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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  September 17, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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live to actor jason lee about his show my name is earl coming to my 20. stay with us. fox 5 morning news is just getting started. good morning to you. it is 5:00 on this thursday, september 17th. off in the distance there, you see the capitol dome n some places, it is raining. there are showers out there. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say good morning to tony perkins. >> well, more clouds for us today. another cloudy day and a few more rain showers as you mentioned and as tucker barnes showed you just a couple of moments ago on the radar. let's get right to the hd radar. they are primarily off to the west and to the south as well. i think julie wright mentioned coming down from gaithersburg, there was shower activity. you can see it there along 270,
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western portions of the beltway near the american legion bridge. it is wet there. this will take its time to move through the area during the course of these morning hours. we'll keep our eyes on that. reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 65 degrees. rather breezy with the winds out of the northwest at 13miles per hour. rain showers touring the course of the day today. some of you will get them. some of won't. high today only in the upper 60s and low 70s. winchester, 68. la plata, 72. washington, 71 degrees. that is cool. >> literally and figuratively. i love it. >> let's check in with julie wright and find out what is happening out on the roads. >> it has been a rough couple of days especially coming in from the west. we do have the lanes open travel ago long southbound 270. there were a couple of
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sprinkles, a little bit ofrain as you travel south closer to rockville. it was clear out of gaithersburg on my trip in, once i hit montrose road, a little sprinkle to deal with and then even on the beltway approaching connecticut avenue. then it stopped so it just depends on where you are traveling in from. northbound 270, we had construction inorganic of germantown headed out toward clarksburg. you can see they are still in the process of clearing from the left side of the road. this is against the rush hour flow so very little delay making your way past the scene. southbound 270 in the clear. 395, no incidents to report headed up towards the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we start with a developing story as police are now reportedly in the process of obtaining an arrest warrant against raymond clark for the
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murder of 4-year-old yale grad student annie le. clark's dna matches that found on the crime scene. at this point, clark is still just a person of interest officially. here at home, a man who terrorized the d.c. area now knows when he is set to be executed. >> john allen muhammad's execution date is set for november 10th. he is the mastermind behind the 2002 sniper attacks. a virginia judge sentenced him to death for the murder of dean myers. one of those who survived says he is not going to attend the execution. >> i don't want to watch him die but, if it makes other people feel better that were affected by it, that is good. >> muhammed's attorney says he will appeal to the u.s. supreme court and ask virginia governor tim kaine for clemency. and now to budget concerns
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for the state of myland. governor o'malley says he may need to order as much as $300 million in additional budget cuts this current fiscal year on top. $735million in cuts already approved. apparently, the state's 7.2% unemployment rate is taking a toll on the amount of money that that is bringing in. the board of revenue estimates it is set to release the revised revenue numbers today. tuing now to the battle over health care, he has spoken to congress and he has traveled across the country. now, president obama is bringing his message to the university of maryland fox 5's sarah simmons joins us live in college park with details about this morning's rally. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president obama is keeping the pressure on trying to let the country know he will push health care reform through. he is holding his second rally in as many weeks here at the comcast center on the university of maryland campus later on this morning. preparation were under way last night as students were out
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making signs getting the comcast center ready for the speech. but security as you can imagine, it will be extremely tight as any speech would be for the president. airport-like security, in fact. i know rain is in the forecast but keep in nd, things like umbrellas will not be allowed out here into the comcast center. the chairman of the senate finance committee in the meantime, senator max baucus, unveiling their big bill yesterday. he will hold a closed door special session for senate democrats today as he tries to explain his health care overhaul plan. let's take a look at t the big headline is the new price tag here. $856billion for the senate's 10- year health care fix. the plan requires most people to purchase insurance or pay a fine. it is paid in part with cuts to government health programs. there are also new taxes and fees for high-end insurance and drug makers. now, one glaring on mission out of all of this is the president's public option which we knows that been part of the
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big debate and despite no support prosecute the right rit now, senator baucus says he can get it passed. >> no republican has offered his or her support at this moment but i think by the time we get to final passage in this committee, you will find republican support. >> now, senator baucus is still holding out hope that maybe he could get some support from the right. his committee could possibly vote on this next week, news that could invigorate the rally set to come up here later today. the doors open here at the comcast center here at 9:00 a.m. and the president is set to speak here at 11:00 a.m. >> thank you. in virginia, the two gubernatorial candidates face off today. democrat creigh deeds and republican bob mcdonnell will debate later this morning at the fairfax county chamber of commerce. one of the creigh issues they will be talking about is virginia's worsening highway system. this isn't the first time the
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candidates have gone head to head. deeds lost to mcdonnell in the 2005 attorney general's race. this morning, the music world is mourning the loss of another icon. the latest on the death of folk legend mary travers of peter, paul and mary. we are following new developments in the ongoing terror investigation that started in new york city. that investigate is now expanding. a huge blow for the d.c. sc carol! denise!
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the washington post calls bob mcdonnell a "culture warrior." and what does that mean for virginia? it means: bob mcdonnell introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. he wants to outlaw abortion-- even in cases of rape and incest. and mcdonnell opposed birth control for married adults. learn more about bob mcdonnell's crusade to take virginia backwards. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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making headlines, as federal agents carted away boxes of evidence in connection tie possible terror plot, the main suspect says he is innocent. this started monday in new york with several raids. the investigation has moved to aurora, colorado outside of denver. investigators searched a home and believe a man there has ties to al-qaeda. he says that is not true. according to pakistani officials, american military forces are having more success in the fight against al-qaeda
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overseas. they say a missile strike killed terror group's pakistani operations chief earlier this month. acorn under fire once again for allegations against its west coast office. undercover video has surfaced from d.c., baltimore, new york and now san diego and san bernardino offices showing acorn workers apparently advise eggcuple, disguised as pimp and frost tiewt on how to set up an illegal business, skirt the tax laws and launder illegal money. the white house is condemning the behavior. the music world has lost a folk icon. mary travers rose to fame with peter, paul an mary. she died in connecticut after a long battle with leukemia. the trio had a number of hits. mary travers was 76789. henry gibson has died -- mary travers was 72.
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henry fwib son has died. he was best known in rowan and martin. he played a priest in wedding crashers. gibson died monday at his malibu home after a brief battle with home. >> that is one of the guys where you know the face and the name doesn't ring a bell. up next, in d.c., massive budget cuts coming to classroom including teacher layoffs. what does that mean for students? >> i don't see how we can absorb these types of cuts without it having an impact on you are ability to give children a quality education. also coming up in just a few moments, we'll tell you about today's forecast. take an umbrella with you today. you may need it. julie wright is here to tell us about the morning commute. hopefully, it will a better commute than we had yesterday. details are coming up on fox 5 morning news. more and more,
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welcome back. it is 16 minutes after 5:00. first lady michelle obama will continue her push for healthy living today at an event near the white house. she will attend the opening of a new farm he's market on vermon it will sell fresh fruits and vegetables an locally raised meats and cheese. the market will be open from #:00 to 7:00 there you the end of october. >> all right. a great place -- from 3:00 to 7:00 through then of october. >> all right. >> a great place. >> is she going to get rained on? >> there will be showers. i can't say exactly between 3:00 and 7:00 on vermont avenue. >> she will have a secret service agent holding an umbrella over her no matter what. >> i will show you what is going on out there.
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there are some showers this morning. they are primarily off to the west. they will be filtering off to the west. down in dale city, a little bit of heavy rain. up near gaithersburg, a little heavy rain and just to the north of leesburg. on route 15, places like that. all of this tracking for the most part to the east. we'll keep our eyes on that. in the district itself, we are not getting any rain at this hour. here is a broader look at the satellite-radar composite for the eastern and mid-atlantic. we've got a good am of cloud cover here aligned with that frontal system we've been telling you about. the front has sunk down through the area now and just kind of lingering down to our south. it has a lot of clouds along it. and these continuing areas of precipitation that will move along it, ing us a chance of rain today an tonight. now, let me show you the temperatures for the region. currently 65 degrees here in washington.
5:18 am
6 # up in baltimore. dulles airport is at 6 # degrees. frederick, maryland, 61. patuxent naval air station, 67. -- dulles airport is at 63 degrees. here is your forecast for washington for today. certainly mostly cloudy skies. scattered showers. 50% chance you will see some rain. cool temperatures high only in the low 70s. some of you may top out in the upper 60s today. for your five-day forecast, tomorrow, warmer, 79. we think any precipitation should wrap up overnight so i don't have it in the forecast for tomorrow. we may have to tweak that perhaps. saturday and sunday look good. nice the mid-70s with a good amount of sunshine and monday brings another chance of rain. now, let's get more on the morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> all right. no accidents to report right now if you are traveling along
5:19 am
kenilworth avenue working your way down from 50 to pennsylvania avenue. inbound new york avenue, authorities are checking for a crash near south dakota avenue. two left lands remain blocked if you are traveling north on 27 #. the crews, they told me they were picking up the cones but they're still out there. -- the two left lanes remain blocked if you are traveling north on 270. depending on where you are traveling in from, a light shower to accompany your trip so allow yourself extra time on the roads. no incidents to report on 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. it's big shocker for d.c. public schools. ju weeks into the new year, budget problems are leading to teacher layoffs and larger clasooms. schools chancellor michelle rhee says you can expect to see
5:20 am
up to $40 million in cuts for the school system. fox 5's roby chavez has details. >> reporter: less than a month into the new school year, a bombshell from d.c. public schools. the city's budget problems mean $40 million will have to come from the classroom. in short, teachers will be pink slipped. anger is already mounting. >> i don't see how we can absorb these type of cuts without it having impact on our ability to educate children and give children a quality education. >> reporter: at a late afternoon press conference, the mayor and schools chancellor announcethe bad news. both were short on specifics but did their best to assure parents and staff. >> i think the most important thing is that the performance of the schools will be protected. >> it will vary quite specifically from school to cool but what we've made very clear to every principal is that, through this process, we need to make sure that every staff member is giveequal consideration. >> reporter: parents fear it will disrupt classrooms for
5:21 am
students would are still adjusting to the new school year. despite that, in two weeks, an uncertain amount of the district's 3800 teachers will get their notice. then they have 0 days before they are jobless. many now question why the district hired 900 new teachers this summer with budget woes on the horizon. >> i think, number one, this will be devastating for both our teachers and our children. i think to have a riff at this time of the school year will be devastating. >> reporter: others question how the cuts are being made. the schools chancellor assured parents the cuts will be painless. >> we don't anticipate any major programs or offerings will be affected by these cuts. we work to continue -- working tirelessly to ensure there is a smooth transition. >> reporter: roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> the budget cuts come at a time when the schools are also readjusting and letting go of
5:22 am
staff based on enrollment projections. teachers will take the biggest hit in six years. a cheaper more convenient way to get your prescription medicine. >> you don't even have to leave your house. >> every moment, every minute, give it all you've got. gentleman the redskins are all fired up but are some fans already panicking after just one loss? we'll hear what the players have to say coming up next right here on fox 5 morning news.
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>>an update to this moment we brought you yesterday. this touching baseball highlight, the dad who caught the foul ball only to give it to the the girl and have her toss it back out on the field. the team did give dad and daughter another ball and it is more likely that more goodies are coming for the family. getting a lot of attention too. it is only one game but some redskins fans a little bit concerned after the disappointing start to the season. >> but the team is looking toward the future getting ready for its home opener this sunday versus st. louis. fox 5's lindsay murphy has more on the state of the redskins. >> every moment, every minute. give it all you got. >> that is on the outside, make a move. down the sidelines still going. >> reporter: the burn of sunday's loss to the giants is still felt around redskin park. dropping the season opener to an nfc east rival is not the
5:26 am
easiest pill to swallow but it is time to move on. >> my off season didn't end last week. we lost a game to the giants. not the first time we lost to the giants. we're going to play them again. ments not the first time we lost the opening game of the season. we start off 0-1. only season that stopsou is us having a perfect season. >> reporter: the redskins have begun to move forward but their fans aren't so quick to forget. many are already ruling this season a loss after only one loss. >> you wake up monday morning, you rd the papers, you watch the tv, you might as well put a pillow over your head and pass out. you're just done. it is game one. it doesn't did he fine the rest of your season. >> reporter: at this point in the season, six teams are 1-0 and 16 or 0-1. the redskin are not pan you canning. they are turning their focus to the rams, a game they need to win this sunday. >> we are taking this game extremely seriously. we've talked three or four times now about the focus and
5:27 am
the intensity on our practice this week and what it will take to prepare to win this football game. everyone on this team wants to win. everyone cares a lot about the redskins and so this is a big week for us. >> reporter: the redskins were red-hot when they lost on the rams last season. they expect a different outcome this sunday. coming up a little bit later this hour, a key redskin gets a contract he can tension and jim zorn tries something new at practice. the stage is set at the university of maryland. up next, college park ready to welcome the president as he continues his push for health care reform. we have a live update coming up. also, children, you've heard this over and over again. never open the door for strangers. ask this little boy. you never know what could be lurking on the other side of the door. top of the line furniture being sold at rock bottom prices. we'll tell you where still ahead on fox 5 morning news. ♪
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well, we talked about traffic. here it is right now. american legion bridge with quite a different scene from yesterday when it was all backed up. today, looking good so far. 65degrees so far at 5:30. we'll check in with julyy in a moment but first want to get to tony. >> a little bit wet outside. >> we've had some showers. some of you are still seeing some showers. more rain likely today across portions of the viewing area.
5:31 am
let's take a look at the bus stop forecast. a little bit of drizzle out there. do take an umbrella or rain coat or whatever is appropriate for your child. mostly cloudy skies during the course of the morning with a few showers right now. they are primarily to the west but they are trucking eastward. temperatures in the 60s this morning. sunrise will be at 6:51 under cloudy skies. can you see where the action is, to the west of washington. it is tracking to the east- northeast so most of us will get the precipitation coming through during the next couple of hours. regional temperatures, we are at 65 degrees. it is 71 in norfolk, virginia. 59 in new york city and 55 in pittsburgh. forecast for today, mostly cloudy. scattered showers during the course of the day. much cooler. a little bit breezy. highs only in the low 70s. our normal high for this state
5:32 am
would be 79 degrees. we are well below normal. >> let's check in with julie wright and hope things are better than they were this time yesterday. >> so far, so good. right now, no accidents to report. if you are traveling along the top stretch of the beltway leaving college park headed around towards 270, it is inbound new york avenue where we've got the accident activity at south dakota avenue. two left lanes are squeezing by. this is a live shot of 270 out of hyattstown. you can see you are below speed headed out towards the truck scales. no incidents, just volume delays. some places, you are encountering a brief shower. no incidents to report along 66. the pace is still good if those leaving 50 fair oaks and continuing in towards 13 and out towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. president obama head to the university of maryland today. he will be talking with students about health care reform. >> meantime, the campus has
5:33 am
ben getting ready for this high profile visit. fox 5's sarah simmons is joining us with more. >> reporter: good morning. president obama is still really pushing his health care reform package that he has been wasn'ting for so long holding a second rally in as many weeks. this one, of course, today being this morning at the university of maryland campus at the comcast center here. prep rigs were under way last night as studen were making signs, getting the stadium ready for the president later on today. security, of course, will also be tight. almost like going to the airport. umbrellas, bags and liquids will not be allowed in. senator max baucus will hold a closed door special session for senate democrats today as he tries to explain hs health care euro haul plan that was just unveiled. the big headline coming out is
5:34 am
the new price tag attached with it. $856 $856billion for the senate's health care fix. plan requires most people to purchase insurance or they have to pay a fine. there is also new taxes and fees for high end insurance and drug makers. one glaring omission out of all of this is the president's public option. and despite no support from the right, senator baucus believes that he can still get it passed. >> probably one of the largest pieces of social legislation in american history since the depression. it affects everybody in our country. >> reporter: senator baucus says he is still holding out suort for some republicans. his committee could vote on this as early as next week which could help possibly invigorate some at the rally. make it look like we are getting closer to something. the doors open here at 9:00 a.m. the president is expected to
5:35 am
speak at 11:00 a.m. back to you guys. >> thank you. now, we want it turn our attention to money concerns in maryland. apparently the 7. #% unemployment rate is taking a toll on the amount of money that is bringing in. governor o'malley says he may need to order as much as $300 million in additional budget cuts on top of the $735 million in cuts already approved. the board of revenue releases revised revenues later today. in virginia, the two gubernatorial candidates are getting ready for debate this morning. creigh deeds and bob mcdonnell will face off this morning. one incident expected to come up is a college thesis that mcdonnell wrote in 1989 that criticized career women and feminists. new developments this morning in the murder of yale grad student annie le. police are apparently closer to
5:36 am
making an arrest in the case. fox news reports they have found a dna match between evidence found at the university lab where left was and one person that they had taken into custody. according to autopsy results, she was strangled and stuffed behind a wall on her wedding day. authorities are reportedly in the process of obtaining an arrest warrant against raymond clark, the research technician at the lab who had been named a person of interest in the case. d.c. sniper john allen muhammad hopes to prolong his execution date. he is set to die by lethal injection in less than two months on november 10th. this for the murder of dean myers in manassas. mier was one of 10 victim killed in the shooting rampage back in 2002. mohammed plans to appeal to the supreme court. >> it is seven years after these murders took place and they took place all over the country. if you believe in the death penalty or if you don't believe in the death penalty, john allen muhammad is the poster
5:37 am
child for who ought to get the death penalty. >> the november 10th date was chosen so courts would be open the day before in case of any lasminute appeals. d.c. leaders have closed a teen club in washington inside a masonic lodge. olice responded to repeated disturbances and violent incidents there. the grand secretary to the lodge says he will work with the city to make positive changes. soy there is a lesson for all kids this morning. i why you should never answer a knock at the door unless you know who it is. >> this little boy knew exactly what to do and it may have saved his life. we'll tell you who was waiting on the other side of that door. a familiar face on an area work crew. that is singer chris brown paying his debt to society. you are watching fox 5 morning news on this thursday morning. more and more,
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starts with education. more accountability... and expanded college opportunities. creigh deeds. no one more committed to our children's future. no leader more prepared to move virginia forward. . making headlines this morning, it was a terrifying situation for a little boy in south florida and it was all caught on camera. a woman knocked on the door of his home in the middle of the night claiming to a relative. check out the surveillance video. can you see right there two armed men were with the woman. the 12-year-old refused to open t door. the suspect then tried to kick the door in. when that didn't work, they opened fire. thankfully, the bullets missed the 12-year-old. the suspects ran off and they're still on the loose today. >> the main suspect of a terror plot investigation says he is innocent. police searched his home in
5:41 am
aurora, colorado and several apartments he visited in new york over the weekend. investigators believe he has ties to al-qaeda. he says it is not true. and he has given dna, fingerprints and writing samples to prove it. the fbi and nypd are not saying much about the case at this point. the czech government says it is expecting a briefing on a controversial u.s. missile defense plan today. one fill says president obama called the country's prime minister to begin the talk overnight. there are signs the obama administering is preparing to shelve many of the components that had angered rush ya. actor burt reynolds is in rehab. he the 73-year-old checked himself into a facility in florida for an addiction to painkillers. he realized he was addicted after having become surgery. the music world is mourning the loss of folk singer mary
5:42 am
travers. she was with peter, paul and mary. group mingled their music with politics. if i had a hammer became an anthem for racial equality. she died in con condition after a long battle with leukemia. she was 7 #. the ncaa mourning the loss of its leader. miles brand has died from bank pancreatic cancer. brand gained national attention in 000 when he was president of independent under university and fired bobby knight for defiant behavior. he broke the news he was sick at the ncaa convention. no word on who will replace him. he was 67. are you looking to spruce up your home with new furniture. >> you know where can you find some items fit for a five-star hotel at a bargain basement price. we'll let you know where that is. >> with the economy the way it is, a lot of people are cutting down on their expenses. >> people are discovering this place. they are looking if a bargain. they are looking for a -- they are looking for a bargain. ♪
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♪ take a look at. this this is chris brown would started his court ordered community service. he was spotted clearing weeds and debris at the police horse stables in richmond, virginia yesterday. the 0-year-old entertainer was sentenced last month to probation and six months of community labor anda year of
5:46 am
domestic violence counseling for beating his ex-girlfriend rihanna. outside, it will be kind of cool today. >> it will be a cooler day than what we've seen. some of you may decide you need a jacket today as our highs will be around 70-degree. that will be it. a few scattered rain showers here and there during the course of the day. take a look. here is what we're going to start with. our hd radar. we'll show you where the showers are this morning. for most of you who are seeing shower activity, it is very light in nature. there are a couple of spots where we're seeing heavier rain just to the north of leesburg. some heavy rain there and going up northward towards charlestown. gaithersburg, you are seeing some light rain across the very northern tip of the district, some very light drizzle. dale city is see eggcuple of little patches of heavier rain and much of the area is actually dry at this hour and it will b that kind of day. take a look at the satellite- radar for the region. want to he show you the cloud cover. quite a bit of cloud cover out
5:47 am
there and it will be definitely a mostly cloudy day today as a frontal boundary just kind of stalls out and keep those clouds in place. you can kind of see that frontal boundary right there. there is your rainfall aligned with it and the clouds. take a look at a pretty good system. it is kind of stuck in extreme northeastern texas, portions of arkansas spinning the atmosphere and some areas of heavy rain and thunderstorm activity there. surface map for today -- sorry, temperatures for today, 65 degrees currently. 63 in baltimore and at dulles airport. fredericksburg at 68 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the surface map for today. that high pressure that has been influencing us is pushing out slowly but surely. it has less influence now. the main influence now is those easterly or northeasterly winds bringing that cool ocean air in. that will keep us well below normal for today. forecast for washington for today, mostly cloudy skies. okay. you want to do something else,
5:48 am
do you? all right. mostly cloudy skies for us today. some scattered showers here and there across the region. high today only about 71 degrees. much cooler than normal. five-day forecast, tomorrow we think looks pretty good. maybe a shower early in the morning but other than that, things look pretty good. 79degrees. saturday an sunday look good except the latter part of sunday, clouds will begin to build in. i ink the precipitation holds off on monday but don't be shocked if sunday evening you see a shower or two here or there. let's get an update on the morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> we've got the lanes open right now if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway leaving collegepark headed around towards the exit for 270 and now on the inner loop of the beltway, the accident activity pulled over to the shoulder. the lanes remain open. outer loop of the beltway looks great leaving 270 headed back down towards tysons corner.
5:49 am
# 95 in good shape coming across the potomac -- 395 in good shape coming across the potomac. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. wal-mart has a new option for your prescriptions and now can you get your medication without leaving home. the company expanding its prescription mail delivery program nationwide meaning with a valid prescription, can you order a 90-day supply for $10 and the mail delivery is free. now, for some great tips to anybody in the market for some new furniture. if you love the look of luxury when you check into a hotel suite but think you can't afford to drop that kind of cash on your own home, melanie alnwick has savings secrets. >> reporter: it costs hundreds of dollars to stay just one night in a hotel room like this but can you bring home these designer furnishings at bargain prices if you know where to shop. upholstered sofas, executive decks, big mirrors an fancy light fix tours, even office chairs as low as $5. >> with the economy the way it is, a lot of people are cutting
5:50 am
down on their expenses. people are discovering this place. they're looking for a bargain. >> reporter: this place is solo furniture liquidators. when four and five star hotels redecorate, solo buys the old furnishings an sells them to the public. >> our inventory changes every week, sometime every month. you never know what we're going to have. >> reporter: tvs $25 and armoires up to $250 are plentiful as big chains change over to plasma screens. >> we have college kids, students, we have young people that are just getting their first apartment and they're trying to budget a little bit. >> reporter: she says she tries to pull room sets together it make customers' dollars stretch. >> buff know it, you've got a nice little package fay great price. >> reporter: sean hill walked in to browse and walked out with a dresser. >> we actually just moved so we were looking for furniture and it caught my eye and just
5:51 am
checked it out. i like what i see. >> reporter: shop he's need to know there are no refunds and no returns and you should think about how you are going to transport your treasures. they can deliver but it will cost you extra and with prices like these, chances are you're not going to walk out empty handed. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> melanie got a bargain it looked like. to find out where to track down those bargains, go to our web site, the redskin hope to get into the groove this sunday in their home opener. coming up next though, can music be the key to victory? plus a key player i have been as you new deal. -- inks a new deal. we'll talk about that. also your washington mystics. they are playing at home but not at the verizon center. we'll explain.
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good thursday morning one and all. welcome to your sports breakfast. i am no rocket scientist but i think a pretty good way to keep employees ppy is by paying them just a little bit more. and when you have a big guy who does all the little team's dirty work, well, it is probably best to keep that guy especially happy. this is the big foal owe we're talking about. the pro bowl full back mike sellers. he was given an extension by the team. t total value is about $6.9 million over the next sick years but the final two years are voided automatically if sellers is still on the roster after the 2012 season. it's four year deal with one
5:55 am
million guaranteed and guaranteed to keep him happy. >> for years, i watched everybody else around me get these great contracts and i was the only one. kept my mouth shut pretty much and did what i have to do. when my play came about, i thought i needed it. they took care of me and i'm fortunate now that i can really -- i can really retire. >> how about that? music before practice. the redskins park and chris cooley suggested playing the music a year ago. jim zorn did t campbell said the music didn't make any difference. santana moss on sunday had two catches and one fight but the loss does not have him down. >> we know we're going to experience some of those
5:56 am
things. that is why they call it amnesia, just like it never happened. we know it will show up on our record but at the same time, what is next week is next week. you got to move on and that is the best thing about this game because you get the chance to prove yourself again every week. >> the baseball season is winding down. and the boys had only 18 games remain last night while the phillies will be playing ball deep into october or so she hope. trouble for hernandez in the first. runners on the two corners. look at howard. christian guzman can't believe it. here comes chase utley stealing home. the bases full for jason worth in the seventh. how muchs with that pitch worth? how about four runs. a grand slam. the phillies slam the nats 6-1. in baltimore, birds and rays, good worth in the fourth
5:57 am
when scott says this. high off the top. chugging all the way around from first base. he will score. birds up 2-0. watch th in theating. it is pouring down rain. dave is like can we call this i think, i mean please call it. all right, i'm in a slicker for goodness sakes. bring on the tarps. they would. the os would win in the rain. that would be that for this edition of the breakfast. do join dave feldman tonight for your sports edge. he will continue to break down sunday's big old clash, the home opener for the redskins against the st. louis rams. >> thank you so very much. it will be a big night for the washington mystics. the first playoff game since 2006. they face the independent enfever in the first round of the w nba playoffs. unfortunately, the game is not going to be at the verizon center tonight. it is still a home game but it will be moved to comcast center in collegpark because of another event at verizon. that event will be walking with dinosaurs. that just happens to be where holly morris will join us from
5:58 am
later this morning because she is there. straight ahead at 6:00 the new edition of the farmer's almanac is out. everything you need to know. we'll be talking live with the editor. we are checking your morning commute and forecast. fox 5 morning news continues at 6:00 in just two minutes.
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