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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  September 1, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thesis he wrote 20 years ago. -- respond to his graduate these i he wrote 0 years ago. at 8:00, who is america's next top jock. we'll reveal the winner of the contest. tony will be out there live and we hope you stay with us because fox 5 morning news is just getting started. it is tuesday, september 1st. there is a live look at the washington monument today. we talked about changes yesterday. we said that fall was in the air. today, it is really in the air. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm steve chenevey. if you missed it yesterday, it is back again. >> you can't avoid t it feels great. >> yesterday was just beautiful when the sun finally broke through. >> it was a real nice afternoon. should be great today. even less in the wastof cloudiness. a few het
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ret afternoon and a l otof bright unshine expecte you probably nede aned aet ig lh in e erin aswashington, we'r61 61 here at reagan national. 57 in boston. 51 in pittsburgh. you can see the warmer, more humid air. the cloud cover well off the coast. should be a mostly sunny day. just some fair weather cumulus clouds this afternoon. we are not expecting rain showers or thunderstorms today, tomorrow or any time soon. the next chance will be late in the week anden veth atmght i no mhappen. here is your r forecast for today. today, we'll go with 78 in washington. 80 in fredericksburg. i'll have more details on the five-day. no complaints, nobody will be complaining.
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>> thank you. let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> it is not looking so bad right now. whate are dealing with is rough pavement according to the callers. inhe loop of the beltway as you travel to and from the american legion bridge leaving tyson's headed around towards bethesda. they have yet to complete the repaving project. they have been doing milling on the center of the road. it is a little rough but not causing a backup at all. outer loop, all lane are open leaving 270 headed down to the dulles toll road. lanes are open across the 14th street bridge. light traffic volume there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now, to our top story arnig deadly shooting in the district. >> gunfire erupted on hamilton street in northwest washington leave is one person ted and three others wounded. fox 5's sarah simmons joins us live with the latest on this investigation. >> report: we are getting new information about this
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investigation this morning as well. police just released the name of the victim who was killed in the shooting. he is 24-year-old michael harris of northwest d.c. police and family member are trying to figure out what happened here. sources are telling fox 5 news that one of the victims may have been a witness in another shooting and was set to testify coming up in a recent trial. the shooting happened in the 900 block of hamilton street northwest last night at about 6:30. crime scene tape was wrapped around a large part of that neighborhood. four people were shot in the rear of that home. one was killed, michael harris. police say a hail of gunfire was sprayed through t alley but investigators are still trying to piece together the evidence. >> it is just too early to say what happened. we are still interviewing quite a few witnesses. we have to wait to see what the witness statements indicate. >> reporter: residents say they
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are obviously worried. they have seep a lot of violence in the neighborhood anare afraid for their children would live there. the members of peaceoholics are calling it a state of emeency for th neighborhood too. police believe this was a targeted shooting. d.c. police say they know who shot and killed a woman in northwest washington and they are asking that suspect to turn himself in to authorities. this happened saturday night on 14th street northwest. police say deborah brown was walking home from her job when she was hit by stray gunfire. they say the gunman was shooting at someone else when brown walked into the path of the bullet. police in learn ton, virginia are looking for suspects in a home invasion. this happened early yesterday morning. police say a man woke up and found three men standing over him. one of them had a gun. they kicked him in the face, demanded money and searched the house. if you know anything about
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this, you're being asked to call 866-411-tips. we are following that still developing story out west where the situation has gone from bad to worse in california where wildfires are raging out of control. the largest of eight wildfires burning across the state has destroyed at least 53 homes now just outside of los angeles. thousands more are threatened. the fire has scorched 164 square miles since it broke out last wednesday. two firefighters were killed when they accidentally drove off a cliff trying to escape the flames. in mexico, it is preparations for a massive storm. hurricane jimena is headed towards mexico's baja peninsula. the storm is expected to hit tonight and emergency workers are struggling to evacuate thousands of residents. back here at home, this may be the smoking gun that democrat creigh deeds needs to
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gain steam in virginia's race for governor. his challenger, bob mcdonnell's grad school thesis surfaced and deeds is not letting it go aquay quietly. it attac feminists, the gay community anianunwed couples. mcdonnell says that was 20 years ago and in that time, is views have changed. >> this is who you who bob mcdonnell is. this is how he has governed and how he has legislated. and he has given us no reason to believe that this is not how he will govern should he be elected in november. >> my views as an academic graduate student in 1989 are in many respects much different than my views as attorney general attorney general of virginia and candidate for the governor 20 years later. >> we'll talk with bob mcdonnell when hedowns us live this morning -- when he joins
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us live this morning. voters will head to the polls to fill ted kennedy's senate seat. the massachusetts lawmakers will discuss changing the la to allow a temporary replacement. there are new developments overnight in the same-sex marriage debate. we'll tell you where a new law is now in effect. we are following new developments in the kidnapping case that dates back nearly 0 years. what police found at the suspect's home that may link him to murder. if you are in the mark feat anew home, you could qualify for new ysical help. we'll tell you about that when fox 5 morning news returns -- for some new financial help. we'll tell you about that when fox 5 morning news returns. (announcer) what the world needs now is energy.
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new details about the man accused of kidnapping jaycee lynn dugard and keeping her in his backyard for 18 years. philip garrido served 10 years for kidnapping and rape back in the 1970s. he testified he prowled through resees dential neighborhoods as a peeping tom and had strong rape desires. police say they have found a bone fragment on the property next door to his home. they want for know if he migh
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be livinged to any uninvolved murders. a top american commander says the united states needs a new strategy in afghanistan. that is according to a review by general stanley mcchrystal. his report doesn't call for more american troops. experts say that request is expected later. another stricty in the fight for same-sex marriage. it is -- victory in the fight for same-sex marriage. that is in vermont. vermont joins massachusetts, connecticut, new hampshire and iowa in allowing same-sex marriage. there is a second chance for people who owe back taxes but you got to act quickly. we'll explain that coming up next. i'm very highly upset not only if me but for other parents. >> it's mess and mayor fenty made the mess. >> some d.c. parents upset with the mayor. why they say he is making it tough for them to earn a
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paycheck. very cool morning out there. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. you might want to bring along a jacket on your way out the door. i'll have all your details on the forecast and julie wriwill will be in with a look at your on-time traffic right after the break. tm
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a big day ahead for the crew of the space shuttle discovery. the astronauts will haul tons of equipment and experiments onto the international space station. two of the crew will step out on the f st spacewalk of the mission to remove an old ammonia tank. >> go ahead and say it. >> how much did that thing
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cost? today is starting out really cool outside. >> it is extremely cool. it's bit of a shock to the system after several months of heat and humidity. it will warm up. our high temperatures will be in the upper 70s to about 80 in a few spots. it is cool at this hour. we want to start with our high temperatures yesterday because it was our coolest high temperature in about two months. 7 # degrees was the oning number at both reagan national and dulles yesterday. bwi marshall, 75 degrees so yesterday turned out to be beautiful in t afternoon once the sun broke out ads gurvir mentioned and more of the same today. today will be even nicer. check out these temperatures. these are current temperatures. warm spot, downtown washington, 61 degrees. cool spot, dulles, 56. hagerstown is 52 degrees right now. winchester, they one of the dropped out. last hour, winchester was 49.
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this is unseasonably cool air if this time of year. 58 right now. page is 64. even ocean city, maryland, the temperatures have been running in the 70s and 80s the last couple of mornings. they are 62 at this hour. so kal ire down to the ocean. -- patuxent naval air station is 64. the light showers we had here yesterday have slipped off the coast. unless you are headed down to the carolinas you should be in for a mice day here across the mid-atlantic. off to the north and west, we've got high pressure and that will be very slow to move through the area. this area of high pressure will stick around for much of the week. we'll have a lot of bright sunshine. our next hans for any rain showers wouldn't occur until about thursday or friday. even then, it is very slight. it is not even in the five-day forecast because it may track to our south.
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nice-hooking couple of days. sun iskies, a nice afternoon -- sunny skies, a nice afternoon. clear skies, quite cool overnight. 56degrees the forecast low in town. we'll probably do upper 40s off to the north and west overnight. nice-looking five-day forecast. check that out. upper 70s. lots of sunshine the next couple of daysism hope you can take it, low 80s by friday and saturday. lots of sunshine. we'll see if we can't get some rain in towards the end of the week but i think right now, it will be just sunshine. let's get to julie wright peeking of sunshine and have a look at our on-time traffic. >> nothing wrong way little bit of sunshine. >> no, i know. >> i'll take it. it is just those 50s. i woke up this morning and let the dog out. i was like well, goodness gracious. no accidents to report as you work your way from college park headed into silver spring. southbound 270 still behaving nicely. keep an eye out for the yellow buses. no accidents to report close in
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along 66. that is an easy ride. you continue inbound leaving nutley street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> maryland's first tax amnesty holiday since 2001 starts today. marylanders who owe back taxes can pay without penalty and at half of the interest due. the holiday runs through october 30th. financial help is also on the way for some new buyers in virginia. neighborhood stale stabilization program is giving nearly $9.5 million to help groups buy foreclosed homes and sell them to low, moderate and middle income families. houses will be available in prince william county, culpeper and fauquier county. day care centers have been shut down in a move to privatize the system. dozens of d.c. care workers are
5:20 am
losing their jobs. maureen umeh has more on the day care dilemma. >> reporter: scrambng to find day care for a 2-year-old, robin hasn't been able to work in weeks. >> it hurts to know that child care is homing me back if going back to work. >> reporter: the d.c. school bus driver counted on the day care services here at malcolm x.. now, the cent are and dozens more is being shut down leaving hundreds of families and 160 workers like darlene williams in the lurch. >> i did not receive my paycheck. it is a mess and mayor fenty made the mess. >> reporter: mayor fenty has eliminated the budget for the early childhood and out of school time programs for next fiscal year. it's move to privatize the system. it is forcing the closure of at least 20 child care centers. now, families have nowhere to
5:21 am
go. >> this is a major crisis for us. >> reporter: empower d.c. is a group helping for fight the move. >> these programs were fully funded from federal money from the child care block grant and the head start funds. this was not a local budget issue. >> reporter: harry thomas chairs the department of parks and recreation. he calls what is going on out rage yuhas. he says fenty has so far ignored a request to deliver analysis of the impact of the closings and proposed privatization. he is vowing to take action. >> we have families, workers an residents that are dependent upon this. by closing the programs, we only harden our system. >> reporter: robin mckinney says it is all politics that is leaving d.c.'s smallest citizens and their families at risk. >> i'm very highly upset not only for me but for other parents who try hard to get off public assistance. >> councilmember no, ma'am as plans to hold hearings. the dpr workers june has filed a lawsuit. we did contact attorney general
5:22 am
peter nichols is a office but we're told he hadn't seen the lawsuit. one local family hopes to pop the cork on i new business venture. do you believe in ghosts? before you answer that question, wait until you hear what paranormal investigators detected at one local theater. >> i feel a presence. i just feel like i'm not alone. she heard sharon. so she stopped working, looked around. there was nobody here. karl, don't you have friends coming over?
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employees at a maryland theater believe they have quite a show going on after the curtain drops. they suspect the theaters haunted. >> this may sound farfetched but paranormal investigators visited the theater and they found more than just a few bumps in the night. claudia coffey has the story. >> reporter: if the opera has a phantom, then every theater should have a ghost. >> i feel a presence. i i just feelike i'm not alone. >> lee ann hudson, the production director, always believed this was a spiritual presence here. she says there have been stories like the cleaning lady hearing a voice in the balcony. she heard sharon. she stopped working, looked around. this was there was nobody here. >> reporter: a crew member seeing something in the boiler room.
5:26 am
>> they asked him, jason, what's wrong. he said i saw it. i saw something down there. it was something cloudy and kind of transparent with pink eyes. >> reporter: in july, those thoughts were validated. l onmason-dtaetoranc society contact the the theater about claims it had received that the theater was haunted. they wanted to investigate with video and audio equipment. on the night of the ghost hunting, the maryland theater representatives along with the paranormal investigators gathered here for six hours in the dark just waiting and watc ng for something to happen. they didn't see anything but they heard several things. caught on evp, sound not audible to humans inform one recording in the bler room, mickey o'brien was one of four men present when the recording picks up a woman's voice. >> that is when with we heard the lady -- little girl's voice say can i have a pillow. >> reporter: in another rewarding also in the boiler
5:27 am
room, the paranormal investigator asked do you like working here? a voice not in the room whispers no. the theater dates back to 1915 and has hosted countless performers and vaudeville agents awful fire in 1974 destroyed the front of the building killing one man. as far as anything else happening here, no one knows. regardless, ithas made a believer out of mickey o'brien. >> when we finally received the results, i had fwoos bumps. >> reporter: in hagerstown, maryland, claudia coffey, fox 5 news. >> you decide for yourself. the paranormal society says audio activity indicates there is paranormal activity in that theater and the investigators plan to return for a follow-up. federal workers want to listen closely this morning. president obama is reducing the amount of your cost of living
5:28 am
raise for next year. we'll tell you about that coming up. four people shot in the district, one killed. have new details in this comi up when fox 5 morning news continues. (phone ringing) hey college girl. hey mom. i just got your package. great. yea, mom you're the best. i thought you would like it. so, how are your classes, are you enjoying them? (announcer) it's more than just that great peanut taste, choosing jif is a simple way to show someone how much you care.
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and replace your old mayo with the full flavor of aft mayo with olive oil. made with the rich, delicious taste of imported olive oil. kraft mayo with olive oil is the new standard in mayo. welcome back. taking a look at traffic out at 270 and 118 this morning.
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pretty light coming down from the north. you will feel the cool temperatures out there again. >> i wonder if somebody will turn on their seat warmers today. >> not like that i a sure julie wright has. it is cool and it feels cool because it has been in the 70s and 80s for the past several week. now, we are in the 50s and 60s. it is a change of season as we start the day. should be a bright sunny day. we should have high temperatures in the upper 70s later today. right now, 61 degrees at reagan national. and our humidity is -- >> zippo. >> not that. that is the five-day. humidity 58%. wind are out of the north at 1 miles per hour. there is the pressure. you can see the cloud cover is off the coast. we have nothing but clear skies over the washington area. high pressure will be in charge here all week long. so this forecast is going to be somewhat repetitive but i don't
5:32 am
think people will be complaining because it will feature lots of sunshine, warm days, cool nights, low humidity. it is just about perfect. >> just about perfect. here your forecast for today. again, no rain showers or thunderstorms today. highs later in afternoon in the upper 70s after a cool start. so it will be a nice afternoon. i'll have more details on the forecast and we have to go back to the tropics and take a look at the system once again. >> again? >> well, the same system but it looks different. >> julie, did you turn your seat warmers on? >> yes, i did. even the dog was up near me in morning. it's chilly out there. so it is a little cool for me but nonetheless. we're looking pretty good out on the roads. first day of school for those in montgomery county. you want to allow yourself some extra time on the roads. behind me, that is the live
5:33 am
shot of southbound 270 in the clear to those leaving germantown headed out towards rockville. no accidents to report. southbound on the beltway behaving nicely right now between college park and bethesda. southbnd 95 and # 95 in great shape headed down to the beltway. no incidents to report on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. overnight construction is part of that milling and repaving over at the american legion bridge so coming from virginia into maryland, the two center lanes have been milled. they have not been repaved so that is a little rough start for you there but very little delay leaving tyson's headed around towards bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. there are new developments aad lydeing in titi in the district. >> somebody opened fire on hamilton street in northwest leaving one person dd and three others wounded. sarah similar monday is joining us live in the studio with the latest. >> reporter: we are getting some new details. d.c. police just releasing the name of the man would was shot
5:34 am
and killed yesterday. he is 24-year-old michael harris of northwest d.c. police and family members are still trying to figure out what happened. but sources tell fox 5 that one of victims may have been a witness in another shooting and was set to testify. the shooting happened behind a home last night at about 6:30. crime scene step was wrapped around a large part of that neighborhood. four people were shot in the rear of the home. one of them was killed, that being michael harris. the other three were taken to the hospital. police say a hail of gunfire was sprayed throughout the alley way but investigators are still trying to piece together the evidence. >> we're in a state of emergency right now. thanks to good medicine, everybody is not dying. if this was anywhere else, we would have to come together with the whole city and put a strategy together. >> reporter: rest didn't say they are worried because they have seen a lot of violence in the neighborhood and are frayed
5:35 am
for the children that live there. police believe this was a targeted shooting. they are offering a $25,000 reward to anyone would has information that may help lead to an arrest in this case. >> thank you. we have new details this morning in the murder of a local pizza shop owner. a man was found beaten to death in the pizza mart in northeast washington earlier this month. -- last month, i should say. this past friday, a person contacted police from inside a capital heights home to say they were being held hostage for apparently knowing too much. the court affidavit says his brother admits marrying a woman bue butwo did not live
5:36 am
together. two women were hit by a suv as they crossed the street in silver spring saturday. family members say one woman is awake and talking. another victim is still unconscious. we are following a developing story out of california where wildfires are continuing to rage out of control. the largest of eight wildfires has destroyed at least 53 homes just outside of los angeles. thousands more are threatened. the fire has scorched 164 square miles since it broke out last wednesday. two firefighters were killed when they accidentally drove off a cliff trying to escape the flames. crews have been hampered by days of triple digit temperatures and very low humidity. mexico's baja area is bracing for a major storm. the hurricane is just short of a category five status. it is expected to hit tonight. jimena is centered about 200
5:37 am
miles south of cabo san lucas right now. emergency workers are struggling to evacuate thousands of residents. it is the paper that just won't go away. it is causing quite a controversy in virginia's gubernatorial race. republican candidate bob mcdonnell says his views have changed since writing his grad school thesis in 1989. it attacks the gay community, unwed couples an femmists in. american university professor alan lichtmam says the spotlight should shine on mcdonnell. >> when you are both stuck in the winner, you welcome every puff of wind. people can absolutely change their thoughts and opinions. but i think we should do as he says, look at his record and are there elements of his record that reflect the thinking of 1989? >> so how much has his thinking chged. we'll find out when we talk with him. bob mcdonnell will join us later this morning during the
5:38 am
7:00 hour. president obama makes a move that will impact the paychecks for hundreds of thousands of people and it is probably not what you want to hear. new details on reduced raises for federal workers. new details in the controversial freeing of the lockerbie bomber. why was he really set free? you are watching fox 5 morning news.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
makinghood line, the british government is denying a new rapt that the lockerbie bomber was freed because of britain's oil deals with libya. british officials say he was released because he is terminal cancer. the families of american victims plan to protest next movement. police in california say they have found a bone fragment on the property next door to the home of philip garrido. police now want to know if garrido mate be linked to any uninvolved murders. garrido and his wife nancy have pleaded not guilty to numerous charges. chris brown doing a little fessing up. says he is still in love with rihanna and still shocked at what he did. he pleaded guilty to felony assault. videos making rounds show that brown says he doesn't remember
5:42 am
the attack but now adds the quote was taken out of context. former miss california usa carrie prejean has sued pageant officials to libel, slander and religious discrimination. she was fired in june. her attorney says she was ousted because of controversial remarks she made touring the pageant that marriage should be between a man and woman. federal workers should repair if a little less than n. their paychecks than what they may have been planning. president obama is reducing civilian worker cost of living increases next year. the president says he is invoking special authority that allouds him to impleated a pay plan in times of national emergency or serious economic conditions. a battle is brewing in one local community over a family's dream to open up a business and that is coming up next. >> it's die light activity.
5:43 am
you come out during the day. we're not open until 2:00 in the morning. >> they want to build a winery but their dreams are squashed. we'll have the latest on this legal battle coming up. we are cooking your morning commute for you and we'll get the latest on a forecast.
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animal house, eat your heart out. because in this scene, there are tons of tomatoes flying everywhere in reno, nevada. >> this is the first food fight. 25,000pounds of ammunition left a stain on effect's shirt. these were all past their prime so nothing went to waste. proceeds from the fight went to the american cancer society. come on, now. >> that looks painful actually. >> i'm glad these tomatoes were past their prime and they didn't waste any. >> don't want to waste the food. >> don't want to waste a good tomato sandwich. that is what tucker was thinking. >> tass what i was thinking. it is cool outside. opinion people will think it is too cool for this time of year but it will warm up. there is not a lot of
5:47 am
complaining we can do about this forecast. we'll start with the bus stop forecast and the kids headed out to school. the sun will be up here before too long. it will be up at about 6:37 this morning. there you go. sunny skies and cool temperatures. my suggestion today is a light jacket. >> in the morning. >> i'm going to tell allison in just a minute that she needs to prepare the kids for a cool morning with a light jacket, maybe long pants today. low 60s for bus time. we'll have comfortable conditions although it will be on the cool side. let's take a look at the temperatures. they are cool. 61degrees. not as cool as steve but they're cool. frederick and winchester are 50 degrees. 59 in fredericksburg. the warm spot along the bay, patuxent naval air station is 64 at this hour. it will be a cool start with a
5:48 am
nice finish and a lot of sunshine expected. no rain showers, no thunderstorms in today's forecast as we've get high pressure. look at the area of clear skies off it ounorth and west. that will come anchor itself across the washington area here for the next couple of days an continue to push this fronted further to the south an east. we'll have bright sunshine, clear nights, cool nights and generally temperatures below normal for the next severl days. let's get down to the tropics. i showed this to you yesterday. still not a tropical depression. not a tropical storm. they can't find the low level circulation with it but it look pretty impressive on the satellite-radar this morning. if it becomes a tropical storm, it would be erica. this is the leeward islandto the west and puerto rico is out here too. we have to watch this track very carefully t wants to take it in the direction of the southern united states in about a week's time. our forecast looks great. sunny skies, a nice afternoon, high temperature about 78
5:49 am
degrees. winds will be out of the north at five miles per hour. nobody but julie wright can come lain about this. sunshine, high temperatures in upper 70s and low 80s for the next five days. overfight lows in the middle 50s. eventually, lower 60s. so if you are not quite ready for the cool air, it will warm up towards the end of the week. let's get to julie wright. there she is. she haze look at our on-time traffic. >> if it is below 75, it is chilly. >> i mentioned you would probably complain about the five-day forecast. >> if i got to throw a big old comforter on the bed, it is chilly. top stretch of the beltway at university boulevard, traffic runs with ease on the outer loop leaving college park headed around towards 270. hundreder loop is leer with no incidents from silver spring to college park. southbound # 70 70 business -- 270 busy on the top side. light traffic volume right now in southeast. the pace is good ong new york
5:50 am
avenue as you continue inbound leaving northeast to northwest and kenilworth avenue, traffic runs at speed. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we go to the battle over wine, a battle brewing in virginia. fairfax county blocking a plan to build a new winery even though there are plenty of them already across the commonwealth. now being a local family fay legal battle with the county. fox 5's wis to him martin has their story. -- wisdom martin has their story. >> reporter: nestled away in the rural setting of clifton, virginia, a piece of paradise for kurt wiles and his family. they want this tonight future home of paradise springs winery. >> this is a way for to us keep it and a way for us to keep the land the way it is and small and quaint. >> reporter: paradise springs would be fairfax county's first winery. >> we would have to build a small production facility down on the end but very small,
5:51 am
nonintrusive. >> it is about preserving the land and preserving the history. >> reporter: but not everybody is on board. the are have been some concerns from some neighbors about the traffic and crowds awe winery would bring to this quiet setting. >> it is a daylight activity. you coe out during the day. we are not open until 2:00 in the morning pouring shots across the bar. >> reporter: winning over the neighbors is the least of the family's worries. fairfax county is blocking the plan. >> hard to believe that they wouldn't want this. >> reporter: the zoning and planning administrator says the proposed winery is in the category of manufacturing because they would be making wine. they say that is not permitted in this particular district. that issue is now beforthe circuit court bus plus the alcohol beverage control board is trying to decide if they qualify for a liquor license. they cant do business without it gentleman you don't want to imagine what it would be like if it couldn't happen. >> reporter: so for now, the dreemses of a family-owned
5:52 am
winery are still just a dream. >> it is something that we feel the county should be proud to have. a lot of other counties across the state have them and they've been a great thing. >>reporter: wisdom martin, fox 5 news. >> the abc hearing was july 21st. we have up to 90 days to make the decision. if they do get the license, county could sue to stop the winery still. coming up next, coach zorn looks ready for the season but he still has pretty big decisions to make. bret favre with a prime time night infootball. ♪
5:53 am
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in sports news, the redskins will be without a key play fore thursday's pre-season finale in jacksonville. albert haynesworth is deal with the stomach flu. >> he missed his second straight practice yesterday. carlos rogers also missed practice with a bad calf. coach zorn says he is very concerned because he thinks he needs the rest. he has admitted he doesn't enjoy this time of year when he has to make the cut. by saturday, # # play ares will have to be cut and that is part of e job that greg blatch also does not enjoy.
5:56 am
>> for some guys, this is their last chance. they'll go on to selling insurance or working at the wal- mart or do whatever the heck it is. go back and get a degree or whatever. for some other guys, the end of a dream. >> one of the biggest competitions is at kicker. rainer con verdicted a 25-yoord field gold on friday night against the patriots. swe supplement ni. missed his only attempt. last year, he ranked near the bottom of the league so would has the leg up this year? >> it's practice. i'm treeing to get ready for the season. i feel like i've been hitting the ball well. disappointed i missed the kick in the game obviously. but i feel good. i had the opportunity to kick the same kick today with the team and simulate that so i feel good. >> i've been doing this for a little while. it is not like i'm out of college but i'm going to go in with the same mindset and try to make every kick and capitalize on the opportunities i get. >> we hope that they get some
5:57 am
kicks in the game so we can see more and more and just continue to wait. it will be a last-minute decision as we go along here. >> while we wait on that, how about this? bret favre and the minnesota vikings in houston taking on the texans. favre looked really good. the vikings won this game 17- 10. baseball now, a race to the finish line in san diego where they do the friar races. effect is racing these days. hernandez helps his own cause with a base hit to center. pete orr with a flare to right healed false in for the base hit. hernandez comes in to score but the nats lost 3-1. orioles hosting red-hot andy pettitte and the yankees. pettitte had a perfect game into the seventh inning and the next batter broke uthe no-
5:58 am
hitter. it wasn't enough. the os os fall for the yankees 5-1. straight ahead at 6:00, a big addition for the walt disney company. a$4 bill wrong deal to purchase marvel entertainment. >> will this mean big changes for disney and its parks? we'll find out. and check in with tucker in just two minutes for the forecast.
5:59 am
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