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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 15, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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plus every d.c. driver dreads it. a trip to the shop for a vehicle safety inspection. but the district could be ending this program. but could one less hassle left you at riskon the road. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 will look at that as we start right now. and it is tuesday morning. september 15th, 2009. nice start to the day. it's 7:00. we're glad you're with us. temperature pushing 70 degrees. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we'll get the latest on the forecast from tony in a few moment. but still ahead, we have a new candidate into the mayor's race. leo alexander will join us in the studio. and she is behind the number one movie at the box office,ter age henson tells us
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about it here. patrick swayze yesterday lost a battle with pancreatic cancer. >> he'll be best known for his role in the 1987 hit dirty dancer. he played johnny castle. he was a natural for that role. he learned how to dance from his choreographer mother. and he starred with demi moore and whoopi goldberg as well. his long time wife lisa were married 29 years. >> and i loved him in road house. that was a long time ago. >> oh, man, ghost. that was so romantic. >> i'll remember dirty dancing. >> patrick swayze. he led a courageous fight and i
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think people counted him out a lot earlier. >> and cruelly, some of the tabloids gave him weeks to live. >> he was a fighter. we turn tour attention to the weather. if you liked yesterday, you'll like today. it's pretty much the same. here is your bus stop forecast. as you get the kids ready for school, the sun is up, a lot of sunshine out there. we'll see lots of sunshine today. temperatures currently in the 60s. here is a look at the satellite radar for the region for now. and we have mostly clear skies. there are a few more clouds out there. clouds begin to build in tonight. reagan national reporting a temperature of 68 degrees. that's a new temperature that just came in. 68 degrees; relative humidity 78%. winds are calm. barometic pressure on the rise. forecast for today, warm but
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not humid. warm and 85 degrees downtown. we'll have more coming up in just a little bit. and enjoy it today because things change tomorrow. >> did you listen, julie wright? >> that's the key. i'm surprised you didn't pick point break. being a beach guy. >> and with the dead presidents. >> the surf dude bank robber. what would have thought of it. and out on the roads, the trop stretch of the beltway slowing on route 1 toward georgia avenue. southbound 270 on the brakes, germantown toward the split. a couple of brakes along the way southbound but you are below speed continuing southbound leaving father hurley toward the split. southbound 95 slowing on the ramp to the exit for the outer loop of the beltway. speaking of the outer loop at prince george's county, north of route 4, there was a truck
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pulling a trailer with lawnmower equipment on it and it fell off the trailer and a car struck it. so outer loop of the beltway north of 4 causing a rubbernecking delay past the scene. northbound 95 out of woodbridge or out of the brakes from dale city and traffic slows again on seminary road on 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the big traffic we talked about this morning, new york avenue, which was closed, now open again. officers from prince george's county chased a vehicle into the district and the car crashed into a jersey wall near the washington times building. officers said two boys jumped out, teen-agers and too running. police apprehended them and no word on what initiated that pursuit. and d.c. drivers will no
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longer have to worry about getting your car inspected next month. >> it is a money-saving move. and sarah simmons has both sides of the story. >> reporter: good morning. a concern from some people that i've talked with out here, is that there will be more cars out there on the roadways that may not be safe. now emission inspections will still be performed but it's the safety inspections suspends as of october 1. so there were critics saying this could be more unsafe cars on the roadways. right now the city inspects all cars prior t registration, things like the brakes and other safety equipment. but the fenty administration and the dmv convinced the d.c. council to make a change in order to save some money. about $400,000. now critics question it, saying that many people don't maintain their cars as it is.
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it's a difficult problem that they have right now. but in talking with people out here, many mention to me that they felt as though that's not enough money to be saved in order to make sure that people's cars out there on the roadways are safe and prevent those from getting into other accidents. of course we'll have mor information. we're going to talk to more folks out here as well. coming up here in just a little bit, we'll have the latest details and bring them to you in just a bit. allison. >> sarah simmons, thank you. metro is mourning the loss of one of its own today. a metro worker, 41-year-old john moore was hit by a train inside the tunnel between the braddock road and reagan national airport stations last thursday. metro has launched an investigation into what happened. preliminary results show that moore opened a door to the track bed and was hit. his work included repairing communications devises. steve. more on the terrorist
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investigations in new york. authorities are calling this a very real threat. charles leaf has the latest from new york. >> reporter: no answer at an apartment raided by federal agents. the door likely knocked down. the new one, the only silver door in place and blood stains on the wall. this man feel live -- lives down the hall. >> i'm feeling good. it was good to find them. >> reporter: earlier policeman after fbi and police with the joint terrorism task force raise several apartments in fleshing. a suspected number of al-qaeda came to new york over the weekend and was visiting with someone at their apartment. long island congressman peter king talking to fox 5 from washington after getting a
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classified ieng by the fbi. >> it's been an accumulation of evidence that has been building up, indicating that it could be al-qaeda. >> reporter: investigators won't confirm if there were any arrests. though cameras captured a man taken away in handcuffs. witnesses say agents seized evidence. >> like at 5:00 in the morning, i woke up because i'm fasting this month and i saw the helicopter in the morning and the fbi. they were coming out of the building, carrying some packages, some bags. >> reporter: residents in the building and nearby neighborhood unnerved to hear what happened. >> it's scy. 's terrible that people -- people live here. i have a 2-year-old brother, i have a 7-year-old sister. it's scary. >> at first there was nothing imminent. second there was nothing related to president obama's visit. >> we'll have more later if it
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develops. details are emerging between iran and tehran's nuclear program. talks will be held october 1st in turkey. leaders from the u.s., russia and britain will meet face-to- face with the negotiator. this is the first high level meeting since the open policy toward tehran. a yale's student whose body was found in a wall in the lab was said not to be a random act. her body was discovered sunday, the same day she was set to get married. police are looking at evidence found in the lab, including blood stained clothing that could belong to the killer and items found in a nearby dumpster. here at home the search is on for a missing girl from montgomery county. police say 11-year-old caroline batista was last seen early
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sunday morning at her home in germantown. she's latina, brown eyes, black wavy hair. police believe she's still in the germantown area and are asking anyone with information to give them a call. and still ahead on fox 5 morning news, as we learn more about when we could see a swine flu vaccine, a warning about how long the deadly virus could stick around. he wants to become d.c.'s new mayor. we'll sit down with leo alexander after the break. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. and no candy, gladys. (announcer) perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken.
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when he ran for governor of georgia. he quickly became one of carter's most trusted aids. after leaving the white house he wrote a memoir, appeared as a tv commentator. the front page of the website this morning has tributes to him. he was 65. >> he was young. 65. >> and i remember his time here well. looking ahead to weather, sir, going to be one more day in the 80s. one more summertime day. >> we'll get that in and it will be a very nice day today. and changes starting tomorrow. cooler temperatures and more clouds and a chance of some precipitation for the next few days. take a look the the -- at the temperatures around the area. it is 68 degrees right now. here is quick jaunt across the country. dallas 70, denver 60.
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boise, idaho, 62. seattle is at 61. phoenix, the warm spot -- no, there is another tie for phoenix. 81 in phoenix. 81 in miami. here is the satellite radar composite for the nation. there is moisture in the gulf of mexico. some of the moisture will get tapped by a presental system -- a frontal system and bringing us some possible rain showers tomorrow. >> we love your report. >> thank you very much. who am i? a chance of rain wednesday, thursday and friday and saturday. we'll try to clear some of that up, but right now we have to put it in there because it could happen. >> in all fairness, you were talking about orlando, we're not going anywhere. we were waiting for the five- day. >> thanks, tucker. we were listening. let's check in with julie wright. >> good morning. a lot happening out on the roads this morning. it's been quite busy over here
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doing traffic. if you were traveling he outer loop, an accident at university boulevard, backup to georgia avenue. and live at american legion bridge. accident activity on the this outer loop tieing up all but the right side of the road. and everyone is pushed over to the right. as you travel out of montgomery county working down toward the tysons area. we have a lot of equipment here on the outer loop and then we have an incident over here on the inner loop of the beltway for those traveling out of virginia and back up towards 270. but this is not impacting the commute as much the outer loop. traveling from 270 back ups forming back at riveroad down toward the bridge. and some traffic under direction is able to squeeze by to the right. this is traffic merging on from carter rock. so a lot of slow traffic building quickly. outer loop of the beltway from 270 down toward the american legion bridge and working back out towards tysons. now on the inner loop,
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traveling in from 66, heading up towards the georgetown pike, be careful toward the american legion bridge. a lot of activity right here on the west side of the town. 395 slows springfield up to a disabled vehicle north of the beltway in the left lane. more delays from edsel toward duke street. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. leo alexander kicking off his campaign for mayor of the district last night. the former news broadcaster and communication specialist is challenging adrian fenty. and he joins us this morning with more on his decision for the future of the district. good morning. >> good morning, allison. >> first i have to say, how does somebody go from news to wanting to hold a top spot in the district. >> there is life after tv. >> it's hard to see that far. >> trust me. there is. i've been out in the community
7:18 am
working at d.c. general hospital, great people over there. it's a tragedy that institution was shut down and then from there i worked at public housing authority and it gave me an opportunity to see poverty from several different areas in d.c. and that's what my campaign is all about. we want to attack generational poverty in d.c. >> that seems to be the rally cry through all of the different administrations what, are going to do for us, for folks hurting in the district. what are some real ways that you see that that could be reached. >> well first of all, what we'll do is over the last six months i've been traveling around city, going to different ward meetings, also anc community meetings and talking to the people. they want to work but they've been replaced by an illegal work force in d.c. and i understand why the business community does it. they get cheap labor that don't complain. but we want to get that back to
7:19 am
playing d.c. residents. this is not a move -- this is a program started by homeland security, and it was also implemented by the social security administration and it works like this. when you apply for a job, you have to run the numbers through the system. if it comes back as being undocumented or illegal, then you can't work. that will free up jobs in the construction, service and hospitality arena because 10-15 years ago, those were washingtonians working those jobs and they want a fair living wage and that's what this campaign is about. but we'll approach it from an education standpoint because it's not only the resources that we put in the classroom, but we need to give the parents of each d.c. school student a needs assessment. we need to find out what is going on in the home, whether the parent could benefit from a literacy program or the parent could benefit from a job
7:20 am
training program, whether there are alcohol, drug and mental health issues in the home. because we have to be honest, with the limited resources we cannot hire enough cops, build enough prisons. we have to give people a way to make a living in d.c. >and you talk about businesses and you're a business owner and how would this help to make our city more prosperous. >> attracting new business is important because you want a netax base. have you wondered why there is not a government building where you can access the different agencies to access in d.c. and work and live here. and we want to build something like that here in d.c. and put an am ex east of the river. we'll pull all of the agencies out of a lease space and put them in a government complex that we own and th the vacant properties, the developers will compete around the beltway to
7:21 am
attract some of the new businesses who can afford to be here number one and also can finally find the space that they need to be in washington, d.c. because i believe that if you had an pportunity to be in washington, d.c., where you're working and lobbying the community, you would much rather be here with us than out in the suburbs. >> let me ask you this, often i wonder, what is the point that someone sitting at home says i'm going to throw my hat in the race. were there any pivotal moments that you thought you could remember d.c. >> absolutely. the baseball ticket scandal. and this crime bill. when they signed that crime bill and i heard the chief of police said this will give me the extra ammunition to go out and attack you. that's not what we need. we don't need to lock our next generation up, we need to give them hope and training, we need to give them jobs. if we can do that, we'll have a safer community, a greener community, streets will be cleaned and be a great commune
7:22 am
detroit live in. >> spike -- speaking of which, you brought one of your sons in. >> come on up. >> you have four kids? >> one in college. and here is zack. >> both of you, we appreciate you spending some time with you. we'll be following your campaign. >> thank you very much. and one other person has filed to run against mr. fenty. that was suleman brown. there is one year to go before the council primary. mr. alexander, thank you so much. and young mr. alexander, thank you too. we are deep into the campaign for the virginia governor race. up next the two big names offering their support for the candidates. and up next, the fight agains the swine flu. how long the deadly virus could remain contagious. and also coming up later, greek pride on display in the
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i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor and my campaign sponsored this ad. the washington post calls bob mcdonnell a "culture warrior." and what does that mean for virginia? it means: bob mcdonnell introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. he wants to outlaw abortion-- even in cases of rape and incest. and mcdonnell opposed birth control for married adults. learn more about bob mcdonnell's crusade to take virginia backwards.
7:26 am
the national rifle association made an about face. they have endorsed bob mcdonnell for governor. they supported cre deeds when he ran against mcdonnell when he previously ran. that was the closest statewide race in virginia history. cre deeds will be getting a boost from north carolina. governor beverly purdue and jim hunt are joining forces to help raise a fundraiser. it will be held on october 1st in downtown raleigh and the suggested contribution is $500. the two most pressing
7:27 am
issues of president obama's time in office. up next, the latest on the health care reform and also the president's plan to bring his message to one local campus. plus one year after the collapse of lehman brothers, a stern warning to wall street. but are we closer to the recovery from recession? we'll look closer at that. it's 7:27 right now. 
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flu season is in full swing two months early this year. nearly all of the cases are in the new swine flu strain. the university of maryland college park campus is reporting 506 cases. university of virginia is reporting 95 and georgia has 50 cases of swine flu. and the virus is said to be contagious for longer than first thought. they said you can spread the flu for a week or more after symptoms first appear. they say coughing is a better sign for tell hog is contagious. the vaccine may be ready earlier than expected. and for a vaccine illness we still know little about, be sure to tune in for the new 9:00 hour and we'll talk with an expert about the pros and cons about getting the flu shot
7:31 am
for the swine flu. the president is taking his health care message back on the road. he'll hold a rally at the university of maryland. backous says a health care program is very close to being finalized. he plans to unveil his bill as early as today or tomorrow. 7:31 right now and we went up. it's now 68 degrees. >> i just stepped outside. it is very nice out. there are some clouds on the horizon. but for the most part, we have mostly clear skies. so a good start to the day and i expect today to be another beautiful day across the region. we are now at 68 degrees here in washington. 60 down in roanoke. norfolk, virginia, 65. new york city is at 68 degrees as well. here is a look now at the satellite radar for the region. you tell me, where is the high
7:32 am
pressure? where is the high pressure blocking out other all weather activity? it's right here. it's still off to the wt. it's still protecting us to the north and south and out to the west but the area of high pressure is beginning to shrink so we'll start to get some weather in here later tonight and into tomorrow. here is why. here is your surface map. first of all, moisture from the gulf will work it's way in here. you may say well why? what is the catalyst. this cold front to the north will sink through and lower our temperatures and stall out to the south and allow that gulf moisture to work it's way in here and just a series of impulses will move along the front which is why we'll have a chance of rain starting tomorrow, the day after that and the day after that and possibly the day after that as well. forecast then for washington for today, enjoy this one, because the changes do come tomorrow. mostly sunny skies, a warm afternoon. high 85 degrees. 5 degrees above normal. then for tonight, not too bad.
7:33 am
66. but becoming cloudy overnight. i think the rain holds off until very early tomorrow morning or during the day tomorrow. that's what i think at this point. some of you could see a shower or two, particularly south of the city, during the nighttime hours. five-day forecast looks like this. 75 with a high tomorrow and a chance of rain showers. a good chance of rain on thursday. friday and saturday bring chancesof rain and highs in the 70s after we get through today. that's a look at the weather. now let's go to julie wright with more on traffic. >> we hit the ground running this morning. >> sure did. >> and i'm in heels. >> why are you still so much shorter than me? >> well some people get the height, some people get the looks. >> that's good. >> unfortunately, i'm 0 for 2. [ laughter ] so on the outer loop of the beltway, leaving college toward silver spring. bumper-to-bumper slow and our big story was the accident on the american legion bridge now cleared.
7:34 am
however the outer loop of the beltway slows as traffic merges from the 270 spur and around the big curve, all of that slow traffic accompany you toward the tysons area. and accident on the american legion bridge cleared. slow on the outer loop of the beltway. trouble on the inner loop before the georgetown pike. accident activity tieing up the left side of the road. big delays toward annandale toward the accident scene and impacting your compute on the dulles toll road. slowing toward hunter mill road and delays merging on to 495 back into maryland. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. yesterday marks the 1 year anniversary of the lehman brothers collapse which helped to trigger a global recession. the president marked date with a trip to wall street and hyun year later the president says
7:35 am
wall street is ignoring the important lessons from the collapse. he said financial giants should not count any more on bailouts. >> those on wall street cannot resume taking risks without regard for consequences. and expect that next time, american taxpayers will be there to break their fall. >> the administration is calling for the creation of a consumer financial protection agency to protect banking and credit customers and better government banking over sight to prevent the problems from happening again. following the president's stern warning, wall street finished up 26 points closing at 6926. and nasdaq and s&p were up. now in the year since the collapse, the government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars trying to in vigor ate the economy. where do we stand now? joining us now frank aarons.
7:36 am
it was one year ago when lehman brothers filed bankruptcy. the question is are we back on track again? >> the question is, you have two things. you wonder if there is a disconnect between the stock market which has seen a 50% runup since the march bottom and the economy as a whole, which is where we live. since the president entered office in january, unemployment 6-7% and now it's near 10%. even the white house think it's wi crest above 10%. but wen it does, don't expect it to start falling again. it could stay up there for months or even more than a year. >> how do the indicators work amongst each other. and you said nobody can expect the rises that we've seen over the past month or two. but if we start to see dips in the markets, how does that affect everything else going on. >> it's a bad impact. some economists talk about a double dip recession. so we could see a decline in the stock market and then people start shedding jobs. now in the beginning of the
7:37 am
crisis, back in january, we have 700,000, $800,000 a month. now it's about $500,000. if that shoots up to 700, $800,000 and then unemployment starts to get materially level. >> and people are speculating that maybe the worst is behind us. how far does that go? is the worst behind us nd how long can we live on that line of thinking? >> the president, ben bernanke and others say we're back from the brink. what does that mean? but as newsweek said a month or ago, the recession pay be over but good luck surviving the recovery. but the market goes up if it wants to go up, or down if it wants to go down. they call it the animal spirits of the market and it starts to build it's own mojo. there is a general feeling that maybe we've come too far and too fast and there may be a correction. >> so yesterday the president
7:38 am
goes to wall street and gives his speech, but he did not address traders on the floor or visit the floor. >> this is something that is meaningful. both of his predecessors, bush and clinton, after making a street, walked across the street to the new york stock exchange and shook hands with traders. it means something to them. last night in an interview the president said it wasn't symbolic and i create a distraction where ever i go but it was symbolic to wall street. he flies the free market flag. he said last night, we don't want to be involved. i didn't become president to run businesses but he does ve to appease those, especially in congress. >> as to what he said when he made his address, how do you expect that to be received in the short and long-term? >> well there seems to be a consensus there is need for regulatory reform. even alan greenspan said one of
7:39 am
his greatef disbeliefs was that the mark wet police itself. so the president has shown up some good government things, a consumer financial protection agency that would help you read the small print on your credit card and others would regulate. at the same time we have health care. there are a number of balls in the air and the republican party have said, it's kind of like a circuit overload. >> many are pushing for this go to through but there is this little thing called health care out there. is health care over shadowing what needs to be done to make anyhange in the business world. >> it should be. because that is a impact on people's lives. and when you say public option, red lights go off. the president is saying we need health care reform to help the deficit to bring down the debt
7:40 am
and make us a more viable economy. those are hard things for regular folks to connect. >> and the president is saying don't expect any more bailouts. we've seen hundreds of billions of dollarsar. it hasn't been allthat long, but has it worked? >> the stimulus, which was passed in february, was back loaded on purpose. it was meant to go two years down the road because you have lagging employment indicators. there are some reports its starting to get traction. how much it contributed to real gdp, in a way it's fake money, but when it goes away, what happens? will the private sector be there to help prop up the economy. thank you for joining us. >> steve, thank you so much. it is now 7:40. and serena williams is speaking out once again about the outburst that she had over the weekend. er message to the woman on the receiving end of the profanity- laced tire add is after the break. plus a disappointing joint
7:41 am
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with crispy whole grain flakes and crunchy oat clusters. total, a truly delicious way to get vitamins and minerals. how are you getting 100%? visit and get a free sample. in sport this is morning, roger federer looking for his u
7:44 am
facing juan martin dell porto and here is the match point. he clinches the victory. and there he clinches it. when fedder's back hand sails long. he collapsed to the court and wins his first grand slam title. well on the women's side, serena teamed up with her sister venus to win the women's doubles but afterwards the attention was still on the tirade over the weekend. she apologized to the line'swoman who called the foot fault that sent williams into the rage. well she still contends her foot did not touch the line, she believedthe line judge was doing the best she could. and williams apologized to her opponent, kim clijsters along with the u.s. tennis association and to her fans too. >> kind of like you're still
7:45 am
wrong, but i have to say something. head coach jim zorn says the challenge for the redskins in week two is becoming more heated. here is one of the few bright spots. a touchdown coming from an unlikely source, hunter the punter. hunter smith running one in. the 8-yard score only the second of his career after his first in 2003. >> well i was feeling pretty good for a guy with some mileage on him, trying to get around the corner. hopefully those -- thankfully those guys chasing me were bigger plays so i was able to get around them. >> in other words, he didn't want to get caught by the big guys and knocked down. don't forget, now is the time to vote for the vote for the fox 5 game of the week.
7:46 am
>> certify -- serena williams believes the line judge was doing best she could do. >> that's all i can do. and i appreciate you don't have a tirade. let's look at the temperatures. 68 in washington. 62 in baltimore. frederick trying to get up into the 60s. at 59 right now. ocean city at 73. fredericksberg 64. here's a look at the sat-rad for the region. a few clouds beginning to crop up to the forth and west. and that's what i saw when i stepped outside. but for the most part, a mostly sunny day. more clouds will build in late today and into the evening hours. here is a look at the surface map. high pressure continues to protect us, but there is the cold front. it will push throughere and
7:47 am
the high pressure breaks down and pushes out and the cold front takes over, dropping our temperatures today in the 80s, tomorrow in the 70s. lots of sunshine today. 85, a good day. tomorrow 75. chance of rain showers. thursday 72 with a chan of rain showers. and that will feel so much cooler than today. number one, it's 13 degrees cooler, but you add in the clouds and the cool in, and that will feel like it's in the 60s. so there you go. changes coming. enjoy today. >> today will be nice. let's check in with julie wright. 85 and sunny today. >> but if it's calling for rain later on this week and it's sunny and 85 now. look at the mess on the roads today, what will it be like at the end of the week. >> we'll cross our fingers. >> i'm taking the rest of the week off. we had a big accident at the american legion bridge. that is cleared but we're noticing delays southbound off of 270 merging on to the exit for the outer loop of the beltway and that's where traffic is stacked up in
7:48 am
clarksberg. this is about a 20-mile backup leaving 270 alone merging on to the outer loop of the beltway and then down to the american legion bridge before the pace improves. so very much a slow ride for you folks. 270 headed south, outer loop will slow after old georgetown road and down toward the american legion bridge. on the inner loop, the accident still in play before the georgetown pike. left side of the road blocked. big delays on the inner loop from braddock past 66 to the georgetown pike. on the dulles toll road, stacked up from 28 to the capital beltway. fender-bender at hunter mill has cleared and so now open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. 7:48 rights now. okay, a taste of the greek
7:49 am
culture here in the weekend. >> i hope it includes baklava. i love it. >> reporter: we're geared up for the 49th annual greek festival. food, fun and fancy footwork, we have it all this morning. we'll tell you how to come out and enjoy it. and they say when in greece, dress as the greeks do. we'll tell you about it coming up on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. more and more,
7:50 am
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7:52 am
the greek festival the greek orthodox church is the largest and oldest of it's kind in d.c. >> it will bring greek culture and food to d.c. holly has a preview of what is ahead. good morning, holly. you look wonderful, dear. >> reporter: you know what this say. it's good to be greek. and it is always here at this festival. it is somewhat of a tradition here on fox 5morning news. but just to put your mind at ease, they never limit themselves to just baklava. the pastries here are endless. and so is the fun and that's why you want to come out and enjoy the party this weekend.
7:53 am
there is something for everyone to do. buteveryone that comes needs to dance. and that's why we brought in alexander because she's in charge of all dancing at the festival. good morning. so tell me what will be going on in terms of the festival. >> well it starts friday at noon and the food line opens up, kids will be dancing, friday, saturday and sunday night. the market is open. the bookstore. absolutely. >> reporter: all things greek available. no need to go to the island. well maybe we do. but it's the next best thing. and so you do have open dancing for everyone each night. >> it starts at 5:00, friday, saturday and sunday. >> reporter: and so tell me about the tradition of greek dancing. >> it depends on the dance. this one that they're doing now, it starts all over, with women and men. >> reporter: and the thing i love about the greek dancing is that you guys really make it a point to start kids when their
7:54 am
young. >> absolutely. some of them have been starting since they were 7. >> reporter: some of them we've seen go on to college. >> absolutely. >> reporter: i love you. because you bring me a wonderful outfit. and tell me about the outfit. >> y mar -- wearing malia, which was after the first greek queen. >> and i hear this is from the massa tonia era because that's where the blond hair comes from. and i liked my outfit until i saw satterria. ee go -- he goes by sam here. tell me me -- what you're wearing. >> this is what the fighters would wear. >> reporter: greek fighters wore those shoes? >> yes, they did e. and they
7:55 am
took you seriously. >> apparently they did a good job because we liberated ourselves. but just a little bit about the skirt that i'm wearing, i know it's so beautiful, it's hard to stop staring at it but it does have 400 plea ts. >> reporter: i understand you're going to team me a dance. >> we're going to teach you a popular greek dance but it mainly comes from the central part of greece. >> reporter: stand up at home and learn the steps with me so you can do them this weekend. >> we're practice first. it's a 12-step dance and we'll start leading with the right foot and it's one, two, three, pull it back, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11. >> reporter: do it again.
7:56 am
walk throh again with me. >> one, two, three, bring it back, four five six seven eight nine ten 1112. we won't forget to say opah in between. and we'll bring it back for five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12. >> reporter: opah. let's try it all together. here we g ready. [ music ] >> very good. that's it. >> reporter: keep dancing. is our website. we have a link to the greek festival starting on friday, runs through sunday. in the next hour, we'll have our own greek cooking lesson. fried goodness is what we'll
7:57 am
learn how to do. opah. back to you. >> holly, it looks great. 7:56 right now. you might think you're queen after you take a shower, but think again. >> this story freaks me out. the results of a new study about where bacteria loves to live. and prince harry reaches a milestone today and it comes with fortune. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
7:58 am
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ahead at 8:00, we are live with more on a series of anti- terror raids in new york city that officials believe may have a drink elect to al-qaeda. heads up for d.c. drivers. as of october 1st, you will not have to get a safety inspection on your car but not everyone thinks this is a good idea. and it is a new school year and now your kids can get free one-on-one tutoring and homework help. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. then when your kids are done with their studies, they can have some fun playing with the wii. as all for free. more info ahead this hour. how you can get in on all of
8:01 am
that. and we are bringing tony perkins in to get a look at the forecast today. it looks leek a good one to take advantage of today. >> absolutely. because if you don't do it today, you will regret it because the rest of the week won't be as nice. so do it. lunch outside. here is a look at what is happening. the clouds are trying to work their way in as we speak. a couple of clouds this morning. for the most part, mostly sunny skies but later on today i think the clouds will start to work their way in here. so enjoy the bulk of the day and then the changes start this evening. current temperatures, hey, 70 degrees now at reagan national. 70 is an if update. dulles is at 63 and bwi marshall is at 65. here is your forecast for today. mostly sunny skies. clouds building in late today. warm this afternoon. 85 degrees. that's 5 degrees above normal. very similar to yesterday when
8:02 am
we topped out at 85. more weather coming up shortly. >> picture perfect. >> it is. and it has to make julie ight happy. >> and i think we should be allowed to leave early, because we want every moment of sunshine we can. >> and tony gets lunch. you said lunch outside today? >> why do you guys get lunch? hello? >> you got lunch with tony yesterday. he took tucker to lunch yesterday. >> what about my lunch, tony perkins, i'll call you. how many times have i said that. >> i keep picking up the phone, making sure it's working. operator, hello. we're on the outer loop. leaving college park, into silver spring and coming off of 270 down towards the american legion bridge. big accident on the bridge gone.
8:03 am
again action 20-mile backup leaving clarksberg and continues toward the tyson corners. a live shop of traffic on the inner loop from the robinson terminal west of springfield. that slow traffic headed back up toward the tysons corner before the pace improves. aa result, we're jammed from the greenway off of the dulles toll road to the merge of 495. it is bumper-to-bumper slow. 66, no relief. slowing in manassas, 7100 toward the beltway and now northbound 95 slowing between the prince william parkway and lorton and out of springfield toward the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. new this morning, new york avenue is now reopened following a police pursuit. it was shut down for more than 3 hours this morning between bladensberg and the d.c. line. officers from prince george's county chased a car into the district and it crashed into a jersey wall near the washington times building. officers say two boys jumped out, took off running. police caught up with them and
8:04 am
took both into custody. no word yet what initiated the pursuit. also new this morning, montgomery county police are asking for public help in finding a missing young girl. 11-year-old caroline batista was last seen sunday morning. she is latina, 5'2", 120 pounds and believe believe she's in the germantown area. and a disrupt to a terror plat. officials follow a man suspected of having ties to al- qaeda. we have more. >> reporter: it was still dark out as fbi agents raided three apartments in new york city. >> so they arrested one of your roommates? >> yeah. >> reporter: therwere report that's no arrests were made but one man was seen being taken into custody as this neighborhood in queens was just beginning to learn what was
8:05 am
going on. >> this is scary. to know something about a terrorist so close to you. it is a big shocker. >> reporter: what may be most shocking is what led investigators here. a man already suspected of having terrorist ties ma a brief visit to new york and then left. in washington, new york senator chuck schumer was briefed on the investigation and down played an imminent threat. >> the fbi obviously keeps tabs and eyes on potential problems and i would characterize the raids as preventative. that's all i can say. i'll get a fuller briefing later. >> reporter: he could say it was not related to the president's visit to new york yesterday. ray kelly wouldn't go further, the new york police commission. >> i'm not going to talk any more about that. it's part of an investigation going forward. >> reporter: where that investigation goes from here, isn't clear. but one u.s. intelligence official described the threat
8:06 am
as very well. so a real threat but no word of a target. and as far as we know, and no weapons were recovered yesterday. steve. >> thank you very much. and the terrorist alert could be less colorful. a special task force is expected to recommend that the obama administration keep the color coded alerts but reduce the number of colors. it was put in place after the september 11th attacks. the president visited wall street one year after lehman brothers went belly-up, triggering the global financial crisis. the president warned wall street that their behavior woulcause another meltdown. he said all of the economy has -- although the economy has improved, financial giants should not expect any more
8:07 am
government bailouts. >> those on wall street cannot resume taking risks without regard for consequences and expect that next time, american taxpayers will be there to break their fall. >> president obama will give more remarks on the economy today when he holds a round table discussion at a gm plant in ohio. another issue on the president's plate of course is health care reform. and max backous says he plans to unveil his plan after following weeks of closed door negotiations after senators and three republicans known as the gang of six. and the latest proposal brings the cost of the bill down to $880 billion over ten years. and eleanor holmes norton will hold a town hall meeting to dispel myths. it is tonight at 8:00 p.m.
8:08 am
at the department of commerce. the long lines at the dmv is one of the complaints. this morning there is a big change to talk about. as the safety inspection program is coming to an end. but not everybody is happy. sarah simons is live in southwest d.c. with more details this morning. sarah. >> reporter: the safety inspections will end on october 1st. just a couple of weeks from now. and we talked with people out here this morning that were getting their cars inspected who were pretty surpsed to hear the news. now we will let people know, commercial vehicles, things like buses and taxes will still have to go through the inspection process and the emission inspections will continue as well. now the safety checks that we're talking about, these are things like your brakes, suspension and headlights to make sure everything is in working order. city says doing away with this will save money. about $400,000 and they cited a study out of north carolina that show thed that safety inspections didn't have a positive affect on traffic safety. but drivers that we talked to
8:09 am
this morning aren't so sure it's a good idea to scrap this altogether. >> i think it's necessary. i think if they did away with it, everything would -- we would see everything. every time of illegal thing you could do to a car, we would see. so i think it's kind of necessary, actually. >> reporter: now d.c. officials say there are about 20 states that do safety inspections. they say there is no evidence to show it is working so they felt it was okay to do away with this process but there are people who aren't sure if it's a good idea. i did talk with one man who said he just moved over here from virginia and he didn't feel as though the inspection was that thorough in the first place. but still again it's going away op october 1st. some feel it will be more dangerous out there on the roadways. >> the debate continues. thank you, sarah.
8:10 am
things looking up again at the washington monument. the elevator in inside -- inside was not working yesterday but it is working today. it broke down tomorrow, and fortunately nobody was inside. but everybody atthe top, found out they had to make the long walk down the steps. and in case you're wondering there are 897 steps. >> i bet some folks were not happy. but it's better to walk down than up. >> thank you. keeping it in perspective. this morning fans of co- stars are remembering heart throb patrick swayze. >> we'll look back after his life and career. and hundreds turn out to remember the yale university
8:11 am
student who was found on we are heading day. ♪
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morning as we look at stories making headline this is morning. investigators say the murder of 24-year-old anne le does not appear to be random. they held a candlelight vigil for her on sunday. her body was found stuck inside a door of a laboratory, the same day she was set to get married. a d.c. charter schoolteacher has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a 14- year-old student. ricardo anthony credder es at the young america works charter school. the abuse says it happened at his home. he was ordered to 9 years, but suspended all but 18 months. rockville, maryland has snuffed out smoking around playgrounds. e city council passed a ban that creates a 40-foot smoke- free perimeter around the playgrounds. it only applies to park property and fines will not be
8:15 am
attached to the ban. we switch our attention to tony. he has good weather news today but something sweeter. >> it's the cute factor of the day. pay attention, allison and steve. this is a very special my first 5 photo of the day. today's photo is of my son connor. connor today is celebrating his 6th birthday. which i cannot believe it has been six years already. he has had a wonderful birthday already. that's a photo. we cropped his mother and i out of the shot but he was helping me short time my birthday a little while ago and we had a party on saturday and he's very excited about his birthday. i hope you're up and watching. happy birthday, connor, i love you. >> what a nice shirt you were wearing in that photo. >> you don't like my hawaiian
8:16 am
shirt? i need to remember the name of the studios. >> the magnificence of you studios, thank you for the photo. >> that is a great picture. >> and it shows the love and support and so many people don't have that. it shows how loved he is. >> he is truly loved. >> led enough to break the rules on the my first 5. >> we'll get back to the regular one tomorrow. >> he's so cute. >> happy birthday, connor. now let as look at the weather conditions around the country. 70 degrees here in washington. 65 in raleigh, north carolina. 64 in detroit. and as we move to the west, 65 in wichita, kansas. 63 right now in albuquerque. and there are other temperature there's too. here is a look at the satellite radar for the nation. all right, we're going to start to see some clouds push in here late today. right now mostly sunny skies and we think we'll have that for the bulk of the day today but you can see the weather is trying to get closer to us and it will by tonight and then certainly for tomorrow and the
8:17 am
next few days so enjoy the sunshine for today. five-day forecast, high today about 85 degrees and lots of sun. tomorrow lots of clouds. high only 75 and a chance of rain. about a 50% chance of rain tomorrow. thursday an even better chance, about 70% with a high of only 72 degrees. then a chance of more showers on friday and saturday as well. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. >> tony. >> yes. >> it was just so exciting. julie! >> it's nice to see you. >> it's nice to see you at 9:00 in the morning as well. >> thank you very much. it'still bumper-to-bumper slow as you travel southbound along 270 leaving germantown at this point. all of the slow traffic continues down to the exit for the outer loop and it remains slow across the american legion bridge. earlier accident there has cleared but the damage is done. big delays here and coming around the curve o old josh town ro. this is a live shot of 395 past
8:18 am
edsell to the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open. washington boulevard between persian and 50th we have reports of an accident involving an overturned vehicle. the beltway in virginia tied up leaving the robinson terminal. the dulles toll road is jammed from 28 toward the capital beltway and 66 is slowing in separate stretches and on 7100 toward the beltway. a slow go from the prince william parkway from lorton and from springfield headed north. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. flowers now lie in patrick swayze's star on the hollywood walk of fame. the 57-year-old actor died yesterday after a fearly two- year battle with pancreatic cancer. we take a look back at his life and career. >> reporter: he could hold his own against any leading man, but he was best known for sweeping women off their feet.
8:19 am
he learned those moves growing up in houston texas. born august 18th, 1952, one of five childrench his mother, patsy, was a dance destructor, father jessie, a cowboy turned engineer. it s in his mother's dance studio where he met his future wife. the two have been married since 1975. [ music ] >> reporter: the role of a lifetime for the dancer turned actor came in 1987's dirty dancing as johnny castle. he earned a golden globe nomination. lightning struck a second time when he teamed up with wopi goldberg and demi moore playing a murdered husband in the 1990 smash ghost. he earned a golden globe nomination for that role. then he focused on what he called more artistic roles from waking up in reno to dressing
8:20 am
in drag for to wong foo. he had steady film and tv work leading up to the series the beast in september of 2007. >> you think, then you react. >> reporter: but three months after shooting the pilot, he revealed he was battling pancreatic cancer. >> i hope that everyone diagnosed will have hope. >> reporter: he said he was responding well to treatment and appearing on the stand up s in 2008 a & e announced the show would go on. >> my faith in man has resurrected a little bit more, just with the idea that big business went with what was right. >> reporter: a fighter until the end. one who got much more out of life tan he expected. >> i've got to do a lot of living in my life on borrowed time since i was 30 years old. i've had 159 lives. >> reporter: whether fighting
8:21 am
or dancing or making us laugh, patrick swayze captured audiences around the world. >> his dirty dapsing co-star jennifer gray said, quote, patrick was a rare and beautiful combination of masculinity and rare grace. gorgeous and strong, he was a real cowboy with a tender heart. and whoopi goldberg said patrick was a really good man, a funny man and one to whom i owe much that i can't ever repay. i believe in ghost's messages, so i know he'll always be near. >> and you know those mushy love stories are not your favorite. >> but it is my favorite. i'll remember him that way. >> mine too. he made me believe in movies like that. >> and i didn't realize they filmed dirty dancing in virginia. it was down by virginia tech. >> thanks to gurvir. and patrick swayze will be miss food also known as missed.
8:22 am
and jody powell has died as well. he served as press secretary to president jimmy carter and then turned that into a p.r. career founding the d.c. firm powell tate public relations of he died yesterday of a heart attack at him home. he was 65 years old. the most famous hearing room to be renamed. it will be known as the kennedy caucus room. the kennedys are the only three brothers to have served in the senate. you might think that you're clean after taking a shower, but you might want to think again. up next, the results of a new study about where bacteria love to live. and this weekend, you can get a taste of greece without ever leaving washington. we'll check in with holly who is getting a preview of the 49th annual greek festival later here on fox 5 morning news.
8:23 am
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the suspected of swine flu cases have reached 506. with news the vaccine may be ready earlier than expected. many parents want to get their kids vaccinated. make sure to tune in with the new hour to talk about the pros and cons of the vaccine. youshower could be giving you more than a relaxing stream of hot water. a new study found that shower heads may be a breeding ground for bacteria. researchers tested dozens of them across the country. 20% contained high levels of a pathino jen known to cause lung infections. the best advice is to use a metal shower head. microbes cling more easily to plack dallas plastic. and the iraqi man who threw
8:27 am
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time now is 8:30. it's 70-degree. taking a look at stories making headline this is morning. the man who hurled his shoes at president sh during a news conference was released from prison today. the man served 9 months. the iraqi reporter says that he was tortured with beatings, whiples, electrical shocks during the first few days in custody. another push for peace in the middle east as george mitchell will meet with palestinian leaders and activists have presented a new detail for peace. it includes maps and a time
8:31 am
table for an israeli troop are drawl. >> a happy 25th birthday to prince harry. third in line of succession to the british thrown. diana left an estate worth $35 million when she died. he will get his part of the income from the estate now that he is 75. they will gain access to the capital. >> i'm sure he wishes he had his mom back. >> tucker has a nice present for us in the way of a forecast. more sunshine, low humidity, temperatures now in the 80s for one more day. my advice is to get out and enjoy today because changes arrive tomorrow. >> let's get started with a look at our temperatures. and there we go. >> hot and humid today?
8:32 am
>> weli guess hazy and hot might be around. baltimore is 65. 63 in frederick. we are warming off to the south and east. down toward patuxent naval air station we're 70 and 74 in ocean city. afternoon highs, just middle 80s. we have more in the way of cloudiness during the course of the afternoon. and i want to see this feature. i see the cloud cover creeping across upstate new york. that's a back door cold front. that's going to slide through here tonight and will hang up across the region for the next couple of days and that's why the forecast will take a turn for the ugly. but for today, another beautiful afternoon as this high pressure that we've been talking about will continue to push on through. there you go. the high pressure will continue to drift further to the east and we should be in for another nice one. lots of sunshine and then we'll see high cloudiness associated with the cold front getting in here later today. and then overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow we'll see
8:33 am
clouds move in and a chance for showers returning during the day tomorrow. so this forecast looks great. winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour. let's look at the next couple of days. here comes the clouds and the showers. 75. better chance for rain on thursdaych and then the unsetted weather comes in. and let's get to julie wright. i know you have new plans for 75 and sunny. >> it might be the last day in your book of this weather but not more mine. we're still inching and crawling along because of an accident down at the american legion bridge. now that lanes are open, we're still sitting in bumper-to- bumper traffic on that outer loop as you work from montgomery county headed down towards tysons. 270 is still at a crawl leaving clarksberg, south out of germantown toward the exit for the outer loop. if you are traveling the inner loop of the beltway, your commute stacks up west of 95
8:34 am
leaving the robinson terminal. earlier accident there cleared. still on the brakes, the dulles toll road. bumper-to-bumper from 28 toward the capital beltway. 66 on the brakes toward manassas. northbound 95 still jammed up badly as you travel north of newington leaving the springfield interchange toward the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. steve, back to you. >> julie, thanks. it was a big support. the national rifle association is backing mcdonnell and in 05 they backed creigh deeds. lawmakers have stepped out to show that heckling the president is receiving disapproval. during predent obama's
8:35 am
speech, a new legislation will be passed. kanye west interrupted taylor swift as he was trying to accept the video. he said that beyonce had a better video. jay leno interviewed him and appeared to get choked up at one point. >> i was fortunate enough to meet your mom and talk with your mom a number of years ago. what do you think she would have said about this? >> um -- >> well west told leno that he knew he had done something wrong when the gave the mic back to swift and she was silent. >> he's not the only celeb apologizing. so is serena williams. >> it's just one of the stories everybody is talking about. a closer look in the new 9:00
8:36 am
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8:39 am
room. good news about the economy. retailales rose more than expected last month. up 1.1%. that doesn't include car sales. analysts say wall street might like this news, looking for consumers are parting with their hard-earned cash. tim kaine has announced a series of workshops for job seekers. this is a collaboration of the first one is ext monday. that is at the fairfax county government center from 12:30 until 4:30. also a big career fair today for service members. forminger active duty or retired. also for the spouses and government employees. this ifrom 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. today at the washington convention center. more than 150 employers, including amazon, vae systems, secret service and wal-mart will be there. if you're looking for work, make a stop at our job shop. you'll find it online on member
8:40 am
member. today's job of the day is the newer usa, looking for a government bids proposal writer. the benefits do include health, life and disability insurance and a 401k and profit sharing opportunities. for more on this job and other opportunities go to it's 8:40 now. the army has started an investigation after one soldier's family is telling news that they were never supposed to hear. details when we check out the other stories making headline this is morning into then it is the new school year and now your kids can get free one-on- one tutoring and homework help. did i mention it's free? and when done they can have some fun playing wii, for free. we'll tell you where you can take advantage of all of this when we come back. >> i like the free part. >> it's free. 
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8:43 now. 70 degrees. a time for a look at stories making headline this is
8:44 am
morning. a major military mixup. the family of jessie jasper was told he was killed in action in afghanistan. well it turns out the news was wrong. army is blaming the error on a support group that helps family cope with the death. chuck schumer is calling for an investigation. a metro worker who was hit by a train last week has passed away. john moore was struck by a train while inside of a tunnel between the braddock road and reagan national airport stations. metro is investigating. officials say it appears that he opened a door to the track bed and was struck. drivers beware. there are new speed cameras on connecticut avenue in chevy chase village. while the old cameras could only photograph one car at a time but now the cameras can catch multiple cars speeding at once. getting your kids geared up for the new school may have been expensive, but there is one resource that can help your family through the year and it
8:45 am
is free. >> and that is a good thing. d.c.'s library system offers test preparation, tutors and more for free. judy is the -- the librarian and she is here. some things are new that people might not be aware of but we likes things for free. >> that's right. and i'm filming this in the young adult area at the martin luther king libra. this is a first time to have young adults. kids 12-19 have been welcome here. we've been seeing kids finding it on the weekend and during the scho day, after school so we hope many more will as well. so you can always go into any of your librairies and find resources that will help with homework, including library staff. so we have a book called math doesn't suck and we have a book
8:46 am
called math doesn't suck so much. so those might help. so we have a lot of test books and i'm showing you some text books from vocabulary study as well. i hope that will help. >> let's talk about where you are right now. you talk aut the room for the teen-agers. this is a great thing that you have done for a couple reasons. one, the learning environment and do you hook at some as a safe haven for kids to come and get work done. >> you know there are macintosh computers or apple computers to use. there are also quiet spaces for study. they can also find somebody who can help them find online homework help that we offer at the library. that's on the library's website in the lower right hand corner. i think you've also linked to it from your website as well, steve. >> we will do that. and you can talk about some of the tutoring help available. we talked about some one-on-one tutoring.
8:47 am
how does that work? >> well i'm going to talk first about the online one-on-one tutoring. we subscribe to a program for d.c. residents that's available from 2:00 to midnight in english and in spanish. and it starts with third graders and goes through the first year of college. so you pose a question and then there is a teacher who is an expert in that subject and working on that grade level and that teacher logs on in some other place in north america and you and the teacher finds the answer to the homework help. i was reading a note from a parent that said i logged on to see if it would help my child and it did. >> it's great to see more things on board than we had. how do folks get a library
8:48 am
card? do you pay for that? >> a library card is free to anybody who lives in the district or anybody who lives in the nearby area. and you can do that in person at mlk or any of our neighborhood library locations and you can do it online. and we check your address and if it's a valid address, we'r happy to give you a library card. i'm very aware that for some parents, it's okay helping with first and second and third grade homework, but i remember the trouble i had when my son got to junior high math and social studies and 11th grade. and we have some help for those subjects for parents and for kids. you can see some of them in the books behind me. some of the vocabulary book and writing and math books. i think we can make sure kids and parents have a good year. >> thank you so much. good to talk to you and great programs that you have there
8:49 am
and we hope people take advantage of this. thanks, jenny. and take advantage of the programs which are free if you live and work in d.c. and want to check out all of the resources, go to look under web links and we put that link that jenny was talking about, you can find out about the free option there's available. harvard is rolling out a new degree. next fall the university grad school for education will begin offering a new doctor of education leadership. this is designed for prospective top-level managers like serintendents and state agency heads. this is the education schools first new degree in 74 years. closer to home now, d.c.'s southeastern university will not be offering a fall term. the school has lost its accreditation. the state commission on higher education found that the small private college lacked rigor and saw shrinking enrollment and financial stability. less than half of the students that enroll last fall graduated in late june.
8:50 am
many transferred to other local schools into well she graduated from howard hill university and oxford high school and now she's making a name for herself in hollywood. >> we'll sit down withter age henson coming up. holly. >> reporter: i'm going to sit down with this whole bowl of fried goodness. one of the greek specialties that will be served up this weekend at the greek festival as we are live this morning at st. constant teen and greek orthodox church. coming up, a greek cooking lesson all for you. it's coming up next. stay with us. more and more,
8:51 am
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over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. it is once again time for a d.c. largest and oldest greek festival. >> and holly seems to find her
8:54 am
way there. she's there this morning where they are teaching her about dancing and food and so much more. >> i danced in the last hour. so we burn all of our calories already. we're going to put them back in. because nothing beats the food hoar at the festival. we're having a cooking less with silvia and marulla and we used to cook with alex and now we're cooking with you. we tried to get him married, but that didn't work and now we're learning with you. >> i tried too. we're going to mix the dough. put in two tablespoons of yeast. one teaspoon of salt. one teaspoon of sugar. and water. just pour slowly. we can activate the yeast.
8:55 am
just enough -- that's fine. now we're going to gradually add the flour. we have four cups of flour. and i'm going to keep mixing. and we're going to get a nice mix. just all of the flour goes in there. if you need more water, we'll add it, but chances are we won't need any more. now basically all you do is you don't want to use a mixup for this. it will be too harsh. >> reporter: just do it by hand. and then obviously -- >> this is how it needs to be. >> reporter: so it needs time to activate. >> in a warm place. for at least an hour to two hours. >> reporter: because we don't have an hour to two hours, we have, through the magic of
8:56 am
television -- one already cooked. silvia where is your accent from? >> i raised in england. >> reporter: but you're from cypress. >> whole blooded cypress. i was born in cypress. so the see the way we lift it up. there are machines that make them, a lot of places have machines. >> reporter: but it's not good. >> but people like to see us make them. will you be making them? >> i will be. >> reporter: you can mess this up at all? >> sometimes. >> reporter: how do you mess it up? >> if it becomes too doughy. >> reporter: now how many will you make this weekend? >> 65-pound bags flour. >> reporter: how hot does your
8:57 am
oil have to be? >> 375. >> reporter: and what kind of oil is that? >> this is canola. >> reporter: so, we're being healthy. >> and there is no eggs in the dough so you don't have to worry about cholesterol. just fat. which you can dance off. >> reporter: so we have less than a minute of i want to make sure we get to the finished product. so you put those in? and how long does it take to fry them? >> two to three minutes. and then take them out and put honey and cinnamon on top. i don't think we'll get these done in time. it's a simple res key. and this is stuff you would mix them in. >> you mix it all together in here with this. >> reporter: here is what you need to know. is our website. we have a link to the greek festival website. it starts at noon here on
8:58 am
friday. here is the finished product, and of course i have to taste. i might need two, just to make sure. like i said, fried goodness. we'll have more greek festival fun in the next hour and we'll talk about where the money goes. back to you guys. >> holly, thank you ve much. i'll let you make them and i'll stick to eating them. and speaking of eating, congratulations to alexandria's sonia thomas, better known as the black widow of competitive eating. this weekend she won a jalapeno eating contest in chicago. she downed 250 of them in just 9 minutes. her closest competition, chicago's own pat deep dish, and he ate 240. 239 more than i would like to. i'll stick to the greek food. time to turn things over to
8:59 am
tony and allison to take us through the 9:00 hour. >> here are the stories for the next hour. as we told you, after a two- year bat well prostate cancer, actor patrick swayze has died at the age of 57. we'll look back at his life and legacy, plus reaction from hollywood. plus days after the september 11th anniversary, the fbi and police raid at least 3 homes in new york city as part of a terrorism investigation. details of a possible link to alqaeda. and many hate the process of getting your car inspected but that could be changing for one lucky group of people. the process will actually be easier. fox 5 morning news continues right now. well just before 9:00 a.m. on this glorious tuesday morning, september 15th. a live look outside. it's a beauty out there. take some time to get out and enjoy it. good tuesday morning,


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