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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 28, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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just announced, it's chevy truck month. get 0% apr for 60 months. or $6,000 total cash back on select 2009 silverado vehicles that have been in stock the longest. . this is fox 5 news at 10:00. right now at 10, a bizarre shooting shatters the peace in the quiet maryland neighborhood. crime scene tape marks the spot where cops say they were forced to fire. thank you for joining us, i'm shawn yancy. >> and the person was shot multiple time there is on indian run drive. a homeowner called to report a suspicious person out there. when police showed up, it got ugly. more on the story. >> reporter: the police shot the man but we still don't know what led them to such a remote place or why the man pushed at
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the police officer. a police shooting in the quiet neighborhood stunned the residents in the quiet street. jay willer has lived here for 30 years and never saw anything like it. >> i -- heard the noise, loud, pop, pop, pop. and if i said that is a gunshot, she said it is not, but i said it was. >> reporter: and here is what happened, a call came in to report a suspicious person coming through a driveway. when confronted, the suspect fled down the driveway, then his car was stuck. later the police arrived. >> the suspect charged the officer, attacked him. the officer fired more than one shot, siking the suspect. >> reporter: montgomery county police still don't know why the suspect was at the home, but later the police say he was not acting like an innocent person. >> certainly this was not a situation where somebody was confused, lost and apologized or asked for directions.
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this was a situation where we were told by witnesses the individual charged at the responding officer and attacked him. and the officer fired. >> reporter: residents are just glad no neighbors were injured. residents say there is almost no crime here, that is because they are always watching. >> one of the nice things about living in a neighborhood like this is you recognize everybody. whether they're out there walking or you recognize their cars. so you know if you see a strange car or a strange person, you look or you find out -- you know what the deal was. >> reporter: now officers did perform cpr at the scene. and he was in surgery most of the afternoon, suffering from the gunshot woods. he was from german town, tonight he is in critical condition but stable. >> all right, to landover hills now where a school employee found a murder victim dead on the playground. they responded to the church as students came in. witnesses claim the body was
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naked and partly burned. investigators believe the victim was targeted but have not ientifi him. also, in prince george's county, a deadly home invasion. three masked men stormed a home there in bowie yesterday, early in the morning they killed 39- year-old tyrone richardson, his wife and three children in the house were not hurt. police are looking for a black mercedes with maryland plates know the suspect stole from the home. and a little girl is dead tonight after a pit bull attacked her. the police say the dog attacked the 23 month-old child. they found the child outside where the dog was tied up. the family has had the dog for about 10 years. the sheriff claims he never received any complaints about the anim. the dog was put down by animal control. and another local marine lost his life in the line of duty in afghanistan. 24-year-old jordan chrobat was from frederick, maryland, he was killed in combat over the weekend, the family says.
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will thomas has more on the story. >> reporter: brian, no family is supposed to bury a child. it just is not supposed to work that way. but for the family of the marine from frederick, they knew the odds didn't work that way, especially after he left for a mission in afghanistan. now they're about to bury him. >> it is the worst pain. >> you feel like it is not happening. >> reporter: parents, siblings, the hardest part of war for them used to be the tearful good-byes after home visits when this 24-year-old marine would ship off for duty. but last may, when lance corporal jordan chrobat went off for a last tour, they said their good-byes. >> people said oh don't worry, he will be back. all i could say was we don't know that, we don't know that i didn't say it before, but this time i did. >> this could happen to you. it happens every day. something that you don't
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prepare yourself for. >> reporter: jordan told his family he had no base on the battle field. he lived out of a backpack. saturday, jordan chrobat's mother received a knock on the door from two marines. >> i instantly knew and instantly wanted to pass out. jordan chrobat, born in 1985 and said he always wanted to follow in his grandfather's foot steps, a marine who served in vietnam, jordan became a warrior, a husband, a man of strong faith. the taliban shot and killed him, but his father takes comrt knowing his son didn't go down without a fight. >> at least he was -- he was dishing it on out and not just taking it. >> reporter: talking about the loss is helping the parents cope. but on the issue of war, they are divided. she wants troops home now, he wants a time table. >> i understand the people there, they're a threat to everybody in the world. not just the united states. but -- when does it end?
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>> those people hate us. and they don't want us there. so why are we there when our country right here needs to be protected? >> reporter: jordan's body arrived at dover air base last night. although he was based out of north carolina, jordan will be laid to rest near his family in frederick. >> all right, more on the life of the young marine when when he wasn't fighting for real in the marines, he was an active fighter playing a rebel. and investigators identified more suspects alleged to be involved. according to court documents, at least three people helped najibullah zazi and investigators know who they are. >> of course not, i have nothing to do with al-qaeda. >> reporter: the fbi says that najibullah zazi may have been plotting a terror attack on new york city, and now they believe he had help. the associated press reports law enforcement have identified at least three of the helpers.
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reportedly they are from new york and may have helped najibullah zazi buy chemicals from a store, with ingredients that could have been used to help make bombs. najibullah zazi, who was arrested last week, now will answer to federal charges. >> we believe that najibullah zazi is a danger to the community as well as a flight risk. >> i didn't believe they would keep him detained, but given the results? >> reporter: and the mayor demanded more money to secure the new york city area from terror attacks like the one najibullah zazi was allegedly planning, they want surveillance video and radiation detention at all entry points into manhattan. >> if god forbid that terrorists get the type of weapons here, we have to be able to stop it. >> this 40 million is clearly needed to help us better protect our city. >> lawmakers on the hill are looking into the matter and
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helping. meanwhile, najibullah zazi is set to appear in the u.s. district court in brooklyn tomorrow. and the attacker in the museum, james vonbraun will be indicted to see if he is fit to stand trial. he will be at a medical center for testing. the law objected, he is accused of opening fire at the holocaust museum in june, killing a guard. and bandits at it again, hitting up the area and going for the atm, where they struck now. it started with the chief of staff, but could the feds look at the bust of jim graham. and redskins coach jim zorn under fire after the defeat in detroit. but some are blaming others higher up te chain, we'll have more next at 10.
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shawn, i think you will be surprised when you step out there in the morning. it is getting chilly out there we're headed for the 40s in a lot of places overnight. how is the rest of the week looking? we'll have the forecast coming up. keep it here, this is the power block, just a little bit and this is just the rest of the hour, right? and then we have a half terthat started more and more,
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your world delivered. virginians are asking lots of questions about bob mcdonnell's "thesis." how old was he when he wrote it? mcdonnell was 34, married and attending pat robertson's law school. and what did the thesis say about women? a lot... abortion should be outlawed and birth control should be restricted-- even for married adults. then as a legislator he introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. learn more. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad. . redskins nation up in arms following that detroit situation. >> disappointed. >> frustrating. >> terrible. >> those are just some of the
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words being used to describe the redskins embarrassing loss to the lions, a team that hadn't managed a win in 19 games. well, coach jim zorn took a lot of heat today. >> and what do they think? lindsey murphy has more. >> well there is a lot being said. hard to tell if jim zorn feels he is on the hot sat. others are doubting his ability, but he is staying calm on the outside. today he talked about working hard, and despite the loss' he still thinks the team is progressing. he didn't hide his frustration in the game, in which the team was beat after 19 straight losses. last week he took heat for the play calling against the rams. this week, the job security is being questioned. the only people not questioning him are the players. >> there is nothing for me to say anything about his job or his job security. i think he is an outstanding coach and a great guy. and i enjoy playing football for him. >> i am still here for him.
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i know a lot of players are still here for him. i think firing coach jim zorn or whatever the talk is about. what is that going to do? make the team better. >> jim zorn is three and eight in the last 11 games, with the overalrecord of nine and 10 matching the starts of the people before him, who were bo nine and 10 after 19 games. >> all right, lindsey, so that is the deal, a big loss, let's lighten up the phones at sports talk radio. bob barner with that edge. >> and fans are frustrated and angry. the professionals who helped to generate post-game conversations are fired up as well. >> but what is sitting better for next season? on sports radio, the fan, former redskins and co--host are talking about nothing but washington's tough franchise. >> there is no reason to believe the team can rebound from that, they showed us no
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reason. >> reporter: the newspaper headlines are talking about the lions and the situation. >> i was on the phone today, somebody said are the washington redskins the worst team in the nfl right now? did we even think we would ask this question three games in? >> reporter: one columnist called the sunday loss in detroit a problem from top to bottom. >> how did that happen? i mean -- this is nuts. >> reporter: yes, head coach jim zorn is under fire tonight but many fingers are pointing to the man at the p. >> how much of this do you put on him? >> 100% it is absolutely his problem. he knows about as much about football as i do. the identity crisis that this team is facing is because you have an owner that -- has an identity crisis. it is very difficult -- to work in that type of environment. >> reporter: airington played
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for snyder skins earlier. >> i gave millions back to be able to leave from this organization. i did what i needed to do to get out of that place. most people don't have that opportunity. the only thing that the players had at this point to be able to try to turn this season around is each other. >> bottom line, winning covering up all the smell. it really -- it really works. >> reporter: the skins will get a chance to start turning things around sunday in landover against the winless tampa bay bucs. >> and what do you think is the problem? the players, jim zorn, dan snyder? log onto the bsite with a home page there. jordan williams turned himself into police in connecticut, his hometown this weekend. the arrest stems from an incident back in august. he was charged with misdemeanor
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assault and breach of peace. he is one of five teens arrested in the case. and rocking city hall, d.c. councilman's right-hand man busted on bribe charges. councilman jim graham is being looked at as part of the federal probe. fox paul wagner has more. >> reporter: they didn't comment, but sources say it is not over. federal agents are looking at the office to determine who if anybody may be involved in corruption. on friday, fox 5 news spoke with the council member graham about the situation. >> and there are a significant number of cabbies in d.c. who are from ethiopia. he represented a fair share of them. so of course he would come and he would bring them with him. and we did meet with him. >> reporter: according to the
10:18 pm
indictment, the individual has been engaged in repeated along- standing corrupt efforts to limit the number of taxi cab licenses in the district. but somewhere along the line, he agreed to cooperate, and wear a wire. capturing ted loza, accepting 1500 in cash in return for favorable taxi cab legislation. >> the idea that somehow or another people got ted to somehow influence this legislation is just plain not accurate. >> reporter: jim graham did introduce legislation that would establish either a taxi cab medallion system or a taxi cab vehicle system but says it was drafted after a year-long study. >> there has been no suggestion that i have committed any wrongdoing and i haven't. >> reporter: ted loza served as chief of staff for five years, and says he is innocent of charges. the indictment says he not only took 1500 in cash but accepted
10:19 pm
free trips as well. the indictment says that loza said he was taking the money because he needed it. he was on administrative leave with pay. as for the taxi legislation, jim graham says he postponed all hearings until further notice. i'm paul wagner. >> and jim graham has not received a letter from the authorities saying he is a target of the investigation. but the authorities are trying to determine if the corruption went above the council member's chief of staff. and looking at the secret service and taking no chances. plus, don't have a ticket? how u-2's concert could affect you even if you didn't score a seat. and hiring? we're showing you the best place is to look, still ahead - i'm in. - i'm a part of it.
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iran turning up the situation of the tests. just days after announces the nuclear facility tests, all this added up to talks later this week. but as tom fitzgerald reports, the test firings sparked debates on how to respond. >> reporter: iran's missile, going into the sky, carrying with them concerns over the nuclear ambition. the powerful medium-range missiles are called to stop the elm enemies. >> we won't get far ahead of ourselves. >> reporter: at the white house, they talked about the situation, focusing on the six- nation talks iran will have regarding the nuclear program. >> with an international agreement that something has to be done, and that iran has to live up to the international
10:24 pm
obligations. >> reporter: critics of the administration, former bush administration u.n. ambassador says that the outrage regarding iran has not been returned. >> i think this is a good signal that iran is ever closer to a nuclear weapons capability. >> reporter: they say that the missile tests at the secret iran facility are proof it is trying to build a nuclear missile. >> and the idea we'll talk them out of that capability is a bad mistake. >> reporter: others say that thinking is sort-sighted. one expert says that the bush administration's efforts to isolate iran only made its hard liners stronger. >> it was a failure that ended with an iran closer to a nuclear weapon and nuclear capability that ended with hard- liners in iran far stronger than they had been. >> reporter: the question now what line will the u.s. draw
10:25 pm
when it comes to iran's nuclear ambitn? tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> the u.s. and five other nations begin face to face talks with iran about the nuclear ambition this week. and a possible threat against president obama was looked at. a poll popped up over the weekend on facebook asking if the president should be killed. the facebook says it was created by an independent person using an add-on application. the site was then suspended. and targeting atm's, not once, but twice, at least 16 times, the suspects are caught on tape. the latest location. and a child sex offender hauled off to jail. the parents of the 12-year-old victim have a warning for you. what alerted them to the danger. and virginia rolling out a new tool to stop the spread of swine flu. we're back in three
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take a look at third quarter sales.
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. you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. thieves armed with tools strike again. the masked bandits are setting up areas across the region. police connected at least 16 crimes to the operation. tonight, even more jurisdictions are teaming up to track down the suspects. fox 5 news wsdom martin has more. >> reporter: brian it has been two months since the atm bandits started to commit the crimes. they targeted stores all over the region and that got the attention of even more law enforcement agencies. some say the more the agencies are involved the sooner the suspects will get caught. it was just last month when this video was captured at a station. two men walk in, one with a white hood, the other with a black one. they calmly take out their tools, crack open the atm, and run off in a pickup truck. minutes later they were
10:30 pm
captured on a video again, this time at a liquor store. investigators say it was the same suspects committing the same crimes. >> it is not a nighttime crime in many cases, sometimes during the day. >> reporter: one expert says to last week the suspect struck in her jurisdiction. september 25th at the tire mart on baltimore avenue, two suspects with tools walked in, cracked open the atm. >> they're brave, these two men going into an occupied business with the manager there in his work area. and in 30 second's time, broke into the machine, took the money and were out the door. >> reporter: their take? about $3000. the suspects were driving a ford victoria car with baltimore plates. >> you see victims come in, rob a place, use a handgun, pass a note. but to walk into a store with pry tools and that quickly open an atm and leave with the cash,
10:31 pm
not caring who sees their vehicles? >> reporter: investigators in several jurisdictions are now looking for the atm bandits who they believe have committed at least 16 of these crimes in the region. >> we know they will slip up or brag about it. it will be a citizen that helps the to break the cases. >> reporter: in all of the crimes the suspects are wearing what appears to be fire department-issued head gear and tools rack open the atm. >> we have lots of agencies looking to solve the cases and the quicker the better. >> reporter: now the last location where the suspects hit is where river dale police fill up their cars, which is only a short distance from the police station. the chief says that the bad behavior later will land the suspects behind bars. and a bank robber in the heart of d.c., on a manhunt tonight, in the presidential bank near northwest. take a look at the suspect. they say he went into a bank at about 9:15 this morning, passed a note, took the cash away.
10:32 pm
somebody saw him walking on westbound k, if you see him, call police. and an alleged sex offender, fredericksburg man accused of sending text messages to a 12-year-old girl so graphic we want even air most of them. well tonight the girl's family has a warning for others. fox 5 news sherry lee reporting. >> reporter: it started with a lewd message to a 12-year-old girl. now 46-year-old louis battisti is being taken away in cuffs, headed to jail. >> the text message said did you like the suit that i bought you, and were you wearing panties under them? and that alarmed me. >> reporter: he looked at the message, called the police. but they didn't know over the course of the day, and louis battisti sent even more, worse than the ones before. >> he also told her that he
10:33 pm
wanted to take her panties off with his teeth. off itand it got way bad. >> reporter: he says she met him through friends, who said he was a nice neighbor who liked kids because he had no of his own. the 12-year-old and the friend spent time at his house. nobody knew he had a previous conviction for indecent exposure, not even his wife. >> is there some reason people were not warned about this, before they let the daughters go over there? >> i didn't know any of that. >> reporter: louis battisti hid his face from cameras after pleading guilty to the federal count for sending the messages to a minor. he got eight months in jail and must register as a sex offender. >> truthfully i believe he would have molested her soon if we had not stopped it. >> reporter: the prosecutor says there is no evidence any of the girls were hurt. but inside the basement of his
10:34 pm
home, police found more porn writings on the walls and other evidence. and three decades after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl, director polanski is resisting evidents to be -- taken to the u.s., he ran back in 1978, arrested on a international warrant in switzerland over the weekend. he arrived to receive a lifetime achievement award. the film festival is now accusing him of colusion. >> we came to honor him as a great artist. but under these sudden and old circumstances today we only think of him as a human being, uncertain as a year ahead. >> the 76-year-old polanski will likely spend several months in detention. the lawyer says he will fight extradition to the u.s. and virginia going viral with swine flu videos.
10:35 pm
the health agency that produced them to help inform parents and teachers about the spread of the h1-n1 virus, they're asking people to spread the information, asking people to stay home until they're fever- free for the next 24 hour . and new support polls show it low. 41% of voters nationwide now favor the president's plan, down two points in a week. 56% are opposed to the plan. the poll shows the gap wider between senior citizens. 59% are opposed. the epa orders your child's school to take action. the hidden danger that could put students at risk. driving down the road one minute, the car swallowed up the next, this scene is only the beginning of the driver's bad day. and they're some of the
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. a russell van travel alert for those of you headed to fedex field, be sure to load up the smart trip card before you leave. you don't want to be in long lines after the show. the metro boulevard station will be open to make sure the fans make it home as well as extra trains to help with the crowds. as always, if you're drivin you want to avoid the major track jams. and the environmental protection agency looking at the safety for schools, they say hundreds of schools across the u.s. have caulk around the windows and doors that could be replaced if they find high levels of chemicals. the chemicals were banned in the late '70s.
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the european union wants mp3 players to turn down the volume. they are looking at trying to help people's hearing. they say up to 10 million europeans could suffer hearing loss from listening to them at high volumes. it is comparable to a lawn mower. and president obama making an olympic-sized push, doing something no american president ever did before. he is setting his sights on the goal. and he is sticking his neck out for the olympics, but some don't find this joker funny. and back on the air, this is a miracle on the hudson, and this time a new role coming up. next at 11:00, the forecast finally feeling a little bit like fall out there. how long will it be around? sue palka with the answer on the other side
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. chicago's bid for the 2016 summer games is getting a major boost. president obama is joining the team traveling to denmark to make the push for it. more on the olympic dreams for chicago. >> reporter: president obama is setting his sights on gold as he gets set to lobby the international olympic committee to host the 2016 olympic games? earlier this month the president made the argument. >> chicago is ready, the american people are ready. we want these games, we want them. >> reporter: first lad michelle obama, several cabinet secretaries, oprah and others will join the president overseas to personally push for the city of chicago. this marks the first time a u.s. president has actually appeared in person before the committee for an olympic event. >> the country that the
10:45 pm
olympics are in, there is a tangible economic benefit to the games being here. and the president wants to help out america's bid. >> reporter: some critics ask why the president is leaving the country with pressing issues like iran, afghanistan and health care. >> i think the president believes health care is in better shape. i believe he felt strongly and personally that he should go and make the case for the united states. and that is what he is going to do. >> reporter: chicago is facing tough competition from other countries, including madrid and japan. they are promising a spectacular olympic experience for one and all, the committee says. president obama will also have company in denmark, the brazil president is set to make his own push. he says his country can win the bid for the games, and believes he will return with a victory.
10:46 pm
even though they havthe time in their favor, the ioc says other cities have the safety and security necessary to host the games. at the white house, fox news. >> and president obama's schedule only allows him a few hours there overseas. he may not stick around to see the winning city announced. and flooding in georgia, take a look at this, a sinkhole swallowed up a car in the area. and adding to that, the owner says the cd's, dvd's and clothes were stolen out of the car after he had to leave it in the hole. the road was flooded, but strong says there was no indication of the hole. >> i just drove through thinking that the road was open. and there was no way to see the hole as i drove through -- i ran right into the hole. i don't know how big it was, you know ahead of me. but you have see how big it is now. >> there are barrels set up on the road, but neighbors say they were moved several times or not in the right spot to
10:47 pm
warn of the disaster. >> can you imagine how scary that would have been? just driving along and boom. >> he looks okay after that happened. >> and if the flooding wasn't bad enough? >> thankfully we didn't have it here, but a good amount of rain? >> yes, it fell into place, saturday, we don't have any rain in the forecast until next saturday. >> all right. >> so that is the first part of the story. the second is that it will be chilly tomorrow morning. and that drier air, cooler air is coming into town as we speak. drier over the area, a few showers chased, a couple of thunderstorms. one had rotation with it on the west side of the bay. but it is all settling down out there. off off it and it is really getting cool, bwi, cooler, most everybody in the 50s. we'll be breezy on tuesday, that breeze will begin to pick up shortly after sunrise, not
10:48 pm
anything that will require a wind advisory, but noticeable. clouds increase, cold air, drier, temperatures most of this week will stay right at about 70 or within a degree or two of it. so a big difference from today when we hit 80. and staying dry as mentioned when we hit saturday. a weather system bringing rain, not dissimilar from last week, 67 at dulles, bwi. the frontal system is coming through the eastern shore and certainly colder to the northwest. winchester at 62, pittsburgh, 58, cincinnati, 57, lexington, 56, new york, 62. cooler air coming through again tomorrow, with the breeze, winchester, chilly, dropping to 48, german town, low of 58, columbia coming in at 51. we'll take you back about 12
10:49 pm
hours now on the high definition satellite and rada you can see some of the showers at really came ripping through town. honestly they're moving at about 45-50 miles per hour. they blossomed quite a bit on the eastern shore, there was severe thunderstorm watches posted. you can see the huge area of low pressure up over the great lakes. and absolutely it will be in charge of our weather for most of the week. we'll have a frontal system coming through the upper low level pressure system. lots of clouds, anybody over the great lakes, complaining, a very rough day, cold, windy, big waves on the lakes, around the area of low pressure, it will come through tomorrow in the form of another front. so it kind of keeps the chill in place. the cooler air banked up over the great lakes. but we'll feel the cooler air of the season.
10:50 pm
here is the temperature trend, tomorrow, 71 degrees, cooler than today with a breeze. wednesday about 70, thursday, maybe 7degrees. could be upper 60s for a few spots. and friday about 71. so definitely feeling more like october. specifically germantown, the high tomorrow, about 69 degrees, columbia, we're talking 71 for tomorrow with a breeze on wednesday hanging around at 70. you gs know what thursday is? in addition the being a very nice day. >> no, it is the first day of october, how did it get here so fast? sometimes people say when is standard time beginning, it changes as we go through the month of october. it is november 1 this year. >> and a little late. >> yeah, the day after halloween. and we'll see perhaps as bit of rain coming through the weekend. so it is the beginning of a month of a lot of changes for us with the temperatures sinking through with the
10:51 pm
calendar >> i hope we have an indian summer in there. >> we have to it is important. all right, thank you. standing room only at the american film institute in silver spring. documentary film maker michael moore was there for his film, capital, a love story. it talks about the economic meltdown and the historical roots. >> i am bored with the debate over capitalism and socialism, they're in different time periods. this is the 21st century, are we not smart enough to come up with an economic system that we need in this new time frame? >> it opens friday. >> and in hollywood, the reality star kardashian and odom tie the knot. getting married after one month of dating. her sisters, kim and courtney, served as maids of honor.
10:52 pm
her dad walked her down the aisle. and there could be a new reality show on the couple. and news edge at 11:00, the search is on for a bank obbery person in arlington, and a body found stripped and burned on a playground. tonight the investigation, and are they closer to catching the killer? >>
10:53 pm
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. i always knew that i wanted a job that combined science and technology with environment and international relations. >> reporter: right now she is working on the situation with cars. >> i am happy to say, we almost cleared the way. >> reporter: before that she worked on energy-efficient ho construction, and is doing it with the environmental protection agency. epa is just one of dozens of agencies looking to hire within the next four years. the agency says there will be thousands of openings coming up. >> and you name it, there is an interesting job inside the federal government. >> reporter: the critical need is nurses for the department of
10:57 pm
federal affairs, and transportation security officers, almost 10,000 border patrol agents and 17,000 administration and management jobs at almost every agency. >> there are amazing jobs to be had. but it is tough to get to them. so you have to be both patient and try harder. >> reporter: so where do you start? usa is the first step for the agencies, you can get even more information at making the difference website. and look at the jobs, the experience, what you are qualified for. the job search tips and how to work on the federal application process. >> at the end of the day if you can survive that process, the outlook is worth looking into. >> reporter: the federal agencies employ workers all over the country and overseas, they also offer training, professional development. >> i get to go to a lot of trade fairs and business conferences. and i definitely get to get out
10:58 pm
and meet people. >> reporter: at 26 christy completed her master's degrees, and now is working there. she has a great sense of accomplishment to go with it. >> the department of public service says the wait is a problem. they are looking at the hiring process. you can check out for links to where the jobs are and tips on how to apply. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> and you can find more on the job shop, the job of the day is a systems group architect for the systems area. go to and click on the job shop tab, which is near the top of the home page. the news keeps coming. here is brian bolter with the news edge. and more questions, a disturbing discovery on a church playground, a man's body found naked and burned, where
10:59 pm
the kids were just beginning the school day there fox 5 news maureen umeh has more. >> brian, police are still investigating the crime. they are not saying much. but it appears the killer knew the victim and deliberately carried out the brutal attack. >> reporter: the church and day school, now a crime scene. prince george's county police are combing the area for evidence. nday morning, somebody at the school found a naked body on the playground. >> it is kind of scary, i am kind of shaking right now. >> reporter: according to websites, the body was partly burned. police say the victim was an hispanic man in his 20s or 30s, apparently dying of trauma. >> we are investigating the crime scene to determine if, in fact, the victim of this homicide was killed here or not. we don't know the answer to that. >> reporter: what police do know is this was no random act of violence. they say the victim was targeted because of his life- style.


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