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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 1, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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2009. thanks for joining us on this first day of september, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. the superintendent of alexandria public schools will join us live. classes set to start in one week. find out what is new this morning. plus at 7:30 the republican candidate will answerquestions about controversial viewsthat have served in his speeches. let's check in with tucker barnes for the forecast for this tuesday and it looks like a beautiful one. >> we're expecting high temperatures in the upper 70s. good morning, everybody. we're off to a cool start. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. sunny skies, cool temperatures and bring along a jacket as temperatures will be slow to warm up. right now at reagan national, just 60 degrees. that's it. humidity 60%. winds out of the north at 13 miles per hour. cool start to the day. we have high pressure moving in and that will deliver a beautiful afternoon acrs the washington area. look at the clear skies off to the north and west.
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high pressure will build in here. so no rain showers or thunders as t. forecast. should be very quiet around here for the next several days. the weather pattern will be a nice one. here is a look at the forecast and i'll be back with more details in a few minutes. sunny skies, nice temperature. let's get to traffic and julie wright. we're checking out the ride along quince orchard at 270 where we have the accident activity and that's tieing up your ride along the right side of the road. but northbound 95 slowing out of woodbridge leaving dale city and toward lorton. all lanes are open. 395 slows from the beltway toward seminary road. along quince order chard toward 270, coming from the chevy's and the rite aid, this is the approach to 270 south and the
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right lane blocked. 270 at 109, and in germantown leaving rockville toward the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. this morning we have new details about a quadruple shootingn ie thdictstngthat left one man dead. this happened last night on hamilton street in northwest. sarah simmons joins us live with the latest on our top story. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police released the name of the man who was shot and killed here last night. they just released his name this morning. he is 24-year-old michael hair odd of northwest d.c. police are still trying to figure out what happened here last night but sources are telling fox 5 news that one of the victims may be a witness in another shooting and may have been set to testify soon. the shooting happened last night at about 6:30. crime scene tape was wrapped around the neighborhood and it was shut down for sometime. four people were shot in the
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rear of the home. one of them was killed. police say a hail of gunfire was sprayed throughout the alleyway but police are still trying to piece together the evidence. >> it's too early to say what happened. we're still interviewing wilts so right -- witnesses and it would be too early to indicate what happened and we'll see what the witnesses indicate. >> reporter: there are children that live here and also we spoke with residents that say this is a state of emergency with the violence going on here. police are still asking for anyone with information to please give them a call. there is a $25,000 reward out there if you have any information that can help lead to an ares. allison, back to you. >> sarah simmons live in the district. thank you. police made an arrest in the death of a local pizza shop owner. rana was found beaten to death
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in the pizza mart earlier this month. 26-year-old shanika robinson married his brother so he could get a green card for $500 a month. when the payments stop, she wanted to get revenge. a woman woke up to a man standing next to hear. she screamed and he got away. this latest incident happened in the 1200 block of 33rd street northwest where the cuddler struck in january. >> someone walked in and sat down next to her and she jumped up and told him to leave and he did. but it's been happening a little too often. >> it's creepy, when you come to think of it. not for nothing, he's going into housing and just laying with people. >> d.c. police will not confirm
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a link to the attacker but they are investigating. northern virginia where police need your help to solve a crime. a man asleep inside his home woke up early to find three men standingover him. one had a gun. they kicked him in the face and upper body demanding money and searched the house. the victim was able to jump out a window and run to a neighbor's house. if you know anything, call police. the situation has gone from bad to worse in california where wildfires are burning out of control. gurvir is standing bwith the latest. >> reporter: a state of emergency has been declared in four california connies. right now there are eight wildfires burning across the state. the biggest fire is the one that is just outside of los angeles that killed two firefighters. but the one burning northeast of sacramento is the most destructive. police have spent the last two days urging people to get out of harms way. >> this is a very difficult and angry fire that we're fighting right now.
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>> reporter: captain mike detrick of the u.s. forest service is talking about the station fire in los angeles county. so far it's blackened more than 105,000 acres. >> this is a dangerous fire fight. it's treacherous and i wish i could be more optimistic. >> reporter: more than four dozen homes are destroyed, thousands are threatened. many resident have fled to safety. many others are staying behind. >> we have our cars ready in the driveway with all of our stuff and the reason we're staying is we have an 80-year- old mother that is pretty sick. >> i'm not personally scared because the ranch has plenty of open space. >> reporter: some that stayed behind needed to be rescued. >> it was something you can't describe, being stuck in a house with the flames on the floor and the firemen looking at you telling you to stay down. >> i cannot describe i i never had something like this in my life. >> reporter: the governor is urging everyone to follow the evacuation orders.
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>> the law enforcement and fire officials are urging many to get out of the home when told. >> reporter: the story about a family being trapped are okay and still haven't left. 60 structures in a community not far from sacramento have been burned to the ground. >> our house is gone. >> are you serious? >> i'm standing right there. >>eporter: a deputy there is honored for saving the life of an 80-year-old woman. >> i told him, i said, you're my hero. >> grabbed ahold of my arm, gave it a good squeeze. strong fella. >> reporter: one of the residents affected, probaseball player, rafael furcal and his wife were forced to evacuate their home to avoid danger. he was allowed to miss monday night's game because of that. they hope weather conditions will ease up. >> and i know tucker was talking about the humidity
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there was low and things were try. >> tough battle. thank you. well hurricane jimena. is that right, steve? it's gaining status as it hits the baja peninsula tonight. bands of heavy rain are moving across los cab os. the local hotel estimates 7,000 tourists are still there. emergency workers are evacuating nearby villages where some 10,000 people live in shacks made of wood and plastic sheeting. it is 8 minutes past the hour on this tuesday morning. mom 5 is staying on top of the race for virginia governor. >> bob mcdonnell joins us live and will answer questions about controversial views that have surfaced in his graduate speeches. plus the superintendent of alexandria city schools is here with a look at what students and parents can expect when doors open a week from today. and a service that shows tichael jackson that is alive
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60 degrees thought at 7:11. time for a look at stories making headlines. uncle sam gave a boost to honor the lives lost on 9/11. the government will pay $9.5 million to acquire land to build the national memorial. the goal is to have it completed by the tenth anniversary. construction is expected to start in november. swine flu preparedness on the forefront today. the president will get a briefing at the white house. alley will be in the area to discuss the preparedness. and tonight in fairfax county it's the first of a series of
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meetings to discuss the flu. for more schedulings, click on there is a hoax video showing michael jackson hopping out of a coroner's van. it's gotten 1.1 million views at more than 4,000 comments from believers and nonbelievers. >> and you laughed at me, that it will be like elvis, people continuing to seehim. >> i do believe that. and to prove that, you have to start with something smaller, not that he's still alive. ll s give it some time. what a beautiful morning we're having. temperatures right now are in the 50s, low 60 as cross the area. going to be a fantastic afternoon. we'll have easunshine. i can't say enough nice things about the forecast. >> me neith. er . you, steve? >> no. >> we're speechless.
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t re annational. 40s not far off to the north end w e . n u se i46rochester, and in hochester we were ian4ur 9 9 50s r 50s toward martinsberg e.d hagerstown, it's cool out tr ro thssac t ere. across the country, we'll see what we can wed ahomfd. d we have some seasonable, if not unseasonable temperatures. minneapolis is 54. inmo g.t. louis this mor comfortable expected to continue across the washington area for the next several days. watch as i put this in motion. watch the upper midwest, nothing but clear skies. quiet conditions out there and again high pressure is going to keep us high and dry here for the next several days. here is your forecast and again 78 this afternoon. plenty of sunshine expected. if you like today, you'll love tomorrow. 79. if you want it warmer. thursday, friday and saturday, lies in the low 80s.
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humidity is on vacation this week. overnight temperatures in the 50s and low 60s for the next several days. so hopefully everybody can save on the community. >> humidity can stay on vacation. >> hopefully it's a prolonged vacation. let's look at traffic at 7:15. >> you'll find 95 slow on the ramp from the outer loop. slowing toward georgia avenue. and again, no accidents to report northbound along 50áeu 95, stacking up through woodbridge and toward the occuquan and toward seminary road. southbound 270, no accidents to report out of rockdale. the lanes are open southbound leaving germantown toward 124. also finding slow traffic past 370 and again leaving the rockville area toward the split and both the main line and the cd lanes. all lanes are open across the american legion bridge. don't forget about the rough pavement on the inner loop from tysons toward bethesda.
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it's bumpy there in the two center lane. they have not been repaffed at -- repaved at this time. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the scheduling problem in prince george's county is finally cleared up. 8,000 students spent the first week of school in temporary classes or in the auditorium. the school is blaming a computer glitch. the staff worked through the weekend to make sure every student had correct schedules. school starts in alexandria. most schools just a week from today. the superintendent of alexandria city schools joins us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know this is an exciting time for you and your students. >> all of the students are scheduled. i feel for my colleague across the river. >> and that's probably one of the things that gets overlooked, there is probably a lot more that goes into the start of the school year than people realize. >> a lot more. i can hardly wait until the students and kids go back so i can take a vacation.
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so we're very busy. >> talk about what you expect for another school year and this will be of the start of your second year. >> actually you mentioned governor kaine's visit and he'll be at tucker elementary today and showing them the proper way to cough, into the elbow and how to wash hands and so we're delighted to welcome him to one of our schools. the big change is going from two large middle schools to five middle schools. it's like the old television shows where everybody knows my name, so when you walk in in the morning, every child will have somebody who knows them and care for them and make sure they succeed. that is a significant change. >> that's a dream for districts all over the country, to go from the larger schools into the smaller schools. how were you able to make that happen? >> hard work. spending the summer focused on that. we didn't spend any additional money. we simply -- well it wasn't so simple, but we worked very hard to take the dollars we had to
7:18 am
realloca them using administrators and teachers and create five small schools which changed schedules and focused on the international back back lorat program. this is a dream, as you called it, for many of us and it's the right thing to do. and it goes back to the whole no child left behind initiative. for a long time we said all children can learn and they we agonized over that high ideal. we took it serious. and we said if we're serious about making a change in kids' lives we need to do so now and not wait until 2014 and so we're very excited about the change. >> and you mentioned when you came on board you said you wanted to continue to raise the bar. you have already taken steps to do that and do you have specific goals that you're looking for. >> raising the bar is kind of a
7:19 am
catch phrase. for us it means alls of students learning. for a long time, since 2002, we have discounted them and said this year is not your year to learn and year after year we said it's okay and now in alexandria we're saying it's not okay. within a year or two we're setting the standard that every child can learn and we need to do some major overhaul, personalization and customization. we have created one k-8 school out of an elementary school. two of the schools have started the beginning of august with four-year schooling. we've created instead of one 9th grade center, we've combined it, our beloved titans, created one school. and we set that a goal. our board has approved that goal so every single student k- 10 will have a goal and set of achievement plans not -- that
7:20 am
the teachers will know and where the kids need to have to go ahead. and student-led conferences, if you go to school as a parent and sit down with the parent there is somebody listening in on the conference, the child. and so one of the significant changes is that our kids will be sitting with the parents and the teachers with a portfolio of work and saying this is what i've learned and what i've done well and this is what i could do better of the rest. >> and weekendly mention -- and quickly you mentioned the governor coming in. and the swine flu has gotten a lot of attention. and any advice for students or parents for preparedness for the upcoming school year. >> yes. if you're ill, stay home. that is key for us to try to hold down the numbers. we're also created backup plans so that if the teachers are absent, we'll continue schooling in some way. but we hope if children or parents or teachers don't feel well, go to the doctor and get checked and get your shots.
7:21 am
we'll do that because we have registered nurses in the schools. take care of yourself and wash your hands and do the things that the cdc is saying to do. >> thank you for joining us. allison. >> thank you so much. it is 7:20 on this tuesday morning. the president makes a move that will impact hundreds of thousands of paychecks and it's probably not what you want to hear. reduced raises for federal workers. and workouts college kids can do without leaving their dorm room to ward off the dreaded freshman 15, the pounds you pack on as a freshman. they can do it in dorms and you can do i t init in your home. stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back. (announcer) "new simply cookies from pillsbury.
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maryland governor martin o'malley will announce two key
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appointments. he has appointed secretary of transportation. the state senate has to confirm appointments but they don't have to wait to begin working. polls will head to the polls january 19th to fill the kennedy seat and the law will change to appoint a temporary governor until the election. federal workers should prepare for a little less than their paychecks than they have been planning for. the president is reducing the cost of living raises for next year for federal workers. they will only see a 2% raise down from the 4% he was originally imposing. he will implement a pay plan in time of national emergency or serious economic conditions. it is now 7 clan 25 on this tuesday morning and coming up next, we'll check out today's top stories.
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and staying on top of the race for virginia governor. bob mcdonnell joins us live and answers uestions about controversial remarks from his college graduate speeches. we'll be right back. guys remember,
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morning news. another look at today's top stories. place are investigating a shooting in the district. gunfire erupted on hamilton street northwest killing 24- year-old michael harris and wounding three others. police say someone opened fire through an ally. sources way one victim s been set to testify as a witness to another shooting. the so-called georgetown cuddler may have struck again. this past weekend a young woman in the 1200 block of 33rd street northwest woke up to find a man lying next to her. she screamed and he got away. the m.o. is similar to a string of attacks to a man named the cuddler. wildfires in california have destroyed 53 homes outside of l.a. the most dangerous fire, which is one of several burn ago cross the state, has scorched 154 square miles since breaking out last wednesday. two firefighters were killed sunday while trying to escape
7:30 am
the flames. let's check in with tucker with a look ature forecast. what california is dealing with, the try conditions, but we're having good stuff here. >> they have one more day with temperatures about 100 degrees or so with a heat index of 105. so it will be another tough one for folks in california. here the weather is perfect. temperatures right now, upper 50s, low 60s. cool start to the day but a nice finish with sunshine and temperatures once again in the upper 70s. yesterday's daytime high, 76 at reagan national. dulles was 76, bwi75. if you were thinking to yourself, it's cool out here, it's because it was our coolest day in about two months as these are the coolest high temperatures since early july. and we'll do it again today. our highs later this afternoon will be back into the upper 70s. so it will be warmer than yesterday. we'll have more sunshine i think too. check out these temperatures. 60 here in washington. 55 in dulles.
7:31 am
frederick is currently 48 degrees. winchester, you're reading it right, it's september 1st, don't forget, and 66 degrees. and very cool temperatures, with the exception of patuxent naval air station, the bay waters look warmer so temperatures up around the bay. should be beautiful looking day. from the beaches to the mountains, we're looking at a nice looking forecast. and the reason is the high pressure. pushing off the coast, there it is, to the beaches and that's about it. off to the north and west, it is a fantastic looking forecast as that high pressure will build in here and deliver several nice days. so not only are we going to be beautiful today, but right through the end of the week. temperatures in e upper 70s, i'll show you the five-day forecast. sunny skies and humidity should be pleasant. high temperatures 78 with winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. look at this forecast for tonight. clear skies and it will be ain 56 in town. 40s off to the north and west. here is your five-day forecast. and again, the next several days, lots of sunshine.
7:32 am
we'll see clouds toward the end of the week. watch a storm system to the south see how close that gets to the area. low 50s and 60s, this is going to get to a nice period. and let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright. tucker we have problems along the roads southbound along 270, leaving germantown this is toward montgomery village avenue. we just saw fire and rescue come down the left side of the roadway and headed southbound. so it will be closer to game reserve road, the underpass under 2070 so present middlebrook. slowing down your ride out of germantown leaving 118 toward mva. more delays for montrose road toward the sleet. meanwhile, in bound new york avenue, with had reports of a
7:33 am
accident over one lane of bladensberg road. expect delays from the times building toward bladensberg and slow again at the third street tunnel. the flu lanes continue but it's just the double left turn lane that we had reports of an accident. but now that traffic is moving again, it looks like whatever was here has moved on. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. back to you. the time right now is 7:33 on this tuesday morning. coming up we'll talk with republican candidate for governor bob mcdonnell. >> and we'll check in with tony perkins live at wpct with the winner of america's top jock contest. and your high school games of the week. these are your choices. to vote, go to and click on the sports tab. get your votes in by thursday at noon and we'll show up at the winning matchup friday nighmore of ay wfoitus, more of morning news right after this.
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and bob mcdonnell being criticized for a speech he wrote. bob mcdonnell joins us now live from richmond. good morning, sir. >> good morning, steve and allison. nice to be on with you again. >> i'm glad you're here with us. let's start with the gradates of the thesis and the story that's been making the headlines and sir, just your answer tovoters who are concerned about some of the strong language and oft raw sizing language in this thesis. >> i wrote that 20 years ago as a graduate student. my point in the thesis was there were certain government policies that might be detrimental to the family and it was important to have a ngfro stro ngamily in our society. but i've been in office now for 18 years, i've cast tens of thousands of votes as attorney
7:38 am
general, 90% of my bills got passed with broad bipartisan support and i think people are concerned now is how will i governor and what is my vision on schools and roads and jobs and those important issues for the next four years. so that's what i'm talking about. >> and we want to get to that in just a minute. but when you talk about voters and their reaction to this heat is -- thesis, i think a number of the points you made through you can carry through in the general assembly, like opinions of abortion, and those might be something to consider, and this was at 34 years old, this wasn't college when you wrote that. >> my opponent is trying to make that an issue, looking 20 years backwards. and i've said very clearly, i strongly support women in the workplace. i had a daughter in iraq. my wife has worked.
7:39 am
i strongly support making sure we hire people based on merits and not on any other considerations. so i think the things i've cared for are reducing taxes, making sure we promote a strong family which everybody from barack obama to tim kaine says is the right approach. so i know people will judge me on 18 years in office and the things i've done to make virginia better. and i certainly put my record of promoting jobs and opportunity against my opponents' record that has been one of the most antibusiness records for any person ever running for governor. >> i'm glad to debate these things but people want to hear what are you going to do in the future to solve the problems we care about today. >> and a couple of those issues do have a tie-in with the 20- year-oldthesis. and we're talking about as a republican candidate on abortion rights and gay marriage. can you clear up for us just position on some of these stances that are still relevant
7:40 am
today in gay marriage, and perhaps even more so today. >> well i'm a strong supporter of marriage bei between one man and one woman. that's been decided by the people of virginia in a constitutional amendment. but obviously that doesn't impact the ordinary civil rights of any other person. and when i was attorney general, the only thing that mattered to me was is are you smart and committed to serving the people of virginia, are you honest and going to get good results. that's the only thing that matters in employment situation. i'm pro life. it was the way i was raised in a middle class catholic family. my parents taught me to support family and marriage. and i supported things like a partial birth abortions and having parents involved in a minor's decision for abortion. most virginians are right there and my opponent have been against ose. so the irony is really he's the one way out of the mainstream
7:41 am
when it comes to the comments. but i've tried to keep taxes low, i've mentioned that in the thesis. i think it's important now in these tough economic times when people are concerned about jobs and spending, i'm a proponent of making sure we don't have the death tax come back to hurt families. and that's important and i'll continue to promote an environment in virginia where we keep taxes and litigation low and strong right to work laws and that's things very important right now. >> and let's look forward. i know you'll be backhere in northern virginia at tc williams school. and a few minutes ago we had the superintendent of alexania schools for some of the academic goals in alexandria. statewide, what are you talking about today as far as your education platform. >> well i think we need to be much more innovative in terms of education reform. we've got to take a look at 72
7:42 am
schools that are not fully accredited. i think that's unacceptable in virginia. i want to turn those around. we're going to announce today a program to put more money into classroom and less into administration. that's an efficient use of tax dollarsch i want to see more focus on math and science and engineering in i grew up in fairfax county and i know we can do more to get young people into the high-tech quarter through the dulles greenway. we have to do better to provide the resources long-term to do that. i want to see more technology into the classroom. online learning so people can pace themselves. i think there is so much more innovation to put into the schools that will help our young people to be able to get the good-paying jobs of the future. >> you've also unveiled a very detailed comprehensive transportation plan, another hot-button topic in the state of virginia. >>yes. >> could you tell us the bullet
7:43 am
points of that. >> sure, allison. like i said, i've grown up in northern virginia and i lived in virginia beach and raised my kids. this is the economic engines of the state and if we don't provide significant transportation resources, we won't maintain the competitive advantage in those areas. so i have a detailed plan that will generate $1.4 billion over each year. my opponent has no plan. not a dime, not a project that he's proposing. he said elect me and i'll tell you what i'm going to do and i don't think that's leadership. i've outlined a series of reforms, using $4 billion in nds, public and private partnerships, letting northern virginia keep the sales tax revenue it collects for the roads in northern virginia, redirecting general fund revenue and then using creative ideas like selling our abc stores and putting that into transportation, using the off shore drilling revenues that will start in a few years, to put that into transportation. i think these are all forward looking.
7:44 am
they don't raise taxes in this down economy but transportation is a priority. i understand northern virginia is the economic engine, we're going to fix problems up there. >> and before we let you go. a campaign question for you. you are leading inmost polls and many by double-digit. in two months to go, do you sit back and enjoy the lead you have now or do you step it up. >> people are concerned about card check and cap and trade and health care that are causing them to take a look at me. but i'm running like i'm ten points behind. we're going to stay on education to energy, focusing on job creation and innovation and bring in more private investment to virginia so people can live the american dream. that's what my parents passed on the to me and that's what people want here for the future of virginia. >> bob mcdonnell, thanks for being on with you. good to talk to you. best wishes. >> thank you steve and allison.
7:45 am
coming up, fans will listen to a new cohost, donnie simp ton. >> there was a national contest held to find america's next top jock. one of donnie's first side kicks, tony perkins is live. tony, you didn't try to apply for this, did you? >> allison is asking if i tried to apply for the position of america's next top jock. >> we can't afford you, and we know that. [ laughter ] >> this man is big time. >> i don't know about that. but there was some conversation. however, let me introduce the newest member of the donnie simpson show until the 8:00 hour, mike brooks, some of you know him as a local comedian, joined the team last week. how do you like it so far? >> i'm loving it. each and every day is it new chapter in my life and donnie brought me on board and i'm
7:46 am
honored. >> it's a good -- its me, chris paul and it's you. that's a good lineup. >> oh, yeah. we need to take it to the stage. >> i like that. that's a great idea. >> that's not a bad idea. >> danny's side kicks. >> you can't afford me as host either, by the way. >> that's true. that's an idea. that's right. and america's next top jock, it's been a big contest. 1,000 people entered the contest. you've narrowd it down to five. let's go through them right now. >> number one, we have tasha mckiea, we have la hea, we have angie coraly, we have shelley wade and we have boochie vegas. >> that's a great name. and these are the fox finalists out of the 1,000 people who entered the contest and they all had a chance to host a show with donnie last week and
7:47 am
people got to see -- i was not here but people saw it in public. you did it live? >> yeah. we did it at the at&t store next to the verizon center. it was weird. >> not far from the t-mobile restaurant. >> take the elevator upstairs. >> hit all of the spots in there. so everyone got to vote. voting ended yesterday. and you selected a winner. how tough was it to select somebody? >> it was tough. and when it started i told my son, it will be tough and i felt them all right away and it was tough. >> the winner gets to be a part of the morning team to get a one-year contract. did you get a one-year contract? >> i hope so. would you like to think that. >> he just hasn't read it yet. >> we have to talk.
7:48 am
you're supposed to know by now. don't start doing the show until the contract is signed. any way, they have a one-year contract. we'll reveal the winner live on the air right here during the course of the next hour. meanwhile, let's look at the five-day forecast and show how youyts nghiare playing. ngararyou playing golf thiweek? these are cool temperatures. >> am i? you think i ain't. >> temperatures 0s t 7he d 7any by the end of tanhe week, highs into the low 80s. lots of sunshine and we don't have any rain on the five-day forecast there. if we had any it's toward the end of the week. that's a look at what is going on with the weather. we'll have me from the donnie simpson show coming up in just a little bit. right now let's find out what is happening with traffic and here she is, your favorite and mine, julie wright. >> if it makes him feel any better, i'm stillday-to-day as well. you just never know. >> julie doesn't have her contract yet either. >> all right guys, here we go. > out on the roads, southbound 270 on the brakes
7:49 am
leaving rockville toward the split. main line slowing out of rockville toward the lane divide, the same on those in the cd lanes toward 55. the lanes are open on the bottom half, on the top side slow. accident before montgomery village avenue. this is a live shot after new york avenue at bladensberg. delays at the times building to 57. look for a backup out of buoy. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. 7:49 on this tuesday morning, september 1st. and coming up after 8:00, we'll reveal our job of the day. >> still ahead this hour, we'll show college kids how to fight the freshman 15 without ever leaving their dorm room. we'll check in with holly wn we come back. he hey, you made your own lunch.
7:50 am
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7:52. during back to school season students and parents feellike there is not enough time to tackle classes and stay in shape. >> so holly is finding out how to turn your dorm room into a place you can get a good workout in. holly, good morning. >> reporter: before we talk about that, i want to tell you how they turned dorm rooms into luxury condos. i am so jealous. this is so awesome. we are at one of the new dorms
7:53 am
here at george washington wash. this is south hall. i want to give you a tour. here is the living room area and suite and then you come into the full kitchen where we'll find marissa, who is a lucky resident. do you know how good you have it. >> i do. we realize it's bigger than most dorm rooms. we have individual bedrooms. >> reporter: that was pause for dramatic affect. individual bedrooms, two people share a bathroom. you have a washer and dryer. >> yes. >> reporter: i'm so over you. so you're from connecticut. >> yes. and you're studying what? >> political communications. >> reporter: and now did you have trouble with the freshman 15. >> no. g.w. has a really did -- >> reporter: another reason i don't like you. >> we have a great gym facility. you walk around campus a lot, you can take the stairs, good food option. >> reporter: so jen is not our
7:54 am
best example. but if we come into her own bedroom, we'll discover our friend from washington sports club. and a lot of people do battle on their own and when you head off to college they don't make good food choices and not as activement maybe they can't afford a gym membership so you've come up with a workout that can be done if our new space. >> you can do this in your dorm room or apartment if you can't afford the gym rates. this is a good workout. a jen feldman from bethesda and should we go right into the workout. >> reporter: let's see what we can do in some small space. >> here is what you need to do. you need to make sure you have a sturdy desk. this is a push up to increase the shoulder mobility and it's good when you sit at a desk all day. puts the hands shoulder width apart, and retract the shoulder blades down and up and if you want to increase and progress, there is an exercise where you can lift a leg up. >> reporter: do you want to try
7:55 am
it? go ahead. now as she's trying it, a pushup is such an old exercise. it's been around forever. but why is it so good for your entire body? >> wl it works the chest, the core, the back and the way we're doing it here, perfect, it will elp the shoulder stabilization and work that 29 core muscles. all of the movement you do is from your core. so this is a really important exercise to do. >> reporter: what is the next one to do? >> let's do some dips. she can just try this. she's great. but here we can do some dips. you never want to do more than a 90-degree angle. let's do e easier version and let's make sure you isolate that tricep area. and let's walk over here, we'll walk the legs out and make it harder and you'll bring it down. never drop below a 90. >> reporter: and why is it important not to drop below 90? >> it is bad for your
7:56 am
shoulders. if you have shoulder problems, stay away from dips, there are other things you can do. >> reporter: what else can we do? >> you can do tricep tacks with a 5-pound weight and twist this to the top to isolate the triceps. >> reporter: oh, really. >> this is one of my favorite. >> reporter: and you dent -- you don't have to have weights of you can use ragu or whatever you have. and what else can we do. >> you'll go on your back, put your feet down. we're going to do a straight arm crunch, so bring your shoulder blades off. that's really comfortable. and just bring it up. >> reporter: and why is that better than a regular crunch. >> different crunches work different parts. you have the transverse and
7:57 am
this is more of an ab dominal exercise and you can get your obliques and it's important to hit all of the important parts. >> reporter: is website and you can have a link to the sports club. and we'll stay here and find out more about other exeises to do in small spaces and talk about good food choices as well for everybody out there. and did i mention that my entire dorm room living space my senior year wasn't as big as this room. okay, i'm not bitter. back to you. >> i think mine could have fit in half that room. >> exactly. >> good for them. >> i hope they appreciate they do. >> i think they do. they seem like nice little young ladies. campus students also have poor spending habits. >> how to get your kids to curb the excessive spending. and next hour, donnie
7:58 am
simpson is going to reveal the winner of america's next top jock contest. so stay with us, fox 5 morning news will continue right after this. ♪
7:59 am
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8:01 am
back now at 8:00. and the latest on a campaign controversy in the race for governor in virginia. in a liveinterview this morning with fox 5, bob mcdonnell responded to questions to a thesis he wrote some 20 years owner. why a victim's sister-in- law is behind a pizza crime. ahead at 8:00, tips on how to get your kids to curb excessive spending into thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and tony perkins is live where donnie simpson is ready to announce the top jock. >> reporter: i know, allison, you're familiar with the radio business. what they've done is they've
8:02 am
had a contest for the last several months, finding america's next top jock. and they had about 1,000 people enter the contest, send in tapes and mp3s and the like. they listened to all of them and cape up with five finalists and what they did was last week, each one of the finalists got to cohost the show with donnie one day and then the listeners have been voting since friday through yesterday on their favorites. this morning they will reveal the new new co-host of the morning show and gets a one year contract with wpgc to be part of the morning team. they're about to get all of the finalists this morning and they will wind up with the winner of the contest. let's go into the studio. you can see what is happening in there and i'll tell you who the finalists are. we have some graphics to show
8:03 am
you. the finalists in order of their appearance last week. laia st. clair. tasha mckiea, from philadelphia. bootsy vegas, a teacher here in washington. angie coraly from pittsburgh, and shelley wade from houston. and they're getting them on the phone and listen in on show right now. >> shelley was in the studio with us. >> well they ought brought it. and they're all on the phone right now. >> hello. >> how are you all doing? >> great. >> a little nervous? >> nervous. >> well it was good to have you all on this morning. the people have voted. our panel of judges have debated and now, in no particular order, it's time to reveal who will be america's
8:04 am
next top jock. are you ready? >> yes. >> yes. >> okay. here we go. angie coraly, no doubt, you are a true professional. the votes poured in for you angie and for good reason. you're extremely talented, you're song, best i'll ever have is great and got rave reviews from the judges and on my facebook page. the judges loved your versatility and your energy. they thought you were very funny and very creative. your features were top notch and well executed and your ability to carry the show when i'm on vacation made you one of the favorites. that's big around here because i'm big on vacation. >> that's donnie talking to one of the contestants, he'll talk to all of them and then eliminate one of them and by the end of this hour we'll wind up with the now co-host here. we'll have all of that for you coming up in just a little bit. stay with us. back to you. >> it's so exciting. >> can't wait for the big
8:05 am
reveal later this morng. >> what a great opportunity. i'm not going to pick favorites but angie coraly is from pittsburgh. she used to work with our tv station back there. >> is that right? okay. we'll see. that's excitin can't wait. >> younice forecast this morning. yeah. we'll get right to it. the temperatures in the area, in the low 60s. 60 at reagan national. humidity 60%. winds out of the north and east at 13 miles per hour. if you like sunshine and low humidity and you like temperatures in the upper 70s to about 80, well this is the perft forecast for you. is your satellite radar. cloud cover off the south and east, that won't impact you here. no rain or thunderstorm activity any time soon as high pressure is across the area and the forecast only gets better from here. more sunshine from yesterday. highs in the upper 70 toss about 80 in fredericksberg and then we'll be cool again tonight with overnight lows
8:06 am
back in the 50s. so i'll have more details in the forecast. >> it's not 80, but it's good later for today, julie wright. >> it's okay. you don't want to get up out of bed when the temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. i'm sleeping in a hoody, i'll tell you, tucker barnes. i'm sleeping in a hood here we go. top stretch of the beltway at new hampshire avenue. checking for a crash here. this is in the backup starting to form before 95 college park headed into silver spring. again, we've had delays that wrap around the beltway from route 1 toward georgia avenue and again they are checking in this area for another crash. inbound 50 at 197, stalled car out of your way, but now in the backup at 301 out of buoy, checking for another wreck. southbound 32 on a crash on the left side of the highway and 95 slowing on the exit for the outer loop. a live shot into the sunshine of 66 across the tr bridge. the beltway slows between
8:07 am
annandale and merryfield beginning with delays at the robinson field. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. things have heated up in the last few days since the washington post revealed a graduate thesis written by mcmcdonnell back in 1989 and the paper attacked working mothers and unwed couples. and the republican says that was a long time ago and his views have changed. we talked with him to see where he stands now. >> my opponent can -- it trying to make that an issue looking 20 years backwards and talking about former presidents and governors and i said clearly, i strongly support women in the workplace. i had a daughter in iraq, my wife has worked. i strongly support making sure we hire people based on their merits and not on any other considerations. >> an official with the campaign of his opponent, creigh deeds said mcdonnell has given no reason to believe this
8:08 am
is not how he will governor if elected. we are learning more about ad itly shooting in the district as police search for the shooter, more information about one of the victims is coming to light now. the shooting happened on hamilton street in northwest and that's where fox 5 sarah simons is live with the latest on the investigation. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good mornin police released the name of the man who was shot and killed here on hamilton street here this morning. he is 24-year-old michael harris of northwest d.c. police and family members are still trying to figure out what happened here but sources are telling fox 5 ne that one of the victims may have been set to testify here soon in a different shooting. not the one here last night, but in a different one. the shooting happened here behind a home in the 900 block of hamilton street north west last night. it happened at about 6:30. crime scene tape has been around a large part of the neighborhood and it was shut down for hours last night. four people were shot in the rear of the home. one of them was killed.
8:09 am
that being michael harrisch the other three, we understand, were taken to the hospital. police say a hail of gunfire was said throughout the alley, but investigators are still trying to piece together the evidence even this morning. >> it's too early to say exactly what happened. we're still interviewing witnesses so right now it would be too premature to say what we believe transpired so we'll wait to see what the witness statements indicate. >> we're in a state of emergency right now. thanks to good medicine everybody is not dying. but if this was anywhere else, we have to come together and put a strategy together to deal with this right away. >> reporter: now even as we have been here this morning, investigator have shown back up here in the area. the residents are saying they're very worried about a lot of violence occurring in the area. there are children who do live through here. now they're alsoing that this is a targed shooting, is what police are calling it right now, but asking anyone with any
8:10 am
information, who may have seen something, tplease give police a call. there is a $25,000 reward if someone can get some information to lead to an arrest in this case. allison. >> thank you, sarah. we're learning more about the woman arrested in the murder of a pizza restaurant owner. he was found murdered in his pizza mart that he owned. according to a court affidavit, shanika robinson married rama's brother so he could get a green card. but police say when the payments stopped, she showed up at the pizza shop with two men to settle the score. police found the body the next day. it is 10 minutes past the hour. coming up next, we'll check out other stories. >> and that includes the latest on the california wildfire. and plus we'll go out live to the studios and we just learned that shelley has been eliminated from the search for america's next top jock.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
60 degrees at 8:13. construction on a memmoral for flight 93 is scheduled to be finished by the 10th anniversary of 9/11 attacks. it went down in pennsylvania. the belief is that that flight was to be crashed into a washington monument. and we're talking about prepares for the swine flu. tonight the first in a series of town hall meetings about the flu season. for the details of the schedule of discussions, go to wildfires in southern california has destroyed 53 homes just outside of l.a. you are looking at live pictures from early if the morning there, just about 5:00 or so out in l.a.
8:15 am
the most dangerous fire, which is one of 8 burning across the state, has scorched 164 square miles since it broke out last wednesday. two firefighters were killed while trying to escape the flames. crew have been hampered by days of triple digit temperatures and low humidity. again live pictures from the west coast. >> 8:15 now. time to check in with tucker barnes for a good looking forecast. and the cuteness factor of the day. and let's go to my first 5 photo of the day. and what do we have going on here? this is -- help me. >> i think it's padilla. she's doing home repairs around the house. >> she's got her goggles on and little -- >> she has mom and dad's apron. >> and it's never too early to start helping around t house,
8:16 am
and most importantly, the safety goggles. >> and at this point she probably has morithe me in the house. and for more, you can go to re nannaagioat tart with a look l. reagan national. to warm up. ur were oh . 60 moltn hour. r0 in baltimore. eaea ditiouy e readi it right, 55 in both hagerstown and frederick, and winchester is 51. egats e t he es at the 5:00 a.m. hour. so very cool conditions. ocean city 73. i don't k e t.i we're tat ohe hat tout and see if the thermometer ws -- >> y think it's cooler. >> i think it's cooler. maybe the twheasout late last night. look at clear skies over chicago and detroit. so this forecast is going to be picture perfect. so we'll have plenty of blue sky and quiet conditions and a slight warming trend into the low 80s bythe end of the week.
8:17 am
lots of sunshine each day. low humidity and highs in the upper 70s and 80s. lows in the upper 50s and 60s. that will do it for your weather and let's get to julie wright. okay, tucker. >> take it away. >> okay. here i am. we're just getting the latest on what is happening in the area of buoy because there is a lot going on. it started off with a stalled car westbound 50 at 197. that has been cleaned up and moved over to the shoulder so the lanes are open once again. now what we're dealing with is a crash westbound v as you approach 301, you'll find only the right lane is able to get through and northbound on 301 there is another accident and only the right lane is able to get back. so very busy in buoy. to accidents traveling the top stretch of the beltway but a truck lost its load of drywall in the highway, on the op after you make your way past university boulevard along the right side of the highway. here we are live, the beltway route one out of college park from the ikea.
8:18 am
it's not busy now, but traffic will slow west of 95 toward georgia avenue. southbound 270 still very busy at this point for those leaving germantown toward the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. donnie simpson getting ready to announce the bigger of his contest of america's next top jock. >> and this morning tony is live at the studio to give us the scenes. shelley has been eliminated, we have four left. >> shelley was eliminated and now just a few moments ago, there's been another elimination, who is out now? >> tasha mckiea. >> so this is a combination of voting and judges' evaluation of the top five. >> exactly. >> i know you have to get down to one, but how tough is it to let somebody go. >> it is very hard. i am no ryan seacrest. as soon as i get througi have to ask for forgiveness for what
8:19 am
i've done this morning. >> they all have futures because they get this far. >> absolutely. and they all have been very gracious. good people. >> we have angie bootsy and liia. they're going to go back on the air and eliminate the next finalists. i will let you do your business and we'll check in in just a few moments and shortly we'll know who america's next top jock will be. again, it's an extraordinary contest. they had thousands of votes during the last couple of days. again, they've eliminated the first two finalists, shelley and tasha. one of those people will get a year-long contract to work on the donnie simpson here to work at the studio. it's a great opportunity and a rather extraordinary thing to do but they are doing it here. so we'll have that for you coming up in a little bit. you can hear what is going on live, they have all of the finalists on the phone at the
8:20 am
same time. you can hear what they're doing and we'll recap it for you and bring you as much live as we can as well. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you very much. we'll see tony again in a little bit. it's 20 minutes past the hour. still ahead on this tuesday morning, we'll reveal our job of the day coming up next. and then later we'll go back out live to george washington university where holly is working up a sweat. from exercises you can do at home and to eating healthy and we have everything you need to know to not put on the freshman 15 when you go to college. stay with us. we'll be right back. (employee 1) subject: urgent!! bob!! i need the baker file stat!! reply!! still making changes. circle back later!! what's with the yelling? oh, our internet slows down during peak hours so sending e-mails and large files just takes forever. so, we just yell. ben!!! thanks for the flowers!!!
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8:23 am
quick update after this story about prince george's county schools. a scheduling snafus in prince george's county. yesterday school system said had it fixed the problems with incomplete schedules and that it impacted 8,000 students. the staff reportedly worked through the weekend to make sure every student had correct schedules but this morning we have received with calls from families who said their kids still don't have correct parents.
8:24 am
any parents facing this issue should call the office of the deputy superintendent. this morning superintendent dr. mortgagan sherman stoed our studios to talk about alexandria. >> if you go to school as a parent and sit down with the teacher, there is somebody listening to the conference, the child. and so they can sit with parents and teachers with a portfolio of work and say this is what i've learned and what i can learn from the rest of the school year. >> the governor will layout a plan in case of a widespread swine flu epidemic. fox 5 still helping you to get a job. it's something we do every day. featuring our job of the dayat this time. today's hoping is at cr
8:25 am
associates looking for an on call respiratory therapist in fort belvoir. if would you like more details hi ts job and others, go t and click on the job shop tab near the top of the home page. it is now 8:24 on this tuesday morning. coming up next, chris brown is speaking out about the violent incident involving rihanna. details when we check out the orange stories making headline this is morning. and liia st. clair the leftest to be eliminated for the next top jock contest. we'll go back out to the studios. it's down to two. one of them you'll be hearing a lot from for the next year. we'll find out coming up here on fox 5 morning news. ( music, toasters popping )
8:26 am
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8:28 am
getting closer to 8:30 on this tuesday morning as we look at stories making headlines across its area.
8:29 am
a gruesome doviscery in northern virginia. the ifauquier county sheriff's office recovered the body of twpeople after their canoe capsized. new details about the man accused of kidnappingjas yu dugard and keeping her in his backyard for 18 years. the man is philip ger otto and he and his wife have pled not guilty. back in the 70s, he served 10 years in a kidnapping and rape case. during that trial he said he prowled through the neighborhood as a peeping tom and had strong rape desires. chris brown trying to clarify what he told larry king during an interview to be broadcast this week. he said he did not recall beating reana but in a
8:30 am
statement released on monday, he said during that interview that you didn't remember, but he said he told his mom what did happen. america's next top jock, and this morning the win certify being announced. and tony is live with the late- breaking details. >> reporter: we're here live. donnie is just going back on the air. just a few moments ago they eliminated leia. they have three finalists. >> only two contestants remain. on one side we have angie coraly, the experienced, energetic professional who made us get up from our seats and cheer. on the other side, we have bootsy vegas, thein experience, spontaneous redskin-loving d.c. native who had the city
8:31 am
cracking up for four hours. >> you better bet it. hail to the redskins. >> well this is it. press record on your tivo. here we go. after nearly a thousand audition mp3s, cds, dvds and tapes, several elimination rounds, a week of on-air auditions and thousands of votes, the winner of america's next top jock is ... angie coraly. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. can i scream. oh, my goodness. oh, my goodness. i'm in shock. oh, my god. >> congratulations, angie. >> oh, my god. >> congratulations.
8:32 am
angie. >> i have the nerve to be in the restaurant and i'm like oh, my god. oh, my god. where o i start. i thank you, thank you, thank you. i am so honored, i cannot believe it. >> we can't wait. we can't wait to start with you. >> oh, my gosh. somebody with a motor mouth like me and i can't even -- i'm like -- [ babbling ] >> thank you for holding me down, to all of my friends and family who logged on to vote, to the support, to the song, to my passing in life, to you donnie, to everybody. angelique, d.j. and mike. i'm overwhelmed right now. thank you, jesus. thank you, lord. i'm just -- oh, my gosh, my
8:33 am
head hurts. i cannot wait. i'm so looking forward it to. dmv, here i come. pittsburgh, i love you all. gotta go. [ laughter ] >> god, we're so excited, angie. >> to all of the contestants, that were awesome, they made my stomach hurt to each day that i woke up and listened, to every facebook to every -- to my family, who i love so much, everybody from atl to new york to d.c. to maryland. >> she has a one-year contract to be a part of the morning show with donnie simpson, mike brooks, d.j. simpson and the rest of the gang here at wpgc. stay with us, because in a little bit we'll tell you what happens to the runner-up, bootsy vegas. he has a surprise in store coming up in just a little bit. allison and steve, it's very exciting here, back to you. >> that's great. >> i can't wait to see what
8:34 am
they'll do with bootsy. we loved having the d.c. connection. a big redskins fan. you have to keep him around. >> see you soon, angie. she'll like the weather. >> she'll love the weather. >> especially since it was 46 in pittsburgh this morning. beautifu neayhere. . sunshine today. wt behl niilisce a s setch of weather. the next sevral days with sunshine and ermpestetemperesi 80s. pittsburgh, pennsylvania, 51 at thouuth erp e. ol coup there. and you can see the 70s. if you want the heat and humidity, the humidity is on vacation, down in south carolina. 63 in raleigh. a lot of sunshine expected. low humidity. this is a perfect recipe for nice weather as we have high pressure off to the north and west. the clear skies moving to detroit and chicago. this cloudiness is the frontal system that came through during the past couple of days and pushing off the coast so it should be quiet weather here. we'll have a nice warm days and
8:35 am
cool nights. it seemed unseasonably cool, but still i don't think anybody will be complaining here at the end of the week. so a tropical disturbance. this is the lee ward islands and puerto rico. they'll send a plane in today looking for low level depression and we'll see if it turns into eric. it's moving off to the west northwest and the models want to take it north of the dominican republic into the weekend. sunny skies and beautiful temperatures. temperature 78-degree and low humidity. good looking forecast. and speaking of good looking, let's get to julie wright. >> now i have to pay you for that, don't i? >> yes you do. tucker, we're out on the roads and it's still a busy commute for a lot of people, traveling in bound on 50 from 301, the accident had traffic squeezing by to the right. this is a live shot, southbound 270, just past 370 with the second lane from the left tied up because of this accident.
8:36 am
this is why you are still on the brakes as you travel southbound out of germantown toward the lane divide. so again, just south of 370, the accident activity tieing up the second lane from the left. if you're merging on to 270 from 370 you do so well past the accident scene. 198, checking for a crash there. southbound bwi parkway after the wreck. inner loop of the beltway busy. delays leaving braddock toward 66. outer loop of the beltway not so bad right now, earlier crash from the springfield interchange now cleared. this is a live shot ofin bound dulles toll road off the green way. heavy on hunter mill road. slow from route 7 to the dulles toll road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. were following breaking news from prince george's county where a 14-year-old girl has been struck by a car. this happened on brinkly road in temple hills. we don't know the extent of her injuries that point. we do know she was flown from the scene to the hospital. police tell us 7 other people
8:37 am
were injured at the scene but it's unclear how everything unfolded. we have a crew on the way. we hope to bring you more information shortly. you would consider it a get out of jail free card. coming up, a story all tax cheats need to here. >> why maryland police say you need to be extra careful going to the atm. time now is 8:36 and we'll be right back.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
police are warning atm users to be extra careful, extra cautious after a woman is robbed while getting cash in anne arundel county. this happened friday night at bank of america drive through in severna park. she says two men wearing halloween masks pulled up a fake handgun. they got away wh cash and a cell phone. maryland is giving some lawbreakers a brake. those who owe back taxes can pay without penalty and at half the interest due. the offer applies to income sales, withholds and other taxes. it runs through october 30th, between delinquent individual and business accounts. there is an estimate about half
8:41 am
a billion dollars owed to the state. virginia will help residents own a piece of the team as the stabilization team is giving $9.5 million to improve foreclosed homes and sell them to middle income families. the houses will be available in other virginia communities farther south as well. time now is 8:41 this tuesday morning. and you know sending a child to college can be expensive. >> coming up, tips on how to get your kids to curb excessive spending. holly, good morning. >> reporter: we're hanging out in a door room this morning, speaking of students. we are live at george washington knife and we're learning how to fight the freshman 15, from making good food choices to doing exercises in your dorm room. it's the dorm room workout courtesy of the sports club. you girls are looking
8:42 am
tremendously fit. and meanwhile, this bed is really comfortable. m
8:43 am
with rheumatoid arthritis, it seems like my life is split in two. there's the life i live. and the life i want to live. fortunately, there's enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, fatigue, and stop joint damage. because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections,
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tuberculosis, lymphoma and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis. also ask your doctor if you live in an area with a greater risk for certain fungal infections. don't start enbrel if you have an infection, like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding or paleness. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you, and help bridge the gap betweethe life you live and the life you want to live.
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8:44 on this tuesday morning as we look at stories making headlines. another victory in the fight for same-sex marriage. it is now legal in the state of vermont. a new law went into affect at midnight and couples are taking advantage. vermont joins massachusetts, connecticut, new hampshire and iowa in allowing same-sex marriage. religious broadcaster pat robertson back home in virginia beach after his release from a hospital. his doctors expect the 79-year- old to make a full recovery from surgery to correct an irregular heartbeat. he is the founder of the christian broadcast network. she held a record as the world oldest dog. her name, chanel, died friday of natural causes. she was 24 years old. she adopted her from a pet
8:46 am
shoulder in newport news virginia when she was just six weeks old. >> that's unbelievable. all right. i got caught up in chanel. but a lot of participants sending their kids off to school. they're reeling from cost of that one but the money meltdown doesn't end when you ship them off to school. here is advice encorealing on campus costs is mark wineo with kiplinger's personal finance. good morning. >> good morning. >> a lot of parents are sating it out. >> this is has been a tough time and the economy is tough as they're trying to get kids squared away and get over separation anxiety and figure out what to do with kids' expenses. >> and it's not just room and board. we're talking about one of the major extensions was books and you have a way to get around the placey book -- the pricey text books. >> and i wish i knew this when i went to college. it's become a phenomenon now of renting text books and there
8:47 am
are some schools that offer rental programs for freshman and those students taking core classes or prerequisite classes and it's good to check before happened. if they don't, you can go online and check out, in which you can rent a text book. if i was taking cal class and the text book was 180 bucks, i could go on to the website and get the book half off, pay for shipping and take the class, when i'm finished with the semester, return it back for free shipping, or i could buy it if i wanted. >> we'll link this information to the website. how do you spell that? >> >> when i went to college, we had a typewriter, dare i say it. but now it's just a complete -- every electronic we have at home, kids have in the dorm room.
8:48 am
how do we get around this. >> avoid the high end laptops and desktops. get a lesser expensive model that doesn't have the bells and whistles. they don't need it for freshman year. you can check acer, which is about 2.5 pounds and it's light enough to take to class, if you want to take notes in class, can you save on paper and writing implements. >> of course that's the cheaper end. we can afford that. and also the credit card traps that you get into school. and also along with credit cards, the atm fees if you're popping your card in at banks out of your network. it can add up. >> we did a little bit of research on this. we tend to do our math on this, in about a year, students on average, spend about $350 for withdrawing, atm out of network fees. all of that adds up.
8:49 am
but in a year period, that could be $260 in atm fees. >> and what is your advice on credit cards for kids? >> well we really recommend that you avoid them. and in fact parents should have a very strong conversation with kids about managing personal finance. and if you go to our website, we've spent years working on money smart kids column and we have a website dedicated to having parents educate kids on personal finance. and we have got quizes, inner active tools an -- videos and columns. >> and you ve an answefor the meal plan. >> there are different ways of looking at this. we suggest parents are worried about how much they're eating. ey don't have to get the big meal plan or the most expensive one. start off small and replenish midway through. a lot of clege campuses offer that kind of option. >> and the last one, looking
8:50 am
out for those insurance and loans trap. >> certainly campus insurance is nice if your family's health insurance don't cover out of network costs but you have to be careful that some college plans that have very large premiums that you have to avoid and also kids could get, depending on the college, they could get stuck with high expenses. >> going in with open eyes. >> you have to do your research. >> mark wineo, senior associate editor with kiplingers personal finance. thank you. and holly morris is at george washington university to learn how to turn a dorm room into a workout area to fight the dreaded freshman 15. holly. >> reporter: and we're saving you money, because the kids don't have to pay for a gym membership. they can get it right here in the dorm room. we're not only talking about exercises to do in your dorm room, but we're taking about making good food choices. so i know that's part of.
8:51 am
we're here in maria's room and we have jen feldman from washington sports club helping us out with the workout. so let's talk about food first and foremost. for kids it's the first time out and they eat all of the things that mom said they shouldn't eat. >> takeout. >> exactly. and now that all adds up. so tell what you got here. >> well we have the yogurt, i like that. get a low sugar, high protein sugar. lean cheeses. apple is good fiber and low sugar. we have the hum us for protein. >> and since you have this wonderful apartment here, it helps to have your own kitchen because then that makes it easier to make better choices. don't you think. >> absolutely. you know the ingredients and you're not knowing what they
8:52 am
add to fast food. and you can keep everybody neat and tidy and we can go grocery shopping. it makes a difference when you have your own kitchen and facilities. >> enough a break for you too. i'm going to sit here on your comfy bed and we'll talk about exercises to do in your room. and while we are here, we want to impress upon people, can you do this at your own home. you don't have to be a college student. this is beneficial for everybody. jen, where are we out now? >> you can work out with your food. so if you want to do some light weights, we'll add stabilization to the biseps and shoulder press. curl it up from here, go up to the shoulder, bring it back down, twist it around and bring it down. >> reporter: and you can keep doing. but you make it look really easy, but working on your balance is a key thing. not everybody has that naturally. >> normally in life you're walking you're in balance but
8:53 am
other ways you don't get balance buzz when you grow up and get older, you want to make sure that everything is stable sow don't fall and have a hip injury. >> reporter: i know we've done toning and core exercises, but you also need to do cardio, right. >> cardio is good to ke your mind sharp. also helps keep your metabolism up and helps release dopamine which is big on the cortex and is activated with people with adhd. >> and you were saying that is a problem you see with a lot of students, is just being able to stay focused and then maybe they might be trying to drink too much caffeine to stay up or do whatever, right. >> right. the starbucks runs or studying during finals. i think it's much more beneficial to eat healthy and eat well and then take your -- get up and start moving and get going. >> those starbucks runs can be bad for you. i'm sorry, i was just trying to
8:54 am
tell that to myself. let's do the cardio. >> we can do some jacks. we can go front, pull tup. and now this is from a family friend mark, he does this with his clients, pull your knees up as high as you can for about a minute. and then stop anywhere. and then walk, or punch it up. and you keep this up and it works the core area. >> and marissa is like i decided to do this why? >> reporter: this is me after watching you guys. i'm tired. is our website. we have a link to washington ports club and gw university. and marissa wants to be a foreign correspondent when she grows up. so act like your a foreign corrpondent and say back to you. >> back to you. >> reporter: remember that
8:55 am
face. >> we will. thank you everybody. 8:54. coming up, we'll check in with tony perkins where it was just annoced that angie coraly is the new special top jock but there is a special prize for bootsy. we'll tell you when we come back. your pet makes lots of friends.
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more breaking news now as d.c. police say a sexual assault and burglary happened this morning near georgetown university. police say a man entered a female student's apartment on o. street by climbing through a window. this comes after a woman reported a man lying next to here on a couch on sunday morning. many believe the georgetown cuddler is to blame. he is expected in a series of similar attacks in georgetown throughout the past year. let's check in one more
8:59 am
time with tony. >> he's hanging with donnie simpson and he just announced his brand new cohost in there live. tony good morning. >> reporter: we have witnesses the rebuilding of a morning show. donnie simp none, mike brooks, new member of the team and angie coraly is now america's next top jock. she joins you in a week and a half. >> one week from today. next tuesday. >> exciting. >> reporter: and then bootsy vegas was runner-up. and what did you tell him. >> we thought bootsy was just so amazing and i just thought i have to have more d.c. he did a redskins song and i said i have to meet with you and i met with the jean manager and he said do what you want to do. he was doing redskin songs for us and orange things. we just don't know what, yet. but i have to have him. >> repo:


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