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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 2, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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to make a strong comeback in the next few months. we'll get the first-hand insight into how local governments are preparing you and your family. fox 5 morning news starts right now. and good wednesday morning to you. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. also ahead this morning, we look ahead at the new school year. schools at arlington public schools head back to class next week and today wall talk with superintendent dr. pat murphy from helping students reach their potential in the classroom to dealing with swine flu and budget issues. we'll get his impression of the new school year. but we begin with the wildfires in california. crews are cautiously optimistic as they gain more and more control of the blaze burning in los angeles county. high humidity and a drop in temperatures have helped crews make progress. people on the front line call it angry. now they say the fire is just cranky. but fire officials say if winds kick up again, it could spread and we'll have much more on
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this ahead, including our live report from jennifer davis on the fire front line. and here at home, we can't ask for a nicer week and great start to the day. looking out over alexandria. it is 58 degrees at 7:00. tony, it seemed like a couple of days ago we were talking about temperatures in the upper 70s and now it's in the 50s. >> and it's like we did an instant transition into fall. kids go back to school and temperatures drop significantly and you're wearing jackets. a fine start to the day but a cool start to the day with temperatures in the 50s across much of the region and another very nice day today. let's look at how we're starting at the area airports. 59 at reagan national, dulles is at 54. bwi marshall is at 55 degrees at this hour. here is a look at satellite radar. you saw the live shot and skies are mostly clear. there are some clouds on horizon. things look good from this image. and high pressure dominating so
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things will be fine today. a lot of sunshine and a pretty day. forecast looks like this: mostly sunny, a nice afternoon. i think this is an afternoon where you went to spend time outside, whether it's having lunch or whatever one would do outside on a work day, week day. that's a look at the weather. now let's get more on the rush hour traffic witjulie wright. we're taking a peek at what is happening out there and the lanes are open inbound 50 slow on 202, new york avenue is tied up at bladensberg, north capitol street to the third street tunnel. 395 across the 14th street bridge. 395 slowing in separate stretches northbound leaving edsel toward duke street and delay over the bridge. no accidents to report south on 270. heavy and steady out of hyatts down, montrose road to the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-
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time traffic. now to our big story this wednesday morning. police say a man carjacked and abducted a woman in northern virginia. it started at the franconia metro stop and ended in lorton. police made an arrest but won't say if it's in connection with this case. sarah simmons joins us live with an update. >> we're still waiting to here whether or not the suspect is in connection with the carjacking. i can tell you the police searched for hours south of here looking for somebody and someone is now in custody following that search. now just so you know, just to get you up to speed, this happened just before 7:00. police got a call from the woman, the victim, who said she had been carjacked. she told police she had been abducted at gunpoint at the parking garage and the suspect put her in the trunk oher car and dropped her off in lorton where she ran to a home and
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called 911. police finally spotted this person, spotted the car, and went on a chase where he eventually crashed near hoos road and took off and police searched for him. now this morning i talked with metro ride asthey're waiting to get on the metro. some have heard about it and talked about their feelings about hearing about that happening here at the parking garage. >> i try not to change my habits. i'm a little more aware but i'm not scared. just look around a little more. make sure my door is locked. >> my husband drops me owe so i don't have to deal with parking. but it's frightening, specially for a single woman. >> reporter: and what they can do is just being aware of surroundings as they continue to come here and park and get on the metro. we're still waiting to hear from police whether or not the suspect that is in custody is indeed connected with the carjacking and abduction. we'll have those details as
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soon as we get them and bring them to you. back to you. >> sarah, thank you for that update. we look fward to more. the man charged with killing a security guard at the holocaust museum is expected to appear in court. james von brunn wi be arraigned this morning. he has been in the hospital since the shooting. the self-proclaimed white supremacist is accused of killing stephen johns. the charges make him eligible for the death penalty. an innocent woman gunned down as she walked home from work. deborah brown was walking home on saturday when investigators say she caught -- she was caught in the cross fire of gang gunfire. 17-year-old avanti carlton is accused of pulling the trigger. he firing at a rival gang e member. he was found in the trinidad
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neighborhood. in the meantime, another teenager says he's sorry for his action in taking the life of a young boy. you may remember 14-year-old christopher jones was beaten to death as he rode his bike in crofton back in may. yesterday a 15-year-oldpotomac pled guilty to manslaughter. a judge sentenced him to a juvenile facility where he could stay until 12 years old. turning now to the swine flu scare, as leaders in virginia, maryland and the district are coming up with a battle plan against the h1n1 virus. u.s. homeland security secretary janet napolitano met with tim kaine, adrian fenty and governor o'malley to talk prevention strategy. officials say when the cdc reases the first shipment of the swine flu vaccine, each state will get about 900,000 doses. we're joined by dr. ivan walks a member of the american swine
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flu advisory board. good to see you. >> good to see you. good morning. >> in a couple of hours you'll meet with governor o'malley. what should folks expect to come out of the high-profile meeting the last couple of days. >> i think folks should expect ongoing planning. what we saw over the last several months was a great response by our region here. we saw folks being very careful to coordinate local efforts with federal efforts. i think we saw that yesterday in the press conference. and i think we'll see more of that. >> we can plan all we want. but at some point we'll have to deal with the issue. does that come down to the vaccine. is that the best way to deal with this? >> no. i think the best way to deal with this is folks making sure their as healthy as possible, number two, making sure that the spread of any sort of virus or bacteria is limited by good hygiene and then i would put the vaccine in line behind those two efforts. >> let's talk about a couple of places where this is expected to become an issue. we've talked throughout the last couple of weeks with just about every school
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superintendent in e d.c., maryland and virginia area. is there a bottom ine for schools that they should follow or are the school districts that you've heard from doing the rightthing individually? >> i think the school districts are doing the right thing and i say that primarily because they're coordinating with the local health authorities. so when you have that sort of coordinated effort, i think we'll see people understanding what to do and how to do it and things rolling out smoothly. >> and lately we've heard from some airlines that maybe they will not let some people on board if they think they have the swine flu n. situations like this, are we going too far? >> i don't think we're going too far. i think it depends on where it rolls out. having traveled to china where they are strict on who can enter and leave the country there are levels of response. i think a thoughtful, careful response may help people to be
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more circumspect in hygiene and not coming out when they are sick. all of the things we advise people to do. if you know you can't do anything, if you go certain places and you'll be asked questions, i think it helps people to be more careful and proct us. >> and i heard word this morning some of the schools in new york would ban fist pumps or high fives in the school. is that extreme? >> again, i think we have to take things at hand. if a fist bump is with clean hands, it's a clean fist bump. get people to wash hands and bump elbows. but if you sneeze into your sleeve that may be an issue. so let's be careful. follow the advice as it comes out. folks will get advice from people as these next days and weeks go by. and we should all be paying close attention to what is coming out of the media and
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being careful. >> we did get news from the university of maryland that it appear this is will not mutate. is that good news. >> that's very good news. and that's one of the concerns and they've been doing animal models and looking at how the swine flu and the seasonal flu may interact together. it looks like the swine flu may be the sort of dominant strain out of those. but again, we haven't seen anything that would make folks think about any sort of extremely bad bug, extremely bad flu. we should see more of what we saw this year and follow the same sorts of precautions we've been talking about already. >> and what you said before about preventative measures. if it comes down to the flu shot and if we're somebody who doesn't normally get a flu shot, do we still need the swine flu shot? >> these flu bugs are different. the old seasonal flu we would be concerned about elderly folks, with the swinflu we're
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concerned about those ages 6 months to 24 and the pregnant women. there are different kinds of groups. so the more information the better. even if you don't normally get the regular seasonal flu shot because you're young, in your 20s, very healthy, you may want to consider getting the shot because of the different groups that we are concerned about. >> doctor ivan walks, thanks so much for the insight. >> you're quite welcome. >> the fairfax county health department is hosting a public meeting tonight at 7:00 at the west springfield governmental center. there is more information online. go to it's all under web links. 7:11 right now. and swine flu preparation on the agenda and we'll talk with the school superintendent. big changes for the holiday weekend. three normally busy rail
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welcome back. it is 7:15 on this wednesday morning. >> a little chillier. i had to close windows last night. >> and i've been sneezing. you're stuffy too. >> right. >> pollen count is high today. it is high for ragweed and grasses. very common allergies so that's why i'm sneezing like crazy. >> and our garden expert said the rain kicked up grass allergies. so if you didn't know you had allergies, now maybe you do. let's look at temperatures across the country.
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it's cooler now. 58 in washington. rochester, 49 degrees in st. louis, egte58es r. lo. uis,st58 degrees there. you spent some uitime there. >> i love st. louis. >> looking good across the t ntco ury. >> the warm spot u p, ixen 90 degrees there. here is a look at the satellite radar of the nation. this includ a picturluof hurricane jimena, impacting the baja peninsula. and you can see it right there cad ctyon u see how 's encountering cheer on the west side. so it has lost a little of intensity but it's still a hurricane. in our area, high pressure dominates, nothing going on. your five-day forecast, high today of about 79 degrees, lots of sunshine. tomorrow similar except 80 for the high. right now the weekend looks great. good amount of sun and some clouds mixed in, highs in the 80s. that's the latest on the weather. more coming up shortly. >> we have a traffic alert to warn you about as metro is shuing down three stations this weekend on the yellow and blue lines. d that includes the reagan
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national airport. that station along with the crystal city and pentagon city stations will close from 9:30 p.m. friday until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning for maintenance. so you'll have to take a shuttle bus to get to those stops. metro says add 45 minutes to your travel to and from the airport. that's this weekend. let's fine out what is happening from julie wright. right now it's not so bad. and all trains are on time, thank you very mh. steve, lanes are open on the south side of the town to and from the wilson bridge. this is a live ot of 395 north of the beltway past duke street toward the th street bridge and again the lanes are open no. accidents to report in southeast. it's busy. we have volume delays. pennsylvania avenue down from branch toward the sousa bridge and d.c. route 295, kenilworth slowing at 50 and from burros down to east cap. from montrose on to the southbound spur into virginia, 270 is busy leaving buckies down to hyatts down.
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and on the brakes between 28 and falls road. thas a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we continue our look ahead to the new school year. studes inatrl agton county schools will head back to class after the labor day weekend. joining us now is dr. pat murphy, superintendent of arlington county schools. good morning. >> good morning. >> well i'll say also, this is a new beginning for yourself as well. you were appointed to this position in april of this year. and here we go. >> right. exactly. >> are you ready? >> we are ready. >> you spent most of your time in fairfax county and had been an educator for some 21 years. >> exactly. >> what are the biggest challenges do you think when you take a step back and look at what you face coming up in the next school year? >> well, i think every year we face the challenge of being prepared for students and making sure they're challenged every day in the classroom. so our main mission is
7:19 am
instruction. so that's priority number one. but we also have to think about the safety of kids. and i think that's another issue that we are constantly aware of. obviously, you just came off the report with some of the issues that we're facing with the possibility of t flu season coming up. >> yes. >> so we've got a lot of things in motion for that. >> let's talk about the budget. there are more students and just not as much money as there usedto be because of this down economy. how do you begin to really make the child not feel any of the pain of the budget in the classroom? >> that's great. i think day one, when i came on board, that was something that we began to pick up. the school board and our senior staff and our community has really begun to focus on the budget and priorities we have to set forward. but thinking of all of that in the development stage right now, what is job one? that is our students and how do we make sure we hold up
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instruction as our priority in meeting each kids need. >> to make sure we cover the swine flu, in arlington is there a particular as far as closing down schools? are we educated now as we're waiting for the vaccine? >> i think we are more educated. we have the luxury of being here close to the nation's capitol. we have a lot of corporation going on. but as dr. walks alluded to, the ft that there is planning going on, a lot of communication between the different agencies and the local government as well as the regional government that we are talking and there is a lot of preparedness going on. i think with parents, the big issue is making sure they know that we're reaching out, a lot of resources out there on our website, a lot of resources that are out there through our schools and we'll be -- we'll be sending out a letter here to
7:21 am
parents on things to be mindful of. >> two schools specifically here, one of the high schools now has -- i think it's washington, the gym is ready, the pool is ready, any more goalthat have been met into the new school year that students can be excited about? >> opened up another -- we opened up another community development and that's the reed westover building. and i think with the beginning of a new school year, there is a lot of anticipation and excitement and i think we've come into the school year with the same level of anticipation and excitement. >> as a new superintendent, what is the first thing of your approach? do you come in and observe and see where you are? how does that work? because i would imagine not a lot of room for on the job training. >> i have had the luxury you said of joining the team in
7:22 am
april, so there has been a lot of preparation behind the scenes. i've had chats with parents but a large part of the community made up of citizens that don't have students in the school, so a lot of listening, a lot of hearing the different voices in the community. and i think sort of gathering all of that information becomes really important to setting the course for the future. parents want to be involved. the community wants to be involved. and we want to make sure that there are vehicles and mechanisms in place to hear the voices. >> we hope you meet those goals into the new school year and your new challenge, personally congratulationon your position. >> thank you. >> superintendent of arlington public schools. steve over to you. 7:22 on this morning. passing note to do on classical music. that's coming up next. also it is a pop culture phenomenon that has people and not so young singing and dances. we're meeting the class of the high school musical tour as it
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stops here in the d.c. area coming up next here on fox 5 morning news. 7:22. rl 
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another battle to keep gay marriage out of the district as eight people have filed a reest to hold a ballot anishtive that defines marriage between a man and woman. the measure could approve on the november 2010 ballot. in may the council voted to recognize gay marriage elsewhere. not everything in the free state is free. uncle sam is reimbursing maryland for the money spent on the president obama's inauguration. the justice department is also paying amtrak and the
7:27 am
washington metropolitan area transit agency for its inauguration expenses. conductor eric punel has died. he's probably best known here in our area as a guest conductor with the national symphony orchestra. he led them at the capitol since 1991. he lost his battle with cancer on tuesday. he was 74 years old. it's 727 this morning. the latest on the search for a man accused of carjacking and abducting a woman at the franconia springfield metro stop. and also ahead, emotions nning high at another health care town hall this. time in waldorf. we'll take a closer look at where health care reform stands now and how it's sooing a -- it's having a big imact on the president's approval rating. that's next.
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it started as a car jacking and then abduction and turned into a car chase. i man stuffed a woman inside her own trunk as she walked to her car at the frank conia metro garage. he eventually let her out and crashed in lorton and took off this. morning police have made an arrest but won't say if it's in connecti witonh het carjacking. now to afghanistan where a
7:31 am
bombing killed the country's number two intelligence official along with 22 other people. the taliban says they targeted a mosque east of kabul. it destroyed a number of vehicles. crews are making progress battling a wildfire near los angeles but the efforts are burning through the budget for the state. so far more than half of the ab you'll fire fighting budget are gone. crews are optimistic to -- to contain the fire in two weeks. we'll go live to the los angeles county in the 8:00 hour. and now live to tony perkin with a look at our forecast here. which is not bad. >> not bad. cool conditions across the region. temperatures in the 50s and a very nice day today. 58 now in washington. fredericksberg is at 55. a cool 48 in frederick and 45 in winchester, virginia.
7:32 am
so jacket weather and blanket weather early this morning. satellite radar composite for the eastern u.s., mostly clear skies. we've seen in some live shots there are clouds out there, but not showing up on the satellite image. skies are mostly clear up to thereat lakes and upper midwest as well. here is one place where it's not clear. tropical storm erica, not a particularly well organized storm. no real eye or center to this system right now. it's about 260 miles or so east southeast of the northern lee ward islands and there are watching for some of the islands. st. kitts, some tropical storm watches there. we'll continue to monitor the storm. maximum sustained winds right now 60 miles per hour. for us, mostly sunny, a nice sunny. 79 degrees for your high today. some of you will top out around
7:33 am
80 or 81 degrees but in town we think it will be 79. then for tonight, a little bit milder. overnight low of 60-degrees in town as opposed to the 50s. but many of you will still get into the 50s. skys will be mostly clear tonight. five-day forecast looks great. quiet conditions for the five- day forecast. temperatures slowly increasing to the mid-80s by this weekend. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now let as get another look at traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> tony perkins, we are busy right now. we're slowing at 197, southbound 195 where they're doing the connector work, south of 198 and to the beltway. behind me, this is the outer loop. traveling from college park through silver spring. this is the accident activity off the road to the shoulder, so the lanes remain open at this time. for those traveling westbound 495, you're slow leaving college park toward georgia avenue. 270 on the top side, still slow at hyattstown, again leaving
7:34 am
montgomery village toward 370 and approaching montrose road. inbound south capital street toward the freeway, steady flow, no accidents to report merging on to the freeway. kenilworth slowing at 50 and leaving burros and heading south. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the latest rasmussen poll shows that 53% of american voters disapprove of how the president is performing his duties. 45% say they at least somewhat approve of his performance and those are the lowest approval ratings of his presidency. will democrats pay the price of public dissatisfaction during the off year election. joining us now jim ens sensey. and your democrat colleague is usually here today but he's off. >> he's in ireland.
7:35 am
>> you were off last week. >> okay. let's be fair, and this is a poll of around 15 -- around 51% for an approval rating. and this is the lowest numbers we've seen. >> he's right around 51%. bush in his presidency at this time was at 56%. so he's about five points higher than obama. for a guy who gave a great speech and won so convincingly and it's pretty surprising the numbers dropped so quick and so fast. most of this is because of health care and it's been an awful august for the democrats. it's been an awful august for the president. and so they'll have to retool into the fall. >> would finding a solution to the health care problem be enough to increase those numbers once again? >> yes. but that's a big if. i don't know that that's going to happen, to be honest, steve.
7:36 am
unless they retool the whole health care bill, which they may do. we don't know what they'll do. >> and let's talk about that. steny hour was trying to crowds under control in maryland last night and had as much success as anybody. which is very little. you home the lawmakers continue to get somefeedback from the constituents. what do you see down the road? we're still here on the september 15th deadline and i think that's all but dead in the water, but what do you see as far as a compromise in the health care system? >> they are getting a feedback. and the feedback has been good. and so i think they'll have to compromise if something will happen. and right now, they still talk about they are doing it on their own and they'll not pass it as democrats. but august was bad. september is going to be worse. it could get worse and worse. >> the president not the only one with not such gd poll numbers. harry reid numbers were horrible. but he only had about a 10%
7:37 am
approval rating there was about 60% of the people who said we don't know enough about this person to make up our mind. >> his number are so bad in his home state, that senator johnenson who has admitted adultly is better. so that's not a lot. >> and republican or democrat, we're look at about a 22% positive rating for congress. what do they have to do to regain the trust of the american people? >> get something done. be bipartisan. they talk it, all of the time. they're tough about being bipartisan. but there isn't any bipartisanship right now. when they come to a common ground and do things that everybody wants. i think america feels good. >> one person who got credit forgetting that done was ted kennedy. we had a lot of attention last week with his passing and the funeral. now the focus is on replacing him. what will happen? will we see the law change once
7:38 am
again? some people saw this is hypocrisy if it happens. and martha coakley is the only one that said she wants the seat. >> sure. it is massachusetts. democrats run the state. hypocrisy is good up there. it was the people's republic of massachusetts, i expect them to make an appointment and then they'll have the election. >> do you see martha coakley or other candidates? >> i see other candidates. >> anybody rise to the top? >> there is a couple of members of congress that are being mentioned so i think you'll see it will be a bunch of democrats and maybe one republican. >> only two governor races going on. one of them if virginia, getting a lot of attention. bob mcdonnell was on the show yesterday. his graduate thesis getting attention. is this the kind of thing that hurts his campaign. what do you do to steer the attention away from that. >> i thinkthey were smart to
7:39 am
do what they did. they did a teleconference call with the press and got it out, talked about it, they're moving on. i think creigh deeds will he to bring it back, bring it back. but the washington post will bring it up. is is their issue because they don't want to see mcdonnell win this thing. northern virginia is important for creigh deeds and he's losing in the polls. i think by october this will be gone and we'll talk about something else. >> the press will continue to bring it up. creigh deeds will continue to bring it up. but will it have a lasting impact? >> no. in northern virginia it's transportation and in the rest of virginia there is jobs d those are the twoishes you and -- issues and that what the voters want. >> he was not a 20-year-old writing this, but when you alienate certain groups of people, you would think that would have certain repercussions. >> and in the next couple of months they'll do some things to reach out to moms and women.
7:40 am
at some point in october, they'll be switching off to something else. >> jim innocenzi, thank you very much. >> thank you. right now it's 58 degrees out there and after spending months in a north korean prison camp, two american journalists are speaking out about their ordeal. and the redskins are prepping for another rounof cuts. we'll hear from coach zorn comingp nextxt fiber one. i'm looking for some fiber.
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we are learning more about what led to the arrest of two american journalists in north korea. laura ling and una lee said they were mistakenly following their guide. they say they were in the country for about a minute and back on chinese soil when north korea guards grabbed them. they were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor but were pardoned after president clinton met with kim jong-il last month. 7:43 right now. let's check in with tony with a good looking forecast for the week. >> it does look good. a nice start to the day, except for, and i mentioned this a
7:44 am
little while ago, the pollen count is high today. it will be high tomorrow as lle us are feeling the affts ecec of that. we are at 58 degrees here in d.c. where do you want to go? >>e r igalh,orth r carolina i have family there. >> 57 degrees therrinolight w. steve, where do you want to go? >> hatteras? >> 73 degrees. the warmest spot on the map. here is a look at satellite radar for the region. things look clear and good here. there are a few clouds out there on the horizon but things look fine. down off the coast of the carolinas, there are some clouds and precipitation there. here is a look at the surface map. what will be going on for us today? well we get off to a cool start no. clouds to hold in heat. not that there was much heat yesterday. high pressure dominating, keeping things calm and quiet. it will be a tad warmer today. still below normal but a tad warmer with a high of about 79
7:45 am
degrees. here is your five-day forecast for the next several days. things look good. a good amount of sunshine. a comfortable temperature, comfortable humidity too for the most part. highs around 80 degrees and the mid-80s by the weekend. not bad at all. enjoy it. >> i think it's good looking actually. >> that's a great looking five- day. that is a really -- it doesn't get much better than that. and as i said, good day to do something outside. >> julie, stay with us. >> don't go outside yet. >> i keep for getting that i have the delay. i was hoping grab a graphic while you were talking. >> i thought you were running off because of the 50s. >> you said hatteras and i was ready to go. as you're traveling on the capital beltway, accident on the outer loop just pass university boulevard. the lanes are open again. this is the 29 south and toward lockwood drive and out towards
7:46 am
its beltway, you'll find yourself on the brakes on and off from tech road toward the beltway. but again, lanes are open southbound on 29. traffic slows in hyattstown and some delays in germantown and again leaving falls road toward the split no. accidents to report on 66. here is the sunshine and here is your delay as you travel east of 50 toward 123. more slow traffic after nutley street to the beltway. the beltway in virginia slowing in separate stretches between annandale. and slow off 28. no accidents to report as you continue toward hunter mill road. we are slowing just a bit into the sunshine as you work over toward the reston parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. with the preseason schedule winding down. it's time for the redskins to make tough choices as they cut the roster down to 63 players. by saturday that means 22 guys will be sent packing and that
7:47 am
is never an easy task for the head coach. >> they've accomplished a lot in the meantime. and it doesn't mean that their career is over. going from here doesn't mean that the career is over. and i think if you follow some of the guys that we are going to end up letting go, they'll be in other programs because they're good athletes and we just have -- we just have to find the right group. soit will be hard. to d.c.'s other football team. d.c. united prepared for the open cup title against the sounders. soccer tournament dates back to 1914. it is the oldest cu competition in the u.s. d.c. united took last year's cup and ben olson can't wait to help his squad win back to back titles. >> i'm very excited about the chance to play for a championship. especially as the -- the way the season has been, up and down. this is a chance to have some big smiles after our game and
7:48 am
be excited about our accomplishment. >> the match is scheduled to start at 7:30 at rfk. it is now 7:47. and you know the song, you memorized the dance moves. and now it's time to check out high school musical live. how exciting. hi, holly. >> reporter: don't let steve fool you, i know he has tickets already. this is up his alley. we are at the national park for the performing arts and disney's hit phenomenon high school musical is coming to the stage here. we'll talk with two of the actors and we'll tell you how you and your family can come out and see the show firsthand yourself. it's all next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. ♪
7:49 am
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♪ the art of getti dirty. the art of getting clean. new powerfully formulated wisk®... is better on tough mud stains than tide total care. wisk®. powerfully clean. perfectly priced. >> you have more than 24 hours to cast your vote for the next high school football game of the week. we have matchups from maryland and virginia on the board. so vote go to click on sports. and we'll be at the winning matchup on friday night. and we'll post extended highlights on our website. the fictional east high school is where troy, gabriela
7:52 am
and the rest of the cast sing and dance through the ups and downs of the prep year. >> and now they're ditching the scen for the wolf trap stage. and holly joins them this morning. >> reporter: let me say we're all this together. [ singing ] this is where you sing along. i know you know the words. steve, don't hold back on us. no, this is something that your kids deserve to come see. it is the perfect back to school season experience. disney's high school musical, the huge phenomenon, live unnesting and -- live on stage at the filine stage. and two artists are on stage ready to play with us this morning. kristie and jim, coach bolton and ms. zarba joins us.
7:53 am
thanks for joining us early. let's talk about this phenomenon and bringing it to live on stage. >> i i would say the thing i find special, is the kids its like a pop concert. there is some energy flying at you and you can see the young children looking out with the wide eyes and it's really nice. and for the parns, there are jokes for you too. especially about with what we do for sure. >> it's also adult entertainment. >> because that's what disney does. they do it on many levels. but what i love about kids' concerts is that when they see you on stage, they think you're there just for them. >> and we are. >> reporter: and kids watching, they are there. is it hard when you have a movie that is such a big hit and the characters are so identifiable, for you to bring them to life in your own right? >> yes. and no. every time you go up there, you want to bring a bit of yourself to it, but there are certain parameters and the kids know it
7:54 am
in side out and backwards. even when the tour was out before, kids were asking if that was zak efron. [ laughter ] >> i think that movie -- it's a little bit different. there are a few more songs. and for the kids it's hard to ap their brains around. when a few of us go to the stage door and we take the wigs off and they say you don't look like the person i thought you were. it kind of has new energy about it and for us, and i can speak for myself in saying, i saw the movie and loved it. but then i kind of put it away and i went in into my -- into my own character and drw from my own experiences. >> and kristie is a local girl. >> i'm from annapolis, maryland. it's an hour away. so a lot of family and friends are coming which is nice for
7:55 am
me. because i grew upcoming to concerts here. >> reporter: when you came to concerts here at wolf trap, did you ever envision seeing yourself on stage here? >> absolutely not. because mostly it's concerts. i saw rock and so i didn't really know there was theater here and i think that's what is so exciting. i don't think a lot of people remember that, so i think it's special. >> reporter: and for you, jim, you're a veteran. >> this is my sixth show. i played in the original wolf trap 20 years ago. >> reporter: well we're asking them to do a lot. and we thank you. but you're going to sing a little something for us? >> sure. we won't give it away but the movie is different. i think coach is single in the show. >> he's a widower. >> and so i am. >> in the hot white dress this morning. sing for us. [ singing ] ♪ i thought my
7:56 am
life was basketball note i thought my life was theater, but now i found a different point of view. >> reporter: high school musical here at wolf trap opens tonight and runs through sunday. they have two special packages. there is a back to school party pack for groups of 10 or more. you get a 25% discount, posters and free cookies at concession and then they have a family four pack discount where you get 25% off. when you go to the website they ask for a promo code and yours is fox d.c. is our website. we have a link. and we'll letting them off the hook and bringing on two more actors in the next hour. >> holly was the hookup. thanks, holly. it is 7:56 on this wednesday morning.
7:57 am
coming up, the life of financial scammer bernie madoff. his vacation home on the auction block and we'll take you there. texting while driving is banned in the state of maryland and student drivers head back to school and how to make sure your teen stays safe on the way to school. we'll talk with the director of the maryland highway safety foundation. ♪
7:58 am
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do-overs do exist. (announcer) total skin renewal neutrogena. an all-outmanhunt for a suspect after a woman was kidnapped and carjacked from this virginia metro stop. plus more fireworks over the nation's health care system. this time maryland congressman steny hoyer in the hot seat. and flames rage through the night. we'll have a live report from the front lines of the wildfires. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm tony perkins. i don't usually get to say that. >> i know. >> and i've got a look at the
8:01 am
weather. if you look outside. >> you'll know it's a very pretty start to the day. if you step outside, you'll know it's chilly. you need a jacket and the kids ooed them to to head out to go . s to school. most of them have left already. temperatures in the 50s and we'll see a very nice day. 58 degrees right no at reagan national. relative humidity 87%. winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour. the barometic pressure has been on rise. a look at the satellite radar will show through is nothing to see. there are a couple of clouds out there here and there. but for the most part, skies are clear. and so shall it be for today. here is your day planner for today. a good amount of sunshine. high in the utopper 70s. that's a few degrees below normal. looking for a high of about 79 in washington. down to the south, a few highs until the low 80s. that's the first look at the weather. more coming up in just a bit. and now the first look this
8:02 am
hour with julie wright. >> the first look of traffic for this hour not so nice. northbound greenbelt off the road to the shoulder, north from the beltway, southbound slowing within 198 and 197. this is its outer loop of the beltway at university boulevard. the crash off the road to the shoulder but police are there and they're squeezing the right lane. so it's already between llege park and bethesda. southbound 98 slowing at 198 and 212 toward the beltway. northbound 95 still tough commute across the occuquan. delays out of woodbridge toward lorton. traffic slows from the beltway toward duke street on 395. gw parkway, traffic slow from the key bridge. police activity in the median. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. a women gets taken for a wild ride in the trunk of her
8:03 am
own car. and from there, things spun out of control. >> pice say edrttas a started as a car jacking at the franconia springfield metro station and ended in lorton. and sarah simmons joins us live from springfield with more on that and a possible arrest as well. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. i just spoke with police and they're telling us that a suspect they have in custody is in connection with this carjacking and abduction from last night. police were searching for hours in lorton just south of here at the springfield metro stop for something and they did take someone in custody following the search. this all happened before 7:00 last night. police say they got a call from the victim herself saying that she had been carjacked and abducted at gunpoint here at the metro stop. the parking garage here at springfield metro. the suspect allegedly through her in the trunk of her chevy camaro and drove her around for an hour and dropped her off at silverdaleroad. she then ran to a house and
8:04 am
called 911. police were able to stop the camaro. they went on a chase for a while and then were able to catch up with him after he crashed in lorton. now i also talked with a metro rider this morning who said he had heard about the abduction and says he will be watching over his shoulder a little more now. >> i'm trying not to change my habits. i am a little bit more aware but i'm not scared. just look around a little more. make sure my door is locked and watch my wife as she goes along. >> reporter: and that's what police say people really should be doing. especially after something like this. but at all times to be aware of your surrounding and be watching over your shoulder and making sure that you're doing things to keep yourself as safe as possible. steve and allison, back to you. >> sarah, thanks so much. the man charged with killing a security guard at the holocaust museum is expected to
8:05 am
be in court for the first time. james von brunn r in the hospital since the june 10th shooting. he'll be arraigned in u.s. district court later in morning. the white supremist is suspected of killing stephen johns. he is eligible for the death penalty. we have several developing stories overseas. afghan's deputy chief of intelligence was killed in a bombing east of kabul today. a taliban suicide bomber is being blamed for the attack that's killed 22 other people. a powerful earthquake has rocked indonesia killing 15 people. is it struck off the main island of java with a magnitude of 7.0. it triggered a tsunami warning, sends people pouring into the streets but the warning quickly expired.
8:06 am
hurricane jimena lashes the baja california coast. the winds dropped to 105 miles per hour. the eye passing west of los cabos where wind has caused minimal damage. the red cross and mexico military are making preparations for disaster relief. and wildfires burning in southern california. the crews are gaining ground thanks to a break in the weather but the fight is far from over. jennifer davis joins us live from taw lunga, california. what is going on this morning. >> reporter: the strategy this morning is to fight fire with fire. and in this foothill neighborhood where we are, this slope behind me were aflame as firefighters set controlled burns to get in front of the fire. now it is 22% contained it has destroyed more than 60 homes and 128,000 acres. firefighters say they've made
8:07 am
significant progress. the weather has been humid. that helped. there have also been sprinkles, although no significant rain. no one is saying they have the upper hand, but many are hopeful. >> firefighters from across the western united states work together. forest firefighters, city and county firefighters, and crew configuration with helicopters and engines and we had a good outcome. >> full containment was september 8th and has been pushed back to september 15th. thousands of people have been ordered out. >> the people that are not leaving what, we're doing is jotting down their names and addresses so we can notify the next of kin. if we need to. >> reporter: there is less of a threat to the historic observatory on mount wilson. flames are still creeping upward but the worst seems to be order. n bernardino has lifted the restriction for youk i'ma. the oakland fire is about 40%
8:08 am
contained. >> that's pretty close. thank god there is no santa ana winds because if that was happening, then the houses would all be in danger. >> reporter: 3600 firefighters are battling the blazes across the state and officials tell us, while they have made some gains it's thanks to good weather and if the weather should take a turn for the worse, their progress is likely to backslide. i'm jennifer davis, back to you. >> thank you so much. another big story, another heated town hall over health care reform. this times is steny hoyer in the hot seat. wisdom martin has the health care battle highlights from waldorf. steny hower walked into the town hall meeting to the sound of jeers and cheers from the crowd. the goal was to have a discussion about health care reform, and talk about misinformation and to answer questions. >> what is being proposed is not a government-controlled system. we reform the health insurance systems so all americans can
8:09 am
find peace of mind with health care they can count on. >> reporter: but it didn't take long for the crowd to express themselves. a scuffle brokeout in the back between two men. both were escorted from the building. >> steny hower supports baby killing. >> reporter: and then another shoutout if the front row. and that's before the first question was asked. >> when you take one houto do a lot of propagaa, and i hate to use that word but that's about what it was, before you get to the questions and by that time people are frustrated and upset because you're getting one slant. >> reporter: in an effort to ep the meeting moving faster, red ticks were given out and numbers were call and people came to the microphone with the questions but the cheers and jeers continued. in the end many people say nothing that was said or done tonight has changed the way they feel on either side of the
8:10 am
health care debate. >> i didn't learn anything new, because i kind of read the bill some and list ebbed to other -- listened to other things so i didn't learn about the bill, but i'm glad it was after 60 years we're moving in the right direction. >> it shows us how divided our country is, not just on this but everything. >> wisdom martin reporting there. members of the house have spent the month of august discussing the issue. the bill is expected to be on the house floor sometime this fall. steve. as his poll numbers slip, the white house says the president is considering a speech to spell out more details of his goals for overhauling health care and he may not wait for senate negotiators for their talks. they were given for a deadline of september 15th to draft a bill. his approval rating has dropped to 53%. ste point in his presidency thus far, according to a cnn opinion research poll. another big story this morning, students rattled at georgetown university and it's
8:11 am
not just because classes start today. >> looks like the georgetown cuddler may have struck again. and for anyone traveling this weekend, metro is affecting closures that will affect riders, especially those heading to the airport. and texting while driving just one danger on the road. what teens need to kp forebe t what your kids need to know and some safety tips coming up. it's 8:11. 
8:12 am
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female announcer: from jennifer, while supplies last, this luxurious microfiber sofa and chair for just $399. our most dramatic offer ever: both pieces, just $399. while supplies last. from jennifer: you don't have to spend a lotto have good taste. is it not a beautiful day? great start to the day today as you look out over virginia this morning. it is 8:14. the temperatures started out chilly. but bounced up into the lower 60s now? >> yes. >> yes. 62. >> and it looks like we're heading to a nice day. >> gets you going. a good way to start the day. >> and tony is here with the forecast and the cuteness factor of the day. i have missed the cuteness
8:15 am
factor. >> i think you can see them on >> we've had four allison model babies. >> two that could be my son. >> and six precious. >> well let's see what we have. it's time for the my first five photo of the day. this is bella. >> oh. sleeping beauty. >> after watching her first redskins game on tv, they put her to sleep. >> that's what it did to a lot of people. [ laughter ] >> her family says she's worn out from cheering so loud. to send us your child's picture, go nyma ofoxd nyof us look this way after a redskins game. the area look at eaar conditns. degrees. we're in the 60s now. 66 in atlanta, georgia. wichita is at 64. dallas 71. l.a. has dropped off to 69 athour. a as oklour. t heres a look at the sallite r daradampcoosite for the entir
8:16 am
nation f. yr traveling today anywhere within the contiguous untaco yeds,ante s cou see cwh the weather is like at this hour. now in the lower eft-hand corner of your screen, you see hurricane jimena, and not having the greaim twne doime td there because it'sen countering sheer, losing some intensitdo but still bringing rain to the california baja. meanwhile in our part of the country, things are clear. a lot of high pressure. a couple of clouds out there. five-day forecast, high today of about 79 degrees. a beautiful day as bono says. get outside and do something. friday not bad. 82. saturday, sunday, mid to low 80s. and it's going to be just great the way things look righnow. that's a look at the weather. now let's find out what is happening with the traffic. let's go to julie wright.
8:17 am
>> that's my song. >> it's a beautiful day. >> it's a nice day. >> we didn't sing that. >> and the dogs are howling. anaccident activity continues to squeeze the right lane, on college park through silver spring. 270 busy on the top side leaving germantown. 370 toward the split. bw parkway south between 198 and 197. north bound 95 not bad at the occuquan. we he showed you this a few moments ago. traffic was jammed up, but the pace is improving across the occuquan. but 395, traffic slows from the beltway up to duke street. gw slows from the beltway toward the key bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 - time traffic. less than a month now until the ban on texting while driving takes affect in maryland. meantime, lots of student drivers are already heading back to school and this morning, executive director of the maryland highway safety foundation joins us with some
8:18 am
important steps to take to stay safe behind the wheel. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this is not limited to teen drivers, but these drivers are morein experience -- more inexperienced and for teen- agers it can be deadly. >> i think it's important at this point that the whole press going forward with kids, going back to school, and being drivers and also car pooling, they're in a position where they'll have other people in the automobile with them. so it's even more important to be safe. >> this goes into affect in october. what are you telling parents to do right now? >> we would like parents to start to make sure that their children are aware that this will be a primary offense when it goes into law. we don't want people to be all of a sudden october 1st understanding that tempting -- texting behind the eel is a position that makes an offense,
8:19 am
where you can be fined and ticketed and so if parents are making children more aware that this particular type of activity behind the wheel is something that now that it's put into law is no longer just the opinion of people, that it may not be a good thing to do behind the wheel. but it will be a law in the state of maryland. >> i apologize. i've getting over this cold. >> that's quite all right. >> it's hard to see if somebody is texting while driving. how will this be enforced? >> the way the law enforcement -- if you remember going back all the way to when seat belts were first started, people would say, well how could a police officer see someone that had a lap belt ound. but it's a first process that starts to go into affect that someone is in a position to be able to enforce this in a way that if they see this happening, it's a primary offense, they don't need another reason to pull someone
8:20 am
over and they will be able to ticket someone if they're doing that at that time. >> we saw the tips, don't text and drive. don't retext and drive. if you can, just pull over. it seems like this might not be easy to do if you are in an emergency situation, but for most of the calls, they're not emergencies. >> very much so. you're correct. we say that a lot -- a lot of people say i like to get done between point a and point b. in this case we say you need to go to point c, being the curb. so pull over and take care of what you need to and don't put yourself at the risk. you're making a decision nor yourself and what you want to do, but if you're not properly paying attention, and you veer off and you cause an accident, i believe you ran a psa that was out of whack which had to
8:21 am
show a teen ager was out of it and doing what we call is intexicated and affects other people. >> and in d.c. there is zero tolerance. you cannot be on a cell phone and if you see somebody looking at the phone, you know that person will be ticketed or fined. might maryland one day go to that measure? >> we're continually working in annapolis to put some ofthose law news place. currently we do not, but we hope the legislators will see how this is becoming more and more paramount and something that needs to be controlled as it's unsafe to all of us on the highways. >> reese, i apologize.
8:22 am
i've getting over the cold, but i think the message is clear, on october 1st, you cannot text behind the wheel in the state of maryland. >> yes, that is correct. >> and as october 14th, we'll be partnering up with the ups as a major corporation to have a quarterly meeting or a summit to be able to discuss process of safe driving. >> maryland highway safety foundation, the executive director. again i apologize but the message got out loud and clear. >> if i could say one other thing. if you would like to contact us, we're at >> will have that link for you. thank you so much. over to you, steve. >> allison, thank you very much. a woman killed herself and 7 other people when she drove the wrong way down a parkway in new york state. coming up next on fox 5, the drastic steps her family is
8:23 am
taking to try to prove she was not drunk. and also at the skins, how is it the stadiums are packed with fans for the opposing team. what officials uncovered in an internal audit. and high school music comes to d.c. what holly discovered this morning. we'll continue after the break. this is america. and this is our cheese.
8:24 am
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8:26 am
8:25 right now. an alert for metro riders on this holiday weekend. you might need a backup plan for the labor day weekend because three major stations will be closed. the pentagon city, the crystal city and the reagan national airport metro station will be closed between 9:30 friday night and 4:00 a.m. tuesday. so if you're trying to get to the airport to get out of town, you'll have to make other arrangements. riders said it's not the best idea. >> whoever decided was not thinking about a lot of traveler who's will be in stress this weekend. >> i think the timing is terrible. y are they picking that weekend to do it? >> while we recognize this is a
8:27 am
slight inconvenience on a holiday weekend. but when this rail switch, especially at pentagon city, when this is replaced and changed out, we won't have to come back to pentagon city for another 25-30 years. >> metro says they will have shuttle buses to the airport from the closed stations. the body of the woman accused of killing 7 people during a wrong-way accident may be exhumed. diane schuler crashed into an suv and died with her daughter and three nieces and three other men. police say the 36-year-old was drunk and had marijuana in her system. but a lawyer for her husband says there is enough cause to have her body exhumed for more testing. her husband insists his wife was not drunk and that she may have suffered a stroke. as students return to class, school work is not the only concern at georgetown. coming up next, why police say the georgetown cuddler may once again be on the prowl. d.c. residents, you may soon have a new television option.sick o
8:28 am
f ifou're sick of your cable company, we have news for you after the break. 8:27 now. meet the buttertons! back then, a lot of us were like the buttertons. nner's ready! golly! that sure looks delicious. ha ha, let's eat. we didn't know much about saturated fat and cholesterol. mmm, yummy! today, we know better. that's why there's i can't believe it's not butter! it has no trans fat, 70% less saturated fat than butter, and even less saturated fat than smart balance. best of all, it has the fresh butter taste you love. i can't believe it's not butter!
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8:31 am
8:30 right now at 62 degrees. ing a look at stories making headlines. the president's inauguration was not cheap and now the feds are reimbursing maryland for the expenses. the justice department is releasing money to the transit authority and $2 million to amtrak for expenses. no shortage of steeler black and gold at the game last november. according to the washington post, some redskins tick et cetera office workers broke team policy and sold thousands of tickets to 15 different ticket brokers. who then resold them online. they discovered the sales during an internal audit. the employ have been
8:32 am
disciplined and that's about all we know. cable, well you're about to get some competition. the district has stuck a deal to allow fios to all areas of the city. most lines will be above ground. the first round of service will be available in three years. verizon agreed to provide free cable service to 80 government buildings and community centers. and let's check in with tony for our forecast. and what a nice september. >> it is. usually low temperatures and temperatures in the 50s this morning and harrisonburg still at 48. but in the district we've moved up to 62 degrees now. okay, here is a look at the satellite radar composite for the region. there are a few clouds out there being reported at reagan national airpo. they're not popping up on the satellite radar, but we've seen some in our live shots throughout the course of the morning. but by far, mostly sunny and it will be for today.
8:33 am
want to show you the latest on tropical storm erica. she's encountering wind sheer. so not a particularly organized storm. been losing wind speed. maximum sustained winds 40 miles per hour. earlier i said there were tropical storm watches, but there are warning for warm paid -- for barbadoss and st. kitts. it could continue to move northwest. your forecast for today. mostly sunny. i cannot emphasize that enough. the only problem is a high result of ragweed. and now let's take a look at traffic with julie wright. we're looking what is happening on the roads.
8:34 am
and it's been busy for those traveling in virginia. george washington parkway jams as you travel from the beltway down toward the key bridge. police activity off the road to the median but that's the focal point of the southbound delay. this is the live shot of 270 out of germantown. still heavy and slow toward montgomery village avenue. that's where we had a crash moved over to the shoulder. traffic slows from falls road toward the split. north bound 95 clearing out out of road bridge and approaching the beltway onduke street toward 395. more delays from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. activity at sterling boulevard and causing a backup. on the dulles toll road, slow toward hunter mill road. a couple of breaks, but a tough ride inbound on the toll road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. students at georgetown university head back to class for the new year and they do so with a predator on the prowl who has been striking oand off campus. he's been dubbed the cuddler
8:35 am
and police say he could be ehind several bizarre attacks. >> the latest two this week and wilt thomas brings us up to date. >> reporter: d.c. police officials tell us these are serious crimes occurring out here and they don't know if it's one person or more than one. and they tell us there is at least 11 similar incidents in the past two years but because of the suspect descriptions are always so vague, they don't know if they're all connected. let's talk about the two most rent incidents. sunday at 6:30 in the morning on 33rd street, a young woman woke up and a strange man startled her. she ordered him to leave and he did. and now monday morning before 4:30, a female student was sexually touched while asleep inside her campus room in village a. housing. she woke up and found the man in her bed. when she screamed, he took off. d.c. police and campus police are beefing up patrol out here. the university's chief public safety officer addressed the incident. >> sooner or later we're going
8:36 am
to get to the bottom of this. this is aggressively being investigated. we're hip to hip with mpdto do everything we can to bring a perpetrator or perpetrators or suspects into custody. >> reporter: will thomas, fox 5 news. >> the suspect description is always vague so nothing concrete to pass along. police say he gets through unlocked doors and windows so they are asking students to be vigilant and lock up. it is a difficult time to be out of work, but fox 5 is continuing to high height opportunities for you in the region. our job of the day is up next. and the plans to keep you and your family healthy from the swine flu.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
whole foods is fast becoming a battleground for politics as hundreds of people rallied at a store in missouri. the goal is to show they're not buying into health care rear form and to support the whole food president paul mackey. he wrote a piece in the wall street journal opposing the
8:40 am
president's health care plan. and the whoe foods battling here, and there will be a protest at the arngn store today from noon until 1:00 p.m. american airlines is laying off 198 flight attendants will be furloughed. some will be put on leave or take voluntarily leave. the cuts take affect october 1st. the airline says the decreases in the number of flights forced them to make the cuts. if you're looking to work, head to the job shop. the job of the day, registered nurse positions to support walter reed. rb company is actively recruiting for fulmortie and on call positions. a orddfitional listings or to post a job yourself, head to and look for the job shop link. financial scammer burnie madoff will never again visit his beach pad on long island. the home is on the auction block. >> after the break, we're
8:41 am
taking you inside that vacation home. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. meanwhile, you might be going inside that vacation home. we're taking you on stage this morning as we're live at wolf trap's nationapark for the performing arts at theine center where high school musical is set to take the stage and we have yet another two stars on the stage ready to talk about bringing this phenomenon to life. keep waving. i'll see how long you can wave. keep it up. oh, yeah, that's the high school musical we know and love. coming up, we'll talk about the show and take you behind the scenes and tell ou how to get a special discount for watching fox 5. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. the double wave. you guys are special actors.  moms know kids need caium...
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but they also need vitamin d to help absorb calcium. with yoplait kids, trix yogurt and go-gurt,
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they get both. yoplait, the one for kids. go-gurt is specially made to freeze and thaw by lunch time? so kids can have their favorite yogurt in their lunch box go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up.
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montgomery county police officer and a driver are recovering after getting into a an accident. police say a car made an illegal left-hand turn in front of the police officer
8:45 am
yesterday. the force of the crash flipped the police car over. amazing video right there. both the officer and the driver of the other car suffered minor injuries. some sad news. conductor eric hundredel has died. he's known as a guest conductor with the national symphony orchestra. he led concerts since 1991. in an article, laura ling and una lee said ty were following their guide into the communist country for about a minute they say, but they were firmly back on chinese soil when guard ever guards -- guards grabbed them. they were pardoned after president clinton met with kim
8:46 am
jong-il last month. school officials near lincoln, nebraska, are on high alert after 200 students missed class after suffering from flu- like symptoms. administrators are urging students and parents to keep an eye out for fear and caught and body aches. the president got an update on the emergency preparedness for the swine flu. here is what he had to say. >> we're also making progress on developing a safe and affective h1n1 flu vaccine and we expect a flu shot program will begin soon. this program will be completely voluntary. but it will be strongly recommended. >> local leaders in d.c., maryland and virginia are drawing up their own plans. bob barnard with more now on the swine flu summit. >> reporter: there is not a lot of swine flu fear and anxiety on the streets. >> as long as people wash their hands and if they're sick, stay
8:47 am
home. >> reporter: some blame the government for overhyping h1n1. >> they kind of blew it way out of proportion and made so many people so frightened by it. >> reporter: the government says there has been one million case this is year, including about 500 deaths. 2,000 have died worldwide and yet some reports suggest a deadly pandemic later this year is not likely to materialize. >> the frequency, the occur ens is going to be sizable and our hope is that the experience of last spring where the variance is low except in targeted areas except with people with other health issues, we won't it doesn't get worse thn that. tim kaine has med with janet napolitano, the mayor fenty and alley to combat the virus. >> the best place to get the information is >> reporter: $7 billion has
8:48 am
been made available to states with budget cuts. >> we believe we will be able, notwithstanding challenges, to distribute vaccine as they become available and to push national stockpile should that become necessary in the course of the emergency. we have to. >> reporter: and yet some question the value of vaccines. >> i don't know about those. because i got the flu shot, and i still ended upcoming down with the flu. so i don't know how affective they are and will they be available for everybody? will they be free? >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> a study suggests it will not mutate into a dangerous strain. when it was combined with other strains it did not mutate into a super-bag. the governor will prepare a briefing on swine flu later this morning. uncle sams had a prime piece of real estate to unload. a beach house that is stylish
8:49 am
in the hamptons. the biggest selling point is that it once belonged to bernie madoff. burnie miller takes us inside. >> reporter: a plasma tv and custom made furniture, the government selling off all of bernie madoff's real estate. the first to go is a beach house. >> the value is $7 million and that's what we are looking for. >> that may not be much from a man who swindled -- swindled billions of dollars. >> reporter: it is relatively small by neighborhood standards but has some selling points. the fireplace, the sauna, the architecture and the view. >> the lay of the land is so that every room faces the atlantic ocean in a panoramic view of the ocean. >> reporter: well relatively speaking his beach house may not be a big ticket item, he has many properties that will
8:50 am
turn a good profit. like this manhattan apartment, this home in florida and several yachts. and it's not just houses and boats. u.s. marshalls will auction off all of the schemers personal belongings. >> there was a lot of personal property here, including a tv, stationary bike, works of art, tapestries and rugs. all tagged and ready to go. >> reporter: money made in the sale will go to investors he cheated. >> we're looking for maximum value on the items to give back to the victims who lost so much. >> reporter: it's too soon to tell if his notoriety will help or hurt sales, but regardless, many say there is little chance to recoup all of the money madoff ripped off. >> reporter: fox 5 news. >> your favorite characters are performing here through sunday and holly is where you can check out the exciting show. do you have all of the songs
8:51 am
memorized? >> reporter: i'm ready to be in the show. this is more fun than any kid should be allowed to have. do not deny your child the opportunity to come out and be a part of this. the weather is gorgeous and it's perfect for wolf trap. the show is awese. so it will be a memorable night for you and your family to come out and take part. there are two people nodding aggressively in agreement. and this is ryan and char pay. thanks for getting up for us. and so we're having our own wild cat session and you were telling me this is like the second city in oyour tour. so still kind of new out there. they did the national tour last year. but any time you start off on a new tour and new production, it probably has ask energy. >> we have a lot of new people on the show and a lot of fresh blood to hang out with. >> reporter: play jokes on. and i wanted to bring that up. because sometimes i think it's
8:52 am
fun for people to get an insight into a day in the life of an actor traveling. so tell me what your day is like on the road. what will you do today, before the big show tonight? >> well today we have rehearsal. but sometimes we sleep in and then we maybe go to the gym or we all kind of go out to brunch and then if we don't have rehearsal, we just spend the day in whatever city. we like to sight see. >> reporter: you're in the perfect place for sightseeing. >> that's for sure. >> reporter: but it's a high- energy show. when you see clips from the show, you leave it all on the stage when you're out there. do you have to keep rehearsing and training so that you can kind of stay in shape and do it all. >> yeah. keep the stamina up. because the end of the show is 30 minutes of pure cardio. >> and you're leaving, you're peeling off your clothes. and i wear a wig in the show, because sharpay is a blond and
8:53 am
you have to take that off and it leaves 10 pounds off my head. >> what is the biggest challenge? >> getting enough sleep. there is so much energy after the show and you go back to your hotel and you're rocking still. >> reporter: it's kind of like exercising late at night. you're still jeered up and it's hard to go to sleep. >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you think kids will get on stage? they've seen it a bunch of times on the tv or vcr, but what will they get out of the experience. >> a lot of people -- of kids like 4 or 5 haven't been to the theater before and it will be something they will remember and they know the songs and it makes it easier to connect. >> and all of us have had the first seater experience to introduce us when we're young and now we're doing this. and it's cool to be a part of
8:54 am
the process. we go off the stage door and there are so many kids saying i want to be an actress too. >> reporter: that's a great plan. a good way to introduce your sides to live theater. okay. so you're going to introduce me to a few of the high school musical moves. >> yes we are. >> a little bop to the top. >> it's our audition song that we do. so we're going to start off and you're going to punch to the left, and bop, bop, bop. >> and then bop to the top. ripe away your inhibition. bop, abop, bop, wipe away your
8:55 am
inhibition. >> you're fired. >> reporter: that was very sharpay. okay. you do that. [ singing ] >> reporter: look at. that and they go into character just like that. come on out and see the show. it opens tonight and runs through sunday. they have two special discounts you might be interested in. they have a back to school party pass for groups of 10 or more. you get 25% discount on your tickets. everybody gets a poster and you get free cookies at concessions through group sal. family four pack, this is the families out there, go online and if you put in the promo code fox dc, then you get 25% on on your tickets as well. i'm going back to high school. i'm just going to stay here i think. back to you guys. >> have fun. thanks, everybody. tony has e forecast when we come back. and it's a good one. w t is. stay with us. tm st
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well, look who was in ireland yesterday getting in touch with his roots. 67-year-old mohammed ali visited ireland. he recently found out his part irish. he received a heroes welcome from his new-found country. now to a rare glimpse inside the white house. how cute is that. capturing the moment. an intimate moment of sasha pryingo play a trick on her dad. here she is crouching behind a couch in the oval office. you can check out the white house photos under august photos on just look under news links. >> very cute picture. be careful who you sneak up on in the white house. >> she as -- she was arrested by the se s


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