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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  September 24, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thursday. we're glad you could join us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm allison seymour in for steve chenevey today. >> gwen is in for tucker today. the humidity really hits you when you step outside. >> talk about the girls show here today. we are in control. >> it's good day for blair to be here. >> i wish he was. >> he isgo be to later. >> well -- >> stick around. >> tucker, you picked a great day to be off. humidity is out there. we have a cold front heading in from the north. take a look at the highs from yesterday. here is the satellite-radar composite, plenty of clouds heading in across the area. we will see a little bit of shower activity later today. that is what we are keeping an
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eye on. be prepared for that. there is a chance we could see some showers popping up. before a frontal system moving its way to the south. that will be part after the triggering factor ahead of it. the moisture flong in from the south keeping our humidity up. 74 in the district. 7 # at dulles. 72 at baltimore and 74 degrees at fredericksburg. here is a look at the mid- atlantic for you. we've got 69 degrees at roanoke and 74 degrees in neyork. so depending where you are aheading today and what your plans are, be aware once again. it will b a little bit on the sticky side. 85degrees our daytime high. the clouds not going anywhere. sticking around like an unwanted houseguest. >> three days, they should be gone. >> thank you. julie wright has an early look at our traffic on this thursday morning. what's up, girl? >> not a lot. we like to call it friday eve, allison. that is something that steve and i have coined.
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we've got the lanes open. looks great out on the roads. overnight construction in the process of being cleared off of 270. it was the right lane tied up there. a little bit of uneven pavement to deal with south along 270 for those merging in out of gaithersburg heading into rockville. do keep that in mind. all lanes maintained as you head south of father hurley boulevard out towards the lane divide. no accident to report at this time if you are traveling 395 coming across the 14th street bridge. awful your lanes here are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- all of your lanes here are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a big story this more thanking. it is a busy day ahead for president obama. >> he is in new york at the united nations headquarters where he will run a u.n. security council meeting. the first time a u.s. president had done that in 10 years. that is happening at 9:15. later, the president along with british prime minister gordon brown will lead a friends of
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pakistan leaders meeting. tonight, president obama will head to pittsburgh to begin hosting the g-0 summit. thingget going for the working leaders of the 20 largest industrial nations. the president delivered a strong message when he spoke to the u.n. general assembly yesterday. he challenged world leaders to step up because america can't solve global problems by itself. he promised that the united states would continue to cooperate as i global partner to other countries. president obama's performance speech was virtually overshadowed by speeches from two controversial leaders. one of them there was moammar ghadafi and mahmoud ahmadinejad. that is coming up in just a few minutes. later this morning, massachusetts governor duval patrick will announce his selection to fill the seat of the late senator ted kennedy. state lawmakers gave final approve it a bill which would allow the governor to name a
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temporary remacement. the senator's sons have urged him to select paul kirk. voters will choose a permanent replacement in january. we will come back and we'll be even stronger and we're going to one. >> her support he's aren't ready to let her out again. but zina pierre has dropped out in the race for mayor. she bowed out last night as more questions surround her personal finances. report show several liens and claims against her including a foreclosure and her residency is in question. the swine flu's spreading on the campus of georgetown and university officials are asking students to please stay home if you are sick. about # 50 students have come town with the flu. the centers for disease control and prevention says stemming the spread is challenging because many young adults don't seemto worry about catching
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h1n1. the cdc went as far as recommending students wear masks when kissing. -- about 250 students have come down with the flu. more fallout in the wake of that deadly metro crash this summer. just one day after the ntsb issued safety recommendations, the union is demanding someone at the top be held accountable. fox 5's sarah simmons joins us now with more details. >> reporter: union workers are saying that morale is very low at metro now. they say they are really feeling the pressure and some union workers feel as though they are being up duly disciplined and could possibly lose their jobs in the wake of the june # 2nd crash but they feel as though somebody at the top needs to be held accountable for this. the pressure is on for the entire transit agency because the ntsb just release a report earlier this week that says something went tragically wrong with the signaling system during the crash. the exact cause of the crash
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though is still unknown at this point. the ntsb sent letters alerting all rail systems nationwide that the signal problem can happen anywhere. metro's board chair says the urgent safety recommendations to monitor circuits offers no new information though. >> i don't want to be disrespectful in any way to the ntsb conclusion but it continues to be extremely frustrating that we haven't pinned down a cause so that we can take the real action to make sure this doesn't happen. >> reporter: the warnings have not just been sent out to metro but also to manufacturers of signal circuits as well as to other transit agencies across the country, some that use some of the same signaling circuits, places like boston, atlanta, philadelphia and baltimore all use this as well. in te meantime, meto says it is still working on a computerized program that would detect the glitches before it
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is too late. in the meantime though, allison, they continue to operate in manual mode. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, we are staying on top of that developing story in the southeast. the pictures of the rushing waters covering towns and cars are astounding. flood waters are only now beginning to recede. that means that some people are being allowed to go back home. people are being warned of hidden dangers lurking in the water like disease-causing bacteria and jagged dbris. a lot of roads in georgia are still closed. the only ones that are open are backed up for miles. the flooding is blamed on at least 10 deaths in georgia and alabama. a milestone is met in aids research. up next, we'll tell you what health officials say has happened for the first time. and speeches by two controversial leaders at the u.n. have people talking, even questioning one leader's sanity. we'll hear what they had to
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checking headlines now, in california, crews having a tough time battling a new wildfire. santa ana winds have helped the fire spread over 25 square miles and it could get worse. investigators say it started in a mulch pile northwest of los angeles. aut 1,000 homes are in the path of the flames. crews hope to have it fully contained by saturday. researchers say for the first time, an experimental vaccine has cut the risk of infection with the deadly aids virus. u.s. military and thai health officials told a news conference thursday in bangkok that the vaccine cut the risk of becoming infected with hiv by more than 31%. the result came after the world's largest aids vaccine trial of more than 16,000 volunteers in thailand. controversial speeches from two controversial world leaders took center stage at the u.n. general assembly. libyan leader moammar ghadafi and for the first time yesterday. he criticize the the u.n. and
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says the table should form its own territory like the vatican. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad adenounced the u.s. and all capitalistic nations. >> one that is based on the dominance of its materialistic interest to spreading inequality and oppression, aggression, occupation and deception and tends to bring the entire world under its control. >> it should not be called the security council. it should be called the terror council. >> he also asserted the swine flu was created by an unknown military. diplomat many countries including canada and the u.s. walked out in protest during his speech. trait ahead, slot machines are coming to maryland and now we know where. a green light for the state's first slots parlor. we will let you know how far have you to travel and when. and get ready to face a
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welcome back. gwen, it is muggy outside. >> it is sticky and muggy. it is the second officialay of fall. and we are above seasonal temperatures and having some not bad weather. you are saying we should enjoy the heat while we can. take it while it's here. when you have to have on the heavy jackets, you will say fall is really here.
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flav it is sticky, a little muggy. it won't be the most comfortable start to the day. 72 at dulles this hour. 71 at baltimore and 70 at frederick. 73 to the south if fredericksburg. as we take a look at what is happening in term of our satellite-radar cposite. not a lot going on in terms of the western portion of the country. take a look to the east. a totally different story. we know the deep south has been getting plenty of rainfall with lots of flooding. georgia will get a little bit of a break later on today. this stream of moisture continuing to push our way through. we are watching this because all of this moisture is affecting our area. that is helping to keep our humidity levels up. we have a frontal system we are watching that will slide its way to the south into the
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course of today. that will be the trigger to possibly give us some showers. we'll give you a close are look at what is happening here at home. we've got mainly just cloudy skies. can't give you a whole lot in terms of sunshine today. let's get back to our weather map. as a result, that cold front will gradually slide down today. some spotty showers later on. be prepared for that. we still have the warm, moist humid air to deal with. our temperatures up into the mid-80s today. so along with the daytime heating and with the moisture, yes, it will get a little uncomfortable. you might want to grob your umbrella before you head out the door. so for -- you might want to grab your umbrella before you headout the door. mostly cloudy and partly cloudy skies. your overnight low will be around 64 degrees. let's check in with traffic now and see how the commuters are doing. we go to our julie wright. >> good morning to you. outer loop of the beltway, that is where all the action is taking place right now for those trying to work their way in towards bethesda. we have the accident outer loop
5:19 am
of the beltway before you reach 355 wisconsin avenue to rockville pike. if you are traveling along the outer loop of the beltway, you can see that traffic is squeezing by along the left shoulder and left lane as you continue to work your way around towards the exit for 270. delays from the outer loop are forming quickly now as you work your way from before connecticut avenue headed over to the accident scene. if you are traveling the inner loop of the beltway, all lanes are open. no incidents to report coming from bethesda headed over towards silver spring. 395 across the 14th street bridge, all lanes are open. no accidents to report. that's a check of your fox 5 onime traffic. >> thank you. security concerns are prompting possible changes to traffic patterns near the white house. f street between 14th and 15th could be turned into a one-way street. that particular block doesn't see a lot of traffic and opponents say a change isn't necessariery. the treasury department plans to ask d-d.o.t. to withdraw that one-way plan. taxi drivers are upset with the city council and they are
5:20 am
planning a selective strike. their target is adams morgan on weekend nights. at issue, proposed new rules for d.c. taxis. depending on how that goes, the strike is set for october 2nd and 3rd. that is friday and saturday of that next week. the fight to bring slots to maryland is starting to pay out. a commission just approved a license for the ocean downs racetrack near ocean city. owner plans to have 800 machines by memorial day. will we get slots at arudnel mills mall, laurel racing park or anywhere near us? not right now but a spokesperson for laurel racing park says it is not giving up. >> that had to be a kick in the face to see the delaware billboards for saying thank you, maryland, for bring is us your money. we could use that money here. keep the money home. bring slots. >> i don't think it will interfere with the family or lifestyle or corrupt any of us
5:21 am
any re than we're alrey corrupted. >> the company that owns laurel and pimlico racetracks policed a bid but was toldit missed a deadline by 24 hours. the lottery commission says a location in cecil county is likely to get the next license. still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> drives buzzing through the toll booths without paying but new technology might make you think twice. we'll have a fox 5 investigation. coming up next though, digging up the dirt on that special person you are dating. a new way to find out if he or she has any skeletons in the closet, ones you really need to worry about, i suppose. coming up next on fox 5 morning news
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in the dating world, it is important to get the goods on spn you just met to find out if your date is a dream boat or a dud. >> googling is now a thing of the past. there is a new iphone application that can access people's personal information. public records right at your fingertips. fox 5's wisdom martin has more. >> so you met this guy. ' cute. he's really funny. he seems perfect. >> reporter: when it comes to finding mr. right and avoiding mr. wrong, the iphone is about to change the dating game. thanks to new technology, in a matter of minutes, you can have a person's entire background at your finger tips. >> i haven't been in the dating scene for quite some time but i have a lot of friends would are
5:25 am
in the dating scene and i think it does save them a lot of time and heartache. so i think it is pretty cool. >> reporter: the appear indication is called date check. if you have names and telephone numbers of the potential person of interest, can you can immediately search a massive database and find facts like criminal past or if the person is marrie >> i think it is good to know whether they are taling you the truth or whether they have some criminal record background. >> now that you mention it, it could save some trouble. >> reporter: and some time. >> and some time, definitely. >> the sleaze detector feature finds records of crimes including sex assaults, drug arrests and drunk driving. you can find if the person lives alone, with roommates or pares. >> but if you are going to go behind my back and find everything about me and i find out, i wouldn't want to deal with you ever again. >> reporter: there is also a feature revealing how big the
5:26 am
person's house is, the price and how much real estate taxes were paid. >> out of curiosity, i guess, fine. in principle, probably not because it is sort of unethical. it is an invasion of privacy. >> reporter: the iphone application and general background information on criminal records is free. >> no privacy anymore and this just facility taits the lack of privacy, i guess. would i get it? maybe. >> date check. look up before you hook up. >> reporter: wisdom martin being fox 5 news. >> what do you think? >> i don't know. >> date check for iphones also has a feature that searches on- line social networks like facebook, myspace and linkedin. >> i always suspect people be googling anyway. more demand for answers following that deadly metro crash. >> reporter: the ntsb releases urgent safety recommendations but metro says it has left them
5:27 am
with more questions than answers. i'm sarah simmons. i'll explain coming up. also a fox 5 stress, the high-tech with a authorities are catching toll booth violators. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ring ring ring ring.
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nice-looking shot over our area from the tower cam on this early thursday morning. 74degrees out there though. so put the hairspray on is all i'm saying. >> a little muggy outside. gwen is downstairs in the weather center to bring us up to date on what we can expect. >> a little sticky, humid start to the day, some clouds and keep the umbrella handy. let's begin with a look at our tellite-radar composite. cloudy conditions over the area into the course of today. we'll see that continuing because we have to keep an eye on some moisture pushing in from the south and a cold front that will move through that could set us up for slight shower chances as we move through into the course of the day. as we look at the temperatures yesterday, actually had the wrong almanac earlier this morning. it is the second day of fall. we shouldn't be this warm but we are. and for today, we'll see that as well. 74degrees officially at national airport. the humidity ache sticky 87%.
5:31 am
>> a southwesterly wind. that will change later. it is 71 degrees right now at baltimore. we have agot 72 degrees at dulles. 73 this hour at fredericksburg. plenty of clouds today. warm and humid. a slight chance of a shower owe grab the umbrella before you heave the house. 85degrees is our high but we'll get a nice northwesterly breeze later on today. it won't be all bad. your full five-day forecast is coming up just ahead. back to you. >> we are checking out roads right now. outer loop of the beltway as you try to make your way over towards 355. we have the accident activity. if you look behind me, you can see there is a lot of activity along the right side of the the road for those continueling around towards the exit for 270. fire and rescue units on the scene. pushing everybody over to the left. delays are forming on the outer loop before connecticut avenue continuing around towards the accident scene so traffic is starting to slow early as you
5:32 am
continue out of silver spring heading around towards beesda. the outer loop of the beltway here. the inner loop, awful your lanes are open. northbound i-95, no incidents to report. -- the inner loop, all of your lanes are open. light traffic volume on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story this morning, president obama has another busy day ahead of him >> he is in new york at the united nations headquarters where he will run a security council meeting. the first time an american president has done that in 10 years. then later, the president along with british prime minister gordon brown will lead a friends of pack tap's leaders meeting. tonight, president obama will head to pittsburgh for a g-20 leaders working dibber. >> yesterday, the president was front and center with a strong
5:33 am
message for global leaders. step up and help america solve the problems of the world. >> this cannot solely be america's endeavor. those who used to chastise america for acting alone in the world cannot now stand by and wait for america to solve the world's problems alone. >> the u.n. general assembly heard some controversial remarks from the leads are of libya and iran. details coming up in just a few minutes. later this more than, the massachusetts governor will announce his choice to fill the seat of the late senator ted kennedy. state lawmakers gave final approval to a bill yesterday allowing the governor to name a temporary replacement. kennedy's son have urged the governor to pick former democratic party chairman paul kirk. voters will choose a permanent replacement come january. and now to the surge of the swine flu at georgetown university.
5:34 am
the school is dealing with 250 suspected cases of h1n1 and administrators ask students to just stay home if they're sick. the cdc says curbing the outbreak is hard on college campuses because students don't seem very worried about catching the swine flu. police hope new video will help them track down a man who targeted a woman at a target store. this ended with a five-car pile- up. this is dash cam video right after that catch that you are about to see. it shows the suspect getting out of the suv and running way. now, here is a look at the composite sketch of that suspect that you see running away there in the video. if you recognize him from the sketch, call virginia state police. here is another picture local police want you to see. this is 14-year-old daquon thompson from silver spring. she is missing. she was last seen back on august 22nd at her foster home in the 3700 block of bell
5:35 am
preroad. she has awe butterfly tattoo on her arm. if you know anything, you are asked to contact the montgomery county authorities. metro union workers now want metro bigwigs to be held actable with regard to the accident on june 22nd. >> reporter: union workers are saying morale is very low and they are feeling the pressure and possibly being disciplined unduly for things. so they feel like the pressure is on them in the wake of the june 22nd crash when it should be somebody else that should be held accountable. metro in its entirety is under pressure right now because the ntsb just release a report earlier this week. it says something went trang beingally wrong with the signaling system during the crack -- went tragically wrong with the signaling system during the crash. the ntsb sent notice out to
5:36 am
systems nationwide that this signal problem can happen anywhere. metro says the idea to monitor this offers no new information. >> metro has reacted by attempting to scapegoat workers. morale has been low and the level of harrassment is high. my members need to know that, when they come to work, they won't be disciplined unduly and lose their jobs because of thed feeding friendsen fromy that metro has unleashed. >> now warning have also been sent out to the manufacturers of the signal circuits and these are things that are also used, thsame type of equipment that is used by transit agencies in boston, philadelphia, in atlanta and baltimore. now, coming up at 9:00, metro board is expected to meet. we are pretty ure that the ntsb report is probably going to be a topic of discussion. live here at metro headquarters, sarah simmons,
5:37 am
fox 5 news. straight ahead, two controversial leaders take to the microphone at the u.n. meeting and what they said is causing a little bits of a buzz. we'll hear more from moammar ghadafi and mahmoud ahmadinejad. also caught on camera, a hit and run. it is already bad enough but wait until you hear about another disturbing aspect of this story. it is coming up next on fox 5 morning news. hy more folks choose dunkin' donuts coffee to get their day off to a fresh, delicious start. america runs on dunkin'. the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet, at home and on the go, is no longer a luxury. it's how our children aess ucation. it's how we find jobs, discover information, and connect with family and friends. it's the spark that drives innovation, creates investment, and builds a stronger economy. to shape a better tomorrow,
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there's nothing more important than our health. so when it comes to health reform, we need a solution that works for all of us. now the president and congress have a plan that combines the best ideas, from democrats and republicans, business owners and workers, doctors, nurses and patients. a plan that keeps bureaucrats out of your health care you choose your own doctor, make your own decisions, and you can't be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. that's reform we can all feel good about.
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making headlines, it is all the talk. people are still buzzing about the two controversial speeches taking center stage at the u.n. general assembly. first, libyan leader moammar ghadafi went on a ranted. he criticized the u.n., said the taliban should form its own territory, similar to the vatican and even implicated the israelis in the assassination of john f. kennedy. then iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad took aim at the economic policies of the united states and other western countries including israel. >> one that is based on the dominance res predominance of its materialistic interests to spreading inequality and oppression, poverty and deprivation, aggression, occupation and deception and tends to bring the entire world under its control. >> in the meantime, it looks like moammar ghadafi is not going to be crashing at donald trump's case. his tent in bedford, new york
5:41 am
has been taken down. rest accidents were so outraged that they threatened legal action to force the tent's removal. surveillance video shows a man using a walker to get to his car. just as he is pulling out his key, hard to watch that video. an suv backs out of a parking space and hits him and then takes off. police track down the suv but the own are says he loaned it to a friend who has not been caught. the victim is still recovering. beware all you toll booth violators out there. local police have a high-tech way of catching people would buzz right past the tolls without paying. we'll show that to you in our fox 5 investigation. the king of pop leaves behind another hit. we'll have the latest on the new michael jackson song set to be released. we'll check your weather with gwen and traffic with julie. it is all coming up next on fox
5:42 am
5 morning news. stay with us.
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5:44 am
. welcome back. there is some vintage moisture and it looked like we'll get to
5:45 am
get another hit from the king of pop. michael jackson's new song called this is it will be released on october 1th development weeks after the song drops, sony will release a two-disc set that goes with the video like what you are seeing here of jackson rehearsing for his con security tour. >> they are already showing the trailer for that movie. the girl are like, can we go? i'm thinkinare we able to get tickets. we are hoping to go. >> i heard they go on sale -- >> which scares me. >> all right. what is going on with this weather? >> well, second official day of fall. a little sticky, a little humid and warmer than it should be. especially yesterday. we'll get a little bit of a cooldown. you know, yterday was a lot warmer than it should have been. today, we are dealing with moisture flow. that is why it feels a little sticky outside. some of that moving in from the
5:46 am
south where they've been hit with lots of heavy rainfall and plenty of flooding. then we've got a little bit that moved through yesterday. some of this still linking to the east here into the north of us but we've got a little bit to the west as well. overall, we'll keep an eye on it for you. temperature right now, 74 degrees officially at national airport. look at that humidity. 87% with a southwesterly flow at about five miles per hour. the wind are going to shift as well later once we see the cold front that is going to start to move towards us. 74 at national then. 71 at baltimore. it is 7 # at dulles. 70degrees at frederick. 74degrees this hour at winchester. so this cold front will gradually start to head its way down. chance of some spotty showers a little bit later today so don't be surprised. and it will actually stall out to the south of us and we're going to have to deal with it over the course of the next day or so before the next frontal system starts to move towards us. in the meantime for today, temperatures will be up there mid- to upper 80s in some of our neighborhoods owe another
5:47 am
warm day well above seasonal. things will cool down behind that cold front as we move flu into the extended period. for the bus stop forecast, expect to be in about the 70s. mostly cloud you skies but mild. not a bad day overall. the umbrellas will be needed later in the day however as we have that chance of showers in the forecast. and for tonight, mostly cloudy and then partly cloudy at 64 degrees. your five-day forecast showing you the cooldown behind that fronteddal system brings us right back to reality into the 70s but we have to watch a chance of showers for the weekend. julie wright, what is happening on the highways? >> a lot right now. especially in you are on the outer loop making your way from silver spring around towards bethesda, accident activity has traffic ewing the three left lanes to get by and continuing around towards 270. outer loop already slow this morning west of georgia avenue headed around towards 355. no incidents to report along 66. this is the camera, the live shot from the overpass just east of nutley and lanes are open as you continue close in at the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5
5:48 am
on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. we now know how much it will cost you to use maryland's new intercounty connector when it opens up next ye. it will cost you 25 to 35 cents per mile during rush hour. expect to pay 20 to 30 cents per mile during off-peak hours. tolls will be collected electronically using e-zpass transponders. if you don't have one auction picture will be taken of of your car and you will get a bill in the mail but you have to fork over a $3 surcharge. there is a new warning for toll violators. in past years, drivers would forgot their quarters had a good chance of getting away with it. now, new technology will make you think twice at the next toll you cross. fox 5's tisha thpson explains. >> reporter: at the dulles toll road, you can hear a symphony of buzzers, drivers, flying through the toll plaza without
5:49 am
paying. >> if you violate, we want you. >> reporter: for the toll plaza boss, cindy ward, it does not matter if you couldn't found a quarter or you do it every day. if you cheat, you cheat. >> it hurts all of us. it hurts all of the transportation users. it hurts every customer who is out here every day would is honestly paying their tolls. >> reporter: our cameras caught alarms going off every two or three minutes. to catch the cheaters, vince installed cameras two years ago gentleman to take a picture of a front and back license plate. they go through a vigorous filtering system to make sure it is accurate f it is proven accurate, you will be issued a notice of violation. >> reporter: along with a $25 administrative fee. if you continue to ignore the fine, state will take to you court and suspend your registration. for just the dulles toll road, virginia has tried more than a thousand drivers so far this
5:50 am
year but could not tell us how much money the drivers owe. maryland, on the other hand, claim to know about every dollar you neglect to hand over. >> you're talking about roughly around $5 million. >> reporter: baltimore's fort mchenry tunnel has the most violation in the state. bill henning says his team goes after what he calls chronic violators, people would intentionally go through the tolls day after day without paying. we found one driver owes the state more than $22,000 in unpaid tolls. companies which often own multiple vehicles are even worse. with one owing more than $100,000. to fight back, maryland sends out the maryland transportation authority police would have caught at least 5 of these big- time toll cheaters since februaryt their success to their license plate recognition system. >> we could flood the plaza
5:51 am
with officers and they would miss license plates that we have registered and suspended. >> reporter: if you don't pay the tolls, the cameras will snap a picture of your license plate. do it enough times an your tag number goes into a database. and into officer anthony dix's computer would uses cameras mounded on each side of his unmarked suv to capture every license plate that drives past him on interstate 95. do you typically just cruise up and down the road or do you park? >> i'll mix it up. most of the time, i think it is more effective if you're sitting stationary. >> reporter: when the computer finds a match, it freeze as a picture and officer dix is pull you over. >> the officers are going to take your license plate. have you to have that vehicle towed and than you have to explain to a judge why were you driving on a suspended registration and why haven't you been paying your tolls. >> reporter: it is an experience he hopes will make you think twice because, even
5:52 am
though you might think you got away with it, when it comes to paying tolls, cheaters never win. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. both maryland and virginia say the number of their toll violators has dropped to less than 1% since they started using these cameras. upnext, a world treasure right here in our area with a new sparkle. >> it is not the world's largest diamond but it may be the most mysterious. i'm beth parker. e hope diamond on the move. ♪
5:53 am
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. the hope diamond is naked, sort of. the big blue gem is now on display for the first time ever without its setting. >> it is getting a new one in honor of the 50 years at the smithsonian. beth parker got a dazzling first glimpse. >> reporter: under tight security to the cade cadence of camera clicks, the home diamond was on the move. >> i always get a little nervous when i look at the vault and don't see a diamond in there. >> reporter: for the first time in its 50 years at the smithsonian museum of natural history, the hope diamond is being displayed removed from its setting. >> some say perhaps the most valuable. who is to say? >> reporter: it was donated to the museum in 195 #. >> it immediately became one of these must-see objects in washington, d.c.
5:56 am
>> it is gorgeous. i wish i could take it home. >> reporter: seeing it sparkle is one thing. hearing its history is captivating too. >> that is an epic hollywood- style story. it has all the ingredients, it has tragedy, larger than life characters and you know, it has a curse. >> reporter: the hope dip and was found in india in the mid 1600s owned by lieu xiv and stolen during the french revolution. it was sold to he have rein walsh mclean. she lived at an estate here along what was then quiet wisconsin avenue but she threw some big parties during the roaring 20s. some fwefts report showing up at her mngs to see her dog, mike, a great dane wearing the hope diamond around his neck. >> it was ought for all to see. >> reporter: later it was evelyn's troubles that let some to believe the hope dime on was cursed. >> despite all of her advantages, she had some very sad things happen. her son was killed at an early
5:57 am
age in an automobile accident. her daughter committed suicide i can't it has only brought the smithsonian good luck. i think the curse was a very clever pr agent's idea. >> it may have been modern pr agents who dreamed up the idea of letting the public dream up a new setting for the hope diamond. >> the winner is embracing hope. >> embracing hope is what visitors to the smithsonian have been doing for decades. >> wow! would you take the chance of the bad luck? wrong so. >> somebody is going to actually wear t a yet to be named celebrity will wear the diamond in its new setting for a photo shoot. >> then they'll give it back. >> you can't wear it. you can't see it. it will be without setting at the museum of natural history.
5:58 am
the clock is ticking on a local megamillions jackpot the owner has just hours to come forward. check those numbers. we'll have detawlz when fox 5 morning news comes back. we'll have details when fox 5 morning news comes back.
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