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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 1, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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with "special savings" on select hand-made upholstery. you choose the fabric... we custom make it. it's me affoable than you think. now with smart finance options for the way you live. raging wildfires still sweeping across southern california n. from homes destroyed to lives lost, we st on efforts to fight the flames. also, federal workers, you will want to hear this. your paycheck is changing. president obama is reducing the amount of your cost of living raise next year. plus somebody is about to earn a new paycheck.
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we are live at wpgc as host donny simpson picks america's next top jock. fox 5 morning news continues right now. it is tuesday morning, september 1, 2009. taking a look downtown at the washingt monument. should be a beautiful day overall. good morning. i'm steve chenegudhir a.inds nd i'm gurvir dhindsa. beautiful for us here but wear certainly following developing stories out to the west where wildfires continue to rage out of control. those wildfires have destroyed at least 53 homes outside of los angeles. the most dangerous fire, which is one of eight burning across the state has scorched 1 # 4 square miles since that fire broke out last wednesday. two firefighters were killed while they were trying to escape the flames. evacuations are under way as hurricane jimena heads for
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mexico's baja peninsula. it is just short of a category five. that system could bump as much as two feet of rain aftiti'it makes lapped fall tonight before 10,000 families could be evacuatedded from potential flood zones. >> they're having trouble there and we're having near perfect weather here. it is amazing the geographical opdeatn iosert fox proximity is not that far awart n -- the prompt incident -- proximity is not that far apart. >> i've heard a a inpltsina m that thatis is too cool outside. >> n you just can't please people. >> look atts .no tenpl now. plenty of chilly air off to t ch north and west. boston is 5 e # at this hour.
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the heat and humidity heads south. if you like the monument,, it isin the carolinas at this hour. we'll be in for a mostly sunny day today. nothing in the atmosphere to aick up a shower or ndththuerstorm. just awe few fair weather clouds later this afternoon and high temperature uupper 70s to about 80. 78 heexpected high temperature here in ashington. 80 in fredericksburg. 76 in front royal we'll be cool again tonight. this pattern will stick around if a couple of days. >> you just keep doing war a doing. don't you worry about people complaining. >> i will not. >> let's check in with julie wright. >> steve, come on. you know they're talking about me. you got to have my back on this. 60-some degrees. i mean for the love of pearl already. >> when it gets down to the 50s and 40s, then i got your back. >> just a little chilly. >> hang in there. it will be nice later today. >> thank goodness. mice right new out on the roads
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with no accidents to -- right new out to the roads with no accidents to report. callers have told us about the milling and repaving project gogo american legion bridge overnight. what they've done is they've milled the two center lanes as you travel from tyson's head up towards bethesda. they have yet to be repaved so a little bumpy there but traffic volume is holding steady. no incidents to report as you travel north of the gw parkway and head around towards river road but it's change there. outer loop. beltway still holding strong. no accidents to report leaving 270 headed down towards the dulles toll road. all of your lanes are open northbound along i-95. incident-free all the way out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now, to our other big story, police are investigate august shooting in thdistrict that left one person dead and three others hurt. four people were shot in the back of the home on hamilton
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street northwest. 4-year-old michael harris of northwest d.c. was killed. police have for the released the identities of the other victims but sources say one of them may have been se to testify as a witness to another shooting. police to not have a description of the suspect at this point. police are look for the public's help to solve the murders of two virginia tech students. bodies of 18-year-old heidi childs and 19-year-old david metzler were found in a parking lot. the sheriff's office want to speak to anyone in that area last wednesday or thursday. a disturbing case in georgetown has people wondering if the so-called swroarjtown cuddler has struck again. -- georgetown cuddler has struck again i'm group of georgetown university students said the man sat down next to a girl on the sofa. she jumped up and told him to leave. he did. several similar attacks have happened in the past year. police in herndon say a man woke up to find three men
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standing over him. it happened about 3:30 in the morning. the men attacked the victim and searched the home. if you know anything about this incident, call 866-411 tips. swine flu reparation will be a big topic today in the any's capital as president obama meets with an net secretaries at the white house. virginia governor tim kaine will be at an alexandria elementary school to outline efforts to combat h1n1 in the commonwealth. later, he will join martin o'malley, adrian fenty and federal officials to discuss swine flu and other disaster preparedness in the d.c. region. also prince george's county high schooler should have correct and complete schedules today. school system says it worked around the clock to fix the snafu which left 8,000 students without schedules when school started last week. affected students can get extended help at their school through september 15th and parents can also bring students to four saturday walk-in clinics beginning september
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12th. some federal employees will feel the pinch as the country tries to fight off the recession. how it will change the pay raise schedule coming up. maryland is making moves to get money the state is owed on back taxes. we'll give you details of a state-wide tax amnesty which begins today. plus virginia gubernatorial candidate bob mcdonnell still fighting back against a controversial college paper. more on this coming up as well.  spar (announcer) back to school means back to busy mornings.
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little the smoking gun that democrat creigh deeds may need to gain steam in virginia's race for governor. his challenger bob mcdonnell's grad school thesis surfaced and deeds is not letting it go away quietly. in that thesis, somebody donell attacks feminists and gay couples. mcdonnell says his views have ged. >> deeds camp says not so fast.
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>> this is who bob mcdonnell is. this is how he has governed and how he has legislated and he has given us no reason to believe that this is not how he will govern should be elected in november. >> again, mcdonnell says that paper was written 20 years ago and he shouldn't be judged on that paper. rather, he should be judged on his time and service to virginia. so exactly what are bob mcdonnell's views today in we'll talk with him when he joins us live this rning during our 7:00 hour right here on fox 5 morning news. maryland is giving some law break airs break. starting today, marylanders would owe back taxes can pay without penalty and at half the interest due. the amnesty period runs through october 30th. it is the first such tax amnesty in maryland since 2001. still ahead, massachusetts is making moves to replace the late senator ted kennedy and as voters there get more information bay special election, we are talking about
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what is being done to fill at seat until a new senator is elected. fox 5 morning news continues. now you can save more every time that you shop, with thousands of items at prices that pop.
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tucker is here now with another check on what should be a beautiful forecast. >> not only today but this entire week. things will be very kate around here with temperatures in the upper 70s, low 80s. humidity, it is out of here. cool air, it has arrived. so it is a nice-looking forecast for the next couple days. want to start with yesterday's high temperatures because yesterday was our coolest high temperature in about two months. got to go back to the beginning of july. 7 # was the winning number yesterday at both reagan national and dulles. i'm really into winning numbers now that i think i'm going to win the lottery. >> you think so? >> i think so -- 76 was the winning number yesterday.
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we had radiational cooling. this time of year, we are starting to see very cool temperatures first thing in the morning here. 61 at reagan national. 50 in winchester. 56 at dulles. if you need the warmer air, get down towards the bay. 64 at patuxent naval air station and ocean city, maryland is reporting a temperature of 62 degrees. not a lot to talk about today on our satellite-radar. our frontal system still pushing off the coast here and really won't be a factor in our weather today. it is high pressure and all the way out here to the upper midwest. you can see the clear skies and that will just anchor itself right across the washington area for several days. forecast here will be somewhat repetitive but as said earlier, i don't think too many people will be complaining because it is a really nice forecast which features lots of sunshine and gradually warming temperatures over the next couple days. sunny skies, a nice looking
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afternoon. it will be cool so bring along a jacket for the first part of the da wind out of the north at about five miles per hour. here is a good looking five-day forecast. we are in the low 80s. cool tomorrow morning and then we start a gradual warm-up. we could see showers late in the week. we'll have to watch a storm system to our south as we get into friday. that will do it for the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright. >> i was waiting to go yes? >> i was going to tease but being cold but i decided not to. >> really? >> you got your sweater on today. >> i know. it is chilly out there. this is the shot of southbound 270 out of hyattstown. school is back in session. you are not on vacation anymore and this is what it looks like heading into work this morning. southbound 270 heavy and slow on the top stretch as you approach and pass the exit for 109. this delay will carry you down
6:18 am
to the truck scales just south of 109. outer loop of the beltway at 95 college park, that is where we had a stalled car if the road. that has been moved over to the shoulder society lane are open once again. live shot, 66 eastbound traveling from 50 fair oaks headed eastbound towards 123. traffic slows again for about the last half mile aappropriating 495. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the governor of massachusetts has announced plans for a special election in january to fill the seat of the late senator ted kennedy but the question now is will the governor be given the power to choose someone in the meantime. fox's bob ward takes a closer look. >> do you want me to be honest? i don't need this headache. >> reporter: but it looks like the massachusetts governor is going to get that headache anywail a hearing is scheduled for next week change state
6:19 am
law giving governor patrick the power to appoint an interim u.s. senator tofill ted kennedy's seat. >> i think that having a full complement, two voices in the united states senate, is about the best interests of the commonwealth. >> reporter: but it is not that simple. it was senator ted kennedy's dying political wish to give patrick the power to appoint an interim senator but years ago, it was ted kennedy who moved to strip that same power away from then governor mitt rome necessity at a time when it looked like the republican romney would be apointing a republican interim senator in john kerry won the presidency. massachusetts republicans view all this rule changes as a raw political power play. >> this was done in a political environment then. it will be done in a political environment now instead of doing what is best for the people of the commonwealth. >> governor patrick wouldn't say who is on his short list for interim u.s. senator but he
6:20 am
scratched two names off the list, victoria reggie kennedy, patrick says, is not interested in the job and the governor says, neither is he. >> i've got my hands full. i will not seek the position. i'm running for re-election as governor, just to be clear. >> that was bob ward reporting. while the massachusetts governor did not have the power to name an interim replacement, a democratic majority in the state's housant senate may vote to change that soon. coming up next, we'll take a look at the state's top business headlines. also, mickey and minnie joining the hulk and spider- man. why disney says it is buying marvel comics coming up next. ♪
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if you happen to be a federal employee, don't count on as much of a pay raise next year. president obama says it wouldn't be appropriate under thecurrent economic climate. he is citing anational emergency. instead of a 2.4 aross the board adjustment, civilian federal employees will receive a base increase of 2%. fan boys riding foul about disney's latest purchase. let's check in with rise cotter to find out what is happening on wall street. >> good morning. >> what is going on on the markets today? we had a down day yesterday but you guess it wasn't asbad at a around 10:00 yesterday morning. >> it could have been a lot worse. literally just a half hour into tradi we were down 90 points coming off some bad trading in shanghai overnight. but we were able to hang if there.
6:25 am
down just 47 at the end of date. our futures are lower now. we are not carrying any momentum into september. september is traditionally the worst month of the year in term of trading on wall street. no momentum heading into september. we'll open the day lower and we'll see where we go from here. oil was trading down. we'll keep an eye on crude. we'll see -- hopefully find a place where we can stay at crude where it is not about speculation, where it is about real demand. that will help the market with a little stability. disney making news yesterday. they've been hurting a bit but making a big cash deal to buy marvel yesterday. >> yep. cash in stock, $4 billion buying par valentine yesterday and their 5,000 characters lug the x-men, the fantastic four. you got spider-m, the incredible hulk, captain america is another big one. disney is trying to get into
6:26 am
the male december fwraffic, not only younger and tweens but older in terms of action movies. they have abeen hurting in that regard in tens of at the box office. as you said, ad revenue is down. you are looking at gate revenue dune at the theme parks so this acquisition on the surpass makes sense although even yesterday s&p said we are concerned about the debt level taken on to make this acquisition. they believe it will be aren'ting to their earning by 2012. from a strategic standpoint, they need to hit the male demographic. >> so just for you, what i did was found a list of some of the lesser known marvel super heroes coming to a theetder near you including eight ball, fear musetter, pet river
6:27 am
identified man and water wizard. maybe they sound good to you. >> eight ball? that will sound more like the adult demographic. >> doesn't sound like a disney film, does it in. >> no, it does not. >> have a great day up in new york today. we'll keep an eye on the markets when they open at 9:30. coming up next, we are also checking today's top stories as wildfires continue to sweep across current a-- southern california this morning. police are releasing new details in a northwest d.c. shooting that left one ddead and why list are asking for your help -- police arcing for your -- are asking for your help. i'll have the details coming up in a live report when fox 5 morning news returns. k is dan?ys, where the hk he used to eat cereal every day. i heard he eats breakfast out now.
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we are keeping an eye on the wildfirethat are burning out of control in southern california. so far, at least 53 homes just outside of los angeles have been destroyed. the most dangerous fire has scorched 164 square miles since it broke out last wednesday. two firefighters died when their vehicle rolled off a mountain side on sunday. 2800 other firefighters continue to battle the flames while thousands of residents are being told to get out of harm's way. others weren't so lucky. >> it's strange feeling having probably a good 5 years or so of stuff accumulated and it's gone -- a good 25 years or so
6:31 am
of stuff accumulated and it's gone. >> fire officials say some progress is beinged mad. in mexico, emergency workers are getting ready for i massive storm, struggling to evacuate thousands of residents. hurricane jimena is headed toward the pa that peninsula. it is expected to hit tonight. the maximum sustained winds are about 150 miles per hour and the storm could dump as much as two feet of rain on that area. look like a big storm. >> huge storm. >> okay. >> very dangerous. >> we'll check in hopefully with tony here in just a little bit. he is at wpgc this morning and you are watching our weather. >> it is a nice-hooking forecast. we have sunshine across the area. not right now. in about an hour, we'll have sunshine across the hour. we now have a temperature of 60 degrees. >> that is fantastic. >> it is nice. humidity, 60%. if you haven't been out, wait until you step outside. you will notice the difference if the air masses after getting
6:32 am
used to that summertime heat and humidity. it is cool, dry outside and it will be beautiful. very quiet conditions. high pressure will move in. notice off to the north and west out towards detroit and pittsburgh, there is nothing going on. very weight weather and way should have several days of sunshine, low humidity, high temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. this is just about a perfect forecast here for washington. here is a look at today's forecast. no rain showers, no thunderstorms in today's forecast. again, cool start. probably bring along a lit jacket to start the day -- light jacket to start the day. we'll top out in the upper 70s. we'll have more details on the forecast and we'll go back to the tropics again in just a minute. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright and see how traffic is move south there on this tuesday morning. >> not so bad. we are definitely excited at pg cr with the addition of mike brooks. and now america's next top jock. i can't wait to see who they pick.
6:33 am
northbound i-95 slowing out of dale city. this was the stalled car and the accident that was over along the right side. now, all of this activity has been moved over to the left shuler including the tractor- trailer involved in this incident. so again, everything is on the shoulder. the lanes are open but northbound i-95 slows out of dale city as you try to work your way up towards route one. then the pace improves only to slow again briefly at the spngfield interchange. inner loop not so bad rit now picking up a little bit of volume as you travel north of 236. >> southbound 270 still on the brakes out of hyattstown. lanes are open out of germantown headed for the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> now, to our big story as we continue to learn more about a deadly shooting in thdie ctstri asolhice search for the shooter. more information is coming out about one of the victims. the shooting happened on hamilton street in northwest d.c. sarah simmons joins us with the latest on this investigation this morning. >> reporter: steve, police just released the name of the man
6:34 am
who was shot and killed here last night. he is 24-year-old michael harris of northwest d.c. police an family members are still trying to figure out exactly what happened here. but sources close to theamily members are telling fox 5 news that one of the instruct timbes may have been a witness in another shooting and was set to testify coming up in another trial -- one of the victims may have been a witness. this happened on hamilton street last fight around 6:30. it was virtual hi shut town here on this street. four people were shot in the rear of the home. one was killed. another three were taken to the hospital. police say a hail of gunfire was sprayed throughout the ally way but investigators are still trying to piece together the evidence. >> it is too early to stay what happened. we are still interviewing quite a few witnesses. it would be too prethat tour to say what transpired.
6:35 am
we'll wait to see swat witness statements indicate. >> we are in a state of emergency right now. thanks to good medicine, everybody is not dying. we have to come together with the whole city and put a strategy together to deal with this right away. >> reporter: now, residents say they are worried about the violent going on in the neighborhood. they are worried about the children who live here. now, again, police believe this may be a targeted shooting that they're looking at. they are also ask for anyone with any information that could help them out and maybe lead to an arrest in this case to please give them a call. there is a $5,000 reward if they give that information. back to you. >> thank you. now, in the meantime, d.c. police are also looking at another crime. an innocent bystander would stepped in the path of the bullet. deborah brown was walking home from her job at dunkin donuts saturday night in northwest when it happened. police say the gunman, an alleged gang member, was
6:36 am
shooting another someoneless sow. new details in the murder of a pizza shop owner. this past friday a person contacted police from ensued a capital heights home to say they were being held hostage by shaniqua robinson for knowing too much. according to a court affidavit, the 26-year-old man married the victim's brother in exchange for money she he could get a green card. she showed up with two men to settle the score. the court affidavit says his brother admits marrying robinson. the two did for the live together. the georgetown cuddler is apparently back on the prowl. over the weekend, a young woman woke up to find a man lying next to her. she screamed and he ran away. all it was sounds similar to a string of attacks linked to one man called the cuddler. and as sherry ly reports, police are afraid he may be back. >> reporter: in the neighbors around joe dimaggiotown, rarely touched y crime be there is one criminal that continues to
6:37 am
elude police. they call him the cuddler. a man would walked into homes, often lays with his female victims, sometimes fondling them and then running away. that is what this group georgetown says happened to a f sunday morning. >> she said she is laying on the couch and all of a sudden, someone walked in and sat down next to her and she jumped up and told him to leave and he did. it has been happening too often. >> >> it is real creepy that he is going into houses and just laying with people. >> reporter: d.c. police won't con furthermore a link to the infame outs attacker but are investigating. this one happened on the 100 block of 33rd street northwest. the man got in through an unlocked door. >> they haven't been identified and no one can give a concrete description of what they look
6:38 am
like. >> reporter: the string of attacks started more than a year ago. it has happened so many times now, students say everyone knows someone would has been a victim. >> it is very weird. you feel like of a got to be pretty disturbed. >> reporter: with the new school year starting, there is also frustration that the cuddler hasn't been caught. sherry ly, fox 5 news. students say the university is keeping them informed. they get e-mails every time an attack happened. in this case, the suspect headed north on 33rd and toward the university on prospect and then disappeared. south more disturbing details coming to light that could implicate the man charged with kidnapping a young girl as police in california found a bone fragment on the property next door to the home of philip garrido. he is accused of holding yaisee lee dugard in his yard for 18 years. -- jaycee lee dugard in his yard for 18 years. a 20-year-old thesis paper is coming back to haunt the
6:39 am
campaign of bob mcdonle, the republican candidate for governor of virginia. he lashed out at gays, feminists d working women. he says his views have changed over the last 0 years. we head out to the wpgc studios to feet the finists trying to become america's next top jock and we are there as the winner is announced later this morning. (announcer) what the world needs now is energy.
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> in virginia, the quiet race for governor just got a litt noisy. bob mcdonnell is fending off a cam pain issue over a thesis he wrote 20 years ago. >> mcdonnell says he changed his views over time but this has given his rival plenty of ammunition. back born arrested has the
6:43 am
store -- bob barnard has the story. >> mcdonnerunner bob mcdonnell of alexandria b is under fire tonight for views he expressed 0 years ago in this master's thesis titled the republican party's vision for he family. he called working women detrimental to the family, saying government policy should favor married couples over homosexuals. in a conference call with reporter this is afternoon, mcdonnell was on the defensive. >> my views as an academic graduate student in 1989 are in man respects much different tan may views as attorney general of virginia and candidate for the governor 20 years later. >> are. >> reporter: know so says a -- not ssays a representative for creigh deeds. >> he has given us no reason to believe that this is not how he
6:44 am
will govern should he be elected in november. >> when you are both stuck in the water, you welcome every puff of wind. >> reporter: this history professor says the spotlight of scriewt my should indeed shine on candidate mcdonnell. >> i have great confidence that the citizens of virginia will judge me on my 18-year record as a legislator and attorney general and the speck plans that i've laid out for our future and not on decades-old academic paper i wrote as a student during the reagan era. >> people can absolutely chang their thoughts and pans but i think we should do as he says. look at his record and are there elements of his record that reflect the thinking of 1989? >> that was bob archbishop arrested reporting. coming up this morning right here on fox 5 morning news in our 7:00 hour, we'll be joined live by bob mcdonnell to talk more about this controversy and some of another issues in the
6:45 am
virginia governor as race. >> stick around for that. also in the #:00 hour, being a freshman in college means new found independence but also going away with common sense tips when it comes to money could save you big time. find out how much can be wasted. >> holly will talk more about how to shed the freshman 15. oh, yeah in that happen to you? >> a long time ago. all right. today is nice outside in terms of the weather. >> the huge is in check and we'll be in for a butiful stretch of days. not only today but the next several days. httl at igcan. ht we can all save on the electricity. our heangb ills, cooling hego is perfect. check out these -- everything is perfect.
6:46 am
ing can out these cool temperatures. -- check out these cool temperatures. off to the north and west, it is much cooler if you are outside the beltway. 48degrees in frederick. 50 in winchester. so unseasonably cool air. we do cool off in september but we don't typically see temperatures like that in early september. 48 in frederick. 58 in fredericksburg. we are thinking 78 a little later this afternoon. our fontal system from yesterday is off the coast. quiet weather ahead with a very nice sun istreak as we get into the -- sunny streak as we get into the end of the week. and this is a tropical disturbance and i think it will be a tropical storm over the next 24 to 48 hours. it would be hurricane erica. this is puerto rico here at the
6:47 am
end of your screen and it is moving off to the west- northwest generally in paight that would take it towards the southeast united states or florida over the next seven to 10 days. we'll have to watch that very carefully as we get into the weekend. sunny skies ache nice afternoon, high temperature 78 degrees with winds out of the north at about five miles per hour. there is a nice-looking five- day forecast. next five days being upper 70s and low 80s. low humidity. overnight lows in the 50s the next couple of mornings. i think after upper 80s and low 90s, 81 will feel great for friday and saturday. once again, tony is out of the studio so we will postpone the ask the weather identify. >> all right. >> he is over at p fw. c and we'll meet with him in just a minute. but please send us your questions at ask the weather guy. click on the weather tab and
6:48 am
we'll bet back to it. i guarantee you we'll do a weather guy tomorrow. >> we'll look forward to that. >> and julie wright, you got your mousse you can today anyway. >> i did, didn't i? when are we going to see tony? >> real soon. >> wrap it up girl and we'll get to him. >> let's do it. the lane are open with no accidents to report as you travel northbound along i-95. the incident that we had there at route one, all gone. the lanes are open once again. however, traffic slows as you travel out of dale city. slow traffic on 395 beltway to seminary road. southbound 270 out of rockville, no accidents to report right now. lanes are open as you continue out toward the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. you wanted it, you got it now. we are getting closer it faibding out who will be america's next top jock on wpgc. >> five finalists are in the
6:49 am
running to join the host on his morning show. tony is there. >> good morning. we are here at wpgc, 95.5. donny simpson once again. how are you? >> i'm good, sur. >> i'm in my news mode here. i'll loosen up. >> i never know if you're doing weather or doing the news. >> here we go. you know, it keeps it incident rhetting. >> i love it. i like people that can swing. >> well, okay. i can do the news or the weather. that is about it. listen, you are doing the america's next top jock. you are rereeling the winner today. i know that we were with you guys last week and shot each of the five contest apts as you were doing the shows. what did you think of the shows overall? >> i had a ball. i loved all of them. i had a great time. it was so much energy. people are bringing it. it is an opportunity.
6:50 am
>> what is the opportunity exactly in what do they get? >> tey get to come to work every morning at 6:00. some prize. you get to get up at 3:30. >> it's job in washington, d.c. with you. >> it's one-junior contract. they get a job here. they are my next one. >> radio stayings do contests and the like but for someone to actually get a job out of it, i think this is the first time for this. >> first time i've ever witnessed it also. >> let's go through the nominees -- not the nominees. what do we call them, the finalists. >> yes. >> you started last week with lieya st. clair. she is from d.c. originally and philadelphia. >> lived in philadelphia. very, very talented. very funny. we were so comfortable with her. immediately. she knows everything that is d.c. she grew up here.
6:51 am
so that was very cool. that was a big advantage for her. >> on tuesday, you had tasha mckeea. she called herself the sexiest puerto rico an mama in hip-hop radio. and she's hot. and she was railroad cool, very comfortable and i really enjoyed working with her too. she brought a lot of flavor. brought that last other than aflavor. >> on wednesday, bootsy vegas would i was fascinated to heed is from here and a teacher. >> he is a teacher. he teaches special ed ninth graders. i guess that is high school. but very, very funny. straight up d.c -- pan, he came in here. he was amazing to all of us. he was just so comfortable and we really liked him a lot. so did the voters. everybody did. >> i know the vote was close. on thursday, you had angie cor left y from pittsburgh as well. >> she is from upstate new york originally, lives in pittsburgh
6:52 am
i think for the last 10 years. she has done radio for 10 years. antibioticsy has done no radio which i kind of like, the guy of on the streets just doing this. but angie corle ysm was very talented. she is an awesome talent. she is in the running. >> and finally on friday, shelly wade was on. >> shelly wade was our last contestant. very charming. and she's done radio for several years. she is some new york working now on air. i think she is the only one that is currently employed. she was fantastic. we had a lot fun with her too. >> i know you had hundreds of people enter the contest. >> almost a thousand actually. >> that is great. very tough to come up with five finalists. you've done it. i understand the boat vote is very close and you will reveal the winner during the 8:00 hour. >> at 8:00. >> we'll do it live here and on
6:53 am
fo5. >> if you had stayed with me, we wouldn't be going will you this. >> that was a long time ago. that is hold history. >> i haven't forgotten. >> back to you guys. we'll have the winner later this morning. >> what awe great opportunity for somebody. on this tuesday morning, besides bad grades, every new college student wants to avoid the freshman 15. >> there are some exercises you can do to keep in shape. you don't even have to leave the dorm room to do it. holly is working up a sweat this morning.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
good morning, everybody. holly morris here. and you are looking live at south paw at george washington university. it is one of the dorms here. and it feels like fall out this morning, schools are back in session, most of them. there is a lot of things i miss about being back in college. one thing i don't miss, the dreaded freshman 15 and what we'll do here this morning is help all college students out there avoid that. you don't have to limited it to college students. necessary workouts that -- these are workouts you can do in a small place or a dorm room. we have a trainer coming out to show you how to use your desk for more than just studying. he's going to talk about your text books, not what is in them
6:58 am
but how you can use them for weights and help your abs. speaking of the backpack, it's like what i do every morning. here is my work bag. i use this as a weight. but i think it will be good for all of us, gurvir. and i heard steve giving you a hard time. you tell him, we don't want us bringing up his college stories and i do have contacts. >> i'll let him know. and we do have contacts. jay z is answering a cal for families of police and fors that were killed on 9/11 and there is a release of his new record. >> i saw a footage of these heroic actions and people running into buildings tsave each other and i just saw the strength of new york and it made me proud. so as i was embarking on
6:59 am
putting out this blue print 3, it was only right to revisit the day and this is my chance to do something to help out. >> that benefit concert will be held on september 11th at madison square garden. time to say good morning to allison who is joining steve and i'll be with you with the latest on the wildfires in california in a moment. it was a violent night in the district. four people were shot on one street alone. we are live there this morning with new details. then police are trying to figure out if the cuddler of george washington is back again. a woman woke up to find a strange man in her bedroom. and in california residents are being told to return home after a wildfire. we'll check out the damage as fox 5 morning news continues at 7:00 right now. a beautiful sunrise on this


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