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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  September 4, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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getting started. new this morning, two big fo stories out of california. on the left, the king of pop has finally been laid to rest. on the right, the massive wildfire now being investigated as arson. first, here is michael jackson's funeral. a person who attend the private ceremony called it a simple but touching and emotional service and said jackson's mother was overcome with grief. glad is knight performed. firefighters are continuing to make progress against a raging wildfire in southern california. investigators now say somebody intensionally set the fire that killed two firefighters and destroyed more than five dozen homes and burned # 26 square miles. that fire is now 40% con towned. so we'll have much more on these stories throughout the morning. we're glad you're with us on this friday. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. a lot more coming up. first, let's check in with tony perkins and get a look at the forecast for the weekend.
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>> the weekend looks pretty good. it is still holding true, the forecast wave been talking about for the last -- we've been talking about for the last couple of thiwt rhecut r rewit temperatures around the region. not quite as cool as it has been during the last couple of days. right now being here in 6eg4. d wareshgt, es64 degrees. pittsburgh at 58 degrees. new york city at 65 degrees this morning. here is a look at th satellite- radar. again, quite a bit of precipitation off the coast and to our north and east so we're in the going to worry about that. here, we just have some clouds moving through this morning. that will be a feature during the morning hours but later on today, we'll get those out of here and see a good amount of sunshine. your forecast for today becoming mostly sunny and once again temperatures actually for today near normal. our average high for today, 83- degree. weho sd get up to about 82, 83 degrees later on this afternoon. we'll have more details on the
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forecast coming up in just a little bit. stay with us. >> sounds good so far. >> let's check in with julie wright and find out what is happening out on the roads. >> no accidents reported for those traveling in northeast washington along new york and kenilworth avenue. you will find at that time lanes are open and it is still quiet in southeast washington. meanwhile, coming southbound off of270, easy commute for those out of rockville headed out towards the lane divide. you will find that the lane are open if you are working your way in each direction along 355 leaving clarkburg headed down towards the exit there in rockville. lane are open # 95 coming across the 14th street bridge. light volume right now for those cobtding over to the southeast-southwest freeway. -- continuing over to the southeast-southwest freeway. lanes are open 395 coming across the 14th street bridge. police started chasing a driver who they say refused to pull over. the suspect then rammed another car at 13th and independence. moments later, he slammed into the side of the yates building
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home to the u.s. forest service. a witness described what he saw. >> we were up by the capitol building and just walking down towards the jeff are son memorial and saw the car being pursued by the police but it was going very slowly. >> shortly before 8:00, the police were able to remove the victim and he was transported to a local hospital. his injuries are nonlife- threatening. >> the suspect is in custody. a metrobus struck a woman and it is unclear who is at fault. it happened at the florida and connecticut avenues during rush hour. metro will have to use d.c. crime cameras as evidence because the recording device was missing from the bus. witnesses say the accident terrified him.
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>> she was in the middle of street in front. bus and she was screaming so she was conscious at the time. >> she was saying a want to say something butthen she would pass out. we were telling her to hang in there, hang in there. >> the victim is 30-year-old amanda mke. she is a house staffer serving as a communications director for congressman rick larson of washington. after a four-hour closed door meeting, the montgomery county board of trustees voted not to renew the contract of dr. brian johnson. he fell out of favor with some of his employees for allegedly missing important budge the meetings and spending lavishly on himself including racking up $58,000 in credit card bills. another rowdy town hall meeting to address health care
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reform. this one in spread rexburg, virginia. >> senator mark warner hosted this one and there was a crowd of about 1800 people there. he batted boos and several incident rumss although there were cheers as well from those on both sides of the public option debate. he has been fielding a lot of phone calls from residents concerned about the future of health care. controversy over a presidential address to students around the country. the speech will center around working hard. critic says he is pushing his political agenda to children. sherry ly joins us with more. >> reporter: loudoun county schools has joined the growing backlash saying it will not carry the president's speech here at wakefield high school next tuesday. the administering has gone as far as to create lesson plans here for teachers at first suggesting that students right an essay about how they can help him leading some to question whether the president
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is pushing a political agenda. now, the white house says president obama's stay in school message at wakefield high school next tuesday is not about politic or policy but the seemingly innocuous speech soon stirred up controversy on the internet and conservative talk shows. parents threatened to pull their kids out of school that day and now the administration isackpedaling a bit. the department of education has change the suggested lesson plan from how kid might help the president to how they will achieve their own goals. students of parents we talked to are excited toker hat president but notten will like his message. >> i don't want the governme in our school system telling us what the young people should think. >> i think we should just let the president speak. i don't think he is trying to indoctrine ate us or anything. i think he is just rying to get out his message -- trying to get out his message. >> reporter: spotsylvania county schools in virginia have said that it will carry the president's speech.
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the education department says the swaying is up to each individual school. others are demanding that the president release his speech in advance so parents can decide whether there is a tt nt k want their kid to tolearn. new developments in noth korea's nuclear program. there is more fallout over the american guards in afghanistan involved in eoms unflattering behavior. we'll tell omyou whu at they'v been banned from doing. you're watching fox 5 morning news coming up on seven minutes after 5:00. hearts happy...
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north korea has announced it is in the final stages of enriching uranium. experts have long suspected that the north has a hidden uranium enrichment program. it could have a second way to make nuclear bombs. the family of jaycee dugard wants to keep her guarded right now but wants people to know she is a wonderful person. she is the woman who spent the last 18 years in captivity. police say philip garrido kidnapped her when she was just 11 years old and fathered her two children. the children have never gone to children but dugard's aunt says
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despite the lack of education, they are very smart. >> yaisee is a remarkable young woman who has raised two beautiful daughters. they are clever, articulate, curious girls who have a bright future ahead of them. >> police are speaking about garrido's past as well. they have linked three sexual assaults to him. he served prison time for one but back in 1972, police say he raped and drugged a 14-year-old girl but she refused to testify against him. there is moe controversy over the towards gone wild in afghanistan. there were pictures captured of american security officers moin kabul. alcohol is now banned at camp sullivan where the guards lived. security guards hired by a private contractor were threatened and intimidated by their prferz. an atm heist caught on camera. coming up next, masked bandits make off with the cash in less than a minute with the help of
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of a powerful device used by firefighters. >> police have strong words for these crooks. also coming up, we'll take a look at the forecast for today and the all-important holiday weekend forecast. thin dos look good. also, julie wright will be along to tell us what is happening on the roads. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. (announcer) what the world needs now is energy.
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the redskins wrapped up the pre-season last night with a 1- 3 record. the skins fell to the jaguars 4- 17 down in jacksonville. the burgundy and gold played without clinton portis and albert haynesworth. jason campbell was four for six for 33 yards in his only drive. i don't know if you watched, tony. this was a perfect example of why we don't need the pre-
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season. twelve fans there and it wasn't an exciting game. >> there is some speculation that in the future, we night not have a pre-season -- we might not have a pre-season. >> that would be good. >> the weekend looks fabulous. >> it has been a great week. >> it will continue for the next few days. >> okay. >> let's start by taking a look at the bus stop forecast as you get the kids ready for school this morning before we get into the holiday weekend. we'll see partly sunny skies once the sup comes up. there are some clouds out there right now so going to keep some of the temperatures cool, becausically in the low to mid- 60s although in some of the suburbs, we are seeing some temperatures in the 50s at this hour. so that is what you want to know as you get the kids ready for school this morning. current temperatures around the region, here we he go. # 4-degree here. # 3 in baltimore. i mentioned those 50s. frederick being maryland at 54. winchester, virginia is at 53
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degrees at this hour. satellite-radar composite for ouregion and again, most of the action is off to the coast. some rainfall off the coast of new jersey, long island, places like that, pushing up to the north and east. as that moves through, it is dragging some clouds in through our area this morning so actually reagan national is reporting mostly cloudy skies at this hour. you can see there is not a lot out there beyond this little swath of cloud cover. so later on today, a good amount of sunshine. here is why. again, high pressure dominates. and low pressure off the coast will not be impacting us at all. high pressure the dominant feature for our weather today. it will be calm conditions, quiet conditions. only real change from yesterday to today is i think our temperatures will be a tad warmer today. here is the forecast then for washington for today. more nice weather on tap. mostly sunny after some morning clouds, pleasant. high downtown about 82 or 83- degree. then your five-day forecast,
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holiday weekend looks great. now, let's talk about tomorrow. i've got partly to mostly sunny skies for tomorrow. 85degrees for your high. some indications it oulde even warmer than that, maybe about 87 degrees or so although some of the cooler areas, maybe 83, 84 sunday, 83 degrees. good amount of sunshine. monday look good. tuesday, i don't have it up here yet. that would be our first chance of rain but right now we'll keep it dry with a high of 82 degrees. now, let's find out what is happening with traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> all right. not much happening right now. we do have the planes lanes open if you are traveling along 95 and 295 coming in out of laurel headed gown down towards the beltway. you will find yourselfat speed. no accidents to report southbound 29 tech road headed out towards university boulevard. southbound 270 still in the clear leaving germantown for the split. this is a lymph shot of
5:19 am
northbound i-95. main line at speed north of 7100 leaving newington up to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 i on-time traffic. -- this is a live shot of northboundi-95. get ready for possible new fees if you use the dulles toll road. the airport authority is holing meetings to get the word out. as of 2010, rates would go i'm quarter at the main toll plaza and at the ramps off the toll road over the next two year, expe another 50-cent hike at the main plaza. that money would be used to improve the road and also for projects such as the metro expansion. no more radar speed cameras on connecticut avenue in chevy chase at least for the next few week. they've been removed but are being replaced by better
5:20 am
cameras. the first speed cameras had trouble taking pictures of the correct vehicle vehicle if there were more than one in the shot. they will be up an running by the middle of this movement. some local atm thieves have struck again. this time, the masked bandits caught on camera with a tool that firefighters use. they were tear ago part at m's. they have got wayne with $70,000 so far -- gotten away with $70,000 so far. paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: watch how quickly the men work. before you can dial 911, the man with the hydro ram has the door open. they grab the cash drawer and head out the door. sixteen times since may, they have pulled off similar jobs. >> they clearly have it and they are targeting a specific machine. they are familiar with the type of machine they are hitting. >> reporter: in this robbery august 0th, the men entered the chevron food mart on burros avenue northeast as the clerk
5:21 am
caught the action on his cell phone. their haul, fairly small, just $700. perhaps knowing that with a glance at the cash, one of the men grabbed some schipz on the waout the door. >> it takes them a matter of a minute or less to make this getaway with the money. >> reporter: police say the robbers are using stolen vehicles. this truck they got into outside the chevron had been stolen fry ametro lot. it was found abandoned five days later. the bandits have also hit this food store on h street. the atm still broken as well as this gas station and food mart on rhode island avenue. the atm the bandits dismantled now gone and an upgraded sturdier version stands in its place. watch how quickly the robbers stole from this atm at a liquor store in northeast. one man has the hydro ram. the other has what appears to be the fire fighting halogen tool. they grab the cash and go. are you on to these guys? >> like i said to mark, we're
5:22 am
going to catch them. >> reporter: one more thing, the bandits are not alone. in several cases including these two caught on video, a third person is behind the wheel. >> d.c. police have alerted business owners city-wide to upgrade their stand alone atm's. time now is 5:22. there are more fears about the swine flu. coming up next an alert for parents. a new report may have you taking more precautions when it comes to your children. >> stay home in you arek. syou cover your cough and sneeze and wash your hands frequently. tm
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depression, including risk of suicide may occur. if you experience any of these behaviors or reactions contact your doctor immediately. wake up ready for your day-ask your healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr. sobering new numbers about the swine flu's youngest victims. a new cdc study shows the h1n1 virus is taking a toll on children. >> about one in thirteen people who have died of swine flu in the u.s. have been children. more than 08% were five or older. 66% of those who died have had other health problems p before a report. >> reporter: since the h1n1 virus emerge the last spring, more than 40 children in the u.s. have died. compare that to the seasonal flu which kills between 50 and
5:26 am
100 kids each year. >> so far, it is not more severe. we don't know that it is less severe. clearly, the number of deaths are now at more than 500 togethers from h1n1 flu in the country in all age groups. >> reporter: a majority of the kids with h1n1 who die have other medical conditions. the cdc director says these kids will be among the first to get the vaccine once it becomes available. >> most of the children who had fatal h1n1 infects this past spring had an underlying condition. there were some children who didn't have an underlying condition and who did become severely ill and they were generally infected also by bacteria. >> reporter: the hope is to have the vaccine ready by mid- october. early results haven't raised any red flags on safety and the virus isn't really chaining or showing resistance to first line medication. >> not only has the virus not become more virulent or more deadly but we haven't seen lots
5:27 am
of drug resistance strains so the drugs we have available are still very effective. >> reporter: but just like the seasonal flu, the cdc stresses prevention is key. >> stay home if you're sick. cover your cough and sneeze. >> reporter: laura evans, fox 5 news. >> the centers for disease control and prevention says anybody with underlying medical conditions or anyone who thinks that they might be pregnant should see a doctor at the first sign after fever. still ahead, the escort forever linked to eliot spitzer is lashing out at her critics. we'll hear the strong statement she delivered. president obama is facing some heat for his plan to speak to students across america. the president is giving his back to school message here at a school in arlington but across the country, parents nationwide are threatening to boycott the speech by keeping their kids home. the growing controversy coming up.
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welcome back. taking a look at what is happening on the 14th street bridge right now, traffic pretty light this morning. 64-degree outside. another day -- this whole week has been very pleasant. >> it has been really nice and we were talking about how it will be a ll moontoday and sure enough, beautiful out. >> nothing to complain about. if you wanted to complain about something, it is cloudy this morning across much of the region but those clouds will move out and burn off and we'll
5:31 am
see a lot of sunshine not bad at all. toda not bad at all. let's take a look at t he eratures across the region. we are in the low temid-60s for the most part hoa iugltn h h asreaareas, we e are seeing 0smperaturn . 5 50s. washington, 64 degrees. norfolk, virginia, 71 degrees. pittsburgh, 55 degrees. in boston, it is 61 degrees. here is a look at the radar. we'll show you where the precipitation is thimorning. it is off the coast, well off the coast. pretty good area of low pressure out there bringing some rainfall. they may see some showers in parts of eastern new jersey and maybe long island but most of it is out to sea and certainly not going to be impacting us. clouds that we are seeing here this morning are associated with that low pressure system but again, it is pushing off to the north and east. orrecast s for usofor today lilo s okke this. some morning clouds s giving wa to mostly sunny skies. highs l w low s.80 up to 80 yesterday
5:32 am
and i think today, 82, 83- degree for washington. more on the weather coming up in just a little bit. >> all right. let's check in with julie once again with a look at traffic. >> good morning to you all. we are looking pretty good right now with no accidents to report if you are traveling at the wilson bridge. light traffic volume each way. the top side as you travel south on 270 at speed as you leave hyattstown headed down towards the truck scales. ehrhardt speed all the way out towards the lane divide. no incidents to report. 66 traffic behaving nicely right now for those leaving manassas continuing inbound this morning leaving fair oaks and continuing eastbound towards 123 and approaching the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. it was a somber and touching ceremony for the king of pop. family and friends wished a final farewell to michael jackson. two months after his death, he was finally buried.
5:33 am
the funeral took place last night at the forest lawn cemetery. jackson's children, parents and exhibit lynns joined 200 people for the private ceremony. those on hand included elizabeth taylor and the refuse -- the reverend al sharpton. the meunch ares carried jackson's casket carried by five brothers into the mausoleum. the u.s. forest service says the massive blaze that killed two firefighters in california is a case of arson. the los angeles county sheriff's department says two firefighters died. the wildfire has destroyed more than five dozen homes and burned 226 square miles. it is now 40% contained. a key piece of he had is missing and now investigators will have to use d.c. crime camera to see who is at fault in a metrobus accident.
5:34 am
the drive of that bus hit a jogger. the bus had cameras inside it and out but the recording device was missing. the driver is on paid administrative leave which is common during an investigation and the jogger is now stable condition in the hospital. >> really bad shape. it is just absolutely amazing she survived. she was hit, they said, i talked to the guy, here in this intersection. she flew about 60 feet. >> when my roommates and i heard that, it made us think twice about our safety in tems of running through the streets. >> it took investigators hours to find out who the jogger was because she didn't have any identification on her. police did remind joggers they should carry an id and program an emergency contact number into their cell phones. a car crash in the federal building. let's take a look at the suspect's car launched into the side of the yates building, home to the u.s. forest service. police were slowing pursuing the driver but instead of pulling overing he ram another
5:35 am
car before crashing into the building. officers then swarmed the vehicle. >> the suspect has been taken into custody by the u.s. capitol police and he is at a local hospital being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries at this point. he was the only person in the vehicle and we do have him in custody. >> police did search the car to make sure nothing dangerous was inside. the district commissioned an investigation into possible cheating at 26 public schools including public charter schools where math and proficiency on standardized tests increased mark he hadly. that probe analyzed incorrect student answers that were erased and changed to correct answers and found anomalies. a full report will be released later today. president of montgomery college is on administrative leave over accusations of lavish personal spending and missing meetings. aa four-hour closed door meeting last night, the montgomery county board of trustees voted not to renew the contract of dr. brian johnson. he fell out of favor with some
5:36 am
of his employees for allegedly missing important budget meeting and spending laugh irishly on himself including racking up $58,000 this credit card bills. now to the battle over health care reform. virginia senator mark warner has been taking phone calls from commonwealth residents concerned about the future of health care but last night he addressed hem in person. emotions were running at yet another rowdy town hall meeting. a crowd of about 1800 argued both sides of the public ption tea bate. this was senator warner's first town hall meeting. president obama is delivering a back to school speech next week aimed at encouraging children to work hard and stay in school. but some parents want to shield their children's ears for fear the president is simply promoting a political agenda. he is delivering that peach in wakefield high schl in arlington. that is where we have sherry ly
5:37 am
with more on this controversy. >> reporter: school as cross the country have decided not to show the president's speech here at wakefield high school on tuesday including some here in northern virginia. loudoun county schools say president obama's speech does not fit in with their first day of school schedule and what seems to have sparked all this controversy are the suggested lesson plans released by the administration which at first suggested that students write an essay abo how they can help the president. now, critics say president obama is using the opportunity to inject politics into a public classroom. but the white house says the president's message is neither about politics nor policy but to encourage kid to stay in school. districts in texas, illinois, minnesota are parents threatening to keep the
5:38 am
children home. they have now changed the lesson plan to how the students can achieve their own goal. >> i do believe the white house has an obligation to release the president's text before tuesday and tell parents across this country what he intends to say. >> maybe they're just jealous that he is n coming to their kids' school. it's big honor for us and i think that people need to put aside petty politics in something hike this and really look to the fact that this mayonnaise fantastic role model for all of our children and i think that it is something that our kids are always going to remember for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: the white hoe says it will release a copy of the speech on monday so parents and schools can make the decision for themselves whether they want kids to see this. now, president obama is not the first president to do this. first president bush addressed schools back during his presidency and that was carried coast to coast.
5:39 am
the department of education says, in this case, it is ultimately up to the schools. live in arlington, sherry ly, fox 5 news. straight ahead, it was a violent night overseas in afghanistan. coming up next, nearly 100 people were killed inen air strike. the escort forever linked to eliot spitzer delivers verbal jabs to her critics. hear what she wrote in a blog. ♪ there's the other stuff. ♪ and then there's kraft macaroni & cheese. ♪ kraft has more cheese than those other guys. no wonder they call it the cheesiest!
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making headlines ts morning, the space shuttle discovery astronauts completed the second spacewalk of their latest mission. two crew members ventured outside to install a new tank of coolant for the international space station. she did it despite the big piece of orbiting space junk floating just a few miles away. an old rocket part is expected to pass within two miles of the shuttle but there is no threat of the shuttle being struck eastchester a nato air strike in afghanistan has killed at least 90 people. semi-finals say the taliban hijacked two tankers delivers rg fuel to nato forces. it happened about midnight in the northern part of the country. afghan officials say the attack also killed a senior taliban commander. the high-paid escort forever linked to eliot spitzer has a message for her critic. ashlee dupree ponded to an article about the ex-new york governor contemplating a return to politics. she denies cashing in on the scandal and says she is sick of
5:43 am
people, espeally womb judging her. here is an excerpt fro her blog where she writes: . there are new developments this morning for one family's bat toll bring a winery to fairfax county. we'll have fa fox 5 follow-up coming up next. if you are looking to cash in on labor day deals this weekend, you better act fast. >> the longer the consumer waits, the less selection they will find. it might not be wise to play that game of chick within retailers this holiday season. >> the tactics that retailers are using to recover from poor numbers. as we head into the long labor day weekend, we'll check out your friday morning commute for you. it is already really busy out there on the american legion bridge. and tony has a long weekend forecast coming up right after the break. $5 for the sub, huh?
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. back now with a follow-up to a story we brought you earlier this week. fight for the first winery in fairfax county. things are looking up for the family that wants to build the winery in clifton. they have received preliminary approval from the virginia alcohol alcoholic beverage
5:47 am
control board. they dismissed concerned the winery would have a significant imact for local traffic. the county can still appeal the abc ruling. w that traffic there on the american legion bridge just a minute or so ago and it is really busy already. >> some pele probably beginning their holiday weekend already. labor day is always -- memorial day and labor day in d.c. always interesting because it is so quiet in the city because so many people have left town. it is kind of nice in a way. >> what about the weekend weather? >> i'm glad you asked. i'll show you the weekend forecast for your holiday weekend. things look pretty good. high tomorrow, potentially, of 87 degrees. we'll see. i think it will range from 84,
5:48 am
85, up to 87. sunday, highs in the mid-80s. lots of sunshine both days so that is ceainly nice. current temperatures around the region, we are at 64 degrees here in washington. it is not quite as cool in the d.c. area as it has been for a good part of this week. 60 at dulles. 6 # in baltimore. we do still have some temperatures in the 50s out there. actually, winchester at 53 not as cool as it was earlier in the week when those temperatures were in the 40s. -- 63 in baltimore. not a lot to see here except that stream of clouds moving through right now. some high clouds coming through. they are associated with this area of low pressure off the coast. that is the only impact that is having on us is the cloud cover. precipitation is off the coast. if anyone sees rain, it could be a little bit of light rain here and there at some of beaches up to the north during the course of the day. for us today, most more nice weather. mostly sunny skies after morning clouds. pleasant, high into the low 80s today. we made it up to 80 yesterday. for tonight, mostly clear, cool, low downtown about 06. again, i think that means we could see some areas in the 50s
5:49 am
during the overnight hours in some of the suburbs. five-day forecast, again, told you about the weekend. that average high for tomorrow, 85 but it could get up a little bit warmer than that. 83 or so for sunday, monday and tuesday right now look to be dry with a couple of clouds added in. high into his the low 80s. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on this morning's traffic which is a little busier than normal. here is julie wright with that. >> normally we find for a holiday weekend, folks either leave on thursday so yesterday afternoon, that commute was real busy and then this morning, a lot of folk will take off earlier rather than sit in traffic. the busiest time to travel will be between noon and six p.m. lanes on the outer loop are open as you continue from maryland into virginia. inner loop looks great as you continue northbound leaving the toll road headed around towards the exit for 270. but again, travel times busier between noon and six p.m. so if you are headed out of town, now is the time to go. no accidents to report along
5:50 am
northbound i-95. this is the live shot for those traveling north of woodbridge. all of the lanes here are open. the beltway runs smoothly as you make your way between annandale and merrifield an no incidents to report at the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a quick reminder about o m treclosures this weekend. reagan national airport station, chris essential city citytrn an pentago stion are all going to close tonight at 930:67:89 they will reopen in time for the tuesday morning rush. all three will close tonight and reopen tuesday due to maintenance an repairs. one more session on wall street before monday's holiday. yesterday, the dow deigned 6 # points. the jax jumped 16. the nikkei slipped 27 points. car dealerships are getting their payday for completing the cash for clungers program. the government approved $500 million in reimbursements to dealership whose participated. back to school shopping hasn't done a whole lot to pull
5:51 am
retailers out of a sales slump and if the trend continues, it could be bad news come this holiday season. melanie alnwick explains. >> reporter: holiday shoppers are notorious for holding out for last-minute sales. that might not be a winning tactic this year. >> the longer the consumer waits, the less selection they will find. it might not be wise to play that game of chick within retailer this holiday season. >> reporter: trying to avoid last year's price slashing, retailers are carefully planning their holiday inventory. expect fewer styles, sizes and colors to choose from. >> you won't see a lot of differences in models say, for example, digital cameras but in terms of sweaters, shirts an jeans, i do think you will probably see a lot of basics. you think you will see a lot of retailers play it safe. >> reporter: the back to school shopping figures really reinforce where buyers are
5:52 am
focused. for example, abercrombie and fitch sales fell 29% while aero postal rose 9%. customer are shying way from department shores. macy's dropped 8.1%. even fashion conscious yers are looking for bargains. >> i look for the designer's low end and it seems like a lot of them have like three or four levels and i'm looking at the bottom level. >> reporter: the pullback might also cause retailers to reduce holiday payrolls. >> there will be alet more competition this year than past years for the part-time seasonal jobs. >> reporter: still shopping centers are planning propromotions and special sales. >> we're working closely with the store managers obviously to the holidays but i think that their confidence that we'll have a really good holiday season. >> reporter: customers finally coming back would be the surprise gift of the year. >> if you are in the market for electronics, it might be easier for you to comparison shop this
5:53 am
year. manufacturers are making few are deals with retailers to offer exclusive rod ukts so you will be able to find the exact same item to price shop at a variety of stores. the redskins have wrapped up the pre-season. we'll show you who may have played themselves out of a roster spot. a pretty good day for michael svick, on the field and off the field. 
5:54 am
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. in sports this morning, the redskins finished up their preseason schedule last night in jacksonville an some player dds the bubble may have played themselves out of a roster spot. anthony aldridge full bells than spots the skin down 10-0. chase daniel fight for the third quarterback spot also fumbled. he had a rough night. this fumble led to a jacksonville recovery. the defense stepped up in the second half. todd bowman picked off. that will uncrease his chans of making the team for a second straight season. redskins kicker position still up for grabs. sean sweeten it a good job of trying to keep his job drilling a 48-yarder. another bubble play are is running back dominic dorsey who is also a returner. he scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter but that was not
5:57 am
enough for the skin who lost 24- 17. michael vick is a happy man. just hours after he was told he could play starting in week three of the regular season, he got he can tenned playing time in the eagles final pre-sent season game against the jets. he looked good but the jets won. maryland terrapins out on the west coast for their sean opener on saturday. they will playing the cal bears. the terps got best of the golden bears last year but understand it could be a different story tomorrow. also, nc state got their way last night against steve spurrier and south carolina. brian maddox sees a hole up the middle. he powers in for a lead. gamecocks up in the first quarter. poffle pack down by four. great chance to take the lead. jay smith drops what looks luke a sure touchdown. that would have been the difference. south carolina win the low
5:58 am
scoring game 7-3. straight ahead at six this morning. >> stress is a killer. >> what are you doing? >> what are you doing? >> when is he doing? >> there are some new movies set to hit the big screen that labor day weekend. also checking your friday morning commute which is kind of a busy one already, look at the american legion bridge. re s6:bo 6:00 this morning. fox 5 morning news is back in just two minutes. (aouncer) what if your foundation could last 24 hours? what if it could do everything but the dishes? new superstay 24hr. makeup from maybelline new york. it's fade-proof. it's sweat-proof. it slices and dices through heat and humidity. others fall apart, but thanks to our micro-flex formula, superstay 24 hr stands up to the stress! stays flawless all day. looks perfect cause it's the do-it-all, through-it-all, 24 hour makeup...
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