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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 15, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> i told them. >> where was i? >> all morning long. i'm tony perkins. more on the headlines coming up. first a look at today's talkers. >> rapper kanye west still catching heat for the stunt he pulled at the mtv awards. he got emotional talking about it last night when talking with jay leno when jay asked him what his mother would think about that. and the kanye west spoof on the president becoming a hit. and the swine flu vaccine should be in offices in a week and whethesome -- some parents think should their
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child should get the vaccine. and we'll talk withterrage hen son. and i believe we sad that patrick swayze died of cancer and it was pancreatic cancer. >> and it's gorgeous outside. and it will be a beautiful day today. high temperatures on again in the middle 80s and then my advice is get out and enjoy today because we have changes and they arrive tomorrow. >> now his advice is to -- everybody is taking credit. >> everybody will be outside today. 70 degrees, humidity 76%s. winds are not a potomacor out of the north at 0 miles per hour and our pressure slowly starting to fall. if you like clear conditions, very qui out there. off to the north now, see the cloud cover across central pennsylvania, that is a back door cold front that will snook in here tonight and change our weather for the worst tomorrow. we have showers back in the forecast and cooler temperatures but up ahead of it, it's high pressure.
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we'll have a lot of sunshine out there. we'll see high afternoon cloudiness as the front approaches but sunshine and high temperatures in the middle 80s. so my advice and tony's advice, get out and enjoy it. >> i'm going to get in on it to. >> have a great day. we'll see tucker again in a little bit into hollywood is reeling from another tough loss yesterday. >> patrick swayze fought a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer since being diagnosed two years ago. and gurvir is here with more on the life of patrick swayze. >> he had his share of roles as a leading man. he was best known for sweeping women off his feet. his mother was a dance instructor and his father a cowboy turned engineer. he grew up in houston, texas and in his mother's dance studihe met his future wife.
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they had been married since 1985. he became a pop icon for his roles in dirty dancing and the film ghost. would go on to do artistic rolesch he revealed he had cancer three months after shooting the pilot to the a & e series the beast. they kept him on any way. >> my faith has resurrected with the idea that big business went with what was right. i've got to do many things in my life and i'm on borrowed since i was 30 years old and i've had 159 lives. >> again he has died after a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer. he was 57 years old. and his co-stars are remembering him this morning. jennifer jay said in a statement, when i think of being him, i think of being in his arms when we were practicing, and practicing the lift in the freezing lake and
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having a blast doing this tiny movie we thought nobody would see. and said it wasn't surprising that the war he waged on his cancer was so courageous and dignified and so many of us will remember him from the roles. back to you. >> we sure will. another loss to tell you about. he worked up from driver to presidential advisor. jimmy carter rememberrize his former press secretary as a close present. jody powell died at a hospital. he started as a driver for carter back in georgia when president carter ran for governor. powell was 65 years old. the senates most famous hearing room, its guilded caucus will be renamed in honor of the kennedys. fox news is reporting boston celticsco hoener steven pag lee
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oako will seek the seat. a formal announcement could come as early as next week. the president is continuing the health care fight. he's taking the message back on the road this week. thursday he'll hold a rally at the university of maryland. max balkous says health care is getting close to being finalized. he plans to unveil his plan today or tomorrow. this is following a week of closed door negotiations woling a forum on the need for comprehensive health insurance reform. nancy pelosi is expected to participate. we're following a story just into the fox 5 news room. vice president joe biden is in iraq today. the surprise visit is so he can meet with u.s. troops and iraqi
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leaders. this is the vice president's third trip to iraq this year. swine flu fears have many counting down the days until the vaccine is released. a recent rasmussen poll asked people how confident they are that enough testing has been done on the swine flu vaccine offered to americans. 14% said they were very confident. 39% said somewhat confident. 29% were not very confident. while 9% reported they were not confident at all. those numbers show a group of people concerned about the vaccine. and that includes many parents worried about having their children vaccinated. dr. ivan walks is on the maryland swine flu advisory board and he joins us this morning to weigh in on the facts about the new vaccine. good morning. >> good morning. >> now i've already said i'm going to play devil's advocate with you, as we're all about to make this decision to make the involve and vaccinate our kids. and my question is, is it too
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fast? we know that will will be rolled out sooner than we thought. >> is it too fast? no. we have to get the vaccine out before we pass the flu season and then the vaccine is in the as helpful as it would be. >> and e real problem i would think is that this has emerged, which none of us have good immunity against because we haven't seen it in tom years and that's why the younger population is being affected. am i correct that assessment. >> because the virus is different, the younger population is being affected and because we don't have immune and haven't seen it before, all of us are at risk. we are concerned about younger folks. we're also concerned about younger folks with health problem. but there is concern if my kid is healthy and doesn't have a problem, there is a decision. but if your child has health
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problems then you need to get your child vaccinated. >> and we all talk about the 1976 outbreak of that vaccine, and that was rolled out d had to be recalled. have we learned lessons from that 1976 flu vaccine batch? >> very, very different situation. but 240 soldiers, isolated thing. we thought it would spread, so the country got ramped up and got into this one lane. we'll get the vaccine out, give it to everyone and guess what? it didn't spread beyond those very few people. a lot of folks got the vaccine. we had some deaths. very, very different situation. we have this particular swine flu, h1n1, all over the world. we've had deaths in about 100 different countries. so you have already the pandemic. the question now is are we taking appropriate steps to make sure a lot more people don't get sick and don't die. and the other thing we don't think about, it's not just whether you and i should get the shot or our kids should get
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the shot, but what about us spreading it to others. that is another part to talk about. >> let's pawk about this though. 36,000 people die of the regular flu. how does this stack up to that? do we know how rigorous this new strain might be? >> there are some studies that show when you get the seasonal flu and the swine flu together, the swine flu is stronger. and it will sort of outcompete the regular flu. now flu goes after people that are somewhat compromised. if you have a lung problem, this flu is different. it's going after yoger, healthier folks. and so you may say, well i'm healthy, i never got a flu shot. my kids are healthy and they firefighter got a flu shot. this is different. this is not your grandfather's flu. and i think we need to think about that when we're making that decision. >> are there any dange as far as you can see or is it too early to tell with this vaccine and i ask that because as a
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pare when i go into my pediatricians office i want to weigh the options realistically. do you see any dangers -- mercury, we've heard about. that but do you see any of t dangers or things we should ask about when we get the shot. >> i plight get -- i might get in trouble for people. but i think you should use your own kiss and make your best judgment. i'm going to the doctor to get the doctor's opinion. i didn't go to medical school and i'm not a nurse or a doctor. and how am i going to decide if i can't. so i think we put our doctors on the spot. and let's understand first of all, the vaccine has been tested, but we don't know what will happen six months from now, a year from now because the testing was just recently done. so there are some unanswered questions. but what i'm going to do with my kid says, what tony bouche
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says, you go to someone who knows more than you, and if they are credible, take their advice. so let's stop telling people use your best judgment and let's give people our best judgment as doctors and leaders and then i think you pay attention. there is an advisory board in maryland, the governor has been upfront from the beginning of swine flu, about what is going on, what he thinks, how he's getting his aice. and i would follow in a advice. >> in getting the shot? >> would give my kids the shot and get the shot myself. >> doctor, we appreciate it. why are you laughing? [ laughter ] >> over to you. >> these are the exact questions, so thank you, doctor, for coming in. if you missed that, we'll ge that on the website at thank you very much. and getting that inspection sticker on your car is almost always a chore but things are changing for some in the area. >> reporter: the district is doing away with car safety
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inspections all together. is it a good idea? some drivers here aren't so sure. i'm sarah simmons, coming up live with a report. federal agents want to raid a home after a connection to al- qaeda in queens. fox 5 morning news will be right back after this. 
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there is norm big story we're following this morning. police and federal agents raid three apartments in queens for what they call a terror threat. they searched for a man with alleged links to al-qaeda. fox's charles leaf has more on the investigation. >> reporter: no answer at an apartment raided by federal agents. the door likely knocked down, a new one, the only silver door in the place now in place and blood stains on wall. this man lives down the hall.
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>> i am feeling very bad and it is very good that they find them. >> reporter: earlier police lead a man out of the apartment building and question him after fbi agents and police with a joint terrorism task force raid several apartments in multiple apartments in flushing, monday morning. sources say the raids are launched after a suspected number of al-qaeda claim to new york city over the weekend and was visiting with someone at their flushing apartment. long island congressman peter king talked to fox 5 after getting a briefing by the fbi. >> it's been an accumulation of evident that has been building up, indicating that it could be al-qaeda. >> reporter: investigatorers won't confirm if there had been any arrests. though cameras captured a man taken away in handcuffs. witnesses say agents seized evidence. >> like at 5:00 in the morning, i just woke up for fasting, because i'm doing fasting this month and i saw the helicopter in the morning and the fbi. some guys were coming out of
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the building carrying some packages, some bags. >> reporter: residents in the building and nearby neighborhood unnerved to hear what happened. >> it's scary. this kind of -- it's terrible. people live here. have a 2-year-old brother and a 7-year-old sister. it's scary. >> there was nothing imminent. second, there was nothing related to present obama's visit. >> reporter: a joint terrorism task force briefed congress on the raid and as you just saw, charles schumer say there was nothing imminent going to happen. he described it as a preventive action. big news for d.c. drivers. starting next month, you can forget about the car safety inspections. city is doing away with them. it's a move meant to say hundreds of thousands of dollars, but not everyone is happy about it. sarah simons is live in southwest d.c. wi more on
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that. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. the safety inspections are set to end come october 1. now a lot of people that we talked to out here, drivers that were getting their cars inspected, they were surprised to hear about that. now commercial vehicles that we understand, they will go through inspection, things like taxis and buses, that will still undergo that and also the emission inspections that, will continue azle with. it's just a safety check that we're talking about here, where you get your brakes, your suspension and headlines looked at. the city made the decision, saying it will save them money, about $400,000, by getting rid of it. they were also citing a study out of north carolina that showed that safety -- inspections didn't have a positive impact on safety. but many don't think it's a good idea to get rid of it. >> we have to come here any way to do our emissions and i think it takes two seconds, you turn the wheels and look at the
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brakes but i would assume it won't be that much time if you have to come here any way. >> reporter: even the director of department of motor vehicles did not believe there was evidence to support that the safety inspections were making anything safer out there on the roadways for d.c. drivers. some people though, once they step back and take a look. they think maybe it's worth standing in line just to make sure your car i safe but at it point the city has made that decision. they'll going to save them some money and do away with those beginning october 1. allison. >> thank you. leo alexander is kicking off his camign for mayor. he's challenging adrian fentych the focus of his campaign includes attracting new business to the district and cutting poverty. alexander wants to cut out the
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illegal work force in d.c. earlier this morning he said there were several motions that moved hip to throw his hat into the ring. >> the baseball ticket scandal. that was a moment for me. and also the crime bill. when they signed that and i heard the chief of police say well this will give me the extra ammunition i need to go out and attack you, that's not what weed into. we don't need to lock our next generation up. we need to give them hope and training and johns. >> and one other person has filed to run against fenty. that's sewellman brown. he's kicked off his campaign in june. there is one year to go before the primary. and the tough economy has people going to extraordinary lengths to make one ends meet. but wait until you hear what one mother is doing to pay for
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her child's tuition. >> reporter: this is one of the greek treats available this weekend for the 49th annual greek festival. before we go, let's check in on the baklava just for you, allison. coming out of the oven as we speak. coming up later, we'll tell you who pulled off this festival. we'll tell you what you need to know and get it altogether just in time for the d.c. area here on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. time for our trivia question of the day. when bill gates formed his first company to sell a computerized traffic system to cities, was he 15, 18 or 25 years old? >> all of that is way young. it doesn't even matter. >> we have the answer coming for you back in a moment. it's 9:21 now.
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( slurping ) ♪ ( child giggling ) ( both slurping ) ( laughs ) ( giggles ) why just make a snack? make fun. jell-o. investigators say the murder of a jail stood -- yale student was an inside job. other students are believed not to be in danger. her body was found sunday, the same day she was set to get
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married. police are looking at evident found in the lab, including blood strained clothing that could belong to the killer and items found in a nearby dumpster. and the search is on in north carolina for the gunman who killed a pregnant teenager. police say 15-year-old tiffany wright was shot in the head yesterday morning while waiting for the school bus in charlotte. doctors delivered the baby and the newborn was listed in critical condition. investigators say the shooting stem from a domestic dispute. the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard has been granted bail. his bail is set at $30 million. he pleaded not guilty to kidnapping dugard when she was 11 years oldand accused of raping her and fathering two children with her. his wife is also charged in the case. coming up, it's an event to honor the best in sports in our area and it's all for a great cause. we're talking about this year's
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sneaker ball coming up next. >> and kanye west opens up about an onstage stunts. we'll tell you what he told jay leno last night. and a live shot at andrews air force base. this is air force 1 with the president heading to ohio for a speech today. cool shot. we'll be right back.
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when did you know you were wrong? was it afterwards? as you were doing it? when did it strike you? >> as soon as i gave the mic back to her and she didn't keep going. >> kanye west apologizing for his outburst at the mtv video awards. he peared to get choked up last night saying he wants to apologize to taylor swift in
9:30 am
person. he was interrupted as she accepted the award for the best female video telling the audience that beyonce had a better video. his outburst was at the vma's. the president's heckler during the health care. a part of the spoof that has had 1.2 million hits on the net. >> i'll let you finish, but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. [ laughter ] >> and he says n true, which is clear. >> that's clever. >> that is well done; you have to admit. how many hits? 1.2million hits? those go fast. >> and announced a tour yesterday as well. >> and because people are saying it was a stunts, he did it on purpo. he did it and she was clearly
9:31 am
stunned. i think people do some stunts and we've seen them before on the vma's, but to do something to interrupt a young girl's moment, i don't think that's a preplanned stunt. >> when i was little, i had to write 100 times i will think before i act. it wasn't a proud moment. but it taught me. but i will say to you, kenye, think before you speak sometimes, before you act. >> we'll get it off, allison, what she did, on a later episode of the show. good news here with today's weather. >> i recommend you get outside and enjoy today's lunch because we'll have cloudiness and cool temperatures over the next couple of days. but today is beautiful. we're now 74 degrees. a very nice morning across the area. a little bit of high cloudiness and that held temperatures down off to the north. but you can see, we're off to a nice start. 69 right now in baltimore.
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70 in fredericksberg. 70 in winchester and 68 in hagerstown. a nice start across the region and we'll continue to see lots of bright sunshine in the morning hours. as we get into the afternoon, high cloudiness from the north and that will arrive in the form of a back door cold front. because it slides down the coast, down the 95 corridor and that's what it will do tonight. so you'll see an increase in clouds this afternoon and into the nighttime hours and that front will stick around here. and it will hang up for a couple of days and introduce what we call the rain train. it will arrive from the gulf here, the gulf of mexico, over the next couple of days. and what we'll see is wednesday, thursday, friday, and maybe even saturday th possibility of some showers in the forecast. it will be unsettled with clouds around. enjoy today as we'll have high pressure and very nice conditions out there because the fecast wll be changing as we get into the day tomorrow. here is your forecast with a nice one. 85 for an afternoon high. mostly sunny skies. and quiet with winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour.
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here is your five-day forecast. after today, we cloud up. tonight and tomorrow, best chance of rain showers. best chance is thursday and unsettled on friday and saturday. the teams will be in the 70s after today. so much cooler weather on the way as well. let's look at your forecast. let's get to tony and allison at the desk. >> thank you much. she is a hollywood star and a d.c. native entourage hen son. >> i'm sure you recognize her from her movies, earlier had a chance to talk with her about the character she plays in her latest movie. >> she doesn't start off good. it's not how you start off, it's where you end up. and that's what is is great about her journey. you get to watch her start off with this severely unlikeable young woman who has issues. usually when you see someone who is dark, there is a reason
9:34 am
why they get to that place in life. and you can only run from your problems for so long in life, and then life has a way of dealing with you. you either grow from your pain and your past, or you just stay stuck in the muck. and that's what is so great, you get to see her transform into this beautiful person. >> i didn't ask for none of this. i ain't never seen a more selfish person in my life. >> i can't understand what you mean by that. >> you have to care about somebody other than yourself. >> you don't know me. >> i know you. >> that's the problem. >> look, i didn't come here for that. >> you will see media in this. and she's incredible. and she's funny, but then she gets you open and relaxes and then as she hits, she zings you
9:35 am
with the message.and she's not hitting you over the head with the message. the di after the oscars, tyler perry was the first call i received and he said i have something for you and i read the script and he writes the most beautiful -- beautifully flawed characters, so needy and complex. and i've been doing this for a while and he's the first one to give me own film and i had to carry this film. >> and congratulations on your performance for curious case of benjamin button. and you had been out there doing it for a long time but you sang on stage after hussle and flow's song was nominated and got best song.
9:36 am
[ music ] [ singing ] >> ♪ you know it's hard out here for a pimp. >> so your time out there and you're from d.c. and now living the life out in hollywood. how has it changed you, has it at all? what's it like for you these days? >> i mean, anybody that you know that knew me back in the day will say she hasn't changed a bit. i'll always be me and true to myself. that's a, number one. and number two, the only thing that has changed is people recognize me now. and that's the only thing and tmz follows me around. >> well we're happy you took time out to talk to the folks who do know you here. oxon hill high school, graduating from howard, so we wish you continued success.
9:37 am
>> yes. thank you so much. >> have a great day. >> you too. thanks. >> was her birthday when we talked to her. i can do bad all by myself is in theaters right now. support your home girl. >> and it's a number one movie. >> good for her. just after 9:30. the markets opened up a few minutes ago. we'll check out the big board coming up. plus, it's a chance of a litime for one teenager being accepted to one of the mo notable dance schools in the country. and his family can't afford so so his mother is going to unbelievable lengths for it. we'll look at it next. and when did bill gates sell his first company to sell a computerized traffic to cities. did he do that when he was 15, 18 or 25?
9:38 am
we'll have that coming up. >> i love the music. mr. roboto. [ music ]
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9:41 and we're back with a live look from wall street. the dow starting off today in positive territory. up 17 points. that's 9645 right now. after word that retail sales jumped in august. the commerce department announcing this morning that retail sales rose to a seasonally adjusted 2.7% las month. in july they fell .2%. well it has been a year since the economy collapsed. yesterday the president was in new york accusing wall street of ignoring the lessons learned. one year ago lehman brothers went belly up, triggering a domino affect that led to the global financial crisis. the president said while the economy has pulled back from its brink of ruin, financial
9:42 am
giants should not count on any more bailouts. >> those on wall street cannot resume taking risks without regard for consequences and expect that next time american taxpayers will be there to break their fall. >> its administration is calling for the creation of a new consumer financial protection agency to protect bank i and credit consumers and better government banking over sight to prevent these problems from happening again. >> it's a businessies schedule for president -- a busy schedule for president obama. he's heading to midwest to meet with workez in ohio. and then it's off to a afl/cio fundraising. and then he meets arlen spector at the philadelphia convention center. this is truly an example of a mother's love. >> a woman has resorted to panhandling so her son could take advantage of a chance of a
9:43 am
lifetime. d.j. hall has been accepted to a dance school and his mom has hit the streets so her son can follow his dream. >> it should be automatic, that you would go to the ends of the earth for your son. i've been in several verbal altercations with some of the people up there, fighting for that spot. >> it shows that she really loves me a lot and she believes in me. and she'll do anything, like beg on the side of a freeway. >> she said she's made up to $45 an hour,in hour one. things mothers and dads will do for their kids. >> is that extradinary. well texas and tennis shoes. we're talking about this year's sneaker ball coming up next. and coming up next, holly is already looking forward to
9:44 am
the weekend. work on your opah. holly is taking us to the annual greek festival next. some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens. but i like to think i'm just going beyond the call of duty. cock-a-doodle-do. i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or eroids. they're raised cage-free and fed an all-natural diet of corn, soybeans, and marigolds. and no candy, gladys. (announcer) perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken.
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what-- they're more comfortable.
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it's an annual fall gala that celebrates the best of sports in the region and benefits the greater washington sport isolines foundation. the six charities creates charities to enhance the region's youth sports programs and facility. this year's sneaker ball is honoring two people and we have ghosts-- guests to talk about. and you may raise them. this is frank stevens, a special olympics athlete and it's good to see you. and fernando gonzales, let's talk about sneaker ball. tell us what you expect
9:48 am
tonight? >> we expect over a thousand people tonight. probably 50-75 athletes, both retired and current athletes. so we have athletes and politicians there to support the cause. >> there are a number of people who are up for awards and some very special awards being given? >> well every year, we have our biggest award is an inductee into the hall of champions and this year we've inducted eunice schriever and frank will help that award on her behalf tonight. >> and let me talk about that. because it is a verybig honor. talk about your relationship with mrs. schriever and what this means to you to be accepting the award on her behalf? >> my relationwith mrs. schriever would be basically that she's like everyone's
9:49 am
grandmother. she's meant so much to people like me. back in the '60s, people like me were sometimes were put into institutions but a select few this are living in the community and thanks to mrs. schriever, we've had such luck knowing that we live in this wonderful community. >> she really made a difference and changed things. hence the award this evening. tell us about what the organization does and who benefits from this event? >> well the greater washington sports alliance is a regional sports commission and our main focus is to attract sporting events to the washington region. but we're about community impact. and so we raise money for our league of charities which rotates every year. these organizations use sports to enhance character. and some names you recognize
9:50 am
would be boys and girl's clubs and the special olympics. and this year the southeast tennis and education center and we have the mystics foundation and other organizations that nderstand the importance of how sports can reach children in our community. >> now, frank, i go to a lot of black tie events. your very fortunate, you have the black tie. and check out the sneakers. this is the required dress for this event tonight. it makes it more comfortable, doesn't it. >> yeah. i'm in my black tie and blackball. >> that's great. you look fantastic. alex ovechkin getting an award tonight. >> he is our sportsman of the year and in year we did something different. we created a number of awards that the fans voted on nine. so we had thousands of fans
9:51 am
vote on things like sports play of the year, sports executive the year, sports documentary of the year but had fun with things like mascot of the year. we try to make it fun. cheerlead and marching bands. it's not your typical black tie. >> the event is sold out but it's being held at the national building museum tonight. i'm sure we'll see more about it tomorrow. thanks for coming in and come by any time. have fun tonight. >> thanks, tony. and it is never too soon to start thinking about the weekend. the 49th annual greek festival is going on this weekend. and holly is there to get ready for the fun. >> reporter: it takes a lot of time to get ready for this fun. this will probably be no surprise to you, behind every greek festival or any great festival, there is a wonderful team of women and such is the
9:52 am
case here for sure at this church because the women literally have been cooking forever. and i mean they start the schedule like back in june. there is the baklava being rolled out as we speak. busy in the kitchen and busy setting things up. they're expecting a lot of people for the 49th annual greek festival. ands awe just watched the baklava go away, don't worry, it will be here. i want to introduce you to andy. he's a member of the church and on the board. and you've been a part of just about every festival, right? >> almost. 30 years. >> but you've been going to this church if. >> i grew up in this church. >> reporter: you were the one tells me that the ladies start their cooking schedule back in june. >> yes. in june, july, august and september.
9:53 am
and they're pretty much finished up ad we start this weekend. >> because a lot of the pastries you freeze them uncooked and they're baked fresh before the festival. and i we thought it might be fun. talk about where the money goes for this festival as far as pulling it off and providing all of the wonderful goodies that you do. so tell me what you have going on here. >> here we have a table of a lot of the ingredients we use. force example, the first item is cheese. we use approximately 350 pounds of feta cheese. and the eggs, we use about 90- 100 dozen eggs. >> reporter: i hope you're shopping at like cosco or something. >> as a matter of fact we do. and then the walnuts and 300 pounds goes to baklava and
9:54 am
there is about 100 gallons of milk, over 150 pounds of butter. 500 pounds of clover hoppy, and then one of the other items that we like, we have about 700 pounds of pork that goes to sib likey, which is made on the screwer. and we have 7 hub pounds of chicken, 500 pounds of lamb. >> reporter: how do you figure out the numbers? because you've been doing it now for 49 years and you have the largest and oldest greek festival. how do you gauge your numbers and does iten crease every year? how does it work. >> we go from past experience, quite frankly. and if we've had x number of people at a particular festival. i'll plan for 10% more. and weather is a big deal also. if i think we're going to have so-so weather, i'll scale back a little bit. >> reporter: but you so to lan
9:55 am
so far in advance. >> but if we freeze it and don't use it at the festival, our women can use if when we have a luncheon. >> reporter: how many are you expecting this wekend? >> all total about 5,000. and that means coming in here and getting food, it depends. >> reporter: i just had an amazing inspiration. it's the 49th year. next year will be a biggy. 50. i think we need to go over to greece, do a little research on what we can really do to bring this festival to the next year. i'm available. >> and i'll go with you. is our website. we have a linking to the greek festival website. they are cooking and are ready for you and your family to come out and be a part of this wonderful fun. back to you guys. >> we'd love it in our family. >> and we're ready too, for the trip to greece. >> we'ralgoing. the answer to today's
9:56 am
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time for the answer to today's trivia question. i love the music. when bill gates formed his first company to sell a computers traffic system to cities. was he 15, 18 or 25? he was just 15. customers dropped off when she found out how young he is. >> that's age c


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