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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 1, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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talk about the incident, alarming incident. commander klein says he latest one happened on campus. he says it involves second- degree sexual abuse which is inappropriate touching. now, commander clean talked about the -- klein talked about the fact that police are calling this man a cuddler. he said a cuddler is someone you love. this guy is a criminal. >> the suspect and some aspects of this particular case are in some ways similar to other cases we had in the georgetown area, for example the time of day that this occurred and the fact that a female student finds someone she doesn't recognize in her room. some aspects are dissimilar. >> reporter: just across the street from the main campus in university owned housing, students are unpacking, getting ready for classes. in this town house full of female students, they are
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obsessing over locking doors. >> our backdoor dead bolts. there is an alleyway. we are living next to a bunch of students up and down here, so, we feel like we are not out by ourselves. >> reporter: some school traditions continue. in the mass of the holy spirit with classes set to begin tomorrow. then word that the cuddler is on the loose striking in the 3700 block of o street early this morning and in the 1200 block of 33rd street about 6:30 sunday morning. jim wasn't at home at the time but the roommate was. >> he came through an unlocked door and saw that one of my house mates was sleeping on the couch and then hlaid with her on the couch. >> reporter: the suspect sprained out of the house after the victim woke upstart lettered. they are calling this guy the cuddler. what he is doing is a serious invasion of people's privacy and security and it's making some students very nervous. >> my friend, my good friend,
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she is taking a semester off, she found him in a bed one night, he was on top of her. she had to push him off and climb out the window. >> reporter: one victim was hospitalized with shoulder injuries. one thing in common, the suspect usually let's himself in. >> very, very bizarre. the bizarrest thing is all these people leave the doors unlocked. >> this is serious business. top security officials stopped by the police station to meet with top mpd officials to discuss the problem. it's a serious, creepy crime. police are not sure ifthere is one suspect or more than one suspect. mpd is stepping up patrols around the georgetown university and the university has hired extra security personnel on campus. live at the second district police station, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. back to you. the university is asking anyone with information on this
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case to contact mpd. a 14-year-old boy beaten to death. today in a maryland courtroom, one of the teen suspects took responsibility for his actions. christopher jones was riding his bike home from the pool last may in croft ton when boys approached him. two of the boys punched him and christopher collapse and and died at the hospital. a 15-year-old charged in the case apologized to the family and admitted responsibility. the victim's mother is still working on forgiveness. >> there is nothing more that we could have done as parents to protect our child. and it just goes to show you that this world has gone crazy. it has literally gone crazy. >> a judge sentenced the boy to an undetermined amount of time in a juvenile detention center. the other defendant is scheduled to be in court in october. a break in the case of a murder of a woman hit by gunfire walking home from work. they arrested a 17-year-old gang member in the killing.
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he was firing at rival gang members but struck deborah brown killing her with a single bullet. paul wagner live at police headquarters. >> reporter: this is what d.c. police are telling us. saturday night after 9:00 17- year-old devonte was on his bicycle armed with a handgun riding down 14th street when he noticed rival gang members across the street. police say without thinking, carlton pulled the gun and opened fire, missing his intended target and instead hitting deborah brown once in the upper body. columbia heights is a neighborhood in tran shoirn. along with the new businesses, condos and refurbished houses, the neighborhood beasts live on. saturday night after 9:00 deborah ann brown walked into the middle of o of them. a shooting witnessed by several people gave police the name they were looking for. >> i want to commend the witnesses, not only for their
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bravery in coming forward and helping us close the case but for the crimes that they have prevented by helping us bring this person to justice and stop the cycle of retaliation. >> reporter: members of the capitol area regional area task force found the teen at his father's home in trinidad. he was arrested and taken to the department's violate crimes branch for questioning. deborah brown had just left her job and walking to her home when she was killed. outside the duncan doughnuts monday night, we talked to one of her coworkers. >> i miss her. i know she is watching over us. so, i miss her a lot. >> reporter: there have been a number of high profile murders in the city, the murder rate is down considerably from last year, a little over 20%. the branch is closing over 70% of its cases, well above the national average. >> we have made it he clear that when a senseless act of homicide occurs in the city, we
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get together, members of these teams that i mentioned, many of them have not gone home. we are coming together and we will find you. you will be charged. you will go to jail. >> reporter: now, what is the police department doing about the gang violence in columbia heights? the chief basically said today that these rival gangs don't care about innocent people. she said some of the causes for the beefs between them defy logic. she said it can be an argument, a look, a disrespectful glance. she said the way to do it is to stay on top of it, when there is a shooting, they hear a beef, try to get in the middle of it, pull the gang members in and try end the beef there. paul wagner live in northwest. they are searching for burglars raiding businesses overnight. here is one crawling on the floor after a break in. investigators believe they have stolen $31,000 in cash and merchandise. they hit an at&t store in manassas, dumfries and a subway
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and t mobile in dumfries since july. president obama is urging americans to get the inwsswine vaccine when it becomes available. >> we expect a flu shot program will begin soon. it will be completely voluntary but it will be strongly recommended. >> president obama today huddled with his health and human services secretary and other top officials at the white house to make sure that they are on the same page when it comes to fighting the swine flu. virginia officials say they expect to have an adequate supply of vaccine within two months of its release. >> anybody who wants vaccination, it would be voluntarily buanybody could get vaccinated over the course of two month period. >> they are expected to be available by mid-october. coming up, could swine flu fears put the brakes on your fall travel plans?
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what airlines are doing to prent the spread of the h1n1 virus. we are learning more about the man accused of killing jaycee dugard. police say phillip garrido and his wife kidnapped her, raped her, held her captive at their home. transcripts from his 1977 kidnapping and rape trial show he admitted to fantasizing about raping women and leader at girls as -- leerd at girls as young as 7 years old. wildfires out west nowhere near being contained. crews in southern california are trying to get a handle on multiple blazes burning across the state. flames north of los angeles have destroyed dozens of homes and are threatening thousands more. anita vogel joins us with more from the latest. >> reporter: hi, laura. we are in a neighborhood called tehunda. this neighborhood has been under severe fire threat a couple of daysago.
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the fire danger is gone on this street but other neighborhoods around here are not so lucky. 120,000 acres and growing. the station fire, located north of los angeles, continues to swallow up parts of southern california. from a distance they are wahing flames and smoke surround their neighborhood. >> nervous. >> reporter: what do you think is going on? >> not too many people left but we are standing guard. we are standing guard hoping for the best. >> reporter: the station fire may be the biggest wildfire charring the california landscape. it's not the only one. >> from the northern border south, from the pacific to the sierra nevada. fires, fires, fires. >> reporter: seven other wildfires are consuming parts of the golden state. >> while the fires are burning, we are thinking about working to help victims rebuild their lives. >> reporter: the governor has declared a state of emergency
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in the counties where the wildfires are burning freeing up cash. the cost to fight the fires are quickly adding up with the state tight on cash. the department of finance says california has spent more than half of its emergency firefighting funds two months into the fiscal year. >> i want the people to know that we are doing everything that we can in order to help and to save lives, to save property and save memories. >> reporter: a live look at the hillside above the neighborhood where we are standing. this morning it was completely covered in flames. firefighters worked for hours to knock the flames back. today we are experiencing cooler temperatures and we understand that firefighters have a line around one quarter of this gigantic fire. so, that's pretty good progress. they say the containment date of this fire is not expected until september 15th. laura, back to you. >> that is a ways off.
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thank you. quick question. we know the state is cash strapped. what kind of impact is this having on the state in that regard? >> reporter: well, we did hear from the governor in our story. he said in his press conference this morning that the state has enough money to pay for these kind of things even though they have gone through half of the firefighting budget. the state has a reserve of $500 million for an emergency fund. if we have to, we will dip into that. >> okay. anita vogel reporting live in los angeles, thank you. a nationwide recall is in effect. wal-mart is yanking dvd players off store shelves. a 14-year-old girl never made it to school. she was the victim of this scene. e 
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how close are you to where you want to be? ask your doctor if caduet can help you go... for both your goals. atraffic alert from metro. it will impact tvelers
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heading to the arirt pon oa busy holiday weekend. metro is shutting down three stations on the yellow and blue lines this wndeekeir including the station eeat reagan nationa airport. the airport stop, pentagon cityr st ations will close from 9:30 p.m. friday until y :05a. tuesday for maintenance. you wl o ha tvetake a shuttle bus to get stow the stops. expect to add 45 minutes to your travel time to and from the airport. we want to know what you think about this traffic alert. head to our web site. a 14-year-old girl is in critical condition and a teenage boy is trecovering. it happened after 7:00 this morning. sarah simmons has more. >> reporter: it's something no teenager should have to see. several crossland high school boys waiting at this bus stop watched as a 14-year-old classmate was hit bay car. >> there was no cars in sight when we were standing there.
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when she crossed the street, that car over there just came out of nowhere and hit her. she influence in the air. >> reporter: the boys couldn't believe what she saw. >> we were trying to keep her face out of the grass so she could breath. she tried to move. >> porter: then the scene got worse. >> then the car swerved and hit another car and then the boy, some little kid tried to push him out of the way and the guy got hit, too. >> reporter: the person who saved those younger children was ather teenager who is expected to be okay. investigators surveyed the damage of the two cars trying to figure out what happened. >> we are looking into trying to make precautions for the children as well as adults trying to cross the street to get to this bus stop. we have traffic control officers that are going to be looking into this. >> reporter: five other people in the two vehicles also received minor injuries. investigators are still trying to figure out what the driver
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hit the young girl and why there are no crosswalks at this bus stop. in sa s,mmh fonoxryland onons, fox 5 news. an accident involving a metro bus sent several passengers to the hospital. a spokesperson for the transit agency says the bus was clipped bay hicle this morning on i- 295 near malcolm x avenue southeast. five of the 50 passengers were hurt but are expected to be okay. same sex couples saying i do in vermont. some weddings were held at midnight. it is the fourth state to allow gay marriage. investigate follows suit in january. stabbed for marriage coalition is filing an issue knife to preserve traditional marriage in the district. their goal a d.c. vote by next
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november or part of a special election n. may the city council approved an act to recognize same sex marriages in other states. gay and unmarried couples, working mothers playing a big role in the race for governor now. bob mcdonald is defending himself against a grad school thesis he wrote. he proclaimed working mothers are detrimental to the family and the government should protect married heterosexual couples from fell nifts and could has been by take tors and for any kay tores -- fornicators. >> my opponent is trying to make that an issue, looking 20 years backwards and talking about former presidents and governors. i said very clearly i strongly support women in the woplace. i have a daughter in iraq. my wife has worked. i strongly support making sure that we hire people based on
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their merits and not on any other consideration. >> the campaign claims mcdonald has given to reason to change his beliefs. if you stepped outside today, would you probably agree it feels like fall out there. beautiful evening. what a way to welcome september. lots of sunshine, low humidity, warm temperatures. just how long will this stick around? gary mcgrady is in the weather center with details. love it. >> the key warm temperatures, ot hot temperatures. it looks like if you are looking this stuff, we have a run here that will take us through most of the week. as i mentioned a little whiling a teaser, we have this new tropical strm, erica. hewer he ta ydouheown to the atlantic, theislands you see there, the leeward, win wards then ba up uto pure to rica
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and hispaniola it justed over the depression stratus and up to tropical storm strength. here is the track officially from the hurricane center, they think it will stay a tropical storm but in reading the language of this forecast, they don't feel confident about this forecast in terms of the intensity. there is a possibility that she could alatucly tumaybe became a weak hurricane before d .anon clouds hav ay and done. clouds have elay wedayl to the east of us. we stayed nice. temperatures in the 70s. that will be the strength of the evening hours. once the sun setsd, temperatures will drop -- sunsets, temperatures will drop off to the 60s. overnight tonight there could be a few 40s. we will talk about that and how long is the nice run of weather going to stick around. >> i'm concerned about erica ruining the labor day plans. >> i'm not going there yet. when i come back upstairs, we will talk about that. >> you got it, mr., see you then. people on the baja
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the pilot of a small plane
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practicing what to do if the engine stopped found himself facing the problem for real. he had to land on an interstate. it happened about 25 miles outside of boston. the pilot was practicing how to handle stalls when the engine stopped. no one was hurt. remember this horrific ene, the medevac helicopter that crashed in september? four people died. now nearly 1 year he later the ntsb wants to implement new rules in light of this crash and others like it. the ntsb approved 21 recommendations including better training and more sophisticated equipment for medical helicopters. >> we have seen it in a lot of operations, especially helicopter operations face many changes when they are in unknown weather conditions, operating at night and ey may encounter weather. those are challenges that we think technology and training can address. >> the board agreed to develop recommendations for the department of health and human services to provide medicare
5:26 pm
payments only to emergency helicopter operators who pass safety audit a major push to clean up the chesapeake bay tonight. thousands are calling on the environmental protection agency. earlier today the foundation presented the epa with 19,000 signatures who want the government to step in and restore the estuary. next week they will present a strategy. concerns of a swine flu pandemic have airlines on alert. but the promise to keep passengers healthy could mean could you lose your seat. local neighborhood is giving he verizon identify yos -- fios the green light.
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right now some of the big stories, a university on alert. the so-called georgetown cuddler has struck again. two attacks in two days. the latest this morning. a young woman woke up to find man lying next to her. a string of similar attacks have happened over the past year. d.c. police arrested a 17- year-old gang member who killed a woman walking home from work. deborah brown died after she was hit bay single bullet. investigators say day van take carlton was firing at rival gang members but hit her instead. with potentially deadly swine flu outbreak looming, president obama is urging everyone to get the swine flu vaccine. mr. obama says he doesn't want anyone to be al leader, just prepared. airlines are on alert doing what they can to prevent the spread of the swine flu but could a cough, sniffle mean the
5:31 pm
end of the road for your travel plans this fall? sherri ly has a look. >> reporter: u.s. airlines already has policies in place that allow them to deny boarding to anyone that is too seriously ill to fly. that includes the swine flu. before you even set foot on an airplane your id is checked but checking for swine flu, that's where passengers draw the line. >> you say you agree to screening, you are subject to a broad spectrum. somebody not even sick is denied flying across the country for someone's wedding. it would be awful for that persobut then there could be someone who is sick. >> reporter: several are making hand sanitizers available. southwest removed pillows and blankets. the air transport association has sick people can be refused boarding but gate agents aren't
5:32 pm
monitoring every cough or sneeze. >> some of the symptoms of swine flu are similar to common cold or seasonal allergies. not everybody that sneezes has a illness. >> reporter: dr. gary simon says the risk of infection on a plane are overblown. >> i don't know that the swine flu or any other could be that much more contagious on an airplane or the mero or any other place. >> reporter: if a sick person is refused boarding, each airline differs on refund policies with some more flexible than others. screening passengers would come from the u.s. government. if that meant joseph was turned away, that's okay. >> reporter: as long as you get home safe and healthy. the centers for disease control has not called for travel restrictions in relation to swine flu but the airlines say
5:33 pm
they are in constant contact with the cdc and if that changes, they will comply. at ragan national airport, sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> we are trying to make it easy questions answered about swine flu. you can go to, click on health. you will find everything from the government's traveling recommendations to what schools are doing to fight the virus. a consumer alert for a dvd player which could catch fire. a recall on dura brand dvd players sold at wal-mart are expanding. wal-mart says it received 14 reports of the players overheating. seven times they started a fire. if you own one, stop using it immediately and at that time to wal-mart for a refund. free checking could soon be a free of the past. wallet interviewed a banking consultant. he believes you will have to
5:34 pm
pay for the accounts. hank israel says banks have to make money. that means increase in fees. he believes it will go to a system where you pay more depending on how many transactions you have in one month. more choices, more competition. that is the promise to dc residents. the city struck a deal to allow verizon fios across the district. melanie alnwick has who gets it first. >> reporter: i think i heard that across the city today, too. among other concessions, screr veryson will -- verizon will give the government free educational channels. itmay take nine years but anacostia residents will feel the competition by the end of this year. these households will soon have something to boost about. they are among the first in the city to have access to fiber optic cable, internet and phone service. >> this is the last area to get
5:35 pm
anything, you know. >> today we are getting fios in the district of columbia. >> reporter: after two years of negotiations, the d.c. office of cable television and verizon reached an agreement to bring fios not just to some but all areas of the district. >> we will have clarity, we will have choice, we will have competition. >> reporter: most of the lines will be above ground. service will come to these areas of the city in yellow within three years. the areas in green including dupont circle an southwest will have access within six years. it may take up to nine years to cover the rest of the city. >> the negotiations were intense there. was a hard bargain. >> reporter: in exchange for being allowed to compete, verizon agreed to provide free cable service to 80 government buildings and community centers. >> this puts us way on top. >> reporter: as city leaders made the first fiber optic
5:36 pm
connection, leon hoped for lower prices. >> i like the fact that there is competition there. i like the cot pettiveness. >> reporter: if that means more work trucks in the neighborhood, they say bring it on. verizon is paying a $200,000 franchise award fee that it can recover from subscribers. they will pay 5% of its annual growth revenue to the city. >> a lot of people are excited. thank you. the waiting game might be more brutal than the action on the gridiron. the clock is ticking for red skin hopefulls. who gets the alexandria next. no doubt bing drinking is a problem. 
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a new study found that one in ten bing drinkers got behind the wheel after having drinking heavily. half left a bar, restaurant or night club. the centers for disease control looked at 14,000 drivers who said they have five or more drinks on a single occasion. cops thought they pulled over a drunk driver in indiana to find out the driver was a 9- year-old run away. now child welfare officials are having the boy valuated in a hospital. he is facing charges of fleeing law enforcement after 15-mile high-speed chase. he ran o the road in a wrong lane and narrowly missing a patrol car. a couple called 91to report dangerous driverring from what they thought was a woman
5:41 pm
driving. >> she just about hit me head on. she has been up in yards, down in ditches. she is backing up in reverse. i got to get in somebody's driveway. >> she is in a yard. >> she is in someone's front yard, sir. >> court papers blame the boy was mad that his parents made him come in at 8:00. juvenile court will decide if he will be formally charged. consumer alert being raised over popular water bottles. thinalunum? the new mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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a look at the state of the washington redskins. do or die time for burgundy and gold. >> number of players under the microscope. the team has to whit letter down the roster. dave has what players are doing to stand out. >> if you are on the bubble, there are a couple of ways to do that. every practice from here on out is magnified. thursday night's final preseason game is the super bowl. how is the cut down processing? lindsay murphy provides some answers. >> reporter: the air around redskins park is thicker. by saturday only 53 names will remain on the roster in addition to an eight-man practice squad. that means 23 players are on the hot seat. >> hard to believe a bubble guy and had to be in camp and worked hard if you don't make the team. you have the uncertainty of where you are going to go and where your career heads is really tough. >> reporter: players like
5:46 pm
marcas mason and chase daniels have been fighting day in and out since july 30th chasing a lifelong dream to play in the nfl. it's a difficult process to go through. >> you try so hard to come out here, mini-camp, training camp, then find out you don't make the team, it's hard. so, now, i figure out i will show up the next day and see what happens. >> reporter: as of today, ross sturtse were cut to 75. redskins made their five cuts sunday. so, for the guys still hoping to make the team, thursday night's game will be the final chance to shine. >> if you hype it up to what it shouldn't be, you will have trouble staying on the field. just go out and play, execute the offense. >> this thursday it's about me developing and ending the preseason on a good note. i don't see this as my super bowl because i want to get to the super bowl and i want that game to be the super bowl. i realize the situation at hand and i have to go out and have a good game. >> reporter: the redskins head to jacksonville for the final
5:47 pm
preseason game thursday night. you can expect to see very little action from the starters. in ashburn, lindsay murphy, fox 5 sport >> stick around because at 6:00 we are playing the feud. another year, tit for tat between clinton portis and a former redskins great. last year he got in a war of words in brian mitchell. this year john riggins. >> that will be interesting. with football scores, put in your vote for the game of the week. you can choose between: go to and click on supports at the top of the page. >> perfect day for a run. >> did you make it out? >> i did. it was gorgeous. >> did you run for me, too. >> yeah. >> for both of us. >> bolter ranfor himself. >> i run after kids. that's about all do i. >> we do have tropical storm
5:48 pm
erica. will it affect the holiday weekend? stick around. we will talk about it. we don't want to break this pattern. whatever is giving us this, this is good stuff. there is reagan national. a few boots on the -- boats on the potomac. not a lot of wind. wind averaging 3 to 5 miles per hour. sometimes it's calm. lots of sunshine. that will carry on for the next hour, hour and a half or so then the sun will set. at 11:00 tonight, expect clear skies. temperatures falling into the middle 60s. if you didn't get your run in today with laura and brian and you go out this evening, lit be cool, comfortable. tomorrow morning is good, too. 58 degrees. that is in the city with sunny skies. in the suburbs lower 50s. the sun gets higher in the skies, temperatures warm up to the lower to mid-70s for lunchtime. tomorrow looks like today. maybe a degree or two warmer
5:49 pm
here or there. 73 baltimore. 75 the city. frederick 77 degrees. we have been pretty much clear today with the exception of some nice white puffy cumulus fair-weather clouds. other than that, we have been really, really good. i wanted to fly out so could you see the clouds and shower activity along the coast. there is a zone here that we have to watch for thursday and friday. some of the models, not many, but some are suggesting that this moisture gets pulled back up into the mid-atlantic with an area of low pressure. they backed off from yesterday. if that trend continues, we will have a nice run of weather that will take us through the holiday weekend. we do have to keep an eye on tropical storm erica. it's down in the southern atlantic. this is the windward and leeward islands. she is about 350, 390 miles, if you consider the whole storm. it's continuing to move to the
5:50 pm
west-northwest at 9 miles per hour. something i want to show you in this satellite picture, notice the whispy clouds that come out of erica. that is outflow that she is getting. it's starting to vent at the top layers. when that happens, they can increase in even ten city -- intensity. movement northwest at 9 miles per hour. the official track out of the hurricane center does increase her intensity the xt couple of days up close to hurricane strength but remaining at -- keeping her a tropical storm and then the thinking is out here farther as she gets closer to the bahamas and toward the east coast, there will be some winds at the upper levels that may knock the wind speed down a bit. that would be good news but i don't think they are confident in the even ten city forecast with erica. it is one to watch.
5:51 pm
it should stay away for the holiday weekend -- at least way from us. 58 in the city. 49 for frederick. 40s in the suburbs. martinsburg was down to 44 this morning. chilly in the western suburbs. 75 at noon. 75 for a high tomorrow. a little warmer on thursday. warmer still on friday. we leave the rain out of the d increase the clouds a little bit on friday, some of that coastal moisture tries to come back in. we should stay dry. the way the weekend is shaping up, we don't see labor day but it looks nice, middle 80s to upper 80s and plenty of sunshine. what exactly is tropical storm erica going to do? i think she stays away. no matter what she does, she stays away from us long enough to get the holiday weekend in. >> that's the answer we wanted to hear. a big announcement from a
5:52 pm
huge family. maybe makes 19 for the dugr family from arkansas. my he she will and jim bob announced neve another child on their way in march. the youngest is eight months old. the oldest son is 21. they are married and they are expecting the first dugard grandchild next month. a new twist in the drama over paula abdul's calling it quits. she gave an interview to "tv guide" saying leaving the judge's table was not about the money. it was about principle. she didn't say much more than that. she told "tv guide" thatter next post idol gig could be a talk show and she may northbound negotiation to do a show. no money needed to enjoy a hit movie. thursday night beginning september 10th and m and second streets southeast, about five blocks from south of the u.s.
5:53 pm
capitol building. the series begins with star wars. following week toy story then space balls. it ends with apollo 13 on october 1st. the details on 70 years ago today the nazi invasion of poland meant the start of the second worldwide. >> tonight this local man survived ofwa prisoner of r wa . mpca his story next. mp i never thought it could happen to me...
5:54 pm
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a day of reflection for thousands in poland. they mpled the start of the second world war. poland was invaded by the germans. german chancellor paid tribute to those who survived the germans brutality calling it
5:57 pm
the darkest chapter in european history. an american gi is remembering his extraordinary time fighting then surviving as a nazi prisoner of war. he escaped just to go right back in battle fighting the russians. john henrehan has the story. >> hello. >> reporter: 87-year-old bill sharp lives quietly. for 2 1/2 years during world war ii he was forced to carry this prisoner id card at all times. after being captured in battle he was a prisoner at officer's camp 64 in poland german forces stormed across poland begins september 1, 1939. although the nazi guards allowed the officers to put on plays and publish a camp newspaper, the american prisoners tried to tunnel their way out. >> we would go out to the baseball diamond and stand like
5:58 pm
this while they are performing baseball or doing something and applauding and shaking our leg and doing this. >> reporter: before the tunnel could be used, sharp and the other prisoners were marched out of the camp with no food and inadequate clothing. sharnd and a few others slipped away and were aided by polish farmers. they fed us and hit us in their basements away from the germans. sometimes we would have to hide under potatoes or anything to keep away. >> reporter: advancing soviet troops encountered sharp and they were ordered to resume fighting the nazi's but this time in the red army. >> gave us a rifle and put us in the front line. >> reporter: bill sharp has little patience for those people who deny the existence of the holocaust. when he was fighting for the russians, he helped liberate the inmates of a nazi death
5:59 pm
camps. >> i saw the camps, the bones, the shoes laying around, the pipes with the gas in the showers. i know that that holocaust existed. >> reporter: despite what he saw and experienced, bill sharp says he's glad to have seen and survived world war ii. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> the story he has. the news is far from over. the "news edge at 6:00" starts right now. >> i don't want anybody to be alarmed but do i want everybody to be prepared. >> translation, get your flu shot and wash your hands. that's the word from president obama. the white house is preparing for a possible swine flu outbreak this fall. the leaders of virginia, maryland and the district coming up with a battle plan. we have more on the


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