be responsible for our nation's security. michael jackson's death has been ruled a homicide. jackson's dr., conrad murray, could now face criminal charges. the los angeles police demeanor is already investigating dr. murray formanslaughter. dr.murray says much of what is
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in the court papers is, quote, police theory. murray never said he left jackson and came back to find he had stopped breathing as is written in the affidavit. pepco bills out of control in the winter. angry customers demanding answers. >> we may finally know what erarked llsoutr. agus pow bills. we'll have a look at the traffic and julie wright will be in with the traffic right after the break. crest whitestrips has created a stp so revolutionary... you can use it while you do just about anything. it molds better... it grips better... and seals better. you can even drink water with it on. crest whitestrips advanced seal. it's a breakthrough technology... that molds and adheres to your teeth better... you a dramatically whiter smile.
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you were washed. that is the message from park rangers. the rangers insist they warn people about the dopingers of hurricane bill before that huge wave hit more than 0 people standing on a rock and swept them out to sea. a 7-year-old girl was killed. so for us, i stepped
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outside today, thought this is pretty nice. a little taste of fall. >> a little preview of fall. the temperatures are very comfortable here in the city. it is about 70. the humidity has finally taken a dive towards the lower numbers and it feels a lot more comfortable out there. no one will be complaining about the numbers today. >> steve will be out running. >> allison and i may be out running today. >> we'll talk about the all- important school bus forecast. >> day two. >> sunny and comfy is the official word. less humid. temperatures at the time you are headed out to the bus stop, about 07 degrees or so. it should -- about 70 degrees or so. it should be a great looking day. kids headed out to the buses, should be a great looking day all in all here throughout date
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foall of us. a nice-looking afternoon. let's take a look at our current temperatures and they are in the comfortable range. here in washington, still 71 at this hour. off to the west and today north, it is not bad. 63 at this hour in frederick. 65 in union town baltimore see a nice start there. down to the south, even down at patuxent naval air station, we are currently 69. in ocean city, maryland, 7 # degrees. lots of sunshine expected in today's forecast. we don't have much in the way of cloud cover out there as high pressure -- look at all the clear skies out to the west. all the way out to chicago, we do want have cloud cover. this is a big area of high pressure that will be moving on through during the next couple of days. although temperatures will be warm, it won't feel that bad because humidity is not going to start to crank up gun until the end of the week. the next couple of days be very quiet weather. a nice afternoon expected. high temperature about 88 degrees. winds will be oust north and west at around five miles per
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hour. that will continue to bring that drier air into the area. tonight, we'll be clear and cool. cool enough. it will be nice. 69degrees out there. wind out of the north at five miles per hour. here is a look at the next couple of days. some of us will be in the low to mid-90s. 88 on thursday. frontal system starts to approach the area by late in the day on thursday. could be a few isolated thunderstorms late thursday. better chance friday and saturday. then the forecast gets interesting by the weekend. i'll show you why in just a couple minutes. let's get to on-time traffic and that means julie wright is in the house. >> all i heard was something about hmmm in the house. >> i never know what you're going to say. >> you know what? neither do i. teleprompters are our friends. unfortunately i do want have one. no incidents reported to those leaving college park headed
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around towards the exit for 270. no incidents to report northbound i-95. you are moving at speed headed north of lorton continuing in towards lorton and up towards the springfield interchange. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. virginia is asking about $75 million of stimulus money for a new high-speed rail. the track would run about 11 miles through stafford and prince william counties. a major milestone in the capital beltway hot lanes project. the first steel beam was hoisted in place last night for a new bridge on the outer loop over chain bridge road. you can expect ramp closures as well as closures on route 123 from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. monday through thursday nights. it is pepco versus the people's council and your bill is caught in the middle. hundreds of customers called fox 5 to iestigate
5:21 am
significant increases in their bills last winter. pepco blamed the bills on a colder than average winter. the office of the people's council looked at 400 complaints and said 4 #% of them boil down to faulty meters. >> data suggests it may be a problem. the meter is a sensitive subject with pepco because that is their revenue stream but it is also an issue of integrity and public trust. >> pepco says there is no basis for the council's report. pep owe claims out of the 4 account records it provide, only two had meter issues. two pepco contractors are recovering after a flash fire ripped through an yond ground electrical vault. one of the men was shocked but a live wire that. sudden shock sent a wave of fire through the underground vault. one of the workers was so badly burned, he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. another suffered smoke inhalation scientist woman nets
5:22 am
thousands of dollars in donation all based on a terrible made-up story. and area classrooms are ready for the new school year and the swine flu. we'll show what you changes have been made to keep your children safe this year. stay with us. you are watching fox 5 morning news. tim,
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services secretary joined the secretary of education at hd cook elementary in northwest to talk about preventive measures saying the trials of a new h1n1 vaccine are going quite well. >> what we know is that we are a couple of months away from a vaccine being ready to go and when that is ready, we anticipate using schools as partners to make sure that we reach out to kids who are a priority population to get a vaccination. >> meantime, maryland officials announce the seventh swine flu death in the state. beth parkerhas more on what schools are doing to fight the h1n1 virus. >> reporter: the science sign out front says failure is not an option. this school and others all over maryland are making changes, hoping they don't fail when it it comes to controlling swine flu. in the bathrooms and elsewhere,
5:26 am
students will notice new dispensers containing hand sanitizer. >> dips dispbsers will be strategically placed throughout the hool building. >> reporter: from the principal to the governor, people all over maryland are talking about swinflu. martin o'malley boasted today that maryland is the first state if the nation to have all of its hospitals participating in a program that quickly links emergency rooms so authorities can track the illness by monitoring symptoms as they appear around the state gentleman timely, accurate information shared by all. greater connectedness, so that we know what we know and more importantly can act upon what we know for the benefit and protection of the lives of our people. >> reporter: the vaccine for regular flu is already ailable. around mid-october, those in person certain population groups should fete one and possibly two swine flu vaccinations. the key groups are pregnant women being people ages six months to 24 years, people would live with babies under six months old, health care workers and adults with health issues. >> when you add that population up in maryland, that is about
5:27 am
two million people. to be prepared for a vaccination program in the middle of the fall associated with that requires an all hands on deck approach. >> reporter: here in largo, they had already made some changes last spring when the original swine flu outbreak happened. for example being they started cleaning the cafeteria with a much more intense cleanser and those practices continue this year. in prim county, beth fox 5 news. >> governor o'maley says maryland has received millions of federal dollars for planning its response to swine flu but it hasn't yet received money for distribution of the vaccine. the state health secretary says the plan is still to make the vaccine available to every maryland resident would wants it but it is hard topredict when the supply will be sufficient to offer it to everyone. straight ahead, abig decision overnight for retail giant wal-mart. the latest on the controversial plans to build a super-sized store in virginia scientist rough start to the new school year for some area students. sarah similar monday has that this -- similar monday has that
5:28 am
this morning -- simmons has that this morning. a scheduling mix-up left some students with nowhere to go on the first day of class. what will the second day be like and will this problem be if -- fixed. i'll have the details in a live report coming up when fox 5 morning news returns. your pet makes lots of friends. but there's one little friend you don't want him to meet. the flea. just one in your home can turn into thousands-fast, infesting carpets, furniture, even your bed. to stop an infestation, ask for frontline plus. it quickly kills fleas, their eggs, and larvae-even ticks.
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$4 off airwick i-motion scented oil and $4 off freshmatic compact i-motion in this sunday's paper. try air wick today. welcome back. we take a look at traffic on the american legion bridge
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early this morning. temperatures are actually pretty comfortable in most parts this morning. so a little bit of good news this morning. >> the humidity is way down. it feels good. >> feels great. it should continue to feel great throughout the day. our high temperatures today, you take the humidity out of the equation and it will feel pretty good. early taste of fall or late summer. >> i'll go with that. >> let's start with a look at our satellite-radar. tvilking to hnoavhave nothing talk about in the eathw er center. >> is that why? you wbt talk it me otherwise. h. pretty much, oeay we avvery nice conditions across the area. high pressure building in here for toe eahio valley. that will stickunaroiof t he upneco le of days. yco i menneiod,ou rhighigh temperatures will be in the upper 80s but not expecting rain showers or thunderstorms today and tomorr, w lle'be back in the low 90s. so summer is not over yet although the trend is to start
5:32 am
to cool the temperatures down. our after hajj temperature now is 85 degrees. 68-- hey, we're down to 68. is this accurate? let pee check that and make sure that is accurate. here is a look at your forecast. i guarantee this is accurate. high temperature, mid- to upper 80s by 4:00 with plenty of sunshine and norain or thunderstorm activity. as kids let out to the bus stop, should be a great day. they can wear shorts ya. usually, you don't talk to me because the only thing i want to talk about is are we going to get rain, the yard, the garden. i got you. >> let's check in with julie wright to see if she can get her sunshine. >> i'm all about the sunshine and an easies ride right now around the capital beltway. no incidents to report as you travel the top stretch between college park and bethesda. lanes are open. southbound 95, 295 both in
5:33 am
great asian-pacific out of laurel. don't forget kids going back to school. you will find traffic patterns changing in the neighborhood. no accidents to report headed for the wilson bridge. all of the lane here are open and it is a nice east iride so far northbound i-95 leaving woodbridge headed into the springfield interchange. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a virginia man is accused of hold ago boy inside a fairfax county bathroom against that boy's will. the suspect is 47-year-old steven liggon. he is a registered sex fonder. investigators say he followed that 9-year-old into the rest room on saturday. the boy wasn't touched or hurt but he told his frank sinatra liggon tried to block him in. >> he asked the child something and the child responds negatively two or three times. detectives respond. they review a surveillance video and the video confirms the description of the suspect given by the little 9-year-old. >> liggon was arrested the next day. he has been charged with
5:34 am
abduction with intent to defile and indecent liberties. anybody who thinks that you are child might have had contact with him is being asked to call police. a man and woman still on the run this morning accused of robbing. pnc bank in crofton. the tell are says a woman walked in, took a blank deposit slip, looked around and left. a short time later, awe man walked in and hand the deopt spoft slip to the teller demanding cash and indicating he had a gun. nip with information is auctioned to call the anne arundel police. maryland budget officials have outlined a furlough plan to address a budget shortfall. state employees who make less than $40,000 a year will take three if you are hoe days. they will then have the option to use earned personal or compensatory leave ew brunswick to those three furlough days. employees who make$40,000 a area or more will take five furlough days. the cash for clunkers program is officially out of
5:35 am
gas now. the deadline has come and gone. but many dealers are caught in a backlog of paperwork. they have at the least a few more hours to get reimbursed for their cash for clunkers sales. government pushed back the filing deadline for dealers until noon today and now officials say the dealers may have even more time to submit claims because of problems with the transportation department's web site. developing story within the obama administration as the president is expected to announce today that he is nominating federal reserve chaian ben bernanke to a second term. the president will make at nunsment from martha's vineyard where he and his family are vacationing. the debate over whether to build a super sized wal-mart near a famed civil war battlefield in orange county, virginia is finally over. the county commission approved that plan to build the 133 square-foot retail store
5:36 am
halfway between fredericksburg and culpeper the plan isup setting hisser to wraps who feel the battleground is sacred ground. wal-mart says the store will not be seen from the battlefield. wrong classes no classes or two classes at once. those are some of the problems that a fall robs in suitland faced on their first day of school because of a scheduling problem. >> one student spent her first day in high school just sitting in the auditorium all day. swrat superintendent called it an unacceptable situation an says they plan to iron it out today. sarah simmons is live with all the details. >> reporter: prince george's county school officials say the matter will be resolved. it remains to be seen if it will be entirely resolved today. we understand the staff here will be on hand to create the schedules manually to the students as they show up today so you can imagine it could likely be a very confusing second day for school as well.
5:37 am
the scheduling snafu affected hundreds being possibly even thousands of students across prince george's county including here at suitland high school. students who showed up here were directed to the auditorium where we understand they spent nearly the entire school day. the superintendent, dr. william hite, confirms that the scheduling problem was widespread throughout several high schools in the county and said it was a new computer program that was skeed you go the students that is to blame. >> the comnation it problem and a come nation individuals learning the new system. >> it was just really frustrating for me. >> reporter: tr. hite says there will be a all hands on approach today as the staff will be here. we've seen some cars pulling in. i'm quite sure staff will probably be here to try to get things ironed out today. the superintendent was also saying that there are about 40,000 high school students county-wide and he says the
5:38 am
vast majority of those students were in their roner classes yesterday. back to you. >> thank you. time now is 5:37. here is an inisn'tive to take good notes in class. it can earn you some extra money. we'll show you how students are making a few extra dollars by paying attention in class. next, coworkers helped to raise thousands of dollars for a colleague who was dying only for find out the whole story was made up. fire sends ve hundreds running for safety. stay with us. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ir ♪ [ woman ] ♪ early light breaks through ♪ music and dance calling you ♪ just need that mountain grown lift ♪ ♪ before you share your gift ♪ ♪ now there's rhythm and sound
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soy a drum of chemicals exploded causing this fire in detroit t sent plumes of thick black smoke into the air. it was visible from miles away. ithappened at the chemical company as workers were evacuated but neighbors didn't evacuate. police and hazmat crews say the flames and fumes didn't pose a threat to the community. the not clear what set off that explosion just yet. coworkers felt sorry for tammy young when she told them she had rminal cancer. so sorry, they raised $10,000 in donations at her workplace. turns out she faked the entire thing and now prosecutors say that the office where she worked in missouri may see her in court because she is facing felony charges. police asked for a few donation. young isn't ant letters asking for even more. soy the scottish justice
5:42 am
secretary who released the lockerbie bomber is defending his decision. he is the only person convicted in the 1988 bombing that killed 270 people, mostly americans. the justice secretary explained his decision on. issue lawmakers saying it was based on compassionate grounds because the man is dying of terminal cancer. didn't sit well with victims' families who are still outraged. >> it was not based on political being economic consideration. gentleman he sent the message that the comfort and the life of one state-sponsored terrorist is worth more than the lives of 270 innocent loved ones. >> fbi director robert mueller wrota letter to scotland's justice minister calling the release a mockery of justice. it is a similar bowl of rebirth in new york city. this is what is known as the
5:43 am
last column from the world trade center. this 36-foot piece of steel is from the south tower, the final piece removed from ground zero. crews took that back to the site yesterday to be part of the national 9-11 memorial and museum. underneath that covering are messages and photos from people all across the country. cash for clunker has officially come to an end now. soon, you will able to take advantage of another government rebate plan. we'll tell you how to save hundreds of dollars on critical household items. paying attention in class could pay off in cash. its. >> you have the notes that you are already taking for class and you can upload them an get points from those notes and with the points, can you get money. >> we found awe way r students to make ath extra money. >> checking your morning commute and weather, there is a view from towerdegrees th 68isdeees this morning. pretty comfortable out there. we're back with more of fox 5 morning news after this. is
5:44 am
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welcome back. tuckers back with our weather. >> it looks great. >> all right. >> yep, looks great. almost as good looking as steve looks th morning. >> thank you being tucker. because we have matching outfits today? >> we did match. y idn'>> tes ve.
5:47 am
>> steve does lark sharp -- this morning. his trning. omenimhim. momen. hdowaimo it is 68 degrees right now at reagan national. 64 in baltimore. temperatures eara eenth area are generally in the 60s here. awe few 70s. ocean city, 7 #. notice frederick now checking in with a temperature of 61 degrees. very comfortable. high temperatures later today, upper 80s but the huge will never get going so it won't feel too bad for you later this afternoon. high pressure building in. you will see it here. you won see it but take pie word for it. it is there. clear skies out to the west. out towards detroit and chicago. that is high pressure and that will be moving on through during the course of our day today and during the day tomorrow. the next couple of days will be nice and dry. we'll see a warming trend. tomorrow will be back into the 90s but for today, upper 80s. let's get down to the tropics. we've got nothing official at this hour but the national hurricane center closely monitoring this area of
5:48 am
disturbed weather now moving north of the leeward islands. this could become a tropical depression, perhaps danny, over the next couple of days. the reason i show it to you is because it could influence our weather as we get into the weekend. we have to watch this one carefully but it could be off the coast the mid-atlantic as we get into the weekend. we'll see what happens with this area of disturbed weather. something to keep an eye on as we get closer to the weekend. mostly sunny skies for us. a beautiful afternoon, high temperature about 88 degrees. wind will be out of the north an west at about five miles. here is your five-day forecast. tomorrow, as mentioned, 91 for an afternoon high tomorrow and then temperatures fall off towards the end of the week and we inreese the chance for showers and thunderstorms by friday and saturday as mentioned. we'll are v. it see what happens with that tropical disturbance. let's get to on-time traffic. there she is, julie wright. >> all right, tucker. no accidents reported right now and the lane are open if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway between college
5:49 am
park and bethesda. southbound # 70 still in great shape right now out of hyattstown working your way down towards the truck scales an continuing into clarkburg. no accidents to report eastbound along 66. this is a close-up shot of traffic coming inbound headed into falls church. all of the lanes are open. no accidents to report on the ramp that on take you on to the inloop. beltway and back up towards tysons corner. the beltway runs with ease in each direction between anen dale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. wall street's rally lost a little bit of steam as investors await today's economic reports. the nasdaq fell three. overseas, japan's nikkei average lost 8 #. cash for clunkers may be over but consumer may have another plan to look for word top of the a $300 million program boost sales of energy efficient home
5:50 am
appliances. rebates up to # hundred on refrigerators, washing machines an more. details are still being worked out. that program is set to begin late fall. just about every college student could use a little more cash and now they can earn it by taking good notes in class. fox's bret larson plains how to do that. >> reporter: college, a time to studdie and a time to make a little extra cash. >> if you have good notes that you are already taking anyway for class, you can upload them and get points from the notes and with the points, you can get money. >> reporter: you heard right. carolyn sang is taking and sharing notes on-line and make a little extra money on the side with a new web site grade >> you can find notes from people at your school who are taking the same class with the same professor. so can you literally just be study for the same test. >> what we are doing is rewarding what we think are the academic thought leaders so students who have great notes and are prepared to share their
5:51 am
effective study methods with others get reward by points. students, when they're struggling or a little bit unsure what is expected of them in their classes turn to their peers for help. >> reporter: in its infancy, grade guru has already become a popular spot for students to stop and sre notes and sees says. knowing someone is will be to pay a price for her notes, sack is stepping up her study game. >> i figured i might as well make them especially good so i could earn more points on grade during use. it helps me study harder. >> in term of cheating, grade guru makes certain no one is using other people's essays as their own. >> collaboration has lots of benefits but we are interested in making sure that students are using it effectively. we have a partnership with the
5:52 am
worldwide leader in plagiarism prevention. >> reporter: it is all adding up to a little extra spending money for sang. >> i made around $20. that is pretty good. >> our top guru over the lifetime involvement medicine about $400 from those years -- made about $400 from those years of hard work. a quarterback battle brewing at redskins camp. not jason campbell. but a rookie making abig push. another rude awakening for another rookie in pre-season monday fight footbal we're back with sports breakfast coming up. ♪ 
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(announcer) "new simply cookies from pillsbury. how do you decide between crunchy and soft tacos? why don't we have both? old el paso. hard n soft tacos. true genius. mexican style.
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late night football action fee tared very large man making a very big play. >> fox 5's dave ross has this morning's sports breakfast. >> reporter: the breakfast is back. good morning. you know the redskins with all that good quarterback controversy. normally, it is always about the quarterback and the backup. it looks like it is between the number three guy and the surprise rookie. wh knew? we all know would number 10 is. chase daniels, a rookie free agent quarterback out of missouri. engineered the redskins on both of their touchdown drives. here, hitting trade davis but a
5:56 am
second touchdown so now people are clamoring for daniels to get pore time at quart back that. could come at the expense of his good friend cold brennan who for the second consecutive week through an interception. colt says he has nobody else for blame for this. >> i was trying to squeeze one in, get a touchdown. i got a little greedy. right now, last year, i wasn't really playing flawless basketball but my starts were really awesome. this year i'm not playing bad at all but my stats aren't that great. you only get so many opportunities in pre-season to play. you got to capitalize. i got to make sure to capitalize in the next two opportunities. >> another rookie worth watching is that marco mitchell fellow. yesterday, he was working on special teams doing the little volleyball drill simulating punt coverage. now, marco mitchell knows you
5:57 am
have to be solid on special teams. >> i know. coming here, transitioning here and learning all the routs and stuff as receiver, i get this going doing the offense stuff, i got to turn around around do special teams stuff. that is like my biggest transition coming to the nfl. >> pre-season monday night football, mark sanchez trying to get off day good start against the ravens in baltimore. this is not what he had in mind. how do you not see that guy? he is 340 pounds of a defensive end and hello to the end zone. the ravens first team offense and defense both look good. the nats finish up their four- game series against the brewers. know what that means. the last time to watch the presidents race against those sauce ang doctors milwaukee and i never saw such a thing. get it? in front but watch out for the presidents. and down go the sauce ans. yeah, the presidents taking a
5:58 am
beating and putting them down but the brewers would get the last laugh as this is gone in a two-run shot there. milwaukee beat the nats 7-1 and take three of four in d.c. that will do it for this edition of the breakfast. i will see you once again tomorrow morning as we continue to count down to kick off. straight ahead, more on the disturbing scene up side a sporting goods rest room. a registered sex offender accused of holding a little boy agait his ll yasm how to talk to your kids about these kind of situations. ah, the first day of school.
5:59 am
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