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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 2, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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there's the other stuff. ♪ and then there's kraft macaroni & cheese. ♪ kraft has more cheese than those other guys. the cheesiest! fox 5 is following a developing story this morning. >> i woman says she was carjacked and kidnapped from a metro station parking garage. the search for is a suspect ended with this keen scene late last night. -- with this scene late last night. the crime he is accused of took the life of a security guard. we could see james von brunn in
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court for the first time since that date. we'll start you off with a view of the nation's capitol on this chilly wednesday morning. thank you for waking one fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. firefighters set their own blazes to destroy the wildfire's fuel in california. they made significant progress also thanks to the weather. they say the fight though is far from over. >> now, while some people have been allowed to return home, others are just sitting and watching as flames get closer to other homes. you can see just how intense the flames are right there. they actually melted a car tire. the fire is about 22% contained right now. from fire to water and lots of it. hurricane jimena has weakened to a cat gory two storm.
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wind dropped to 110 miles per hour. the storm's eye is passing west of los cabos. here, no complaint at all really this morning and this week. >> compared to elsewhere, our weather is quiet, is calm, has been for a few days. will be for another few days. we are getting off to a cool start aeerysvee icy. nda wel on temperatures. 50s across ucmh of eth thregion. 59degrees ree up in pittsburgh. roanoke, virginia is a54 degrees. norfolk, virginia, # 9 degrees s. this skie ariesk s. it is high pressure dominating.
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the lack of cloud cover helps allow n c ol down considerably. -- norfolk, virginia, 69 degrees at this hour. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> sounds lovely. thank you. let's say good morning to julie wright with a look at traffic. >> good morning to you all. if you are traveling eastbound 66, there is trouble approaching the beltway. we have reports of a disabled vehicle and another incident both justify before the exits for the inner and outer loop of the beltway. 270, no accidents to report. still a little slow as you reach around towards the truck scales but no accidents along your way headed into rockville. 66 close into the tr bridge at speed. no accidents to report headed over towards constitution avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now, to a developing story in northern virginia that started as a carjacking and
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then an abduction and turned into a car chase. >> police say a pman carjacked woman an forced her into the trunk. this happened at a parking garage at the franconia springfield metro station. the man let her out in lakeshore don. she ran to a home where she called 911. police chased the suspect would crashed in lakeshore don. the driver took off on foot. police have made an arrest but they are not saying if it is in connection with the carjacking. we'll have more coming up later this hour. the other bigstory we are following, the man accused of kill august security guard at the holocaust museum is scheduled to appear in court today for the first time since that shooting. 89-year-old james von brunn will be arraigned today. he hasbeen in the hospital since that shooting on june 10th. he is accused of walking into the holocaust museum and opening fire killing special police officer steven johns. i don't want anybody to be
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alarmed but i do want effect to be prepared. >> as the federal government prepars if a surge in swine flu cases this fall, president obama is urging americans to take steps to prevent being infected. leaders in virginia, maryland and the district are also coming up with a battle plan against the h1n1 virus. virginia governor tim kaine said there should be enough vaccine to go around but the commonwealth will give priority to pregnant women, children and health care workers. yesterday, janet plobt met with governor kaine, d.c. pair adrian fenty and milam dairy road mayor daley governor martin o'malley to talk about prevention strategy. >> washing those hands frequently, coughing into the sleeve. if you are sick, staying home from work. if your child is sick, keeping your child home from school. base you go things but they really have a direct impact on the transmission of the virus. >> officials say when the cdc releases its first shipment of the swine flu vaccine some mid-
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okay. each state will get about 9- thousand doses. the fairfax county health department is hosting another public meeting to answer questions about the swine flu. that will be at 7:00 at the west springfield governmental center. there is more information about thaon our web site at later today, maryland governor owe male will meet with health and emergency preparedness officials to talk more about the h1n1 virus and how the state will handle it. topics include mass communication plans and vaccination procedures. we hope you stay with us this morning. coming up in our 7:00 hour, dr. ivan walks with the maryland swine flu advisory board will be here to give us more details on how our area is getting ready. still ahead, if your labor day weekend plans include a trip on metro, you will probably want to find another way to get around. we'll tell you why not one but three busy stayings will be shut down this weekend. first, police believe it is where a missing girl was held captive for 18 years and they had hoped this backyard would hold more clues to other unsolved cases.
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what they're saying this morning about their search. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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a deadly bombing in afghanistan is making adlines. that blast killed the number two intelligence official and 22 other people. a suicide bomber targeted the inauguration of a mosque in a city east of kabul. the explosion killed two other government officials and destroyed several vehicles. police in california say theris no evidence that links the couple that allegedly kidnapped jaycee dugard several years ago to several unsolved murds. police searching the home of philip garrido and his wife nancy found no connection to the slayings of prostitutes in
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the 1990s. garrido and hid wife were arrested last week accused of holding dugard captive from age 11 to 29. another heated town hall meeting over the nation's health care system. >> stepy hoyer supports baby killing! >> -- steny hoyer supports baby killing. >> some 1500 people showed up and there was plenty of shouting. the purpose of the town hall meeting is to discuss the president's plan to reform health care. lawmaker will be voting on the bill later this fall. the white house says president obama is considering giving a speech to spell out more details about his goals for overhauling health care. many activists have urge the president to be more hands on in helping to shape legislation. there is word the president may give that speech before the september 15th deadline that the white house has given to sowbt senate negotiators to draft a workable pi partisan bill. it could put a cram and your weekend planned this labor
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day. >> three busy metro station will be shutting down starting this friday night. we'll find out what is behind the move and how those folks that ride metro can get around all this mess. stay with us. fox 5 morning news is coming back after the break. hearts happy...
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famed conductor eric kunzel has died. he is probably best known here as a guest conductor with the national symphony orchestra. he led that group on the 4th of july and memorial day concerts at the capitol. he lost his battle with cancer monday. he was 74 years old. it is now about a quarter after six on this wednesday morning an we are to have such a lovely start. >> yes, we are. our temperatures dropped a little bit. 58degrees right now. cool temperatures, clear skies. and it will be a very nice day today. let's start by take august look at the temperatures at the area airports. reagan national, 58 degrees. dulles international, 54 degrees. bwi marshall, 55 degrees. you definitely need a jacket.
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kids are going to school. they will need jackets as well. temperatures across the country. there is our 58. 49 in rochester. witch dark kansas, 65 degrees. larks 71. phoenix, 90 degrees early this morning, in fact, during the overnight hours there. you can see clearly what is going on. jimena, the hurricane over the baja peninsula, there it is, a very clear picture of that energy. you even see the eye. but you see it beginning to break down just little bit as it moves over land. that is a good image there. high pressure controlling much of the midwest, the great lakes region, mid-atlantic and the or n ast. you can see that clouds and any other weather system have to work their way around that high pressure system. it is dominating so much. here is the old front that has pushed off to the south and east. the forecast for washington for today looks like this. mostly sunny today. a nice afternoon.
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i think it will be a great afternoon to get outside and do something. 79degrees for your high in town. then for tonight, a little milder. we're going to see our overnight low if town i think about 60 degrees. but plenty of you will still get down into the 50s. clear skies. five-day forecast, tomorrow, we start our climb back into the 80s. 80 for your high tomorrow. friday, 82 and the wound looks great right now. temperatures in the low to mid- 80s with lots of sunshine. now, let's get the latest on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> all right. we've got the lane open right now with no accidents to report as you travel to and from the wilson bridge. light traffic volume right now if you are making your way on the beltway between anen dale and merrifield. now, 66, that is the trouble spot. as you travel eastbound close in approaching the beltway, accident activity moves out of the way now over towards the right side as you try to make that exit on to the outer loop
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of the beltway. no incidents to report leaving manassas. traffic starting to slow between 50 and 123. top side of the beltway at wrufert boulevard in the clear as you head to bethesda. southbound 29 behaving nicely. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- top side of the beltway at university boulevard in the clear as you head to bethesda. we do want to give you a quick update on the earthquake in the unnortheastern nba i can't area. it h been confirmed that seven were killed as a result of that quake. >> the quake an initial 7.0 on the richter scale. there had been a tsunami warning initially but that has been canceled. we are starting to get in the numbers of some of the victims there. seven people confirmed dead at this point. we'll let you know if that number changes. there is good news if you are heading out of town for the labor day weekend. the roads are not going to be as crowded as in past years. about 850,000 people from the
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d.c. region are expected to make ips of 50 miles or more during the holiday weekend and that is down 14% compared to last year. some 33,000 are expected to fly. that is down more than 21%. > might be some good news for some foyou, bad news for others because metro stations c spell some big headaches. the pentagon ty, crystal city and reagan national airport stations will be closed between 9:30 p.m. friday and 4:00 a.m. on tuesday. metro says ruse will be he replacing an entire rail switch near pentagon city. metro says ridership will be at a low point. some riders are not very happy to hear about the station shutdowns especially over the long holiday weekend. >> i think the timing is terrible. i mean why are they taking that weekend to do it? >> the good news is that, when this rail switch especially at
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pentagon city, when the rail switch is replace and changed out, we won't have to come back to pentagon city for another 25 or 30 years. >> metro says volunteer s will staff the stations paying particular attention to the tourists. the washington report is reporting that ticket broker got their hands on tickets before fans did and that is against redskins policy. the sales turned up during an intern audit a few months ago. the redskin and a the ticket sales employees involved were disciplined. the market didn't start december on a very good note. more on that. coming up in our business beat. cash for clunkers gave dealer the boost they needed but not every company came out a winner last month. we'll see would actually saw a drop in sales. that is coming up. ♪
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apple is expected to unveil an updated line of ipods next week. apple is trying to kick start the music player line. ipod sales were down 11% in its most recent quart hely report. it is a rough start to september for the markets. chris cotter with a fox business network is live in new york with our business beat. the markets took a huge hit yesterday, rise and i think we kind of had appear idea that is the way it was going to go early in the day after the housing news didn't kick start things. >> yeah, gurvir, that is the exact point that i was going to make is the fact that we had positive news early in the day and that didn't stop the slide. we started to go down as soon as the opening bell rang at 9:30. then we got positive news on pending home sales. we got really positive news on
6:25 am
the manufacturing index, above 50. that means growth, first time since january of 2008 we've seen that on the manufacturing side and yet the market shrugged it off and had a typical september day on september 1st, losing over 2% on the s&p 500. will we bounce back today? our futures are a little bit lower now. we'll keep an eye on it. you got to hope you have maybe at least a bit of a breather from the free fall wwere in yesterday. banks really got hammered. the s&p financial index down over 5%. aig, bank of america, wells wells fargo, you name it, they got killed. how did things go for kal dears with the cash for -- for car dealers with the cash for
6:26 am
clunkers program. >> you had some winners and loadsers. hyundai was up over 40% year offer year from august of 2008. hyundai is getting it done right now. toyota, one-fifth of the cash for clunkers cars sold were toyota and ford very good. nissan dice appointing and gm sales down 0% from august of 2008 and that is with the cash for clunk irs program. it is all sort of okay, these numbers are -- some are disappointing, some are good. i don't even think you can look at those numbers. september, october and even into november, before you get to the holidays, that is where you have to look to see if there is a drop-off. there remawndz a waiting game. >> thank you. we'll see you tomorrow. and this more than, we are following a developing story at this hour. a woman says she was carjacked and kidnappedded from a metro station parking garage. sarah similar monday has the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning. a scary situation that unfolded right here at the spring feel
6:27 am
metro stop. how a woman fought for her life and called police. i'm sarah mmons. i'm have that story coming up when fox 5 morning news returns 
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ate big story we are going to continue to follow throughout the day. the man accused of the deadly shootings a the holiday cast memorial museum is expected to ke hi s first court appearance later this morning. a grand jury indicted 89-year-
6:30 am
end james von brunn on sseven counts including first degree murder. the june 10th shooting killed mousse age guard steven johns. von brunn is eligible for the death penalty. it's cool start to the day. 51degrees at home when i left this morning. >> was it really? we are talking about how some folks well to the north an west of the city could see their temperatures near or in the 40s. elsewhere, we are in the mid- to upper 50s an we remain there at this hour. let me show you the current conditions being reported at reagan national airport where we have dropped off now to 58 degrees. relative humidity is at 87%. that is up. the barometric pressure is somewhat on the rise. nothing it see here on the satellite-radar. keep it moving. no clouds, clear skies and it will be mostly clear for today. so your forecast for today looks like this. looking if a lot of sunshine today and we'll see a high
6:31 am
temperature today in the upper 70s. some of you will get to 80 or 81 but i think in washington, our high temperature will be 79 degrees. coming up in a few moments, we're if the going to do ask the weather guy. i know it is my first day back at the desk and tucker is here too but we'll put that off until tomorrow because coming up in about 15 minutes, i have an interview with a scientist from nasa. they are releasing today some amazing video of the ice caps and they've got new information on what is happening at the ice caps and some extraordinary images to show us. >> very very -- very good. we'll look for that. >> and now let's go to julie wright for the traffic. >> we had an incident 66 eastbound before the beltway that was tying up the beginning of the ramp to the inner loop. that activity cleared oat lane are open once again close if as
6:32 am
you approach the beltway. no accidents to report headed over to the tr bridge. traffic volume on 95 backing up through woodbridge. lane are open top side of the beltway but it does slow west of new hampshire avenue headed in towards silver spring. inbound 50 as you work your way over towards kenilworth, stalled car now moved to the striped safety zone. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we're on top of a developing story out of northern virginia this morning where police saw a man carjacked and abducted a woman. >> that woman is okay now but all of this started at the franconia spring peeled motor stop. it ended in lakeshore don. sarah simmons is joining us -- it ended in lorton. sarah similar monday is joining us now. we hear the police have somebody in custody. >> reporter: that's right. but police are not confirming whether or not that person is related to the carjacking and abduction that i woman called about. this happened last night all of the very scary scene here at
6:33 am
the springfield metro stop parking garage. police say a woman called and said she was abduct ad and was driven around in her chevy camaro. police searched for hours last night south of lorton. they con if i wered they do have someone in custody. they are not saying whether or not this is the person related to the carjacking. they searched for hours from the air and but ground for someone. police say they initially got the call just before 7:00 last night from the victim herself saying she had been carjacked. she told police this person had abducted her at gunpoint and the suspect allegedly through her in the trunk of her on chevy camaro and drove around ending up south of here in lorton where he evtually drop her off near silverdale road. she got out and ran toward a nba house and called 911. police have. ed the man and independent ped up in a chase and were searching for him for several hours after he crashed near furnace road near the prince
6:34 am
william count question line. this is in a neighborhood near lorifax heights that they had been searching overnight. i was talking with metro riders, some of whom had even heard about the situation last night and they told me what their thoughts were about it. >> i try not to change my habits. i am a little more aware but i'm not scared. just looaround a little more. make sure my door is locked and watch. >> that is probably the best thing you can do at this point. again, we don't know at this point. there is awe suspect in custody but police are telling us at this point they won't say if that person is connected with the carjacking. we will have more details as they comeo us. back to you. >> thank you. female students at georgetown university are being urged to lock their windows and doors after a pair of incidents over the weekend involved early morning break-ins at dorms or apartments.
6:35 am
one was early on sunday on 33rd street. she scared him off. another woman was sexually touched while asleep in her room on campus. police have dubbed the suspect the georgetown cuddler. she was simply walking home from work when a stray bullet took her life. police say a teenager pulled the trigger and now they've made an arrest. paul wagner has more. >> reporter: columbia heights is a neighborhood in transition. along with all the new businesses, condos and refurbished houses, the neighborhood beefs live on. saturday night, just after 9:00, deborah ann brown walked right into the middle of one of them. a shooting witnessed by several people would gave police the name they were looking for. >> i want to commend those witnesses not only for their bravely in coming forward and helping us close this case, but for the undoubted crimes that they have prevented by helping us bring this person to justice and stop this cycle of retaliation. >> reporter: members of the capital area regional fugitive
6:36 am
task force found the seen teen at his father's home in train da dad. she was arrested and taken to the department violent crimes branch for questioning. deborah brown had just left her job at dunkin donuts and was walking to her home in northwest when she was killed. outside the dunkin donuts monday night being we talked with one of her coworkers. >> i miss her and i know she is watching over us. i miss her a lot. >> reporter: although there have been a number of high profile murders in the city in recent days, the murder rate is down considerably from laugh year, aweling over 20%. the homicide branch is closing over 20% of its cases. >> we have made it clear that when a senseless a of homicide occurs in the city, we these teams that i have mentioned, we are coming together, we are going to find you. you will be charged and you will go to jail. >> reporter: paul wagner, fox 5
6:37 am
news. >> chief lanier says d.c. police are doing whatever they can to fight gang violence. virginia's unemployment rate is dropping. it fell to 6.9% in july. that is down from 7.3% in june. it is still well below the national joble rate as well. not all good news though. the highest unemployment rate was in martinsville in henry county on the north carolina border. ere, unemployment is over 22%. as the federal government gets ready for a surge in swine flu case this is fall, leaders in virginia, maryland and the district are also coming up with a battle plan against the h1n1 virus. virginia governor kaine says there should be enough vaccine to go around but the commonwealth is going to give priority for pregnant women, children and health care workers. governor kaine, d.c. mayor fenty and maryland governor o'malley met with u.s. homeland security secretary janet napolitano to talk prevention
6:38 am
strategy. the pair faction county health -- the fairfax county health department is hosting another meeting tonight. there is more information on look under web links. the issue of cost for the swine flu could be another concern for months who want t. the nation's largest school district is making it easy for parents to mark that off their list of worries. we're live with the latest from the california wildfis. good news to report from the scene.
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soy the investigation continues into a deadly wrong health care with a wrash in new york. diane shuler's body will be he can huled now. she and seven others were killed some july when she drove her minivan the wrong way on the parkway and crashed into an
6:42 am
suv. toxicology reports found sheds been drinking and smoking marijuana. her husband believes that was not the case. he believes she had a stroke. a judge ohio found a rather unconventional way to bring order into court. a robbery suspect continueded to blab on about how unhappy he was with his public defender despite the udge's warping to be quiet. the judge ordered the court officers to duct tape his mouth shut. judge said he got the idea at a. >> you dirnl conference. firefighters catch a break battling a passive blaze in california. higher humidity and a slight break in a heat wave helped crews make significant progress against the wildfire and now they built lines around about a quarter of the flames. >> nobody is ready to declare victory just yet. jennifer davis joins us live now with more on why crews are still worried. good morning. >> reporter: you are absolutely right. they are optimistic at this point that they are starting to gain ground but not taking anything for granted.
6:43 am
we are in a foothill community in the angeles national forest. when we arrived here just a few hours ago, slope behewn me was full of flames. they we part of the controlled burning that the emergency crews are doing to get out ahead of this blaze that so hare faze destroyed more than 60 homes and almost 128,000 be aers. firefighter say they've made significant progress. the weather has been humid. that helped. there have also been some sprinkles although no significant rain. no one is saying they have the upper hand but man are hopeful. >> firefighters from across the western united states worked together, forest firefighters, city and county firefighters in crew configuration with bull discossers and helicopters and engines and we had a very booed outcome. >> reporter: full contain.was prowrekted by september 8th. that has been pushed back to september 15th. 12,000 homes remain threatened. >> the people that are not leaving, we are jotting down their names and their addresses so we can notify the next of kin if we need to.
6:44 am
>> reporter: there is less of a threat to the historic observatory on mount wilson. smoke and flames ae still creeping upward but the worst seems to be over. the oakland fire has blackened over 1,000 acres. that is about 40% contained. >> it is pretty close. thank god there is no santa ana winds because, if that was happening, than these houses would all be in danger. >> reporter: there is concern that this is just a small taste of twhoos come though because generally this is not the worst of their fire season out here. that generally happens between september and november when the santa ana winds move through. i'm swrep officer tayse, fox news. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. -- i'm jennifer davis, fox news. >> we have a very nice start to the day. i want to show you the official sunrise this morning. i can't believe how late
6:45 am
sunriseis getting. it doesn't seem like t thlong ago it was like at 5:55. >> and it is getting darker earli too. >> yes, it is. let's take a look from our tower cam. you see just how clear the ky ksis. a there are some clouds on the horizon but awe lot of clear sky out there and it is going to be way it will be during the course of the day today as well. all right. let's take a look at what is going on. we'll start with the temperatures across the region. currently here in washington, 58 degrees. 46degrees now in winchester. yeah, 48 in frederick. are you ready for that? i don't think you are. blankets this morning and you will need a sweater. you need a jacket as you are heading out this morning out to our west. 55 up in baltimore. patuxent naval air station a mild 65 degrees. again, you saw a few clouds on the horizon but for the most part, we've got clear skies across the area not just here but across the northeast if you
6:46 am
are flying today, for example. no weather tea lays. not flying into the northeast or for the most areas down to our south as well, things look quite clear. tropical storm erika, let's take a look at that. erika not the most organized storm we've ever seen. condition see i defined center. maximum sustained winds now 50- mile per hour. it is to the east and south of the northern leeward islands. it will. pact the northern leeward islands. don't know how much at this point but there is a tropical storm warning in effect for some of those islands. we continue to watch the development of the storm. here is your forecast for today. mostly sun where u, a nice afternoon. get outside and do something. high, 79 degrees this afternoon in washington. the next several days look very, very nice. where. a going. temperatures will be in the low to mid-80s during the next couple of days and a good amount of sunshine as well. that is a look at whais happening with the weather. now, let's get more on the
6:47 am
morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> my mama used to say that all the time get outside and play in traffic. >> the did she know that is what you wouldo. >> i think she had something different in mind. >> not the best thing to say. >> i turned out okay. >> perhaps you were a handful? >> me? moi? >> yes. >> i was a little angel with little horns. ain't much changed. here we are live 395 at the 14th street bridge. heavy and steady rosing the potomac. coming inbound on route 50 as you approach ken ill wort avenue are th is where we had the stalled car. -- as you approach kenilworth avenue. that is where we had the stalled car. stop stretch of the beltway still below speed -- top stretch of the beltway still below speed.
6:48 am
no delay as you continue around from silver spring. southbound 270 busy on the top side approaching and passing 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. whats happen manage some of the most remote regions of the planet is giving scientists clues about climate change and how thering is adapting. how the earth is adapting. tom wagner wrownz us this morning with more on that. >> good morning to you. you guys are now providing starting today a new hd tour of swat called the cryosphere, the frozen regions of the earth. tell us about this tour and what people can see with this new video and this new simulation. >> this is spectacular new video. you get to see the latest results from nasa satellites. and you get to fd out all the different kinds of things we to, all the did i have report tools we use and all the different parts of the planet
6:49 am
we look at, everything from the arctic ice cap to the ice in greenland to even the snow cover of north america. but another thing is too, if you are a student or just really interested, you can learn about some of the scientific questions that we're going after and what kind of satellite sources we useto understand them. >> with the the technology and with the video, what do your sudden usc tell us about the current conditions there? >> a bunch of things. perhaps most important thing is that the northern cap of the planet, that ice continues to retreat. that is really important because,s that ice retreats, it actually helps warm the planet. it is like taking away a giant mirror from the top of planet. the other thing is that the ice that is on the land in places like greenland and antarctic arc as thattize flows into the ocean, it appears to be speeding up. all of this stuff is really important to us developing predicte models of what will happen to the planet in the next 50 years. >> you mention the arctic sea ice cover and it diminishes
6:50 am
every year around this time. is that diminishing effect more pronounced this year. i know it has been pretty significant during last few years. >> one thing for people to realize. every year in the winner it grows and every year in the summer it retreats. in the recent years, it has been rereading more and more every summer. we are see a continuation of that trend. in about a month, we'll release the new data for this year and it looked like we're headed towards another record low. not the lowest but still we've lost a lot of ice. the other thing is that ice isn't just retreating in terms of the total area covered. it is also getting numberer now than it has ever been. that is important because thin are ice melts more easily. >> and what concern should this cause us? what should we take away from this knowledge? >> there is a few things. first, there will be tremendous impact on the arctic as an ecosystem. it will totally change. right now, it is ice covered for most of the year and we are probably heading toward the time where there might not be the ice during the summer.
6:51 am
that will change the kind of animals that live in that region. it will change how the arctic gets used as a resource. there are people planning to do thin like oil exploration. for us on the other part of the planet, it has a big effect on the climate. as that ice goes away, it allows for more heating of the ocean. what it also does is it will change the way that water gets into the atmosphere and it will change the climate overall a bit. >> here is an interesting question. is the ice melt partly because of global warmi or is it helping to cause global warming? >> it is an interesting way to put it. the ice melt is probably driven by global warming and then it also has a feedback that causes even more warming cause, instead of sunlight being reflected back into space, it is now absorbed by the water. it causes more heating of the ocean and that causes more heating of the ice. >> very good. thank you for sharing the video with us this morning. good to see you here. we do appreciate it.
6:52 am
i want to let everybody know if you want to see more of that rid wroa, gto our web site, we'll link you to the nasa web site. >> fascinating and a little scary. >> i want to mention ask the weather guy will be back very soon. we believe we'll bring it back for you tomorrow. if you have a we you want answered, go to and clicked on weather tab. we still have a lot more ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> when you are not sure what to prepare for, it is a pretty food idea to be ready for everything. we'll you be talking with dr. ivan walks about what our area is doing to fight the swine flu. he has a meeting with governor o'malley coming up later this morning. also in the 7:00 hour, we continue our back to school series as students in arlington county are starting the new school year in one week. we'll be talking with superintendent dr. pat murphy who will be here to talk about changes the system will see this year and how it plans to
6:53 am
handle more students with less funding. at #:00, a new law kicks some next month that bans teching while behind the wheel in maryland. we'll take a look at how this new law aims to save lives and how you can help your teenager kick this dangerous habit. on call, the nation's largest school district taking bold steps to combat the swine flu this year. new york city will offer free vaccinations to its one million plus school children once it is available next month. federal health officials have been pushing the idea of school vaccine clinics for months. hundreds of smaller districts across the country have also agreed to allow clinics in school buildings. >> the first thing you have to do is stay healthy is always wash your hands. >> wash your hands with elmo. wash, wash, wash. >> sesame street and gordon are teaming one the white house to help beat the swine flu. each of the messages emphasize
6:54 am
the important of healthy habits to prevent get sick. a university of maryland study found the h1n1 took over other forms of influenza but did not mutate into a super bug when combined with other strains. on the down side, rape animal was caught both kind of flu had worse symptoms. the fiings reunforce concern about how easily swine flu may sweep through the country. holly is headed back to high school. >> she is going backstage with the stars of the stage version of high school musical. find out what it takes to translate the big screen mash into -- smash into a live audience.
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and if you're looking for a way to kick off the school year with your kids, then i have the perfect idea for you. we're on stage this morning. we are live at wolf trap's national park for the performing arts where tonight the stage is set for high school musical. it is the live rendition of the smash movie that has become a phenomenon. this morning we have not one, not two, not three, but four of the actors coming out to join us to talk about how they turned this into a live show. because it has all of the wonderful songs that everybody loves and your kids love to sing and dance along with, but
6:59 am
it also has some new things. there is a live band on stage. so what we're going to do this morning, they're here for five nights only and we'll give you the information you need to know so your family can come out and go back to high school. your seat is waiting right there. >> wolf trap is a great venue and that is a great show. thank you. allison is in with steve f the next couple of hours. it is wednesday september 2nd, 2009, and coming up, a woman is abducted of a metro garage and the man who forced her into the trunk of her car leads police on achase. we're live with an apparent arrest. and three rail stations at metro, including the busy reagan airport stop will be shut down this weekend. why is the transit agency taking this drastic step now? and swine flu is


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