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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 14, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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claims to have killed a family member, but officers did follow up and we have not yet found any other homicide victim on the scene. >> reporter: now, at this point, police are still investigating and they do not know why this man made this call that misled them to the scene because they have not found a body of a family member. >> wisdom martin reporting live. of course we will stay on top of the story. to an unusual lookout for a shooting suspect who got away from the scene in a wheelchair. the man reportedly shot a woman in the foot outside of the theft store on the 1200 block of h street northeast. they say the man is disabled. the victim is expected to recover. a bold attack a on a woman in an arlington neighborhood. police say a man armed with a stun gun tried to abduct her. she was in the 2,000 block of quincy street when this happened. sarah simmons with the details tonight and who police need to
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find. it was broad daylight, just like this, here in the cherrydale neighborhood. a woman says she was walking by this bus stop when she was attacked from behind. a neighbor says she heard the whole thing as it was happening. it was 6:45 in the morning sunday on north quincy street. a normally busy ro during the day but quiet on a sunday morning until a neighbor, who only wants to be identified as debbie shot out of bed. >> i heard a woman screaming and woke up out of a dead sleep, ran out of the front door and caught her running down the street. >> debbie called 911 and police discovered a woman had been attacked by someone described as a hispanic man. but how he took her down worries investigators. >> he took her down and attempted to stun her with a taser or similar device. >> reporter: dissay the weapon was similar to this stun gun,
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but for some reason police say the stun gun didn't work, but it did leave the woman in a state of shock. >> she didn't say much. just holding her face where the prongs hit her from the stun gun. >> reporter: investigators belief the man was trying to abduct her. he didn't take her belongings or assault her in any way. debbie is concerned and said her doors are now locked all the time. >> being careful, watching and seeing who's around. >> police say he was last seen running from 20th and quincy street wearing a black sleeve t- shirt with yellow writing and jeans. say a a simmons, fox 5 news. >> police believe it san isolated incident but they want to talk to anyone who saw the attack or heard the screaming. tourists at the top of the washington monument had a long walk this afternoon. visitors were forced to walk 900 steps down after the elevator malfunctioned.
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it was fixed a few hours later. today marks the one-year anniversary of the financial meltdown on wall street. lehman brothers financial firm collapsed setting off a domino affect of bank bailouts that caused a market melt down. the president made a trip to new york city to warn wall street against returning to its old ways. tom fitzgerald has the highlights. >> reporter: the president said while the u.s. economy has pulled back from the brink of ruin he warned these financial giants they could not count on anymore bailouts. speaking at federal hall, the heart of the city's financial district, president told wall street executives they cannot only not count on bailouts but there are new rules to protect banking and credit card company and wants greater truth in advertising so customers know exactly what they are getting in to when they sign a mortgage loan or apply for credit cards and the president wants better
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oversight to prevent problems of the past from happening again. >> we will not go back to the days of reckless behavior and unchecked excess at t heart of this crisis where too many were motivated only by the appetite for quick kill and bloated bonuses. those on wall street cannot resume taking risks without regard for consequences and expect that next time american taxpayers will be there to break their fall. >> reporter: while the president declared in his speech today these reforms will be passed, so far democrats and some republicans have been slow to rally to the president's side with the health care wars well underway on captiol hill, the white house is trying to regain urgency on the issue of banking regulation. >> thank you. it is important to point out five of the biggest banks, gold man sax, citigroup, wells fargo and bank of america posted second quarter profits totaling
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$13 billion. just what the doctor ordered. the swine flu vaccine is ahead of schedule and could be ready for distribution in three weeks. also, healthy adults may only need one dose after all instead of two which means there would be more vaccine available. the government plans to distribute the first doses to high-risk groups like health workers pregnant women and young people. the flu hit early and hard in colleges in our area. there are 600 cases of flu-like illness, 435 of them at the university of maryland. 95 at the university of virginia and at least 50 now at georgetown university. several other institutions in the region are reporting between one and 37. health officials say most of swine es have been mild flu and seasonal flu continues on the web, we have all the latest on the local cases, vaccine trials happening in our area and symptoms and prevention tips.
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just click on the health tab. a tragic end to the search for a missing yale university student late this afternoon. police confirmed the body discovered in the wall of a university building is the missing grad student. she was found dead on her wedding day. rick has the latest details in this case. >> reporter: police are trying to reassure yale students this was not a random act and other students are not in danger but in response to an early report on some other networks they had a suspect they were looking at who failed a polygraph and who had wounds. the police came out to say that is not true. they say there are no suspects at this time. cerinly no suspects in custody. but there could be a very tight list of people they are looking at because gaining access to the building behind me where annie's le's body was found requires an electronic i.d. card that put a time stamp on it, as well. they know everyone who was in
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the building at that time and could potentially be the killer. >> now, what about her fiance, have police talked about him being connected to this case? >> they ruled him out early on, because he is a columbia university grad, lives in new york. he was in new york on tuesday when she disappeared, and the family, as you can imagine, disgraduate at -- distraught at this hour as members of the yale community. there is a candle light vigil planned here tonight. back to potential suspects the list is pretty much confined to people who have known to have entered that building sometime on tuesday morning or early afternoon and in fact there are also video surveillance cameras set up so they have video images of people going in that may help in the investigation greatly. >> we understand there are approximately 75 cameras around that building right now. are police releasing a short list of, we know there are a certain number of people who would have access to the basement where her body was discovered? >> reporter: they are not
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releasing a list of people who went in. it is clearly a homicide investigation. in fact, when the medical examiner late today released the fact that they confirmed the body to be annie le, confirmed she was the victim of a homicide, they would not discuss the actual manner or cause of death because they say it may hinder the investigation. so they are trying to release as little as possible until ey get the killer in custody. >> rick, thank you. a judge granted bail for the man accused of kidnapping a girl and holding her for 18 years but it is unlikely phillip garrido will be able to post $30 million. he plead not guilty to kidnapping then 11-year-old jaycee lee dugard. he is also accused of fathering two daughters with her. his wife is also charge inside the case. now a case unfolding in new york city. police raided homes as part of a terrorism probe. it went down in this queens area today. authorities haven't found any weapons a this point that would indicate an attack was imminent but the threat is being treated
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as urgent. lawmaker and congress are expected to get a briefing soon. we will pass along details as we get them. speaking of congress, they are taking on your favorite tech toy tonight. with a look at cancer concerns, could your phone be making you sick? we will have that coming up. plus, ted kennedy's memoir is not the stores yet but we are learning what helped him to become the l>> the push for ref but tonight we hear from the people who provide your care when you need it most. their take on the nationwide health care debate next. >> i'm really happy for you. i'm going to let you finish, but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> reporter: can way west at it again. stealing the show at the vm a's but was robbing taylor swift of her moment in the spotlight a publicity stunt. >> it has been so nice. but the question is will it
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stay that way or fall in the old rut we were in last week. unfortunately changes are upon us. a look at the forecast coming up. today's opening is at the national multihousing council. they are looking for an it manager. salary is negotiable. other offers are on just click on the job shop tab near the top of the home page. we'll be right back. 
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faced with overwhelming complaints of voter fraud, afghanistan's presidential election results won't be finalized for weeks. voters cast their ballots a week ago. they expect to have a winner in a matter of days but now they are investigate hundreds of complaints. happened karzai is in the lead with a 54% margin. three men convicted in a plot of killing thousands of passengers will spend 30 years in prison. a british court convicted them of trying to board explosives on flights. british police raid disrupted the plot and forced airport security to tighten restrictions on liquids gels on passengers. the man accused of throwing his shoes at president bush is expected to be released from prison tomorrow.
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he is serving a sentence. his family says he was supposed to have been released today but there s a paperwork delay. they say they will camp outside of the jail until he is free. suicide is suspected in the death of a fund-raiser linked to ousted governor blagojevich. police believe christopher kelly took a drug overdose. he pleaded guilty to fraud charges in two cases not related to blagojevich. he was facing eight years in prison and charged with fraud in a corruption case along with blagojevich. the illinois governor talked about the death on his radio show today. >> unlike most people and the circumstances he was in he just refused to make it easier on himself to lie about someone else and so now for my friend chris all his trials are now over. >> reporter: blagojevich will stand trial next june. he health care battle has
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featured warriors on both sides of the issue but we haven't heard much from doctors and nurses. today maryland senator ben cardin met with the people on the front lines of the battle. claudia coffey was at washington adventist hospital to hear wheyishes they are worried about for your sake. >> reporter: this is the first meet and greet be physicians and nurses in the area and they had difficult questions for the senator. mabel had been a nurse on the front lines at washington adventist hospital for more than 13 years. she's seen the health crisis up close and agrees something needs to change. >> we see a lot of patients that come in and they are basically at the end stage of their illness because they have not beenble to get the proper health care because of their being uninsured. >> reporter: tough questions like this that they had today for senator ben cardin. it was a far cry from the rowdy town hall meetings the maryland senator and other elected
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leaders have seen in recent weeks. >> the debate among doctors and nurses is how to provide quality health care to all people without sending costs through the roof. >> a lot to be learned from the maryland hospital community. >> reporter: senator cardin said that president obama did a good job of calming fears and reiterated the thoughts today. >> i think the president laid it out with the facts. he told what we were trying to do on health care reform. want to get the costs down and make sure there is affordable quality care for all americans and do it in a fiscally response presidential way. >> reporter: some doctors say this particular bill doesn't deliver the type of health care reform the country needs. >> i think the house and the senate really has not done a great job of listening to the societies and to physicians about what is needed with regard to health care reform. >> senator cardin plans to hold more meet and greets with physicians in the coming weeks.
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>> thank you very much. congress is expected to hold four debates on a health care bill within the next two weeks. a little less than three weeks since ted kennedy's death. his memoir is bound for store shelves and surrounding the release, patrick kennedy, his son, is talking about what made his father tick. he says he believes his father's work was dedicated to making up for the death of mary jo. she drown in ' 69 when kennedy drove off of a bridge and left the scene. well, what a way to start the workweek. did you go outside today? >> i did. it was beautiful. >> picture perfect. even hard to talk about it. >> it was so beautiful. a little -- a little summer feel, too. >> i hear we should not get used to it because some changes come could be coming our way. gary, what changes are we talking about? >> last week we were stk in the clouds and had temperatures in the 70s and 60s and a lot of you thought summer was gone for
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good. we get a taste of that coming back. looks like now we will be forecasting unsettled conditions as we start to get to the middle of the week. don't worry. tomorrow looks really good, a lot like today. one of the reasons why, happenship is building in and clear skies across the area on the satellite view. i know we had white puffy clouds indicating the fair weather clouds. but it has been nice and a lot of sunshine and that's allowed temperatures to get in the 80s. 83 in the the city. 80 for baltimore and across the bay temperatures in the 70s. actually the winds are blowing a it willing out of the north and the northwest and that helps to bring the cooler bay water over there r saint michaels at 79. but here, on the western side of the bay, temperatures responding nicely up to the lower and even mid 80s. at 7:00 tonight, still warm but not too bad. i think almost comfortable would be a good word for that.
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humidity has stayed low. overnight tonight, temperatures will be dropping in the lower 70s by 11:00. tonight in the 60s. some of you in the uburbs, especially west and north will have a chance to get in the upper 50s and again, tomorrow looks great. it is just the middle to latter part of the week that we will have an unsettled pattern. and the thought now will we be able to clear out in time for the weekend? there's a lot to talk about this the full forecast in a little bit and i will do that for you. >> of course the all-important weekend, gary. everyone wants to know about that. >> only monday and we are already talking about the weekend. >> see you in a few minutes. jury selection is underway in the trial of fema suspected toxic trailerses. they say they con teenagerred a carcinogen that causes respiratory disease. it claims they were made to fill fema contracts. they were not defendas in the trial because of a two year
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statute limitations. kanye west stealing the spotlight over over the outburst at the vm a's. must, how safe is your cell phone. congress is stepping in to the radiation debate. the latests on the dangers that your favorite text toy could be packing. 
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i am going to let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. one of the best videos of all time. >> did you see it? it is the talk of the entertainment world today. kanye west's outburst. >> makes me uncomfortable to watch it. >> i was horrified when i saw it. the rapper stormed the stage at the video awards as taylor swift was accepting her award for best female video.
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the biggest names were on hand for the video music awards. the show kicked off with tributes to michael jackson. his presence very real and his mikic very much alive ♪ [ music ] ♪ & thriller ♪ >> reporter: all of that tenderness quickly evaporated thanks to kanye west when ayloswift won the best award for her hit you belong to me. this rapper wasn'happy. >> thank you so much fo giving me a chance to win a vma award. >> hey, taylor, i'm really happy for you. i'm going to let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> reporter: no one seemed more horrified than beyonce herself. >> one of the best videos of all time. >> reporter: so when beyonce won for video of the year she reached out to swift.
5:25 pm
>> i remember being 17 years old, up for my first mtv award with destiny's child and it was one of the most exciting moments in my life, so i'd like taylor to come out and have her moment. maybe we can try this again. >> west has apologized for the outburst. swift said the evening was interesting. this is not the first time he lost his cool. in 2004 he stormed out of the music awards after losing to gretchen wilson and in 2006 he went on stage during the mtv europe music awards to complain the top prize for best video should have gone to him. in new york, fox news. >> and that brings us to our web poll of the day on what do you think of west's outburst during taylor swift's acceptance speech? was it totally out of line, probably a setup. just kanye being kanye or it
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was funny. a violent weekend sends shock waves through one community. a teenager among the victims in three deadly shootings. what is being done to curb the crime up next. an emergency landing for a plane packed with passengers and it was caught on camera. don't miss how this one ends. and serena williams called out for a little or a lot of unsportsman like conduct. she is facing a serious fine. we will tell you about it when fox 5 news at 5:00 comes right back. 
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some of the big stories we are following at 5:00. president obama on wall street today marks the one year an veery of the financial melt down. the president warned bankers today not to expect more bailouts. it was one year ago that lehman brothers went belly up,
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triggering a domino affect that led to the global financial crisis. a body found in a laboratory building is missing yale graduate student annie le. her body found on what was supposed to be her wedding day. police do not believe the killing is random. a drive by shooting in the district claimed the life of a 16-year-old boy. he had gone in to a neighborhood with friends to buy a pet. his family thinks he was targeted singlinged out for revenge. paul wagner is live in the newsroom with this one. >> reporter: antonio ward had gone to just street on saturday night to buy a pet snake. he used to live in the neighborhood and knew it well. the teen's family thinks someone was out to get antonio, angry over an earlier fight, spotted him there, grabbed a gun and opened fire. >> that's my baby. i love all of my kids but that's my baby. >> reporter: holding photos of not one but two murdered sons
5:31 pm
she said she had enough. god could take h right then and there. >> i don't want to live anymore. i'm tired. i'm tired. when am i going to be able to sit down and enjoy some peace on this earth without all of this confusion going on? all the time everybody wants to hurt everybody. >> reporter: in 1995 stove lost her first son clarence to murder. in ' 89 she said her husband was beaten to death in a robbery and now this. >> i have had to stay on my knees asking god to give me strength every single day to make it. >> reporter: pamela's aunt was an honor student at hack cook academy in springfield. they think the teen was singled out for a fight he got in to in prince georges county. on saturday night, outside of this home, dc police say two men in a dark-colored jeep cherokee fired guns as they drove by antonio and his friends
5:32 pm
. >> i know god got his hand on me because i pray. >> reporter: a teddy bear memorial marks the spot where antonio. >> love one another. that's what god asks us to do. because when you are cut or stabbed we all bleed the same color. we are all his children. why can't we love one another? >> reporter: if her son's death isn't enough, someone left a voice mail laughing about antonio's murder and saying she would be next. police are aware of the threats. >> so much pain for one family. thank you. by the way, antonio's murder is the first in the district.
5:33 pm
do cell phones cause cancer? that's what congress wants to know. a senate subcommittee is discussing ways to protect you from your cell phone. they are trying to determine if people need to take precautions now just in case especially young children. >> children have a configuration of their skull that does allow penetration o cell phone radiation. >> are you saying there is a potentially greater risk. >> i'm saying there is a risk. >> reporter: many researchers and doctor says they don'know enough to make a determination
5:34 pm
but speakerphones or hands free devices can pose a risk. a consumer alert tonight that could change the way you see your fruits and veggies. slash is reporting the fda is expected to approve laser bar codes printed on the skin. they will replace the sticky labels you get now. they say the scientists tested the lasers to make sure it doesn't move back teary in the outside of the fruit to the inside or interfere with the taste. caught on camera, a disaster averted for a plane in trouble. the video is shaky but the plane had to make an emergency landing. the landing gear wouldn't lock an the pilot had to put the blanket gown on a blanket of foam. five passengers and a flight attendent went to the hospital but no one was seriously hurt. not exactly the she of
5:35 pm
force they should have brought to the pled doe lands but the washington redskins start the season off on the wrong foot. so is the clock ticking for zorn and campbell? and paws to surfboards for a good cause. don't mississippi the scoop. the outburst at the entertainment world is talking about. will kanye west feel fallout from this one? tmz has the bust still ahead. and time is running out to cast your votes. seven days and counting as 100 bands are battling it on the fox rocks contest. the top six will compete for a chance to perform on fox 5 morning news. you he until sunday to vote. september 20th at midnight is the last moment. more and more,
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well, the summer may be winding down but not out in california where these pooches are. some of man's best friends hit the ocean for a dog surf-a- thon. many looked like pros out there. the weekend event raised money for a san diego-area animal shelter. che it out. the winners got trophies and of course plenty of doggy treats. look at them. >> pretty good. bragging rights for a local bar and restaurant. ma dan organs received an award. the owner of the landmarkhaseved the restaurant neighbor award for dedication to community service and work with inner city children. he takes groups of kids to the beach each summer. >> i remember hearing about that this summer. what a wonderful story. >> can you imagine taking all of those kids down there. >> a well-deserved honor.
5:40 pm
what's up next at 6:00. talking about the acorn scandal. four acorn workers are already fired accused of giving illegal advice to a pimp and prostitute and more outrageous hidden video. what got caught on tape this time. and fancy sidewalks, 13,000 lockers and a segway for the police department. how chevy chase village is spending millions in speed camera money. plus, meet a man forced to take cover in his ice cream truck when bullets started to fly. what why he say hi is staying put despite the violence.
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ultur" and what does that mean for virginia? it means: bob mcnnell introduced 3bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. he wants to outlaw abortion-- even in cases of rape and incest. and mcdonnell opposed birth control for married adults. learn more about bob mcdonnell's crusade to take virginia backwards. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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averment u.s. open fined serena
5:44 pm
williams $10,000 for her profanity laced tirade and they are not ruling out a suspension. he lost her cool when a lines person called her for a foot ball. she got a fine for smashing her racquet. this is her tenth doubles grand slam title. it was quite a tirade. not exactly the kickoff to the season the skins wanted. >> the team hit the meadow lands to take on the giants. dave feldman is here with the state of the skins. i don't know what state they are in. >> i call it remotely fragile. here's what we know after week one and the skins loss to the giants. both the redskins starting quarterback and head coach have never beaten the giants. that's not good. they are in the same division. the pivotal play took place in the second quarter with the redskins trailing 10-0. campbell back to pass. strippedded from behind by oc.
5:45 pm
he scoops it up. outru the redskins 37-yards for the touchdowns and gives the giants a 17-0 lead. the redskins lose 23-17. campbell clearly down after the play and after the game and today jim zorn offered his assessment. >> he really did the right thing, but he did it in a way that, you know, we are always talking about that hythm, that clocand that clock didn't go off for him and he will see it and we will get better. that was a critical play with them scooping and scoring. think of the irony of them fumbling a snap in their first series a gaining five yards and us getting the ball and they get a touchdown out of ca redskins starting quarterback. >> i have some good news. >> what? >> the rams are coming [
5:46 pm
laughter ] >> the rams lost yesterday 28-0 in seattle. i have bad news. the rams beat the redskins last year at fedex field. >> is zorn still standing by his men. >> yeah. >> i have a theory here, maybe campbell is feeling all the preseason, sanchez all of the talk of -- you have to be on pins and needles here. >> first game jitters and then get it out of his system. >> i hope so. >> you have to get ver it. i hate to agree with laura evans on anything but in this case the lady is right. >> thank you. i will pay you later. what i don't want to get over is the fabulous weather we had today. really nice. >> and yesterday, please. >> the warmup has been nice. >> i was sweating details on sunday because it was nice to wake up and see the sunshine because i took a beating on saturday because we didn't get -- you weren't here on friday.
5:47 pm
>> not bad but i had a birthday party my son on saturday and it wasn't bad. >> look, honesty is the best policy and i expected more sunshine by saturday afternoon and we didn't get it. >> we will hold your feet to the fire. >> you are right 99.9% of the time. > well, thank you, laura. i hate to agree with laura evans -- [ laughter ] but there you go. hey, this was the first time i was wrong in ' 73 or something like that. great out there now this evening. of course a day like today, as they say the o cliche you want to bottle it so you can open it up maybe later on this week. clouds are coming back with showers, too. and to put it out there this is monday and by wednesday, thursday, friday we will have some showers around and to be perfectly honest sit here on monday i can't tell you how much rain we will be talking about as we start to get in to wednesday, thursday and friday. right now doesn't look like it will be a lot but with clouds
5:48 pm
nd showers could be unsettled. temperatures tonight will be dropping in the 70s, though. here's the max hd forect. fair skies at 11:00. just gorgeous. 73 degrees out there. early tomorrow morning we should wakeup tpretty much full sunshine. there could be a couple of high clouds and that's about it. temperature in the city 68 but lower to mid-60s in the suburbs and tonight in the suburbs it will be overnight where we will bottom out in the mid to upper 50s for some of you. mostly sunny tomorrow at noon. temperature about 80 degrees. actually tomorrow's temperature looks like today. where we will warm it up to the middle 80s. 83 in the city now. 80 for baltimore. 84 dulles. a lot of in the information just didn't happen to come in. sorry. but you know frederick and fredericksburg and harrissonburg are all in the middle 80s out there. high pressure has taken over. last week's storm system got the boot or the yank of whatever you want to say and
5:49 pm
high pressure pushed it out of here and that made for nice weather conditions for us. a lot of sunshine and fair weather clouds. to the south we take you to the deep south and the southeast a lot of moisture is coming up from the gulf of mexico. and it looks like as we start to get to the middle and latter part of the week some of this moisture will get pulled on in and so we will be more unsettled as we get in to wednesday, thursday and friday. there's also a cold front which will stall across the area and if you have been around here long enough to know you know when a cold front stalls in the area that means clouds and the possibility of showers. max hd future cast. tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., we are doing good. late in the afternoon an increase in clouds and in to tomorrow evening more clouds arrive and by wednesday morning we are probably going to be mostly cloudy. i think a little bit of sunshine. as the day progresses on wednesday, we will watch where that frontal system is. because around that front will be the greatest chance of
5:50 pm
showers. okay? i can't tell you where that front will be exactly. it may be right on top of the metro or a little farther to the south and that's where the concentration of the greatest showers will be. overnight fair skies. 60s in the city. middle 60s here in dc. front royal is back down in the upper 0s. and look at tomorrow, warm, a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. so a lot like today. the humidity stays in check, too. even though we are nice and warm it is not going to be uncomfortable. a few clouds late in the afternoon but we should be good. and i should say there is a slight chance that tomorrow evening we could have a scattered shower. once we get to wednesday all bets are off. clouds come in and a chance of showers. not as bad as last week but still, you know, not perfect. >> think positive. >> thank you, gary. talk of the town on tmz today. that outburst everyone is talking about. kanye west hayeking taylor swift's acceptance speech.
5:51 pm
harvey levin is live from l.a. with the scoop. what are people saying about this today? >> that it is disgusting, indefensible, unbelievable he would do something like this. kanye west has been going off on people for a long time. when he doesn't li the camera pointed at him he will do his break it but that's one thing. taking this 19-year-old girl who has a huge moment in her life and ripping it away and insulting her, hollywood as drawn a hard line. everyone is against kanye west. it will be interesting to see how he handles this. >> no chance this was just a performance or something to create some talk after the vm a's because it seems every year, after we come, the next day after the vm a's we are talking about something. >> well, and you make a good point. and there's -- people are divided on that in hollywood right now. i'm not sure. there are some people who think
5:52 pm
this was a pub lisle'sty ploy so kanye west could get in the news but on the other hand what does he think that people will say about saying something like this. do you think that everyone will say everybody loves beyonce so they will go after taylor. it doesn't make sense so on a level i don't understand it but some people in hollywood are so cynical that maybe it was. he will be on jay leno tonight on jay leno's debut show. it will be interesting to see how leno handles him and whether he does a mea culpa or not. >> i wasn't going to bring that up because people want to watch fox 5 news at 10:00. thank you very much, harvey. >> i wasn't recommending it. >> good. >> let's talk about susan boyle. looks like she is giving hollywood a list a run for the money turning in to an international superstar and getting more paparazzi than britney spears is that what you are hearing? >> not hearing, i'm seeing it.
5:53 pm
i was shocked. it sounds like you are looking at video from l.a.x. over the weekend. unbelievable number of photographers out there when she arrived an she went to disneyland today and she turned the park upside down. i'm stunned at how popular susan boyle is in the united states and especially in a town like hollywood that doesn't even flinch with huge stars. she is right at the top. >> very interesting. all right. let's hope she can handle the pressure. i know she had a little bit of a challenge last time. >> thanks for joining us. look for you at 6:30 here on fox fox 5. we will talk about moms to be skipping the pain meds and opting for a natural birth. it is nothing new, right. >> yeah, but it doesn't sound very good. >> something new is helping to make the labor pains a more relaxing pains. inviting hypnotists to the delivery room. we will tell you how the trend
5:54 pm
works next.
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5:57 pm
forget the epidural and all the drugs some moms say natural is the best. it. >> may sound too good to be true but they are touting hypnosis as the way to get through labor. >> let that peacefulness circulate throughout your entire body. >> this is what tasha believes helped her through 36 hours of labor. it is called hypnobirthing. it teaches pregnant women how to get past the pain. >> it gave me the confident dense to go through the process without using any drugs or anything. i just wanted a natural healthy pregnancy and delivery. >> when you are looking at natural childbirth it is so much better for mom and baby and if you have a calm and relaxed mother throughout the pregnancy you are actuall
5:58 pm
growing a calm and relaxed baby for you instinctively know how to give birth. >> reporter: hypnotherapist teaches moms to be to follow the natural instinct that comes with childbirth. using deep relaxation and self hypnosis and visualization she says she takes the fear out of labor. she tried fertility treatment for years but believes hypnotherapy helped her to get pregnant. >> we went through four accelerated sessions with pauline and here we are with twins and we are very excited. >> switching the affirmation they need to say to themselves i will never get pregnant to i have a fertile body. >> reporter: there is no sign that it can treat infertility but they say it can't hurt. >> hypnosis can change body chemistry, hormones and the immune response so it wouldn't
5:59 pm
be surprising that in some situations that hypnosis could be of some value. >> reporter: tasha said she looked at her baby girl and needs no proof to know it works. >> it was definitely a long process but well worth it. >> hats off to her. that was deena reporting. for more information, check out our website, it is under web links. >> different strokes for different folks. >> i'm not brave enough. >> we'll talk about that later. the news is far from over. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. those on wall street cannot resume taking risks would you regard for consequences and expect that next time american taxpayers will be there to break their fall. >> reporter: president obama laying down the law on wall street choosing the anniversary of the layman brother's collapse to make his point. what a


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