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tv   Fox 5 News at Midday  FOX  September 2, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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we begin this midday news with breaking news. a suspect leads police from several jurisdictions on a dangerous chase. good morning, i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm tony perkins. the chase began shortly before 10:00 this morning. exactly where, we're not quite sure. but we know it ended at east capital street in d.c. beth parker is live on the scene and
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joins us now by phone. beth. >> reporter: hi, tony. we are on the bridge over the minnesota avenue, as you said, right where it hits east capital street. there are several dozen poce cars here. most of them that were in the district are from prince george's county and it's our understandg that that is where this chase began. apparently anne arundel county police asked them to check on the resident of a particular home in prince george's county, in relation to an investigation that anne arundel county had going on and this led to a police chase. many police cars here. there is a white suburban that seems to be the center of this and the car being chased. at this point all of the roads are blocked. so if you're traveling, you want to avoid this area, the minnesota avenue bridge in the area of east capital street. we do not have a lot of
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details. we are told they're going to be giving us more information shortly. so as we learn more, i'll keep you up to date. >> beth parker on the phone live at the scene. and if we get more information, it's breaking situation, relatively new, it wget more information during the course of the hour, we'll bring that to you. thank you, beth. the other big story we're following today, the man police say is esponsible for a terrifying scene outside of the holocaust museum makes his first court appearances. james von brunn was wheeled into a federal courthouse for an arraignment. he is the white house supremacist accused of killing stephen johns. he was shot by other security guards but survived. sarah simmons is there live. >> reporter: we were there as they wheeled him into the courtroom and appeared frail, was in a wheelchair as you said. and he was difficult to hear.
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he did speak out. just a few things he did have to say during the arraignment. when the judge and his attorney were discussing the issue of whether or not he needed to go -- undergo a competency exam, something they would do in the next 30 days. during that time he was noticeably shaking his head and was trying to speak. he did utter a few words, saying this: the constitution grants me a speedy and fair trial and he also spoke up saying, as a u.s. naval officer, i'm sworn to protec my country and take my vows seriously. the attorney was asking for a competency exam at the time to see if he is exeat helicopter to stand trial. the judge did advise him to listen to his attorney and undergo the exam. he has four charges that will make him eligible for the death
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penalty. he has been hospitalized since the june 10th shooting. you can see as he came into the courtroom, there was a wound to the right side of his face and his attorney explained it was difficult for him to hear and also difficult to speak. he is accused of killing special officer steven johns after opening fire at the holocaust museum. now the prosecution also brought up the fact, saying they have evidence that he was on a suicide mission, mentioning that there were funeral plans that he had made, checks he had written to his son, something they plan to bring up during the hearing that is expected in the next 30 days as he undergoes that exam. he will appear before the judge, judge walton, again on october 14th. we're live at the federal courthouse. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. >> sarah, thank you very much. a man accused of carjacking a woman is behind bars this
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morning. this wild story started at the metroparking ramp. police say the man forced the woman into the trunk of her car at gunpoint and drove around for about an hour and dropped her off in lorton. she called police and officered spot him and chased him. he crashed and took off. he was caught later. metro drivers said they will be more aware. >> i'll try not to change my habits. i'll be a little more aware but i'm not scared. just look around a little more and make sure my door is locked and watch my wife as she goes along. >> he's facing charges of armed carjacking and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. take a close look at the picture on your screen. prince george's county police need your help in finding suspects believed to be connected to the break-ins and thefts last month. the men and women targeted unoccupied homes and vehicles to steal credit cards and used them throughout the county. if you recognize any of the
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people in the images, you should call police. well it was another cool start to the day today with some temperatures in the 40s this morning but its turning out to be a nice one out there. i was just out. >> yeah, the sun is out and it feels like fall. tucker, are we hanging on to this? >> for a few days. it was so beautiful was i had to get rid of the tie because it's perfect across the area. and into the afternoon the teams will warm up. we'll be back into the upper 70 toss about 80 or so. so hang in there. if you felt cool this morning, you'll be nice and warm this afternoon. currently 72 at reagan national. 71 at dulles. and 72 at bwi marshall. i'll show oyu temperatures in the west. we're now well into the 60s. a nice warmup across the area. th is a nice looking satellite radar. there is nothing going on.
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very quiet conditions out there. clear skies expected throughout the afternoon. and no rain or thunderstorm activity today. so we're in for another nice one and the sun streak will continue. and mostly sunny, beautiful temperatures in the upper 70s to 80s and winds nice and light out of the north and east at 5 miles per hour. i'll have more on the forecast and we'll look at tropical storm erica coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> u tucker, thanks so much. our weather is great here, but tear stitt battling wildfires in the golden state. there is a glimmer of hope this morning. firefighters are getting more control of the fires near los angeles. >> but the fight is far from over. jennifer davis is live in southern california with the latest. jennifer. >> reporter: hi, tony and gurvir. now that the sun has come up, we can see the extent of the damage to the landscape. and i'll step away so you can see the charred remains left
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behind in this canyon. we're in the foothills of the angeles national forest. the fires have destroyed 60 homes and hundreds of thousands of acres. firefighters have made significant progress. the weather has been humid. that helps. there have also been some sprinkles, although no significant rain. no one is saying they have the upper hand, but many are hopeful. >> firefighters from across the western united states worked together, forest firefighters, city and county firefighters and crew configuration with bulldozers and helicopters and engines and we had a good outcome. >> reporter: full containment was projected by september 8th and has been pushed back to september 15th. 12,000 homes remain threatened and thousands are ordered out. >> the people that are not leaving, we're jotting down the names and addresses so we can notify the next of kin if we need to. >> reporter: there is less of a
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less to the observatory but the worst seems to be over. authorities in san bernardino has lived evacuation orders for residents in youk i'ma. >> thank god there is no santa ana winds becauseif that was happening, these houses would be in danger. >> reporter: the big fires are 22% contained and crews will be out hoping to increase the number all day. but there is concern the weather will not necessarily cooperate as it has in the last few days. the winds are expected to pick up tonight. there is achance of a storm that could involve thunder and lightning and humidity levels are expected to drop. none of those things are good for fire fighting efforts. live in los angeles, i'm jennifer davis. back to you. >> thank you, jennifer. you don't want the lightning, that's for sure. well from fires to water and lots of it. hurricane jimena weakened to a
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category two storm as it lashes the bajacalifornia coast. the storm's eye is passing west los cab os where winds and er rain have caused minimal damage. rescue workers and the military are making preparations for post-hurricane disaster relief. a powerful earthquake has rocked indonesia, killing 32 people while hundreds more are hurt. the quake hit on the main island of java. it toppled several homes, trapping families underneath rocks and dirt. it triggered a tsunami warning, but the warning quickly expired. it appears the taliban has struck again. the chief of intelligence was killed. tensions are rising in the wake of last month's presidential election. and we are learning more
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about the two american journalists held in north korea for more than four months. on an article posted on the current tv website, laura ling and una lee said they followed their guide into the communist country for about a minute. but were firmly back on chinese soil when guards grabbed them. they were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor but were pardoned after president clinton met with kim jong-il last month. one judge has enough from a mouthy robbery suspect. how he used duct tape to bring order to his court. >>also there is a holiday travel alert from metro. three stations will close during the long weekend and we'll tell you which ones and why. a a big family outine -- the dugard clan. they have 18 kids. they're prean t n. gu ecchout that story on we'll be ecback in a ment. don't go anywhere. they need a hobby.
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school official have been behind the scenes preppg for budget matters and helping students reach potential in the classroom. dr. superintendent dr. pat murphy joined us to talk about it. >> there is a lot of planning going on and communication between the different agencies and the local government and the regional government that we are talking and there is prepedness going on. and i think with the beginning of the new school year there is always anticipation and excitement and i think we come into this school year with that same level of anticipation and excitement. and speaking of swine flu. virginia governor tim kaine says there should be enough vaccine to go around. and maryland officials are gathering for a briefing on swine flu preparation. the maryland state department
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of education and the maryland higher education commission are also included in the meeting. and the topics include mass communication plans as well as vaccination procedures. >> i don't want anybody to be alarmed, but i do want everybody to be prepared. >> it's a call for calm as the country and the world gets ready for flu season. the president is urging americans to take steps to prevent contracting swine u. leaders in virginia, maryland and d.c. teamed up. virginia's governor tim kaine says there should be enough vaccine to go around but priority is to pregnant women, children and health care workers. yesterday u.s. homeland security secretary janet napolitano met with others to talk about a strategy. >> washing hands frequently, coughing into a sleeve and if you're sick stay home and keep
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your child home from school. basic things but they have a direct impact on the virus. >> when the cdc releases the first shipment of the virus, every state will get 900,000 doses. the fairfax county health department hosting another meeting tonight to discuss the virus. it begins at 7:00 at the west springfield governmental center. there is more information about that on under web links. the white house is scrambling to find a new way forward on health care reform and it looks like the president may have to do some heavy lifting of his own. mr. obama may be considering a speech in coming days to prod congress along. doug luzader has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: this is exactly what the president did not want to do, he wanted to leave details of health care up to congress, but so far that just isn't working. [ yelling ] >> porter: with the summer
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recess just about over, this is what many lawmakers are facing. this was a town hall for steny hoyer just last night and he got it from both sides. >> this is not about health care, this is before barack obama. don't forget it. >> reporter: and there may be a great deal of truth about that. he's tried to stay on the side lines during the debate on health care reform, but now it looks like he'll have to put down a marker. >> the distance, sort of the hands-off attitude he's taken has caused people to believe that they're not being told the truth. >> reporter: as he leaves for an extended vacation at camp david today, he's said it be considering a major speech to put congress back on tracknd win over an increasingly skeptical public and may consider dropping a centerpiece of his agenda, a public option though would create government- run health care. >> he'll continue to make calls throughout the week, judging and assessing where we are. >> reporter: and while many town hall meetings are still dominated by critics, supporters of health care are
11:18 am
beginning to organize and exert their own pressure. >> you can't say public option or we'll put you back in office. >> reporter: and that is the test for so many in congress. democrats fear losing seats over this issue in next year's mid term election and republicans see a clear opportunity here. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> and with all of that going on, the president's approval rating has dropd to 53%, the lowest point in his presidency according to a cnn research poll. the body of the woman accused of killing 7 people during a wrong-way accident may soon be exhumed. diane schuler crashed into an suv in new york park waive back in july. she died with her daughr and three nieces and two men. a lawyer for her husband said there is enough cause to have her body exhumed for more testing. her husband insists his wife wasn't drunk and may have suffered a stroke. a judge in ohio found a rather unconventional way to bring order in the court. a robbery suspect continued to
11:19 am
on about how unhappy he was about the public defender and so the judge ordered his mouth shut and taped it shut. he said he got the idea froa recent judicial conference. there was a turn out of many steelers fans at a redskin game. ticket sales were resold online and employee have since been disciplined. we want to show you a rare glimpse inside the white house. look at this. cameras captured an intermatt moment of little sasha trying to play a trick on her father. >> here she is sneaking up on
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him at end of the day. you can check out all of the white house august photos on just look under news links. >> i don't know if she was able to surprise him or not. >> i doubt. there was a photographer there. we do have a metro alert for you for the long holiday weekend. three metro stations including reagan national are about to be shut down. we'll let you know why meto chose this weekend for the work and how long they will be closed. and changes to southwest airlines. what the airline is doing to help cut costs. we want to take a look at our job of the day from the job of the day, medical and surgical register nuse positis to support walter reed. r and b is actively recruiting for full time and on-call positions. if you would like more information or additional lists or post a job yourself, do it on our website at just look under the job shop link. 
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there are some changes on the way at southwest airlines. airline is temporarily cutting one flight per day on 92 routes and increasing service on 42 other connections early next year. the new schedule is in affect from january 9th to march 12th. there is no word on which routes will be affected. they are adjusting to a decline in air travel and trying to fit seasonable demand for flights. american airlines plan to layoff almost 1,000 flight attendants. 921 flight attendants are being let go. 228 will be furloughed and may eventually be rehired. another 244 will be put on leave for two months and the remaining 499 will take voluntary leave. the cuts will take affect on october 1st. there is good news from the travel world if you're headed out of town for the labor day weekend. the roads won't be as crowded.
11:25 am
many people are expected to make trips of 50 miles were longer. that's a drop of 14% compared to last year. some 33,000 are expected to fly, which is a drop of more than 21%. some metro statioll uble fo esprouble for the holiday weekend. some of those stations will be closing. the pentagon city crystal city and reagan national airport metro stops will be closed for maintenance work between 9:30 friday night and to 4:00 tuesday morning. crews will replace an entire rail switch. metro says ridership will be at a low point. only 220,000 people expected. shuttle buses will good from the stations but some riders are not happy to hear about the shutdowns, especially during the long weekend. >> whoever decided was not think being a lot of traveler who's will be in stress this weekend. >> i think the timing is terrible. why are they picking that weekend to do it? >> we recognize this is a slight inconvenience, especially on a labor day
11:26 am
holiday weekend, the good news is when the rail switch, specially at pentagon city, when it is replaced and changed out, we won't have to come back to pentagon city for another 25- 30 years. >> and volunteers will staff the station to direct riders, to pay particular attention to those visiting, so tourists. >> i have to do it at sometime d whenever it happens, it will be inconvenient. >> i guess because it's a holiday weekend. >> but they say heridership is low. and it is nice outside. >> it is beautiful outside. it is seasony. the temperatures will be warming up. and we'll see how long the warm streak will continue. >> keep it up. and holly heads back to high school. holly. >> i don't know. i might need better night cream to convince people back in high school. but i am doing the next best
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thing as we are live at wolf trap national park live for the performing arts and the stage is tight now but tonight high school musical comes to life on stage, and how you can get discounts on tickets coming up on fox 5 midday news. stay with us. this fiber? i'd had my fill. then i found miralax. announcer: miralax is the only brand clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. you'll see. it's clearly different. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax.
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plus, for a limited time, a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. that's an overall savings of $240 dollars over six months. it's your last chance to get this incredible deal. 3 great services, for the price of 2. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v today. some of the top stories we're following this morning, the man charges with killing a security guard at the holocaust museum was arraigned today and take a look, this is just in, new video of james von brunn, leaving the federal courthouse this morning. he's been in the hospital, that's a photo you're seeing there, this is a video. he's been in the hospital since june 10th, since the shooting. the prosecution maintains they have evidence hes on a suicide mission. he is being held without bond
11:31 am
until next month. he's accused of killing special officer steven johns. breaking news from southeast washington from a ciho demiads lea cimide leads police on a wild chase. it started refobe 1 000:this morning and it ended with gunfire at east capitol street and minnesota avenue. let's get an update from beth park whore is live on the scene. beth, what do you know? >> reporter: well first let me show you what is back behind me. over there in the distance, you can see there is a white suv. that is the suv that was the subject of all of this, as you said all of this ended on minnesota avenue northeast. you see police cars from both prince george'county and the district. we do know that shots were fired and that one person left here on a stretcher. we don't know the identity of that person. we can tell you all of this began in upper marlborough. anne arundel county police asked prince george's county police to go to the home of a murder suspect. that suspect fled and then carjacked someone. police chased the suspect from princeeorge's county into d.c. as we said, all of it ended here at minnesota avenue northeast on the bridge.
11:32 am
we're not all that far from k. a number of shots were fired. more than a dozen police cars on the scene here. police chief cathy lanier has also arrived on the scene. we're still getting more information about all of this so we'll continue to keep you updated and have much more on fox 5 news at 5:00. back to you. >> beth, thanks so much for that. the other story is a national story on helping fight the massive wildfire in california. firefighters are making progress against the blaze in the angeles national forest that has killed two firefighters. firefighters have created a perimeter and about 22% of the blaze is controlled. and the governor plans to visit the fire area sometime today. they need some water there, it looks like they'll not get that. it looks like conditions are less favorable for fighting the fire? >> certainly the rain is in the forecast. they have the hurricane in the
11:33 am
neighborhood and that's bringing humidity, giving some clouds but the hurricane probably won't get that far north and we heard earlier it could cause thunder and lightning so we don't want that. >> how about here for us? it's very quiet. ot la ph bo ace s. her places. n >> i love it. ins a >> i love it. this is my favite time of the me year. peleopov tle pele love o o sdoesn't. doesn.'t >> julie. >> i like it. the only thing i don't ehtl olp. e th pollen ntis actually high today. eople don't think s angd tre.u spring and fall. >> ragweed and gras >> the ragweed is back. okay. other than pollen sufferers, this is a perfect day. look at these temperatures. 72 right now at reagan national. nice looking start to the day. 71 at this hour at dulles. 73 in frederick. 67 in winchester. earlier this morning, parts of the region here out to the west were in the 40s. winchester was 45 degrees earlier this today. so they were off to a cool start. off to the south, at stephanie
11:34 am
blair station, you were 72. ocean city is 77 degrees. nice day to be at the beach or just about anywhere in the mid- atlantic as the sunshine has roll add cross the region. look at the satellite radar and you can see how much of the area is enjoying clear skies. in the upper midwest we have nothing but sunshine and with high pressure, we're looking at bright days around here. our next chance for shower activity is more than five days away, i think. here is tropical storm erica. not looking very impressive. maximum winds of 40 miles per hour. they've flown a plane in again this morning and the center of circulation keeps bouncing around in the storm and it looks like it will continue to do so. so not much in the way of strengthening however it will push to the west and so the lee ward islands have a tropical storm warning and they could see heavy rain as erica pushes off not west northwest and into the bau hams into the weekends. so we'll watch that one.
11:35 am
and our weather looks great. our temperatures in the 40s tonight. you'll wake up with temperatures in the 50s and low 60s, but this high pressure, i showed you the clear skies off to the north and west, across its ohio valley, it will stay parked across the renallor the-- regional weather. high temperature of about 79th degrees, winds degree -- 79 degrees and winds out of the north and east at 5-10 mil per hour. warmer than this morning. nice looking five-day forecast. lo at that. just sunshine here for the next couple of days. our next chance for a shower -- we'll have to watch friday. we'll have a storm system pass to the south. it could bring us clouds on friday and we may add a shower on friday. right now we'll keep it dry. 84 on saturday, 83 on sunday. that's a good weekend to have a birthday. >> who is having a birthday?
11:36 am
>> my birthday was next week. you're birthday is this weekend. >> and dare i say, he's on the back side of 40. >> thanks very much. and we have a followup to the scene that we showed you last week. this was all of the talk, remember the man standing outside of tysons corner center saying i cheated, this is my punishment. we found out this morning, that this was all a big hoax staged by a local radio station. >> a radio station we will no longer be doing segments with. >> yes. and a musical sensation that has swept the country and now it's coming to a stage in our area. holly checks out high school musical on stage live. that's coming up next. and speaking of high school, don't forget to vote for the high school game of the week. you have about 24 hours to cast your vote. we have matchups from both maryland and virginia and if you would like to vote go to and click on sports. we'll be at the winning matchup
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[ music ] this is you. i thousand it said tony, but it said gurvir. >> but they look alike. >> your favorite characters of disney's high school musical are in town today through sunday. >> and this morning holly is out in wolf trap in vienna, virginia where you can check out the story yourself. >> reporter: right now at sun bathing at wolf trap. it is so gorgeous out here. absolutely picture perfect. it's my favorite place on the place of the planet to have a picnic and in the next five days you you'll want to do that because it is the perfect show set to open tonight. it is high school musical,
11:41 am
disney's phenomenon coming to life on stage. and brian, the general manager of the theater of the stores -- stars, which puts on the show. and we were just standing here saying there is no better venue. >> there is no better place. it's one of the most beautiful performing arts venues you've been to in my career. this is the third time i've been here in the last two years and you can't describe it, you just have to experience it for yourself. >> reporter: and this is so timely to have high school musical on stage and everybody is heading back to school. >> that's right. and it's such a great message to send the kids back to school with, that you don't have to stick to the status quo, which is one of the songs in the show. you don't have to mold to someone else's form. you can be what you want, you can play basketball, and you can sing. you can be a brain and know all of the math equations in the world and still be a performer. it just gives kids a lot of
11:42 am
hope and brings a new group of kids to the theater, that probably wouldn't come to the theater and until they are later into the teen years and keeps them going. it's over two hours of absolute energy and a great message at same time. >> reporter: so you'll see in everything that you love because high school musical fans are die hard. they like to watch the movie over and over. >> they sure do. >> reporter: but you're offering up something more. >> we have new music and brilliant choreography and it's live and right in your face and you feel like you're a part of the stage and the kids and the adults -- i mean, i love it. we produced this show several years ago as the world premier and disney took it and put it on the road and i never get tired of it. >> reporter: you're just a big kid at heart? >> i am. >> reporter: but also there is something special about this particular cast. we were fortunate during fox
11:43 am
morning news, we had four cast members spend time with us on stage. you can give us insight to the cast. >> reporter: it is a mixture of new kids with us and kids that were with us when we first premiered the show. and it becomes a family because they come back and have been in the installment of high school musical, we produced high school musical 2 last october and a lot of them came back with that show and a lot of have come back with this show and it's very exciting to have them back with us. >> reporter: it is something that would be great for your family as we head into the holiday weekend. the weather couldn't be better. but i also want to say, as we are changing seasons here at wolf trap, gram binder, come over here, because he's our public relations manager and you're wrapping up a successful summer center here at the filine center but you have more coming in the fall. >> we do. we have little hoag who is a talent the national musician
11:44 am
and we have classes for adults, kids, grand parents and ranging from 3 up to 65. there are guitar classes, singing classes, baby arts play classes for children. >> reporter: because sometimes people forget this is a place to come learn. but right now i want you could come be entertained with high school musical and here is really important information. two different discount packages that might apply. if have a group of t or more, you can call group sales or they will give you a package that gives you 25% offer on your tickets and give you posters and you get free cookies at the concession. if you are a family of four, you go to their website, wolf trap, and you put in fox dc and you'll get 25% off your ticket as well. you can predict the show will be great, but you can never predict that the weather will be perfect, but we can say it will be beautiful over the next five days. come on out. >> and that's probably my
11:45 am
favorite place to see a show. i love that. >> great place. and channel 5 is saving you money. how about that. good stuff. the investigation continues this morning into the death of a popular dj. tmz joins us next with the death of dj am. >> and what we are cooking coming up next. don't go anywhere. we're coming right back.
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11:48 am
in our business bin this morning, the investigation continues into the death of a popular d.c. >> and changes are made to michael jackson's death certificate. for more on these stories we check in with tmz's daks holt. let's talk about what is going on with dj am. there is a lot to talk about the death investigation and his buddy taking some time off to mourn. >> there is a report coming out
11:49 am
that he had oxycontin in his stomach and mouth when they found him and that's on top of finding the crack pipe. so obviously he had slipped back into his addiction. some people don't know him. he's a huge dj in hollywood world. dated nicole richie, mandy moore. but he was sober for a good 11 years. he was the model, recovering addict and doing ads to help some get off drugs and there was one in production and i think it will be good for addicts to see this, but it's a very sad situation to watch him decline. he was in the huge plane crash what travis barker and i think that was the downfall. he had to go on plane flights again and he was taking prescription drugs to get him through and i think that led him down this path. >> and was he taking any prescription drugs for pain that was a result of the crash? do we know that? >> after the plane flight he
11:50 am
was taking painkillers but i don't know if that extended on to after he was off. >> and there have been changes de to michael jackson's death certificate. what are those changes and what do they signify? >> well now the fatal injury listed on his death certificate now says intravenous injection by another person. so this means he was injected by someone else and the official cause or the -- they're calling it a homicide. so it's not looking good for dr. murray now that the official documents are saying that his death is at the hands of north person. >> and using that language, does that -- are they backing away from the homicide charge or does it change that in. >> no. no, i think that help it's out. if you're saying that michael jackson died because of an injection into his body, and it wasn't -- he didn't cause it himself, and then the homicide on top of that, i mean all things are pointing at dr.
11:51 am
conrad murray at this point. >> okay. got it. >> thank you. it's always good to see you. thanks for checking in with us. >> good to see you. and we'll cross our fingers that he'll be buried tomorrow. they pushed it off until tomorrow. and he'll be buried finally. so we'll watch that happen. >> thank you. we'll watch that. and you can catch the tmz crew here on fox 5 following the news edge at 6:00. now be sure to tune into midday tomorrow. we're going to be talking with renee zellweger about her new movie tomorrow on midday. >> that will be wonderful. and a little while back we had a chance to catch up with our love chef. >> and he showed us how to make sunny chicken salad. >> today we are cooking up sunny chicken salad with our friend the love chef, francis anthony and the author of four
11:52 am
books? >> four books. i'm going working on something on our website that the simpson people put together and i'm a character. it talks about healthy food. >> so what are you doing with us today. >> and this is our your website. sunny chicken salad and it will be good. when you were upstairs, i took a chicken and i took all of the meat and -- they love my hotel room and we don't do dishes here. we have this going on in he. we have some peno chopped in there. and you can seehat on our skycam we have right here. and we have celery. we'll put all of this together and one red onion. we put the onion in there and we mix this up and we get this all out. as this is mixing, allison we have to make the dressing. i put in here before, you watched me do, it i put a half a couple of olive oil and -- with monounsaturated fat, which is what you want and i took the
11:53 am
juice of two lemons and we'll put this right in here and we mix this up right together, one, two, three, zip, zip and it's no big deal. we put the lemon zest in there. >> that's no big deal. >> life is easy here. and then we'll take a little bit of mayonnaise. this is just a half a cup. your favorite style, whatever you want to make, make if homemade, be my guest. get if there and took 24/7 and allison, right now these oranges are naval oranges coming from chili. for over 25 years they've been bringing us citrus food, and now grapefruits and naval oranges and the biggest importer in the southern em is fear are from -- southern
11:54 am
hemisphere is from chili. and we're going to put some baby arugola and i have some salad dresses. >> is that it, chef? >> that's all we'll do. but we have secret ingredients. we have blueberries with all of the vitamins that you want. look at those close-ups. >> i never heard of blueberries on a chicken salad but i've never seen a chicken saled this fresh. >> the whole thing about blueberries, vitamin c. i'm woking on -- working on a new book. you should have a cup of these a dah to keep your brain going. this is coming from the love chef. and then i sectioned off some oranges. my hands are clean by the way. i washed them right underneath here in 100 proof vodka. don't worry. we now put the orange sections -- look at how easy we put that in there. and it looks good and tastes good. people hear the word health and go oh, don't tell me about health food.
11:55 am
all of the guys come in and want to know, what are you making, , it's healthy, i can't eat it. but we all have to eat it. >> and it's guilt-free. >> this is the nice part. this is lo cal. and we put in extra virgin olive oil. >> this feels like it was done with love. >> you have to cook with love. and this is what the world is about. and if you don't want the heat in the kitchen, go out to eat. but take your blueberries and oranges and do all of that good stuff because that's what it's all about. >> and as chef finished this dressing for me. if you want to see your recipe or restaurant profiled here, drop us a line at and you can find this recipe and we'll link you to the love chef on thank you so much. always good to see you. i can't even talk.  explain.
11:56 am
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we saw hollyalking about high school musical, singing high schoolers seem to be popular. the new series glee follows a news chorus making it through high school. and it's sure to be turning teenager news a glee club fan. and catch new episodes beginning september 9th. >> it's a directors cut because it's two minutes longer. 8:58. and that means it's longer. i sound like sammy davis. it is so nice outside. > and let's look at the five- day forecast. you can look out and see ns


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