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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  September 15, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this school year. at d.c. native and now hollywood star actress t he want raji henson sits own with allison and talks about the character she plays in her latest movie, tyler perry's, "i can do bad all by myself." the entertainment world mourning the loss of another icon, actor patricswayze dead at the age of 57 after a nearly two-year battle with pancreatic cancer. thank you for joining us this tuesday. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. we're glad you could be here. we'll have more on the life and career of patrick swayze coming up in just a couple of minutes. tony is in with our check of the forecast. >> good morning to you. we have another fine day on tap if you liked yesterday. >> beautiful. >> sunshine, mid-80s. more of the same today. >> okay. >> i like bearing that news. we'll start with the current picture of the satellite-radar and again, this morning, mostly
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clear skies once again. can you see that area of high pressure dominating the mid- atlantic. the clouds going around it well to the north across northern pennsylvania and new york state and down to the south, southwestern virginia and across the carolinas but we are mainly cloud-free and so shall it be during the course of the day today. reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 67 degrees. relative humidity, 81%. winds are out of the south at five miles per hour. the forecast for today, once again, lots of sunshine. start to see some clouds build in tonight. highs again today in the mid- 80s. we got to 84 yesterday. we'll go with 85 again today in washington, see if we can get there. 83 in baltimore. 87 in fredericksburg. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. before we check in with julie, we do have breaking news to tell you about today that could affect your commute. new york avenue is shut down right now between bladensburg road and the d.c. line. apparently, this is due it a police investigate. sarah simmons just arrived at the scene and what can you tell
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us about what is going on there now? >> reporter: right now, we know the police are still here on the scene. new york avenue is shut down here between bladensburg road and "the washington times" building. now, what police are telling us right now, they are still investigating further down the road here in front of the washington times buildi where prince george's county police say that d.c. police originally had pursued somebody that crossed over into prince george's county. prince george's county officers tell us they followed somebody back over the d.c. line here where somebody then crashed a vehicle. we don't know exactly at this point why police were pursuing the vehicle. we don't know what type of vehicle but we do know the vehicle crashed right near the washington time building into a jersey wall. i am told by police that two people did get out of the car and ran off. police were able to catch them and have since arrested them. now, at this point, we don't know why they were pursuing them but the road is still
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closed down. we understand it is due to a pole that was knocked over when that car crashed. they still have the area closed down. we understand they are directing traffic around here in the south dakota avenue area for inbound and outbound which julie wright will have more coming up in traffic. we'll have more coming up on the investigation as soon as we get it. we'll bring it to you. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright and found out what else is happening out there. >> good morning. the road is shut down there in each direction between bladensburg road and south dakota avenue. meaning coming inbound, you can go no further than south dakota avenue at this point. from there, can you go north or south. rhode island avenue always an option. benning road towards h street. coming outbound, you will be detoured off at bladensburg road. the road remains blocked off between bladensburg road and south dakota avenue with a lot of the activity down near the times building and up here at
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this intersection. new york avenue remains closed until further notice as you are traveling through northeast washington. we do need to check because we to see some traffic making that left turn. i would assume that is the outbound traffic. we do have some traffic coming inbound. we'll check back in and see what they're doing with that traffic right there. maybe that is just traffic coming in from bladensburg at this point. we'll take it back inside and update your ride around town. we have the loans lanes open on the beltway between college park and bethesda. nice easy commute on 295. no incidents to report south of 50 continuing down to pennsylvania avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. spectator slowdown. >> his memory was immortalized in films like "dirty dancing."
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hollywood mourning the loss of patrick swayze. >> swayze starred in box office hits like "dirty dancing" ""roadhouse ""and ghost. he met his wife lisa in 19975. he last worked on "the beast" "while he was undergoing cancer treatment. he was 57 years old when he died. and now to a developing story out of new york. despite finding no weapons during a raid, authorities called the situation a real threat. a joint terrorism task force raided at least two apartment buildings in queens. they believe a person with linked to al-qaeda visited the apartment homes. officials didn't identify a terror plot or planned targets but they do think they may have stopped something in the works. investigators say the raid had nothing to do with president obama's visit to new york. he talked business and then he had a lunch date with former president bill clinton.
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they spent about an hour and a half at an italian restaurant in greenwich village. that meeting came after president obama's speech to the financial industry. the president spoke on wall street exactly one year after lehman brothers went belly up. >> that triggered a domino effect that led to the global financial crisis. mr.obama accused investors of ignoring the lessons learned and warned that more reckless behavior would caught another financial meltdown. he said though the economy has improved, financial giants should not expect any more government bailouts. >> months on wall street cannot resume taking risks without regard for consequences and expect that next time, american taxpayers will be there to break their fall. >> president obama will give more remarks on the economy todayhen he holds a round table discussion at the gm plant in warren, ohio. metro is mourning the loss of one of its workers, 41-year- old john moore died yesterday. he was struck by a train while
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inside a tunnel last thursd. metro's launched an investigation into the incident. preliminary results so that moore opened a door to the track bed and was hit. his work for metro included repairing communication devices. if you live and drive in the tricycle, starting next month,you no long are have to worry g betting your car inspected. according to the "washington post," the fenty administration and d.c. department of motor vehicles pushed the city council to do away with the inspection program for private private cars this year. safey advocates are criticizing the move raising concerns it could lead to an increase of accidents on the road. more new developments in the murder of a ale student. coming up next, investigators have a theory about who may have killed her. we're checking headline. also, caught on tape, month workers are accused of trying to help people defraud the government. we'll hear exactly what they said. "breakfast doesn't really start
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making headlis this morn being investigators say the body of a yale student that was found inside a wall at a lab
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was not a random afnlght her body was discovered on sunday, the same day she was supposed to get married. police are looking at evidence found in the lab including blood-stained throwing that could belong to the kill are and item found in a nearby dumpster. the senate taking action against the community organizing group orn. lawmakers voted to block had you had grants to the scandal fulled group. [ inaudible ] >> this latest video from new york, the latest in the steeries that led to the firings of four acorn employees. the tape by conservative film maker james o'keefe gives workers advice on how to cover up the woman's prostitution. employmentee also appears to be
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giving advice on laundering earnings. two new york employees have been suspended. as consumer confidence about health care continues to decline, the gang six says it is near a health agreement. this could come later this week. that will meet a deadline to move awe had with or without republican suppor they have brought the cost the bill down to $880 billion over 10 years. better lay off the gas peddle alwhile driving through wasn't community. we'll tell you thousand catch more people exceeding the speed limit. there is now one more place you can't light up in our area. we'll tell you where smoking has just been snuffed out. also coming up in just a few moments, we'll take a look at today's weather forecast. it is another picture perfect forecast for today. and julie wright will be along to el bus traffic problems. we have some significant traffic problems in the district. we'll have details on that and more. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. it is 5:12. more and more,
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i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor and my campaign sponsored this ad. the washington post calls bob mcdonnell a "culture warrior." and what does that mean for virginia? it means: bob mcdonnell introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. he wants to outlaw abortion-- even in cases of rape and incest. and mcdonnell opposed birth control for married adults. learn more about bob mcdonnell's crusade to take virginia backwards.
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welcome back. a major upset at the u.s. open. top seed roger federer was going for his sixth straight u.s. open title. he didn't get if. juan martin del potro beat federer. fed arer came within two points of closing out del potro but the 0-year-oldalied to force a fifth and deciding set. it is the first time in seven lifetime matches that he has beaten federer. >> that seemed like it went on forever yesterday. >> it is good to see a good match like that. >> yeah. you get some good matches at the u.s. open. good stuff. >> it was a beautiful day yesterday too. >> man, tucker barnes and i had lunch outside yesterday afternoon. it was very nice out and it will be the same today. i don't know if i'll have lunch
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with tucker but it is nice for having lunch outside. you know the routine. just like yesterday, sunny skies later this morning. sunrise at 6:50. cool temperatures in the 60s. no big changes in the forecast for this morning. now, let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. and again, no big changes here from what we saw yesterday morning at this time. 67degrees in washington. 65 out at dulles. baltimore at # 4 degrees. fredericksburg at 64 degrees. in hagerstown, it is 68 at this hour. we want to show you the satellite-radar. we want to show you a couple of things. here in the d.c. area, once again, we are for the most part cloud-free. another pretty clear morning and another pretty clear day with lots of sunshine. no moisture here. but as you look down to the south across portions of the gulf of mexico, the southeastern united states, we'll be tapping into some of this moisture, not today but beginning tomorrow and particularly on thursday and into fray as we get some
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precipitation moving into our region as that high pressure begins to break down and this aligns itself with a cold front. forecast for washington for today then looks like this. another nice one, enjoy it today because we do have changes beginning tomorrow. mostly sup you skies, a warm afternoon, high about degrees. for tonight, once again, temperature in the 60s. and we'll get clouds moving in overnight. i think the rain will hold off until veryings, very late tonight or tomorrow during the day now. 66degrees for your low in town. then again, here your five-day forecast. big changes after today. i told you monday and tuesday, best days of the workweek. tomorrow, clouds, high 75. some periods of rain. best chance of rain is on thursday the way it looks right now. 72 for your high. quite cool, friday, more rain showers, we get stuck in a little pattern. saturday, before a chance of rain as well. that is the latest on the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic. >> we're talking about an accident which occurred as a result of a police chase around #:00 this morning along new
5:19 am
york avenue. sarah similar monday has been reporting live from the scene and we'll have more from her in just a moment. what we know traffic-wise is that inbound commuters are being detouredded off at south dakota avenue and outbound is being blocked off at bladensburg road. not an easy ride trying to get through northeast washington. traffic volume working in your favor. it is very light out there. rhode island avenue, benning road to h street, all good alternates for you. we'll take you out to the roads right now. southbound along 270 where they were checking for a crash in germantown, we've got all lanes open and no incidents to report as you continue southbound working your way out towards rockville. top stretch of the beltway running at speed between college park and bethesda. right now, northbound 395 coming across the 14th street bridge at speed here as well headed over to the southeast- southwest freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. drivers need to be are because there are new speed cameras in place on one
5:20 am
maryland road with beefed-up abilities. new laser cameras along connecticut avenue in chevy chase village can now catch multiple cars speeding at once. nafta years, the cameras brought in $2. # million but that is about a million and a half less than what was expected. by law, the money must be spent on public and pedestrian safety programs. so far, in chevy chase village, the money has gone to pay for police lockers and radios, a segway and sidewalks and streetlights. this year, the village only expects to make half a million dollars off the cameras after expenses. can you scratch off another place of the list for smokers. rock shill has snuffed out smoking around playgrounds. the city council voted on that issue after getting complaints from parents. will thomas has a closer look. >> reporter: a sanctuary for children. playgrounds where parents and caregivers take little ones to experience the outdoors and now the city of rockville is taking
5:21 am
steps to make that experience smoke-free. >> as you can see, there is a lot of open space. take a walk and have a smoke. >> reporter: monday night, the city council unanimously pass a dan that creates a 40-foot smoke-free perimeter around city-owned playgrounds. not the full parks, just the playgrounds within them. >> this is a reasonable step in temperatures of protecting children of nonsmokers and smokers alive just in the playground area. >> reporter: the council heard from citizens before the vote. no one opposed the ban but some requested a broader ban or awe more leerily defined policy. the 40-foot smoke-free perimeter starts at the preexisting playground perimeter. signs will go up asking for self-enforcement and fines will not be attached to the ban. parents like laurie mother of
5:22 am
two and a half-year-old nora and gabriel father of sophie and asher give the council a big thumbs up for passing the smoking ban. >> people can smoke in the privacy of their home, right outside their place. there is no need to smoke at playgrods. >> i don't think they need to be puffing in front of all the kids and who wants to be downwind of that. >> reporter: will thomas, fox 5 news. >> private play fwrowndz within thcity are not affected. smoking is already banned at city pools, playing field and dog parks. there are new concerns over the spread of swine flu. hear why researchers even now more worried about the h1n1 virus and why the danger might be lurking close are than you think. the next mayor and adrian fenty just got some new competition for the job. some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens.
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when d.c. mayor fenty goes for re-election a year from now, will have some competition. a new candidate announces he is now getting into the race. bob barnard has more on that. >> reporter: his name is leo alexander, a former news broadcaster and communication specialist for d.c. general hospital and the district's housing authority. kicking off his campaign for mayor of the nation's capital. >> i'm excited out this for a number of reasons. we have a plan to bring jobs to d.c. we have a plan for health
5:26 am
care. i would love to open d.c. general back ubut this time have a new hospital in that old d.c. general site. we also have a plan to attack generational poverty here in d.c. >> reporter: he will be facing an uphill battle challenging incumbent adrian fenty. >> adrian knows how to caaign. he walk around and knocks on every door in the city. we know what you are weigh up against. the good thing is his message not going to change. >> reporter: a fellow democrat, adrian fenty was out pressing the flesh tonight. >> the only way to run a campaign is work as hard as humanly possible, getting out into the community, talking to people. there are about 365 days left exactly before election day and we look forward to working very lard to earn the vote of the people of the district of columbia. >> reporter: even at this city- sponsored clothing giveaway in southwest, the first person we
5:27 am
spoke to says she has lost faith in the mayor. >> he sold me a bill of goods and i bought it. but guess what, election is coming up. i won't vote for him. >> reporter: mayor fenty says his critics don't faze him. >> i am energized about how far we have to go and how much potential remains to grow and become a world class city. >> so far, mayor fenty's only other challenger is a man named sulaiman brown. the primary election still one year away. a portion of new york avenue is closed. we'll have a live update from sarah simmons coming up. it just got a whole lot easier to own i acar in the district. not without some controversy. we'll tell you about the move to do away with some auto
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inspx. the world saying good-bye to patrickswayze. e
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with vitamin d in every cup. keep your bones strong every day... ...with yoplait. welcome back. i taking a look at traffic on the bridge heading into d.c., 14th street bridge this morning. it is already starting to pick up a little bit. 67degrees now on this tuesday morning. >> a beautiful day outside yesterday. got a chance to drive along skyline drive. >> very nice. >> it was just so nice. >> what a great day to do it. if you can, get out and enjoy
5:31 am
today because starting tomorrow, grayer skies, cooler conditions and wetter conditions. we start to get some rain in here tomorrow. take a look at the satellite- radar. again, just like yesterday morning, nothing really to see. there are a couple of clouds here and there. that is about it. for the most part, things look great this morning once again. there are some clouds up to the north and clouds down to the south but i'm talking well to the north across portions of pennsylvania and new york state and then across the carolinas down to our south. regional temperatures here in the district, 67 degrees. 63 in roanoke. nework city at 69 degrees. pittsburgh, 626789 norfolk, # # degrees at this hour. your day planner for today, lots of sunshine, warm. high again into the middle 80s. that is where we are yesterday. we'll shoot for 85 once again. enjoy the day. it's good one. >> we want to let you know that we are following breaking news in the district of columbia this morning. could affect your commute as well as new york avenue is shut down between bladensburg road
5:32 am
and the d.c. line apparently due to a police investigation. sarah similar monday is there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: steve, d.c. police are telling us it is closed down due to a car that crashed into a jersey wall near the washington time building here on new york avenue. we are actually down here near bladensburg and new york avenue where this is part of the area where they have the road shut down. what we are hearing right now is that prince george's county police pursued a vehicle from that county to the d.c. line and then the car continued on, crashing into that jersey wall knocking a pole down into the road there d.c. police are telling us that two juvenile males did try to leave the scene. there were no arrests but they have both been returned, one to a parent, one has been taken to child protective services. we don't know at this point why police are pursuing this vehicle. it is kind of a mess to dri
5:33 am
through this area. the inbound lanes are expected to open up soon but outbound lanes are still shut down as well. back to you. >> are we going to julie wright now to check in on traffic? there we go. how are the rest of the roads looking? >> traffic volume is working in your favor. we don't want to take anything for granted here because the road is still blocked off inbound at south dakota avenue and outbound ad bladensburg road. traffic volume very light at this hour and that is helping to ease the commute through northeast washington. new york avenue one of the heaviest and busiest travel ommutes ayou make your way inbound this morning. you want to plan your alternatives which include rhode island avenue or kenilworth avenue, benning road to h street. we are looking at live shots here. this is outbound traffic being did i haveed off at bladensburg road. outbound traffic coming from the third street tunnel forced to make a turn onto bladensburg road. if you are coming inbound out of riverdale or cheverly, you can go no further than south
5:34 am
dakota avenue. you will want to avoid new york avenue until further notice. sarah did mention some new news about this and that is they hope to have at least one inbound lane reopened by 6:00 this morning. we'll keep you posted on that. in the meantime, traffic volume light. not too much after i backup here. benning road to h street, rhode island avenue, good alternatives through northeast washington. traveling the top stretch of the beltway, look good headed around towards 270. southbound 270 remains in the clear out of rockville headed toward the lane divide. no accidents to report in virginia. 395 still clear as you travel up to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we loved him in films such as dirtsy dancing and ghost. patrick swayze lost his battle
5:35 am
with pancreatic cancer yesterday. >> jox's jill dobson takes a look back at his life and legacy. >> reporter: he could hold his own against any leading man but patrick swayze was best known for sweeping women off their feet. he learned those moves growing up in houston, texas. born august 18, 1952, one of five children, his mother patsy was a dance instructor, father jessie a cowboy turned engineer. it was in his mother's dance studio where patrick met his future wife, lisa. the two have been married since 1975. the role after lifetime for the dancer turned actor came in 19 # 7's "drtsy dancing." he won the hearts of women worldwide and earned a golden globe nomination. lightning struck a second time
5:36 am
for swayze when he teamed up with whoopi goldberg and demi moore playing moore's murdered husband in the 1990 smash ghost. swayze earned another golden globe nomination for that role. he then focused on what he calls more artistic roles from waking up in reno to dressing in drag. he had steady film and tv work leading up to the a & e met work series, the beast, in december 2007. >> you measure, you think and ree months after shooting the pilot, swayze revealed he was battling bank rattic cancer. >> i dream that everyone diagnosed will be fortunate enough to have hope. >> reporter: in new york, jill dobson, fox news. back now to a developing story out of new york city where police and federal agents raided at least three apartments in queens for what they call a terror threat. one lawmaker says it came after a person with alleged links to
5:37 am
al-qaeda visited the city. after an fbi briefing, new york senator chuck schumer said there was nothing imminent calling the raids a preventive action. the search is on for a missing girl from montgomery county. police say 11-year-old caroline batista was last seen early sunday morning at her home in germantown. she is latina, 5'2", weighing about 120 pounds with brown eyes and black waivey hair. police think she may still be in the germantown area and are asking anybody who might have information about her to give them a call. waiting in line for hours sometimes hoping that your car doesn't fail. getting your car inspected can be a headache but it will no longer be a hassle for d.c. drivers. starting october 1st, the city is doing away with car inspection. the move is expected to save the city some $400,000. safety advocates are concerned it could lead to an increase in traffic accidents.
5:38 am
drivers will still be required to have their emissions inspected. if you are still not taking swine flu dangers seriously, you may want to start now. more questions about the safety of your cell phone and whether or not it may cause cancer. now, congress is jumping into the mix. 
5:39 am
5:40 am
scary moments in germany. a stuck landing gear led to the
5:41 am
sparks flying as you see the pilot landing on protective foam spread out on the runway. the plane obviously making an emergency landing there in stuttgart. five passengers and a crew member went to the hospital but nobody was seriously hurt. president carter's former press secretary has died. jody powell started working for the president as a driver when carter ran for governor of georgia. carter says powell became one. his most tristaed aides and late are a p r executive. jody powell collapsed at is home on the eastern shore. according to the "new york times" being had a heart attack. he was 65 years old. there is a possible connection between cancer and cell phone use which has congress on high alert. new research suggests years of cell phone use may lead to a risk of developing brain cancer. congress is trying to determine whher the national ?iewments health need to look closer at those findings. there are some new concerns over the swine flu this morning. researchers found the virus may
5:42 am
be contagious for longer than they first thought. they said people can spread the swine flu for a week or more after the symptoms first appear. and may need to be careful for even longer especially at home where the risk of spreading the germ is highest. doctors also say coughing may be a better sign than fever for telling who is contagious. here is some good news if you are buying or selling a home. coming up next, an indication that the local housing market could be on the road to recovery. and rapper kanye west gets a little emotional when asked what his mother would say it his upstaging stuptd that happened at the vma's. we are also take a look at your morning commute, the changing forecast and also an update from sarah simmons. we have changing information about the situation out there on new york avenue. we'll have information from julie wright as well. coming up. more and more,
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rapper kanye west is still catching heat for the stunt he pulled on the mtv music awards. he told swift and the audience that beyonce had a better video. the incident, the number one topic last night when kanye happened to appear on jay leno's new prime time show and west and to get choked up at one point. >> i was fortunate enough to
5:46 am
meet your mom and talk with your mom a number of years ago. what do you think she would have said about this? would she be disappointed in this? would she give you a lecture? >> yeah. you know, obviously, i deal with hurt and, you know, so many celebrities, they never take the time off and i've never taken the time off to really -- >> he said he knew as soon as he gave the mike back to swift and she did not keep speaking that she had done something bad. >> i'm not buying it. >> what are you not buy something. >> i think it was a big old stunt. >> he was on leno and happened
5:47 am
to announce a new fall tour. >> and this getting kind of choked-up business. >> i'm not generally a cynical person. >> let's call him up and get him on. he likes to talk. >> apparently so. >> let's take a look at what is going on with the weather conditions around region. getting off to a fine start today and it will be another really good day today. not bad at all. reagan national, 67 degrees. relative humidity at 79%. winds out of the south at three miles per hour. barometric pressure 29.96 and i think that is steady turgite last hour. here are the temperatures generally speaking. most of us in the 60s. frederick, maryland is at 57 degrees though. 67 in washington. 66 at patuxent naval air station. ocean city is at 73 degrees. high pressure dominating this morning. that high pressure is over here. can you see it is starting to break town a little bit but we still have a lot of clear skies
5:48 am
out there this morning and for today, we will. later on, we'll start to see some clouds push in here but that will be tonight, i believe, not so much during the course of the day. now, enjoy today because really, after today, we've got unsettled weather moving in. first of all, those clouds make their way in as i mentioned. there is some moisture down to our south. i showed you that eaier. that begins to work its way in here because of a stalled-out front. the front is not here yet. it gets through here late tonight. it starts to come through and comes through tomorrow and then just kind of stalls out as we've seen a couple of other fronts do during the last couple of months. we'll get continuing rain showers moving along that for the next few days. for today, not bad at all. mostly sunny skies, a warm afternoon, high about 85 degrees. your five-day forecast changes tomorrow. 75 tomorrow. 10-degree difference. chance of rain showers. real good chance of rain on thursday. a continuing chance on friday
5:49 am
and saturday. now, here is julie wright with the latest on our traffic. >> change in the traffic patterns right now. if you are traveling along new york avenue, earlier this morning, there was a police chase and there was an accident. a utility pole was knocked down at the scene of this crash. this was tying up your commute along new york avenue as you travel between south dakota avenue and bladensburg road. now, we've got traffic that is able to get through in each direction. inbound is what we're watching now. as you travel from south dakota avenue towards bladensburg road and continue out towards the third street tunnel. outbound, you can see we have a police officer on the scene. we're told the left lane is blocked right now. outbound against the rush hour flow. it is inbound we were concerned with. we do have the lanes open now inbound new york avenue headed in towards northeast and continuing out to the exit for the third street tunnel sarah simmons is bringing you the latest information on this incident. we'll take it back inside. outer loop of the beltway, they
5:50 am
were checking for a acar fire near the bw parkway. southbound 270 at the monocacy, accident there. northbound i-95 slower than usual leaving springfield headed up onto # 95678 the problem is a disabled vehicle just before the exit for the inhe loop. that is crowding a lane and that is what is keeping you guys on the brake early this morning to the beltway. good news for home buyers in the d.c. region as prices are down now. the credit crunch is getting tter. a new tax incentive to sweeten the pot especially if you are in the market for i aconned he. melanie alnwick explains. -- for a condo. >> reporter: the sun has started to shine again on d.c.'s condo market. >> it is a little bit of a relief. >> reporter: sales in july an august have finally posted a back-to-back gain. >> summertime is generally slow.
5:51 am
june and july were very busy months for us as far as moving inventory. august has also been better than the past couple of years. >> reporter: before the credit crisis, condo projects like union row along 14th street northwest would sell out so fast they wouldn't even have a model to show. the housing crash meant units were a lot hard are to move. now, it seems demand is coming back. >> we sold out of the did the $200,000 # hundred thousand units. >> reporter: home price in the first half of the year had fallen off a cliff. they are still down to 2001 levels but starting to stabilize. >> a couple of low mortgage rates, low and declining home price in some cases and some of tax benefits as well have helped to boost housing demand to some extent. >> reporter: fred antoni says
5:52 am
condo sales are generally a good indication of where the rest of the housing market is going. >> we believe this will be a long, extended, slow painful recovery and we've not seen the worst of the job market decline yet. >> reporter: the job market will have to hit solid ground before the housing market can make a full comeback but sellers generally like the view in front of them. >> mortgage rates are still at historic lows but the mortgage bankers association warns that as the government strts to weekend down some of the programs, the rates could start to bounce around a little bit. a stunning upset at the u.s. open. coming up next, the king of tennis is dethroned, a rare loss. not one but two thrilling endings in monday night football. ♪
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it was a late-night comeback in monday night football. the san diego chargers beat the raiders on a five-yards one with just 18 seconds left. final score, 4-20. the charge ares 1th straight win over the raiders. patriots fans are all pumped up for monday night football. new england hosting. they led 4-13 late in the fort quarter but the patriots
5:56 am
rallied to win 25-4. it is new england's 12th straight win over buffalo. the redskins are getting ready for sunday's home opener against the rams. coach zorn says his goal is to become more disciplined on the field. carlos rogers said that is how we play, physical tough ball. we are not just going to be no punks. nobody is going to call albert haynesworth a punk. how did he do in his skins debut. he did do some good things on sunday. he was double teamed for a lot of the game. he didn't play in the re-season and he has only played a full 16-game season one time before. >> wish he would play 100% of the time at 100% speed. he weighs 340. he is a load. i think moving that much mass can take it out of you. i think he will get in -- we'll figure that out a little bit
5:57 am
more as we go along. but i wasn't displeased with the type of play he had on the field and really the amount. to tennis now where there was a major upset. roger feders was going for his sixth straight u.s. open title. juan martin del potro beat federer to capture his first grand slam title. it was a five-set, four-hour marathon. federer came within two points of closing out del potro. but the 20-year-old argentine rallied for force a fisk and deciding set. it is first time that del potro has beaten federer. alex ovechkin will be honored tonight at the annual sneaker ball as the d.c. sports person of the year. how confident are you when it comes to the swine flu vaccine in there are some interesting new numbers out. we're checking your weather and your traffic. had some problems out there this morning. we'll check in with julie wright and make sure everything
5:58 am
is okay. no problems with the forecast. wait until you hear this. tony is up after the break.
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