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tv   Fox 5 News at Midday  FOX  September 7, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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use the pledge fabric sweeper. it's quick and effective, removing as much pet hair... as 145 stinky lint roller sheets. wow! it really works! ooh, that is one big hairball. ( cat meows ) pick up pet hair. that's the beauty... of the pledge fabric sweeper. you'll find it where you find pledge. s.c. johnson, a family company. president working this labor day. >> the president will deliver his speech from wakefield high school in arlington. white house officials say he will emphasize the importance of personal responsibility and education, but there are some people worried th that presiden is trying to push his own political agenda. sarah simmons has our top story. >> reporter: critics are
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concerned that the speech here tomorrow at wakefield high may be a platform for the president to push a socialist agenda. the administration say that's not the case, they simply want to encourage students to stay in school but some parents around the country don't want to take the chance. the president plans to address the students. some oppose, citing the possibility of politically motivated content. some are opting out and some are letting teachers to make the decision and if the parents don't want their children to hear the comments, they can opt out. >> we're in a different era and i think people are more vocal about their political beliefs. >> i think they should have the choice. >> the president secretary under george h.w. bush says he understands some
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of the concerns but also believe the teachers can use the mounting backlash to help educate. >> if i were a teacher i would take advantage of it. i would put up lincoln and eisenhower and reagan and teach about the presidency and put up the head of north korea and say if that country you go to jail if you criticize the president and in our country you have the right to do it. >> reporter: the president's education secretary is saying the uproar is just silly and he's not the only one who feel this is way. >> i have absolutely no problem with my children list aning to what the president says, especially if it's a stay in school message. >> reporter: watching the speech is voluntary for students. prince george's county school officials will show it during government classes but students can opt out f. loudoun county, school officials, they said they received so many complaints fr the parents they had to pull the plug
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together. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> a transcript of the speech will be released around noon today and we'll have a copy of it on our website at it's a busy labor day for the president. he's traveling to cincinnati ohio to speak to union members at the afl/cio annual labor day picnic. he'll talk about health care reform and announce he has named ron bloom for manufacturing policy. he served on the auto industry task force. after weeks of debate in congress and at town hall meeting, the white house issuing signs of compromise when it comes to the public option of government run health care. >> you said there must be an exchange where people can get insurance at a competitive price and begins in competition and choice. the public option is an important tool to help provoke that where there is no competition. he still believes that. >> i think if he had a set of
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proposals that talked about cost containment and then a realistic way to cover more people through tax breaks, tax exceptions, subsidies, i think republicans could support it. >> shrounded in controversy, the white house green czar is stepping down. the environmental advisor van jones is resigning after what he calls a vicious sneer campaign. he came under fire for suggesting a government role in the 9/11 terror attacks and for allegedly making derogatory comments about republicans. it was a beautiful holiday weekend. but things are changing today. a little bit cloudy out there. you can sort of feel its rain in the air. >> what can we expect for the rest of the long weekend? tucker barnes joins us with the details. tuck. >> not a perfect forecast for the remainder of the holiday weekend as we have a lot of clouds around. abnj e tthe co
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olol temperatures with the uppenduppes a it al wbe a on. ry after co tle sofathowers. the satellite radar, a one-two . nh a oa and a bigger system out if the anheko banks and a miserable day e ert and the shower ershing up toward ea see lowho . eaerern sho. so down toward ocean city, bethany and rehore, syou' n for showers and here in we have the possibility of some showers as well. e lhd thhd radar, and also raining in ocean city and down toward alisbury. thiasn toraea later eae avthe possibility of some scattered showers around here as well. any time later today. temperatures 69 degrees now. bwi marshall 69. we're see higher temperatures cooler than yesterday with clouds in the forecast. highs only in the mid to upper 70s and cool with the
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possibility of scattered showers. so not the perfect end to a weekend but we can't complain about saturday and sunday. i'll have more details on the weekend coming up. back to you. swine flu is spread ago cross college campuses. at least 2,000 students at washington state university have reported symptoms of h1n1. school officials says this appears to be one of thagest outbreaks on any campus. the first signs were reported during campus rush and then it spreaded rampantly with 200 reported cases a day. swine flu fears spread at the university of maryland in the meantime as it has now 15 new suspected cases tax brings the. that brings the total of 79. they asked those to go home and get panic. they ask students not to panic
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but to use the best line of defense which is hygiene. >> everywhere they tell you to take pureel before you leave and come in. >> those with symptoms are being treated as if they had the swine flu. an accident more than a mile to the nearest road for a women who needed care from a rescue team. matt acland has the story. >> reporter: park police helicopter eagle 2 lifted off after a call came in from montgomery county fire rescue. the injured hiker along the billy goat trail needed to get to the hospital fast and it would be nearly impossible to carry her out on foot. >> the people that aren't familiar with billy goat trail, it is a very rugged trail. >> reporter: this is video of taken from
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just above the side door of the helicopter. look at the ragged rocks below as the helicopter flies along the potomac. the two pilots and one rescue technician knew this operation would be extremely dangerous. >> the winds were favorable. it was a difficult area in that it was limited access. we're right on the edge of the rocks, the rotears are close to the trees. >> reporter: as the pilots kept the helicopter steady, away from trees and rocks, chris perkins, a rescue technician and paramedic, took charge of connecting the helicopter with the montgomery county fire rescuers below. >> they rescued the patient and we lower down the hoist and brought the patient up in a basket like this. >> reporter: it took less than a minute for the victim to make it safely on board. the helicopter crew then cut the support cord from beow. 12 minutes later they land at the hospital.
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they say the mission had to be carried out by air. there is no taking how long it would take to get her out by foot. >> they were in such a rugged area that to manually carry this woman out would have put the rescue crews and her in an exorbitant amount of danger. >> reporter: matt acland, fox 5 news. >> after they spoke with matt this weekend the crew headed for great falls and patrol areas where people are out hiking and swimming. it turns out remains found in anne arundel county do not belong to a human after all. body parts that appeared to be human were taken to the state morgue where a medical examiner where it was confirmed it was bear paws. this is not the first time remain have turned up in the area. family and friends came together to remember two people killed in a car crash.
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jonathan wade ortiz and his grandmother died after being rear-ended by an suv while stopped at a red light. the other driver, 26-year-old william mallory, was charged with dui and is being held without bond. the investigation into june's deadly metro crash now includes a look at a near miss incident. investigators are comparing equipment from the summer accident that killed 9 people with equipment removed from the si oa 2005 incident. that in incident the metro communication rail collapsed causing two tro i tnscollide. and if your holiday plans include getting around on metro. the blue lines omfr reagan national are shut down. and you ought to add an extra 45 ri ro m droides dto do the track work over the labor day weekend because it's one of the least traveled weekends on the rail. another travel note, the
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bay bridge sure so be a busy place today. the maryland transportation authorities says 366,000 vehicles will cross the bay bridge this weekend. the best advice is to travel over the bridge before 11:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. a free education for those who have fought for our freedom. we'll take a look at the new gi bill and how it's affecting college enrollment. and now a little boy has been found after two years and wait until you hear where he was and who had him. and try explaining this one to your insurance company. a man fires a cannon into his neighbor's home. you can find that story on click on the off beat section. stay with us.
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a miraculous discovery at sea.
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nine people killed when crews were able to rescue almost 1,000 people on board, including a woman found bobbing with a life jacket eight miles from where a ship ferry went down. no word on what caused that accident. crews are gaining ground on the arson sparked blaze in los angeles. investigators are looking for clues found near a highway where the fire started. the fire did kill two firefighters that burned 246 square miles and destroyed at least 78 homes. nearly $50 million has been spent fighting the flames. full containment is not expected until next week. take a look at this video. this captivated audiences watching us this morning. a new jersey state police taken on a high-speed chase. a late model call with connecticut license plates was traveling nearly 90 miles. the driver finally came to a stop when he reached the toll plaza and didn't have anywhere
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else to go. some beaches in massachusetts, a whole lot quieter this holiday weekend. officials in cape cod closed beaches after as many as five great white sharks were spotted. three got within 75 yards of shore. biologists were able to electronically tag two of the sharks. that's a first for great whites in the atlantic. well he spent nearly 7 years behind bars. >> now former ohio congressman is coming home to a hero's welcome. more than 1200 people june turned out for james trafficcant's release. he was convicted on bribery and racketeering charges but many supporters say he was wrongfully convicted. former massachusetts lieutenant governor carrie healy has decided not to run for the seat. she says it's not in the best interest of her family. she served under mitt romney and there is sill a
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possibility that stay law will allow the governor to name an interim person until the election. and u.s. troopare accused of storming a hospital, forcing patients from beds and tieing up hospital employees and family members of those tients. the accusations come from a swedish charity. the troops were said to be searching for insurgants. u.s. military officials do confirm the hospital was searched and are now investigating the allegations. with the new gi bill in place, colleges and universities across the country are seeing a large number of veteran enrollment. it gives the vets more opportunities after leaving the military. laura engal has more. >> veterans are the nontraditional student. >> reporter: from the battlefield to the classroom, the transition for veterans isn't easy. >> one of the main challenges was to pay for the room a board. >> reporter: the new post 9/11
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gi bill will pay for tuition and fees for men and women who have served our country since the terror attacks. >> it will save me probably about $40,000 in loans and in grants. >> they have been deployed and you're facing new issues. >> reporter: tre is a new influx of students like here at rutgers where there are special orientations, new websites and mentoring programs. >> it gives them a presence in the university community where you come from te military, you have a rank and a name, to come to rutgers is a big melting pot. >> reporter: the bail covers the cost of text books and provides a monthly housing allowance. in many cases vets can go to college r free. >> they guarantee all of the freedoms we know, so we should be rewarding them as much as we can. >> we're excited about the students coming.
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we're going to do everything we can to help them succeed. >> the department of veteran affairs expects a 20-25% increase in the number of those who take advantage of the education benefits under the new bill. that could mean some 460,000 veterans nationwide will have a chance to get into the classroom and earn a degree. >> there is enough stuff we have to worry about after we get done, this is just one less heart ache that we have to worry about. >> reporter: for michael em brick who lobbied congress for more education benefits after he returned from afghanistan, he says the bill is worth of effort. >> it does them more than any money or anything of that nature. >> reporter: laura engal, fox news. >> to learn more about the gi bill, go to and click on web links. raw savage has completed
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the second leg of her mission to row across the atlantic. the second leg of her voyage has taken her across 3,000-mile doors more than 100 days at sea, equaling more than 1 million strokes. >> there were lots of challenges. navigationally it's quite difficult to cross the equator. there are tricky winds and currents. but it's also a psychological challenge. spending that many time on your own on this tiny little row boat. so it's nice to be around people again. i'm very happy to have my feet back on dry land. >> she says the purpose of her quest is to help raise the awareness of -- of climate change. after a week of virtual nonstop work, the crew of the discovery is resting. they did repairs during three space walks. astronauts are packing up for
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the return to earth on thursd. a 6-year-old boy missing for two years has been found alive in southern illinois. he was reportedly kidnapped in a custody business pute but wait until you hear where he has been living the past couple of years. plus who is responsible for the breakup of the beatle. new insight coming up. and as we go ot break, usj reminder that we're helping you finda job. a auto glass installer is needed in beltsville. to find out more go to and click on the job shop tab on the top of the home page. we'll be right bacafter the break. [ sniffs ] an olive.
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get your christmas club card and use it... to start saving up now... and we'll add a 3% bonus to your card -- just in time to shop for christmas! yes, the christmas bonus is back! one more way to shop your way, only at kmart and sears. welcome back to what's cooking, everybody. and i would like to introduce you to the chef of a company
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called kochinea 69 and that means kitchen. and tell us about your restaurant. we're a manufacturing company. we sell high end sauces to grocery stores. currently we have four sauces. marinara, portiney mushroom and we sell to kentucky, ohio, new jersey and pennsylvania. >> how did you get involved in this. this is a very neat business to be involved in. >> i worked in restaurants about ten years now. the first restaurant i worked in when i was in high school was a restaurant called dominico at tysons. i went off to the corners of america and i got recommended to go to this school of italian cuisine and while i was there the chefs from italy would come and teach us about recipes from
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heir region. >> and we're going to do some salmon today and see what sauce goes best with the dish chef is doing for us today. that's sort of a product you can buy in your own home. so it's a two-for. >> sounds good. we'll check in with you in a little bit. the forecast is -- we've had brighter days, like your shirt. >> that's why i wore the shirt today. >> and there is a live shot. you can see the cloud cover. i'll let you know if we'll see rain falling from the clouds coming up in a few minutes. and holly this morning is relaxing for a cause today. >> i know. it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. i have to talk in my best massage voice as we are live at massage envy where they do believe massage is magical. come on in and take a look for yourself. i think your blood pressure will drop just as you walk in. coming up, we'll teach you a few massage techniques that you haven't heard of before and we'll tell you about how you can get a stress relieving
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massage and help a good cause in the process. it's all live later on fox 5 midday news. stay with us. 
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some of the top stories we're following this monday. president obama gearing up for tomorrow's back to school speech at wakefield high school in arlington. it is expected to focus on the importance of personal responsibility and education. but some critics say the president is trying push a socialist agenda on kids. watching the speech is purely voluntary for students. white house environmental advisor van jones is resigning after what he calls a sneer campaign. he was accused of making derogatory comments about republicans. a missi boy for two years found alive hidden behind a wall in his grandmother's home. >> and now his father who used
11:30 am
to be a police officer is talking about the entire thing. julian hidy has the story. >> reporter: mike has been looking for his son ricky for almost two years. >> he's all i've got. >> reporter: back in november 2007 he says he dropped the son off to his wife. the two were in the middle of a heated custody battle. >> i gave him back and never saw him again. >> reporter: police couldn't find the mother to make an arrest. time went by with no solid leads. then, acting on a tip, police found the boy and his mother friday, huddled in a secret crawl space at her mother's house. police say the boy who turns 7 next week was hidden inside a wall in a specially built room in diane dobbs home. the space is 5 feet by 1 feet and as tall as a washing machine. >> it was a hidden compartment. you move the panel inside of a ball. >> police say the boy was
11:31 am
rarely let outside. >> he looked like he had never seen outdoors. >> reporter: investigators accused him of abusing the boys. >> don't know what he thinks of me. who knows what his mom has told him. >> reporter: his son hasn't been to school or the dentist in years and understand it's will be a long time before his son is back to normal. juliet hudy, fox news. >> sad story, but fortunately he's okay. we shows the pictures from outside and it is icky out. >> it's bloomy. but a holiday is aholiday. no one is explaining. but we like to have sunshine to end our unofficial summer. we are an creasing chance -- an increasing chance of showers and around seen around the
11:32 am
beaches and we have some video of the gaithersburg marching band. look at them doing their thing in kinsington maryland. and this is the kinsington parade. >> that's the gaithersburg marching band. but in the kinsington parade. >> yeah. >> why aren't they marching in their own parade. >> maybe there isn't a gaithersburg parade. >> well that's where julie wright is today. >> i don't know. i'm not the parade master today. >> we're sorry. >> sorry you two weren't able to attend the parade. i want to opponent out there is raoudy conditions and it's not ining here in nswa. gthi on the next two hours if you hav anout door activ ubbear we, dry for the time being but into the afternoon the showers might sneak in. so here is our max hd radar. we're looking live here. and in washington not a lot happening. i want to focus off to the south and wiest, waking up down at the beaches in ocean city.
11:33 am
we've had morning showers and drifting up toward bethany and rehoboth. here in washington we are fine. dry conditions in d.c. and off to the north and west we have dry conditions as well. just some very cool air out there. a lot of clouds around and not much in the way of sunshine. only 69 out at reagan national right now. 70 in frederick. 69 at dulles. 74 in fredericksberg. you get the idea. cool temperatures only reaching into the mid-70s. yesterday we were in the mid- 80s. so cooler than yesterday. and we can't rule out the possibility of showers working in here and the reason why is we have a very, very busy atmosphere. i'm going to show it to you. here is the cloud cover right now. we'll open up the map and the showers off to the west, in west virginia you've gotten some showers and might see more. but our main focus here in washington and points east is the storminess developing off of the coast of the carolinas. so this is an area of low pressure developing right here and it will drift very, very slowly off to the north and
11:34 am
east over the next couple of days. and it will be a player in our weather. we'll be cloudy with a chance of showers not only today but for the next couple of days as this system is going to be a slow mover because of the high pressure parked across new england. so we'll get easterly flow keeping us cool and underneath the cloud cover this afternoon and we can't rule out the possibility of a couple of showers as that area of low pressure travels right along the old stationary front. so this forecast could be better. i guess the good news is we'll be dry out there this afternoon and we'll see if we have some showers as we get into the nighttime hours. here is the forecast. i wish we could do better plenty of clouds and showers a possibility. cool for you. only a high of 77 degrees. wind out of the east at 5-10 miles per hour. increasing chance of showers overnight. here is your five-day forecast. and if you like falleathfa you will love this five-day forecast. tomorrow more eaof the same. lots of clouds.
11:35 am
a couple of showers around. wednesday, thursday and friday, i believe temporarily taking showers out of the forecast but if that storm lingers off the coast we'll have to throw it back in but partial sunshine for wednesday, and thursday and highs in the mid to upper 70s. >> that looks great. thanks, tuck. and don't forget to check out the new high school game of the week lineup. here are your choices. fox 5 will be at the winning matchup friday at 5:00 with extended highlights on to vote, go to and click on sports. >> maybe gaithersburg's marching band will be playing at that gaithersburg game. all right, get ready to relax. holly is hitting the massage table to tell you how you can help out a great cause and destress at the same time.
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she didn't win britain's got talent but susan boyle is hitting the charts. her album going on sale at the end of november is number one on the best seller list. she out sold the whitney comeback album. she surprised everybody with w her voice and everybody simon cowell was a big fan. [ singing ] obsessed with my chickens. but i like to think i'm just going beyond the call of duty. cock-a-doodle-do. i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. they're raised cage-free and fed an all-natural diet of corn, soybeans, and marigolds. and no candy, gladys. (announcer) perdue.
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for a lot of people, labor day is just a great day to kind of relax. >> and that includes our holly morris. >> she's working, but she is at massage envy where they are hosting the massage for the cure event next week. holly. >> reporter: oh, i'm sorry, i'm so relaxed since i've been here all morning long. we are talking about a special event they have coming up next week. we're also talking about just the health benefits of massage
11:40 am
in general. we're live at massage envy in college park. terry jacquez is the owner and she joins me this morning. for people who think it's a luxury thing and i can't afford to that, what do you say to them? >> absolutely not. massage envy allows a convenient price and we do offer a wellness program to come in once a month and get a full body massage of a reduced rate of only $59 a month. you can go to any one of our locations or almost 600 locations across the country and use your membership benefits. >> reporter: what kind of difference can it make in your mind and body. >> sure. getting regular massage can help build up your immunity, reduce stress in your life and i know a lot of us with going through that these days. >> reporter: sing it sister. >> and flush out the toxins. every massage you get it flushes the toxins out of your body and helps you feel better. >> reporter: and if you need an
11:41 am
extra boost, you do have massage for the cure coming up. >> september 15th we'll be offering $35 for a full body massage and $10 will go to the susan g. komen. our locations are 90% booked and it will be a fun day to do raffles and at not. and i'm green with envy over julie. kathy is a massage therapist. and you couple in reflexology aswell as massage. it's all under the same umbrella. >> it is because. we do foot massages and hand massages. and weo believe that you have different organs at different areas on your hands and feet and if they are able to be worked and if you have an injury, you can work it on a
11:42 am
reflex point on the hands and feet. >> so in about a minute time explain our hand here. >> so with reflexology, you have an emotion on each finger. you have insecurity, fear, anger and grief and anxiety and confusion. so when you're stuck in traffic or get the road rage, instead of use your middle finger you can just hold it. >> and that will make a difference? >> you will forget where you are. >> reporter: insecurity is your thumb. >> and fear is your pointer finger. and you just grab oand relax. and then anger grief and sorrow. >> so if you're really sad, hold this finger. >> and that's where a very significant ring goes there. and then you have have confusion and anxiety. and denial also. >> reporter: they just told me
11:43 am
my time is up and i'm going to deny it and keep talking. that's better than holding the middle one. is our website. we have a link to massage envy. come on out and check out their services and don't forget about the special massage for the cure coming up on september 15th. back to you guys. >> that's so -- you can do that anywhere. >> i learned something. i didn't know that. >> thanks, holly. and we're winding down a very busy summer movie season but just because the summer is nearly over doesn't mean the big screen entertainment is over. kevin mccarthy previews the new releases of the fall and winter coming up next. and we'll head over to studio b. so see what our guest chef is cooking up this morning. we're back in a moment. don't go anywhere. fiber one. i'm looking for some fiber.
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now, new insight into the breakup of the beatles. a newly publish interview john lennon said it was he, and he alone, behind the breakup in 1970. he said he wanted to leave the band in 1969 but he stayed on to avoid hurting album sales for let it be. earlier gurvir checked out the fall -- this is in related news. gurvir sat down with kevin on what is happening in the movies. >> the best is yet to come. they release all sort of great films toward the fall and headed toward christmas and kevin mccarthy with 106.7 the fan is here with the new movies expected out. >> i feel like i just saw you. >> you're on old friend. >> good to see you.
11:48 am
>> every year toward cass we get great films. many that may be oscar contenders. what is coming out? >> jennifer's body, this is written by jabo cody who wrote juneau. and it's a hard film, i don't want to give you too many details but it's megan fox and she's in high school and she eats people. so check that one out. that's coming out september 18th. >> we haven't seen woody harrellson in a wild but we'll see him in this movie. >> this is a ton of zombie violence. i think it looks cool. very flashy and very cut well. and that's coming out october 2nd. >> i cannot wait unt my girls are old enough for me to read to them where the wild things are. it was one of my favorite books
11:49 am
as a child and now a film. >> i read this book all of the time when i was a kid. my mom would sit in my best and i would go to sleep because i couldn't fall leep and she would bring in this big long book and read it to me and spike jones is nowringing the film to life. this guy directed movies like adaptation and it's coming out october 16th. and apparently there is a lot of big costumes and kept it as realistic as possible. >> and core vin mccarthy is one of my authors. >> i also wrote no country for old men this. particular film, he won the pulitzer prize for. it looks like it will be a great thriller. hopefully the movie is as good of the book and comes out the same day of the wild things. >> and robert duvall. he lives over in the plains. >> he's just a godfather.
11:50 am
he's nobody. >> and we love him because he's one of ours. >> 2012 with john cusak. >> this is the disaster movie. they directed independence day and day after tomorrow and this is john cusak. it is basically the end all be all of disaster movies with the mian calendar. and there scene where an aircraft carrier lands on top of the white house. >> we don't want to be too realistic. and what about new moon. >> i enjoy the twilight series. i got sucked in by the whole vibe around it. everyone loves that. i think it's a romeo and juliet of vampires and i think it was good. the second one i'm excited for coming out november 20th. >> and my nieces favorite. and the bones are fabulous. >> peter jackson is directing this and it's a very rough
11:51 am
story. i apparently she dies and then tells the story from her perspective. that is coming out in theaters. >> and avatar. >> yes. james cameron first movie science titanic. he designed a special camera for this movie where it's two cameras connected into one lense to create a realistic 3-d affect and it is in 3-d. and so the first movie since titanic and so december 18th for that one. >> a lot of people will be watching that. >> and sherlock holmes. >> and guy richie directed that one. and after he married madonna, his movie career went downhill but hopefully it will come back. and he did a movie called rock 'n' roller with gerard butler but this is supposed to be a
11:52 am
good one. and robert downey, jr., interviewed him lately and he was sporting a mustache and he was filming sherlock holmes. >> kevin, thank you very much. and we are here with the executive chef and president of coachina. and for sauces for whole foods and the like. and this is one of the sauces with salmon and spinach. what are we doing? >> we'll get the pan hot and we'll sear the fish flesh side down for a few minutes and get a nice crust. about 2-3 minutes a side to get a nice crust on it.
11:53 am
and then we'll start warming up our caper sauce. an we use ris ano capers. >> and you'll find this bottle, and that's why we're skipping this stuff. it's nice. it's healthy ingredient and you've didn't the work for us with the bottled product. >> correct. >> and which one was that? >> this is the tomato caper olive sauce. that is our number one flavor. >> what kind of flavor are we talking about? , i recommend it for any kind of fish. it goes well with salmon, but you can do a seafood pasta with shrimp, scallops, pasta, halibut, cod, swordfish. >> okay. all right. and when this is all done, you see the finished product, but you're going to incooperate the
11:54 am
spinach for a one-plate meal. >> and we'll start with our shallot. >> how long do we let that go? >> about a minute or two we're just going to let it get a little soft. this should be almost ready to go. >> d this is just the sear, right? >> yeah. we're going to sear it. try to get enough color on one side, the presentation side. and then we'll turn it over. >> all right. your other sauces, what do you recommend with those? >> the garden vegetable goes well with grilled chicken, with white rice. this should be ready. we're going to turn this over. >> how does that not burn your hand? is that just a chef thing? >> just experience. >> because my hand is hurting
11:55 am
from that. but you do your thing. >> now we'll start putting our spinach in here. and it will wilt it down a little bit and add a teeny bit of olive oil more. >> okay. salt and peppered that? >> we'll salt and pepper it a little bit. >> i love spinach done like that. there is nothing better. i could eat that every day. and how healthy is it with the spinach and the salmon. >> very healthy. >> you'll live to 100 years old with this recipe. as this finishes cooking, you can smell it i know. i wish you could smell it. trust me it smells as delicious as it looks. if you would like to try this at home or more information on catchina 39 go to our website at we'll come back and taste the finished product. stay with us.
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this fiber? i'd had my fill. then i found miralax. announcer: miralax is the only brand clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. you'll see. it's clearly different. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax.
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here is a look at your feed. will be some showers and the possibility of some here in washington. better toward the beaches today. either way it will be cool and cloudy 77. your five-day forecast, getting better toward the end of the week. highs in the mid to upper 70s all week. >> and the executive president of coachina 39 is here with us. and here is the salmon over the spinach with one of the sauces. and please dig in as i want to say you will be in giant foods. >> in one


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