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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  August 28, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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time of the day. now, telemarket hers are being told to lay off. in the #:00 hour, remembering -- in the 7:00 hour, remembering the late senator ted kennedy. we'll share memories of the senator. coming up at 8:00, they stood strong in the face of segregation and helped change the course of american history. a member of the little rock nine will be joining us live in the studio to talk more about that experience. ard .
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good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm gurvir dhindsa. let's get to weather with tucker barnes. >> it will be cloudy and we'll have showers and ctthunderstorm i want to get t right it our hd radar and show you the thunderstorm activity that ueinnt s. can you see kind of sporadically out and about there. the dark green on your man p u towards aberdeen is a flp o d warning which should expire here momentarily. lof dark red herear, ticularly a cell here se, u s. thcao see cae bght ag flinsh there. that is a pretty good untodethrmrs . heer tp re uore alng the frontal ngsystem. we've got light rain showers and eoks luke kelu up towards hagerstown, it is raining at this phour. it will con to rain e herer er rsou h. leupco let's move on to the satellite- our. ra if it is not running at where you are house right now, there is a teasent chance it wl be
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later. notice therain showers down wae rds thilcrimes. -- thereis a s decent chance it will be later. we've got a fwad chance of showers and perhaps a few strong thunderstorms touring the course of e we we've got a good chance of er owshs. in washington. inow. gton a littlalre . stly cloudy ershs owdythshowers and thunderstorms and thunderstorms likely. er some of us could see heavy rain at times. i'll have an update on danny would is still a tropical storm although he is barely breathing. >> probably isn't the worst news we could get. >> no, good news. good morning. the early morning commute is troubled with an accident outer loop of the beltway, bw parkway, only the left lane is
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able to get by as you travel northbound 95-495 so expect delays. this is a lymph shot of southbound 270 out of rockville. we're in good shape here trying to dry out. no accidents to report aross the american legion bridge. live shot across the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open with no incidents to report. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. and our top story is one that is really incredible. a girl kidnapped when she was 11 years old emerges as a 9- year-old mother of two and we're learning more about the man accused of kidnapping her 18 years ago. philip garrido says his life has changed since then. he says the most heartwarming aspect is from gay see dugard. >> it revealed a hidden
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backyard within a backyard. it had sheds, tents and outbuildings with the shrubbery and trees, you can't see the structures. they were kept in complete isolation. none of the children have ever go tochool. they've never been to a doctor. >> philip and his wife nancy are both in jail. jay see has reunite with her family. her two daughters are now 11 and 15 years old. the case broke on tuesday when garrido wanted to pass out religious flyers at uc berkeley with the two girls. a campus has another tragedy to deal with as two virginia tech students turned up several miles away dead in a national forest. police say both and to have ly been shot. no word on a motive or any arrests. new this morning, howard county police are investigating a serious accident that sent a
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bicyclist to shock trauma. it happened on route 108 in columbia about 1:30 last night. police say a altima hit a teenager who was ride august bicycle. the tamer is listed in critical condition. the driver of the car wasn't injured. -- the teenager is listed in critical can. a united airlines employee busted for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of items from passengers. maria rodriguez worked at the lost and found office. acting on a tip from united, police searched her herndon home two weekd ago and found hundred of items including cell phones, cameras, laptop computers and jewelry. investigators say the thefts could go back five years. >> you can't trust everybody. don't leave your stuff. hold onto it. >> traveling, you leave stuff
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behind. you hate to see that happen to somebody. hopefully, they would resolve that situation. >> road rowing he's has been charged with grand larceny and suspect pinned without pay. unite says it will try to return its customers a belongings. she has been suspended without pay. yesterday, crowds lined the streets as senator kennedy's body traveled in a motorcade from hyannis port to the presidential library in boston. matt ackland is joining us from arlington national cemetery. >> reporter: we are learning new information about what will take place here at articling -- arlington national cemetery tomorrow evening. we are told the body will be flown to andrews air force base and there will be a motorcade here. we believe senator kennedy's body will be buried in between
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his late brother john f. kennedy and robert kennedy, right in between, formation line. that should take place during a private ceremony tomorrow. let's take to you video from massachusetts last night. we are told by the family's twitter account page that i just checked not long ago, somebody updated it about 3:00 in the morning saying 25,000 people filed past the casket last night many stood in line over two hours to pay their respects to the late senator. this all came after a 70-mile motorcade from the kennedy compound on cape cod. as the procession drove through boston, many people lined the streets. here is part of an interview with boston's mayor. >> a small way to say thank you to the guy. of his a special elected official official because it was always about people and how he could help reporter: just to is taking place. there will be a funeral in the boston area. the president will speak there tomorrow. around 5:30 tomorrow, kenne's
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body will be flown here to our area. a motorcade will bring him here to arlington. there will be a service in the evening with family and dignitaries. there will be a 21-gun salute and then the rot should be open probably in the next couple of days. but the service tomorrow is expected to be private. we'll have the very latest on all of this coming up throughout the morning. back to you. >> thank you. a frightening ride meantime for some school kids. a man hijacked their school bus and then sent it plunging down a hill. we are checking national headlines. we have developing news out of california this morning where another wildfire has thousands of people racing from y with with us fox 5 morning news is coming back right after the break. tm
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back now with the latest on a developing story out of california. at least 2,000 people have been forced for evacuate their homes to escape a wildfire threatening parts of rancho palos verdes about 20 miles south of l.a. about 400 firefhters battling this blaze now. it has now burned through 75
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acres. it was a wild ride for dozens of children on a school bus in atlanta p a man leaped through a window and tried to hijack that bus. this is aris pittman on surveillance video at a store just moments before he jumped on that bus. pittman fought with the driver. the bus plunged down a hill. >> children, teenagers were jumping off the because buss as the bus was moving. i seen a lung young lady run to them and say help us, help us. >> witnesses say things want a little crazy as they tried to keep pittman on the scene. he lost his pants and was apparently wearing a condom. only two children had minor injuries. a d.c. firefighter in trouble with the law concerning a shooting that dates back two years. coming up next. >> they're trying to make her talk and there is nothing she can talk about. >> how police say the woman hasn't been truthful about what
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she saw. we had rain rain showers overnight and thunderstorm too. we'll have all the details on the forecast and we'll look at will cast anjulie wright will be in with your on-time traffic coming up right after the break. dude, your shirt.
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it is friday, 5:15. if you happen to be out and about and you want to pick i'm lottery ticket, this may be your day. tonight's megamill i don't understand jackpot is # 25 million. its cash option is more than # 0 # million. >> good luck. >> uncle sam should lay. he needs the money. >> uncle sam does need the money. then uncle sam can give the
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rest of us -- >> right. >> i guess i deserve it then swra. what is going on weather-wise because we have itivty ivo t there. all sorts of activity. weus'rine jgot g to talk about weather now the rest of the show. gowertstwead awi hthrar. h we have showers and thunderstorms still at this hour. inside the beltway, we're fine. right ar bnd he teltwhe work elotof f finri east, we have a really powerful thunder cell south of annapolis. it has been dropping more than an inch of rain an hour. the weather service has sent out a couple of special statements about this one. if you are in the path of this storm, it has been slowly drifting to the south and east out towards stevenessville, right at the bay bridge at this moment. look out. rainfall rates over an inch an hour with this storm. harper county has a flash flood warning there because they've had robs with ponding on the
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roadway and up towards frederick, westminster, and out towards hagerstown, more showers and thunderstorms at this hour. fontal system across the northern part of our viewing area. there has been more on the forecast. the good news with danny is, for all intent and purposes, he is a pathetic storm. maximum winds now, 40 miles per hour. the center of circulation is right here. the convection is being dragged off to the north and east by wind shear. it will continue to track off to the north and west an up the eastern seaboard. it will be off coast today and tomorrow and shouldn't be much more than a minimal tropical storm. we have to watch it here as we get into say the and during the day on sunday up towards cape cod up in massachusetts. 76 right now in washington. we are warm, humid outside. we did have the overnight rain. there is a little fog off to the west out towards gurvir's house. i won't mention where that is
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but it is out there. you might encounter a little fog out there on the way to work. notice the motion here, south to north. we'll get some tropical plumes of moisture pulled into the washington area. this is a cold front out to the west out towards chicago. today, lots of clouds around, a mostly cloudy day. a chance for more showers and thunderstorms and again, some of those, just like last night could be on the strong side. we'll have to watch that carefully. this frontal system will get through during the day on saturday. our weather really doesn't improve a whole lot until sunday. not going to rain every minute but not a great looking forecast for the next day and a half. mostly cloudy skies. showers and thunderstorms likely today. it will be humid today. winds out of the the east at about five miles per hour. showers and thunderstorms likely today and again tomorrow with that cold front. once we get it out of here, i think by sunday afternoon, it should be nice. 82degrees. highs only in the 60s.
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overnight lows, 61 degrees. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright. >> not trying to hear that taste of fall. 06, that is too cold. we're checking out the ride around town. new problem reported right now. this time around, it is in virginia, northbound 395 as you travel north of took street headed up towards seminar question road. we have the accident scene in the main ne. only the left leap is able -- lane is able to get through. delays are building quickly as you travel north of landmark headed up toward the accident scene. we have at least one car spun out facing the wrong direction. you are going it find traffic on the northbound side. the crash occurred north of duke street. only the left lane is able to get through. top stretch of the beltway not looking so bad leaving new hampshire avenue headed into silver spring. accident on the outer loop of the beltway at the bw parkway had all but the left leap blocked. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- had all but the left lane blocked. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a d.c. firefighter is
5:21 am
charged with obstruction of justice stemming from an incident two years ago. court documents say dome feck taylor was in uniform when a man was shot outside her apartment. witnesses say she didn't help him and lied about what she saw and authorities say she continued to lie under oath. >> reporter: dominique taylor walked out of d.c. court just moment after seeing her niece face obstruction of justice charges. >> they are trying to make her talk and there is nothing that she can talk about. >> reporter: taylor, a d.c. fifighter, was arrested at station 19 according to court documents on may 17, 2007. dominique witnessed her boyfriend, frank johnson, shoot the father of her baby, carlos bark dale twice at close range outside her apartment. they say when police arrived on the scene, the officer noticed that the defendant, dominique taylor was wearing a d.c. fire and emergency medical services uniform but she was not
5:22 am
asitting mr. barksdale. the documentays taylor claimed under oath she couldn't identify the shooter and witnesses told police after the gunman pulled away the defendant told barksdale to hold still, stupid. lay down, stupid. you're stupid. you're stupid. that is what you get. her aunt's reaction to those alfwaitionz. >> a lot of this stuff, i don't believe it. >> reporter: a few months later under oath, the court affidavit says dominique taylor told the grand jury she didn't know the gunman. police say taylor has admitted dating frank johnson but has changed her story several time. taylor's attorney, abraham blitzen. >> it is our position that the matters set forth in n. -- in that document do not legally constitute the criminal offense of obstructing justice. >> reporter: the affidavit also says the defendant visited frank johnson 27 times at the d.c. jail and it had numerous phone conversations with him n
5:23 am
a call recorded november 2nd, 2007, the defendant told johnson, i'm gangsta. i hate the expletive police. >> you can say all kind of bad things about the police and that doesn't necessarily mean that you've obstruct the justice. >> reporter: meanwhile, taylor remains in jail at least until her next hearing friday. >> it is just how this justice system is and how the police is. that is all i can say. if they can't get what they want, they're going to try to fight to get what they can. >> reporter: wisdom martin, fox 5 news. the shooting victim did survive. a hearing has been scheduled for taylor this orning. michael vick back on the football field and in game action. we'll show you how he did in his first game since coming out of prison and how the fans reacted to his return. plus, redskin fan meet, greet and eat with some of teir favorite players. the annual welcome home luncheon coming up next on fox 5 rning news.
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welcome back. michael vick has return today playing field. philadelphia eagles fans greeted him with a standing ovation last night. >> they will do that as long as he plays well. he played quarter back and ride receiver. he completed all four of his passes while spait -- participating in sick plays.
5:27 am
before the regular season gets under way, a special time for the players and fans and our sports director dave feldman was there for it all. >> that song played by that band before labor day can only mean one thing. it is the red skipped welcome home luncheon, a chance for the fans, not just to meet and greet but also to eat with their favorite players. what's it like sitting next to mike fell, a football star. >> pretty awesome. >> it's great feeling any time can you come out here with the fan and they love you and we love them back. it is just a good get-together. >> the welcome home run chen chen reports a new beginning, a fresh start. a chance for clinton portis and the coach to hug it out and for
5:28 am
the rookie to figure it out. she sit you next to greg blatch. that is a big deal. >> at first, i thought i was in trouble. >> how is the rookie doing. how are his table manners? >> he has been raised right. a lot of class, a lot of poise. he has been a total gentleman. i'm impressed being around him. >> how is brian to sit next to? >> my leg is shaking. >> you about the are go see a doctor. >> no, i'm good. >> but will the redskins be good? we went old school and asked former skins linebacker ken harvey. >> you know defense can win games and it can change the outcome of a game. so the defense is really strong. >> i think people are jumping the gun. it is just the presomeone
5:29 am
season and we do have a defense that takes time and practice. i think we're on the right track and i think we'll have a very good team this year. >> tass what everybody hopes. we'll find out soon. we'll get a better idea tonight when the red scun face the patriots at next field. the d.c. area gets ready to say a final farewell to the let senator ted kennedy. gentleman a big day planned for tomorrow. tends up here in northern virginia at arlington national cemetery. i'm matt ackland. we'll have the latest coming up in a live report. ( sighs )
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we take a look at traffic on the american legion bridge. fairly light so far but still early on this friday morning. we'll see how things play out throughout the day. we have tucker barnes to get an idea of what it looks like today. >> the keyword today is friday. >> it is friday. the weather won't cooperate a great deal with us today. we'll have a lot of clouds, owers and thunderstorms back thfoe streca. we've got some changes to talk about. >> is this all because of nnre y? ot n>> re n dibectlyauf cse owna danny. this is a great example. here is our satellite-radar. it is from the south to the north. s seatthserain down towards the carolis dlaanat nta, green on the map erth ate,gurvir, like your shirt. >> yeah. >> that is all headed in our a goan chf oshces owerand owt h
5:33 am
ou tundersmsorthouhre t outhe day. best chance this afternoon ve a vea ewfew thunderstorms firing at this hour out towards annapolis and down towards edgewater, there is thunderstorm activity and north and west of the city as well. 76degrees now. humidity, 82%. no wind to speak of. changes to talk about and i'll get into more details about the weekend forecast coming up. mostly cloudy skies and showers and thunderstorms likely. some of the storms much like last night could contain gusty wind and very heavy downpours. >> 82 for an afternoon high as mentioned. we'll have the weekend forecast coming up. >> temperatures headed the right way. >> for some of you. julie and i might disagree. maybe we're just different. >> no, we're just right. >> see what friends can do. can you agree to disagree. >> we've got an accident to
5:34 am
report in virginia if you are traveling northbound on 395. this is the main line traveling north of duke street. main line of 395 is currently blocked because of this accident activity. coming northbound being no one is able to get past scene at this time. if you were merging on to the main line from duke street, that ramp remains open at this point. they are allowing some traffic to continue northbound from duke to continue northbound on 395. but it is the main line that remains closed as you guys travel north of the capital beltway headed up towards the accident scene. the hov lanes are open right now. anticipate a rubbernecking delay at that location. it is the main line of 395 shut down at duke street because of this accident activity. if you are traveling in maryland, it is southbound georgia avenue at brookville road. that is closed off in each direction for you guys coming in out of olney this morning. the road is shut down with wires down across the highway. across the mean, no accidents to report right -- across the american legion bridge, no
5:35 am
accidents to repo right now. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. there are more questions than details right now in the case of a kidnapped girl would just resurfaced. jaycee dugard lived in her kidnapper's backyard six 1991, bore his two children and she is now 29 years old an beginning to reunite with her real family. her stepfather watched helplely as a couple snatched jaycee near the bus stop in california. in 1991, he said he given up hope and just wanted to recover her body. >> now, to get her back alive, it is like winning the lotto. we get her back alive and she sounds like she's okay to a point. i don't know mentally what she's gone through and then to have these people in jail, it is just fabulous. >> that man was a suspect in the case for a long time. his life was changed as well. police aren't sure yet if jaycee ever tried to escape or
5:36 am
get help. philip garrido is charged with the kidnapping. he says he is relieved he got caught and he says a heartwarming story will eventually emerge. he is in jail right now with his wife facing a slew of charges. murder has rocked the campus of virginiatech. two students were found shot several miles off campus an police say their deaths were homicides. the bodies were found in the jefferson national forest. no word on a motive or any arrests in this case. it is a case of deja vu if a pawnshop in prince george's county. for the second time in a month, the pawnshop in bladensburg was raided for having stolen goods and officers had company. worker a nearby safeway showed up to reclaim some of their stolen goods. no criminal charges in this raid. investigators don't think the shop own was involved in the theft. if you have lost cell phone, camera, laptop computer or julie while traveling on
5:37 am
united airlines at dulles airport, police say this woman, a worker at the airlines' lost and found, may have stolen your stuff. airline grew suspicious of her so police searched her home in learn dorn two weeks ago and found thousands of dollars worth of stolen items. investigators say the thefts could go back five years. united says it will try to return -- >> i used to work here as a ramp agent at like $8 an hour. there is a lot of room for thievery. >> united will try to get the stuff back to the customers. the airline has also suspended rodriguez without pay while the investigate heads to court. the political world will never be the same as the farewell to senator ted kennedy continues today. crowds line the streets yesterday as the senator's body traveled in a motorcade from
5:38 am
hyannis port to his brother's presidential library in boston. matz ackland is joining us live this morning from arlington national cemetery which will soon be the senator's final resting place. >> reporter: good morning. we are learning new information, much it was coming from the kennedy family. they have set up way web site. kennedy's coffin is expected to land at andrews air force base right around 3:00 tomorrow. than a motorcade will take his body to the u.s. capitol. there will be a prayer service outside the senate chambers there. then the motorcade will come here to arlington national cemetery. now, we are learning also a bit of information about where senator kennedy's bod way will be laid to rest -- body will be laid to rest, right in between his two brothers, just south of robert kennedy's grave and just north of pros kennedy's grave.
5:39 am
you are looking at video taken yesterday. the passers-by of people trying to honor the late senator. we are told about 25,000 people pass the by the late senator's casket. many stood inine for over two hours to pay their respects to the late senator. this all came after a 70-mile motorcade from the kennedy compound on cape cod. as the procession passed by, many people in boston, many stood on the street praying or even clapping. here is some comments from some of those people. >> we think he did great things for our state and our country and it is up to people like us to say that out loud. >> of his a hun being. he wasn't perfect but he did so much good for so many people. >> reporter: a few more details now about what will take place here at arlington national cemetery tomorrow.
5:40 am
burial plans still coming together. the service expected to take place right around 5:30. there will be a 21-gun salute and pallbearers representing each branch of the military which is customary for a senator. the flag that covers his casket will be folded and presented to the family. once again, gurvir, we are expecting the casket to be brought here to maryland. andrews air force base right around 3:00 and then to the u.s. capitol and then here for a private service right around 5:30 tomorrow evening. now, back to you. >> thank you so much. there are new developments overnight in the tensions between north and south korea but this time the news is encouraging. up next, we'll check world headlines. a surprise encounter if a tv news crew is caught on camera. still ahead, what made this woman so angry. stay with ung f you are watching fox 5 morning news. ♪
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get your free sample online at this is really good! s are. welcome back. north and south korea have agreed to hold new rounds of reruns for separated families. first such meetings in nearly two years. stating next mont countries will reunite 200 families. they made the agreements after days of talks and negotiations. the rare talks and resulting agreement are the latest sign of easing tensions between north and south creigh a. a wildfire sparked some major evacuations in southern california. the blaze burning across rancho palos verdes is about miles
5:44 am
court of l.a. at least # thousand people have been forced to leave their homes so far. the fire hanot damaged any homes but it has destroyed about 75 acres so far. take a look at this wild police chase in phoenix, arizona. officers say the suspect stole a truck and then led them on a 45-minute high-speed chase. an officer finally hit the truck to fishtail but the suspect still didn't stop after getting bumped a few more times. police were finally able to trap the driver. accordingy to police report, the man admitted he was smoking methamphetamine in the day. the first week of school not really going as planned. up next, the latest on the scheduling snafu in prince george's county that has parents pretty upset. a vice for a tv news crew. they knock on the door and they get a very angry response. we'll show it to you and explain what sparked this scene coming up next on fox 5 morning news. we'll be right back. (announcer) get our best back to school prices...
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or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way. awe news crew in florida got a big surprise when they knocked on this door. this is why you keep the cameras rolling. the crew was doing a story on underaged teens at a florida strip club and when they walked on the door of a relative, that woman answered and was not happy. she chased them off with a garden hoe and even hithe
5:48 am
cameraman. no word on what happened to her. not happy, that's for sure. >> you can say that again. >> she wasn't happy. >> some wasn't happy. >> what's going on? we have rain, fog. >> yeah, we do. that is just a start today. we are watching tropical storm danny. wehave the all-important weekend forecast. people have many weans plh t anweekend. i'm heains.lpan f o plans. we have a redskins game tonight too. >> that's true. >> it could be raining for hat. ra d raor forthe one last week. >> remember e megaaslt we? ek d ul ? becoa repeat performance >> oh, beboy. >> here is your radar. the dark green up in the corner here is a flood warning that continues until 7:00 a.m. they had three to six inches of rain up here during the overnight hours. that continues. big thunderstorm here now east and south of annapolis pushing south and east of edgewater down towards the bay. if you are in st. michael's,
5:49 am
and down towards easton, it has been drifting slowly. rain totals more than an inch an hour so be prepared for some very heavy rain. a few more cells to the north. we've got a few light showers here in washington doing just fine to start the day. let's some of on. ill ashow you the bigger picture in -- i'll show you the bigger picture in the satellite- radar. we are 71 in baltimore. 77, patuxent naval air station. temperatures really didn't get a chance to cool down with the cloud cover and light run shower activity we had out there. it will be huge you had today although cooler. yesterday's daytime high made it back up into the low 90s. today, low 80s. temperatures about 10 degrees cooler. that is the good news in this forecast. a whole lot of clouds and the potential for showers and even some thunderstorms during the course of the day. you can see the cloud cover out there now. notice off to the south and
5:50 am
west. feel the rolando paulino showers back into western north carolina and we virginia here. this is all moving south to north. i think we've got a good chance of see something rain showers during the day today particularly this afternoon and tonight. that is why i'm concerned about the redskins game. that cold front will get through here during the weekend. it will tax a couple of days to quiet things down in the atmosphere. once we finally do, it will be a nice looking weekend for the end of the weekend into early next week. this is a warm front hanging out. that has been responsible for the overnight flooding up near baltimore and then i mentioned we're in that very tropical air mass. we have showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast today. mostly cloudy out there, showers and thunderstorms are likely by this afternoon. humid conditions will continue. 82 for an afternoon high. wind out of the east at about five miles per hour. tomorrow won't be perfect. i don't think it will be raining all day. sunday looked better. by sunday afternoon, things should be quieting down with temperatures in the low 80s. early next week being a taste
5:51 am
of fall compliments of canada, temperature in the upper 70s. overnight low, 61 here in town. 50s off to the north and west. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright has the latest on our traffic. nobody is going to work today, right. >> it is not a taste of fall. it is a taste of honey. it's called a taste of honey. >> i knew that. >> the scannedy is a bit-o- honey. get it right, will you. here we are northbound 395 as you work your way through. still some accident activity out there. you will find delays leaving springfield as you travel northbound on 395. traffic coming from duke street does so without delay. outer loop slowing 95, college park head over towards the accident scene on the inner loop. if you are coming southbound, you ride the ramp through the park and ride in order to exit on to the inner loop of the beltway. georgia avenue still shut down with trees and wires across the highway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. on day four of the new
5:52 am
hool year, the scheduling problem in prince george's county still wasn't cleared up. thousands of students spent the first week of school sitting in auditoriums. the superintendent apologized but some are still looking for answers. roz plater has more on the class confusion. >> our parents and our students absolutely deserve better than this. >> reporterthe standing room only prince george's county school board meeting got off to a fiery start with school board members sounding off about a computer glitch that left thousands of students without schedules and classes for nearly a week. >> for us to go out on the first day of school and not know anything about this, not to be given any type of heads up or prewarning and to have a news station approach us an let us know what is going on is absolutely unacceptable. >> i know we're trying hard and i'm just so disappointed though with not having a b plan. i'm just looking for the b plan. effect has a b plan. >> reporter: monday morning, 8,000 students, a quarter of
5:53 am
the county's high schooler showed up to feigned out they had month schedule. hundreds were herded into gyms and auditoriums and counselors tried to do the work by handen the school system blamed the mess on a computer software glitch in its new program called school max, a system that cost $4 million to install and $400,000 a year to maintain. the county's superintendent says he found out the same time effect else did. >> he understand the hardship that this has created for many of our families and i accept full responsibility for this, offer our sincere apologies. >> reporter: by midday thursday, the number of students without schedules was down to fewer than 1900. the superintendent promises scheduled for all the students by monday. >> i don't think any of us can give back our children those days. i would love to mow what can we do to get an entire week back.
5:54 am
>> in upper marlboro, roz plater, fox 5 news. some sharp dressed redskins strutting their stuff. coming up income, we are checking out the annual welcome home luncheon. >> we'll get an update on who is not going to be playing in tonight's preseason game. stay with us. you're watching fox 5 morning news. we are coming up on 5:54. 
5:55 am
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the redskins play their game tonight against the patriots. >> tonight being last time the starters are scheduled o get any significant minutes. the skin will not have rock cartwright though. he has a pulled groin and he played a key role in the win over the steelers last week. this is one of highlights of the game. he got the first and he is out at late for tonight. >> the 48th annual we had skins luncheon where jason campbell was warmly received. ments a chance not only for the plays to meet the fans but plays tmeet fashion. chris samuels is looking pretty good now, lean and mean. bray looks good. an antwaan randle el locking good and light cloit portis went purple with the purple shades.
5:58 am
and what about fred smoot. >> is this one. your best enosama bells gentleman no, i'm a man of fashion. i like cars and clothe. >> you got to be one of the best-dressed guys here today. >> i tried to do something. don't get no credit. i do all the dirty work. i got to try to look nice. >> to baseball now. nats took two of three at wrigley field. big news for the nationals, not good. center fielder niger morgan who has been a catalyst for had team broke his hand sliding into third base. he is out for the season. straight ahead, we all get them. those annoying prerecorded telephone calls at all times of the day. now, telemarketers are being told to back off. we'll take another look at the big news in our business beat.
5:59 am
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