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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 11, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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saturday years ago, the security of or country changed forever. we are live at the pentagon. >> later, we'll go to new york there. fox 5 morning news continues right now. it is 6:00 on this friday morning, september 11th. good morning. thank you for getting up with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm tony perkins in steve chenevey this morning. we wanted to repuget sound that you today has been a national day of service in honor of the nearly 3,000 lives lost on 9- 11. effect everyone is being encouraged to volunteer in their communities. >> we'll have a preview of memorial sterve sees at at the
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tent gone, new york city and pennsylvania. more on the anti-terror bulletin sent out by the fbi and homeland security. first, there is weather news tis morning. heavy rain out to our east this morning and a system out there that appears to wanted to become tropical. >> we'll have heavy rain being very windy conditions to the beach communities. other than here in washington, we've been getting some wind being wind gusts of 20 to 5 miles -- 25 miles per hour in the last 4 hours. across southern new jersey up to they are expecting six inches of rain with this e'em w vegot a tornado watch issued for the entire state of delaware and much of new jersey. if you arehooded north and eas up towards philadelphia or new york, be ready for very, very slow travel here. j st in washington, it is u rain. not too far off to the south an
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ea, down towards charles county, st. mary's county, you are getting very heavy rain. tt rina is expected to continue for the next hour or two as this system very slowly lifts off to the north and e. if you are waking up to the west, you are saying what is the big deal. you'll ahave sunshine later today. this forecast will be very ifecn specific depending on your geographic location this morning. winds are oust rth at 14 miles per hour. the forecast and again, it depends on where you are awaking up but here in washington, it will rain for the first part of the day. we should be partly to mostly cloudy conditions and temperatures in the low to mid- 70s with winds out of the north about 10 to 15. brighter forecast for the weekend. i'll have details coming up in a minute. >> what about the memorial services? >> i washout in new york and here in washington, i think it will be raining for the next several hours. we're joined by juli wright. she has the latest on the road conditions and the drive in to
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work this morning. >> good morning. it has not been easy out there. accident activity north on the beltway after ritchie marlboro road involving a car spun out facing the wrong direction and then a crash on the outer loop before the american legion bridge tying up the left side. already delays forming at seven locks. it will be very slow here headed down towards the american legion bridge. it was the left side of the road that was blocked off because of that accident activity. lanes are open for those on 66 close in here at the beltway. light volume in spite of the rain as you continue from vienna towards 495. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. and as we said just a few moments ago, today is the eighth anniversary of the attacks of september 11th. there will be a number of commemorative events in our area. >> at the pentagon ark private formal ceremony will be held at 9:30 only for victims' family members. president obama will speak at the event and a moment of silence will be held at 9:37
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when american airlines flight 77 hit the pentagon. >> in new york city, awe moment of violence at # 46. that is when the first plane struck the world trade center's north tower. another moment of silence at 9:03 when the second plane hit the south tower and the nation will pause at 9:59 and 10:29, the times the towers fell. a ceremony is also being held in shanksville, pennsylvania in honor of the heroic victims of the united airlines flight 93. former secretary of state colin powell is the keynote speaker. today is also a national day of service. more than 100 volunteers would worked at the world trade center following the 9-11 attacks will read the name of the victims. elsewhere, people across the country plan to do beach clean- up, hold fundraisers and send packages to american soldiers overseas. if you like more opportunities, head over to our website at we have a list of things you might be able it take part in.
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at the national cathedral, today's noon service will be offered in recognition of the 9- 11 attacks. prayers will be offered in memory of the victims and their fap liz. a bell known as the funeral bell at the cathedral will toll eight times marking the eighth anniversary of the attacks. in new york, the tribute in light will shine ecover the cit tonight starting at sunset. this is video from last year's tribute. the lights are located near ground zero and lower manhattan representing the fallen twin towers. it's commemmoration those who lost their lives on 9-11 along with those who worked hard to get new york city through its darkest hour. there is no indication of a specific threat today did you federal officials are telling police to be vigilant as we mark the anniversary of the terror attacks. the fbi and homeland security departments isn't awe notice to law enforcement departments reminding them that in other countries, terrorists have recently struck public business
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sites such as hotels. a justice department official says the bulletin is routine. here also look at the morning's other top stories. a metro worker remains in the hospital with serious injuries. the technician was hit by a metro train while working on the tracks. it happened yesterday between braddock road ad the reagan national stations. metro says it is possible the train operator didn't slow down because the operator was not informed the worker was on the tracks. its search is on to find the person response wrubl for a deadly hit and run in prince george's county. driver hit and killed jose perez simental around #:00 last night along annapolis road i'm witness showed up to give officers more information. they are looking if a chrysler model vehicle with damage to the left front headlight area. hazmat crews are going to spend much of the morning cleaning up a chemical spill in prince george's county. a 55-gallon drum full of cleaning chemicals exploded and spilled into a parking lot.
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this happened late last night in capitol heights. everything is contained now but it did blow out two large overhead garage doors, windows and damaged a van inside. our live coverage of 9-11 memorial events continues through tmoe hg.rn in first, what happened outside the capitol during president obama's joint address to congress that led to an arrest. a live look at new york city. remembrances begin there this morning with a moment of silence at 8:46, the time when the first plane hit the north tower on 9-11. 
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a look now with some of the stories making headlines this morning. man who drove to capitol hill with two guns in his car will likely face misdemeanor charges, not felony charges. authorities say joshua bowman of falls church pulled up on
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wednesday night the same time esident obama was speaking to congress. capitol police found his car, with a shotgun, rifle and ammunition in the trunk. monday will be exactly one year since lehman brothers collapsed setting off the economic crisis felt around the world. president obama will mark the day with a speech on wall street. timothy geithner says conditions are improving and banks are expected to repay about $50 billion if bail outfunds over the next 18 months. the crew of the shuttle discovery will continue to orbit the earth until at least tonight. today's forast is not good. nasa says it will con consider the backup landing site out in california. it was on this day last year that the world got its first look at the pentagon memorial. holly is there live with more on how it will mark the somber day. >> reporter: good morning to
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both of you. we are here live in arlington where they are getting ready for a special remembrance ceremony set to take place later this morning. coming up being we'll talk with the president of the pentagon memoriafund. he was one of the ajor players in getting this memorial site established. we'll ask him about his thoughts on this day as he lost his brother eight years ago and about his feelings for the future of the site and the importance for generations to come. it is all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. (announcer) what the world needs now is energy.
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last year, the pentagon unveiled its september 11th memorial. the first dedicated national 9- 11 memorial since the 2001 deadly terrorist attacks. and this year, it will be the site of a ceremony marking the eighth anniversary of that tragic day. >> fox 5's holly morris is joining us live from the pentagon with more on today's remembrance. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. it is a dreary day. of course, that reflects a lot of how people feel on this day as we remember what happened eight years ago. starkedly different from that tuesday morning when it was a beautiful day in the washigton area and none of us knew what
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lie ahead or how all of our lives would be changed forever. in that eight years' time, there has been a lot changed and one year ago, one of the big changes was the official dedication of the opponent pentagon memorial. jim lasek is the president of the fund and he lost his brother eight years ago. good morning. i don't enjoy seeing out this day. i hate that that is what brings us together. it always gives such a sense of hope to see your resolve every year. >> thank you. it is all about remember is the people that died here and i think having the memorial here is such a big part of remembering and not forgetting what happened that day. >> when you remember david, what is your best memory? >> his sense of huge our and the way we used to joke around growing up and he was such a great dad, a great friend, a good brother. he was just a good guy. you have worked so hard to make this memorial a reality and here we are one year later. how do you think that it's been
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received and how has it helped victims' family members heal. >> i think it has been received very well. i know we took a tour with the falconberg family, the mily that died on the plane. they came from colorado. this were just very touched. it was very emotional for them and i know ere is a lot of people we have taken on tours, school groups an effect comes away with the same feeling. it is just a very special place arks place of solace, a place of peace, a place of healing which is what the families wanted. >> i have been saying all morning long that the memorial is open 24 hours. and while you need to come see it, obviously, come see it when the sun is not up because to see the benches lit up emanates something different yen my wife and i were here for the first time last year right before it opened and we were here at twilight. it was a special place to be
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and a time to be there as the whole place transforms. >> it takes a lot to pull something like this off and then it is never done. there is a continued upkeep that comes along with the memorial and the continual mission and message. so talk to me a little bit about the memorial fund and the need still out there. >> we put about $8 million into the endowment. our goal was ten. we probably need to get up to $15 million would be my hope so there is still a chance for people to be a part of this historic memorial and help donate money to help with the maintenance. so the pentagon is helping with us an partnering with us. the families feel very strongly about making sure there is enough there forever. >> what do you think the biggest challenge is. is it the fact that we are almost sometimes at the point where it is hard to remember life before september 11th. to continually campaign -- >> it is because people move on. they've got the memorial.
6:19 am
it is hard to raise money for maintenance but we're determined to did that and we're determined to focus on the next phase of what the pentagon memorial fund is all about which might be education and outreach so we're starting to folkous those types of things. >> in terms of young kids that don't know life before september 11th, what do you hope that they understand when they come and visit this special place. >> i would hope that they would come an think about what -- how lucky we are in this country and the freedoms we enjoy and how quickly that can all change like it did on september 11th. you and i remember it and such a horrible feeling in our guts when we saw that. a lot of those kids, you are now getting generation that weren't born or were born after 9-11 so you want to make sure they remember the great things about our country and how fragile it is sometimes. >> jim being you are one of the great things about our country. thank you so much for coming out this morning. >> thank you. >> reporter: the official care monday only open to family members of the victims.
6:20 am
it is set to begin around 9:30. back to you. >> thank you. it is with the out there. wave seen holly with her umbrella all morning long. >> getting rainy here in washington and off to the north and east, it is a deluge. we've got a lot of activity as that area of low pressure we've been talking about continues to meander there. we'll get right to it. we'll start with the bus stop forecast and you saw the rain out in holly's live shot. for the most part, kids will be waking up and headed out the door to rain showers across washington. my suggestion would be an umbrella and the boots. temperatures are cool as well. wi blle nrsutise awill be at 6:h nir. niet he get right toit 's go to max hd radar and i will show you the rain shower activity and again, here in washington now, south and east the city, it is really starting to pick up. there you can see the yellows and reds out route 50,
6:21 am
catastrophe top, bowie, out towards annapolis, getting some heavy rain. let's get to the satellite- radar and i can show you the shower activity. watch this kick into gear here. this area of low pressure taking on some tropical kara coxistics. we have tornado watches issued until twelve noon for delaware and much of new jersey. we are expecting up to six inches of rain. hurricane center watching this carefully. clouds and rain for your morning commute back into washington. here a look it the temperatures. 59 at reagan national. dulles, 59 degrees. highs today in the low to mid- 70s. still on the cool side. your temperatures will be warmer with more sun. early rain showers, might see a little sun later today. partly to mostly cloudy by afternoon. winds out of the north at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. there is your five-day forecast. i know everybody is looking forward to the weekend p tomorrow, we'll wake up with clouds. we should enthe day with sunshine here in d.c. sunday looks great with high temperatures in the low 80s. so it will get better from here. that will do it for your
6:22 am
forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright. >> all right. wet pavement out there. not an easy commute if a lot of folks this morning. outer loop, the crash we had down there at the american legion bridge is cleared so the lane are are open. if you are traveling the inner loop of the beltway, headed up towards american legion bridge, accident activity reported before river road along the left side. here we are live at seven locks as you travel south of 270. the pace slowly improving as you continue down towards the american legion bridge. but this heavy volume will be with us throughout the remainder of the morning. again, all of your lanes are open. now, on 66, we are slowing in separate stretches between manassas, centreville, light t right here east of 50 fair oak and for the last mile approaching the beltway. northbound i-95, debris reported in the highway at dale boulevard. and you are in the thick of it from potomac mills up towards route one. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. coming up next, a shirt
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fairfield greenwich group how to deal with federal investigators. >> obviously, first of all, this conversation never took place, okay? >> yep, of course. >> the best thing to do is not get involved where written instruction. any time you say you have something in writing, they ask for t the best thing to do is say it is a phone call. >> the recordings were released by the massachusetts secretary of state's office. fairfield greenwich executives say they told the sec about the call an answered all questions accurately. coming up next being our live team coverage of the 9-11 rememorandum brapss continues this morning. we'll go back out to the pentagon if a look at events happening there today. more on the memorial serve nice new york city including why a new name is being added to the list of victims eight years after the attacks. 
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it is wet outside and boy, we had a live shot of new york city just before the break there. pouring rain there. very windy conditions. >> anywhere from d.c. up to new york, it is really coming down. we have a flash flood warning, not here in washington you about for southern new jersey. they've picked up three, four inches of rain inthe last couplejoa mar orstinm fobe jor a cranking up off the coast. you will see that this is continuing to intensify here and it's got subtropical characteristic. it's got tropical characterrist ins for all intents and purposes. that center of low pressure is just off the coast of delaware. this is a very impressive storm asyust stem indwill continue t get stronger here as it pushes if to the north and east. e over erhexttener evws here over the next several n u are waking up to the wostu will see some sunshine later today, out towards winchester, parts of
6:32 am
fauquier county. here in washington, it will be raining for much morning. it will give way to clouds here later today. 59degrees at reagan national. 57 in baltimore. our forecast today calls for early shower activity and then partly to mostly cloudy activity later this afternoon and cool with the high temperature here in washington, 73. you could touch 80s later today at the mountains. so this forecast varies depending on where you're waking up this morning. >> my in-laws are visiting with their friends paul and peg so her going to do some sight seeing today, maybe hit the museums. good, some indoor activity. >> thank you. julie wright is standing by with an update on this morning's rush hour traffic. >> it has been a busy ride on the west side of town and the hot spot happens to be the american legion bridge. this mo with a crash on the outer loop
6:33 am
of the beltway leaving maryland into virginia. accident number one cleared. now, they are checking for another crash before the bridge possibly involving an overturned vehicle. we've been watching this camera closely and we've seen a lot of fire and rescue units traveling the outer loop of the beltway headed south towards the bridge. on the inner loop, there was a fender bender before river road. that has the tow truck on the scene. you will find the left side of the road is blocked. inner loop delays beginning to build from the american legion bridge into bethesda. we've received word of a crash at the end of the ramp for george washington parkway to go northbound on 495. other side of town, not so bad. definitely slowing. westbound interdenominational dock road is where we had the crash. follow police direction in order to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic.
6:34 am
a number of commemorative events are being held across our country as the country remembers the 9-11 terror attacks. >> there is a formal ceremony at the pentagon at 9:30 with president obama and a noon service at the national cathedral. the ceremony at the pentagon is taking place one year after the first 9-11 dedicated memorial was unveiled. holly morris is joining us live again from the pentagon with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we've got the rain picking up. we've got the wind picking autopsy and activity picking up as they are indeed gearing up for a ceremony set to take place at 9:30 this morning. it will be relatively simple compared it last year's big event t will be a significant remen rains as they always are, each n every year. this is how things are set to take place this morning. it is supposed to start around
6:35 am
90 this morning. the welcome will come from admiral michael mull un. at 9:37, a moment of silence. at 9:38, secretary of defense robert gates, the official host of this event here today will then make a few remark and introduce president obama who is president for the first time on an anniversary of september 11th will be here to talk to the family members of the victims as this is a closed ceremony, not open to the public. open for them. ceremony will be rounded out with a singing of america the beautiful. they expect the ceremony to not even take an hour. it is taking place here at the site of the pentagon memorial officially dedicate as i said last year. there is a mission that goes along with this memorial that hopefully will teach and educate kids well into the future. and patrick epstone is the president of verizon foundation
6:36 am
and he joins me here because it is equally important to him and his company to be a part of this as you made a significant donation. >> yes, we did. i think for awe very good reason because the events of this day is a very important part of our history and verdictizen is really proud an honored to be supportive of the pentagon memorial fund and i think the important educational experience that it will provide all around the current are you and the world. >> we were just talking with jim lacek a few moments ago and he was talking about the importance of phase two of the memorial, which is this education and outreach to young people and that you're going to be doing that via the web. >> we are. the education and using technology to provide access to education is an important part of what we do at the verizon foundation so therefore, we'll be helping them to construct the web site, to project it to a larger audience around the country, to make educational
6:37 am
resources available on the relevance of this day and make sure people are educate about it and remember what it means. >> because jim made the great point. we don't have the visitors center or a location for people to go to. so the web and a new web site set to come out in the spring of 010, i understand, is real lit with a we all community indicate these days. >> right. and the thing is we have resources available on that web site that help people to actually have a virtual tour, an audio tour of the pentagon memorial. so it is not only just available to people that visit here as you said. it is available to people around the country and anybody that has access to a computer, anybody that has access to the internet. so we'll be developing new resewers to make sure the fox have the same kind of rich experience that we are having here today and are automobile to have it in their home or the libraries and schools wherever they are. >> thank you very much. the doping a was significant to the tune of a half million
6:38 am
dollars. so i don't wnt to go without saying that. thank you. >> thank you to jim lacek and the pentagon memorial found for partnering with us on this. we re proud to be here. >> thank you. you heard jim say even just about 15 minutes ago the memorial fund for the pentagon memorial here is an ongoing thing and we'll have a living on our web site if you want to check ut more regarding that. we will have more here live regarding the ceremony set to take place today throughout the morning. back to you. >> thank you. there will be a small remembrance held at bertie baccus middle school in the district. that school lost a teacher and student on september 11th. 11-year-old aja and her teacher were killed. the two were on the way to california if a national geographic society conference. aja had just started the sixth grade. clark had been a teacher in the d.c. school system for 36
6:39 am
years. we'll be live in the #:00 hour no more on today's memorial. society in new york city, the tribute begins shortly before 9:00 a.m. here is a live look from manhattan where it is pouring rain and very windy there. there will be a moment of violence observing the exact times that planes struck the twin towers and when the towers fell. more than 100 volunteers who worked at fwrowz after the tax will read names of the victim. this year, new name will be added to the list. the medical examiner's office ruled that leon hayworth who died last year of lymphoma and lung disease was a homicide victim because he was caught in the toxic dust cloud just after the towers collapsed. the tribute and light will once again shine over new york city tonight. this is video of last year's tribute. shortly after 7:00 p.m., the twin peoples ring the twin towers will go up and stay up throughout the night. it is a tribute to the lives lost on 9-11. coming up income, the
6:40 am
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the washington redskins hit the road for their first game of the regular season. they are taking on the new york giants and the redskins are hoping to avoid a repeat of last year's showdown. the junkies from 106.7 the fan join us live via skype this morning to talk all things redskin. huh, gays, how you doing? >> what's happening t-perk. >> good to see you, man. let's jump rht in here. redskin, they made a whole bunch of off-season moves, hopefully improved the team, are they ready. >> i'm hearing it oak owe back. >> >> i think they are going to
6:44 am
ho to avoid the seasoner like last season. 16-7 didn't look good offensively. they hung in the game. i think with the addition of haynesworth and the other addition with hall. a left those acquisitions were on the defensive side of the ball. >> i don't know if their oense will be much improved. if that isn't much improved, to me, they are the same type of team as they were last year. >> they only caught two touchdowns against the giants in two games last year. the giants adefense is pretty good. for this week, i don't expect an explosion offensively. but for the year being they have to get better. we think they have to average four to five more points per
6:45 am
game. >> he got rid of some. they have a younger stefan higher. malcolm kelly already in the top two. >> you don't know what is going to happen. >> i know hier is younger. the young guys have already improved on the proseason. >> and there is a guy like marco mitchell. >> is he going to play? >> i think -- >> let me throw another name out there. let's talk about jason campbell for i asecond. this is -- by all indications, it is going it be a make or break year for jason campbell. for him to have i good year, doesn't have it to start with the nonessive line. >> absolutely t-perk. we saw that the proseason. starting offensive line did not yield a sack.
6:46 am
they will be after jason campbell throughout the game. if the offensive line can keep him upright and give him time to find the targets, he can have a good year. all he needs to do is stay upright and throw the touchdowns. >> here is what you're mixing. he's already predicted 10-#. that is the kiss of death. >> that is not a good sign. we'll join you during the next hour. we'll talk more about the red skin and maybe get indications from all of you what you think the soap is going to be like -- season is going to be like. thank you, we'll tune in again. you can see the redskins-giants game right here on fox 5. kick offis sunday at 4:15. thank you, guys. >> very good. wet conditions throughout this morning. hopefully, the weekend looks a little bit better. >> absolutely. by saturday afternoon, things will be much quiet are but right now, a lot of rain. want to start with a live shot at national cathedral.
6:47 am
the sunrise right now. we've got rain showers here in washington. breezy conditionsant next couple of hours, we can expect rain across the city so if you are headed out to 9-11 events, spp some rain sowers. let's get up to new york and we've got events up there as well. very windy conditions. really all way from washington to new york. that includes philadelphia and right along the new jersey coastline. very, very stormy conditions expected this morning. expect very slow travel if you are headed up there by roadway here as we've got heavy rain gentleman is that an all-day event? >> it will be in new york. it will start to lift out of washington a little later today. i'll show why inju sta . 'sndst et let gstarted with our mdra ar . reheradar. here in washington right n, htitsiit a steady rain across northwest washington thne erd is a ofiraacn ofrain across southeastern sections of the beltway down towards oxon hill. looks like in alexandria, you are getting some heavy rain. i'm pointing here to the yellow
6:48 am
and red. and out in prince george's county, we've got heavy rain as well. all of this ofis pushing in fro the ocean. it is pushing to the west. uratn fee. r fe ure. out to hee e.wst of dale city and out to the west of manassas here, we have a very, very well defined cut offline and you are just waking up with cloud cover. as you get down towards share lotsville. the heaviest rain ght now just to the east of washington and that continues to push very slowly to the west. let's get to the satellite- radar and tony and i have been watching. this has been fascinating last couple of hours. for all intents and purposes, the storm is trying to take on tropical characteristics. it has bands of heavy rain. looks like this is just off the coast of delaware. already expecting up to six inches of rain in southern new jersey and delaware here over the next several hours. as you can see, it is very impressive on satellite-radar. we continue to throw the rain back toward the washington area. this forecast will be a changing one as you get into
6:49 am
the day. as you are waking up out to the west, you will probably see morning sunshine for you. here in washington, we'll wake with rain, lots of clouds. latter today, we could see breaks in the cloud cover as the rain will very slowly lift off to the north an east. and then well north and east of the city, you are going to be dealing with an all-day rain event as you get up towards baltimore and north an east of baltimore, it will raining for much of the day for you. we'll be concerned about the possible of flash loading up there as the rain will be very heavy at times. 59 now in washington. we are 6 # in fredericksburg. our forecast for today, early rain showers will give y to partly to mostly cloudy conditions again. more sunshine out to the west. less sunshine out to the east. winds will be out of the north an west at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. here is your five-day forecast. i know everybody wants a nice weekend p tomorrow, we'll wake up with cloud cover. i think afternoon sunshine here in d.c. sunday ok fantastic area-wide with high temperatures in the low 80s. so it will get better from here. let's get to on-time traffic
6:50 am
and julie wright who i know has been very busy because the weather has not been cooperating. >> we'll start off in virginia and talk about braddock road at ravensworth. the westbound stretch of braddock road is closed. behind knee, this is the live shot of 395 here at washington boulevard approaching ridge road. this is the accident involving the overturned vehicle, all four wheels upright at this point and that is v-d.o.t. moving the camera around. as you can see traffic when it is able to get through be does so single file to the left. already delays are forming southbound 395 working your hua down toward accident scene. it is only the left lane that is ableto get through. if you are traveling on the beltway, this has been a mess all morning long to and from the american legion bridge. outer loop of the beway, the accident activity involving another overturned car before you reach the exit for river road. that is where the delays are beginning. this stent after river involving the overturned vehicle blocking the right side of the road. now we have activity on the inner loop as well as you travel from the american legion bridge head back around towards bethesda. this is accident number three
6:51 am
of this morning's commute on the beltway traveling between 270 and the american legion bridge this has not been an easy ride at all. eastbound 66, business 24, had an accident there. they are in the process of nothingthat to the soulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our live team coverage of 9- 11 remembrances continues throughout the more thanking. >> we'll be live at the pentagon, in new york and also shanksville, pennsylvania this morning. today is also a day of service. >> people are being encouraged to volunteer in their communities to honor lives lost on 9-11. coming up at 7:00 being we'll look at some opportunities here in our area. nd then at 8:00 ask very personal memorial for one school in the district today. remember a teen are and a young student killed on september 11th. and eight years after the attacks, the search continues for osama bin laden. the government is offering a $25 million reward for information leading directly to his capture and there is a separate $2 million award set up by airline officials. >> the last promising lead came years ago.
6:52 am
some intelligence officials believe he is dead. we have more on the hunt for osama bin laden. >> reporter: eight year ago today, america was hit. four hijacked aircraft, 299 # ade including the 19 high swrak ares. >> it was the most horrific scene you've ever seen in my whole life he. we saw the world trade center in flames, a big gaping hole. >> reporter: for americans, much has changed since that fateful day including bloody wars in both afghanistan and iraq. despite all that, osama bin laden is still at large. his current where abouts remain unknown. the former pakistani president says the last prom iing lead was more than four years ago but he also says bin laden could very well be dead. >> i have a doubt bause right in the beginning, of his a dialysis patient, he was a kidney patient. therefore, i wonder whether he is alive. >> reporter: as the hunt for bin laden continues, former top
6:53 am
al-qaeda operative sits behind bars in guantanamo bay. this is a recently released picture of the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9-11 attacks. officials say he remains one of the primary sources on understanding how the 9-11 plot was conceived, planned and executed. >> you have to take specks, bits, ten trails, gains of sand, put them together to form the mosaic that become the operational planning, thinking of al-qaeda. >> reporter: mohammed could eventually face the death penalty but for now, his future remains up in the air as prosecutors and the obama administering tea bate where a trial should be held in federal court or some type. revamped military tribunal. fox 5 is on call this horning with a potential problem that could make the flu son a whole lot worse. froms are anated fraid that employees who don't get sick pay might decide they have to go to work even if they're sick. >> this could mean the virus
6:54 am
will spread to more people faster than expected. mock's megan clorety has more from kansas city. >> reporter: no time is a good time to get the flu but while so of us can stay home and get better, thousands of hourly employees across the metro don't have sick time to speak of. >> i think we will see people that don't feel good come into work. >> reporter: don marshal has been working hourly if the a major metro employer for 33 years he says when using a sick day either means losing have a indication time or your employer's favor, most of his colleagues would rather come to work sick and get a paycheck. >> you can't afford to be sick. because if you are sick and it doesn't work out to where the company accepts your excuse being you could lose more time off and result in discipline arrestee action. >> reporter: oftentimes,ourly employees work with the public, handling food being main it be aing office equipment or wringing you opportunity at the grocery store and can infect more people if they go to work
6:55 am
sick. >> you can be con tahjious for one day before you have symptoms up to maybe seven days. >> janisy howes with the johnson county health department is working with metro employers helping them re- evaluate the sick time. >> how much sick time do they allow employees. do they require a note? >> reporter: as employers go over their policies, she says employees need to look for symptoms. >> not everyone is going to get every symptom. and our live coverage of the september 11th remembrances continues this morning. >> we have a live look now at the national cathedral where service will be held today at noon. weather outside this morning here at home and at ground zero in new york city matching the mood across america as the nation remembers 9-11. we'll go to new york in just a few minutes. this is more than my easy button.
6:56 am
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allison and tony are in for the next couple of hours to bring you the latest on the 9/11 memorial services. >> thank you, gurvir. eight years later we are remembering a day that changed america forever. >> september 11, 2009, when thousands of americans died during a planned attack at the world trade center and the pentagon. >> and then there were those fighting back, giving their lives while saving even more when their plane crashed in a field in western pennsylvania. today we pause to remember the lives lost


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